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Diana Johnstone’s “Circle in the Darkness”: Reflections on More Than a Half Century of History
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Diana Johnstone’s new book Circle in the Darkness: Memoir of a World Watcher is an lucid, courageous, elegantly-written, uncommonly well-informed reflection on post-World War 2 American and European history. The author traces her journey from Vietnam-era antiwar activism in the 1960s to a nearly five-decade-long career as one of America’s best alternative journalists.

Unlike most writers associated with the left (and the center and right for that matter) Diana Johnstone is not afraid of pursuing the truth about controversial topics, including political assassinations such as those of Issam Sartawi and Olaf Palme; neoliberal bankster dictatorship and the lies that sustain it; NATO’s criminal wars on Serbia, Libya, and Syria, and mendacious demonizations of Russia and China; the interminable crimes of Zionism; and false flags including the Lavon Affair, Operation Ezra and Neremiah, the USS Liberty, Operation Gladio, “the Russians tried to kill the Pope,” and more.

The most controversial topic she tackles is the Holocaust Religion’s replacement of Christianity as the official state religion of Western nations: As she observes, French law “legally establishes the Holocaust as a sacred event above ordinary human history—not so much the event as a whole (as nobody questions the persecution and murder of Jews by the Nazis) but specifically the use of homicidal gas chambers. Instead of the Holocaust, the French have adopted the term Shoah, with even more religious connotations. In all of history, this is the only version of events which is protected by law from revision or even questioning. This amounts to a religious dogma…The Shoah is celebrated officially and unofficially, not only in the annual Shoah commemoration but almost constantly in school rooms, trips to Auschwitz, radio and television programs, books and films. It has de facto replaced Christianity, which indeed had succumbed to laicité over a century ago, as the State religion. It has its martyrs and saints, its holy scripture, its pilgrimages, everything that Christianity had except redemption.

“The proof that a doctrine is a religion is when any questioning of it is regarded as heresy. Any challenge to the Shoah faith is blasphemy and can be punished.” (p.172)

In this interview Diana Johnstone discusses the absurd but highly profitable heretic-hunts of the Holocaust Inquisitors. She also recounts the the horrific assassination of the great Palestinian resistance fighter and peacemaker Issam Sartawi, discusses the collapse of the Left into identity politics and sinister clown shows like Antifa, and holds out hope that ordinary people can make the world better by seeking out and standing up for the truth:

“The fight for truth is the most critical battle in our emerging civil wars. So long as people fail to distinguish between manipulation and honesty, between truth and falsehood, they can neither define correctly what is wrong nor find solutions.” (p. 423).

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Diana Johnstone’s insights are more relevant than ever as the world stumbles blindly towards “global war and catastrophe”. The peace movement seems to have “vanished without trace” – yet nuclear annihilation gets closer by the day.

    • Replies: @MIssouri Bear
  2. I wish there wasn’t such a correlation between being an exceptional American writer and living somewhere else.

    Given the fact that Europe has, if anything, even more legal and media restrictions, why is this so often the case? Are the people in general more receptive than their governments? I’d say it was a desire for local color but London, Paris, Berlin etc are becoming such generic Western cities…

  3. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    I appreciate DJ analyses and courage.
    I’ve read her articles for years.
    she is weak regarding 9-11.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
    , @sarz
  4. The French okrug of the EUSSR is indeed one of the best and most profitable places on earth for the Holocaust Inquisitors and their goyische step-n-fetchits like Macron. Not only can one do jail time for merely questioning the official story, one can be arrested and jailed for mention of events such as the Holodomor – because it minimalizes or deflects from sacred dogma and might draw attention to names such as (((Lazar Kaganovich))) who were heavily involved in the killing of numbers far exceeding the officially blessed six million martyrs.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  5. GeeBee says:

    not so much the event as a whole (as nobody questions the persecution and murder of Jews by the Nazis) but specifically the use of homicidal gas chambers.

