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Why Do So Many Young White Women Think They Are Boys?
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Jared Taylor and his co-host talk about the devastating trend in “rapid onset gender dysphoria” among whites. They also discuss Juneteenth, what a woke Fed would be like, Texas secession, Toronto groveling, and what’s “kind of terrifying.”

(Republished from Renaissance Radio by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Political Correctness 
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  1. Marylon says:

    All this woke crap is Jewish in origin. A deliberate attack on Western culture, Western people.

    • Replies: @SZ
  2. SZ says:

    And this very blog is also of Jewish origin. A deliberate medium for Western culture, Western people.

    The West is about to collapse and as a non-Westerner reading your childish comments I just can’t feel any pity.

  3. Because maleness and whiteness have been so destroyed, and the girls are trying to become what’s missing? Plus, traditional femininity has also been destroyed?

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  4. @Bard of Bumperstickers

    I think you’re on the right track. Feminists betrayed feminism by making entire generations of women think they had to be more like men, and generations of boys “appreciate” women to the point of submission and mimicry.

    Now it’s rebounding on them in a few ways. Poor confused girls are neither excited by the male specimens available, nor allowed to enjoy and identify with their own feminine nature. No wonder some of the most successful women are getting canceled for having “unacceptably right wing” (i.e., reasonable and moderate) views.

  5. Mac_ says:

    There are several angles and considerations to the question, imo, though given the times, and ignorance of centuries, false social ‘civil’ thing, actually is good, depending. Meaning the time is passing on the overt femy thing, long painted nails over focus on makeup, or on reproducing, instead of dealing with tyrany situations etc. Everyone should have become more balanced toward masculine before now, instead of feminine, which is what’s happened. Loss of internal significant future steering. Similarly those who over-focus on masculinizing, would be same waste of energy as people staying in femy roles that aren’t going to be realistic, and never were. Just paying less attention to it and more to what matters, would be the point. Any female worth her salt is as good in jeans and t shirt as anything else. Prioritizing for freedom.

    • Replies: @Mac_
  6. Mac_ says:

    Suppose I meant as response on what should be, rather than why it’s happening . – I think the post above my first has a point. There are others but that’s a good core, though, doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Seems agenda, but, stronger is good idea now anyway.

  7. Mac_ says:

    well I’ll just fill the comment thread with mistakes then -actually meant agreement with comment 3, comment 4 appeared between the time of my second post. If it’s too much mess feel free to scratch this and my second com above.

  8. “why do so many….”

    Because the Judeo-“feminists”

    who own, control, and infest the public skrewels and the (((MSM)))

    tell them to.

  9. @Sollipsist

    Except that feminism was never a noble, well-intentioned movement.

    Feminism Was Never Not Rotten, by Karen Straughan (a.k.a. GirlWritesWhat):

    • Thanks: Sollipsist
  10. Wokechoke says:

    It’s American women that are the trouble. They ‘ve always bullied the men and worn the pants/trousers/dildo. Work too hard and too materialistic. Masculine sort of women.

  11. Young women are cliquey and easily led, and slightly stupider than young men (who are also easily led, but less cliquey).

    Belonging to a clique with social power is literally a raison d’être for any young woman in the bottom 9 (cognitive) deciles – even if the ‘social power’ of the clique is mostly-internal.

    Consider the likes of NXIVM: it was a sex-trafficking cult where young women showed their loyalty to a complete charlatan by permitting themselves to be branded… and within the cult was a hierarchy of cliques – the upper reaches of which were populated by quite-fetching (but mind-bogglingly stupid) young women.

    Jeffrey Epstein had no difficulty whatsoever attracting a bevy of young attractive(ish) women to participate in his Pedo Island shenanigans; again, they were led to believe that this would make them part of Ghislaine Maxwell’s “set”.

    Think of the average cult. Outside of the Peak Grifters (who tend to be male), the most fervent cult members are overwhelmingly female. Branch Davidians; Westboro Baptists; Aum Shinrikyo; Mask Karens; the Green Cult of St Gretchen of Aspberg.

