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Christopher Fulton on His Ordeal with JFK Assassination Evidence
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Christopher Fulton‘s The Inheritance: Poisoned Fruit of JFK’s Assassination recounts how, after the death of JFK’s personal secretary Evelyn Lincoln in 1995, JFK assassination evidence collected by Robert Kennedy and passed to Evelyn Lincoln for safekeeping fell into his hands…upending his understanding of history, and his life. Did Fulton serve eight years in federal prison for the crime of getting JFK assassination evidence into the hands of JFK Jr.? And was it just a coincidence that JFK Jr.’s plane went down shortly thereafter, removing an all-but-annointed future president who was clearly planning to pursue truth and justice regarding the murders of his father and uncle? The Inheritance is a great read. It is “based on a true story,” meaning there may be some embellishments or lacunae. How closely based on the true story is it? Listen to Christopher Fulton and find out.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History • Tags: Conspiracy Theories, JFK Assassination, JFK Jr. 
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  1. Iris says:

    How closely based on the true story is it?

    This is a very important book, recommended by Vince Palamara, one of the most knowledgeable and respected JFK Truth researcher. It deserves a full article review, because it brings entirely new information on the JFK assassination.

    In particular, the information that JFK’s wrist watch was covered in mercury confirms independent information made public over a decade ago that The President was shot from the Grassy Knoll with a round that had been modified and loaded with mercury for more accurate aiming.

    The truth is plain for everybody to see, but we live in fascist dictatorships where people get summarily executed, so pretend to be blind.

    • Replies: @Duke84
    , @Alfa158
  2. Listen to Christopher Fulton and find out.

    Listen where? Listen how?

    What am I missing here? There’s no link to anything, but a book on Amazon and an old article on Unz.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  3. Sean says:

    Dead men tell no tales. Fulton is not dead.

    • Replies: @James Petteplace
  4. @restless94110

    You’re missing the audio player under the headline.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  5. JFK Jr an “all but annointed future president.”

    What an exaggeration.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  6. Duke84 says:

    The truth about the JFK assassination came out more than half a century ago – Oswald committed the crime all by himself.He owned both murder weapons.Time for conspiracy loons to give it up.

    • Replies: @bluedog
    , @Jud Jackson
  7. Duke84 says:

    It wouldn’t have been possible to hit Kennedy or Connally from the grassy knoll.They both had back wounds and the bullet that struck the fatal wound was on the back of Kennedy’s skull.

    • Replies: @56 years on
    , @dimples
  8. @Kevin Barrett

    For some unknown reason I see it now. Thanks

  9. Sparkon says:

    information that JFK’s wrist watch was covered in mercury confirms independent information made public over a decade ago that The President was shot from the Grassy Knoll with a round that had been modified and loaded with mercury for more accurate aiming.

    Loading a slug with mercury would not have anything to do with “more accurate aiming.”

    I have not read the book, nor listened to the podcast — transcript please — but according to comments at the link you gave — pg. 2, Lance Payette — the wristband of JFK’s watch was tested for DNA, and a trace of mercury was detected, which doesn’t really comport with your statement that “JFK’s wristwatch was covered in mercury.”

    This same commenter notes also that his search for any information about the author Christopher Fulton, and his supposed company Twelve Global Ltd. drew a big blank, with only a single “article from 2011 where one Christopher Fulton and his mother of West Vancouver were sued by a German collector for selling a fake watch for $50K on eBay.”

    It may come as a surprise to you, but the first generation of electric wrist watches was powered by mercury batteries. I see Cartier makes quartz gold watches, so I wonder if JFK’s wristwatch had a quartz or electrical movement requiring mercury batteries.

    Read the negative reviews on Amazon.

    I do agree that there was at least one (well-dressed) shooter in the Grassy Knoll area behind the fence, and he had an assistant dressed like a railroad worker who put the broken-down rifle into a tool bag after the assassination, when the pair separated, and the guy with the gun in the bag walked with it toward the rail yard where the three tramps were later found hiding in a box car.

