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Dreaming Is Free (If You Know Where to Look) with Gregory Hood and Chris Roberts
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Greg Hood and Chris Roberts discuss how dissidents can enjoy leftist satire, the pleasure of bellicose science fiction, and why white people should read Harry Turtledove.

(Republished from Left, Right, and White by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Arts/Letters, Ideology • Tags: Parody and Satire, The Left 
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  1. Great message on a nation whose leaders have decided to model its way of operating after Alice In Wonderland.

  2. Thanks for a fun program.
    It offered to this Medicarian an insight into what tickles the funny-bone of the young-uns.

  3. Good discussion.

    I have a large SF book collection–real paper and hard-cover books.

    They may be priceless someday–after the censors get to work on the electronic books.

    If “hate speech” is to be outlawed, then Fahrenheit 451 must be implemented–of course before that happens owning books with “hate speech” will mean immediate cancellation from “civilized” society.

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