    You can almost say the same right the way across the religious spectrum: drive past a modern church on [whatever day they do their shit] and if the place has anyone in it, it’ll be 80% women (mostly old biddies), and the bulk of any men in attendance will have that “Fuck My Life” face that men wear when they let their wives tell them what to do.

    Where the numbers are more even (Haredi kikes; ‘hard’ Muzzies) the women will even let themselves be put upon by accepting ridiculous performative bullshit about what they can wear in public – and for the most part they don’t do it grudgingly: they invest in that shit emotionally.

    Watch the average makeup commercial on TV. Compare it to the average car ad for ‘guy’ cars (things like the Dodge Ram or Ford Ranger – or here in Straya, the now-extinct Thunderstruck ute).

    The guys from Marketing think that women who buy cosmetics are far stupider than men who buy ‘dick’ cars – whereas men who buy ‘dick’ cars are rightly scorned by other men (because they understand that these sorts of cars are invariably driven by 5’8″ insecure fuckwits).

    Blokes in the ads for Thunderstruck Utes are not-bad-looking nobody-special who do ‘circle work’ (on sand, so they don’t fuck up their tyres).

    Note that this series of ads progressed, so that by 2011 the ute driver was a better-looking half-smart cunt who sat by while an old Abo abosplained crop circles to a TV crew… at the last minute the bloke pulled two ears of wheat that were wedged under the tonneau cover. That’s the pathetic level of smirk-humour that passes muster in an ad. I hope their kids get ‘suddenly‘.

  12. @SZ

    The West is about to collapse and as a non-Westerner reading your childish comments I just can’t feel any pity.

    I don’t think anybody is asking for your pity, but how do you claim the comment you responded to is wrong, outside of calling it childish?

    As for Ron Unz, my guess is that he supports free speech and sees the danger in shutting everyone down who doesn’t have a certain opinion, which is what the heavily Jewish media does. I can’t possibly know Mr. Unz’s private views, but one good actor wouldn’t change the nature of the bad actors. The hostility of the Jewish collective towards White America is obvious.

    I appreciate what Ron does with this site, but I can’t understand how he flies under the radar.

    • Agree: anonymouseperson
    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  13. Why do so many young white women think they are boys? Like many or even most human actions, there’s more than one cause. Taylor is perhaps not completely wrong when he chalks it up to “white guilt” induced by constant cultural indoctrination, but sheer human perversity shouldn’t be underestimated either. The effects of testosterone injections on female genitalia are remarkable, and can enlarge the clitoris to the size of a Vienna sausage. Truth be told, what girl wouldn’t want a bigger pleasure button? Then too, if it were only “white guilt”, they’d assuage it the way most “normal” white girls do, which is by spreading for a nig. For a white girl, anti-racist cred is as easy to get as taking a ride on the nearest black cock, which an unfortunately great many of them are happy to do. Those white girls who find the prospect of committing bestiality with an ape nauseating look for alternatives in lesbianism and transgenderism. Females are also much more attuned to fashion than males. The fact that something is fashionable is a great attraction to them, and right now transgenderism, lesbianism, and interracial sex are all very fashionable.

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  14. Puberty is difficult and confusing even for kids from the most loving, stable families. Pushing transgenderism on children undergoing puberty is a terrible crime akin to pushing anorexia. “Yes, girls, you ARE fat disgusting pigs, every one of you. Even carrots make you fat!” The psychopaths who do so should be arrested, but I’m not holding my breath.

  15. Just got back from the coffee shop, where I observed a trans ex-girl (how even to write a sentence about this?) picking up his/her order. She seemed to be wearing a breast binder, going by the almost but not quite flat chest, and was dressed in the trans-man/butch uniform of jean cut-offs, t-shirt, and the ubiquitous backwards baseball cap. What advantage, pleasure, or psychological healing could result from turning oneself into a lifelong, sickly 12 yr old boy is hard to imagine but these girls are being encouraged to do this; money is being made.

    Girls hate their bodies now, plain and simple, and are being propagandized aggressively to do so. Motherhood, of course, is demeaning; but if they aren’t good at something boys are better at, say STEM or sports or flying airplanes, what is left? Nothing but their bodies. While some 15-year-olds are sexting nude photos of themselves, other girls with OCD tendencies or damaged self-esteem will compare themselves to what they see online. The possibilities for self-loathing are endless. Turning oneself into Peter Pan could seem like the only escape.

