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Dave Lindorff: “Keep Masking!” Barry Kissin on COVID as Lab Leak
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First half hour: Dave Lindorff of ThisCantBeHappening kicks off the show with a discussion of his “A Maskless US Heads Down a Dark Road as the Covid Pandemic Rages On.” The article begins: “In the clash between sound science and political pressure from anti-science crackpots in the United States, the Biden administration and the Center for Disease Control have blinked, announcing prematurely that people who are vaccinated can basically give up masking except when traveling on public transit or visiting health facilities. The idiocy and mendacity of this announcement at a time when only 36% of Americans have been fully vaccinated (about half the rate required to stop the disease’s spread) is stunning.” Since Dave Lindorff and anyone else who disagrees with CDC/WHO faces massive censorship by the internet oligarchs, he deserves a platform on Truth Jihad Radio! (Lindorff is also saying things about Palestine that the same oligarchs don’t like…and let’s not forget his courageous unmasking of the Boston bombing false flag.)

Dave Lindorff offers these links supporting his position on masking:

Nature magazine, Oct. 6, 2020: Facemasks: What the Data Say

Procedings of the National Academy of Sciences, January 2021:
An evidence review of facemasks against Covid-19

JAMA Insights , Feb. 10, 2021 Effectiveness of Mask wearing to Control Community Spread of SARS-Cov-2

Second half hour: Attorney and anthrax/biowar expert Barry Kissin comes on to discuss the snowballing support for the COVID-was-made-in-a-lab hypothesis generated by Nicholas Wade’s impressive article. Barry also responds to Ron Unz’s new article lining up the evidence that COVID was unleashed by Trump Administration neocons as a biological attack on China and Iran.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology, Science • Tags: China, Conspiracy Theories, Coronavirus 
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  1. I made an effort and listened to one of Barrett’s podcasts, and I am not sorry. To be precise, I didn’t listen to the whole first half, as I was impatient to listen to Kissin on a much more exciting subject.

    I found it extraordinary. Perhaps a transcript could be made and published right here on Unz.

    I haven’t given up on Ron Unz’s theory yet, but Kissin outlines many of the doubts I myself have raised over some earlier comments. Perhaps time will tell who is right, perhaps it won’t. Kissin’s hypothesis that the DIA report never existed and was invented only to harm Trump is credible, I think. You should have asked him if the Israeli were also trying to harm Trump, since there was confirmation by Israeli intelligence, according to an Israeli TV newsstory.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  2. Hilarious, in a tragic, pathetic way. The “Nature” article, cited as evidence for this religious belief, ends by spilling the beans that there is no real scientific evidence to support the belief that masks are in any way mitigating the transmission of this infectious respiratory virus.
    It had been established prior to the launch of Covidmania that influenza is transmitted generally indoors, in conditions of low humidity, through aerosol particles of a <5um size. These particles cannot be controlled by any masks to a high enough degree to effectively and consistently stop transmission. The aerosols escape all around the masks, and to some degree, through the masks, with cloth masks actually producing more of these <0.5um particles than no mask at all.

    Masks won't prevent transmission of infectious respiratory viruses and the PCR tests as they are used cannot accurately and consistently identify infection. The average age of a death with a postive PCR test in my province is 81, with an average of 3.6 comorbiidties, and already frail to the point of being committed to long-term care.

    I am astounded that anyone with any curiosity about the actual data believes a word of this mass-hysteria-inducing psy-op.

    "For the smallest particles, Fig. 4a shows that up to a 92% reduction in 0.3 – 0.5 µm particle emission rate occurred while wearing surgical and KN95 masks for breathing, talking, and coughing, with the KN95 yielding a smaller decrease of 20.5% in this size range. The SL-P mask caused a 60% reduction in 0.3 – 0.5 µm particle emission for talking and breathing, but yielded a 77% increase for coughing. The least effective masks in terms of minimizing emissions of the smallest particles were the U-SL-T and U-DL-T masks, with U-SL-T substantially increasing the emission of 0.3 – 0.5 µm particles by almost 600% for speech, and the U-DL-T mask yielding very slight changes for talking and breathing and an almost 300% increase for coughing.