    It is an axiom that there are two sides to every coin. The sole exception that I am aware of is ‘the holocaust’. It is not merely that its absurd and impossible tenets may not be questioned (they have, to all intents and purposes, been accorded the status of ‘miracles’, precisely in order to account for and excuse the impossibility of their ludicrous claims), but there is a far more important aspect to this; one that is seldom if ever discussed. For it seems to occur to very few to ask the question of why it was that the Germans – along with, it must be said, most Russians, Poles, Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Czechs and Hungarians, plus many French, Dutch, Belgians and others) – had cause to hate the Jews.

    Instead, it is always and endlessly the same old trope: the Jews were whiter than white; blameless and helpless victims of mindless and unprovoked hatred. Not only is this ridiculous thesis an insult to the intelligence of any objective observer, but it flies in the face of all historical accounts and realities. It would take a large book (and thankfully many such have already been written) to enumerate the sins of the Jews in this regard. Their huckstering, parasitic exploitation. Their cold, heartless usury. Their policy of deliberately collapsing economies so that they could buy up the property and livelihoods of the wretched dispossessed people at Pfennigs in the Deutschmark (to give only the example relevant to Germany, where in the wake of the iniquity of President Wilson’s ‘Fourteen Point Plan’ at Versailles, and during the period of hyperinflation that followed – caused by Jewish bankers and speculators, who borrowed various currencies to then ‘short’ the mark – the Jews were able to buy more than half of all German property, with callous disregard for the shattered lives and ruined families their deliberate acts of evil caused).

    Let it be stated loudly and clearly: the Germans and many others had enormous reason to hate the Jews. If I might paraphrase a recent post on another topic by ‘Mefobills’, he had this to say concerning the subject:

    The German people were being dispossessed of their lands, of their birth-right. Germany had every right to kill every Jew on sight. You would do the same under the same conditions, as you were being denied the right to life. But they didn’t — they were very civilized about things, and did not return evil with evil. The Havarra plan was another kindness, where Jewish property was sold and then the proceeds were transferred to Anglo Palestine bank in Haifa. Germany also made sure that machine goods and things needed to start up the new nation of Zion were made available to German Jews being expelled.

    How facile and how sickening it is that we who have a grasp on history have to endure this endless, miserable, whining litany of victimhood and innocence, from a people whose worse suffering during the war was the indignity (to them) of being put in work camps and made to toil alongside the hated ‘goyim’. The Jews assiduously planned and agitated for a war to protect their unspeakable scam of usurious hegemony that we know as Finance Capitalism. Having got their criminal and unnecessary war, they gladly saw tens of millions of innocent lives needlessly lost. They didn’t give the proverbial tinker’s cuss about these lives – they were, after all, mere goyim ‘cattle’. But now they force the hapless goyim into accepting this new religion, based on the groundless myth of Jewish suffering, whereby it is illegal, under the sanction of imprisonment, to question the new religions’ core tenet of the ‘six million’ who didn’t actually die, at the expense of all those tens of millions of gentiles who did.

    The triumph of Jewry is upon us. “But above all goyim, remember that Hitler was a uniquely evil monster!”

    May Churchill, FDR, Eisenhauer, Arthur Harris et al rot in the Ninth Circle of the Inferno, where they so richly belong.

    • Agree: Robjil, Daniel Rich
    • Replies: @opat
  6. Antiwar7 says:

    I think Diana Johnstone is the best writer on foreign policy, bar none. It’s always a joy, and informative, to read more of her work.

    • Agree: Iris, Majority of One
  7. A review of “The Monuments Men” turns the historical drama towards protecting the Holocaust Is Real theme. The valuable art works were found to have come from private Jewish collections. Piles of teeth, obviously Jewish teeth, containing gold were found.

    Yet another product of Hollywood and history that reinforces the holocaust myth.

    That made me think, who would want to have a lamp shade made from Jewish flesh. Who would want to use soap that was made from Jewish fat to wash anything. If Germans hated Jews that much, they would have also abhorred anything Jewish.

    The piles of golden teeth could have been melted down to anonymous gold bullion, why keep the piles of teeth?

