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The IMF and World Bank: Partners In Backwardness, # 407 with Michael Hudson
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Michael Hudson discusses his seminal work of 1972, Super Imperialism: The Economic Strategy of American Empire, a critique of how the US exploits foreign economies through IMF and World bank debt; difference between the IMF and World Bank; World Bank dysfunctional from the outset; loans made in foreign currency only; policy to provide loans for countries to devote their land to export plantation crops; US food and monetary imperialism; U.S. agricultural protectionism built into the postwar global system; promotion of dependency on the US as food supplier; food blackmail; perpetration of world poverty preferred; no encouragement of land reform; privatization of the public domain; America aided, not foreign economies; exploitation of mineral deposits; bribery; foreign nations politically controlled at the top; veto power for US only.

(Republished from Guns & Butter by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Economics • Tags: IMF, Imperialism, World Bank 
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  1. Malla says:

    This was planned decades ago. That is why Wall Street bankers funded all those ‘anti colonial movements’ in the first place. They wanted to deal with some corrupt brown black politician over an honest White/Japanese colonial officer.

    From the book: The New Unhappy Lords

    “As far as is known “America’s” anti-British policy was first given concrete expression in the brief that General Marshall took with him to the Quebec Conference in 1943.
    This was to the effect that the greatest single obstacle to the expansion of America’s export-capitalism after the war would be not the Soviet Union but the British Empire. What this meant, in practical terms, was that as soon as the enemies in the field had been disposed of would come the turn of the British Empire to be progressively destroyed and that means to this end would be shaped even while hostilities raged. The moment they were over the campaign could begin in real earnest, the signal for which was to be Truman’s abrupt dropping of Lend-Lease to an ally whose economy had been so closely geared to war production that many markets for her goods had been systematically referred to U.S producers.
    The British Empire was not the only ally marked down for liquidation. The Dutch Empire in the East Indies and the French Empire in Indo-China and Africa were also high on the list ”

    What many people do not know is that the after the damage done by the Great Depression (the total Wall Street take over of the US Economy and the looting of independent of American business with the help of the private ‘Federal’ reserve ), The British Government put restrictions on trade in between the British Empire and USA to protect the economies of Britain and all of her colonies from the wall street pigs.

    In Page 22 of the book we read

    “However, as has happened time and again throughout history, the money-lenders had tended to overplay their hand. The six million German unemployed who were the victims of the “Great Depression” resulted in a formidable revolt against the Money Power—the revolt of Adolf Hitler. There was also a rebellion, although of a much milder kind, in Great Britain and the British nations overseas, whose representatives met in Ottawa in 1932 to hammer out a system of Imperial Preferences calculated to insulate the British world against Wall St. amok-runs. These Preferences, as we shall see, incurred the unrelenting hostility of the New York Money Power and the only reason why a show-down was not forced was the far more serious threat to the international financial system implicit in the econo­mic doctrines of the Third Reich.”

    In other words, the Wall street greedy pigs after devouring American industry came to the conclusion that they faced a major threat from Third Reich Germany (the barter system used by the regime) as well as to a lesser extent from the British Empire (and other Empires). Hence the war to destroy Third Reich Germany, Japanese Empire and Italy and then after the war the eventual slow destruction of the European Empires, especially the British Empire. And hence we suddenly see ‘independence movements’ sprouting all over the world and succeeding. Even before the war we had ‘independence movements’ and ‘communist movements’ all around the world thanks to their pet ‘Soviet Russia’s’ agents going all around and ‘radicalisng the masses’, all with the blessings of Wall Street Banker pigs.

  2. @Malla

    Hi Malla,

    I’m curious…do you live in Britain? I would bet you do because of your relentless protection of the British Empire. The British Empire has been working on Economic World Domination since Cecil Rhodes established the Round Table groups. I agree with a comment you made about British citizens not being responsible for their government’s tretment of countries in the colonial era. The same can be said about the American citizen if you place all the blame on the political class and Wall Street. But then we have to take into consideration the benefits that the English and American citizen receive from their government’s crimminal dealings. As long as they live better than anyone else in the world, they will not protest against the hand that feed them.

