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Ye vs. Rothschild Zionism, Black Hebrew Replacement Theory, & a Black Ethnostate with Chinese Characteristics.
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Ye (Kanye) could be crazy. Some might consider destroying your billion-dollar business empire overnight to speak your truth an act of insanity. This is beyond sticking your head out the window and shouting, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!” like in that scene from “Network.” It’s more akin to an up-and-coming associate at a corporate law firm showing up to the office meeting naked in camouflage face paint. It’s career-killing.

Within the ziocracy’s stable of entertainers, Ye is a leper with omicron. If he showed up at a music industry function, it’d be like when the possessed girl in “The Exorcist” walked into her mother’s party and pissed on the carpet- that long minute of uncomfortable horrified silence. The millionaire performers know whose teet they suckle from.

I don’t follow Ye’s music. I know him through celebrity culture- the time he snatched Taylor Swift’s music award, and his marriage to Kim Kardashian. To give the Kardashian girls their due, they struck pinhead gold. Like H.L. Mencken said, “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.”

I don’t think Ye is the Black deliverer. The Rothschild Zionist anvil will drop hard on his head. He can always claim a schizoid break. If he lays prostrate at the feet of the ADL and cries, “I’m sorry Massa!” they might let him continue to eat, albeit with a severe reduction in calories. If he stands firm, he could wind up busking in the subway- or dead.

Ye shouldn’t expect any mainstream Black organizations to speak on his behalf. They are controlled by Rothschild Zionists. It would be like the House AA who fed Massa slave escape plans hiding Nat Turner. Or a cricket jumping to Mars.

The NAACP was founded by Rothschild Zionists. The “woke” crowd occasionally pays homage to Black liberationist Marcus Garvey. What they fail to mention is that Garvey was given the maximum prison sentence by a Rothschild Zionist judge who sat on the NAACP board of directors. Harsh prison conditions contributed to Garvey’s premature death.

The SPLC, which ostensibly fights for Black civil rights, is a Zionist Lobby smear factory. BLM was initially funded by George Soros, The DNC, and Hollywood. After Biden was elected, BLM was folded up and put in the clothes bin. Don’t cry too much for BLM’s oppressed African American founders. They were handed golden parachutes that floated them into Beverly Hills mansions, Hampton retreats, and Upper West Side penthouses.

The tiki bar takeaway is that the African slave trade was bankrolled primarily by international Jewish financiers. The Nation of Islam Research Center has produced brilliant work on this subject that makes the dreck from ivy league Black studies departments look like a stoner’s term paper written the night before the due date. Dr. Tony Martin, professor of Black studies at Wellesley College, was so impressed with NOI’s work, he included it in his class syllabus. As a reward, he was fired, banned for life, and driven to an early death.

Real Black leaders get assassinated, locked up, or hit hard, e.g., Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Fred Hampton, George Jackson. Granted, these guys weren’t Urkel from “Family Matters.” Many graduated from the gladiator schools of the Prison Industrial Complex. Some pimped and dealt drugs before taking on “The System.” So what? Sometimes It takes a hard man to play a hard game.

Whatever happens, Ye’s act of free speech could create a small ripple in a big pond, perhaps joining other ripples to form a Black tsunami that washes over Rothschild Zionism like the ocean hitting a Thai beach resort on Boxing Day. That “butterfly wings causing a hurricane” thing.

What’s interesting is, Ye claims that Black people are the “authentic Hebrews” or “real Jews.” For the Princeton theology professors out there, I’m not getting into the “who were the original biblical Hebrews” debate. I’m looking at it through the lens of Dr. Carl Jung’s archetype theory and Professor Joseph Campbell’s work, and in that context, I believe Black Hebrews are totally legitimate.

As per the bible, Hebrew slaves wandered the scorpion infested desert for forty years before they entered the promised land. For four centuries, Black slaves wandered through a desert of plantation whips, Jim Crow, medical experimentation (Tuskegee Study), CIA inner-city drug dumps, and the prison industrial complex. Perhaps one day they too will enter their promised land- a Black ethnostate.

As an interesting aside, some White people identify as White Hebrew Israelites. The Puritans thought they were heirs of the biblical Hebrews, and that America was their promised land. They erroneously viewed Native Americans as Amalekites who needed to be wiped out. In 1800’s England, a large British Israelism movement sprang up. During the latter part of the twentieth century, controversial US evangelist Herbert W. Armstrong amassed a fortune proclaiming Anglo Saxons descended from the tribe of Joseph.

