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The Future of the French (And European) Right
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After Marine Le Pen’s defeat, has French nationalism hit a dead end — or is it a new beginning? Guillaume Durocher, author of “The Ancient Ethnostate,” describes the difficulty the French Right will face in forming an alliance for the legislative elections to take on the resurgent Left.

(Republished from Left, Right, and White by permission of author or representative)
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  1. They couldn’t rig the French vote-counting processes to electronically deliver the ‘correct’ result, as was the case in the USA in 2020, so they had to simply mutilate the votes they didn’t want counted and then toss them aside as uncountable. The West will not be saved via elections.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  2. @The Alarmist

    Le Pen sucks. All this time, they couldn’t come up with anyone better?

    Zenmour is decent but a late-comer and looks too alienating for big politics.

  3. A123 says: • Website

    The French system with no Party Primaries and Top 2 runoff is a huge problem. By accident or design, it produces very weak candidates.

    Le Pen’s lurch towards Globalism as part of the FN–>RN change made her toxic to a huge chunk of Populist voters. A significant number of “squishy moderate” non-Populist voters wanted to avoid a Mélenchon-Macron Top 2, and went with Le Pen. This effectively blocked any chance for a real Populist candidate, Zemmour or someone else.

    The Populist side needs to pick one candidate much earlier in the process. This would result on Populist voters selecting the best Populist candidate. In other countries this is done with a Primary or Caucus. French Populists need to adopt Caucus (or similar concept) so 100% guaranteed losers like Le Pen are screened out of the process long before the 1st round. That would allow both voters and party structure to coalesce around a serious Populist candidate for a winnable 2nd round runoff.

    PEACE 😇

  4. Here is where I reach the limits of my understanding. As pointless as democracy is, I at least participated in local elections, even though I practice identity politics and vote tribal(Afrikaans political party). The French system seems stunningly idiosyncratic, but then again WTF is the use of the European Union? It all seems like a guaranteed way to make yourself unhappy.

  5. E_Perez says:

    These videos are a real disease. Can’t you guys write anymore?

  6. Here’s a few comments from an American living in southwest France. Guillaume’s characterization of Marine Le Pen is correct. She is quite content in her “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” role. She is happy to be the forever candidate and would have no real idea what to do if elected. There is, however, one bright light in the RN: Jordan Bardella. He is quite articulate albeit young (still in his 20s). Whether he wil stay in Marine’s shadow in the RN remains to be seen. As Guillaume noted, Marine Le Pen is younger than she appears and could run in three more electoral cycles ‘until 2037).

    Eric Zemmour is 63, not 67. I’m skeptical that Reconquete can hold together if it wins not a single electoral seat in the National Assembly. Zemmour himself is running in the St. Tropez electoral district, but if he is a party of one in the National Assembly, he may find himself with the minority rights articulated by Speaker of the House Joe Cannon many years ago: the right to collect his pay and the right to cast one vote. He’s apt to get a bit lonely.

    I”m surprised Guillaume didn’t mention the Alternatif fur Deutschland (AfD) party. They have eighty seats (about 10%) in the German Bundestag. No one will form a coalition with them at the national level, but there is some willingness to accomodate them at the local level, especially in the eastern regions of Germany, where they are most powerful. I don’t know how they are faring at the European Parliament level and other European nationalist parties and groups may be uneasy forming alliances with German nationalists. The Third Reich still looms large in european thinking, despite the fact that it ended over 77 years ago.

    On the whole, I’m rather black pilled about the French situation. The National Assembly is likely to be more leftist after the elections, so Macron may bring back the wealth tax the accomodta them. Although Melenchon opposed the vaccine passport, I don’t see the left blocking it when the government seeks to reimpose it this fall, or fighting a program of mandatory vaccination. If there is a wave of invaders from North Africa and the Middle East in the wake of reduced food exports from Ukraine and Russia, that, something the French government would do nothing to impede, it could swamp France demographically. And I think counting on immigration from Roumania or Iberia to somehow stem the tide is wishful thinking.

  7. Alex70 says:

    Good talk, I believe his opinion on long-term outlook for France being untenable in current system and a source for optimism applies throughout the West. Off topic but I noticed today that Mr. Hood’s article on Tucker Carlson was posted on strategic-culture today. Horseshoe theory in effect.

  8. xxxeliss says:

    i would like to see the demographic data that confirms the 40% non-European births in France, in 2015 according to Tribalat 15% of the french population have at least one non-European grandparent

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