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African American Autonomous Areas with Jared Taylor
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Jared Taylor and his co-host discuss a possible ballot initiative in Washington, DC that would give blacks local autonomy – and whites, too. The co-hosts also discuss Injun country in Oklahoma, a newly discovered cause of black crime, Covid slipping over the border, and why you better not love being white.

(Republished from Renaissance Radio by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Blacks 
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  1. Have BLAX in city state reservations, in cities that they have already ruined to “govern” themselves.
    Emulate Reagan’s cutting-them-loose method that let Indians (feather) have casinos and tobacco sources of income to support themselves.
    Grant BLAX marijuana and prostitution license in their reservations.
    Non-BLAX would be able to go to the reservations to buy what’s sold.
    BLAX would NOT be allowed off the reservation, except by written permission for specific puposes.
    If apprehended OFF THE RESERVATION, very harsh penalties inflicted.
    This would be a Win/Win for all concerned.
    Detroit would become Wakanda on the Detroit River
    Philly, Wakanda on The Delaware River.

    Even Looie Farrakhan would like this idea; except, of course, the “very harsh penalties” part.
    Give the proto-humans license to Muh Dik and Get High.
    If and When they screw it up, as is their Sticks & Mud Age wont…
    the cities could be invaded, re-taken, purged of those that escaped the cannibalism and necklacing, demolished and rebuilt…sans BLAX…
    because ALL of them, including Mulattos, Quads, Octos and Negritos…
    will be Off Planet mine labor on The Moon…
    managed by (((financial criminals))) similarly sent Off Planet.

    Why not ?

  2. anon[473] • Disclaimer says:

    Negro Autonomous Zones we’re a hot topic during Gus Hall era at the CPUSA. consensus was a carve out of various Piedmont counties would make up one Negro zone and a second zone would be carved out of Mississippi Delta counties.

  3. northeast says:

    It’s inevitable. It will not work cause blacks can’t govern themselves, but it will at least delay the coming collapse.

  4. Send the army in to take Cuba, allow the lightest Cubans into the United States and move all our negroes there. An all negro Cuba would be a golden Wakanda.

  5. Resartus says:

    An all negro Cuba would be a golden Wakanda.

    Are you kidding, have you seen Haiti lately…..

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