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Daniel Estulin: Coronavirus Is a Debt Liquidation Scam
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In this interview bestselling author Daniel Estulin says the fabricated coronavirus crisis is a bankster scam to write off debt and avoid blame for what was already an inevitable global economic collapse:

“We’ve reached the limits to growth. And this is systemic for the entire planet. The entire system is in a state of collapse. So they realized they needed to do something to write off all these debts…When the system collapses and you have 90% of the planet’s population unemployed, somebody’s going to have to pay the piper. And the elite don’t want it to be them. So they devised a virus…”

Estulin argues that those who manufactured the virus also created a vaccine, which will be unveiled along with a compulsory vaccination program in the not-too-distant future. He expects a major ratcheting-up of the police state, since the bankster elite will need to control a huge mass of increasingly desperate people.

The current crisis, Estulin says, will mark the third great historic shift of the past 1000 years, comparable to the transition from classical civilization to feudalism in the 4th to 6th Christian centuries, and the transition from feudalism to capitalism in the 16th and 17th centuries. He expects a final crisis—a complete economic collapse followed by total chaos—as early as September 2020.

The good news, he adds, is that the US and Chinese elites have an understanding, and there will be no global nuclear war.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Economics • Tags: Banking Industry, Civil Liberties, Coronavirus 
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  1. Kevin. All due respect i sure hope you are reconsidering your relationship with VT. Talk about blowin your wad VT. Thanks for exposing who you have been all the time. Gordon, Carol, Ian. . my god talk about sell outs! Ian .Someone go out and get him a whoooaaa.. Talk about an angry at the world individual . You disagree with them and they act like little Children. All 3. Kevin ,Carol, Ian and even Steele have utterly embarrassed and exposed themselves. Yourself and Jonas the only ones worth a crap. Stay the course Kevin. Your still well worth anyone’s time. As far as above subject. .. Ive always said the Chinese and US banking class, probably all the same, have been in on it together. Just like there is no Trump against (((them))) meme. Its an act. As a trader, i remember the orchestrated short squeeze in Jan of 2015 i believe. Maybe 2016. That was coordinated orchestrated . And btw. For the life of me i cant figure out why more cant see what Zerohedge really is. I call it Zionhedge.

  2. Republic says:

    Zerohedge used to be very good until its Bulgarian founder sold the site to the zionists

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  3. Daniel Estulin: Coronavirus Is a Debt Liquidation Scam
    Truth Jihad / Kevin Barrett, May 14, 2020

    Best expose on the current times, more facets right then facets wrong. Will not be a popular podcast, too many variables for the audience, no clear enough “narrative”, all this to the credit of this fast and clearmost monologue of Daniel Estulin. Still some variables are not exposed. The issue is huge, and growing.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  4. TG says:

    I personally don’t think that the virus was deliberately manufactured, nor do I believe that a vaccine exists.

    But. As the elites like to say, ‘never let a crisis go to waste.’ It is certainly true that in the United States the strip-mining of the economy by the elites has been jaw-droppingly stunning. While crumbs are given to the newly unemployed, the super-rich have bestowed trillions of dollars in largesse upon themselves. Massive tax cuts that only benefit the ultra rich (to be paid for later on by massive tax increases on what’s left of the middle class and working poor, duh), bailouts of industries that had been hollowed out by debt-fueled stock purchases, and now the federal reserve buying worthless junk bonds from wealthy investors for cash at full face value…. (Gee, I wish I could sell the government worthless pieces of paper for full cash value, but I guess that makes me a ‘communist’ or ‘socialist’ or something.). Meanwhile there are bills to accelerate the importation of foreign guest workers – because there’s a terrible labor shortage, don’t you know? – and “surprise medical billing” makes even people with “good” insurance afraid to go to the hospital, and we can’t make masks or tests or even hand sanitizer because all the factories are in China…

    You don’t need to believe that the corona virus was deliberately created, to realize that the elites have gone full rabid-dog totally shameless steal everything not nailed down and pry loose everything nailed down mode.