Today, one would likely find a White Hebrew preparing for the apocalypse on an off-grid organic farm or inside a prison organization. How do I view White Hebrews? I believe they’re totally legit. However, at this juncture, I don’t think they have the numbers to make a significant social impact.

Within the Black community, it is a common belief that Black people are the “real Jews.” Many sects of Black Hebrews exist. In Israel, there is a Black Hebrew kibbutz made up of US emigres. From what I understand, they often get hassled by the Israeli authorities. The Rastafarians believe they are Black Judah- hence the Lion of Judah as their official symbol.

Most people are familiar with the Black Hebrew Israelites via the media. I can see how big Black guys dressed in “The Ten Commandments” meets “The Green Berets” outfits might be intimidating to some. I’ve encountered their street corner display booths on a few occasions. Like most media hype, their scary reputation is grossly exaggerated. When they let down the forcefield, it turns out that they’re a lovely bunch of fellows who just want to study the Bible and exercise their First Amendment right of free speech. Just don’t piss them off.

The Nation of Islam is known for its connection to Islamic theology, but few outsiders realize that NOI members consider themselves Black Hebrews. Dressed immaculately in bow ties and suits, their right angles cut sharper than Paul Lynde’s wit, and their shoes shine like black suns. They can be courteous to a fault. But don’t mistake their “officer and a gentleman” manners for weakness. If crossed, they can be deadlier than a live wire in a bathtub.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan predicted the Middle East neocon wars and the destruction of Libya years before those events occurred. Like Public Enemy said, “The follower Farrakhan, don’t tell me that you understand, until you hear the man.” For those down on rap, Public Enemy was warning about the NWO back in the late ’80s and ’90s.

I think the Rothschild Zionists have been in control of the Judah car for too long. It would be great if the Black Jews took the wheel from the Rothschild Zionists. Maybe the Black Jews could drop off the Rothschild Zionists at the next rest stop. As a Jewish Hebrew Israelite (or Jew), I’m happy to sit in the back seat and let the Black Hebrews take over the driving. The Judah car is a spacious ride. I think the Black Hebrews could find room for righteous Jews, innocent little Jews, and beautiful creative Jews. Making Black people the “official Jews” could end a lot of unnecessary suffering.

Speaking of things biblical, it often feels to me like we’re closing in on the “end times.” If the Whore of Babylon is approaching her expiration date, what happens when the US Anglo-Zionist Empire collapses? In his informative book, “Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America,” Vietnam vet and professional mercenary soldier Thomas W. Chittum predicted that the US would break apart into separate ethnic based states, like the former Yugoslavia. Chittum stated that a Black ethnostate would arise in the southeastern United States.

What would a Black ethnostate look like? I think it could be beautiful- with China’s help. Due to a centuries-long assault on Black education (Black slaves were forbidden to learn how to read, and today’s inner city Black schools are designed for failure), there is a shortage of STEM professionals in the Black community. Fortunately, China has lots of experience in Africa building rail networks, energy grids, hospitals, and other vital projects. Another plus is that China doesn’t carry racial baggage, so I think a Black ethnostate community would be receptive to China’s assistance.

The Black community contains many brilliant entrepreneurs. The People’s Bank of China could provide seed money for Black business ventures. However, like China with its socialism with Chinese characteristics, I think a Black ethnostate would groove better on socialism with Black characteristics. This could include universal basic income, universal healthcare, free college, and comfortable public retirement plans.


Some might say that China would use Black ethnostate citizens as modern-day sharecroppers. I disagree. With advancements in Chinese robotics and software programs, much of the drudge work could be performed by machines. Black people would have an abundance of leisure time, giving them ample opportunity to pursue personal interests.

For those who worry about Chinese technical experts on American soil posing a security threat to the other states- relax. In its 5000-year history, China has never invaded a foreign country. Participation in China’s win-win cooperation and Belt and Road Initiative is voluntary. Unlike the US Empire, which bombs nations into oblivion if they refuse to go along with the win (banks and corporations) – lose (the people) agenda. Also, most wars are resource wars. A stable and prosperous Black ethnostate nurtured by China would reduce the chances of conflict with fellow states.