    Pres. Kennedy’s first reaction after being shot was to clutch at his throat, so that shot had to have been fired from the front. At the time of the assassination, Oswald was photographed standing just outside the front door of the TSBD. He was wearing the same distinctive rumpled shirt-jac he had on when arrested.

    For some reason, Lee Harvey Oswald had been given a complete change of clothing for his televised murder, being dressed rather nattily in dark slacks and a dark sweater over a white dress shirt.

  10. @give me a break

    More like an understatement.

    • Agree: Iris
  11. @Duke84

    Hey Duke84 — The Z film shows Mrs Kennedy climbing on the trunk of the open limo to collect President Kenedy’s BRAINS. She was holding those BRAINS when she reached the hospital and gave them to the emergency room doctor.

    In other words, a bullet entered the President from his front neck, messed up his brains and broke a disk off his back skull on exit.

    Ergo, President Kennedy was shot from somewhere around the “grassy knoll.”

    In more recent times, attention has shifted to a very wide curb-drain at the base of the “grassy knoll.” Seems that the curb-drain fronts a 5 ft high stormwater structure that opens to the sky some 35 feet beyond the knoll. This is not to say that the conspirators did not position multiple gunmen around ground zero — merely that some gunmen may have also been in the stormwater structure.

    Cheers !

    PS We now know that Oswald was low-level US Intelligence, driven to Dallas by a CIA operative, who had “found” him that job at the book depos. The one phone call he sought to make after his arrest was to his intelligence craft trainer in South Carolina.

    • Replies: @Duke84
  12. bluedog says:

    One thing for certain is every time the murder of JFK comes up the trolls are always there,strange how that happens.!!!

    • Replies: @Duke84
  13. Duke84 says:

    Nothing brings out the conspiracy loons like the JFK assassination.

  14. the communists, the zionists, aka the jews

  15. Duke84 says:
    @56 years on

    The autopsy photographs and x-rays as well as the Zapruder film show that Kennedy was struck in the back of his skull by the fatal shot.It was a straight back to front wound entirely on the right side of his brain.If the bullet had entered the right side of his head as conspiracy theorists claim he would have had a large exit wound on the left side but as Dr.Humes pointed out there was no damage of any kind to the left part of his brain.

    • Replies: @Alfa158
  16. Daniel Ellsberg has literally no credibility and the JSOC was not piunig for nuclear war, thats absurd, they propsed plans for invasion and quick strike to remove the irbm threat, etc. etc. the communists and the jews are the same thing, Barret just had his ass handed to him by Brendan O’Connell

  17. @Duke84

    p1: If Oxwald did it himself, then there is a magic bullet.
    p2:There are no magic bullets.
    Oswald did not do it by himself

    The argument is valid since it is an example of modus tollens.
    Both premises are true.
    Therefore the argument is sound and the conclusion is true.

    • Replies: @Duke84
  18. Duke84 says:
    @Jud Jackson

    There weren’t magic bullets,whatever that means,but there was a nearly intact bullet,bullet fragments,and shell casings from both weapons that Oswald owned.In any other murder case that would be more than enough for a conviction.

    • Replies: @Jud Jackson
  19. @Duke84

    OK, let me try another approach, but there must have been a magic bullet if the Oswald acted alone theory is true.

    Oswald allegedly fired all 3 shots from behind (this is the official story of the Warren Report) and yet the Zapruder film shows that JFK’s head moves backward and not forward with the last shot. This is contrary to all we know about physics and ballistics. There must have been a frontal shot which means somebody else was also shooting. Oswald may have been part of it but he wasn’t all of it.

    The best book I have read on the JFK assassination is “JFK And the Unspeakable” by James Douglas. I think reading and understanding this book will leave any open minded reader convinced that the lone assassin theory is hogwash.

    • Replies: @Duke84
  20. Duke84 says:
    @Jud Jackson

    When Kennedy was struck by the fatal shot at frame 313 his head actually does go forward at first then back and to the left after the explosive exit wound which was on the right,front of his skull.Shooting from the front or side could never have produced the fatal head wound that Kennedy actually had.

    • Replies: @Jud Jackson
  21. @Duke84

    Thank you Duke,

    Your response is very intelligent and you obviously know a lot about the assassination.