    Collapse? Maybe. But another view is that we are turning into a command economy, like the old soviet union – but a less efficient version and without even the pretense of public service. There is no longer any real market system, the government declares that something be done by fiat and just allocates money to justify it politically after the fact.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  5. AaronInMVD says: • Website

    Funny how people stopped talking about the Fed printer running hot last fall to keep repurchase agreement markets from taking interest rates past 10 percent. Don’t let a “crisis” like the annual pandemic go to waste indeed.

  6. Hi Kevin, after listening to your interesting guest,Daniel Estulin, it would
    be interesting to hear an interview with another Russian who has written
    about the 5 stages of collapse. Consider Dmitry Orlov

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  7. Dobbs says:

    My theory since the beginning.

  8. EricSF says:

    An amazing interview where Daniel describes exactly what is going on in the financial system. We are witnessing the death of the financial system along with all currencies. Gold is the anti-dollar so watch gold as the dollar first spikes (due to the USD shortage worldwide with \$12 trillion of USD-denominated debt outside the US and everyone scrambles for dollars) then a hyperinflationary collapse.

    I then expect a new digital dollar to be rolled out with perhaps a 1:500 exchange rate with the old dollar, if you’re lucky. So divide your current wealth by 500 if you’re still in the system. Things are going to get bad before they get worse.

  9. Jake says:

    Daniel Estulin is on target. However the virus got loose, once it was loose, the financiers of the Anglo-Zionist Empire took full advantage.

  10. polistra says: • Website

    They didn’t create or alter the virus. That’s unnecessary distraction. Keep it simple.

    TARP 2 was needed to finish the job of infinitely enriching the bankers and killing all real business and real humans. The process was going too slowly. TARP 1 hadn’t been maximally efficient because nobody understood why it was “needed”. TARP 2 managed to get everyone on board for the imperative necessity of infinite riches for NYC and death for everyone else.

  11. The virus scam seems to me to be a multilevel scam, with several dimensions in play. This debt liquidation is one level, in which the debt of some is being nullified while more debt is being fastened upon the unknowing.

    Another level of the scam involves dissolving the sovereignty of nations so that a single form of governance comes into being. Better thinkers may point out the other levels. I’m sure that I’m not seeing all of the picture.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  12. Issar says:

    the first 10 minutes are her credentials.

  13. schrub says:

    It most definitely is a hoax! I knew something like this was coming because I had read at the very reliable shadowstats website ( in December of 2019 an article which described an upcoming unraveling of t he US economy that would be far worse than what happened in 2008. Yet again this was mostly the result of government and banker malfeasance. (Remember repos)

    The deep state in Washington and NYC were panicking. Something had to be done. Enter Covid19.

    The present virus scenario was concocted way back in 2010 by the Rockefeller Foundation.

    Here is an interview of a guy named Harry Vox (a pseudonym) back in 2014. Harry Vox somehow came upon the Rockefeller Foundation scenario four years after it was written. The original 2010 paper describes a virus scenario that absolutely mirrors our present situation right down to the face masks,the lock downs, and the destruction of the economy resulting from the the lock downs

    Here is the somewhat excitable Harry Vox being interviewed. Watch it and weep.Prepare to fell like a sucker. Get your nausea medicine ready.

    For cynics, here is the actual Rockefeller virus scenario from 2010. During the Harry Vox interview from 2014 he will will give you a page number in the Rockefeller scenario so you don’t have to read the whole thing.

    • Replies: @mark tapley
    , @Republic
  14. Thomasina says:
    @Twodees Partain

    “…so that a single form of governance comes into being.”

    Yep. I was surprised when I learned a few years ago that school curriculum is coordinated around the world. What you learn in Grade 9 in one country is what you learn in another. Education – check.

    The medical system is currently being coordinated. Everybody pile on board the vaccine train! Check.

    The financial system still has some holdouts, but not for long. They will be bankrupted. Check.

