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Bill Whitehouse on Roots of the Current Crisis
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Bill “Anab” Whitehouse may be America’s most underrated Muslim political thinker. Like Peter Simpson he is a fan of the Antifederalists and their vision of limited government. He writes: “Any form of public policy, including health, gives expression to a species of religion which government officials are seeking to evangelically and forcibly impose on other individuals (i.e., citizens). No one – not governments (whether federal or state) and not individuals — can be shown to have a right under the U.S. Constitution — to establish the foregoing sort of religious perspective.”

In this interview he discusses the political philosophy behind his critique of the COVID clampdown, then questions various aspects of the “scientific consensus” driving the government-corporate-media response.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Constitutional Theory, Coronavirus 
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  1. As shown in this article, governments have discovered that there is a significant downside to universal masking:

    As is typical of government mandated programs, there is often an unforeseen negative consequence.

  2. Covid 19 is a virus, it’s highly contagious but not as lethal is is being made out to be. In this I think Bill is wrong and 5G or poisoning is not the cause.
    The US economy was going to take a dive anyway, so a virus was released in China and Iran as this was a ziocon initiative by the US to weaken the opposition, this is what I think.
    This backfired badly, and the blowback was significant but the elite are not letting the opportunity slip and are now using it to consolidate their grip.

  3. Zimriel says:
    @Charles Homer

    … a POSITIVE consequence, to libertarians.

  4. Your guest must be listening to “holocaust survivors”. Because cyanide poisoning causes people to turn pink or cherry red, not blue.

    Only in “holocaust” world do cyanide victims turn blue.

  5. Regarding excess deaths, that seems questionable as a result of methodology used for determining this. JAMA notes that if epidemiological years are replaced with calendar year that the excess death rate drops to 78,543, however, I do not see how that conclusion was arrived at since 2014-2019 excluded Connecticut and North Carolina for mortality statistics, but mortality statistics for those two states were  apparently included in 2020. 

    Not to mention that placing people on ventilators increases mortality rates, as well as isolation and poverty created from the lock down. Suicide rates increased, unsurprisingly, but shockingly auto fatalities in AZ. increased during the lockdown when people were driving much less.

    A Floridian that died in a motorcycle accident had covid as a cause of death listed. 

    Garbage in, garbage out. If people are analyzing incorrect data, they will arrive at incorrect conclusions.

    Very strange that for some reason about 1/2 the time that I try posting on Unz review a strange pop-up notice appears that says too much commenting take a break, even if I have not posted anything at all that day, and it also reads wordpress error
    so it appears to be from a hacker and not his site. So many psychos in this shithole country that have nothing better to do with their lives than sabotage people through illegal methods!

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  6. @Charles Homer

    I’ve always said the niqab gives criminals a pretty descent escape mechanism! (not for my 6’4″ frame, but the shorter robber could well benefit from carrying one)

  7. “Any form of public policy, including health, gives expression to a species of religion which government officials are seeking to evangelically and forcibly impose on other individuals (i.e., citizens).

    The most common oversight is that ‘Government’ in the post-Enlightenment concept (of and by the people) only exists outside the standard, compulsory composition of an Empire.

    Most population control systems do not utilize anything more than a thin veil of imitation Govt, and this includes all Empires, in which incompatible peoples and cultures are temporally homogenized by power, fear and force. If you read the accounts of the Dissent of the Minority of the Pennsylvania convention, the first major state to ‘ratify’ the Constitution, the election of ‘representatives’ to the state ratification convention took place before most had access to read the proposed Constitution – the Federalists literally kidnapped delegates off of the street, who refused to attend the rigged proceedings, to force a quorum.

    “The majority of the legislature of this commonwealth, were at that time under the influence of the members from the city of Philadelphia. They agreed that the deputies sent by them to convention should have no compensation for their services, which determination was calculated to prevent the election of any member who resided at a distance from the city.”

    “but on examining the number of votes given for members of the present state convention, we find that of upwards of seventy thousand freemen who are entitled to vote in Pennsylvania, the whole convention has been elected by about thirteen thousand voters, and though two thirds of the members of the convention have thought proper to ratify the proposed constitution, yet those two thirds were elected by the votes on only six thousand and eight hundred freemen.”

    We have been an empire since the onset of the Constitution, with occasional benevolent reversions under Antoninus Pius-esque executive administrations that had a general interest in the goodwill of the people. In the end though, we are a captive Empire in which – as always – only the rich, powerful and despotic, or those willing to serve those powers, have actual influence.

    James Wilson on the planning of the Constitution –

    “Regarding then the wide and almost unbounded jurisdiction of the United States, at first view, the hand of despotism seemed necessary to control, connect, and protect it; and hence the chief embarrassment role. For, we knew that, although our constituents would cheerfully submit to the legislative restraints of a free government, they would spurn at every attempt to shackle them with despotic power.”

    The best way to enslave a target population is to convince them that they are free.