    • Replies: @beavertales
  16. @Red Pill Angel

    “Turning oneself into Peter Pan could seem like the only escape.”

    Until you find yourself over 30 years of age, and life is meaningless. So many of these people turn to either anger or despair if they have no Plan B.

    • Agree: Red Pill Angel
  17. Red Pill Angel: “Motherhood, of course, is demeaning … The possibilities for self-loathing are endless. Turning oneself into Peter Pan could seem like the only escape. ”

    I think you’re onto something. There’s also a primary female masochism at play here. One such girl of my acquaintance was a fellatio enthusiast, but by no means planned to stop once she had completed her transition into a “boy”. No, she desperately wanted not only to be a boy, but to be a cocksucking boy! LOL! I tried to talk her out of it as she had a nice pair of tits, and they probably ended up in a medical waste dump somewhere. A pity.

    • Replies: @Red Pill Angel
  18. Sixty years of synthetic birth control pills and the use of plastic hormone disrupting chemicals have made males less masculine and females less feminine. That, plus constant gender confusion taught by the schools and media is having it’s effect. I don’t think that the long-term outcome of birth control pills was envisaged by scientists 60 years ago, but it it now well understood by the powers that be and they are taking full advantage of it to confuse the youth. Here are some links to scientific studies that point to artificial estrogen and other hormone disruptors in our water supplies and what it’s doing to us:

  19. @OilcanFloyd

    the globohomo Jews are well aware of Unz’ apostacy, and they don’t like it.

    but they also know he’s

    a. smarter than they are &

    b. has considerable resource\$….and therefore

    is best not trifled with, lest he become

    even more dangerous.

  20. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    These girls who identify as “gay men” usually end up just having sex with each other. Too bad you couldn’t talk your little buddy out of chopping herself up; I’m sure you were very convincing. “Sweetheart, with that rack and that mouth, what a waste! Now, shut up and suck harder!”

  21. @SZ

    Who wants your pity? Just staying out of the west is plenty sport.

  22. George 1 says:

    An unprofessional opinion:

    Just as there are fewer real men today there are also fewer real boys. The effeminate has taken over across the spectrum. Girls naturally want to attract the attention of boys. Boys that they find attractive. When there are very few boys around whom they would be interested in the girls will make themselves boys. Reverse projection if you will.

    NOTE: I am not a psychologist and I don’t play one on TV.

  23. Adûnâi says: • Website
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    > “Females are also much more attuned to fashion than males.”

    Ideology, you mean. But that may be exactly the answer, religiosity! Whenever folks are presented with a self-hating Aryan female, they see in female empowerment the root cause of the West’s decline. I, however, see a religious female. And is it such a stretch to assume that the females’ role is propaganda dissemination, with child-rearing and all? Mind you, with the curious and paradoxical caveat that female fidelity is by necessity pliable and shallow, ready to betray the loser for the winner. But so long as a given ideology remains dominant, the females will perceive it as such, and thus worthy of obedience, carrying out its will to the bitter end.

    It is the male task to manufacture a religion conducive to survival – something the Aryans have failed to do, in all their three cultures (Germany, Russia, Anglo-America). What maddening form the perverse Christian ideology takes to destroy its host is irrelevant – in America, it may be sex-confusion, in Russia, it is anti-Communism, the result is the same nevertheless – extinction.

  24. Bite Moi says:

    Because young,White women lack common sense???

  25. With so many white guys acting like pussy-whipped bitches, it ain’t much of a leap from girlhood to boyhood these days.

    In the past, it meant something for a girl to act like a boy. Today, so many white boys act so wussy and wimpy that it’s hardly a challenge for a white girl to act like a white boy.

    This is also true among yellows. Most boys in Japan, SK, and Taiwan are dorkass wussies.

  26. @SZ

    And this very blog is also of Jewish origin.

    Jews are smart. They tend to cover all the bases. So why not this one.

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