    I thought I knew it all but maybe I don’t.

    Have you read the book I suggested? Can you point out any obvious flaws in it other than his liberalism on the racial questi0n?

    Also, what books can you recommend? I am guessing “Reclaiming History” and “Case Closed”. I really need to read these two books to come to terms with JFK.

    Jud Jackson

    • Replies: @Duke84
  22. I saw a documentary recently that revealed an interesting photo. Barry Seal, the CIA’s notorious drug/gun runner was pictured with Lee Harvey Oswald, presidential assassin. Both were teenagers enjoying a picnic at a Civil Air Patrol chapter that was headed by David Ferry, a known CIA recruiter. I don’t pretend to know the truth about the Kennedy assassination but what are the odds of that being pure happenstance?

  23. Duke84 says:
    @Jud Jackson

    The JFK Myths:A Scientific Investigation of the Kennedy Assassination by Larry Sturdivan.He testified about the wound ballistics aspects of the assassination during the HSCA hearings.

  24. TGD says:

    Why was Trump persuaded to postpone the release of the secret files from the Warren Commission? They were scheduled to be released in the fall of 2017. They are supposed to be released in 2021. I doubt it.

    The Warren Commission originally had the secret files locked up for 75 years until 2037. Why?

    The key actor in the conspiracy was the evil bastard, Lyndon Baines Johnson.

  25. lysias says:

    Douglas Horne, a retired naval officer, wss the Chief Analyst for Military Records of the Assassination Records Review Board, an official body with subpoena power set up by Act of Congress in 1992 to re-examine the evidence on the JFK assassination. The board worked from 1994 to 1998.

    Horne’s five volume work, “Inside the Assassination Records Review Board,” has the most detailed information publicly available on the assassination. Horne proved that Kennedy wss killed by a government conspiracy and that the autopsy in particular was fraudulent.

  26. Alfa158 says:

    Selling theories about events sometimes relies on the audience not knowing much about a subject therefore being prone to accepting whatever is told them by someone presenting themselves as having expertise.
    This is a example. Tell people with little knowledge of firearms that loading a bullet with mercury will make it more accurate, and they’ll be fooled into thinking they’ve been gifted with some bit of esoteric, but true inside information.

    • Replies: @Iris
  27. Alfa158 says:

    The bullet also would have passed through Jackie’s head after exiting his. This was demonstrated by placing actors in an exact recreation of the limousine , at the same spot on the road, posing the people in the same positions. The same test showed that a bullet from the overpass would have passed through the car’s windshield .
    As a result of that demonstration some theorists have now started denouncing the Zapruder film as having been doctored, or being a flat-out plant of misleading information by the conspirators .

    • Agree: Duke84
    • Replies: @Iris
  28. Iris says:

    Selling theories about events sometimes relies on the audience not knowing much about a subject …. bla- bla – bla….

    This is an article about the Kennedy assassination, not about irrelevant ballistics details. Don’t try to obfuscate the subject and divert the conversation.

    The point is that a hitman called James Files confessed over two decades ago to have been recruited , with other professional assassins, to set up the crossfire in which President Kennedy was murdered.

    James Files delivered a lethal headshot from the Grassy Knoll, using a FireBall XP-100, loaded with a frangible bullet that was modified and loaded with mercury because, according to him, early .222 fragmenting rounds would ricochet if they did not get a direct hit (on bone structure for instance). He could not afford a ricochet because he would not have the time to reload.

    So Files had six .222 special “mercury” rounds made by a criminal associate in Chicago, nicknamed “Wolfman”. Mercury is characterised by its high density, so adding mercury to a round would certainly increase its overall mass and inertia.

    In the early 90’s , Files summoned “Wolfman” to Joliet prison where he was incarcerated, and ask him to speak up and corroborate his confession. One week later, “Wolfman” died in unclear circumstances without having being able to speak to the investigators.

    It is significant enough that a completely independent witness is bringing to the public, in 2018, hard evidence that corroborates a confession made in 1994.

    • Replies: @Alfa158
  29. Iris says:

    The bullet also would have passed through Jackie’s head after exiting his.

    More obfuscation from you..

