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Radical Establimentarians with Gregory Hood and Chris Roberts
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Gregory Hood and Chris Roberts discuss the 1960s leftist student group Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), how it fractured into violent and non-violent groups, and how so many of their “radical” ideas are now in the mainstream.

Credit: Supercomputer12, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

(Republished from Left, Right, and White by permission of author or representative)
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  1. More like Stupids for a Despotic Society.

  2. I have noticed that in several of these podcasts you call out the leftist establishment for its hypocrisy about January 6th.

    One example I would recommend for your consideration is when leftists actually started shooting at Congress-critters from the House of Representatives gallery back in 1954:

    Five Congressmen were actually wounded by the shots.

    The story ends with a wonderful touch of irony–a pardon by Jimmy Carter and a return to Puerto Rico with a heros’ welcome by a crowd of 5,000 admirers.

  3. With respect to the discussion of the Vietnam War at the 14-minute mark, the rift between Communist China and the Vietnamese Communists did not take place until after the fall of South Vietnam in 1975. Before that falling out took place, Communist China gave a great deal of support to Communist forces in Vietnam in both the First Indochina War (1945-1954) and the Second Indochina War (1965-1975.) Indeed, by the end of the Second Indochina War, there were some 300,000 Chinese working in North Vietnam, taking the places of Vietnamese who were fighting against the Free World Forces.

  4. In South Africa we have Orania. You should become Amish with teeth. Do your own thing apart from the Evil Empire. The problem is not that they are in charge, the problem is that people in general see nothing wrong with them being in charge.

  5. All those who long for Medievalism, here it is.

    Burn the witch, burn the witch!

    Whummies back then did as the church ordered.
    Whummies today do as the (Zionic) Temple orders.

    Much progress in science/technology, but the human mind is mired in the same superstitious mentality.

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