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Gregory Hood and Henry Wolff discuss the enduring importance of Italian philosopher and esotericist Julius Evola.

(Republished from Left, Right, and White by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History, Ideology • Tags: Julius Evola 
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  1. He understood Machiavellianism, more than Machiavelli did. That is, the dynamics of power.

  2. Thomasina says:

    Very interesting conversation, good food for thought. There is great wisdom in what Evola has to say. I’ll try to pick up his book “Revolt Against the Modern World”. Thanks.

    I agree with what you said, that too much time and energy is spent on statistics, the Bell Curve. These things are good and necessary to keep track of, just to show the damage being done, but they don’t get to the root cause.

    Look at the Ruling Elites. They have spent their time and money on propaganda (media, advertising), indoctrination in the school system, brainwashing of the public through media and Hollywood. When they want to make the herd move, they just turn up the heat, engineer a crisis, whatever. These guys have studied psychology and have used it very successfully against us until now – until half of the population is not going along with them anymore. This has the Ruling Elite worried.

    I would say the downfall of European Whites occurred when usury was allowed. Capitalism threw Christianity off its pedestal and became the new religion. It then morphed into “greed is good”, competition against your fellow man (your brothers and sisters even), monopolies, etc. Yes, we all have more gadgets, but at what cost!

    Another commenter said:

    “The one thing most people will put above their tribe is their posterity. Which should give you clue as to the motives of those engineering our demise. It’s not about destroying whites for the sake of destroying whites. Its about establishing a new feudalist order. To accomplish this, your objectives would be to crush dissent, destroy social cohesion, dispossess the masses, disenfranchise the masses.”

    Yes, you look to your own family first, how to provide the best life for your children and leave them with a big pile of money. Whites are so busy competing against each other (the new religion) that they don’t see the walls closing in around them. If a horde of new Third Worlders will help grow their pile of wealth, they’re all for it. They’re thinking of themselves and their children. Their tribe is a distant second.

    It isn’t so much greed as it is “fear”, fear of being on the bottom, of your children being destitute. The Ruling Elites know all about “fear”. They use it constantly to move the herd this way and that.

    Devote your time to understanding The Dark Triad, narcissism, psychopathy, psychology, just so you understand the enemy and how they are able to manipulate their victims. The so-called “good Whites” are taking on the role of the Golden Child. The so-called “bad Whites” have been assigned the role of the Scapegoat. Read about these things.

    The pursuit of getting into Heaven has been replaced by the pursuit of getting rich. In the process, man lost his soul.

    The Ruling Elites have so far been successful in squeezing Whites, putting them on a treadmill, making them jump. But you can only squeeze so much, and I think the limit has been reached. Whites ARE waking up now.

  3. HenryB says:

    At 10:15 you forgot to add that “at AmRem we don’t talk about the JQ”, either. But of course; if you don’t talk about the JQ then you’re not really able to admit this…. are you

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