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Cat McGuire on World Freedom Day Rallies This Saturday July 24; Italian Journalist Andrea Cinquegrani Says COVID Came from Ft. Detrick
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First 20 minutes: Cat McGuire of False Flag Weekly News says:

“Hey, everyone, go to a Worldwide Freedom Day rally on July 24. There are over 180 participating cities.

“Please make an effort to attend. It’s getting down to the wire, so it’s very important we show our numbers and speak out now while we still have our freedoms.

“No lockdowns!
No vaccine mandates!
No Great Reset Brave New World Order!

“Our Worldwide Freedom Day rally is for:

  • Freedom of Speech!
  • Freedom of Movement!
  • Freedom of Choice!
  • Freedom of Assembly!
  • Freedom of Health!

Thanks, Cat”

Final 35 minutes: Italian journalist Andrea Cinquegrani thinks COVID-19 “leaked” from Ft. Detrick and was brought to Europe, China, and elsewhere by US military personnel. Below is an English short version of his article:

US Military Spread Coronavirus to Europe via Blood Program

by Andrea Cinquegrani

The US military carried coronavirus to Europe through blood donation program in 2019. Civilian volunteers entering the US base in Italy became the earliest victims.

In April 2018, Fort Detrick shut down its incinerators which burned both municipal and medical waste out of maintenance cost. Since then, the destruction of medical waste including “bioweapons” like coronavirus has gone to Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services, a private medical waste processing company based in Baltimore, Maryland. However, Curtis Bay has notorious records of regulation violations and unqualified management. In June 2019, the company’s facility in Virginia was fined $136,850 by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality for “numerous violations of state regulations.” Untreated medical waste was found in a large amount of standing water on the floor. The employees did not wear any protective gear. Later in January 2020, the garrison commander of Fort Detrick, Col. Dexter Nunnally, publicly admitted that the Army and its labs have had no “control of the material from use to destruction” all those years until a new incinerator is built. Therefore, the coronavirus escaped as a “bioweapon leak” and spread rapidly among the military personnel in and out of Fort Detrick.

While the coronavirus has been circulating around all the military bases in Maryland since June 2019, the US military transmitted coronavirus to Europe through its blood donation program called ASBP, the Armed Services Blood Program. It is the official military provider of blood products to U.S. armed forces overseas, and has been active for years. ASBP’s agency on the east coast collected blood from military bases in the National Center Region (Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia ) including Fort Detrick, Joint Base Andrews. Then the agency transported the blood from New Jersey to air force bases in England and Italy on a two-week basis. Blood transportation requires finishing all processing and shipping in a cold chain within three days. Thus, the infected US military personnel, and/or the virus in the blood packages in the cold chain, arrived in Europe with no obstacle.

In August 2019, the US military base Caserma Del Din, located in the Veneto Region of Italy, recruited local civilian volunteers for providing psychological education services to the military personnel inside. According to the report from the National Institute of Cancer in Milan, the first case in Italy, or the Patient Zero of Europe, was recorded as early as September, 2019 in this very same Veneto region. At the same time, England, where US military bases are concentrated, has had the most serious Covid-19 situation in Europe since 2019. Therefore, the US military and its blood packages in cold chain have been long-neglected loopholes in Europe’s coronavirus prevention and control.

Joe Gortva, chief of the environmental office of Fort Detrick, said in January 2020 that it will take years to build an incinerator for medical waste, never mentioning on Curtis Bay. No one knows when the “virus leak” from Fort Detrick will end.

* * *

Note: Ron Unz, author of the most persuasive book and articles on the origin of COVID-19, disputes this interpretation:

“Similarly, the Italian evidence for Covid infections as early as September 2019 was based upon stored blood samples from a large cancer-screening trial, and is also very doubtful. According to the antibody test used, a remarkable 11.6% of all healthy volunteers had tested positive for the virus by March 2020, seeming to imply that enormous numbers of Italians had already been infected by that date, a far larger total than the corresponding number of hospitalizations or deaths. So if an overwhelming majority of those 111 total Covid infections appear to be false-positives, the same might easily be true of the four cases that dated back to September.”

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. “No lockdowns!
    No vaccine mandates!
    No Great Reset Brave New World Order!

    “Our Worldwide Freedom Day rally is for:

    Freedom of Speech!
    Freedom of Movement!
    Freedom of Choice!
    Freedom of Assembly!
    Freedom of Health!

    Thanks, Cat”

    Now this is a protest movement I can support wholeheartedly. Why has it taken so long?

    Thank you, Cat! (And Thank you, Ron.)

    • Agree: Fr. John, Old and Grumpy
  2. Dumbo says:

    “FREEDOM DAY””??? Is that like “Freedom Fries”?

    What freedom?

    Right now, even vaccinated people from most non-European countries cannot travel to Europe.

    Why not?

    Unless, of course, the vaccine doesn’t protect you or anyone.

    And in fact, supposedly “cases” are increasing even in highly vaccinated countries.

    But then, if it doesn’t protect you or anyone, why the “vaccine passports”?


    The whole thing is such a shit.

    We’re living in a cage. And it’s no longer even a gilded cage. It smells like shit.

    And that not mentioning the whole other things – Transgender mania for children, Celebration of Homosexual Anal Sex for a whole month, “Anti-Semitism”, “Racism”, etc.

  3. It seems entirely plausible and it isn’t wrong just because the Chinese have been saying this since day one and the Americans said they would “Give China a cold” if it dared to challenge their hegemony around the world.

    One thing is for sure we will know soon enough what the truth is.

  4. @Dumbo

    Oy vey! Who or what is the source of all this undermining?

  5. @Dumbo

    You write: “FREEDOM DAY””??? Is that like “Freedom Fries”?

    Maybe I’m belaboring the obvious here, but “freedom fries” was an Orwellian pro-unfreedom slogan invented by neocons mad at the French because Jacques Chirac’s intelligence service (fronted for by Thierry Meyssan) had informed the French president that 9/11 was a false flag, and a disgusted Chirac had said “non” to the war in Iraq.

    “Freedom Day,” in stark contrast, is a protest AGAINST Orwellian unfreedom.

    Of course, if I have to tell you this, you’re probably not smart enough to find your way to the demonstration ; – )

  6. In our practical world, can freedom exist without responsibility?

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