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Yes, Virginia (Dare), It’s A Conspiracy: Antifa Thugs Arrested In Louisville Also Attacked 2017 Charlottesville Rally. Did Soros Pay Them? Where Is FBI?
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Antifa unloading a U-Haul full of riot supplies, including shields and weapons
Antifa unloading a U-Haul full of riot supplies, including shields and weapons

Recently, I pointed out that the Antifa groups that attacked the 2017 Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville VA were also key to this summer’s BLM riots. Now arrests during the current Breonna Taylor riots in Louisville KY have proved my point: notably Sean Gerwing Liter and his girlfriend Holly McGlawn-Zoller—who was notoriously caught In a video clip unloading a U-Haul filled with riot supplies [U-Haul Seen Distributing Shields, Potential Weapons to Louisville Rioters Rented to Holly Zoller of Soros-Connected Louisville Bail Project, by Cassandra Fairbanks, Gateway Pundit, September 23, 2020]—were also caught on camera leading the charge in Charlottesville three years ago. Had our rulers done their duty, defended UTR’s civil rights and cracked down on these Communist vigilantes, America would now be a very different country.

Holly McGlawn-Zoller and Sean Gerwing Liter are both co-founders of Louisville Anti-Racist Action, an integral part of the Antifa Torch Network, explicitly known for being “militant” (Louisville Antifa: Inside Two Of The City’s Most Militant Activist Groups, by Danielle Grady, LEO Weekly, February 19, 2020)

Therefore, it is no surprise that Zoller and Liter are involved in the Louisville riots that followed a grand jury indictment against a single police officer over the death of Breonna Taylor. (Violence erupts in Louisville after only 1 cop indicted in Breonna Taylor case, by Noah Goldberg, Leonard Greene and Nancy Dillon, New York Daily News, September 3, 2020)

Video footage shows that Zoller’s riot shields and barricades were used in violent brawls against law enforcement. At the 50 second mark in the video below, a riot shield is being thrown at the head of a Louisville police officer.

Liter was arrested on multiple charges stemming from the recent riots in Louisville. According to Jefferson County court records, he was arraigned on charges of obstructing a highway, disorderly conduct, unlawful assembly, and driving a vehicle with an obstructed windshield.

It is still unconfirmed whether the charges stem from activities with the U-Haul, although Zoller’s name was on the rental agreement.

Zoller’s rental agreement was also conceded by a spokesperson for The Bail Project, the morally-dubious Leftist nonprofit organization for which she works (Fact-checking disinformation about Louisville, a U-Haul and George Soros, by Daniel Funke, Politifact , September 24, 2020. Ignore Leftist spin, see below).

Allegedly leaked internal communications from within U-Haul claim that the U-Haul used during the Louisville riots was detained by law enforcement, although that has yet to be confirmed (EXCLUSIVE: Louisville Riot U-Haul Driver Arrested According to Leaked Internal Documents, by Cassandra Fairbanks, Gateway Pundit, September 27, 2020). Additionally, according to Kentucky state records, the secondary contact for the vehicle, Keirreanna Munoz, was arrested for assaulting a police officer, disorderly conduct, obstructing a highway, and unlawful assembly.

Munoz’s Facebook profile shows an affinity with South American socialist revolutionaries, as well as with Breonna Taylor.

When asked about the arrests of Liter, Munoz, and Zoller, a representative for the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department told us that all three were arrested on either September 23 or September 24.

BREAKING: Louisville police have confirmed to us by email that Zoller has been charged with “Failure to Disperse and Riot in the Second Degree.”

Corey Lemley of Nashville Anti-Racist Action, another arm of the Antifa Torch Network, was also in attendance at the Charlottesville event, where he used an Antifa-themed baseball bat during a mob assault on a reporter.

In Louisville, Lemley was spotted pointing rioters towards Zoller’s U-Haul (Antifa activist: ‘Riots, uprisings keep the system in check’, by Ben Hall, News Channel 5 Nashville, June 8, 2020)


Liter and Zoller have a history of promoting violence. At the 2017 Charlottesville event, they brought weapons including mace and a handgun (despite it being against policy to carry firearms on the University of Virginia campus ).