    Redirected expiratory airflow, involving exhaled air moving up past the nose or out the side of the mask, were not measured here but should be considered in future work."

    "Systematic reviews
    of randomized controlled trials in health care settings have not demonstrated a significant
    reduction in acute respiratory infections, (ARIs), ILIs or laboratory confirmed viral infections with
    medical mask use although it is acknowledged there were methodological flaws and smaller
    underpowered studies in the data analyzed.
    • There is a paucity of clinical evidence in favor of using medical masks in the community, with
    multiple randomized trials demonstrating mixed results which when pooled demonstrate no
    significant reduction in acute respiratory infections (ARIs), ILIs or laboratory confirmed viral
    infections. There are some lower quality studies showing a reduction in viral infection rates in
    households, in transmission of viral respiratory infections in the context of mass gatherings, and
    in university residences when combined with hand hygiene interventions.
    • However, while systematic reviews of randomized clinical trials fail to show significant benefit
    with medical mask use in community settings, more observational and case-control studies (both at higher risk of bias), have suggested that masks are protective"

    • Replies: @BDS Always
    , @MOG
  3. anon[825] • Disclaimer says:

    So, Asians never get sick with colds, flu.

    Are they weaker because they no longer get infected?

    Bless masks.

    Can’t see exhaling through nose infects anyone.

    Best inexpensive mask is a cheap one coated with petroleum jelly.

    Want a number? I have a drawer full of numbers.

  4. TG says:

    From the Nicholas Wade article: “One is that it jumped naturally from wildlife to people. The other is that the virus was under study in a lab, from which it escaped. It matters a great deal which is the case if we hope to prevent a second such occurrence.”

    This is an impressive article, but I disagree a bit here. COVID19 might have escaped from a lab doing ‘gain of function’ experiments, or it might not have. Hopefully we shall see. BUT IT’S STILL A FLAMING BAD IDEA EITHER WAY. I work in labs, and I can tell you that people are people, and in even the best run labs sometimes someone will scratch their nose with a glove or something it will happen. Yes it will make it hard for virologists, but we need to radically restrict these ‘gain of function’ experiments, if they do need to be done they should be done in remote labs where technicians do extended tours like offshore oil rig workers, with quarantine periods entering and exiting etc. That would be very expensive – but dirt cheap compared to what the next COVID19 style virus would cost.

    And yes, COVID19 might or might not have escaped from a so-called “wet market” – BUT THESE ARE STILL FLAMING BAD IDEAS. We need to shut down/clean up these markets regardless.

    Bottom line: both laboratories and ‘wet markets’ have been shown to be sources of dangerous pathogens. This time we were lucky: COVID19 is nasty but it’s no Black Death or even swine flu. Next time we may be less lucky. Why are we messing about? Let’s not have a next time, either way?

  5. anon[825] • Disclaimer says:

    #19 set free.

    “Wet Market” means what to Americans?
    Never explained. Just sounded: Virus jumped from a “wet market”.

    Even worse than green monkeys coming out of the
    mountains somewhere in Deepest, Darkest Africa
    to give AIDS to the world.

    Tony’s Phony Balony Corony has run its course.
    Waiting for phase 2 of#19 or a bad ass #22 in a jar.

  6. R2b says:

    Under masonic corona, anything can be done.

    Yes, there are poisons.
    But aids doesent transmit sexually.
    It was poppers and other life-style issues.

    Likewise flu, and – covid1984.
    So all is cover for, and just for short, as they have shortened it for us, the great.. yes you all know what I’m gonna say.
    Let’s start all over again, and under way, after Soleimani, why not poison a few of them beside.

    But masks!
    No no no, we know they dont work, but for keeping your own phlegm!
    And rebranding flu to covid, isn’t that hard, is it?
    No no no, I aint buying this car.

