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Anthrax Expert Barry Kissin: “Slow Down! COVID-19 May NOT be a Bioweapon”
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Barry Kissin is an attorney who lives near the Ft. Detrick biowar facility where the 2001 false flag anthrax was made. He is an expert on the anthrax aspect of the 9/11-anthrax false flag, and is knowledgable and deeply concerned about our desperate need to ban biological weapons while there is still time. But he is not convinced by Larry Romanoff’s arguments that COVID-19 is a US bioweapon. He isn’t even sure about Meryl Nass’s refutation of the “can’t be a bioweapon” propaganda push. What’s more, he argues that we shouldn’t be highlighting the “it looks like a bioweapon” argument!

I disagree. Given the abundance of circumstantial evidence, the leading (neocon) suspects’ prior record (including the 2001 anthrax attack) and the strong means-motive-opportunity argument, I think we should be screaming “COVID 19 is probably a bioweapon” from the rooftops. So why am I wrong? Let’s ask Barry!

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy, Science • Tags: Anthrax, Bioweapons, Coronavirus 
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  1. Delta G says:


    You are incorrect because you have no knowledge that would allow you to have an opinion one way or another. So you have a 50 50 chance for yourself of saying it is or is not a bioweapon. Just a coin toss since you have no education, training or experience to allow you to otherwise get the correct answer. Besides, this is an entertainment site not a factual site and the BIOWEAPON is sooo sexy and marketable it has to be somehow the true answer. Just like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy.

    Unfortunately, by even having the so called debate or discussion you play into the hands of the nefarious scum that inhabit the so called Intelligence Community.

    Lets also debate: the existence of Gravity or the shape of the Earth (Flat and 2 dimensional or a Sphere and 3 dimensional). Yes the 9 year old boys debate club discussion and analyzing whats important and how everyone else is wrong.

    The Blind leading the Fools. There is some perfect Zen symmetry to it isn’t there…

    Professor G

  2. Kevin, I don’t know if you or Barry Kissin caught the recent youtube video with Dr. Francis Boyle where he reveals a paper from French scientists from France and one from Montreal on the possibility that COVID-19 was indeed a biological weapon. . Below is the link to the paper. The quote from paper reads ”.. This furin-like cleavage site, is supposed to be cleaved during virus egress (Mille and Whittaker, 2014) for S-protein “priming” and may provide a gain-of-function to the 2019-nCoV for efficient spreading in the human population compared to other lineage b betacoronaviruses. ” According to Dr. Boyle, gain-of-function is a ”tip-off ..Only useful for offensive biological warfare activity.” Though he admits that it is unclear if it was released by accident or deliberate from the Chinese bioweapons lab.
    -youtube video: go to the 1min mark for Dr. Boyle’s remarks:

    About Dr. Francis Boyle:
    Professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law. He drafted the U.S. domestic implementing legislation for the Biological Weapons Convention, known as the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, that was approved unanimously by both Houses of the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President George H.W. Bush.

    Thks for your work Kevin. I read Tony Hall’s two massive books and had him at my place years ago for a lecture I organized in Montreal with him him and STS speaking.

    • Replies: @anon
  3. The excluded middle in effect once more, false dichotomy rules once again.

    There is an other alternative than is it or is it biowarfare.

    It is the incompetent fuckup alternative. The SNAFU option. The strong possibility that experimental germs excaped against the wishes of the people who were making it, the armed forces, or the government, both the fake and true one.

    And this is not to say that they will not do everything possible to take advantage of the situation. This is what they always do. It’s not so much what they do. It’s what they do with what happens.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  4. Absolutely obwandiyag! Regardless of how this COVID-19 came about, it’s what Big Pharma, the Gates Foundation, World Economic Forum, The Bilderberg Group, the WHO, the elites of the world will be doing to take advantage of it for their own selfish interests as the majority feed off the crumbs..

    Could this COVID-19 crisis have been preplanned?

    It seems like some higher-ups new something was coming
    when you consider that:

    -Last November NBC reported:

    Chief executives are leaving in record numbers this year, with more than 1,332 stepping aside in the period from January through the end of October,
    according to new data released on Wednesday. While it’s not unusual to see CEOs fleeing in the middle of a recession, it is noteworthy to see such
    a rash of executive exits amid robust corporate earnings and record stock market highs.

    Last month(Oct 2019), 172 chief executives left their jobs, according to executive placement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. It’s the highest monthly
    number on record, and the year-to-date total outpaces even the wave of executive exits during the financial crisis.

    – By the end of the year, an all-time record high 1,480 CEOs had left their posts. (Fortune Magazine,

    -In October 2019, the business elite of our planet from the World Economic Forum and Gates Foundation and John Hopkins University
    get together for a Coronavirus exercise drill. In 2017, Gates Foundation was the 2nd biggest donor after the USA to the W.H.O.
    As Robert Kennedy Jr. recently pointed out from his instagram, the Gates Foundation has a shaky past to say the least with conflict
    of interests, damaged lives , and support for a global ID program .

    -A week before the WHO announces that COVID-19 was a global health emergency, the WEF had their meetings from Jan 21-24,2020.
    The World Econo Forum’s Coalition for Preparedness Innovations (with their Big Pharma counterparts) announce during the same period their
    preparedness in gearing-up for a vaccination program.

    At the Jan-21-24 ,2020, the chairman of the World Economic Forum said the following:

    “People are revolting against the economic ‘elites’ they believe have betrayed them, and our efforts to keep global warming limited
    to 1.5°C are falling dangerously short,” said Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman at the World Economic Forum.
    “With the world at such critical crossroads, this year we must develop a ‘Davos Manifesto 2020’ to reimagine the purpose and scorecards
    for companies and governments. It is what the World Economic Forum was founded for 50 years ago, and it is what we want to contribute
    to for the next 50 years.”