Zoller was wearing a similar handgun on her hip while handing out riot supplies from the U-Haul in Louisville:

On August 12, 2017, in Charlottesville, Zoller and Liter came downtown armed with weapons such as sticks and baseball bats as part of the premeditated plan to violently disrupt the Unite the Right rally.

Liter (pictured at front with club) later used his weapons during attacks on demonstrators inside the permitted area.

Allegations of Funding by Billionaires Like George Soros

Zoller’s current employer, The Bail Project, pays for the release of various criminal defendants ranging from rapists, to would-be murders and Black Lives Matter rioters.

As exposed recently on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” The Bail Project’s primary funder is former hedge fund manager and cryptocurrency trader Michael Novogratz.

He’s also The Bail Project’s board chairman. Other funders include Woke elitists like Richard Branson , Jack Dorsey, Danny Glover, Rihanna, and John Legend (The Rich People Who Rent U-Hauls For Riots In Louisville Where Cops Get Shot, by Charles Faddis, ANDmagazine, September 24, 2020)

According to CNN, The Bail Project has also been the recipient of up to $1 million dollars in federal subsidies during the COVID crisis. [CNN Politics]

Rumors swirled around the internet that the Antifa and their U-Haul were funded by Leftist billionaire financier George Soros. Several news outlets including Washington Sentinel [U-Haul Seen Packed with Weapons Was Traced to George Soros Group, September 25, 2020] and BizPacReview [U-Haul that supplied riot gear to Louisville protesters reportedly rented by Soros-connected bail project, September 24, 2020] made claims to the effect the Bail Project was “partially funded by George Soros” because, according to BizPaC Review’s Samantha Chang, “Two members of the Bail Project are Soros Justice Fellows, an activist group funded by left-wing billionaire George Soros.”

The first person named as the Soros tie in the viral tweet cited in the two articles is Dolores Canales, who was a Soros fellow in 2014 for another criminal justice-related organization. Her biography on The Bail Project website explicitly mentions she was a former—but not a current–Soros fellow. The second person, Deborah LaBelle is a Soros fellow but doesn’t work for The Bail Project. She simply shares a page on the Detroit Justice Center with a woman named Megan Dieboll, who does work at The Bail Project.

The Bail Project has 93 team members and two of them being current or former Soros Fellows would not be definitive proof that The Bail Project itself is “Soros funded.” (But it does mean something—no Soros Fellows work for

Holly Zoller and ACTUAL Soros Funding in Charlottesville

However, one of the primary organizations providing material support to Leftists protesters at Unite the Right is Refuse Fascism co-founded by Black American Affirmative Action Princeling Cornel West and Carl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Refuse Fascism is not its own nonprofit. It receives fiscal sponsorship from Alliance for Global Justice—which is indeed a Soros-funded group.

In Charlottesville on August 11 2017, the evening before the UTR rally, West gave a violent speech to “counter-protest” groups (including Antifa) at St Paul’s Church in Charlottesville. He said, “We have to take a stand! That’s why some of us came to fight and get arrested if necessary.” [Emphasis added].

The next day, August 12, Refuse Fascism handed out supplies such as picket signs reading, “NO! In the name of humanity WE REFUSE TO ACCEPT A FASCIST AMERICA”.

Many individuals with the Antifa Torch Network marched with either Dix and his Revolutionary Communist Party or Cornel West and “Congregate Cville”, a group of Leftist clergy.

This exemplified the Leftist concept of “Diversity of Tactics”—a mixture of violence and nonviolence.

Leftists like Holly Zoller even carried the Refuse Fascism picket sign/ club marching into battle against the legally-permitted UTR rally (see pic below).

After organizing in the parking lots of the “Congregate Cville” churches, Refuse Fascism demonstrators blocked Market Street outside the permitted demonstration and beat demonstrators with the picket signs.

So this is the real Soros to Antifa pipeline:

George Soros -> Open Society Foundation/Tides Foundation -> Alliance for Global Justice > Cornel West/ Refuse Fascism -> Antifa Torch Network.

The financing is generally never so simple as a billionaire directly paying for a U-Haul. It’s more like a series of fiscal contributions passed between shell corporations that ultimately end up as “picket signs” a.k.a. clubs and bail funds in the hands of violent rioters.