    This artilce (audio) uncovers the reason why America and Britian along with their Anglo Saxon partners Canada and Australia control other country’s economies. Creating poverty in other countries keeps the Anglo Saxon countries ecomomically superiour at the expense of the poor throughout the world. If American and British citizens stopped their government’s continued assault on third world countries the immigration crisis would end.

    America and England have been dominant over other countries with the help of their Jewish partners for a long time Malla. As you commented to me, they have married into prominent British Society. I’m sorry Malla, but there is a Mexican saying “Tanta culpa tiene el que mata la vaca que el que detiene la pata”. Translation: “The person that holds the cows feet is as guilty as the one that kills it”. Meaning when you unknowingly participate in a crime you are just as responsible as the one commiting it.

    It’s hard for decent Americans and British people to see themselves as perpitrators of such horrible injustices because most of them are very warm and loving Christian people I’m sure. But so are the people of the countries their government target. Until people stop looking at the problems we are all facing as a Christian/Muslim – White/Black – High IQ/Low IQ problem, things will only get worse. The real problem as I see it is a Social Class problem as we can see by this article. The Elites have no problem helping Blacks and other races as long as they are the Rich Elites. The lower class people can starve… white, black, brown, etc. it doesn’t matter…just another day in the life of a parasite.

    The problem as I see it, can only be solved by the “White” people that are socially below the Elites in power and take it away from them. The reason why I say that is because history tells us that when the Social underclass revolts against the oppressor government as so many have in Latin America, the U.S. send their military to help the crimminal leaders and the people are murdered. The problem needs to be stopped at the source or else nothing can change. We can talk about the Jews till we’re bloe in face, but it is clear as to who is responsible…

    • Replies: @Jon Baptist
    , @Malla
    , @Malla
  3. @Malla

    I am so surprised there are only 2 comments on this article! This is the most important information on this site…I like your comments Malla, you’re a very smart Lady…me I’m just a Rebel that hates bullies with a passion! Some of my comments are very rough around the edges depending on the level of racism and ignorance the commentator writes. But, always respectful to the opposite sex. Thanks for engaging…Have a nice day.

    • Replies: @Malla
  4. Rita says:

    Very impressive interview. Indeed, it is shocking when all piracy strategies are put together the brilliante way Professor Hudson does. A lecture for everybody.

  5. @J. Gutierrez

    We can talk about the Jews till we’re bloe in face, but it is clear as to who is responsible…

    Who do you think is behind British and American Imperialism? As per Ron Unz’s findings, who was behind Bolshevism? Regarding social and political control, there is always a Zionist element. Look at the World Bank, the CFR, the Chabad Lubavitch presence behind Netanyahu, Putin and Trump. Look at media, music and education. What about the Warburgs both in the United States and in Nazi Germany.

    John Ruskin was the mentor of Cecil Rhodes at Oxford University. Cecil Rhodes was a member of the “Society of the Elect” along with Rothschild. ( See pg. 311 ) Rothschild proud founder of the state of israel. Below are photos of John Ruskin’s grave. Why is there a Swastika placed between 1819 and 1900? Also, why is there a Menorah on his headstone? “The seven branch menorah was used in the ancient temple of Jerusalem…The menorah is part of the coat of arms of the modern State of Israel.” –

  6. Malla says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    I’m curious…do you live in Britain? I would bet you do because of your relentless protection of the British Empire.

    Nope in India. The European Empires had their good sides and bad sides.

  7. Malla says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    you’re a very smart Lady…me I’m just a Rebel that hates bullies with a passion!

    Hey I am a guy. And I hate bullies with a passion too. Have a good day.