  5. Mark Hunter says: • Website

    Meryl Nass’s refutation of the “can’t be a bioweapon” propaganda push.

    That word “propaganda” has a negative connotation, as if Dr. Nass has little reason to believe what she is writing and just wants to pull the wool over your eyes.

    Being very familiar with Dr. Nass’s writing I am sure her sole concern is the truth. No one is infallible and she might be mistaken but she is for sure honest.

    Dr. Nass has a long history of criticizing accepted narratives such as those about the anthrax attack and vaccines. It is disheartening that critics of government so easily throw fellow critics under the bus.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  6. @Delta G

    There is plenty of open-source circumstantial evidence pointing to the likelihood that it’s a bioweapon. The kind of training that enables people to evaluate this kind of question is (a) critical thinking, followed by (b) hermeneutics applied to (c) the study of history and current events.

    The idea that ordinary educated citizens in what is supposed to be a democracy shouldn’t even “be having the debate” is beyond evil and far beyond stupid. This is the very question that every US citizen, and every citizen of planet earth, should be debating right now. And that debate should be leveraged to get bioweapons and advanced research in all contiguous areas banned.

  7. @Mark Hunter

    Learn to parse English! Correct reading: Nass successfully refuted the propaganda push (by people arguing “it can’t be a bioweapon.”) I assume you aren’t a native speaker, so no blame. But do try to make sure you understand what you’re reading before you comment, especially in 2nd languages.

  8. A123 says:

    Chinese Coronavirus is almost certainly *not* a bio-WMD. It is simultaneously:

    — Long Incubation
    — Easy Transmission

    The combination of these two characteristics is a near guarantee that the virus will “Go Global”. There are no military scenarios where this is desirable.

    Additional strikes are:

    — Generic treatment, CQ/AZ/ZN combo. What is the military value of a weapon everyone can treat?
    — Viral mutation. Military applications require certainty. High chance of mutation is inherently unpredictable.

    The only two credible possibilities are:

    — Animal to Human jump via the Wuhan “Wet Markets”. Bats are not the only animal in the “Wet Markets”, so non-bat Coronavirus variants could also easily originate from unsanitary markets.

    — Escape from the Wuhan Virus Laboratory via accident, negligence, or malfeasance. Chinese Coronavirus would be a natural sample or early stage, near natural, research material.

    The Chinadidnotdoit crowd is vociferous, but fact impaired.

    — There is no credible scenario that points to a Western nation.
    — If Iran & China were collaborating on bio-WMD, then an incident could have contaminated staff from both nations. That could explain how Iran and China were hit by a non-bioweapon simultaneously.

    However the Acosta/CNN Chinadidnotdoit team will instantly morph into the Acosta/CNN Irandidnotdoit crowd if evidence points that way.

    Let us be honest the anti-U.S. team has a single goal. See picture of Jim Acosta below.

    PEACE 😷

    • Replies: @melvin
  9. Polemos says:
    @Delta G

    You are incorrect because you have no knowledge that would allow you to have an opinion one way or another. So you have a 50 50 chance for yourself of saying it is or is not a bioweapon. Just a coin toss since you have no education, training or experience to allow you to otherwise get the correct answer.

    ¿Is this inconsistent with saying:

    COVID 19 is probably a bioweapon


    How does the word ‘probably’ function in Kevin’s statement (screamed, of course)?

  10. @obwandiyag

    All that concerns me is how China managed to contain the virus with hardly any new cases or deaths over the past two months, deaths settled at about the 3,000 mark, among the lowest per capita in the world, while everywhere else it is skyrocketing. Just look at these graphs:

    and tell me that does not spell SUCCESS! Now why can’t we all be emulating them and getting this thing under control? So we may end up flattening the curve eventually but with enormous per capita deaths compared to China. Why? Other than that China executed millions of infected patients and is lying to us, but nobody is taking such explanations seriously. So what is going on when advanced western countries with all their science and medicine cannot do what needs to be done, whatever it is China did, and get the world out of this mess?

  11. @Delta G

    Golly gosh Professor, you managed to pack more straw-men into that comment than one would expect to see at a Mid-Western Wizard of Oz appreciation convention.

    It was a totally unscientific response too so I am giving you a very poor grade for it.

  12. Most likely all readers of The Unz Review understand 9/11 was the greatest military-intelligence deception in world history, so leaning in the direction of assuming the global pandemic originated in a 9/11-mirroring, intensively planned out operation of covert biological warfare is a completely logical reaction.

    If such is the case, the necessity of maximum international investigation to identify and stop dead-in-their-tracks the bio-warfare criminals becomes center stage obvious, especially when the crimes reflect the conspirators’ dangerous willingness to raise the stakes and destructive human consequences sky high – to new world record levels.


  13. anon[252] • Disclaimer says:
    @Michael Peng

    Sure, you’re last name is without a doubt “Peng”. Riiiiiiight??

    This is the tip-off that you’re a fraud:

    Though he admits that it is unclear if it was released by accident or deliberate from the Chinese bioweapons lab.

  14. melvin says:
    @Delta G

    The leader of the death cult state said teenagers would take care of the sick since they were immune. As the virus creator he should know.

    Share the cure, Israel.

    If Israel had been brought to justice for their attack on the uss liberty, 9/11 and covid19 would never have happened.

  15. melvin says:

    only works with zinc.

    (Our media are six coordinated talmudist supremacist liar outfits.)

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