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Media Hegemony with Gregory Hood and Chris Roberts
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Gregory Hood and Chris Roberts discuss Noam Chomsky: his anarcho-syndicalist worldview, his critiques of American foreign policy, and most importantly, his studies on mainstream media, hegemony, and influence.

(Republished from Left, Right, and White by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Noam Chomsky, The Left 
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  1. Great show again. Love Chomsky. I think his foreign policy commentary and commitment to free speech are his best parts. Ayn rand might be a good topic, the guy who started modern age, Murray rothbard, revilo Oliver?

    • Replies: @40 Lashes Less One
  2. @Happy Tapir

    They have done an Ayn Rand episode.

    • Replies: @Happy Tapir
  3. @40 Lashes Less One

    Oh that’s right. I can only remember two weeks back

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  4. @Happy Tapir

    You can actually remember two weeks back!!!?? As an American, you must be considered a near genius.

  5. Tom Verso says:

    Chomsky on Climate Change:
    Science vs Manufactured Consent

    In interviews, Chomsky is a vociferous promoter of apocalyptic climate change because of what he considers the indubitable science it is based on.

    In one interview in his office at MIT he says, with sly smile on his face (implying: ‘if you can believe it’), and nodding his head out the window to the campus:
    “there are people right here who deny climate change”.

    He does not name them and the NPR apocalyptic climate change interviewer does not ask for any names.

    One of those unnamed apocalyptic climate change deniers on the MIT campus is physicist Dr. Richard Lindzen who has spent his career studying atmospheric physics.

    Why, in the spirit of science, that Chomsky alleges he promotes, would he not mention Dr. Lindzen and his seminal works on climate, and why he denies apocalyptic climate change ?

    Science is about dialogue and debate.
    So why not mention Lindzen and his theories, and stipulate what is factual wrong and logically invalid about Lindzen’s theories.

    And why, more generally, not explainwhy Chomsky a linguist and political commentator has more of a grasp on climate science then the MIT climate physicist.

    Similarly whenever linguist and political commentator Chomsky posits indubitable claims about climate, he never mentions other seriously credentialed climate scientist ‘deniers’ like University of Alabama meteorologist Dr. Richard Spencer known for his satellite-based temperature monitoring.

    Or, Spencer’s colleague Dr. John Christy Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science and Director of the Earth Systems Science Center, and Alabama State climatologist … who also rejects apocalyptic climate change.

    Or, Dr. Judith Curry Professor Emeritus and former Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology and also a ‘denier.’

    Or, etc. etc.

    And so: does Chomsky promote scientific based climate public opinion, or is he part of mass media Manufactured Consent climate industry?

  6. The problem with Chomsky is he is every bit as biased and every bit as unwilling to admit it as those he accuses and when he gets onto measurable black and white technical issues he simply refuses to get into the detail because he doesn’t have a technical background so he tries to pass his unreasoning and frankly overbearing opinions off as fact.

  7. Tom Verso says:

    My compliments to you fellows on the ‘maturity’ of your podcasts

    I emphasize maturity because I mean it as a factual description rather than metaphoric compliment.

    I’m older than the ‘boomers’ (a ‘war baby’), so I have experienced the evolution of generations in the whole ‘post-war’ period. And, I’m intrigued by what I would call the digital generation …Digital Gen.

    These are people who their whole lives (literally from birth) have been emersed in the digitized society … Children of the Apps as it were.

    At the stage in their lives they became politically conscious; they were completely proficient in internet technology and more specifically social media. They had unlimited access to factual information, opinion and analysis.

    More importantly, they could posit their own facts, opinions and analysis for literally the world to read (e.g. blogs, Tweets, Facebook, etc), hear (e.g. podcasts), see (e.g. YouTube).

    The digital Children of the Apps generations cannot fathom the difference in the experiences of the War Baby and very early Boomer generation when coming into political conscious age; e.g. The Sixties.

    The revolutionary passion of that decade had virtually no outlet to vent other than an occasional march. Alternative information was near impossible to come by, save some small circulation papers (few if any Xerox machines).

    I LOL every time I hear Digital Gens cry and howl every time a YouTube, Tweet, Facebook, etc. is removed from the net. Seriously, you think this is inability to communicate and carry on an alternative social agenda. Get into a time machine and go back to 1965 and see what political isolation is really about.

    No need to belabor the differences between then and now …. I’m sure you can pick up on my drift.

    Rather, the character of the ubiquitous podcasts and YouTubes produced by Digital Gens flooding the internet.

    Frankly, by any objective critical factual and logical analysis of their political, economic, historic, cultural opinions; Digital Gens come across as kids in the basement playing with their high-tech tools.

    Consider for example the program The Daily Showah on

    In a sports bar milieu, these fellows rant and rave, joke and laugh for hours at a time in the pretext of doing serious alternative social analysis. It’s a completely mindless alt-right version of mainstream right wing talk shows made popular by fellows like pre-Digital Gen Rush Limbaugh.

    Amazingly to my mind, most of Daily Showah programing is behind a paywall and Digital Gens pay to listen and watch.

    But, then again Digital Gens, no doubt find the rancor and irreverence entertaining and like thinking that they are learning something which they can quote at parties. Which of course was a significant part of Rush’s popularity with the pre-Digital Gens.

    More generally, I think that shows like Daily Showah are representative of much Digital Gens internet production. NOT All! But, mostly.

    Most Digital Gen internet programing is not mindlessly rancorous like Daily Showah, but they front-off seriousness, while essentially rambling the same cliches they heard on yesterday’s Digital Gen internet postings.

    Which brings me back to my opening comment about how I appreciate your podcast. It is a factual and logical, and most importantly to my mind, serious mature presentation.

    You fellows are defiantly not kids in the basement playing with high tech toys.

    Your above discussion of Chomsky is excellent and is a long overdue cry:
    The Emperor is Naked.

    Looking forward to future works.

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