  7. Barry also responds to Ron Unz’s new article lining up the evidence that COVID was unleashed by Trump Administration neocons as a biological attack on China and Iran.

    What I noted early on was the clear misdirection, and the feigning of attempts to identify viral early onset, which oddly avoided the locales that you would immediately consider prioritizing.

    The early CDC blood donation ‘re-testing’ to establish where and to what degree, if any, Covid was present in early donation samples focused primarily on West coast states, although if you only listened to the media synopsis at the time, it ‘sounded’ like they were telling you that the CDC had dutifully re-tested donated blood across the USA in an effort to gain data on infection hotspots and ideally – origin.

    “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) analyzed blood donations that the American Red Cross collected from residents in nine states from December 13th through January 17th.” “106 of them tested positive for coronavirus antibodies. Of those, 39 were collected from California, Oregon, and Washington from December 13th to December 13th.” The other 67 samples were collected in Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin in early January.”

    No sampling earlier than Dec 2019 was attempted, and most importantly, no early onset sampling of New York, Maryland, Northern Virginia, or D.C…

    SERIOUSLY, IOWA?? How hard can you try to NOT find anything relating to early onset infections in states that actually had the earliest outbreaks or had critical bio weapons labs well known to engage in work relating to creating weaponized virus’s?

    Testing the west coast states makes sense in that almost all of the infected found will be connected to travel from or through China / Asian, although the earliest cases on the east coast were totally ignored.. these included an Iranian woman who had traveled to NYC and an absolute Covid explosion in New Rochelle NY among the Jewish community..

    In the same time frame, you have the infection-derby at the CPAC conference which appears to relate to at least some participants who have recently traveled to or from the middle east, likely Israel, if I am recalling correctly-

    Thirdly, you have the Fort Detrick lab issues in open discussion at this point, yet all of these states and regions were passed over for ‘Iowa’ and ‘Wisconsin’ in the CDC fact finding efforts..

    You also have the Spain wastewater efforts which were extremely prescient and valuable, especially compared to the CDC play-acting, a seeming joke of going where the problem is sure not to be found..

    Barcelona Spain takes it upon itself to test wastewater samples from long before Covid was known in which they claim to find a wastewater sample from March 2019 testing positive for Covid at a time when the city was hosting a Global convention of cellular and telecom manufacturers. The US CDC by contrast appears to have been satisfied to only seek out samples almost guaranteed to originate from China travelers, and with a hard cutoff date of no later than Dec. 2019.

    I have a lot of very significant bones to pick with the study below, but it still reaches some notable conclusions –

    ‘These findings suggest that the progenitor CoV was already spreading extensively before and after the first official reports of the emergence of a novel coronavirus in China. In other words, the Wuhan-1 strain is unlikely to be the original SARS-CoV-2 ancestor from which all currently circulating strains are derived.”

    “The researchers have identified the MRCA for the SARS-CoV-2 variants circulating today, which is probably not the Wuhan-1 virus but its progenitor. This implies “that none of the earliest patients represent the index case or gave rise to all the human infections.”

    The CDC has been at best worthless, and at worst a deliberate obstruction to undertaking the work that needed to be done – identify the earliest cases and take them back to the source, construct an accurate phylogeny and let the chips fall where they may. The effort to do so now is better than nothing, but its also constrained politically in that certain conclusions are now mandated, which is not how a legit scientific process works.

    If accurate, progenitor Covid has been found in the USA, China, and Europe, per this study, and was in the wild or had escaped containment at least by Oct 2019. When you note from the Russian study that many of the infections coming into Russia from Europe largely failed to propagate, this leads to a conclusion that you need to start globally targeting pre-Covid wastewater samples intensively, long before the CDC joke cutoff of Dec 2019, and follow the Spanish example.

    Right now, we have El Fuce and his sidekick Dr Rachel ‘Wallaby’ leading an effort that looks to me like a fox meets henhouse scenario.

