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Charles Upton on "The Alien Disclosure Deception"
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Poet and author Charles Upton, one of America’s leading Muslim thinkers, discusses his brand-new article “The Alien Disclosure Deception.” Upton reviews the new Netflix series Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified and finds it “a thinly-disguised and thoroughly-articulated social engineering gambit presented as a factual documentary.” He suggests that the current MSM push for UFO disclosure could herald a new global religion based on worship of ETs. At the end of his review Upton speculates about the possibility, much-discussed in the Muslim community, that what the West calls ETs might be identical with the jinn, a category of sentient beings that includes the Shaytan (Satan) and his followers who are dedicated to leading humanity astray.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Conspiracy Theories, Islam, UFOs 
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  1. dimples says:

    Clearly Mr Upton, in his attempt to understand the extraterrestrial, has not passed through the 7th Gate of Mumbo-Jumbo as yet.

    • LOL: InnerCynic
    • Replies: @InnerCynic
  2. Phipps says:

    Hey, I have encountered a demon before. Demons are as real as you and me. Thus, the demon-alien theory is valid. P.S. UFOs can go 100,000 M.P.H. and then come to a dead stop. No physical entity could survive such g-forces — but demons could.

  3. @dimples

    The irony, at least to me, is that we have people questioning the existence of aliens all the while believing in invisible gods and their “prophets” for whom unbelief leads you to death at the hands of the faithful. I mean, seriously, how pathetic would a “god” have to be that he/she/it NEEDS your pathetic ass to defend their honor or the supposedly sacred words. These supposed sacred words are then entrusted to faulty humans to seemingly coalesce into a tome that embodies this all powerful beings intentions. Oy vey!

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
    • Replies: @Anne Lid
    , @JasonT
  4. UFOs are just military airplanes they haven’t told us about yet.

  5. I knew these two twins who were prize scamsters in high school. I wouldn’t believe a word they said, including “the.”

    Fast forward 20 years. There they are, on TV, on some A&E or “History” Channel ET show, swearing how they were swept away in a spaceship and anally probed.

    I daresay they managed to parley their little prevarication into a nice chunk of change.

    There you have UFOs in a nutshell.

  6. Today I learned Charles Upton reads Peter Levenda. Yay!. Everybody should read Peter Levenda. I say this although I think probability Levenda is CIA is ~.3.

  7. @obwandiyag

    You wish. The Reich has no secret weapons to save themselves.

  8. I am with Upton- I love all the good gins.

    This was fun. Mr. Barrett do you know George Esposito? Have you ever had him on your show? Would you have him on your show? The stuff he has contributed to VT is wonderful reading.

  9. El Dato says:

    herald a new global religion based on worship of ETs

    We already have woke religion. Can you be differently probed in two religions at once?

    At the end of his review Upton speculates about the possibility, much-discussed in the Muslim community, that what the West calls ETs might be identical with the jinn, a category of sentient beings that includes the Shaytan (Satan) and his followers who are dedicated to leading humanity astray.

    That is quite the possibility and entirely matches Jacques Vallée’s idea of “aliens” being the same as historical elves, gonomes, white ladies, mystery airships etc. as it/they just take on the “prevalent mythology” of the locals when they manifest bodily. i.e. the are not jinn, they appear as jinn (compare Stanislaw Lem’s “Solaris” for the same idea). But what are they?

    And wouldn’t we see floating superfat transsexual ecological unicorns wanting to finger us while demanding reparations now?

    • LOL: Jefferson Temple
    • Replies: @Mulegino1
  10. What preposterous shit it just shows how primitive the Muslim mind is.

  11. Anne Lid says:

    It is quite the other way, it is an honour to us that we can align ourselves to the eternal, holy, just God, in a world that is neither holy nor just.

    Nonbelief in Christ does not warrant execution. Wars are not really fought over distinctions of faith, but territories and the like, and it is highly unlikely that we will ever go back to laws like under the reign of Saint Louis, where blasphemers of the Holy Mother of Christ got their lips burnt.

  12. JasonT says:

    “for whom unbelief leads you to death at the hands of the faithful”

    False. True believing Christians do not kill. The killers you speak of are those who profess a belief without actually believing.