Why would China go above and beyond for a Black ethnostate? Simple. For centuries, the Anglo-Zionist ruling class failed miserably in their dealings with Black people. A successful Black ethnostate with Chinese characteristics would send a loud message to the world. From the lowest gutter dog to the most bejeweled peacock, all would know that China deserves the role of primary global influencer.

According to Chittum’s book, there would also be a Mexican/Latino ethnostate, (that’s fair, considering the US illegally annexed a third of Mexico during the Mexican American War). and a White ethnostate. I would suggest that there should also be a Native American ethnostate. (to honor the White man’s broken treaties). I would hope for a multicultural state(s) as well. (Hey man, I need to live somewhere.)

If a new union of ethno/multicultural states came about, I would hope they’d follow China’s model of win-win cooperation. To be sure, a White ethnostate would play an important role in such a confederation. What would the Tao of Whiteness look like in a White ethnostate? I can’t say. The White man’s program is the White man’s program.

I do believe that the creation of a White ethnostate is imperative, given the intensity of the Rothschild Zionist White working-class genocide program. I also think White people need a “safe space” to revitalize Euro-American culture. I believe a White ethnostate could produce amazing things.

On a logistical note, the primary White ethnostate has been traditionally viewed as existing in the Pacific Northwest. The main headquarters for Amazon (Bezos), Microsoft (Gates), Boeing (MIC), and Starbucks are located in the Pacific Northwest. I doubt those guys are going to stand on the sidelines and cheer like Fire Island groupies when the WNs stroll into town swinging their d!cks around.

The only alternative to a Mad Max scorched earth scenario that I see is if a bunch of strong men seize control of the country, and divide it up in a smoky backroom. If you believe the bloated “freedom fries” patriots are going to stage a successful revolution, I have a bridge in a certain NYC borough I’d like to show you. The American public couldn’t stage a third-grader production of Snow White, let alone a revolution.

If a White ethnostate materializes in my lifetime, I hope that their department of immigration issues me a tourist visa so I can visit the White Hebrew Israelite tribal center. I’d love to drink a few beers and smoke the peace pipe with the guys during their high holiday celebrations. Who knows? It’s said that Cosmic Consciousness sometimes passes elephants through keyholes.

Whether you love or hate China—one thing is undeniable. China is the last remaining nation-state powerful enough to withstand the Rothschild Zionist-International banker turbine. The total collapse of human civilization could be the next best option. Living in a WEF dystopia as a chipped factory farm animal loaded with toxic nanotechnology is not living.

Before closing, I’d like to say that the open exchange of ideas is an integral component of communal intelligence. The hard work and courage of technology entrepreneur, free speech activist, publisher, writer, and journalist Ron Unz helps keep alive that which the most solid dudes shed their blood for. The gift of free speech cannot be repaid in Earthly coin. That the ADL-Big Tech-Deep State triad would take it away is unconscionable. The American people allowing it to happen is beyond belief.

I think a Black ethnostate with Chinese characteristics would be pretty groovy. Much better than the Rothschild Zionist Black agenda. The coming days of iron and fire could settle much. I suppose it’s all relative. Whether walking through a field of lilies or a burning building, to the follower of the Tao, the prime directive remains constant: Run your program. Follow your code. Like Robert De Niro said in “The Deer Hunter”- “This is this.”

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  1. gay troll [AKA "Sue Dunham"] says:

    What an ironic diatribe. Instead of being OK with “white” Hebrews and “black” Hebrews and “Jewish” Hebrews, and awarding each of them their own separate promised land, why not say “there’s no such thing as a Hebrew”, and stop being racist assholes to each other?

    Everyone wants to be a Hebrew because the Bible says the Hebrews were Semites who were chosen to be YHWH’s little dick clippers and slave drivers. Being a Semite only makes you YHWH’s house nigger anyway. He’s still going to enjoy grinding you down to dust.

    There were a real people called the Habiru whose fate was entwined with the real Egyptian inventor of monotheism. But the Habiru weren’t an extended family; they were a motley crew gathered from the social detritus of the rich Canaanite city states. They were mercenaries, outcasts, and brigands. After many years working and fighting for Akhenaten in Egypt, they overthrew the kings of Canaan. Their new nation became Israel.

    And then, perhaps as late as 250 BC, the Jews (who spoke Greek) plagiarized and adapted the real history of Israel so that they could claim it for themselves. They even knocked off a brand new language based on Aramaic.

