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Yale’s Racial Preference Predicament
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The Department of Justice has recently charged Yale University with racial discrimination in its undergraduate admissions and thus being in violation of Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. At least superficially, everything thus far follows a familiar, oft-repeated script that began in 1978 with the Bakke case. According to the DOJ probe, “Yale grants substantial, and often determinative, preferences based on race to certain racially-favored applicants and relatively and significantly disfavors other applicants because of their race. Yale’s race discrimination imposes undue and unlawful penalties on racially-disfavored applicants, including in particular Asian American and White applicants.” To be sure, the DOJ is willing to accept some racial discrimination, but it must be “narrowly tailored to serve a compelling state interest,” and Yale, allegedly, fails this test. Finally, the DOJ gives Yale until August 27, 2020 to end voluntarily this discrimination or face a lawsuit.

And, in accordance with this script, Yale denies nearly everything. President Peter Salovey dismisses the accusations as “baseless” and adds that Yale has fully cooperated with the DOJ investigation. He adds, “Given our university’s commitment to complying with federal law, I am dismayed that the DOJ inexplicably rushed to conclude its investigation without conducting a fully informed analysis, which would have shown that Yale’s practices absolutely comply with decades of Supreme Court precedent.” President Salovey even sounds a bit belligerent: “Yale College will not change its admissions processes in response to today’s letter because the DOJ is seeking to impose a standard that is inconsistent with existing law. We will continue to look at the whole person when selecting whom to admit among the many thousands of highly qualified applicants. … We will continue to create a student body that is rich in a diverse range of ideas, expertise, and experiences. …”

Needless to say, everyone recognizes the Kabuki theatre—the documented evidence of racial discrimination is “oversized” (to use DOJ language), the diversity rationale is flimsy, and President Salovey can hardly be expected to publicly confess to illegal behavior. Surely everybody on campus notices that nearly all blacks owe their admission to politics. Now, if the Yale case followed the well-worn script of universities caught practicing illegal racial discrimination, this brouhaha would soon disappear. That is, Yale would promise to alter its policies and perhaps temporarily admit a few more Asians and whites while eliminating blatant legal violations. With time, however, the old abuses will slip back in thanks, no doubt, to more secretive directives to admission officers or tinkering with standards such as abolishing the SAT requirement to fake compliance.

Unfortunately for President Salovey, the traditional escape route of trimming the worst abuses of preferences before sneaking them back will be more difficult this time around. The obstacle is Yale’s extensive “Diversity and inclusion” bureaucracy that will resist the customary Kabuki charade. We are not speaking of the usual gaggle of annoying campus Social Justice Warriors demanding “more diversity” who, thankfully, will eventually graduate or the woke faculty insisting that Physics be more inclusive.

Those unfamiliar with today’s campus diversity mania will amazed at Yale bureaucratic commitment. Being a private school, it is nearly impossible to obtain budgetary figures, but, lack of financial data aside, it is clearly huge, and like the old Soviet Communist Party, it can be likened to a parallel state with a network of commissars, apparatchiki and functionaries who earn their keep prodding Yale to hire more blacks. As the official mission statement of this bureaucracy put it, “We provide a range of information, consultation and educational supports to the Yale community on issues related to workforce diversity, inclusion, and mutual respect.” Moreover, as was true in the USSR with its multiple state-run affinity groups such as the Young Pioneers, there are various student groups, for example, the Afro-American Cultural Center and La Casa Cultural.

Yale’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences exemplifies this bountifulness. It is headed up by Michelle Nearon, Senior Associate Dean & Director of Office for Graduate Student Development and Diversity, with the help of a Senior Administrative Assistant. The Office also includes thirteen OGSDD Fellows drawn from various Yale Departments, most of whom are African American women judging from their photographs.

These Yale Diversitycrats are a busy bunch. Mentoring students is particularly important and programs, sometimes held several times a month, separately target undergraduates, graduate students, advanced graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. Among other tasks, they help communicate and publicize Yale’s diversity milestones. Meanwhile, OGSDD graduate student fellows host regular Social Justice Workshops where small groups meet (often over a meal) to explore topics such as race and racism, academic diversity, policing and environmental injustice.

