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Is This the Convergence of Catastrophes? with Gregory Hood and Jared Taylor
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“Left, Right and White” returns with Gregory Hood and special co-host Jared Taylor to discuss the late Guillaume Faye, “Archeofuturism,” and the idea of a true European Union.

(Republished from Left, Right, and White by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: European Right, Guillaume Faye 
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  1. The catastrophes that would take us out were there to be seen for at least forty years, but the far-sighted have seen them coming for centuries-I definitely did. I left an inscription on a cave somewhere attesting to that.
    First, you have ecological destruction caused by the capitalist cancer cult. This was worsened by the financialisation of economies, where greed could be quite unbounded by mere physical limitations. You see it in multiple manifestations eg pollution including greenhouse gases thence climate chaos, biodiversity loss, top-soil loss, forest loss, fisheries collapses, the spread of zoonotic diseases (Gaia’s revenge according to James Lovelock, 102 years old and as indifferent as ever)etc.
    Then you have the economic collapse of end-stage capitalism, where financialisation, computerisation, privatisation, Brobdingnagian debt, unprecedented inequality, elite arrogance and hostility and the TOTAL corruption of politics is very near its explosive climax. And, finally, for now, the geopolitical collapse initiated by WW1, now near its explosive end as the five hundred year Western reign of tyranny over humanity is being challenged by China. That cannot and will never be tolerated by the Western Gods Upon the Earth, so war is CERTAIN. We’ll see if we survive that.
    And I forgot resource depletion, most markedly in hydrocarbons. And these, and other, crises are synergistic, worsening the effects of each other. Then there is artificial intelligence, and once the singularity is achieved, does anyone imagine that any hyper-intelligent machine will tolerate such lunatics as we. Nuttergeddon or Nutterdammerung-take your pick.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  2. BorisMay says:

    The wonderful thing about conflagration is that everything and everyone returns to Stone Age man. Millions of years of a few bands on men numbering from a few dozen through to a few hundred surviving against all the odds for a few million years.

    Then a worsening climate forces survivors to turn from a vegetable/fish diet to meat and meat plus dairy farming and the whole nasty capitalists process reenergises itself until where we are now.

    How many times has this happened. Maybe a thousand, maybe a hundred thousand times over the last four or five billion years. And every time it does the same tropes arise: war, greed, race, green…

    And somehow the races survive.

    • Replies: @Alexandros
  3. @BorisMay

    It’s really about time people left Marxism and Darwinism in the dustbin. You are not a God and you never will be.

    • Replies: @BorisMay
  4. BorisMay says:

    Well I’m neither a Marxist nor a Darwinist Alexandros. I have no idea where you got that from other than out of yourself…blaming other people for having, in your imagination, your own favoured tropes.

    And I don’t believe in the Christian-Jewish-Muslim God quite simply because all the abuse, violence and torture is done in God’s name by God believing or God hating perverts.

    As you quite rightly point out I’m a nobody, fortunately, whereas you are a judgemental small minded pervert who lives in a false universe of deceit, depravity and dysfuntionality

  5. @BorisMay

    Don’t hold back Boris.

    All the more reason you should free your mind of Marxist and Darwinistic ideas. It all began when the Greeks decided to cut God out of the equation. Before long they were the Gods, or so they thought.

    Man has still not recovered from this mistake.

  6. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Mumblebrain you are anything but. Great comment.

  7. @BorisMay

    Minus the personal attacks, Boris, I have some sympathy for your viewpoint, Sincerely I do.

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