    Then there is the Jewishness of the the Third Reich’s leadership, German Finance and Corporate ownership.

    There is a complete lack of paperwork concerning The Final Solution. Paperwork for everything else, including the Euthanization project, but not a scrap for the gas chambers, crematory ovens, etc. No RFPs, no requisitions, no purchase orders, no delivery records.

    Yes, some Jews were targeted, they were Low Jews in Poland and Russia. Looked down upon by the High Jews in western Europe. Purifying their tribe, perhaps.

    Jews were used as slave labor in German industry to replace German workers who were needed to replace the millions of German soldiers captured or killed on the Eastern Front. Deaths in the slave labor camps came as a result of the working and living conditions, when all resources were being directed to the war in the East.

    Hitler’s “genius” lay in the systematic elimination of ethnic German men through poor strategic decisions on the battlefield. Then at the end, Stalin destroyed ethnic German women in the East Sector, with the approval of the Allies in the West.

  8. I’m glad she doesn’t like identity politics. I don’t like identity politics. But I am bad. Very bad. By consensus. And so identity politics must be good. Because I am bad and I am against it.

    You blozers, of course, practice identity politics while at the same time bad-mouthing it. I love watching you hypocrites (or idiots, take your pick) parade your cognitive dissonance.

    How do you practice identity politics? Because all you care about is race. Making you exactly the same as Antifa. Race race race race. One big diversion from the only issue that matters, how the rich are making mincemeat out of all of us.

  9. Miro23 says:

    Excellent review. I have the book but I haven’t had time to read it (along with many others). I’m going away for a week so I’ll take it with me.

  10. @anon

    I have met Diana through a mutual friend…also her granddaughter. The friend is still a Trotskyite, Marxist, rationalist, materialist, existentialist and just about any istism that you can think of. I keep trying with him, but his soul is comprised of adamantine. Among other matters he still is a firm believer in the official government/media conspiracy theory regarding the incredible possibility of 19 Arabs armed with boxcutters, under orders from a terminally ill man living in a cave in Afghanistan; managing to totally shut down U$ air defenses for nearly 2.5 hours.

    So perhaps my friend, however astute he may be in some regards, happens to dwell in Plato’s cave. Diana, on the other hand, is one of the most clearheaded analysts I have ever met. My supposition is that she senses a certain pressure regarding that particular third-rail that prevents her from telling it like she sees it. The pressure may or may not be explicit, but likely as not, it is directed at people close to her. On a purely personal basis she appears to be quite fearless.

    • Agree: Iris
    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
    , @anon
  11. @Exalted Cyclops

    It must be noted that Kaganovich is almost certainly a direct descendant of the Kagan of all Khazarians, the one who converted that inter-tribal nation to Judaism in the 8th Century A.D! In Slavic tongues, the terminal syllable “ovitch–ovich–ovic” signifies ‘son-of’ as in Anglo Johnson, Danish Rasmussen, or Germanic Ludwigsohn. That specificity would have made Kaganovich royalty among Ash-can-nazi Jews.

    Interestingly, there are two very prominent Americans by Name of “Kagan”. One is the notorious neocon Robert Kagan, one of the planners and schemers of the 911 Inside Job and the aggressions against Iraq and Afghanistan (an author and signatory of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) on behalf of the Globalist Rothschild/Zionist Agenda. Second Kagan is Elena, who currently is one of the nine individuals clad in black-robed drag as a member of the Extreme Courtesans–the highest judicial body within our ruptured republic.

  12. Biff says:

    The Unz Review needs more Johnstone.

    • Agree: Iris
  13. @peter mcloughlin

    What makes you think nuclear weapons are even REAL? Have you seen one in person and if you did how are you still alive? If nuclear weapons were real and one actually exploded how would they stop the chain reaction unleashed by their claims? This has become the Einstein HOAX of the century and we still believe in it, WHY? If it were real NOBODY could visit New Mexico or Nevada, I mean come on man, the military doesn’t buy weapons they DON’T use!