To encourage scholarship there are ten Dean’s Emerging Scholars Research Awards per year awarded to currently-matriculated Ph.D. students whose purpose is to help students with field work and attend professional conferences (one-time \$2,000 awards also help cover expenses). Throw in fifteen \$3000 Dean’s Emerging Scholars Fellowships per year (plus \$2000 in research funds) to incoming Ph.D. graduate students across all programs. Recipients will be chosen with the input of the Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Student Development and Diversity. All and all, lots of paperwork and meeting to dispense race-based benefits.

Creating a more diverse faculty is also very much on the agenda and since 2015 Yale has committed more than \$50 million to diversify its faculty. Much of this new funding is labor intensive, for example, offering training to eliminate implicit bias, creating university-wide teaching programs to help “under-represented faculty” enter STEM fields and together with Yale’s School of Management, “… empower mid-career faculty with the skills they will need as future leaders in higher education.” And to ensure progress, the Provost will collect data on school and department demography.


Never mentioned, perhaps not even acknowledged in one’s private thoughts, is why helping “under-served minorities” requires extra millions for an army of bureaucrats. Nor does anyone dare ask why Yale never made a similar effort to help other once-excluded groups when they initially became Yalies. Did the first wave of Jewish professors require instruction form crusty WASPs regarding proper attire or conversing without shouting? It’s a bit ironic that many of Yale’s Asian newcomers probably grew up in first-generation immigrant families unschooled in Ivy League etiquette.

Will anyone dare calculate the opportunity costs of this enterprise vis-à-vis the alleged diversity dividend? An economist might conclude that diversity must be hugely beneficial given Yale’s fiscal commitment. Perhaps this calculation explains soaring tuition—a Yale BA now includes a significant diversity component and the cost of adding this de lux ingredient is so large that tuition must be correspondently increased. If this diversity component in the Yale degree vanished, would tuition similarly fall? Would the diversity-less Yale degree plummet in value so Goldman Saks recruiters no longer sought out its graduates?

Most important, those challenging racial preferences must now confront an obstacle far more formidable than just pushing virtue-signaling administrators to embrace merit in admissions. The very prospect of substantially reducing black enrollment raises the possibility of scaling down the diversity colossus and these cutbacks will undoubtedly bring the threat of campus violence likely egged on by the diversity apparatchiki themselves. After all, Mau-mauing is a proven strategy. The days of Kabuki theater of quietly negotiating a cosmetic consent decree with government lawyers are over. Nor will it make any difference if President Salovey tells the soon-to-be-fired that Yale must submit to the DOJ or face massive cuts in federal funding. Who cares about research funding for white academics? Nor will the soon to be ex-Assistant Deans of Diversity and Inclusion take solace in the assurances that thousands of businesses needing experts in mentoring African Americans will quickly hire these ex-Yales. The pot will boil.

Rest assured; countless other schools will get the message at the first sign of mayhem. Even to hint of cutting the bureaucratic bloat risks violence and attract hardened agitators form outside the campus. Portland OR here we come and timid administrators may well promise to keep the diversity apparatus alive even if there is hardly anybody to mentor.

What makes this dilemma so troublesome is that it is built on deceit. Its very existence is but a way of bribing academically unqualified blacks who might otherwise demand actual faculty positions. Harvard, Princeton and dozens of other elite institutions surely know the score: better to have a make-work administrator trying to root out imaginary toxic white racism than letting them teach chemistry. Think of the diversity nomenklatura mania as a damage limiting, not benefit maximizing strategy, no doubt perfectly rational given Yale huge endowment and ability to tap private funds that advance virtue signaling. It may end, however, thanks to increasing court skepticism. This may not be a good time to be on campus. Stay tuned.

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  1. Yale has committed more than \$50 million to diversify its faculty.

    This money, of course, is spent primarily on boosting the salaries of ‘diverse’ faculty members and recuits, which is a sort of zero-sum game played against peer institutions doing exactly the same thing.

    And this phenomenon is found in government, business, and other institutions to the extent that it forms a colossal entitlement across our society, none of which–mysteriously–is ever found on the ledger when it’s time to tally everything up. So we need to do more! We always need to do more.

    • Replies: @tyrone
  2. What´s a girl to do ?

    You must have quota or you get dissperate impack good and hard, all while not having quota under pain of the DoJ not anywhere near as hard.
    Everybody and his mama know the Affirmative Action American is the Mafia Don´s dimwit nephew – you have to hire it or else and create a job description where it does the minimum amount of damage to the operation and the female staff. If they are smart enough to realize they are a tax (“extortion racket” is so inSENsitive), they either revel in it (preferrable) or frantically try to justify their existence (lasciate ogni speranza).
    Damned if you do, damned if you don´t.