    “NEEDS your pathetic ass to defend their honor or supposedly sacred words”

    False. God needs nothing from us. It is we who need Him and He has given us the opportunity for everlasting life. Whether each of us avails of that opportunity is the choice we are given by Him.

    “sacred words are then entrusted to faulty humans”

    Yes. It is through humans that God transmitted his invitation. What each of us does with those words is part of the choice He gave us.

  13. anon[807] • Disclaimer says:

    Pentapussy’s UFOs or whatever 3-letters used were hot for a while then forgotten.

    Some kind of programming or diversion was attempted. Disappeared but will return.

    Aliens are a diversion.

    God is real. Evil is real. We are in the midst of evil – a very dark age.

    5 dancing shlomos

  14. R2b says:

    UFO is just another virus, that is demonic.

  15. There is a technological dimension to the Phenomena, but there is also an aspect known as High Strangeness.

    When related to craft, these objects generate and project so much power that the fabric of Space-Time starts coming apart. Hence the Strangeness. (and missing time)

    Areas where the branes are weak are subject to bleed through even at low power, or the power could be coming from the other side of the brane.

  16. Mulegino1 says:
    @El Dato

    We already have woke religion. Can you be differently probed in two religions at once?

    Perhaps the so called “ET’s” will descend and validate- by proclamation- the woke religion of globohomo and transhumanism, and proclaim themselves gods by publicly performing acts that appear miraculous. Then perhaps these “gods” will announce the appointment a kosher Mosiach and institute a woke Noahidism.

    And wouldn’t we see floating superfat transsexual ecological unicorns wanting to finger us while demanding reparations now?

    Why not? The possibilities with the impressionable and stupid are endless. The dedicated infotainment consumer of today would make the proles in 1984 look Socratic by comparison.

    The Talmudic glorification of the ugly, distorted, perverted and extortionate has already been internalized by vast swathes of the “woke” world.

    To paraphrase Dickens: “This is the epoch of extreme credulity.”

  17. dimples says:

    “Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified is shot through with contradictory claims, often by the same experts and/or commentators—statements that are so diametrically opposed to each other that only someone who is half asleep, mesmerized, or suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (as most of us seem to be nowadays, in one way or another) could fail to notice them. There is little chance that these mutually-exclusive statements could simply be accidental, based on poor writing or shoddy editing, or simply representative of different points-of-view. I suppose it’s remotely possible that those who wrote and produced Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified were simply not paying attention, but it seems much more likely that these glaring contradictions are deliberate and purposeful—which is strange, since those who wish to be believed are usually careful to make their arguments as consistent as possible. The present analysis will highlight these inconsistencies, as well as pointing out various statements that appear to reveal the underlying agenda on which the documentary is based.”

    I have not listened to the podcast but read Mr Upton’s article from which the above quote is taken. He seems to believe that a Netflix UFO series is a serious product, containing an ‘agenda’ which he believes, could lead to some sort of inducement to false religion, the worshipping of aliens blah blah etc etc.

    Clearly he does not know much about the subject. Any popular UFO series containing interviews with UFO talking heads is rubbish designed for obese American couch potatoes with limited attention spans. He should not worry about the inherent contradictions as these are normal and par for the course in such a complex subject. Talking heads such as Richard Dolan, Mary Rodwell etc are loons whose babbling may influence some sad individuals but that is their problem.

    As for the aliens, they are mysterious but put on a show now and then. They expect us to to work it out for ourselves and thus won’t be educating us any time soon. If a person claims to be educated by aliens ask him/her/it what they actually know and you will soon realize that they have escaped from a loony bin.

    Yes the aliens are supernatural beings and could be classified as jinns if you want but you can call them anything you like and it makes no difference. Our understanding of the supernatural is extremely limited so detailed analysis of this or that supernatural being or supernatural claim is rather pointless, a bit like theology.

    • Agree: Morton's toes
  18. BluEidDvl says:

    So what of all the countless strange aerial phenomena recorded from the dawn of civilization BEFORE the advent of today’s flying vehicles?. The Vimanas of ancient India. Ezekiel’s wheel in the Old Testament. The Virachochas of the ancient Inca. Eye, etc, etc?.. 🤔

  19. Franz says:

    Demons are as real as you and me.

    Quite true; scientifically verified.