    Mrs Kennedy gave her first hand, eye witness testimony of exactly what she saw happen to her husband to friend and historian Arthur Schlesinger. She said:

    “On the day Jack was murdered, I happened to be looking at the large green Stemmons Freeway sign, as we were passing the Grassy Knoll.

    I saw a chunk of the green wooden sign suddenly shatter outwards and fly towards Jack and me. Then Jack was hit in the throat.

    I reached out for him. As I did, he was shot in the right side of his head. Just above his right eye. It was horrible.

    I saw the right side of his head fly onto the back of the car. I leaned back and reached for it. I just wanted to put Jack back together. It was just an instinctual response.

    In hindsight, I guess that was the first bullet smashing thru the freeway sign that hit Jack in the throat.

    I heard 5 shots fired at Jack from behind the freeway sign.
    I can still hear those 5 shots in my dreams. All the shots seem to come from behind the freeway sign.”

    JFK researcher John Costella tried to match a photos of the original Stemmons Freeway sign as seen on the Zapruder film, with a photo taken by Peter Barnes, of the Dallas Police, on 27 Nov 1963, from the spot Zapruder was filming.
    The photos were inconsistent with each other, as if the original sign had been smashed and replaced.

    Based on the information he gathered, Attorney Jim Garrison stated that the “Stemmons Freeway” original sign was removed and replaced the day following the assassination.

    Nobody knows where the original sign is.
    The Warren Commission ignored this part of Mrs Kennedy’s testimony.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  30. Sparkon says:

    The cartridge with the dent that James Files claims he bit down on after shooting Kennedy and then left in Dealey Plaza was manufactured after 1970, proving it had nothing to do with JFK’s assassination, and proving also that James Files is a BS artist, and nothing more, as you should know by now, as his story has been completely debunked on these pages by yours truly several times already.

    Allan Eaglesham’s research and presentation are indeed a serious blow to the James Files confession. At the very least it indicates that Files was aware of the marks on the .222 caliber shell beforehand and that he fabricated the story of biting down on it, IMO. Of course this casts doubt on the rest of his story.

    For anyone reading this who wants to know more, the presentation is given here and is titled The Tell-Tale Dash: James Files and the Dented Cartridge Case. It pretty much proves that the .222 caliber shell that Files allegedly bit down on was not manufactured till 1971 or later.

    • Replies: @Iris
  31. Alfa158 says:

    You’re the one who raised the subject of ballistics by using the malapropism of bullets being easier to aim. I appreciate the opportunity to further point out your ignorance of shooting.
    How many .222’s have you fired? I have fired plenty and a standard one will handily penetrate steel plates. They won’t “ricochet” off someone’s skull but will shatter it without having to resort to magical special bullets.
    Also another point on your weak grasp of physics. Increasing the mass of a bullet with the same cartridge and propellant will also reduce the bullet velocity proportionally. Momentum = mass times velocity. Momentum will be unchanged. Increasing mass will actually reduce the kinetic energy of the bullet. E =1/2 mass times the square of the velocity.
    Thanks also for the hearsay confessions of conveniently dead conspirators.
    Now can we change the subject to fake moon landings? Or maybe something really fresh like nuclear weapons don’t actually work and the government faked them in order to scare people into submission?

    • Replies: @Iris
  32. dimples says:

    Kennedy, according the doctors, had a fist size chunk out of the lower right rear of his skull. No bullet hole was found either by them or by the autopsists in the front of the skull. The most probable explanation for the chunk of skull missing from the right rear of the skull is a tangential shot fired from the grassy knoll. That is to say, the shot clipped Kennedy behind the right rear and took away the back part of his skull. This is consistent with the motorcycle cop behind and to the left of Kennedy being deluged with brains etc.

    If you look at a map of Dealey Plaza with the limo in position at the time of the last shot to Kennedy, the angle for this tangential shot works out perfectly with the canonical position behind the fence of the grassy knoll.

  33. Iris says:

    The cartridge with the dent that James Files claims he bit down .. etc.. etc…etc…

    Like a broken record player suffering from advanced Alzheimer disease, you have brought up the same failed “debunking” of the James Files’ story about 378 times, to which I now reply for the 379th time: you “debunking” has zer0 value.