    There will be no countries, no borders, just a sea of humanity fighting for crumbs. Oil is running out. Time to brush off the serfs for field work.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
  15. Wilnav says:

    Very true. Thank you

  16. Seems to me this is only wishful thinking. I do not see any analysis. But sometime even wishful thinking materialize. But in every case this virus seriously is injuring the Globalization.
    It also is weakening the US dollar. But dollar still will survive. The attack was suppose to hit China, But as we can see US did get hit 10 times harder.
    After US elite exporting all textile industries to India and China US is not even capable to make their own masks. They are dependent on China.
    Trump was right and he is still right that present manufacturing capabilities exported is very harmful to US.
    And not only harmful it is dangerous. So the US elites are responsible for huge amount of not necessary US citizens deaths.

  17. The fake Covid 19 virus was outlined by the Rockefeller foundation in 2012 and exposed by Journalist Harry Vox in 2014. See video Harry Vox interview 2014. The virus has never been isolated using the standard Koch Postulate method form all pathogens. So the tests are also fake. Next the Zionists will push phony Immunity Certifications then mandatory vaccines. CDC criminals hold 50 vaccine related patents and the Elite are lining up to taken in more money. Hospitals have been near empty while everything coming in is labeled Covid19 as per Debra Brix at the criminal CDC.

  18. @schrub

    Everything the U.S. gov. does is a lie and a fraud. This one is brought to us by the same people that did 911, WMD’s and are total shabbos goys for Greater Israel. As Pelosi said “even if the Capitol crumbles we will still defend Israel. ” Jew puppet Trump said “there has never been as good a friend of Israel in the White House as me.” Killing a million people in the Middle East and sending America’s young to die for the Kazar Criminals is just part of the Zionist plan.

    • Agree: Druid
  19. Emslander says:

    This isn’t even a debatable proposition, given the timing of the most massive and hubristic increase in the national debt ever conceived. Everybody’s talking about the lockdown and the old people getting sick. Of course. If this market collapse and debt-fueled bailout engineered by the bankers had occurred without a health panic, the citizens not smoking legal weed might have forced Congress to get involved. As it is, 6, 7, 8, 11 (who knows how much) trillion dollars of printing has occurred and all we have is this lousy t-shirt!

  20. Thomasina says:

    That was an excellent interview! Daniel Estulin is a very interesting person, and I appreciate his perspective. I tend to agree with what he’s saying. Thank you.

  21. @TG

    Yes, it’s a complete jew coup without any embarrassment or shame.

    They’re just stealing everything that isn’t nailed down and leaving the rest of us to bleed out.

  22. “The good news, he adds, is that the US and Chinese elites have an understanding, and there will be no global nuclear war.”

    Excuse my levity . . . but that last line was great. Laugh and laugh and laugh.

  23. “The good news, he adds, is that the US and Chinese elites have an understanding, and there will be no global nuclear war.”

    Excuse my levity . . . but that last line was great. Laugh and laugh and laugh.

    As for the article — I see you are not pulling any punches, kicks or body slams.

  24. Albertde says:

    A quibble: the transition between classical civilization and feudalism took several steps and feudalism was not introduced between the 4th and 6th centuries. When the barbarian tribes invaded and took over parts of Europe that were in the Roman Empire in the West, the kings of the barbarian tribes would simply take over the administration left behind by the Romans and use these administrations to collect the taxes and the mapower for the military that the Romans used to collect. Like the Romans, they respected private property and left the existing estates owned by senatorial and other rich families alone. The main differences were that (1) unlike in the Roman Empire, the taxes were not used to support the army or maintain infrastructure and they were simply gathered like treasure and (2) the general disorder prevailing towards the end of the Roman Empire became much worse. While the rulers were viewed as kings of the barbarians, they ruled over the native populations as consuls appointed by the Eastern Roman Empire. So they were not feudal; feudalism did not start in Europe until the 9th and 10th centuries when Charlemagne codified into law the custom started by the Romans during their republic, which was opposed by the consuls and later the Emperors, of free poor people “selling” or “donating” their land to a rich person in order to place themselves under his protection and continuing to farm the land as a benefice.

    The other aspect that led to feudalism was that the Christian kings, mindful of their sinful deeds including luring people to their strongholds after convicting them of crimes in absentia and then having them killed, would grant monasteries, bishoprics and even some lay estates the right to keep the taxes they collected rather than turn them over to the royal treasury while still supplying and financially supporting the soldiers needed for the army.

