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You’re Next! If Biden/ Harris Win, A Crackdown On Whites Is Coming
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See, earlier: Biden Officially Announces He’s Running Against Charlottesville—With “Black Lives Matter” Kamala By His Side

Two recent events show us that a victory for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on November 3 will unleash a war on whites. First was the alleged “white supremacist” plot, inspired by President Trump’s “rhetoric,” to kidnap the tyrannical Leftist governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer. Second is Twitter’s suspension of Lauren Witzke, the anti-immigration, America First candidate who has already won the GOP Senate nomination in Delaware, merely for criticizing mass Third World immigration.

Consider Bloomberg’s blatantly false claim about the plot against Witch Whitmer:

Michigan is a hotbed of nationalist, extremist and white supremacist hate groups, with more than two dozen active organizations, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. During the early stages of the pandemic, it was also among the places where the president urged supporters to resist lockdown measures, with a tweet on April 17 urging people to ‘liberate’ the state”

[Thirteen Charged in Plot to Seize Michigan, Kidnap Governor, Chris Dolmetsch, Christian Berthelsen, and David Welch, October 8, 2020].

This is a Gadarene Swine-style Rush To Judgement. Truth is, Brandon Caserta, leader of the group, is a NeverTrump, anti-cop anarchist.

“Trump is not your friend,” he says. “He’s shown over and over and over again that he’s a tyrant. Every single person that works for government is your enemy.”

Yet somehow that man is acting on Trump’s orders?! Ridiculous yes, but that’s what we’re told by people who want to suppress Trump and his supporters.

Witzke’s crime: telling an obvious truth. Import Third World immigrants and you’ll soon be living in the Third World.

“Let’s be clear, mass migration absolutely destroyed Europe,” she tweeted. “Italy, France, Sweden and Germany took in tons of migrants who never assimilated. Rapes, murders, and other heinous crimes abound. I will end ALL immigration into the US for ten years.”

Twitter, incredibly, adjudged that demonstrably true statement “hateful conduct” and locked down her account—an in-kind contribution to her opponent, Leftist Chris Coons (Numbers USA Rating, F-minus) [Twitter Censors Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke’s Immigration Views as ‘Hateful Conduct,’ by Alum Bokhari, Breitbart, October 10, 2020].

Further, the Ruling Class wants us to believe, amid the most fanatical and extreme Leftist violence since the 1960s, that “white supremacy” is the “most persistent and lethal threat” in the United States [Homeland Threat Assessment,, October 2020]. That ridiculous claim echoes FBI Director Chris Wray, who implied that whites were to blame for most domestic terrorism without saying it [Wray: Racially motivated violent extremism makes up most of FBI’s domestic terrorism cases, by Olivia Beavers, The Hill, Sept. 17, 2020].

Thus is the federal government serving as armed enforcement force for Anti-Defamation League and $PLC, while the radical Left and its GOP enablers are hard at work trying to enact the terrifying Domestic Terrorism Penalties Act, which would legally attack rightist dissidents as never before.

The political prosecutions have already begun:

  • Steve Stockman languishes in federal prison on a bogus fundraising conviction because he criticized the head of the Internal Revenue Service.
  • A grand jury indicted Mark and Patricia McCloskey for daring to defend themselves against Black Lives Matters goons with weapons.
  • Former Marine Jake Gardner committed suicide rather than face trial for killing the BLM thug who attacked him.
  • Prosecutors in Kenosha are trying to railroad 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse because he shot and killed two “protesters” and wounded one when they attacked him during a Blake-Hoax riot. One of the dead “victims” was a convicted child rapist; another was a convicted domestic abuser.
  • Roger Stone and Michael Flynn are more obvious examples.

“Crimes” are often manufactured from whole cloth, like the hundreds of hate crime hoaxes that ostensibly attest to the latent “right-wing fascism” that pervades American life.

And Leftist prosecutors now free the guilty and prosecute the innocent. Anarcho-tyranny is the law of the land.