    Psychology has never cured anyone. But when a possessed person is exorcised using the old Roman Ritual, it’s 100% effective.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  20. jamie b. says:

    Wow, that sounds fantastically stupid review of a fantastically stupid show. Thanks for letting people know not to waste their time listening to it.

  21. @Phipps

    The number of the beast is 19879828. Ring and ask for Donna.

  22. Good podcast Kevin. I heard the ‘greys’ mentioned, but not the Crowley connection to the greys. Unless I missed it!

    Apparently Crowley was working an occult ritual to allow demonic entities into this realm and ‘forgot
    (on purpose?) to close the portal on completion of the ritual.

    More at this link.

    Just thought I would throw this in 🙂

  23. dimples says:

    A further quote from Mr Upton:

    “Next we must listen to Richard Dolan treating us to Big Lie Number Two: “What we can do is judge their actions,” he says. “They are secretive, they are covert, they don’t want to be known. So that’s something that would make me wonder: why are they secretive?”

    What?! After a huge fleet of UFOs buzzed the Capitol Building in Washington in 1952, as revealed in Episode One? After the numerous other incidents just recounted in the documentary, where they openly manifested their reality in no uncertain terms, even taking pains to deliberately attract our attention, sometimes in order to deliver urgent messages? GB! What possible reason could there be for issuing a contradiction so glaringly obvious that it alone is enough to totally destroy the credibility of the producers, writers and spokespeople of Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified?

    The UFOs have always been conspicuous, often making no effort at all to conceal themselves—which they would be imminently capable of accomplishing due to their apparent ability to disappear entirely from view whenever they wish and speed invisibly from point to point. Their very erratic flight patterns can only be satisfactorily explained as attempts to attract human attention—not to mention their habit of parking in the middle of rural roads where they are virtually certain to encounter astounded motorists. In order to believe the people who made Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified we must willingly destroy our own ability to think; apparently that’s what they want.”

    Mr Upton seems to think that UFOs are conspicuous, so I ask him how many has he seen himself? Not many I assume. The 1952 Washington sightings were accompanied by radar contacts, but no film was apparently made of it. If the TV series features film of it this is likely to be fake. See Youtube video ‘the “1952 UFOs Over Washington” video’ by ParaBreakdown.

    The key point is that UFOs may sometimes be conspicuous to some, but not in a way that is provable to institutional or mainstream science. Institutional science and its associated bureaucracy is society’s most important religion, and controls mainstream culture and politics. (a good current example might be the vax/ivermectin scandal)

    Therefore if the aliens act in a way that does not produce evidence suitable for Big Science, nothing is affected, and the phenomenon remains a fringe subject. So there is a Prime Directive in effect, but it is associated with provability not merely sightings, contacts etc. What happens within the military, in particular the US military, which is the most advanced technological force on the planet, is somewhat different. This group has classification procedures in place so can keep secret what it wants.

    “In order to believe the people who made Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified we must willingly destroy our own ability to think; apparently that’s what they want.” No, its merely that the people who made this show are brain-dead.

  24. dimples says:

    Mr Upton’s mythopoeic fantasy:

    That said, it is mythopoetically possible to imagine that the Jinn—which can be taken as a general term for the daimones or denizens of the Psychic or Intermediary Plane, who assume innumerable forms, whether demonic, benevolent or neutral—were once the “central” or “axial” beings for this terrestrial world. In Qur’anic terms, they possessed the ammana, the Trust, a God-given duty to act as His viceregents on Earth [cf. Q. 41:53], but they forfeited this Trust at one point, after which it passed to Humanity. This would explain the refusal, recounted in the Qur’an, of Iblis (who was to become the Muslim Satan) to obey Allah’s command to bow down to Adam, in the timeless time before the First Man was sent down from heaven to govern the terrestrial plane [Q. 2:29]. Iblis was a Jinn placed among the angels, just as the Norse god Thor was a giant, a member of the jötun, placed among the aesir, the gods; most likely he refused to prostrate to Adam out of envy, because he resented the fact that he had been demoted in Adam’s favor. (“The Envier” mentioned in the Surah al-Falaq is, precisely, Iblis.) The ammana was progressively lost by the Jinn over a long period of time due to various transgressions, earlier in some geographical areas than others. For example, after the advent of the Abrahamic religions in the Near East, under whose dispensation God spoke directly to man through the prophets, the Jinn lost their role as intermediaries between the Celestials (the angels or “gods”) and Humankind (cf. Q. 72: 8-10), whereas in the New World, the faithful and obedient among the western hemisphere Jinn—whom the Hopis call the kachinas—by-and-large continued to fulfill that function.