    It was the Jews who invented the Hebrews to justify their occupation and exploitation of other peoples’ shit. I say, fuck all Hebrews and Semites. Fuck all imagined supremacists.

    • Thanks: Kali
    • LOL: Truth
  2. gay troll [AKA "Sue Dunham"] says:

    Oh, and I love how the author’s cure for 2000 years of insane fratricidal scripture jockeying is CHINESE COMMUNISM! Using technology developed in the free West! It is just all so very wry.

    My dude, you spelled Kanye’s name wrong in the first sentence!

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  3. @gay troll

    America has adopted all the worse aspects of communism without its few workable proposals. American State is now more intrusive and invasive than Stalin’s USSR ever was; it suppresses freedom of expression at par with North Korea; its infrastructure is starting to resemble the East European satellites; its population is clamouring for more freebies than ever promised by Hugo Chavez; yet Chinese Communism is evil, yes, I get it.

    The fundamental difference between Chinese “Communism” and American “Capitalism” is now boiled down to one point: Who should control whom – whether the oligarch should control the technocrat running the government, or vice versa? American oligarch says he should control the politicians (in America, technocrats take second place to politicians, so, controlling the politicians means controlling the government); Chinese technocrat says that he should control the oligarchs. In China, Xi could order Jack Maw to be confined; in America, Soros could order Donald Trump to be defeated. Now, we all can make up our minds and choose our sides.

    There is no dog of the people in this race – they are simply going to obey the winner of this global struggle. They have forfeited their right to regulate their own lives by failing to monitor and punish their representatives; as a result, “representatives” a.k.a political “leaders” are now firmly the stooges of the oligarch.

    Forget Chicoms or Davos crowd; this fight cuts across language, civilisation, continent or nation; in every country, plutocrats are furiously undermining the government; they do not want even a disapproving look from the government. And they are in close coordination, apparently, through their henchmen in the WEF and suchlike Yakuzas.

    And here we are, worried about the growing influence of Chicoms over our “precious democracy”.

    • Thanks: Fidelios Automata
  4. HoekomSA says:

    You are wrong about the Chinese not invading.
    recently they invaded Tibet and are committing demographic and cultural genocide.
    Their borders have expanded and contracted over time which mean they have been in expansive and colonial modes many times.
    They also commit genocide when they are in the mood.

    “The Dzungar genocide (Chinese: 準噶爾滅族; lit. ‘extermination of the Dzungar tribe’) was the mass extermination of the Mongol Dzungar people by the Qing dynasty.[3] The Qianlong Emperor ordered the genocide due to the rebellion in 1755 by Dzungar leader Amursana against Qing rule, after the dynasty first conquered the Dzungar Khanate with Amursana’s support. The genocide was perpetrated by Manchu generals of the Qing army sent to crush the Dzungars, supported by Uyghur allies and vassals due to the Uyghur revolt against Dzungar rule.”

    This genocide added considerable territory to china which they today inhabit without guilt or shame.

    Also going back further the Han Chinese exterminated the original aboriginal inhabitants of southern China.

    So Chinese are just human with their great strengths and weaknesses, but dont put your trust in people who regard you as non U.

    • Replies: @Fidelios Automata
    , @Legba
  5. Africa has 30+ Black ethnostates. Perhaps one or two are peaceable and quasi-free; those are tiny places dominated by a single tribe. As much as I respect Black people for their toughness and their survival of the abomination that was slavery (having been sold into that condition by other Blacks) they’re not very good at statecraft.

  6. @HoekomSA

    I suspect that our corporate media exaggerates the Uighur oppression to take our eyes of the more onerous oppression of the legitimate inhabitants of the Holy Land. Free Palestine!

  7. Kali says:

    I’m firmly with Sue Dunham regarding the Hebrew-worship in this piece. The whole ideology of a universal god choosing one part of his entire creation as somehow more deserving, special and worthy than everything else he created is, 1, utterly ridiculous, and 2, what got us into this mess in the first place. Stupid, divisive, supremacist bullshit!

    It’s entirely unnecessary to identify as jewish, hebrew, christian, or any other ego-tag folks use to abitrarily distinguish themelves from others. – The practic of an actual religion (ie, Jewdaism, Christianity, etc,) being a somewhat less arbitrary way to separate yourself from others.

    Old Brown Fool nailed it in his reply to Sue regarding American Capitalism and Chinese Communism though. (Mind you, culturally China blows America out of the water!)

