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Craig Nelson Discusses His Defamation Suit Against the SPLC
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Craig Nelson is suing the Southern Poverty Law Center for defamation. As he wrote in his interview with Linh Dinh:

“…while white males are only 30 percent of the US population, we are, according to the Centers for Disease Control, a mind-blowing 70 percent of the nation’s suicides.

“It became obvious to me the country was experiencing a public health crisis, and it was getting virtually no attention. That led me to develop the Robinson Jeffers Boxing Club, a 13-week residency program combining healthy eating, exercise, and academic study including philosophy, literature, math, music, history, and, to help the men conceptualize a higher life, poetry. The core of the program was two hours of intensive boxing training every day but Sunday to help build self-respect, confidence, and brotherhood.

“While the program was to be open to men in distress of any race, its focus was on the particular challenges unique to white males in modern America. A friend in DC thought the program was worth a try and had an empty 8000 sq ft grocery store in Lexington, Missouri available that he was willing to provide. So, a like-minded friend and I headed to Lexington to give it a shot. Unfortunately, we were shot dead in the water when a vicious hit piece on our effort was published January 24, 2018, by, once again, the Southern Poverty Law Center. And, once again, I was linked to Nazi atrocities and readers were left with the false belief that I and my partner, who is black, were secretly opening a whites-only club.

“In November, 2018, I filed a defamation claim against the SPLC in the US District Court for the Western District of Missouri, Kansas City. I am a pro se plaintiff, meaning I am acting as my own attorney, which puts me at a huge disadvantage against all their money and the lawyers it can buy…”

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Political Correctness, SPLC 
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  1. I hope this is OK to post here. It’s the link to our gofundme page. We could certainly use the help and it would be very appreciated.

    The court has given my partner in this effort the opportunity to join the suit, even though the SPLC attorneys have strenuously fought to keep him out. It is important that he joins on a motion to intervene because, since he is black, it removes the SPLC’s main weapon against me: racial demonization. We have asked for a jury trial and it will be difficult for the SPLC to argue in front of a Kansas City jury that we were seriously trying to open a club for white supremacists with Sherman sitting right there.

    We need to get Sherman from DC to KC to file the appropriate documents and arrange counsel, and the deadline is in two weeks. We don’t have the travel funds and really need help.

  2. I am not particularly fond of the alt-right, especially its racialist elements:

    But even I can see that Craig Nelsen’s lawsuit against the SPLC, and his larger project, is obviously worthy of support.

    Pro-white folks ought to put their energy and money into supporting people like Craig who are doing something positive for the most disadvantaged whites, while maintaining respectful relations with non-whites. Craig and Sherman together can win the hearts of the jury, and of the wider public that hears about the case. The MSM will be fighting an uphill battle if it tries to demonize them.

    • Replies: @Craig Nelsen
  3. @Kevin Barrett

    Thank you, Kevin.

    You know, some time after I posted the fundraising appeal above I got around to listening to the interview. At the beginning of the program, before the interview begins, you make your own appeal. So, when I listened to it, I thought to myself that I should have really cleared it with you first–that I had really just come in and stomped all over your bailiwick. But, instead of being offended, you post a message asking for support for our effort.

    I have a story about “big-souledness”. For a time I lived across the street from a 7-11 in Washington, DC. On the second floor, upstairs from the 7-11, there was some kind of mosque. One afternoon, I was crossing the street toward the 7-11 and, ahead of me, also crossing the street, was a guy wearing a long white robe heading to the mosque. While he walked, he ripped open an envelope, removed the letter inside, tossed the envelope on the ground, and continued walking while he read the letter.

    Now, sitting right in front of the door to the mosque, was a big dumpster. So, as I passed the envelope on the ground, I bent down and picked it up and said to him, as I tossed the envelope in the dumpster, “Here, this is how we do this.”

    The guy stopped and looked at me and do you know what he said? “Thank you, brother. You have taught me something today.”

    Totally taken aback, I mumbled no problem or something like that and kept walking. But I thought to myself wow, that was big-souled. We’ve all been chastised in public by strangers and I think we would all have to agree that it would be really hard to respond as he did.

    A lawyer friend of mine who is Jewish scolded me for appearing on your show because you were accused by a Jewish newspaper in Canada of being a Holocaust denier. I will never find a lawyer to represent me, she told me, because they all run from that accusation. That led to a long debate in which I maintained there is no such thing as an evil opinion–only rational or irrational ones. And that’s good, because we can attack irrational opinions through argument and debate. To eradicate evil opinion ultimately requires the eradication of the humans who hold them.

    Opinions are a kind of thought, and thoughts are only quasi-real. To demonstrate this, just try to think of a thought. Thoughts only become actual when they are actualized in the real world through willed action. Thus, real evil can only be an action.

    At first, my lawyer friend said my position was insane, but, in the end, I think she was convinced. She said that my love of argument was an example of my Jewishness and she wouldn’t have said that if she thought I lost the debate.

    If it were my opinion that all Muslims are “mud people”, the big-souled action of that littering Muslim in front of the 7-11 that day in DC would have demonstrated to me that my opinion was irrational. I can then adjust my opinion to make it more rational, i.e., conform to reality. However, if opinions are divided between good and evil, I don’t have that flexibility. This inflexibility allows for irrationality to proliferate.

    And this is why that really matters. In our society today, it is the nearly universal belief that “racism” is an evil opinion. And those few who don’t believe that still fall into the same trap because they simply define racism as “not evil”, or good opinion. The resulting chaos and irrationality we see all around us today when it comes to race is apparent to everyone–and it won’t end well. Imagine how much more sane society would be, and how much brighter the future, if racist beliefs were neither evil nor good. For one thing, the catastrophic 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act would have never happened.

    So, Kevin, looking forward to another appearance on your program, if you’ll invite me. And if some lawyer somewhere won’t take my case because of it, fuck ’em. They’re the irrational ones.

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