Far more direct, and far more sinister, is the funding of the campaigns of Leftist prosecutors who continue to release the rioters without any serious charges. Soros did just that during the 2018 midterms. (Conspiracy FACT: Soros-funded prosecutors let rioters go but declare not agreeing with Black Lives Matter to be a ‘hate crime, by Nebojsa Malic, RT, July 9, 2020) T

That’s also why we’ve seen the politically motivated prosecutions of conservatives like Jake Gardner and the McCloskeys who were forced to defend themselves against the Black Lives Matter mobs.

Americans face a violent interstate Communist conspiracy. Where is the FBI?

Jason Kessler [Email him |Tweet him] is a freelance journalist and activist who has written for, Daily Caller and GotNews as well as his own site He’s also the president and founder of the America First non-profit Unity and Security for America.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Antifa is basically a division of the FBI. The FBI themselves are nothing more than criminals who carry badges and guns and operate under the color of law. The only proper place for every single one them is a federal prison. As was seen with the Weavers and at Waco, they have zero qualms about killing a woman holding an infant or small children trying to escape a burning structure. They are really no different than the NKVD, the GDR Stasi, the Gestapo or any of the other hired thugs and killers enforcing the diktats of various criminal empires throughout history. Antifa is there to serve as direct muscle to soften up things for the real killing fields to follow. Many of them will likely end up in ditches once they’ve outlived their usefulness to those running this “grassroots uprising”. The most ruthless and violent might be promoted to “FBI Special Agent” or the like under Dear Leader Hindoo-Dindoo or whoever ends up on top of the trash heap.

    • Agree: Mark Matis, Alden
  2. Yes, in the first debate between Trump and Biden, Chris Wallace, (democrat Fox news debate moderator..LOL.. brought up Charlottesville “violence” and this, after four months of daily violence, burning , looting and murder in Portland Oregon by the far left groups!!!! Talk about Wallace having his priorities wrong on picking examples of extreme violence!!

  3. The classic meme to go with the title of this article

    The ‘law’ in the USA died a long time ago, it is just that its corruption is now being unleashed more fully against whites … US ‘law’ was fully buried when the US Supreme Court voted 6-3 in 1993, that it was perfectly all right to put to death a man presumed to be totally innocent like Latino Leonel Herrera they helped murder, and this the year after when Bill Clinton during his successful campaign, put to death a black man, Ricky Rector, who had taken a bullet in the brain and was so mentally disabled he didn’t know he was being executed

  4. Holy crap! I can’t even finish the article before having to comment.

    What is it about Leftist men that they go for really ugly, low quality and/or fat chicks?!!

    The guy Sean is a decent looking guy, his girlfriend Holly is a fat, ugly low-quality girl (and you know she’s a nasty witch too!).

    See this all the time. These dudes are mentally ill/defective. Seriously.

    • Replies: @Alden
  5. Finished the article. Soros must be paying that dude to have sex (“girlfriend”) with that pig of a woman – mystery solved!

  6. Americans face a violent interstate Communist conspiracy.

    These people aren’t Communists. Communists have no use for open borders or namby-pamby shite like “social justice” as in ray-cism or BLM. They are after the levers of power to dismantle the system. If they were Communists, they wouldn’t be attacking Mom and Pop businesses, they’d be torching Walmarts and banks.
    These people are the useful idiots of the globalist finance capitalists.

  7. Alden says:

    That’s probably the only women they can get. I noticed when I worked at a big university that all the radical White groups were composed of women who purposely made themselves ugly and gay or sissy boy White men.

    It’s been that way for about 100 years. Women can make themselves pretty or ugly.

    • Replies: @Cameron232
  8. @Alden

    Yeah, but the guy in the article above doesn’t look sissyboy. There’s lots of sissy boys on the far left. But some far left men aren’t sissyboys. For some reason even the masculine leftist dudes still seem to get fat, ugly women. E.g. I’ve seen handsome, masculine leftist white guys with fat black chicks. They must be crazy.

