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White Supremacy on Trial in Kenosha with Jared Taylor
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Jared Taylor and his co-host marvel that in America, when a white man shoots aggressive white rioters in self-defense, he is a white supremacist and they are heroes. The hosts also discuss Michelle Wu, Malikk Austen, racial terror at a Facebook job site, and why we must break our “habits of white language.”

(Republished from Renaissance Radio by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Antifa, Judicial System, Kyle Rittenhouse, Riots 
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  1. Skiadika says:

    Then you fit the GLOBALIST definition of
    All this so called “CRAZINESS” going on in society IS NOT simply knee jerk reactions and responses from the GLOBALIST LEFT.

    It’s all very well researched and being put into play.

    It’s a highly refined method of using PSYCHOLOGY and PSYCHIATRY as a POLITICAL  WEAPON.

    It’s a method that has been refined within the SOCIAL SCIENCES and the well funded THINK TANKS to PATHOLOGISE TRADITIONAL VALUES  that THEY’VE DECIDED  are a danger coming from the TRADITIONALISTS and POPULISTS to their own GLOBALIST AGENDA.

    From these, the MASS  MEDIA  across the world is fed with backgrounders to enable  HACK-JOURNALISTS to uniformly generate smears.

    This SOCIAL ENGINEERING is now regarded as more efficacious in ELIMINATING “DISSIDENT” VIEWS than the earlier method of targeting INDIVIDUALS for TREATMENT.

    DISSIDENTS, by which is meant TRADITIONAL CONSERVATIVES, RIGHTISTS, PATRIOTS and POPULISTS, who can now be readily marginalized by the mass media.
    Those values that were assumed to be normal until a few decades ago, have now become stigmatized as regressive, passé, patriarchal, Fascist, White supremacist, Nazi, sexist, racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, transphobic, ad infinitum.

    Those words induce an intended PAVLOVIAN REFLEX from those not accustomed to think for themselves, and thus easily turned against we….the new class called the “MENTALLY ILL”.

       In addition, IT  HAS BEEN  DECIDED by these GLOBALIST PSYCHOPATHS that those accused behaviors are all caused by the TRADITIONAL PATRIARCHAL FAMILY….which therefore must be destroyed….
    ….destroyed by feminism, no fault divorce, “dead beat dads” welfare, birth control, abortion, promotion of homosexuality, gender confusion, CRITICAL RACE THEORY yadayadayad….and now even calling parents “TERRORISTS”.
    For more info on the background of these GLOBALIST methods of SOCIETAL BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION, see the book:

    “THE PERVERSION OF NORMALITY,  From The Marquis de Sade to Cyborgs”,
    By Kerry Bolton

  2. Anon[108] • Disclaimer says:

    Whites are not supreme; the Chinese are. Whites come a close second. Read it and weep.

  3. Al Ross says:

    Read Dr. Charles Murray’s book , ‘ Human Accomplishment’ then pick up your tears with your chopsticks.

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