  8. Malla says:
    @J. Gutierrez

    Creating poverty in other countries keeps the Anglo Saxon countries ecomomically superiour at the expense of the poor throughout the world. If American and British citizens stopped their government’s continued assault on third world countries the immigration crisis would end.

    I disagree completely. In most brown black countries, the people themselves exploit each other and cause all the screw ups. Most people here in India (poor or rich) cheat, swindle and ruthlessly exploit others. Of course you have the IMF gang hovering around for their loot but they are not the main factor in many third world countries.

  9. Tsigantes says:

    Absolutely outstanding!

    Thank you Bonnie for asking the perfect questions and thank you Michael for your ever incisive and brilliantly clear answers. Together this interview is the perfect Predatory Economics 101 for ordinary people, i.e. the Bonnie & Michael course 😉

    I write this from Athens Greece in 2019, 3 days after our US educated (Harvard & Stanford) oligarchical class has just been voted back into power with a parliamentary majority in bone-headed but fully deserved reaction to Tsipras the fake left traitor. Very sad and very silly since Greece is a 100% captive colony of EU / Washington. The only upside is that with the Trotskyists out Greeks will be able to keep our icons and our Orthodoxy, something we shall need more than ever.

    • Agree: Maowasayali
  10. MrTea says:

    Ms. Faulkner’s broadcast late of KPFA-FM in Berkeley CA was where I came to be aware of the writings of William Engdahl, certainly one among the single-digit number of scholars who successfully cut through the curtains of both “news media” blur AND the insidious regime of faux “academics” (ie the likes of Jeffrey Sachs) who manage to both front for the global corporate establishments while appearing to maintain their credibility as critics of that system. will get you started. His interview regarding “The Rape of Russia” at the Vineyard of the Saker has got to be the most succinct treatment of the matter I have ever read.

  11. @Malla

    What is also mentioned is that {suprisingly?} the US supplied the USSR with nuclear materials!

    This is also pointed out in the book: Friendly Fire: The Secret War Between the Allies Paperback – 14 April 2005
    by Clive Prince (Author), Lynn Picknett (Author), Stephen Prior (Author)
    “This turned out to be over 1,000 pounds of uranium salts from Canada.
    Then, in November 1943, Jordan heard that ‘heavy water’ was being loaded on a C47 transport plane” P349.

    • Thanks: Malla
  12. Bonnie,

    Can you please add the Guns and Butter episode Covid-19 from 3/17/2020 with Michel Chossudovsky from Global to this site?

  13. Cking says:

    Michael Hudson should be at the helm of the US Treasury. Can the American people see the Rape of America, an IMF administered anti-Labor, ‘solution’, conducted under the cover of the Covid-19 PsyOp? ‘Inflation occurs when the government tries to pay debts beyond the ability to pay.’ This crisis/conundrum seems to be our problem, the problem that Congress, unable to devise a Build Back Better Bill, is set to burden the American people with. Who’s debts are we paying? Wall St.’s unlimited bailout system, $Trillions and $Trillions of dollars, is what is causing the threatened hyper-inflation, not Medicare, Social Security, and the undergirdment of Main St.’s economy, already hammered by globalization, debt, low wages, chronic unemployment, high housing costs, etc.

    Wall St.’s Derivative Trade supposedly enmeshed in $Quadrillions of dollars in transactions, unpayable contracts, must be put under the Orderly Liquidation Authority, per the Dodd Frank Act. The Federal Reserve Bank and the Wall St. system demand reorganization. Congress must retrieve the lost, unaccounted for, and $Stolen $Trillions within the government and Private Sector. Then fund and implement the new, nuclear powered, economy platform, the Redevelopment of North America, that can beat back the Fed/Wall St. ordered Greatest Depression upon us now. There are no other options, millions of lives are at stake, we’re wasting time. More information on our Wall St. banking and financial system is provided by Ms. Martens’ ‘Wall St. on Parade’.

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