    The reality of the Empire under the Trump admin is best boiled down to the naturalization fiasco that his corrupt aides staged during the DNC. A NATION is a distinct group of people who – during a settlement period – developed a distinct culture and bestow it upon their progeny.

    AN EMPIRE is a dime a dozen, and consists of an immovable controlling elite that presides over a polyglot of servants who offer them some benefit, at the whim of the ruling class. The Janissary slaves of the Ottoman Empire, eventually come to largely control the Empire itself, since their usefulness to their masters was far greater than the average Turk. The Empire will always eventually break apart, but only after a long period of enrichment, looting and total control by the managerial class.

    When Trump ‘naturalized’ a 66 year old foreign national to placate his labor importer donors and their shills that he has hired (Marfan syndrome-looking Jared, Rollins, Wolf etc..) , he conferred citizenship on someone who is already at retirement age, and likely able to begin claiming SS/SSI almost immediately, in violation of standards of selectivity or duty to ones own people. If this is promoted to the general public, it is strongly indicative of the degree of mismanagement that is rampant out of the public eye.

    I think the underlying basis for this insanity, while certainly the long term employment of foreign nationals and illegals at Trump properties has to be considered as well, is that the short term attachment of most of Trumps cadre and his own family to the US make it seem like par for the course if you only view the USA as a global empire to be exploited for the quickest financial killing.

    The purpose of a nation is to PRESERVE itself over the long term, and thus a duty to the welfare of its own people is the motivating factor instead of enrichment and short-term financial gain, at all cost.

    So, we end up at the ludicrous station that we now face, in which a Republican party paid off by International labor speculators hacks away at its own base, treats the citizenship of the nation as a commodity to be bought or sold, and then whips its base to turn out on election day and push back the tide – one more time – to get them back into office, which is only a contest in the first place because of the refusal to act as government of a nation, and instead acting as the Raj or Sultan of an Empire of servants.

    Trump has already openly promised more times than I can count that he will provide citizenship to all Dreamers, whose only vetting was conducted under the Obama admin, which will reach MILLIONS of aliens, many of whom are actively hostile to Americans – this act was pushed off til just after election day. His admin has already conferred work permits on every border jumper admitted into the USA, somewhere between 550k to 750k illegal entrants.

    Once citizenship itself is sold and conferred as a commodity, there is nothing left to vote for, except an exit. There is no patriotism in being a loyal servant of any ruling elite, only in allegiance to the people.

  8. So he’s against nationalized healthcare, like every other country in the world has. Well, fuck him with shoes on. The fucking bastard.

  9. @No Friend Of The Devil

    Can you recommend an article/url with a concise and well-sourced analysis of why the CDC “overall deaths” and “excess deaths” numbers are wrong? Or maybe you could write such an article?

  10. @Kevin Barrett,

    As a result of hackers, I am unable to connect to the CDC website. In the past I have explained that hakers are preventing me from visiting the majority of websites. It is probably nearing the end of the internet.

    As explained above epidemiological years / age was not considered by the CDC according to JAMA, which makes the estimated excess deaths ludicrous. These psychopaths manipulate data to suit their needs over everything. I have been witnessing data manipulation since 1992, starting with the re-calibration of the consumer price index, unemployment index, and just about everything imaginable to conceal that they are failures.

    Also, according to JAMA, the CDC did not include statistics for North Carolina and Connecticut between the years of 2014-2019, but included fatality statistics of those two states in 2020.

    Last year, there were roughly 2.8 million fatalities in America, for all causes of death, to put things into perspective.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  11. @No Friend Of The Devil

    You write: “As explained above epidemiological years / age was not considered by the CDC according to JAMA, which makes the estimated excess deaths ludicrous.”

    I don’t understand why more than 200,000 excess “deaths of all causes” so far in 2020 is “ludicrous” even if the average age of death is high and the number of healthy life-years those deaths erased is lower than it would be if COVID targeted more younger/healthier people.

    We are on track for more than 300,000 total excess deaths from all causes by the end of 2020. That is a lot of “deaths that shouldn’t have happened this year.” The survivors of those 300,000 people will probably consider most of those deaths tragic or unfortunate, not ludicrous.

    Remember, these are all deaths, not deaths officially determined to be due to COVID.

  12. @Kevin Barrett,

    Kevin Barrett,

    This has turned into an argument of circular logic where for some reason you have accepted that there are excess deaths based on what appears to be faith in CDC statistics alone and nothing else. I do not understand what your motive is for doing this. You have also completely ignored the reasons that I stated for choosing not to believe the CDC statistics excliding 2 states from those statistics for 5 years, then including the 2 states in 2020, in addition to the fact that the risk of moratality increase with age, and JAMA said that epidemiological years were not taken into consideration for excess deaths. The excess deaths number as a fabrication. It is a manipulation and they have failed to prove what they are claiming, that there were excess deaths, which suits their propaganda as a cover-up for the fact that they never should have reacted the way that they had. It promotes hysteria and urgency and serves as a catalyst to demand funding to solve a fabricated problem. Don’t forget, “it’s all about the Benjamins.” 

    Andrea Iravani

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