  8. Surgical masks keep surgeons from accidentally dropping spittle into the open wounds they cut in patients. The N95 keeps out sheetrock dust. If you’re wearing a mask because you think it’s PPE from viruses, you’re an idiot.

    I suppose it’s okay to wear one if you already have COVID and simply must be around people and otherwise you’d cough or sneeze directly into people’s faces.

    • Agree: The Alarmist
  9. @The Anti-Gnostic

    This is more or less what every healthcare organization was saying last spring until it became impossible to ignore the stupid fucks willingly wearing gloves and every sort of absurd face-covering with no prompting from authorities. The people proved to be much more superstitious, credulous and cowardly than the spooks had previously imagined.

  10. This fellow Lindorff doesn’t merit any further appearances here. He comprises the only segment of the population for which the DOVID-19 vaccine makes sense: older people with demonstrably poor and compromised immune systems. Furthermore, THEY alone should be recommended to wear masks.

  11. Tor597 says:

    Isreal didn’t take action to block the virus after they were warned from America, but that isn’t proof they weren’t warned. America after all didn’t do anything after they knew about the virus for months after they knew about it.

    This tells me that they WANTED it to get in because they 1) Wanted it to do enough damage to polarize the world against China
    2) Was confident America would recover faster than China because America already had vaccines developed
    3) It would have been too obvious if America and Isreal shut down flights from China way in advance like in November because it would show that the west knew it was a bio weapon far in advance of anyone else.

    • Thanks: Brás Cubas
  12. @The Anti-Gnostic

    The proof is what the mask preachers do in private. Just theater for the fool. These clowns actually look better with masks on that is why they want to keep wearing them!

  13. Notice the studies he quotes are all from this year. They were clueless about masks until plandemic.

    “Nature magazine, Oct. 6, 2020: Facemasks: What the Data Say

    Procedings of the National Academy of Sciences, January 2021:
    An evidence review of facemasks against Covid-19

    JAMA Insights , Feb. 10, 2021 Effectiveness of Mask wearing to Control Community Spread of SARS-Cov-2”

    Fake studies!

  14. Per your Nature link editorial:

    At Black Lives Matter protests in US cities, most attendees wore masks. The events did not seem to trigger spikes in infections2, yet the virus ran rampant in late June at a Georgia summer camp, where children who attended were not required to wear face coverings.

    Where are the real data?? None available? The BLM Antifa “protests” unleashed HUNDREDS of big riots for months on end with hundreds of thousands of people. Loading and unloading in and out of crowded cars and buses, camping and eating meals together, smashing stuff up, swarming into stores looting, burning, mixing sweat and blood while assaulting people, in and out of jail and hospitals…… where “most attendees wore masks”. Ha ha ha. It is RIDICULOUS to suggest the rioters were maintaining a protocol of distancing and face masks during all these phases that would protect them from a very contagious disease.

    Where is the data? Either A) CV19 outbreaks occurred but the mainstream media and public health AVOIDED reporting on that so as to not offend the emboldened thugs, or they hope for their faster demise? Or

    B) There actually was little if any CV19 transmission during the months of riots, perhaps because a. setting fires, shouting, looting and beating people also scares off the virus, or b. the virus is a bit of a wimp for other reasons.

    Video Link

    p,s, This guy’s description about Asia is really lame. Prior to last year the main reason (a few) people wore masks in China, Thailand, etc. was to limit inhaling chemical air pollution, not for fear of germs. And still they get sick with the flu, tho perhaps their lungs were less fried from all the caustic particulates.

  15. … the Biden administration and the Center for Disease Control have blinked, announcing prematurely that people who are vaccinated can basically give up masking except when traveling on public transit or visiting health facilities. The idiocy and mendacity of this announcement at a time when only 36% of Americans have been fully vaccinated (about half the rate required to stop the disease’s spread) is stunning.

