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Andrew Blair: the Holocaust Is NOT a Hoax! with Rolf Lindgren
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First twenty minutes: Monologue on the downside of technological progress while attempting to make contact with scheduled guest Andrew Blair, using a new updated-and-ruined-by-Microsoft version of Skype.

Next 35 minutes: Andrew Blair carries forward my recent discussion with Joel Simpson on Holocaust controversies. Andrew writes: “Though I am still agnostic on much of the history I do have a definite opinion on whether the story of the holocaust should be called a ‘hoax.’ It should not be, because that implies deliberate deception. Nor should it be called a ‘lie’ because that implies intent to deceive. People who believe the story to be largely false do not like to hear me say those things because it is insufficiently denunciatory for them. But I find it easy to believe that people who tell falsehoods are themselves self-deceived as opposed to being deliberate liars. Even if some of the story has been perpetuated by deliberate liars I think it best to be cautious in making the claim because a) it’s hard to be sure, and b) it unnecessarily antagonizes those who unquestioningly believe the conventional story.”

We also discuss my claim that the Holocaust serves as a foundational sacred narrative of Zionism.

Andrew Blair, Ph.D. has worked in academia and computer programming. Now retired, he is able to devote a significant amount of time to serving the public interest. A fan of the Open Society and philosopher John Stuart Mill, Dr. Blair is a champion of academic freedom and was a leading defender of, professor Tony Hall, who was targeted by a political witch hunt.

Second hour: Libertarian-turned-Trump-loving-Republican Rolf Lindgren celebrates Trump’s alleged exoneration in William Barr’s summary of the Mueller Report. We argue about many other things as well, constantly interrupting each other while attempting to hurl food, beverages, and furniture before remembering we are not in the same room.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History • Tags: Holocaust 
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