    The principle “don’t hate, separate”, which is what this article boils down to, is a workable solution, imo. But I’d suggest something a little less intrinsically hierarchical than grand “ethrostates”.

    There are no political solutions, only socio-economic solutions. And the best of those would be grown from the roots up, rather than uprooted and transplated by political decree.

    As the economic structure we’re acustomed to is demolished all around us, and we have to find alternative means to meet our material needs, then it’s probably better that we find ways, through mutual cooperation with friends and neighbours to do so, rather than wait for the WEF and it’s political enforcers to re-organise and relocate us, as they “build back better”, and lock us all into perpetual slavery to their technocratic transhumanist NWO.

    It’s far too easy to be distracted from the economic urgency we face. The political, military and media three-ring circus has far too much of our attention at a time when we ought to be preparing to feed, house, warm and clothe ourselves once the Central Bank Digital Currencies are forced on all those who failed to prepar for economic independance.

    In order to prepare for independance, we’re going to need to establish communities or networks of like-minded folk. And that’s where the “don’t hate, separate” principle is activated naturally and organically. Because birds of a feather generally flock together.

    Best regards,

    • Agree: Notsofast
    • Replies: @geokat62
  8. If “ethno-states” are too far-flung, why not enlarge reservations, build also ones for Blacks, give them more autonomy, keeping only loose ties with the Federation (like Mikronesia), give some parts of the South-West back to Mexico and install the Hapsburg Emperor’s monarchy again, of course a constitutional, not an absolutistic one (by the way, Emperor Max was very liberal – like Archiduke Johann – he wanted to keep the reforms of Benito Juarez, but was overruled by the Mexican reactionary oligarchy).
    *grrr* – why don’t they ask me?
    P. S. : Liberia is already the Black ethnostate – really a pity, that she’s also among Africa’s “failed states”…

  9. Legba says:

    You cite wikipedia but what does snopes say?

  10. Trinity says:

    Ching Chongs or Herbs vs.Whites.

    Heebs are thieves and parasites. Maniacal, psychotic, biggest misanthropic racists on the planet.

    Chinese? Slave like mentality, robotic mindset, cruel to animals. Ancient nation that was a backwater c rap hole until recently. Remember that old movie with Mickey Rourke, “Year Of The Dragon?” Had illegal Chinese working in NYC’s Chinatown like REAL slaves for crumbs.

    Whites? Far from perfect but would you rather live in a nation 90% White, China, or muh Israel? Get real.

  11. You misstate a few key facts. Or just lie on purpose, I suppose.

    China has no racial baggage? hahahahahaha First off, ask any Korean or Japanese about this. Second, ask any Chinese about Koreans, Japanese, Europeans, or Africans. Han China is a race-supremacist ethnostate with Communist characteristics.
    Would ethnic cleansing of Uyghur Muslims constitute “racial baggage?” Because I think it does.

    China has never invaded another country? Tibet, obviously. Also Korea, in the Korean War. India gets invaded by China every couple of months. Small advances, sure, but small steps add up to great journeys.

    There is no reason for the USA to surrender territory to create ethno-states. Eliminating Rothschild-Zionist control would open the future to many possibilities, from which ethnically-mixed America could choose democratically if the media were free and honest and the political system immune to Zionist and corporate corruption.

  12. Zumbuddi says:

    Solomon chews his cabbage twice:

    Nov. 8, 2022:

    I think the Black Hebrews could find room for righteous Jews, innocent little Jews, and beautiful creative Jews.

    Oct. 11, 2022:

    I in no way include righteous Jews, innocent little Jews, or beautiful creative Jews in with that. I love those Jews.

    Having twice served up this cruciferous* congeries and even included himself among them, we call upon the author to be more specific:
    Just how much room would Black Hebrews need to provide?
    Precisely how many “righteous . . .innocent . . .beautiful . . .creative Jews” are we talking about — 666 or 6 million?
    Name names, man: if Black Hebrews are to run an orderly state, they’re going to need to know the names to write on the checks and leases.


    “Fun fact: The name “cruciferous” is an informal classification for members of the mustard family and comes from the Latin cruciferae meaning “cross bearing,” because the four petals resemble a cross.”

    Oh the irony.

  13. geokat62 says:

    Because birds of a feather generally flock together.

    Glad you penned these words, Kali.

    The more people who come to realise the truth of this realistic take on nature the better.

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