    This assertion, premised on flawed “science,” and the official COVID narrative are little more than pre-Baconian scientism, based on Wild-Assed Guesses made by high-priest authorities playing to widespread fears of the ill-informed captive masses.

  16. “I run with a mask.”

    That pretty much sums up his authority on the subject.

  17. Covid is lame. Mostly hype.

    If we’re gonna have a virus outbreak, we need something cool like this:

    Better marketing plan.

    And if we’re gonna have a Great Reset, let it be something badass like this:

  18. Just call me troll if you guys want but I truly do not understand you guys, American and European, only wearing the mask and you guys act like it will eat you guys alive.

    Do you guys ever think that wearing the mask can give you guys excuse to protect your face from the ‘face detective’ machine?

    Sorry, I just truly don’t get your logic thinking, even the good people like Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley reacts like that.

    I guess because I live in Vietnam where the city is extremely populated and I must to wear mask every day to protect my nose, before the Covid pandemic, so it is normal to me or because my country does not have Democracy, the Democracy was warned by Socrates that it is the most corrupted and immoral society, so my country may be have more common sense on the pandemic than European and US.

  19. @thotmonger

    Do you know the Next News Network is the Zionist channel?

    • Replies: @thotmonger
  20. Ahhhhh, look at all the stupid sheeple
    Ahhhhh, look at all the stupid sheeple

    • Replies: @The Wild Geese Howard
  21. bjondo says:

    Reply #19 & 20, no reply button:

    Next News Network and Rebel News both Zionist, therefore worthless for humans.

    Back To China and Masks:

    Life behind a mask — China’s cities still choking on smog

    March 25, 2014, China’s face mask industry under scrutiny as pollution worsens

    That attitude shifted in 2006, when Beijing hosted the summer Olympics and the city’s choking pollution became a issue in Chinese press.

    It entered people’s consciousness, but wasn’t something people took action to protect themselves against,” Gallagher said. Nine years later, they wear the mask.

    Maybe masks or maybe pollution slows flu, colds?
    Covid is slowed by reducing barking, howling mouths in media.

  22. @Brás Cubas

    Perhaps a transcript could be made and published right here on Unz.

    Ain’t gonna happen, he said they’re too expensive and troubling to transcribe, you miss the nuance, etc. I like Kevin, but I don’t have time for the podcasts. So I wait for comments to come out to get the basics.

  23. @Unorthodox Black Sheep VN

    If your mask was protecting you from this theoretical miasma of virus-laden particles, then their would be biohazard protocols for its removal and disposal at the end of each day. This same miasma is settling on your hair, your eyes, your ears, etc. The mask isn’t doing anything. It’s not biohazard PPE and no manufacturer will ever certify it as such.

    I guess you could walk around in a biohazard suit, but then in one year you wouldn’t have an immune system.

  24. @Rufus Clyde


    Video Link

    The Science of Masks.
    CHD is glad to provide dozens of studies/articles/videos we have accumulated, including meta-analyses. And, we will continue to post mask information on this page. (Some items appear under multiple headings depending on their content.)

    Dr Vernon Coleman. pdf Book.
    Why Face Masks Do More Harm Than Good.

    The Risks vs. Benefits of Face Masks- Is There an Agenda?

    • Thanks: thotmonger
  25. @Priss Factor

    The guy shouldn’t have taken the ticket.

    He should have agreed and amplified the narrative and pointed out the ticket is probably covered with the ‘Rona, thus making that little wart an attempted murderer.

  26. @The Anti-Gnostic

    I understand that the mask does not fully protect people against the virus. The problem here, if I understand right, the virus usually goes inside through the nose and mouth first. On the hair, eyes, ears, and et al, I don’t know or hear anything about it, I admit.

    The point of wearing mask here is reducing the infection as much as possible, and nobody will expected the mask will protect people 100% but better than nothing.

    I know that there is so much vague and exaggration on the COVID-19 but what if the government trick people to think the COVID-19 is hoax so they can kill people without dirty their hand?