These false flags will accelerate. Leftist political assassination and terrorism will continue unabated, excused or roundly ignored by the hate-Trump, hate whitey MSM, and more and more white bogeymen will be sacrificed to the narrative.

Tucker Carlson was right in predicting that school curricula will teach that “white supremacists” were responsible for 9/11.

The Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin was the first dissident to be deplatformed. (Let the record show that defended his right to publish). Alex Jones was next. Big Tech correctly thought they would be easy prey, that the rest of the bovine herd would move on without protest.

Facebook and Twitter now censor POTUS. Do you think they won’t censor you? Remember: their violence is speech, while our speech is violence. The coalition of the damned can gleefully wish for Trump to die of the Chinese Virus, but immigration patriotism like Witzke’s is labeled “hateful conduct.”

Cocktail conservatives bemoan the Chinese government and its social credit scheme, without noticing that we already live inside the panopticon—a digital gulag that will soon leave cyberspace and enter our physical world.

Today, it is less damaging to one’s social standing to be labeled a pedophile than a white nationalist. Enter the cashless society, and we might not be able to travel, have bank accounts, get financial or legal services, travel, or participate in the economy at all.

How far a step is it from Twitter’s censoring a “white nationalist” to Verizon’s refusing that same person a landline? Will “white nationalists” even be able to call 911? In England, doctors can deny medical treatment to “racists”[ UK: National Health Service to Deny Treatment for ‘Racist or Sexist Language, Gestures, Behavior,’ by Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, Nov. 4, 2019]. And Yelp will now tar and feather “racist” businesses, meaning those that are insufficiently ethnomasochist.

Connect the dots. Put the pieces together. The image is clear.

The bipartisan, anti-white, anti-American Establishment is laying the groundwork for a regime of ruthless, totalitarian suppression of white dissidents—the real dissidents, not the egalitarian Red Guards serving as handmaidens to Wall Street while flying the standard of the “Counterculture.” We, the people of Middle America, are the counterculture.

Make no mistake. Republicans, Democrats and the Main Stream Media have all declared “war” on “white supremacy”–which really just means whites as a people.

In other words … you.

How long until Dissident Right websites disappear, or until goes dark? How long before we are arrested? Or worse?

Petty tyrants now brutalizing ordinary Americans over their refusal to wear The Mask as the sign of obedience. Cops tased a woman at a football game for not wearing a mask.

These people will be thrilled to lock us up in the Gulag and throw away the key.

Across the West, nationalist political parties are already being declared “criminal organizations” [Greek Government Convicts Nationalist Party’s Elected Officials of Being a Criminal Organization Over 2013 “Antifa” Member’s Death, by Eric Striker,, Oct. 7, 2020].

What’s next?

I would not be surprised to learn that I’m on a watchlist. If you’re reading this, you probably are too.

The conspiracy to destroy the Historic American Nation goes far beyond the effort to depose Trump, which his own appointees are deliberately obfuscating [Donald Trump: ‘Very Disappointed’ that ‘Obamagate’ Investigation Won’t Be Released Before Election, by Charlie Spiering, Breitbart, Oct. 9, 2020]. It is a coup to dispossess and replace the Historic American Nation.

Trump must purge the departments of Justice and Homeland Security, replace the traitors with patriots, use his very real power to take action against the real threat to our nation.

As Gregory Hood has written, we have lived in an occupied country for some time–but it’s an occupation we cannot contemplate and need not permit [On Faith and Purpose, American Renaissance, Nov. 22, 2019].

But why does the Ruling Class resort to repression? Because in a free society that enjoys uninhibited freedom of association and expression, we win.

And in that world, we will not be replaced. White America does not have to die. The duty is ours, and ours alone, to carry her fire and save it from being utterly extinguished forevermore.

Let’s roll.

