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Penser à Gauche with Gregory Hood and Chris Roberts
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Greg Hood and Chris Roberts talk about why it’s valuable to read leftists, understand leftists, and take leftists seriously.

(Republished from Left, Right, and White by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: The Left 
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  1. It was pretty good. I noted Sam Francis‘s discussion of the Christian right and if all their platforms were won, such as a legalization of sodomy etc. lol, well, they would not really advance white interest in any significant way.

    I came to the same conclusion independently. That the right was being distracted by what I call, the “theology issues”. Things which are very important evangelicals and create a lot of theater in the public sphere, but have no effect on temporal reality and are really about the afterlife. Gay rights, a major one, that was advanced greatly during the 1990s. There was actually a lot of demagoguery by conservatives against gays in the 1990s. I didn’t realize it because I had never known another context, but that’s what it was. Abortion is another one that has an earlier provenance. It generates a very heated public debate, but has no real effect on immigration, racial displacement, or the things that really count. It’s about the next life, which the oligarchs don’t even believe in.

    The same decade, the late 1990s, contained the rise of global warming politics. Notice this is similar to abortion and gay rights, in that it is a theology issue created for the left. Supposedly it’s about future generations. It has much of the same millenarian tone as evangelical Christianity. But it is probably completely made up, and not really of concern to anyone. However people get very fired up about it. A leftist can get up and make a passionate statement about climate change and feel like a “good person” without having to go near unsafe topics like Palestinian rights, for example. This was an attempt by the left to create its own theology issue, a secular theology issue, which would create public debate and yet distract the voters without bringing up thorny topics like immigration and Middle Eastern policies and foreign wars and transnational trade agreements. Those are the topics that are off-limits and which both sides are pretty much on page with, but if the public were given a voting option upon, as we finally were with trump, middle America would vote overwhelmingly against the oligarchs’ status quo of open borders immigration, etc.

    • Replies: @Happy Tapir
  2. @Happy Tapir

    I mean, what could be better for vested interests? Or more feckless? Armies of young people out passionately protesting the weather!

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