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David Rovics on Cancel Culture, Deplatforming, Social Media Dystopia…and Solutions
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Activist singer-songwriter David Rovics recently got hounded by a Twitter mob for supposedly “Platforming Fascists.” His crime? Talking to ex-white-nationalist Matthew Heimbach on his YouTube channel. But wait! What’s wrong with having conversations with people whose views we don’t entirely agree with—or maybe even strongly oppose? How can we even oppose them if we don’t listen to them first, so we know what we’re opposing? This video may trigger the same mob of narrow-minded folks who want to censor and silence other viewpoints. (Imagine their chagrin listening to me explaining to David why I have become a Holocaust agnostic!) So listen up, Twitter mob: If you want to have a rational and cordial discussion of any issue that concerns you, or if you want to explain to me why something I’ve said has offended you, or was factually wrong, or whatever, please email me at truthjihad(at)gmail(dot)com and we’ll schedule a conversation.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Censorship, Political Correctness 
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  1. When the Soviet Union air-brushed people out of photographs, it was to make all knowledge of them disappear.

    This is Totalitarianism 101.

  2. ruralguy says:

    It’s been very effective for the left. By making conservative speech criminal or immoral, the people whose beliefs are based on social gain rush away from conservative views. They join in denouncing conservatives, getting a boost in their social standing on social media platforms. All people in positions of power in America have now caved in to this tyrannical mob, or they get “cancelled” or forced out. It’s highly criminal,. They don’t reason, they rule by intimidation, threats, and violence.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  3. Like Kevin Barrett, the faggot Jew David Rovics, falls for the hysterics of the Jew Marxists and uses too many unnecessary words to explain his ideas.

  4. @ruralguy

    Actually it’s the liberal or fake-left Establishment that is “conservative” in the sense of clinging blindly to a narrow emotionally-motivated identity mythos, rather than boldly striking out in search of better and fresher ideas. Censorship is almost always conservative in this sense, and almost all the censorship today is coming from the so-called left.

    • Replies: @ruralguy
  5. Renee says:

    After listening to this pod cast I have come to the conclusion that Ma Bell and the National Security Agency haven’t gone far enough. I propose that when the NSA listens in on our phone calls without a warrant, that they have the ability to terminate the connection between the two callers if it involves any sort of “hate speech”. Imagine such a censor existed in the 1970’s or 1980’s? The NSA would have the authority to terminate a conversation they were listening to if they felt these two people shouldn’t be talking to each other. For example, Biden would love to have a super Ma Bell that listens in on phone conversations for certain key words such as “election theft” or “election fraud”. Since that is forbidden, the conversations could be automatically terminated so there would be no risk of certain ideas spreading. Really, the ultimate in content Moderation. And the NSA could also use A.I. programmed to do the perform the phone call conversation moderation as well.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  6. cranc says:

    I was brought up on the liberal Left. Started adult life as a green anarchist. Got more political around Iraq era. Became politically ‘untouchable’ around 2005 after studying 911. Moved further into ‘no man’s land’ since that time.
    It is getting harder and harder to regard everything presented to me by the mainstream (school, media, culture, academia) as anything but a straight forward inversion of the truth. That is hardly a unique opinion these days.
    I think Atzmon got it exactly right, that the problem for the Left is that their political identity is predicated upon adherence to a series of outright myths. They are fundamentally about viewing the world as it should be, even to the absolute exclusion of the blinding truth about how it actually is. This is never going to work out in the long term, and I see more and more that people on the Left either disappear into the kind of religious attitude that Kevin mentions in this interview, or slowly inch toward accepting the realities that undo their core arguments.
    If the working class want (as well as fairer working conditions) low immigration, some more social cohesion, an identity rooted in a specific place and culture, then its hard to unite them into a counter force to capital under the banner of internationalism, woke-ism and global multiculturalism.
    If it becomes unavoidably obvious (through the research tool called the internet) that Jews do in fact dominate concentrated capital, drives for high immigration, the promotion of cosmopolitanism and authoritarian censorship, then how can the Left respond to that ?
    Someone somewhere said that all free speech zones inevitably gravitate toward right wing extremism.
    I don’t want hatred to take over or things to resort to violence, but I sometimes wonder if even the well intentioned on the Left are making this inevitable by avoiding certain realities that would undermine their own personal political identities.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  7. @cranc

    I agree with most of this. But focusing on things “as they should be” rather than as they are has something to be said for it. Cultures are held together by ideals and aspirations, not by realities. Making (Darwinian) “biological reality” the guiding myth of a culture would be a disaster. To some extent that already happened in the late 19th and early 20th century and resulted in the World Wars and slow death of the West. Religions, even bizarre heretical offshoots of them like Chinese Madarin “communism,” can hold cultures together—and the traditional time-tested religions are the best bets.