    The problem with the anti-mask people here is not about wearing mask is pointless but those anti-mask people fear wearing mask like the mask will eat them alive.

    • Replies: @BDS Always
  27. @Unorthodox Black Sheep VN

    Never watched it before. The clip I grabbed, aside from the dumb ads, did support my point about BLM/Antifa protestors/rioters certainly congregating in ways that violated Fauci/CDC guidelines though miraculously I have yet to hear about Covid 19 outbreaks emerging from months of riots last year.

    Have you??

    But thanks. Good to know where Zionists are buttering the bread. Did you have another point?

  28. @Unorthodox Black Sheep VN

    The point is that wearing masks is a danger to oneself.
    If you read my above post with a number of links, I could have given more, then you would understand why people do not Want to wear them…
    Masks do not work and cause irreparable damage if worn for long periods of time including Hypoxia and Bacterial Pneumonia.

    Why would anyone think that those that “Govern” us would care about our wellbeing?

  29. Getaclue says:

    The actual Science on wearing Masks as to CVirus is that they are useless and may even cause infection — it was all theater as Fauci recently admitted — politics of fear to bring about certain results the NWO Globalists desired– Nature is a Journal of course that is totally on board with this Agenda — it is hard to believe any credible decent person is still pimping this Agenda for these “Elite” absolute creeps of Davos who want all of us enslaved, “depopulated” and those left totally impoverished and controlled by Tech monitoring eating bugs to survive — anyone on that side is the definition of Enemy Of The People….:

  30. bjondo says:
    @Unorthodox Black Sheep VN


    Comment and links for those saying Asians have been wearing masks to stop flu, colds.

    Chinese/Asians have been wearing masks to help with pollution particles not viruses.
    Do masks help? Don’t know. Possibly, if particles pebble and cobble sized?

    Best way to reduce Balony 19 is put a sock
    in the mouths of media, health officials.

    Best way to stop Balony 19, other creations, is to
    imprison scientists.

    Fauxi’s Balony Corony a different matter.
    This is an agenda of control and destruction.

  31. @thotmonger

    My point here you should be wary on any channel just support the your point. They support your point just does not mean they are helpful. Don’t give those Zionism any money even a penny.

    When you find the rotten apples in the apple basket, toss the rotten ones out of the basket immediately before the fresh ones is got rotted.

    I know and heard so much about the immoral and degenerate culture of black people.

  32. gsjackson says:

    Hard to believe I used to read Lindorff. A few less drugs through the decades, Dave, and you might have learned some things about human health, and have now some confidence in your immune system.

    Take a look at his “evidence” — ‘Facemasks: What the Data Say.’ Nothing at all comparable to the studies involving thousands in Denmark and in US Marine recruit training, both of which found masks to have no effect on the transmission of a virus. Instead we get the non-event of the two Springfield “infected” (but asymptomatic) hair stylists who did not pass along the virus to any of their customers (more than half of whom declined to get tested). Well, you know, if you don’t have symptoms, and you’re not sick — maybe, just maybe, you don’t have a disease. A novel concept, I know, in this brave new world.

    • Replies: @gsjackson
  33. @BDS Always

    I am currently reading the harmful of wearing the mask but the things here:

    1. From what I hear and know about the anti-masker, the people does not want to wear the mask not because the mask will kill them but because ‘my body my choice’ like those feminist, and they react like a bunch lunatic.

    2. In Vietnam, I never heard any single report that mask kill people or any complain about mask. Of course, this is not proof to prove that mask does not kill or harm people but this is what I know now.

    3. I wear the mask whenever I go outside, and I have no problem with it. The link you post above describle the scenerio like people are forced to wear mask 24/24 hrs or overuse mask. I admit that I am truly lack of knowledge on medical, and what I say here is invalid to other experts but that what I understand on the link you post.

    So from what I observe in Vietnam, and the attitude of the anti-mask from the internet, I think this is pretty absurd to say that mask is truly harmful, overusing or using wrong mask type is right reason, but saying mask does not reduce the chance to be infected by COVID-19 or harm people most of time is truly wrong.