    1) The alleged proof of the round’s year of manufacturing (1971), is based on a drawing conveniently produced out of the blue, by an weapon company, many years after Files’ confession. The MIC protects the MIC; surprise, surprise….

    2) Your “debunker” Allan Eaglesham has done zero original research, produced zero books and has quasi zero presence in the JFK truth community. In other terms, his value as “expert” is zero.

    3) Did you actually read the Jim Marr’s opinion you posted? Because Marrs believed that James Files’ confession was worthy, so thanks for shooting yourself in the foot.

    Jim Marrs, God bless his soul, was a highly-respected JFK researcher, whose book (“Crossfire”) is a reference on the subject, and who was the main expert and adviser for Oliver Stone’s “JFK” movie. He brought up critical matters that James Files could not have know about if he were not deeply involved with the JFK assassination , and concluded:

    There remains much more research to be done on the Files. In the meantime,
    if someone will simply give me a credible and well-supported answer to the above three questions, I might consider joining the chorus of nay-sayers in the James Files confession.

    – Jim Marrs

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  34. Iris says:

    I have fired plenty and a standard one will handily penetrate steel plates.

    Oooh ! What a surprise ! Another Zionist worm crawls out the moral garbage bin he lives as soon as the initials JFK or WTC appear in a comment !! And he does so to dismiss and ridicule the cruel and untimely murder of a great historic figure. How surprising…..

    Nobody give two hoots about your shooting prowess. Let me repeat the essential:

    – In 1994, somebody (James Files) confessed to having murder JFK from the Grassy Knoll with a frangible bullet loaded with mercury.

    – In 2018, a completely independent witness (Christopher Fulton) reveals that he inherited JFK’s wrist watch, covered in mercury from the bullet that killed him.

  35. Sparkon says:

    Like a broken record player suffering from advanced Alzheimer disease,

    Did that hurt coming out?

    Nice try at displacement, but it is you who is like the broken record player here, spinning the same old discredited story over and over again, as you simply refuse to accept the many valid criticisms and debunkings of James Files’ tall tales, not least because clearly, you know nothing about weapons or the military, either one.

    The first of Marr’s questions has already been answered by Allan Eaglesham. Files learned about the dented cartridge from Joe West. Marr’s other questions are trivial and not decisive. One can learn many things many ways without being there oneself. Knowledge of something does not necessarily verify or require participation in it. I hope that is not a difficult concept for you, but it probably is.

    Did you catch yet that Files claims he “went in” the service in January 1959, got assigned to an elite unit, and was sent to Laos, blah blah, but also claims he was back in Chicago racing stock cars by 1960, so skillfully, he says, that a mobster asked him to be his driver?

    Files in the aforementioned video purports that he was a stock car driver at a local presumably Chicago area racing track during nineteen sixty. He also claims that Mafia hit man Charles Nicoletti liked his racing skills… Files claims Nicoletti asked him to be his driver and then asserts he became the assigned driver for several “jobs” the mobster undertook.

    (source link at bottom)

    The stock car racing season in the Chicago area is in the summer, meaning that Files is already out of the Army after just 18 months. How did that work?

    “I went in ’59…1959, date of entry… January…”

    The minimum age for the draft is 18.5 years, so Files (b. January 24, 1942) could not have been drafted in January 1959, and had to have enlisted, requiring 4 years of active duty.

    It doesn’t add up. Files’ claim to have been racing stock cars in Chicago in 1960 undermines his claim about going in the service in 1959. Like the typical bullshit artist, Files can’t quite keep his amazing story straight.

    Additionally, the FBI was keeping close tabs on Johnny Roselli. According to all accounts except Files’, Roselli was in Las Vegas on Nov. 22, 1963, and not in Dallas, driving another stake into the heart of Files’ BS story.

    Roselli is suspicious and correct that officials have been closely watching him for months, thus it is unlikely he would commit any murderous crime having realized officials were observing.
    Based on all the verified evidence Johnny Roselli was not in Texas during the time claimed and it is most improbable he collaborated with or even knew James Files.
    substantial evidence verifiably dispels that James Files ever met Johnny Roselli, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Jack Ruby as he purports. Without these men, his story crumbles, and we can verify a large portion of his assertions rely on myths. So what reason is there to consider any of his other tales?

    Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus

    • Replies: @Iris
  36. Iris says:

    You are lazy; you need to do more homework in order to better support the shameless cover-up of the JFK assassination. Let me indicate your gross failings.

    The first of Marr’s questions has already been answered by Allan Eaglesham. Files learned about the dented cartridge from Joe West.

    Let me repeat: the analysis of the dented cartridge by an oral pathology specialist (Dr Paul G. Stimson) and the confirmation that the denting was teethmarks, as James Files had stated, happened after his confession, and was required by the team of investigators who believe Files is telling the truth. Shooting yourself in the foot again.

    Did you catch yet that Files claims he “went in” the service in January 1959, got assigned to an elite unit

    Did you “catch” that Files did NOT go into military service, but as a very good marksman who already had been convicted, he was recruited to work on a covert subversion operation in Laos?
    As a Chicago petty criminal, how was he supposed to know about a secret military operation (“Operation White Star”) in Laos, which reality was confirmed by Col. Fletcher Prouty?

    but also claims he was back in Chicago racing stock cars by 1960, so skillfully, he says, that a mobster asked him to be his driver?

    Files was kicked out of Laos because he killed somebody. The mobster he then went on to work for was Charles “Chuck” Nicoletti. Nicoletti’s association with Files, who was his getaway driver, is news only to the uninformed.

    Additionally, the FBI was keeping close tabs on Johnny Roselli. According to all accounts except Files’, Roselli was in Las Vegas on Nov. 22, 1963

    Of all the nonsense you posted, this takes the biscuit.
    The FBI is protecting hit men working for the Deep State? Who would have thought that possible?

    Actually, a very credible witness, Robert “Tosh” Plummlee, who long worked for CIA covert operations as a pilot, and was an official witness in the “Contras” debacle hearings, has stated on record of having flown Johnny Roselli to Dallas on the eve of the JFK murder, hence independently confirming that James Files is telling the truth. Files and Plummlee had never met and did not know each other.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  37. Sparkon says:

    Did you “catch” that Files did NOT go into military service.

    In Files’ own words, he “went in” the service and was assigned to the 82nd Airborne:

    (1) Jim Files, confession made to Robert G. Vernon (22nd March, 1994)

    Q: Were you ever in the armed services?

    A: I was in the 82nd Airborne. I went in ’59…1959, date of entry… January and in July 10 of 1959, I believe it was July 10, we shipped out to Laos. I was 82nd Airborne.

    Now this:

    Files claimed in his most recent interview that he was assigned to the US Army’s 82nd Airborne division, and was sent to Laos as part of Operation White Star in July 1959. Note that the operation in July 1959 was called Ambidexterous, then became Operation Hotfoot. The operation wasn’t called White Star until 1961. Also note the 82nd wasn’t sent to Laos, it was the 77th Special Forces Group led by LTC Arthur “Bull” Simons.

    –Richard J. Smith

    President Kennedy was enamored with Special Forces…In 1961, he deployed Special Forces soldiers to Laos to help organize resistance against Communist forces in that nation, in Operation White Star

    The U.S. Army before Vietnam 1953 – 1965

    Some of Files’ lies are howlers. His BS story has been ripped to pieces by numerous researchers:

    Files initially said he and Oswald were “palling” around New Orleans with shipments of fake Thompson’s submachine guns in 1961. Oswald was still in Minsk, that was a full year before he returned to the United States.

    A colorful part of his story is how he fired one shot with his Fireball, took the cartridge out, bit down on it, and then left it on the fence railing. There are several unresolved problems with this. First, John Rademacher found 2 Fireball cartridges, not just one. Second, Files did apparently own a Fireball…. but the serial numbers clearly indicated that it’s [sic] manufacture substantially post-dated the assassination. And finally, Joe West was conferring closely with Rademacher a year before he discovered and met Files. … Joe had photographs of the dented cartridge when he went to visit Files in prison.