  3. Proof is in the pudding, an old yet valid expression. Decades now since experiencing affirmative action academically, and in hiring ( several careers before nursing), too often the yt had to take up the slack of the diversity. Now in recent times, fellow nurses and other healthcare providers avoid employment situations where we may be ‘supervised’ by a lesser qualified, too often hostile staff of different complexion, and positions located where the clients are similar as well. Curiously, patients seem to often choose yt over their fellow care providers.
    As the economy shifts, reimbursements trend downward (from the taxpayer funding the governments), the trend to hire the more literate, capable candidates will probably increase. One employ offered even newly graduated nurses a higher wage due to being located in the hood. Not many takers.

    • Replies: @R.C.
  4. BuelahMan says:

    I understand that jews are heavily over represented above other races.

    But they own America, so its fine…

  5. Anonymous[213] • Disclaimer says:

    We can probably all agree that Yale and its peer institutions are terrible on the issue of affirmative action, but I doubt that they are doing much to favor the admission of Jews. My own Jewish son was rejected by Yale a few years ago despite having straight A’s from an extremely competitive HS, SATs in the mid 2300’s (on one sitting, no superscoring, when there were three components), 800’s on both SAT II’s (math and physics), a dozen APs (with 5’s on almost all of them) and various awards from his school. He ended up going to another excellent school (and given how awful Yale is on SJW issues I am very glad he did not go there), but I saw no feather on the scale for Jews. I know Ron Unz believes that Jews are over represented in the Ivy’s, and he may be right as a statistical matter. But even if that is true, I doubt strongly that it has anything to do with admissions office policies (as opposed to the make up and characteristics of the applicant pool).

  6. R.C. says:
    @Old nurse 20

    By this,

    ‘supervised’ by a lesser qualified, too often hostile staff of different complexion

    hmm, I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess…. not Korean, not Japanese, not American Indian, could it be….. knee grows?

    • Replies: @Old nurse 20
  7. anecdeedy says:

    Typo alert: Goldman Sachs not Saks.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  8. @R.C.

    Completely correct friend. Even the darker graduates this summer don’t want to work in several of the local skilled nursing facilities because, as was told me more than once , separately ‘they be ghetto there’.
    Something I’d like to add after several days of NYC and some other media reports.
    People leaving NYC because of taxes. Nope. Taxes were and are high. Locations in ny state and jersey are also high, where many are moving to. They really won’t say that they are leaving because the same group, since decades commit most violent crime, but due to the perverse leniency of no sanctions at all, continue, even without adding in anti fa thugs, to our home grown ones. Significant thought however, if these folks stay outside NYC with their work, families in new schools, safer, why would they ever return to a declining city? Their tax money won’t either, nor discretionary income.
    Our three closest families, lifelong ny’ers leaving next month for Tennessee, the next two families to Florida after Christmas. And the beat goes on.
    Stay well and safe.

  9. This may not be a good time to be on campus.

    This may not be a good time to be on campus if you’re White.

    There. Fixed it for you.

  10. @BuelahMan

    The last time I checked ( a few years ago) Jews occupy over 70% of the presidents, upper administrators, chairpersons, and deans of the Ivy leagues. In fact, if you look it up you won’t believe the control they have over….everything. There is no room for whites or Asians in their Jewish Utopia.


    • Agree: BuelahMan
    • Replies: @Anon
  11. @Anonymous

    But have you actually read Ron’s study? It’s not perfect–nothing is–but it’s comprehensive and incisive. The advantage pertaining to Jewish applicants is colossal and pervasive. Your n=1 example to the contrary of course, but I agree with you that despite their prestige, HYPS are not necessarily where I’d want my kids to attend school.

  12. @Anonymous

    He’s probably better off elsewhere.

    Jewish power in the US (which is real, even if the Unz nutcases overstate it) is about to take a nosedive.

    • Replies: @D.C. Flowhers
    , @Wally
    , @neutral
  13. Perhaps time to launch a new university that is competitive vis-a-vis Yale, Ivy, etc.?

    • Replies: @anon
  14. Jews are white, and whites are being purged. A lot of the cultural figures in NYC who are being purged are Jewish.

    Here’s but one example:

  15. BuelahMan says:

    Unz is hardly the only one who has written about the jewish over representation at the Ivy League schools. Kevin MacDonald and David Duke have both done much along these lines.

