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Correct Pronouns Will Help Airforce Kill the Enemy
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Jared Taylor and his co-host wonder how pronoun training will increase Airforce “lethality.” The hosts also discuss Martha’s Vineyard, the dusky mermaid, Dutch delusions, racist roads, and the happy meal that wasn’t.

(Republished from Renaissance Radio by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Hitmarck says:

    Pronouns Us and Them are not one race

    Video Link

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  2. @Hitmarck

    Duke is right, but Jew-worship is baked into HBD.

    HBD is about racial hierarchy based on intelligence and achievement. Jews are smartest and achieved much. So, even as the Jews attack white identity, white HBD-ers suck up to Jews as the superior race without whom whites are lost. Therefore, HBD proved as useless as libertarianism. HBD isn’t so much about bio-diversity but bio-hierarchy. It feels the best have the right to rule. So, Jews, being smartest, have the right to rule. Sure, Jews could be wrongheaded, but they still deserve to rule because they’re superior. So, whites must hope for Jews to change their ways and be good leaders of humanity. It’s like a monarchist goes on believing that the king has the right to rule even when the king is a fool. Monarchism is premised on rule by kings, good or bad. HBD is premised on rule by the superior(in IQ and will), and as Jews are superior in IQ, they deserve to rule.

    HBD is foolish enough to believe Jewish Power will mend its ways. HBD must go.
    But just like many whites would rather die than be called ‘racist’, HBD would rather have superior Jews rule even if leads to white demise than have whites reject Jews. Rejecting the superior race? Such is intolerable to HBD.

  3. This globo-homo stuff is proxy and shill of Jewish Power. So, any discussion of LGBTQXYZ without mentioning Jewish Power is like discussing moonlight without taking sunlight into account. Moonlight is merely sunlight reflected off the lunar surface. Likewise, globo-homo power is just a reflection of Jewish Supremacist Power. Unless the Jewish Source is mentioned, all this ragging about globo-homo merely diverts our attention from the real source of our woes, and of course, Jews want it that way.

    By linking globo-homo to Jewish Power, we score against Jewish Power.
    But without such linkage, Jewish Power only grows stronger because all our energies are fixated and wasted on a bunch of freaks whose power derives almost entirely from Jewish Supremacist support.

    The notion that homos and especially trannies have gained so much power all on their own is totally laughable. The Iron Rule of US politics and punditry is “don’t say or do anything that upsets Jews”. Jews put out the word: “Homos are our baby, and we will be very upset if you push back against the Agenda.” So, all politicians, dems and repubs, cowered and wet their pants in fear. An empire of lies is also an empire of cowardice.

  4. @Priss Factor

    Ironically, within the ‘HBD movement’ there is indeed ‘Scientific Racism’ (i.e., hierarchising the races of Man) – but I cannot tell its extent.

    Mr Taylor, to certain magnitude, is guilty – when he says, “Black behaviour is BAD”. However, Mr Taylor’s support for ‘racial hierarchy’ is NOT clear-cut – when he says, “There are East Asians’ traits I’d consider ‘superior’ to that of Whites (e.g., lower criminality), but still, I do NOT want to be replaced by them”.

    P.S.: Not ACTUAL quotes by Jared Taylor, just me paraphrasing.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  5. Hitmarck says:
    @Priss Factor

    I prefer Vox Days math on the IQ of Israel and how utterly retarded Sephardics had to be if Askhenazis really had a 115 IQ.
    I think Jews are like NGRS, outliers in worthless linguistic IQ points.
    And else just skilled cheaters.

    And yes, HBD isnt at all helpful.
    Especially if one considers KMacs work.
    Which hints us towards character traits of Europeans being far more important than IQ.

    Taylor the funny fraud should ask himself would he rather live among 85IQ Europeans or Blacks or Mexicretes.
    I know what I would chose and why.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  6. @Vergissmeinnicht

    East Asians may have slightly higher IQ than whites but generally lack the will, individuality, and spark. So, Taylor may regard certain Asian traits to be more useful but overall he isn’t impressed.

    In contrast, Jews can pass for whites(and some are hardly distinguishable from whites due to mixing over the years, and besides, Semites also belong to the Caucasian race), and have the highest IQ, the most power, and strong sense of will. As HBD is about racial hierarchy, white HBDers regard Jews as the master race. So, just like even a dog abused by its master accepts the master’s superiority, white HBDers accept Jews as the rightful rulers even if they don’t like the current Jewish agenda.

    A slave feels the master is right to rule… even if wrong.
    Likewise, white HBDers feel Jews as masters have the right to rule… even if wrong.

  7. anonymous[457] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Are there more precise terms used in the study of personality psychology for describing the mojo of Jews?