    You may ask why am I making a fuss about this? The answer is simple. People think that a breakdown of order will automatically lead to feudalism. That is incorrect. Feudalism occurs when the government no longer receives tax money and needs to raise an army to defend a country without having the money to do it.

    So don’t expect feudalism to occur in our present times at least not in the way it occurred in the Middle Ages. The second point is that people hold on to the forms of government long after they are beneficial, especially if that government evokes memories of great accomplishments.

    • Replies: @eD
  25. eD says:

    Albertide makes excellent point, but one further one I will make was that the Roman imperial government started collecting taxes in kind instead of cash well before the setting up of barbarian kingdoms in the western empire, that is usually (and not very correctly) associated with the fall of Rome.

    Also, there are records of bad plagues in the 2nd and 6th centuries, and a general collapse in population numbers in the more populated areas, so likely more plagues that were not recorded. One reason for the shift away from a tax economy might have been the lack of an economy to collect taxes from.

    These were actual plagues. They didn’t claim there was a plague that didn’t exist and use it to shut the economy down. However, there is a strong parallel in the current situation, in that for whatever reason (some historians also blame Arab piracy), cash circulation throughout the economy dropped to the point where even the governments had to convert most of their operations to a non-cash basis.

  26. Juri says:

    One common mistakes what analytics do is thinking that degenerate rotten elite is still bunch of evil geniuses they used to be. I propose that similar to Soviet Union collapse, current events are not a clever plan but gravely old and demented elite just lost control over the events. Power need stability. When tens of millions people revolt then it is impossible to keep things under control and stay in power. So the financial collapse is definitely not orchestrated event.

    • Replies: @JasonT
  27. Republic says:

    His real name is Harry Stuckley
    He has been interviewed on RT

  28. JasonT says:

    Tens of millions of people will not revolt because they will be hiding in their jail cells (er houses) afraid of the virus. Also, once the population is stamped with the biochip, 5G will be used to control the herd without the need for lackeys with guns.

  29. @Michael Peng

    Thank you for the tip. I will try to get Dmitri Orlov back on the show. He was on a while back:

  30. dimples says:

    Total financial mega-collapse in September 2020. Got it. Am working on my bug out bag now, should be finished in time. Got four months left. Dollars will become worthless so might as well go on a spend up and blow it on hookers as well. Houellebecq says its going to go back to normal just shittier. I’m confused. What do the Jews say?

  31. “Tens of millions of people . . .”

    It has more to do with the fact that I do’t buy the complete hoax story — I am more inclined to think as an opportunity missed to make some positive changes with monetary valuation and an opportunity to use the current issue as cover for a financial mess that pre-existed the virus issue.

  32. dimples says:

    Meanwhile back at Wuhan evidence seems to be piling up that the virus is man-made:

    See article & comments:

    “Scientific evidence and logic behind the claim that the Wuhan coronavirus is man-made”

    (from JoNova)

    • Replies: @dimples
    , @israel shamir
  33. Daniel Estulin’s 2005 book, ‘True Story of the Bilderberg Group’, has sold over 7 million copies in 48 languages … but he is an ambigous figure

    Estulin is somewhat comparable to Alex Jones, saying many valuable things – Estulin has also written on the horrors of Tavistock mind manipulation, and how Julian Assange is an intel agency fraud –

    But Estulin also somewhat distracts from Israel and Jewish influences, which is perhaps why both he and Jones have been allowed to be so famous and earn so much money from their ‘conspiracy’ talk

    Estulin shifts the discussion to ‘shadowy elites’ descended from such as the ‘Venetian Black Nobility’, a theme Estulin shared with the late Lyndon LaRouche

    An aspect of focus on Illuminati – Bilderberg – Trilateral – Bohemian Grove – Skull & Bonest – etc, is that these all distract from Jewish-involved political mafias in the present

    Estulin tho, significantly takes the position that hoping for some kind of anti-USA or anti-globalist ‘saviour’ such as China, is an illusion

    Versus Kevin Barrett himself, and a number of other Unz writers, who like to promote China or Russia or Iran, as some kind of anti-USA ‘resistance’ along with Cuba, Venezuela etc

    Whereas maybe global ‘big power conflict’ is another ‘controlled opposition’ fake show

    • Replies: @anon
  34. All data indicates that this so-called novel virus is just a variation of the common cold. No more people are dying of respiratory diseases this year than in years past. An Italian lawmaker attested that 99% of covid deaths weren’t caused by covid at all!! Same goes for the US because hospitals are financially incentivized to attribute all cases to covid – \$13k for each covid designation (without proof) and \$39k for each covid patient hooked to a ventilator. We need qualified doctors to step up and prove that this is just a variation of the common cold.

