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'How to Save a Diverse Democracy'
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Jared Taylor and his co-host laugh as liberals squirm to reconcile their adoration for diversity with the terrible harm it causes. The hosts also discuss kidney disease, back to Africa, secession in Cobb County, and what Joyce Beatty got wrong.

(Republished from Renaissance Radio by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Blacks, Political Correctness 
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  1. ‘Liberals’ don’t squirm at all. All of them will tell you that diversity is great, the only problems it might experience derive from White racism.

  2. Democracy does die in darkness. When dark-skinned people take over cities.

    Just look at Baltimore and Detroit.

  3. Diversity = division, as in divide and conquer- so get behind diversity, is basically treason. Mutli-culturalism is a no-go from the gitgo! The entire idea behind the USA is that you enter the melting pot and lose your former nationality and transform into an american citizen. Yes, you have to take a test and PROVE that you understand what that means. you have to learn english!!! That means forget your culture and embrace american culture or stay the fuck home. Tou feel me, you ignorant refugees illegals? You become part of american culture or stay the ‘F’ home. Otherwise you are an invader and fair game for defensive retaliation. Yes, it has come to that.

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