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Dissident Novelist Philip Kraske on “Legacy of Chains” (On US POWs Left Behind in Vietnam)
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Philip Kraske’s grippingly readable new novella A Legacy of Chains fleshes out an interesting and not-entirely-implausible scenario: A few surviving American POWs left behind in Vietnam, now senior citizens, manage to escape…but find an American government and media determined to suppress their story, and the “Enormous Crime” it reveals.

Something not unlike the events in the story actually happened when Robert Garwood, one of the more than 600 US prisoners of war held hostage by the Vietnamese after the cessation of hostilities, managed to escape in 1979 to tell the tale…only to be betrayed by his own government and slandered by the media.

Would the US government really condemn 600 American prisoners of war to forced labor and slow death in captivity just to avoid paying a couple of billion dollars ransom to Hanoi? The clear and unambiguous answer is, “yes, it did.” And the US media and political class, including treasonous fake war hero scumbag John McCain, engineered and maintained an absurdly flimsy yet somehow durable cover-up. As Kraske’s novel suggests, that betrayal—one of a seemingly endless series of betrayals of the American people by their rogue government of psychopathic war criminals and the media that cover for them—is likely to, sooner or later, spark a revolutionary uprising and/or civil war.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History • Tags: American Media, McCain/POW, Vietnam War 
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  1. Personally, I think that the synopsis of the novel is perfectly believable. I know for a fact that there were many U.S. POWs left behind in Europe after World War II – our “wonderful” government did not want to “rock the boat” with regards to future relations with Russia and Uncle Joe.

    As a side note, being a ham radio operator, I know of a fellow U.S. ham who is currently residing in Vietnam and is part of an operation to locate remains of U.S. service men. He told me that he can freely travel between Vietnam and the other surrounding countries and is treated very well by all. He told me in no uncertain terms that he would never move back to the United States.

    I was fortunate in being able to meet and talk with Dr. Barrett many years ago, at a “progressive” political gathering in Madison, Wisconsin. I found Dr. Barrett to be a very friendly and down-to-earth person. I was very glad to have met him and talked with him!

    • Replies: @Philip Kraske
  2. The question I have is why the US would not pay the $4 billion reparations? Could the answer really be as simple as the immature and childish excuse that the politicians: we won’t pay the communists a penny because of pride and what the people will think’. There has to be another more plausible reason, and that reason most likely revolves around the $4 billion, 1973 dollars.
    Gordon Duff, of, wrote about American POW’s being shipped from Vietnam to Russia as slave labor. Now, you may or not know, there is precedence for this. There were 100’s of thousands of POWs held in Russia after WW2, German, and Allied . And there is some written history to back this up. David Irving, in Churchill’s War, wrote about the negotiations over what to do with them, the social costs if they came home, and Russia’s need for slave labor to rebuild that country. Truman and Churchill gave in to Stalin and a great number of POW’s were never repatriated. Couple that with the story behind the real reason for the fire bombing of German and Japanese cities, and you will get a good picture of what the elites true feelings are for civilians. It is claimed the fire bombings, which in total killed upwards of a million, were designed to reduce the post war population thus cutting the cost of feeding and housing the unfortunates after the war. And here we are in 2021 discussing reparations to African Americans while slavery has never ended, and is alive and well in Africa and the wider world.
    A few years ago I bought, and read twice, Dr. Mary’s Monkey. Since then I have loaned it out a few times, and all who have read it are awed, let me use the word ‘shocked’. Another book which brings out similar feelings is Paul William’s “Operation Gladio”.
    I will definitely buy “A Legacy of Chains”.

    • Replies: @Brad Anbro
  3. Philip Kraske [AKA "Phil4Phil"] says:
    @Brad Anbro

    Quite right, Brad. I’ve done two interviews with Kevin now, and find him a delightful conversationalist: knowledgeable and surprisingly gentle for a man with strong opinions. Only thing is, I’ll have to write another book to talk with him again.

    He also has a smooth radio voice, which I envy. I sound like a drunk in an echoey bathroom.

  4. @the grand wazoo

    “Grand Wazoo” – thank you for confirming my statement about the POWS “left behind” at the end of World War II. I do not remember which book I read that this was mentioned in (L. Fletcher Prouty?), but I was shocked when I read that. Not from disbelief, but from knowing that our “wonderful” government would do something like that.

    I have also read “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” and in the past 10 years, I have read so many books that have served as a real education to me,, as to how OUR government operates and also as to the REAL history of our country and REAL world history.

    I use my real name in my posts and I base my comments, as much as possible, on FACTS that I have learned from very credible sources.

    Thanks again…

    • Replies: @the grand wazoo
  5. @Brad Anbro

    Brad, I’m always late to respond. Thank you for your compliment. Information is the new currency.

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