    One peculiar aspect is the reported cases where people’s lungs are destroyed as if the person was in a low oxygen atmosphere. There is also the videos of people dropping dead all of a sudden when a moment before they were fine. I think those cases need to be investigated in relation to GGGGG activation of different wavelengths and power wattage. Millimetre waves are known to be dangerous (hence its use in crowd control guns) and higher frequency GGGGG uses those wavelengths. The powers that be may have deliberately used harmful electromagnetic waves to damage people’s health so that people would fear the fake virus. We need experts to look into this and expose their crimes.

  35. Akouo says:

    So, having failed to trigger a Middle Eastern led world war with the assassination of General Suleimani in January, the “elites” came up with plan ‘B’, a biological solution. Also, time travel, because the coronavirus has obviously been doing the rounds since some time in 2019….stopped listening, there’s one of these on every corner/platform/ward etc.

  36. anon[361] • Disclaimer says:

    But Estulin also somewhat distracts from Israel and Jewish influences, which is perhaps why both he and Jones have been allowed to be so famous and earn so much money from their ‘conspiracy’ talk

    Estulin shifts the discussion to ‘shadowy elites’ descended from such as the ‘Venetian Black Nobility’, . . .

    An aspect of focus on Illuminati – Bilderberg – Trilateral – Bohemian Grove – Skull & Bonest – etc, is that these all distract from Jewish-involved political mafias in the present


    @ 34

    We need qualified doctors to step up and prove that this is just a variation of the common cold.
    The politicization of medicine is near total.

    Oncologist keeps his office doors locked.
    Inside, receptionists sit behind a desk that has chairs in front of it for a barrier, tape behind the chairs, marks on the floor to stay 6′ behind the barrier.
    Receptionists wear masks.
    But nobody is allowed in!
    Oncologist communicates with patients only by videoconference!

    thus, to find out diagnosis of the cancer in your prostate, you must allow yourself to be photographed online so Israelis can store your biometrics.

    “Our Heroes” have become zionist agents.

  37. leveymg says: • Website

    Coronavirus may circumstantially serve as a debt liquidation scheme — and this undoubtedly benefits over-leveraged elites in both the U.S. and China — but it does not necessarily follow that this proves the virus was bioengineered.

    That has to be proved as a separate proposition.

  38. peterAUS says:

    Best expose on the current times…

    On this …site.
    I’ve, actually, heard, in person, pretty much the same about three months ago from a youngish man.

    Still some variables are not exposed.

    Would you, please, expand on that?

    The issue is huge, and growing.

    Any (online) place some of us could learn bit more about it?

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  39. Art says:

    I still believe that the most obvious answer – the first thought that comes to mind – is most likely the actual answer.

    How about something like – an underling screwed up and let the virus out of the “VIRUS” lab.

    Tying this into an worldwide economic takeover is a stretch.

  40. Rhetorically speaking, does the “limits to growth” have any relation to the 1972 computer simulation/book by the Club of Rome — also named “Limits to Growth”?


    “In 1968, the Club of Rome was founded as an international agency to popularize the myth that population and economic growth inevitably must fall back, because of limited resources. Its founding document was thus titled, “The Predicament of Mankind,” and in 1972, it published the scientifically bogus book, “Limits to Growth,” as a mass propaganda item.

    In 1970, Prince Bernhard and his close friend Anton Rupert, the South African tobacco magnate, launched the 1001 Club. The purpose of the Club was to generate a guaranteed financial base for the WWF. The secret Club was made up of 1,001 members, whose identity was to be protected. Each member contributed \$10,000 per year, establishing a running war chest of \$10 mil- lion per annum for the WWF’s mass propaganda out- reach.

