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China: Brutal or Benign? Ellen Brown vs. Peter Myers! Plus: Gordon Duff on Soleimani Murder & Looming WW3
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Ellen Brown rebuts the anti-China position Peter Myers articulated on my previous show. Peter Myer responds. One key issue: Has China been making tremendous strides towards ecological sustainability, as Andre Vltchek and John Cobb argue? We’ll reference Ellen’s latest article on the Green New Deal and how to finance it.

Ellen says China’s mostly-public banking sector points the way toward a better and more sustainable way of doing business. She adds that China like all countries has corrupt elements and negative aspects, but that we shouldn’t let negatives dominate our perception of the country as a whole.

Peter Myers counters that while he agrees that China’s public banking is better than Western private banking, China’s crimes against Uyghurs and Tibetans, its Orwellian surveillance and repression, and its increasing tendencies towards imperialism are being ignored by the alternative media—much the same way Stalin’s crimes were ignored, for ideological reasons, by leftist dissidents in the 1930s.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: China 
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  1. JamesinNM says:

    Learn from the good and bad and appropriate the good.

  2. d dan says:

    “Peter Myers counters that … China’s crimes against Uyghurs and Tibetans, its Orwellian surveillance and repression, and its increasing tendencies towards imperialism are being ignored by the alternative media—much the same way Stalin’s crimes were ignored, for ideological reasons, by leftist dissidents in the 1930s.”

    A liar is a liar. China’s so called “crimes” have been widely reported in every possible media (“alternative” or not): left, right, center, up, down, conservative, liberal, libertarian, …

  3. Anonymous[200] • Disclaimer says:

    And what of Americas crimes against Native Americans, Hawaiins, Inuit, and blacks? America is just going to get a pass here?

    Seems like you are saying America is a moral country even with a horrible historical record of genocide, ethnic cleansing. and aggressive land expansion.

    I don’t see China as being near as bad, so I see this as just hype designed to turn the rest of the world against China.

    Besides, lol at people in the West moralizing about the treatment of Muslims. How bout the West quit bombing Muslims and putting them in secret torture bases, then people can take you seriously.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
    , @Wally
  4. @Anonymous

    Nobody, least of all me, is saying America is a moral country!

    But when X defends his own crimes by saying “Y does bad things too” that’s effectively a confession.

    Classic example: Israel’s supporters always say “Ghenghis Khan murdered and tortured people too, so why are you picking on Israel, you anti-Semite?”

    China’s responses to charges that it’s committing crimes against Uyghurs have been almost equally lame.

  5. @Kevin Barrett

    Gee, maybe, just maybe, the Uyghurs shouldn’t have committed terrorist acts and murdered hundreds of Chinese people first.

    Your comparison to Israel is pathetic. The Muslims are the invaders and terrorists in China. The Jews are the invaders and terrorists in Palestine.

    Just like your precious Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

    Every true nation has the right to defend itself from hostile foreign invaders. I would argue the re-education camps are way too soft and feeble. Those terrorists should be expelled from the country altogether.

    Of course, every (((Western))) country has long-forgotten what it means to act as a true nation. And you radical Muslims are just as dumb and short-sighted as the White Nationalists.

    You have no conception of the bigger picture whatsoever. You just want your little Jew victim points.

  6. d dan says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    “China’s responses to charges that it’s committing crimes against Uyghurs have been almost equally lame.”

    Obviously you know nothing about China’s alleged “crimes” nor anything about their “responses”, other than through Internet and western media.

    A crime is committed only if an action violates some laws. Please tell what law does China violate with respect to its treatment of Uyghurs. Is it a Chinese law or some international law? Please elaborate. Please provide the actual proof that their action violates the said law.

    As for China’s responses for these alleged “crimes” and disinformation, please see China’s official statements. Please see its filing in UN. Please see its invitations of Muslim countries to Xinjiang. Please see joint statements of these Muslim countries, …. etc. After researching and reading through them, if you still think that their responses are “almost equally lame” to the tune of ““Ghenghis Khan murdered and tortured people too…”, I would like to sell you a bridge in antarctica.

  7. Wally says:

    And what of the crimes against Euro-whites by “Native Americans”, Hawaiins, Inuit, and blacks?

    The Left is not is going to get a pass here.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  8. @Kevin Barrett

    China’s ‘crimes’ against the Uighurs are a total Western propaganda invention, like Saddam’s WMD etc. Why should they apologise for a lie?

  9. Anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    That is a lame response.

    First of all, where is your proof that these “crimes” are actually happening? All you can produce is “trust me it came from a reputable source.”

    This is the same thing they said about Iraq killing Kuwaiti babies to lie us into war with Iraq. It is literally how the Anglo/Jewish society works through divide and conquer.

    I am no China fan, but your whole “China Man Bad” schtick is lame.

    Second, there is nothing wrong with pointing out American hypocrisy. To say this somehow means you are guilty is ludicrous. Just think about this. Americans are up in arms about potential human right violations against Muslims in China, but Americans also overwhelmingly support Trump bombing Muslim countries and have no problem with American torture bases.

    This clearly points out that the Uigher rights issue is mainly a way to club China, rather than any genuine interest in human rights. And given the West’s history of using the media to fabricate, it is THE question we should be asking.

    You are just getting flustered because you have no comeback.

  10. Anonymous[371] • Disclaimer says:

    Let Euros gripe about issues on their own land.

    White people invaded North America and wiped out its inhabitants. These people were just defending themselves.

    By that same token, what about the crimes against the Chinese by Uighers?

  11. Anon[544] • Disclaimer says:

    Four in ten Americans still believe the US found the WMD in Iraq. Lies and misinformation produced by the West are great weapons because they don’t die.

    In a Public Mind poll from Fairleigh Dickinson University released Wednesday, more than half of Republicans — 51 percent — and half of those who watch Fox News — 52 percent — say that they believe it to be “definitely true” or “probably true” that American forces found an active weapons of mass destruction program in Iraq.

    Thirty-two percent of Democrats, 46 percent of independents, 41 percent of people who reported to watch CNN and 14 percent of MSNBC viewers answered similarly.

    Overall, 42 percent still believe that troops discovered WMDs, a misleading factor in the decision to invade Iraq in 2003.

    Whether is Hong Kong or XinJiang re Uyghurs, some people will believe anything if the media keep pumping out lies and misinformation about them.

    Many Westerners live or have visited Hong Kong, so it is easier to expose some of the lies about Hong Kong. XiJiang is still a land of mystery to many. To tar China on it is much easier.

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