Neil Kumar [Email him] is a law student who lives in the Arkansas Ozarks. He is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and Sons of the American Revolution, with blood that has been Southern since the seventeenth century. His work can also be found at the Abbeville Institute, American Renaissance, Clyde Wilson’s Reckonin’, Identity Dixie, and Truth to Power.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. BuelahMan says:

    The Drumpfter worship is totally unnecessary when describing the lies of the Tyrants.

    Let me break it to you gently, Neil. He Is One Of Them!

    • Agree: Exile
  2. Gunga Din says:

    Excellent article. This country was founded by White men for White men, but over the years race traitorous White politicians have given away their (and our) inheritance to people that want to destroy us. And, as the article shows, any White people that advocate for Whites will be villified and systematically destroyed. God help us.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  3. Anonymous[137] • Disclaimer says:

    this article is an excellent example of what Gilad Atzmon calls pre-straumatic stress disorder. an idea he developed while studying how Jews are always in hysterics about the next holocaust and antisemitism despite Jewish life facing zero threats.

    the real threats to European descended peoples is pied pipers like trump and love of money trumping live of nation, which is why there is mass immigration and why Jews control the mediaand thus everything else. close the borders, close overseas bases, natuonalize the media and sterilize violent criminals and in a generation humanity will have surpassed any previous peaks in culture. by this requires people who are intelligent and prioritize development over profits; are Americans up to the task?

  4. Some of the machinations are hilarious though, n’est-ce-pas?

    Think of that moron Gavin Newsom in California, who just signed Bill AB 3121 which “creates a nine-member task force that will inform Californians about slavery and explore ways the state might provide reparations.”

    What? In a state that was always a ‘Free State’, and where ~27% of the residents weren’t even born in the USA?

    Now, that’s hilarious.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  5. American History has been about crackdown on whites since idiot Wasps handed power over to Jews.

    It happened under Clinton, Bush II, Obama, and even under Trump. Indeed, it accelerated under Trump because Jews and elites went whole hog in anti-white vitriol in media and academia and deep state tricks. Trump did almost nothing for whites.

    The suburbs used to be Republican. But the kids of affluent families were educated by Jews and progs. Their culture is pop culture controlled by Hollywood. Their music is rap and worship blacks. White minds, even in white areas, are colonized by Jews, blacks, and homos.

    So, it doesn’t matter who wins when it comes to anti-white agenda. Jews lead it, but whites gave power to Jews and suck up to them. Nothing will change until whites call for White Liberation from Jewish Supremacism and begin to identify with Palestinians.

  6. @true.enough

    California – Granola land – fruits, nuts and flakes.

  7. Is there going to be a crackdown on the rights of whites? Uh, that’s been happening for around 50 plus years now.. Will there be a more radicalized version of this crack down on whites? Does the president of the U.S. get censored on twitter and Facebook? Then what makes some very naive white people think they won’t get treated 10 times worse than the president?? As the traitor to conservativsim Chief Justice Sandra Day O-Connor said, ” Affirmative action may be needed for another 25 years. It’s possible that it may be needed forever? Talk about someone who hated whites or at best, was terrified of them for some no doubt crazy delusion that possessed her.

  8. What the white people in particular, that actually make the country functional, need to do is perform a massive work slowdown / sick out. Anyone that’s ever read Atlas Shrugged knows what I mean.

    The working people regardless of any other characteristic (race, sex, etc) need to send a message the oligarchy understands. When shit stops moving, there will be a reaction.

    This lock down nonsense is going to continue so the working stiff that’s already being put upon by the hemorrhoids in gov’t need to add their own lock down to the equation. You want to lock me down, then I’m going to lock you down. Nothing moves. Block the highways till this shit stops.

    I think they can ask any white guy what this unorganized movement wants. That would be stop the Covid bullshit, and start rounding up Antifa and BLM thugs.

    The decent people have no real representation. They’re too quite. What’s needed is a firebrand that can produce a list of demands, one of which should be the termination of the broadcast licenses for all the TV news networks and the declaration that the social media sites may not in any way censor content. That alone would shift the narrative immensely.