  14. @Majority of One

    I grab all the third rails. She just grabs most of them.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  15. @Kevin Barrett

    Amazing the proliferation of third-rails in our ruptured republic. The law n’ order racket, corrupted inJustice system is another one. In the main, awakening and aware Americans are quite unaware of the grease and slush involved in that system. I could tell you more, but not here, now. Consider contacting Fetz for my contact info. My research notes are copious.

  16. opat says:

    I tend to look everything thru a historic-developmental (genetic) lens. There is no such thing as essential “Jewishness” or “German-ness”: Germans are just as corrupt as Africans or Latin Americans or Ukrainians, if you give them a chance/system and belief that they won’t get caught (ergo, VW and the diesel emissions). In short, nothing emerges from an essentialist vacuum. Obama begot Trump, Bush Begot Obama, etc.

    “Jews” were begotten by the Christian laws that prohibited them from owning land: they were not to be farmers like the rest. This made Jews the very first truly cosmopolitan urban class: they had to make a living and they had to do it in cities. This also made them develop deep networks rich with social capital (similar to Mormons, Latinos, and the Chinese immigrants — network of mutual free favors which in regular economy costs actual money/capital). They turned to money lending: providing credit. In those days, it was considered socially inferior, and a necessary evil. Who would have thought it was one day to become the basis of the entire global economy? This immediately made them the hated class (profit from interest, aka “unearned income”). They were quickly able to buy favors of the ruling class, courts, law enforcement, etc . And become the ruling class themselves — because they soon controlled the flow of money because they controlled debt, and influence the law itself. But Christians have only themselves to blame.

    • Agree: Majority of One
    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @UncommonGround
  17. if you give them a chance/system and belief that they won’t get caught (ergo, VW and the diesel emissions)

    Well, that may be true today, given the London Protocols gave the victors control over the genocided German education, politics, and media, but it may not have been true previously.
    As for the emissions “scandal”, a couple of things need to be put in context. When I was ready o return home in 1974, I had been out of country long enough to bring a car back without paying duty. A friend (at home) owned a Mini, so I was familiar with them re mileage, maintenance, etc. I had rented one and driven it for a week to make sure I was still interested. I went to a dealer to cut a deal. No problem, except it won`t be like the Mini I drove, which had 20% less gas consumption than the one I had rented. He showed me the emissions reports on both cars. The “Euro” Mini had emissions about 6% higher than the EPA allowed, but used 20% more fuel. In short, it polluted more. It was the same for all Euro cars. They had to be altered to meet US emissions standards.
    In 2008, I rented a Peugeot with a 1.9 turbo diesel and a 6 speed standard. Highway mileage was between 62-65 mpg Imperial (50-52 US) and about 40 (35) in towns and cities. Peugeot no longer sells in North America, and hasn`t for decades. I suspect Volkswagen was just leaving the Euro engine in the car without de-tuning it. Meanwhile, any US vehicle I ever owned (8 from all of the Big 3) never even came close to the EPA mileage estimates.

  18. Robjil says:

    There is more to this than that.

    The Jewish Supremacists don’t allow any back talk – it is anti-S. do so.

    This is a very unique and destructive tactic for a Top ruling class.

    It silences any attempt to reform the Top ruling class.

    Silence = Death. As the saying for AIDS protesters in the 1980s.

    Silencing dissent with the “victim game” by this Top ruling class has been destroying this planet since 12.23.1913.

    No other Top ruling class in the entire history of the planet acted like this. It is not a good thing for humanity at all. It is destroying humanity’s intellectual development, its history, and its cultures.

    • Agree: GeeBee, Pure Coincidence
  19. Queen of Chaos, Johnstone’s book about Hillary Clinton, is a great read. I lent the book to a 72 year old leftist who will only vote Democrat, and he returned it in a week saying that Johnstone “she doesn’t like Hillary, does she” so I knew he had not read it. The book was like a tour through history but that didn’t matter.
    Why do people not want the truth?
    Half the USA in 2016 voted for the lazy, incompetent, female sociopath.