    — John R. Stockwell

    No professional assassin would ever leave behind any evidence of any kind, especially a cartridge that could be traced to the murder weapon, so the reasonable person with a little common sense would doubt this BS story on general principles.

    But Iris claims:

    Actually, a very credible witness, Robert “Tosh” Plummlee…[sic]

    blah blah blah

    “Very credible witness” my foot. In truth, Plumlee is another lying sack of you-know-what.

    Plumlee claims he was part of a CIA abort team to prevent Kennedy’s assassination with a group of highly unlikely characters in a less than convincing account.
    “During the course of the above interview with Plumlee it was noted that he told a very confusing, illogical story with a complete lack of specifics, and that he has indicated that he has in the past used his imagination for the purpose of making his story more believable, that is, in that he has admitted making up names of persons allegedly contacted by him.”
    After relating his entire series of claims Plumlee told FBI agents “…he was sure no one would believe his story inasmuch as it was rambling, incoherent, and nonspecific, but he insisted that what he said was true, although because of his emotional problems and the many things he had on mind, he was unable to further clarify his story.”
    In a lengthy statement that alleged repeated illegal associations with Johnny Roselli and various well-known exiles Plumlee states “…he did not see Roselli from 1963 to 1968.” This prior legal statement contradicts his entire abort team story; it places him out of contact with Roselli during the year of assassination and renders every related claim made highly improbable and disputed by substantial evidence. Based upon his own words Tosh Plumlee never met Johnny Roselli in the fall of nineteen sixty-three and has no verified connection to the Kennedy Assassination.

    But in your mind, Plumlee is “very credible.”

    As every serious researcher into the JFK case knows, James Files is a fraud. We also know why Dankbaar is so keen for us to believe his story. When we refuse he resorts to verbal abuse and accusations that we are disinformation agents under the control of the CIA.

    • Replies: @Iris
  38. Iris says:

    Your “sources” are random nobodies, who have no presence in the JFK research community, are unknown to this same community, have made zero investigation, have brought up zero new evidence, and have written zero book.

    The author object of this interview, on the contrary, has published a fascinating 500+ pages book packed with original information, recommended by a very respected veteran JFK researcher (V. Palamara), which provides a piece of critical information (presence of mercury on JFK’s wrist watch) that corroborates the confession made by James Files as early as 1991.

    The sources I quoted were:
    – Mrs Kennedy herself who saw her husband being shot from the Grassy Knoll;
    – Brave prosecutor Jim Garrison, the only man who ever had the guts to indict an accomplice of the JFK assassination,
    – Veteran researcher and JFK assassination authority Jim Marrs, the expert behind the film “JFK”
    – Colonel Fletcher Prouty, who organised the covert “Operation White Star”
    – Plus all the honest, integer, trained FBI individuals who patiently and courageously brought the James Files story to light; we owe them the truth.

    So who of these two groups do you think is more credible?

    Your “sources” in all likelihood are those fake, Zionist-controlled outlets which swarm about the so-called “alternative” media. It is understandable that you just copy and paste the nonsense from their webpages: you belong to the same organisation, this is integrated team work.

    And I understand your urge at covering-up the JFK assassination’s details. You Zionists are up to your neck in the organisation and execution of this crime. You absolutely hate the Kennedys, which is why you murdered two, possibly three generations of them . Go for it, find some more nonsense on your “websites” , nonsense is infinite.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  39. Sparkon says:

    And I understand your urge at covering-up the JFK assassination’s details. You Zionists are up to your neck in the organisation and execution of this crime. You absolutely hate the Kennedys, which is why you murdered two, possibly three generations of them

    To make these wild, reckless, and false accusations about me hating the Kennedys, or being a Zionist shows just how far out of whack you are.

    JFK was my hero, nitwit. I was a senior in high school when he was assassinated. We all loved “Jack” Kennedy.

    Files is a liar and a fraud.

    His Fireball was manufactured after the assassination. Oswald was still in the Soviet Union when Files lied about hanging out with him in New Orleans.

    You’d like to pretend that these big lies by Files don’t exist, but you can’t just toss out the evidence that you don’t like, evidence that proves Files is a liar and a fraud.