    • Replies: @cranc
  8. cranc says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    I would make the distinction between ‘viewing things as they should be’ and having aspirations for making humanity/ the world better. The problem the Left presents to my mind is that they cannot be honest about how the world is right now, and so either tune out or censor out the realities of human experience that clash with their ideals. I have spoken to so many people of this persuasion (as I used to be) who will talk endlessly about one solution or another, yet are quite willful in dismissing any information which illuminates what the actual problem is. (A classic example would be the interaction I experienced between the anti-war Left in the 2000’s and the 911 truth movement).
    Saying that, I would agree that the Right can be resigned to human fallibility and lose sight of the better angels of our nature. So many who have the courage to point out the reality of Jewish ethnic self interest and its influence on Western society, only really present a solution that seeks to replace this with ‘white’ self interest – as you say, kind of harking back to an era where everyone is caught in national rivalry (only with nukes !).
    People are repulsed by anti-semitism in part because they are ignorant of what has been happening, but also because it cuts against that part of them that recognises the basic human value of all people regardless of creed or tribe, and the part that desires peace between all peoples.
    It’s a paradox : how do Universalists accomodate a religion that is fanatical about its own supremacist ambitions without discriminating (or worse) ? The Left have just resorted to denial of the reality of Jewish history, the Torah, Talmud and Qabalah and silenced anyone who wants to talk about them “so as to protect the Jews”. I don’t think it is a good strategy for the Jewish people of the world let alone anyone else.

  9. At what point will being de-platformed become a badge of honour? You know like veterans from some war. Already in some quarters the de-platformed voice is the strongest one.

    Amongst people who think for themselves de-platforming is nothing. It does not exist.

    If your biggest problem is that you cannot get heard by the app using cell phone crowd you are pretty useless anyway and I for one am happy not to hear your voice.

    There are thousands of places where you can hear free speech. Just do not use platforms that de-platform people like you. They are horrible anyway.

    • Replies: @Intensifier
  10. @Renee

    No Such Agency could trigger a local 5G device to transmit a kill-signal to the COVID-Vaxx nano antennae in the offending party. Just another COVID death. 😉

  11. ruralguy says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    Yes, I guess “reacting against change” or “preserving the culture” is the true definition of “conservative.” Now that the left has irreversibly transformed the culture, there is nothing left to preserve. “Conservative” also once meant supporting free-market principles. But, that too has changed. The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that with the rise of “woke” capitalism, the polls show support among the right for multi-national firms have plunged drastically. I think many Trump supporters permanently and rightly abandoned supporting the corporate culture. It gave us great retail goods and stores, but it has destroyed local business and the uniqueness among regions within the U.S. As an older father, I can directly see the generational effects of too much consumerism and too much social media on kids — it’s toxic. All in all, this social transformation has left those of us on the right adrift. Most of us merely agree we want nothing to do with this new toxic culture.

  12. Some one should do a show about the impeachment of Donald Trump just being a side show to distract us…… distract us…..distract us….. what was that I was going to say????? From the infections I mean injections. They have really got us all PEG ged and Hydro Gelded I mean Hydro Gel led. What about that our entire medical establishment is EVIL do people not understand??? DO NOT GET VACCINATED

  13. @Leander Starr

    Agreed Leander……those crying about being de-platformed by Facebook or Twitter should instead be asking themselves why on earth they were on such sites in the first place.

  14. SafeNow says:

    Tim Berners-Lee, the real inventor of the internet, seems to be in the “Oh God, what have I done?” mode, He is working with a team at MIT to develop a new technology. It is called “Solid.” The basic idea is to decouple control of content from the hosting. I don’t have the expertise to really explain it. At one point he said that this is more difficult than creating the Internet to begin with, because when he created it, there was a vacuum, and so there was no one there to fight him.

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