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Andre Vltchek and Peter Koenig Defend Iran
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Is the Office of the Supreme Leader of Iran and its allies a stronghold of decency and goodness, standing bravely against the forces of evil arrayed against it? That’s pretty much how it looks to me. Today’s guests Andre Vltchek and Peter Koenig do not disagree.

First half hour: Author and journalist Andre Vltchek defends Iran against Western lies.

Andre Vltchek says: “Iran, one of the proudest, oldest civilizations on Earth, is being demonized even when it acts in a very humane and civilized way. Iran was attacked. One of its great commanders, General Soleimani, admired all over the Middle East, was murdered. And then, while in absolute confusion and in pain, Iran, while shooting retaliatory missiles (and on hair-trigger alert against the criminal US attack threatened by Trump -KB) accidentally shot down Ukrainian Flight 752. And then what did Iran do? It did what any normal and decent country would do. It apologized in horror. The commanders in Iran said, in total horror, ‘I wish I had been on that plane.’ But instead of being understood and supported, Iran was even further attacked by the West, which began humiliating it, and supporting protestors and rioters who were ignited, as they are elsewhere, by the West.”

Andre Vltchek is agnostic about the possibility that the US or its “allies” may have set up the shootdown, as evidenced by the fact that a pro-Western agent was already filming the part of the sky where the shootdown occurred, showing clear and obvious foreknowledge. Military historian Ian Greenhalgh writes:

“After much study, I think I have figured out how the Ukrainian plane was brought down. No assets inside Iran were needed, it was a purely Israeli operation. The Ukrainian airline is owned by Ihor Kolomoisky, the oligarch who recruited the Dnipro battalion and other neo-Nazi mercenaries that terrorized the Donbas. He is Jewish and moved to Israel a couple of years ago. The plane was messed with, the usual checks weren’t done while on the ground in Tehran and the Ukrainian crew signed off that they would bear responsibility for missing these checks. Something went wrong on the plane just after takeoff. This is when the cyber attack took place and it targeted both the navigational system and the Identify Friend or Foe transponder. The IFF transponder was turned off and the aircraft changed course, putting it on a direct heading for the IRGC base nearby. At the same time, Tehran ATC was having problems with its radar systems, so the plane just disappeared off their screens. The IRGC were on high alert, expecting a US strike so when an unidentified aircraft appeared very close to their base, they had 10 seconds to decide whether to fire and fired. There you have it, a couple of hacks was all it took. The Israelis are expert at this and have done it before – remember the Russian IL-20 shot down by Syria, the Israelis were using that plane to shield an incoming jet fighter strike.”

Final half-hour: Whistleblowing ex-World Bank Economist Peter Koenig says the war on Iran is driven by the world’s biggest banking families on behalf of the petrodollar system. He agrees with analysts like Ian Greenhalgh, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel , Robert David Steele, Sputnik columnists, etc. who have argued that the shootdown of Ukrainian Flight 752 was probably orchestrated by the Zionist-run West:

“That is exactly what I’ve thought. Admitting that your system was hacked is maybe worse than just saying ‘we shot it down by error.’ That is exactly what I communicated to my friend The Saker. I haven’t seen his latest reply. He didn’t seem too convinced. But that is what I feel. And I don’t think necessarily it would be the US that did it directly, it would be Israel, because they use the same tactics, and they have the same packet technology that the US would apply. But it’s much more hidden if it comes from Israel, or maybe even Saudi Arabia, although I don’t think (the Saudis) have the brains to do that.”

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Crazy Horse says: • Website

    Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if Iran was somehow provoked into shooting it down. The Global Empire probably like Albright thought it “was worth the price”. Evil’s not only banal it’s highly profitable as well especially if you happen to be a military contractor,

  2. swamped says:

    “Admitting that your system was hacked is maybe worse than just saying ‘we shot it down by error.’”…not if you’re really some “stronghold of decency and goodness, standing bravely against the forces of evil arrayed against it”, it’s not. Never mind anything so ridiculous as to how any nation-state in this world could actually be any such thing as a “stronghold of decency & goodness”; but if that’s what you want others to believe – or others want to desperately believe that about you – then the first thing you will always do when anything goes wrong is look for a scapegoat; & Israel, because of it’s own numerous misdeeds, is a tempting choice. If there was the remotest possibility that such a bizarre plot was credible, Iran would have reached for it by now. But why would someone who owns an airline conspire to shoot down one of their own planes, even if he does live in an eviler state? Sensibly, Iran hasn’t done this but has accepted full responsibility for their “unforgivable mistake”(Zarif). That’s probably the best proof of their “decency & goodness”, ironically.

  3. Jmaie says:

    The IFF transponder was turned off and the aircraft changed course, putting it on a direct heading for the IRGC base nearby.

    IFF transponder on a civilian aircraft?

    • Replies: @Parfois1
  4. Parfois1 says:

    Obviously, he means the civilian ATC transponder. Not everyone is au fait with jargon terminology.

  5. augusto says:

    mr swamped, may it not get lost by the name, if you simply compare Iran ‘s behaviour with those of
    Telaviv and warshington, where is the fortress of minimum decency ?
    Compare for instance the number of countries invaded by IRAN versus those attacked by the US in the last 350 years…
    The fact that Iran even after two days admitted the shoot down does NOT mean there were no mitigating factors in favor of Teheran.
    Am sure there were several. How about the five F-35 flying in the edge of iranian border?
    And waht Iran has in fact said: I pulled the trigger.
    Scapegoating were it IF, I mean IF, the authorities in Teheran had pointed their fingers to the iranian airliner shot down on purpose in 1988 by an exceptionalist war ship… without a ziss of confession ever since.

  6. Alfred says:

    The fact that Kolomoisky largely owns Ukrainian International Airways is all the reader really needs to know. A more psychopathic and greedy individual it is hard to imagine. His name is linked to the MH17 tragedy, the massacre at the Trade Union House of Odessa, the Mariupol shootings, the Burisma payments to Biden and much more. A real blot on humanity.

    Kolomoisky amongst ultimate beneficiaries of Ukraine’s biggest airline

    As you may imagine, this “Ukrainian Nationalist” lives in Tel Aviv. He is the power behind president Zelensky.

    To give you an idea of just how corrupt these guys are. They “punish” Russia by cutting trade and direct flights to Russia. Russia retaliates and prohibits flights by UIA across the Russian Federation. But the Ukrainian public has to pay compensation to the clowns who started all of this. It is unbelievable!

    Ukraine’s Ministry of Infrastructure says it is willing to pay a reported $216mn of compensation to Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) that belongs to oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky for loses incurred because of a Russian overflight ban.

    • Agree: Kevin Barrett
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