    In our age, however, those religions in which God speaks directly to man through the prophets have become weakened, due to the lateness of the hour and the fast-approaching end of the present cycle-of-manifestation. Sensing this weakness, the disinherited Jinn, who are generally analogous to the pagan gods, have vowed that they will supplant the “usurper” Man, re-take the throne of terrestrial existence, and re-assume the Trust—forgetting that this Trust cannot be “conquered,” only entrusted by God to whomever He will. These rebellious Jinn are the beings who are presently appearing to us as the “aliens” or “extraterrestrials”; and, as Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified makes all too clear, their agenda includes the overthrow of the revealed religions and the installation of themselves as the new “gods” to be worshipped by humanity. These beings falsely claim to be worthy of such worship because of the evolving myth that it was they, not Almighty God, who created us; this is the central deception they are laboring to enforce. However, the remnant of the legitimate Earth Guardians of an earlier world age are in no way to be identified with the despised and rejected rebels who, through pride and disobedience, lost their title to that role in this one; only malignant reprobates and supreme fools like these would ever dare to attempt to usurp the prerogatives of the Creator!

    This is just Islamo-Gnostic mumbo-jumbo. Good luck to Mr Upton if he thinks that’s got anything to do with reality, but it may appeal to other Muslims such as Mr. B.

  25. dimples says:

    “Whether we will be ultimately treated to “the world must unite against the alien menace” or “the world must unite under its benevolent alien overlords” remains to be seen; maybe we’ll get a little of both.”

    We won’t get either. Our planet must be the 10 trillionth Earth in the universe. I’m sure there are well tried and traditional procedures in place to manage the transition of Earthlings from their current mundane physical state to a supernatural version. (the process Mr. Upton calls ‘contact’) How long this takes to accomplish and how don’t ask me, but involves work on the part of the natives.

  26. jsm says:

    Why would US Military buzz its own nuclear missile bases and shut down launch capability?

  27. dimples says:

    “Fortunately for this study, their over-eagerness to bring their whole paradigm-shift agenda into its terminal phase has apparently resulted in a fatal lack of caution on their part, a violation of the limits of necessary discretion—which is to say that they have tipped their hand, let the cat out of the bag. Our vigilant little watchdog has pulled the curtain aside to reveal the Wizard operating the levers of the global matrix, which (God willing) could mean that he and his assistants will soon be forced to board their escape balloon, or saucer, and beat a hasty retreat”

    I can’t understand this bit. Who is the Wizard operating the levers of the global matrix??

    Really all that has happened with the recent US Navy UFO flap is that there is now a more apparent willingness to discuss UFO sightings as real rather than repress them as hallucinations as in the past, resulting in an anodyne report to Congress in which the UFOs are said to be probably, ie are, Russian bogeymen. Anybody who thinks this means that ‘they’ will now reveal all the secret stuff in the vaults is bound to be disappointed. Anybody who thinks the UFOnauts are going to reveal secret higher knowledge is a modern day cargo cultist.

    As an orthodox Muslim, according to Mr B a ‘leading thinker’, Mr Upton is surely struggling to understand the UFO subset of New Age religion. Failing to understand that Islam is mostly mumbo-jumbo itself, he doesn’t seem to realize that most of New Age religion is mumbo-jumbo as well.

  28. @Franz

    Quite true; scientifically verified

    Could you let me have a link to the science on that as soon as possible, please ? Enquiring minds need to know.

    • Replies: @Franz
  29. Franz says:
    @Dave Bowman

    Could you let me have a link to the science on that as soon as possible, please ?


    CNN article from ’17; but a search on the subject’s name finds more.

    Gallagher calls himself a “consultant” on demonic possessions. For the past 25 years, he has helped clergy distinguish between mental illness and what he calls “the real thing.” He estimates that he’s seen more cases of possession than any other physician in the world.

    What jogged me to the subject was a decade old article by Henry Makow. There are events and actions that trigger an “entity” that a person would make a willing host. Like him or hate him Henry does find some interesting things. Also, my family (as with some of Henry’s readers) have had similar experiences.

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