  8. @Priss Factor

    Taylor focuses (obsesses?) waaay too much on IQ, no doubt.

    East Asian ‘low criminality’ is a double-edged sword: Since geniuses being basically high-IQ criminals! Hence, there will be less East Asian geniuses compared to White geniuses – by ‘genius’ I mean a person (typically a man) who can make major breakthroughs in, say, Science.

    Side-note: Of the 4 East Asian countries (S Korea, N Korea, China and Japan), only Japan has a good record on ‘Corruption’. But still, White countries (of Germanic extraction) are less corrupted than Japan, by quite a bit.


    Jews are highly ethnocentric – that’s fine by me if they are amongst themselves.

    Regarding the ‘Whiteness’ of Jews: Some indeed are White. I’d say an Ashkenazi Jew is White if his lineage is at least 70% from Europe i.e. a ‘Mischling’ – since the AVERAGE Ashkenazi, correct me if I’m mistaken, is, from the get-go, about 40% European.

  9. Given US military serves to spread Jewish Supremacy, Globo-Homo, and BLM Negrolatry around the world, anything that subverts is welcome.

    I dream of a day when all white patriots quit the military, which is run by Jews, fruits, and blacks. Let them do the fighting and dying.

  10. @Priss Factor

    “but Jew-worship is baked into HBD”

    “HBD isn’t so much about bio-diversity but bio-hierarchy. It feels the best have the right to rule.”

    By the same logic, isn’t Negro-worship baked into HBD?

    If black men are stronger, sexier and more fecund, shouldn’t they have the right (in HBD terms) to become the universal icons of masculinity and conquer the white and yellow women who crave them?

  11. @NEETzschean

    By the same logic, isn’t Negro-worship baked into HBD?

    No, it is not. Because ‘HBD movement’ obsesses about uninteresting things like IQ.
    (I assume you’re trolling, but, in any case, you’ve made a good point.) Since Blacks do have higher ‘asabiyyah’ than contemporary Whites…

    If black men are stronger, sexier and more fecund, […]

    Blacks are definitely more fecund; they are not sexier (read: attractive); regarding ‘stronger’, depends on how you’d define it…

    P.S.: I do recommend race-mixing – especially to liberals. That’s merely them opting out of the White Race – WNs should welcome it as the remaining White generations will, due to that, become more and more ethnocentric.

    • Replies: @NEETzschean
  12. @NEETzschean

    By the same logic, isn’t Negro-worship baked into HBD?

    Not necessarily. HBD focuses on whiteness and IQ.

    HBD is pro-white and can accept Jews as fellow whites. But it can’t accept blacks as fellow whatevers. So, even as men like Taylor can accept Jews, they can’t accept blacks. So, HBD isn’t simply about worship of superiority. It’s about pro-white worldview that favors the kind of superiority that is advantageous to whites.

    HBD favors the matter of IQ because it’s a white advantage over blacks. And because Jewish whites have the highest IQ, HBD folks want Jews to see the light as lead as the master and leaders of the white race.

    But HBD is fatally flawed in thinking most Jews can be won over to whiteness. Jews have an identity of superiority over all goyim, and besides, Jews feel it’s safer to play divide and rule among various goyim than identify too closely with whiteness, especially as they’ve burdened it over the years with all the worst evils.

  13. @Hitmarck

    And else just skilled cheaters.


    I elsewhere mentioned Werfel, Heine, Kafka (writers), Arendt (philosopher), Mendelssohn and Mahler (composers), each of them top notch. Writes Arendt: “…that such is (…) the task of people who (…) are independent – there are such people, and they need to be guardians of factual truths. What happens if these guardians are driven out by society, or driven into a corner or put up against a wall by the state – we’ve seen this happen in the writing of history, for example in Russia, where a new history of Russia comes out every five years”, p. 64 in THE LAST INTERVIEW and other Conversations, Melville House, Brooklyn/London 2013.

    How do YOU define “factual truths”?

    • Replies: @Hitmarck
  14. Hitmarck says:
    @René Fries

    Mendelssohns Hochzeitsmarsch ist ein Mittel Brechreiz zu induzieren.
    Womit dann auch jegliches Gespräch zwischen uns sich verbittet und auf ihr weiteres Hingekotzes kann ich wahrlich verzichten.

    • LOL: René Fries
  15. @Vergissmeinnicht

    “they are not sexier (read: attractive); regarding ‘stronger’, depends on how you’d define it”

    If the HBD view of blacks is correct then they are better endowed than whites and have greater sexual stamina among other things; this is what Phil Rushton believed and the cultural myth/hype. Blacks are regarded as physically superior due to their success in speed/power sports and violent criminality, dark skin is regarded as more masculine (with light skin the opposite) there’s the taboo of interracial sex which increases pleasure and there’s the appeal of the exotic. So regardless of what cherrypicked stats may say, I think it’s likely that white women find black men sexier on a primitive, animal level. White men in the past instinctively recognised this and responded with segregation and violence but as our societies have become racially integrated and the women liberated, white men have chosen to deny/ignore it.