  9. The reason I find Biden to be such a SWINE, is because this “white man” had not the slightest problem in taking advantage of the nation built for the most part, by the ‘white men” or their descendants that he is now quite willing to destroy. This is hypocrisy in the extreme, by any other name. As long as Mr. Joe Biden, grabs the money and resources to provide for the well being of HIS family, made possible because he was white at the right time, he’s fine with smashing those dreams and hopes for other people with his group identity. He is disgusting and wasn’t the slightest bit bothered when his running partner, Harris, accused him of the very thing he is accusing other whites of. A true den of thieves and scoundrels, this democratic party.

  10. @RoatanBill

    This tactic doesn’t work when whites wre the minority. 50 years of mass immigrstion has resulted in whites being a marginal part of the labor pool.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  11. @Suicidal_canadian

    I guess you don’t remember Gdansk port and Lecha Walesa. He roused an entire country to throw off its shackles.

    It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brushfires of freedom in the minds of men. – Samuel Adams

    • Replies: @By-tor
  12. By-tor says:

    I always thought that Gdansk was a CIA PoE, and Walesa’s ‘Solidarity’ was what is now would be called an NED color revolution front group.


  14. Tom Clark says:

    Losing California is not a good thing….letting it go by the way side because they are nuts and fruits is a lousy meme, that not only destroys CA, but also the rest of our nation as a whole.
    The ruling elite are slowly destroying AMERICA and CA is a great start.

    Instead of saying good, who needs them…how about let’s get rid of the communists taking it over and bring it back into the fold? Arrest Newsom and the rest of the communists currently in charge.

    White Genocide is real and almost all of the problems we face as a planet, will continue…until people learn that white people are not )ewish people and those )ewish people want a world of their own, including California.

    I say we start fighting back and California would be a great start.

  15. Exile says: • Website

    There has been a crackdown on Whites in progress for the entire Trump administration – and it started well before that.

    Ask James Fields or the Rise Against Movement – avid Trump supporters who’ve spent years of the Trump administration in jail with not a word from the Most Powerful Man in the World who was elected to speak for the “Forgotten” (aka White) Man. Ask the defendants in the lawfare sham civil suit brought by Roberta Kaplan against Jason Kessler et al over the alt-Right Charlottesville protest. Ask hundreds of American activists and just normal working people who’ve lost platforms, jobs or physical safety over doxxing. Ask those targeted by Trump’s “anti-White Supremacist” ADL-controlled FBI.

    This post makes it sound like voting for Trump will somehow prevent the ongoing legalized murder, violence, intimidation and disenfranchisement of White people in America.

    I expect a more realistic and honest appraisal from a website dedicated expressly to immigration reform, the biggest of the many promises Trump has failed to keep.

    As Beulah Man says upthread, Trump is just another face of the same enemy. He’s there to make Righties go to sleep. And it looks like VDARE has been tempted into napping on the job.

  16. Anonymous[161] • Disclaimer says:

    Who do you think has the better shooters? White or black? Dem or republican? Come and get me. I’m ready.

    • Replies: @oliver
  17. Anonymous[161] • Disclaimer says:
    @Gunga Din

    Yes, treasonous white men, at the instigation of lousy, cunning, scheming jewish rats.

    • Replies: @oliver
  18. After reading many stories from this subpar news site one can say with certainty that this is exactly what fake news looks and sounds like. This site appeals to those that are naive and gullible and susceptible to the third rate hyperbole and histrionic headlines. The bottom of the barrel new source not worthy of being called journalism. I would be embarrassed to work for this pathetic news site.

  19. oliver says:

    In the last Civil War the Confederates had the best shooters.

  20. oliver says:

    The enemy is not the common jew. It is the Kazarian Mafia who regulates from the sidelines, and is usually out of sight.

  21. @RoatanBill

    massive work slowdown / sick out.

    Whites don’t even have to do that.

    They just need to stop fixing all the problems at their workplace and just ignore them like everybody else does.

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