    Nobody but nobody would leave evidence in plain sight like that where it would have been seen by many people, if it had really been there, including cops who rushed up to that area, and swarmed all over it, eventually finding the three tramps hiding in a box car.

    Nobody saw or recovered Files’ dented cartridge because it wasn’t there. No real assassin would pull a stupid stunt like Files’ tall tale.

    Promoting Files as a legitimate assassin only serves as a red herring to distract attention from the real assassin behind fence above the grassy knoll, who was observed and described by Ed Hoffman, and the assassin wasn’t shooting a pistol.

    Back in 1963, Ed didn’t wear glasses and had better than average vision. Of course this is not uncommon when a person is without one of his five senses. Ed being deaf, did not know anyone was shooting at the motorcade for he could not hear the shots. It’s what Ed seen [sic] that is important. What Ed did see was a puff of smoke at the stockade fence where a gentleman wearing a dark suit and hat had immediately turned away from it. Ed immediately noticed this individual had a long gun in his possession. Ed said the man did not run, but rather briskly walked the weapon up near the steam pipe where he tossed it to another man who then took the gun and broke it down before leaving the area. The hatted man then turned and casually walked back east along the fence in the direction he had just come from. The tossing of the gun near the steam pipe seems to be supported by a RR worker who told Seymour Weitzman that he had witnessed something being tossed through the trees. When Weitzman asked where did this happened exactly, the RR worker said ‘over by the steam pipe’.

    James Files did not say anything about walking a gun to the steam pipe and tossing it to anyone. Also, Lee Bowers described this man in the dark suit as being rather stocky, which doesn’t match the build of James Files at the time of the shooting. So not only does Files not match the description of the man seen with the long gun, but his alleged actions do not match that of the man who tossed the gun over the steam pipe. These two important points tend to dispute Files being where he said he was on 11/22/63

    — Larry Peters

    More about Ed Hoffman here:

    Files wasn’t there. His phone records proved that he was in Chicago on Nov. 22, 1963. When confronted with that evidence, he made up another wild cock ‘n’ bull story about his non-existent twin brother.

    Liars never run out of lies.

  40. Iris says:

    Lee Bowers described this man in the dark suit as being rather stocky, which doesn’t match the build of James Files at the time of the shooting

    As I advised you, Sparkon, you need to do more homework to be a better troll for whoever is employing you.

    If you had studied James Files’s story more carefully, you would have been aware that the “stocky” middle-aged man Lee Bowers saw in the Grassy Knoll’s parking lot corresponded to the description of hit man Charles “Chuck” Nicoletti, James Files’ mob “mentor” who recruited Files for the JFK assassination.

    And if you had taken the pain to read all of Lee Bowers testimony, you would have found out that Bowers saw the “stocky” Nicoletti accompanied by a young slim man in his early twenties (James Files). So thanks again for shooting yourself in the foot.

    As a sad side note, let’s remember that Lee Bowers lost control of his car and died in a car “accident”, on a completely empty road, a few weeks after making his testimony.

    One last thing: there were at least four Chicago hit men affiliated to Sam Giancana who ALL actively participated in the shooting and assassination of JFK: Chuck Nicoletti, Johnny Roselli, Marshall Caifano , and as a helper and late addition, James Files. On top of those, there were many other “villains” brought to Dallas on the day, one to be used as a patsy, a second to kill the patsy, a third to execute the man who would have killed the patsy, a bunch of scoundrels locked in a rail carriage (the “three tramps”), etc, ec, etc ….

    In order to execute your obfuscation mission, you need to be more thorough and do proper research, instead of just posting all this Zionist-funded well-worn “debunking” nonsense.
    Nitwitest regards.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  41. Sparkon says:

    Eyewitness Ed Hoffman said the shooter had “a long gun,” but Files’ said he had a Fireball pistol, but his was manufactured well after 1963, as was the dented cartridge, which nobody saw at the time, because it wasn’t there.

    Give it up.

  42. @Sean

    Yes he is not dead ! Why do you he was with your comment ? I hope not but if so then fuck you for saying something like that about my friend

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