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Anthony Hall Reports from New Horizon Conference in Beirut; Jim Fetzer on CNN’s Marianne Williamson 9/11 Smear
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First half: University of Lethbridge Professor Emeritus Anthony Hall joins us from Beirut, Lebanon, where he is attending the New Horizon Conference—from which prospective American attendees have been banned, under threat of imprisonment, by Israeli operative Sigal Mandelker‘s wing of the US Treasury Department.

Second half: University of Minnesota Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer invites Kevin on his radio show to discuss CNN’s hit piece on Presidential candidate, Course in Miracles teacher, and 9/11 truther Marianne Williamson. The conversation takes a metaphysical turn when “Activist Angel,” a former Williamson associate and Course in Miracles teacher, says he left Williamson’s movement due to its reluctance to admit the existence of evil.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: 9/11, Iran, Muslims 
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  1. I suggest that the second half discussion should read astrophysics. The discussion about ‘alien’ watching us is philosophically absurd. Misunderstanding of astrophysical numbers and the enormity of the galaxy! The galaxy is 100000 light years across! Positive mass particles cannot travel at the speed of light (ask CERN). 10000 year trips to travel interstellar distances are impossible for biological entities. And more much more. 2.5 million years to Andromeda! If you can circumvent relativity, so that aliens can travel here, please publish it in a known physics journal with the appropriate mathematical proof. No earth isnt cosmically significant, sorry. If our earth resources are valuable (another absurdity) ‘they’ should have plundered it 100000000 years ago.

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