  20. @opat

    “Jews” were begotten by the Christian laws that prohibited them from owning land: they were not to be farmers like the rest. This made Jews the very first truly cosmopolitan urban class


    Just a note: Probably this isn’t true. I once read an article which said that Jews stopped working as farmers or peasants and took urban professions much before they were forbidden to have lands. I also read once an article telling about a guided tour in Prag. The part of the city where the Jews used to live centuries ago is nowadays a good part of the city. They told to the turists doing the tour that in earlier times this part of the city were swamps where poor people lived (the Jews). But the article explained that wasn’t true. This part of the city was already in old times one of the best parts of Prag. Unfortunately I lost the links to these articles which were written by experts. The links to the articles were in the huge daily selection of articles about culture in the website Bookforum (in the section Omnivore which after years disappeared from one day to the other from Bookforum without any explanation. Some people refer to it or ask what happened to it:”Bookforum’s Omnivore blog is a daily aggregation of links to new books and articles worth reading”). Bookforum still exists:

  21. sarz says:

    …she is weak regarding 9-11…

    If you have her contact details, forward her the link below. It’s Masters of Deception by ‘Zander Fuerza’. It’s based largely on Christopher Bollyn’s investigations of 9/11 as a Jewish masterpiece of extreme evil, but a much easier read.

  22. Miro23 says:

    OK I’ve just read it. The book jacket is a good summary:

    Diana Johnstone recounts in detail how the Western Left betrayed its historical principles of social justice and peace and let itself be lured into approval of aggressive US-NATO wars on the fallacious grounds of “human rights”. Subjects range from caustic analysis of the pretentious confusion of French philosophers to the stories of many courageous individuals whose struggle for peace and justice ended in deep personal tragedy, with a great deal in between.

    Some notes I took:

    P99 “My simple point was that the social role of intellectuals was to raise the level of knowledge and critical thinking of the population as a whole, as the basis of democracy, or socialism, or whatever you want to call an advanced society.” V. Good.

    P166 Security forces need to defect for a revolution to succeed.

    P177 CIA nor just intelligence gathering and analysis – now they initiate operations.

    P182 Ledeen. There’s enough material to write a whole book about this criminal.

    P184 “I tried to analyze available facts according to a simple criterion: what makes sense and what doesn’t”

    P198 USS Liberty. An Israeli false flag 1967 designed to get the US to launch an attack on Egypt.

    P206 Gorbachev too trusting. Wanted Russia to be part of a common European house (I wish).

    P212 Swedish secret services 100% CIA.

    P230 The main theme: The shift of the left away from protecting working people towards anti-racism, pro-immigration and in fact anti-workers and anti-nationalist policies.

    P238 Foucault – CIA philosopher.

    P250 Why does the US public feel no guilt for killing millions of people in the ME (but extreme guilt about everything else).

    P262 The promise of German unity was that NATO wouldn’t go East – but of course it did.

    P283 The EU leadership don’t want the public to interfere with their policies.

    P293 The anti-Serb MSM campaign drown out the truth and Serbs (P325) can’t believe the magnitude of the MSM campaign of lies that hits them.

    P347 Neocons take control of Bush foreign policy.

    P354 The French public actually start to study the EU referendum and discover (P358) that it doesn’t protect public services.

    P359 The French don’t like the idea that everything is bought and sold (only markets).

    P374 Attali – Zionist showman. NWO architect.

    P379 No more debate. Statements are either OK or heretical (must be fought).

    P383 Jews are so closely tied to MSM narrative that they are becoming a symbol of state oppression.

    P387 Wesley Clark: “… seven countries in five years.”

    P389 The Regime Change formula.

    P424 “Rejection of US hegemony has become the National Liberation Struggle of our times”.

    P425 “For tyranny is not to be found among such eccentrics (costume party Neo-Nazis), but smack in the center of society, the authoritarian centre represented politically by the Clintonian Democratic Party, mainstream media, the military industrial complex and globalized neoliberal finance capital.”

    I highly recommend this book, although it’s best for readers who already have some familiarity with the events.

    • Thanks: Iris
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