    Although the membership list in the 1001 Club was to be kept secret, some rosters from the late 1980s were leaked out, and the list of participants revealed a Who’s Who of Western and Middle Eastern oligarchs, tycoons and a smattering of outright swindlers and criminals. Thus the 1001 Club included Johannes von Thurn und Taxis of the ancient Venetian oligarchical family, Mossad money launderer Tibor Rosenbaum, arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, media mogul Conrad Black, and the like. Maj. Louis Mortimer Bloomfield—linked to the assassination of President Kennedy—was a charter member.”


    – “‘CO2 Reduction’ Is a Mass Murder Policy Designed by Wall Street and the City of London”

    On a note related to JFK, he had expressed his opposition to today’s Malthusian ruling class; one month before his killing:

    “President John F. Kennedy on Oct. 22, 1963 debunked British economist Thomas Malthus’s (1766- 1834) genocidal theory that population growth inevitably outstrips food-production capability, and leads to starvation.

    Addressing the National Academy of Sciences one month before his assassination, Kennedy stated: “Malthus argued a century and a half ago that man, by using up all his available resources, would forever press on the limits of subsistence, thus condemning humanity to an indefinite future of misery and poverty. We can now begin to hope and, I believe, know that Malthus was expressing not a law of nature, but merely the limitation then of scientific and social wisdom.”

    Kennedy went on to prescribe the government policy, scientific advancement, and international co-operation needed for expanded output to feed a growing population:

    “The truth or falsity of [Malthus’s] prediction will depend now, with the tools we have, on our own actions. . . . The Earth can be an abundant mother to all of the people that will be born in the coming years. . . . Abundance depends now on the application of sound biological analysis to the problems of agriculture, and the long-term answer to inadequate food production, which brings misery with it, must lie in new research and new experimentation, and the successful use of new knowledge will require close cooperation with other nations.”

    The President proposed concerted international scientific work, new infrastructure, and nuclear power to solve such problems as resource development, protection from catastrophic weather, and overcoming poverty.”

    – JFK Refuted Malthus



    • Malthus’ “limits to growth” – like the DNA of the British Empire – came from Venice.

    “When British East India Company retainer Thomas Malthus published his Essay on Population he was plagiarizing from the Venetian Giammaria Ortes, who produced, around 1750, a fully developed version of the argument that geometric population growth outstrips the much slower arithmetic progress of food production.

    – “Against Oligarchy”

    • “How the Malthusians Crushed The U.S. Fusion Program”:

    The U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries. That fact gives the U.S. enhanced interest in the political, economic, and social stability of the supplying countries. Wherever a lessening of population pressures through reduced birth rates can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resource supplies and to the economic interests of the United States. . . . Although population pressure is obviously not the only factor involved, these types of frus trations are much less likely under conditions of slow or zero population growth. — Henry Kissinger, NSSM 200 (1974)

  41. @dimples

    He calls it “CCP virus” and says the Wuhan Lab “belongs to CCP”. If you read such trash you can go to garbage bin directly.

    • Replies: @dimples
  42. testing testing

    6 trillion to bail out the bedtors whos derivatives went up in smoke when the coin

    landed on its side

  43. dimples says:
    @israel shamir

    Oops, I must have stepped in the poo!

  44. @peterAUS

    Peter, will answer you shortly. Your comment escaped me.

  45. @Republic

    Without a free comment section, Zero Hedge is not worth your time. And I use Opera browser with Ad blocker so the advertisements are not a problem.

  46. Truth4692 says:

    Yeah, the “good news” is that the US and Chinese elites have an understanding, and there will be no global nuclear war.

    He means the good news for him is that China and Russia will win the Communist revolution without firing a shot, because US elites have sold their own country out.

    Daniel Estulin is a man who celebrates Stalin, a ferocious dictator who killed millions and was no better than Hitler.

    And he’s a man who retweets Communist China propaganda that celebrates the fall of the West to Communism.

    One a Russian military intelligence agent, always one. I have have nothing but disgust for supporters of Marxism and tyranny.

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