    • Replies: @bjondo
  34. gsjackson says:

    Okay, I commented before listening to the interview. He has his personal reasons for doing whatever he can to avoid airborne pathogens, and if that’s what he wants to do, great. But if he wants government to make everybody else give up their constitutional rights to protect him, then he should go back to Asia. Or Canada is closer at hand. Sounds like nothing is too draconian for that benighted country.

  35. bjondo says:
    @Unorthodox Black Sheep VN

    The mask is not a stand alone.

    The mask is combined with a dangerous, aggressive, shot campaign.
    The mask is combined with a dishonest tracking, tracing, invasion programs.
    The mask is combined with distancing/isolating the healthy.
    The mask is combined with destroying businesses, families, lives.
    The mask is combined with massive lies, deceptions, BS.
    The mask is combined with murders.
    The mask is combined with totalitarian state, private actions – fascism.
    The mask is combined with ongoing other programs whose purposes are …?

    The mask was the first attack on liberties.

    • Agree: gsjackson
  36. @bjondo


    I thank you on your last comment for the link you sent to me and because I also misunderstand what you said but now I think I get it.

    I think you are confused the mask ‘evil’ list above with the thing here:

    Ok, I don’t get it why you think mask is evil like this if you are truly not confused, my apologize. Perhap my country Vietnam moral compass and ideology is too different to European and US one.

    • Replies: @Herald
  37. @Unorthodox Black Sheep VN

    Because mask-wearing in the Western world has been taken to the heights of stupidity.

    Masks restrict the intake of oxygen, inducing some degree of hypoxia, and reduce the exhalation of carbon dioxide, inducing some degree of hypercapnia.

    When you wear a mask to avoid inhaling particulates that the mask can actually filter out, this might be a reasonable tradeoff, but when you wear a mask to filter out a particle sized at circa 60nm to 140nm when said mask (N95) is designed to catch only 95% of particles sized 300nm, this tradeoff starts to get silly, as it may only be 58% effective, and so-called medical masks only 15% effective. When you wear it outdoors for that purpose, where there is plenty of fresh air to dilute the threat, you are just ridiculous. If you wear it while running, particularly outdoors, like Barry Kissin, you are just stupid.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  38. Herald says:
    @Unorthodox Black Sheep VN

    It appears you are totally resistant to fact and common sense, regrettably not at all uncommon these days. People are clearly wasting their time communicating with you.

    Please try playing on a busy railway line, wearing ear defenders and with your ubiquitous mask pulled firmly over your eyes.

  39. @The Alarmist

    I need to correct my last … it was Dave Lindorff who admitted the mask stupidity.

    Sorry, Barry.

  40. @Herald

    The anti-mask and hoaxer is less common sense than me, I am pretty sure about this.

    What I said about mask above is from my daily life in Vietnam, not from the government propaganda.

  41. MOG says:
    @Rufus Clyde

    Droplets with a diameter of 5 microns at room temperature and 30% humidity evaporate within a few milliseconds. Repeat: millisconds = 1/1000’s of a second. Larger droplets, say 100 microns, evaporate in less than 3 seconds. Droplets of .5 microns evaporate essentially instantaneously. Evaporation releases the virus to the air as individual viral particles of about 0.1 micron diameter. Particles less than 0.3 microns behave (due to Brownian Motion) more like an ideal gas than an aerosol. There is no mask available to you (medical grade, N95 or otherwise) which can filter out this (or any similar) virus. That’s why there are no clinical studies which show that the spread of the virus is attenuated, let alone stopped by the wearing of the mask. Masks don’t work. Stop wearing them; they are bad for your health, they make you look silly and they encourage public health bureaucrats, governors, mayors, even city councils to behave like tin-pot dictators.

    • Agree: The Alarmist
  42. This guy is a faggot and it is not my responsibility to keep him alive

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