    When I say “stronger” I mean on a practical physical level. Whether due to genetic factors, cultural or both, the average black men is tougher than the average white man, and also less restrained by laws and taboos. As you noted black men also have a stronger degree of racial pride and tribalism, which is also useful in various respects.

    “P.S.: I do recommend race-mixing – especially to liberals. That’s merely them opting out of the White Race – WNs should welcome it as the remaining White generations will, due to that, become more and more ethnocentric.”

    I think this is wildly optimistic. As race mixing increases and we become more integrated, opposition to race mixing will generally diminish. It’s much harder to oppose if a family member has a mixed race child, even if you don’t personally engage in it. And it makes separation on a national level a practical impossibility. These are a couple of reasons why white nationalists were so adamantly against it in the past.

  16. @Priss Factor

    Disagree. In my view, HBD is largely an explanatory view of how society is, and how it came to be that way, and a tool for dismantling unreality based on an accurate view of true reality. It isn’t a prescriptive device for ordering society based on a given model, it is a method of dispelling untruths so that society can be structured around truths. It is a way of saying things like, “Black dysfunction is not caused by imaginary systemic racism, it is caused by other things, and here are some of those other things.” Any flavor of HBD which focuses solely on IQ and proposes a hierarchy based strictly on IQ is worse than useless.

    Jews may have (slightly) higher IQ than Whites, but they also have many poisonous faults, which disqualifies them prima facie from being “fit to rule”. White European man has created dozens of splendid high-functioning societies; Jews have created none without European help. Jewish achievement in math and science is predicated entirely on prior European achievement. Prior to the mid-19th century, Jewish achievement was pretty much restricted to banking/usury, various flavors of slave-dealing and drug-dealing, backstage manipulation, high level criminality, and the production of endless tracts of arcane incomprehensible religious babble, much or most of it dedicated to proving how superior they were, as they stood in the middle of Rome, oblivious to the ruins of the Coliseum.

  17. Anon[410] • Disclaimer says:

    The fact that China would even watch “The Little Mermaid,” original or not, or any other movie coming from the Cultural Marxist Hollywood indicates that China has already dysgenically degenerated. If Emperor Xi actually possessed an innate mentality for ethno-religious nationalism and eugenics/transhumanism, he would have a domestic entertainment media industry that creates positive content that promotes a sense of ethno-religious unity and purpose and that promotes evolutionarily adaptive behaviors at the group level.

    What was the theme in the original Little Mermaid movie anyway? Well, the mermaid daughter wanted to be an independent self-empowered self-actualized feminist female. And she also wanted to engage in outright inter-species miscegenation. Also, her home under the sea had an actual realistic religion with actual supernatural forces/magic. Religion is very important for ethnic survival. But the mermaid daughter rejected all this for the secular atheistic life of the surface dwellers. Thus, this is all clear and intentional engineered Cultural Marxism.


  18. Sanjay129 says:

    Hello again, Mr. Kersey stated that individuals should stop wasting time on video games and instead do things such as play sports. As a very pragmatic person, I think sports are a waste of time for adults/adolescents and something that only children under the age of eleven engage in if they belonged to a genetically healthy population group. Perhaps my hypothesis can be tested by looking at historical population groups at various points in time and paying attention to whether they are in a Group Selected or Individual Selected state, and either in a K-Selected or R-Selected state.

    As I would have it, I think adolescents/adults should instead focus on physical activities that have practical benefits, such as cardio-vascular and weight-lifting exercises within the boundaries of what is just required for health, not for the sake of vanity or hobby. Also, I think these individuals should focus on self-defense activities such as hand-to-hand combat training and weapons use training, skills that would be useful in protecting your nation from both internal and external hostilities. Individuals can also engage in Boy Scouts type activities that can help you survive in times of interruptions to utility services and natural disasters. Thus, there are plenty of beneficial activities that can replace recreational sports and still be enjoyable. I personally enjoyed my mandatory archery practice during Physical Education class in Tenth Grade. Think of what Spartan adolescents and adults did for amusement instead of playing sports. There was also a period in England’s history where all adolescents were required to practice archery for several hours every day so they could be prepared for any possible war.

    Of course, what I am stating above is just wishful thinking. When even Russia and China waste so much of their free time on recreational sports, we know that contemporary humans are genetically beyond the point to where my suggestions could ever materialize (well, perhaps the nation of Israel still has what it takes to make it happen).


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