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Here Come the Haitians with Jared Taylor
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Jared Taylor and his co-host marvel at a display of incompetence at Del Rio almost as eye-opening as the one in Afghanistan. They also discuss guilty-until-proven-innocent in North Carolina, Afghans in Idaho, Khurshid Abdul-Mutakabbir, and why “bagging” is worse than death.

(Republished from Renaissance Radio by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Haiti, Immigration 
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  1. Only positive I can think of – Hispanics probably hate Haitians a lot more than they hate Gringos. The Hispanics in Texas at least can’t be too happy about what’s going on. The Republicans need to hammer it in to the Hispanic constituency that the Democrats alone are responsible for the flood of Haitians, and they may pick up enough votes from them to offset the Dem-voting Haitians. Of course, this would require the Pubs not to be the usual cucks that they are.

  2. ‘Here Come The Haitians’ is a great name for a sitcom.

    Hire a few jews to write/produce, and you’re all set.

    Episode 1: Your Kids’ New French Teacher

    Episode 2: The Port-Au-Prince of BelAir

    Episode 3: Don’t Call Me Cuban!

    Episode 4: I’m So Gonaives

    Episode 5: Hinche Up Your Slacks…Then Bend Over America

    You get the idea.

  3. So many people are mistaking Biden and his administrations actions as incompetence. No it isn’t. It’s done with total intention. “Come on man”! lol

  4. What do Haitians eat? Island rat and Iguanas tacos? I can’t wait for another enriching offering brought on by illegal invaders.
    Voodoo dolls, now that’s going to dig in to Mattel and Disney merchandising shares Bigly.
    Haitians begging on street corners selling shrunken heads for $2 dollars.

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