    My only other guess would be the women are hyper-slutty and put out several times a day – the only possible reason why a decent looking guy would date an ugly, nasty woman.

  9. KenH says:

    Americans face a violent interstate Communist conspiracy. Where is the FBI?

    The FBI is part of the woke revolution and allies of BLM, antifa and other far left wing and anti-white groups. Due to heavy ADL pressure it now lies pathologically about the threat of so called “white supremacy”and for that most of its leadership should rot in prison.

  10. Mr. Kessler, I ‘ve kept up with all your writings on VDare. Thank you for illuminating all the injustice done after the fact in Charlotteville, Virginia and also for your investigative work displayed here. We are experiencing another round of the evil of Communism, as it, its schemers, and its useful idiots come crawling out of the woodwork again, just like they did a century ago.

    I hope we can stop this before America becomes the next USSR, Red China or Khmer Rouge destroyed Cambodia. We are very fortunate to have ancestors who, if they’ve done nothing else right, have continuously fought politically to keep most of our 2nd Amendment rights. We’re gonna need it.

    Keep up the good work, Jason Kessler.

  11. @Curmudgeon

    We are going to have another round here, Curmudgeon, as I bet to differ. I was very glad to see Mr. Kessler’s last sentence on here, in fact, as I mentioned yesterday in Peak Stupidity‘s post Stupid v Evil – Round 3.

    I forgot to mention, since the other commenters have already brought it up, something I also wrote in that post:

    Wait, whaaaa? Where is the FBI? They are part of the story, just not on the side Mr. Kessler may have erroneously assumed. Why you’d imagine the US Gov’t would be on our side in any way in this day and ages is beyond me. He’s right on the money with the first sentence excerpted though.

    [That’d be the one about the Communists.]

    Anyway, Curmudgeon, before I get into this, let me say 2 things:

    1) I am sorry for not replying anymore in that Michelle Malkin thread in which we left of on this.

    2) Thank you for keeping it very civil. I’ll try to do the same. Really, it’s not like we disagree on that much, maybe just terminology.

    I’ll write more soon.

  12. @Curmudgeon

    OK, here we go. Again, there is no “class struggle” and “the proletariat” talk or readings from Marx or Chairman Mao’s little red book this time. So what? In all instances, whether they call themselves Communists, anarchists (the case in the US of A a century ago), Antifa, what-have-you, all of these people are the losers in life (often not through doings of their own, but often so) who want to destroy the society that they don’t fit in with.

    In old Russia, it was the Czars. Hell, most countries had Kings/Queens/other rulers with absolute powers back then, and I’m sure the people had plenty to beef about. In the US it was about Wall Street in the 1910s/20s, as the anarchists set off bombs. Later , during Roosevelt’s Great Depression it was simply, why not Communism?. In Germany a century ago it was about just becoming the next USSR, keeping it International and all. In China it was about corruption in the government of the Nationalists (corruption in China, yeah, who knew?). Now in America it is about The Man, the cops, the racist white oppression, the people who won’t worship the idiocy of 32 flavors of gender, the patriarchy, again, you name it, they have a big beef about it.

    What they all have in common is the urge to destroy the current, traditional culture and the economy. They don’t know what comes after that. They don’t even know whom they should be mad at. Yeah, Wall Street and Big Biz (incl, Big-Computer-Tech) who work hand-in-hand with Big Feral Gov’t SHOULD be the culprit, but do you think these people think that hard, Curmudgeon? Go talk to some of them. You’ll realize that many of them should be in mental hospitals in a sane society.

    Yes, they have been destroying Mom and Pop businesses. Did the old Commies of the day care about then either? You gotta break some eggs and all that. Destruction is destruction. It’s all gotta go. They have no idea what to dismantle and what not to dismantle.

    I know part of your point is that the evil men behind the scenes now could very well be called Global Finance Capitalists or whatever, or just by name, George Soros. Fair enough. The big money men were not on the side of destruction in century-ago Russia and Germany.

    I’ll leave it at this. I can’t speak for the writer here, and he may not read any of these comments as busy as he must be with the battles against these, well, Commies. I’m sorry, I’ll continue using this term though it is erroneous per Mr. Curmudgeon. I appreciate your comments, though.

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