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French Elections, Lessons from Singapore, and ‘the Ancient Ethnostate with Guillaume Durocher
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Noted European identitarian Guillaume Durocher sheds light on a delightfully muddled political landscape and explains why identitarians should study the achievements of Lee Kuan Yu. He also introduces his new book on applying ancient Greek wisdom to today’s problems.

(Republished from Renaissance Radio by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous[345] • Disclaimer says:


    Video Link

    • Replies: @profnasty
  2. ‘When the results of the first round came in, Yeltsin led Zyuganov by 35% to 32%, with a further 15% for Aleksandr Lebed, a charismatic army general brought in by the Kremlin to split the communist vote.’ [Peter Conradi, ‘Who Lost Russia’]

    It is so f*cking obvious that Zemmour is a Deep State puppet brought in to split the nationalist vote away from Le Pen.

    If he were serious he would be giving all of his support to her.

    • Agree: Levtraro
    • Replies: @A123
  3. Al Ross says:

    When Singapore was expelled from Malaysia in 1965 , LKY was in tears as he announced the divorce .

    LKY’s dream of a multi – cultural Malaysia was dashed on the rocks of Malay race – realism’s appreciation of the fact that the Malays could not compete , in any field other than religiosity, with the Chinese.

  4. A123 says: • Website
    @Stebbing Heuer

    It is so f*cking obvious that Le Pen is a Deep State puppet. She went out of her way to intentionally offend Christians as ordered by her Sharia compliant media masters.

    Zemmour is an unimpressive candidate. A genuine Christian Populist with sufficient time and funding could displace him. Alas, time has run out. Theoretically better candidates have been able to break thru.

    In a runoff between Macron & Zemmour, defeating Macron is a “no brainer”. SPAM in a can would provide better leadership than Macron.

    PEACE 😇

  5. profnasty says:

    Was one of the muzzies Kevin Barrett?
    In America, only Blacks are allowed to enslave White women.

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