    But frankly, I don’t trust any jew to tell me the truth, including you and Unz. There is no compunction with jews and they will lie any time they see fit and feel they can get away with it (many times they don’t care if they get away with it).

    With EVERY interaction I ever had with jews, I end up being lied to, stolen from, taken advantage of and/or spoken down to.

    So, forgive me if I don’t trust a word that you’ve written.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @PolarBear
  16. Wally says:

    That’s Yale University, named after Elihu Yale, slave owning Jew.

    Jews, BTW, were dominate in the slave trade.

  17. Wally says:
    @Jane Plain

    “Jewish power in the US (which is real, even if the Unz nutcases overstate it) is about to take a nosedive.:

    How is “Jewish power in the US” overstated at Unz? Please be specific.

  18. @Jane Plain

    Since Jews do NOT consider themselves white by their own words, they are NOT WHITE! Doesn’t matter if their skins are white, they do NOT consider themselves white. To Jews, Jews are a RACE as well as a religion. The Talmud says so.

    • Agree: Z-man
  19. The system will devise two strategies. First, it will either remove SAT/ACT altogether. This can be followed-up by devising an alternative test with nebolous testing criteria.

    Second, there is a need to philosophically argue that meritocracy is in fact unnecessary and perhaps even impossible. Michael Sandel has begun this work.

    Once the system has achieved both objectives, blatant discrimination will become far easier. We cannot control the first strategy but we can and should destroy the second.

  20. ‘White’ Americans replace Ethnicity with “Race”

    Eastern European getto isn’t a nationality

    • Replies: @Anon
  21. @Jane Plain

    Ashkenazi is an Ethnicity if I’m correct? I live in Europe. After 600 years “the Jews” kinda assimilated and are the White Catholic/Protestant/Neither majority…….with Nose jobs

  22. neutral says:
    @Jane Plain

    is about to take a nosedive

    There is no evidence pointing towards this. On the other hand I see the following things happening right now, all jewish things.

    – The total censorship of everyone and everywhere, as decided by the ADL
    – The enforcement of holocaust propaganda in every school
    – The total shut down on anyone who dares to speak out against Israel
    – Mass non white immigration being forced on white people by jewish led organizations
    – All anti white ideologies going into high gear, being heavily funded by jews

    The reality is that the world is becoming an ever more totalitarian jewish led order.

  23. @BuelahMan

    In English yes as you would expect from their evolutionary path, not so much in maths

  24. ziggurat says:

    How about a bill withholding all federal funds from Yale University until it changes its name? The school’s namesake, Elihu Yale, was not only a slave owner, but a slave trader.

    Stephen Schwarzman attended Yale and donated \$150 million to the university, certainly more than its SLAVE TRADING namesake, Elihu Yale.Why not change the name to "Schwarzman University"? Who could possible object to that? #CancelYale #LetStudentsOfColorVote— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) July 2, 2020

    ANOTHER NEW NAME FOR YALE (currently named for a slave trader):Idea: Yale calls itself a "community" …Name: "New Haven Community College"#CancelYale— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) June 22, 2020

    Of course, Yale refuses to do the right thing. #CancelYale— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) June 30, 2020

  25. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    So, forgive me if I don’t trust a word that you’ve written.

    That’s a bit harsh, but, modified to trust nothing except your own experience, it’s also the only policy to follow. Of course, it makes things difficult because most people (even if they have the background) can’t really check a documented study such as Ron Unz’s work in “Myth of American Meritocracy”. OTH, over half of medical research and “soft science” research can’t be verified. Most of the time, nobody even tries. The harsh policy works out well in a statistical sense.

    Difficult is better than gulled. I’ve lived through very many utterly false national level programs (starting with the Federal takeover of school curricula back in the late 1950s “in order to increase the “production” of engineers and scientists”, and descending from there to the “COVID-19 lockdown & send COVID-19 patients to assisted living” affair). I’ve also read (and been taken in by) various sob stories — Kuwaiti babies being thrown on the floor of hospitals, for example.

    So — your policy, while harsh, is the only one I’m willing to follow. Congratulations on saying something I, for one, should have said a long time ago. It’s 2020, and to be polite is to be taken.

    • Agree: BuelahMan
  26. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jane Plain

    Jews are white, and whites are being purged. A lot of the cultural figures in NYC who are being purged are Jewish.

    There goes a whole sector of the NYC arts and crafts economy. Eliminate 10 out of 12 rehearsal days? Wouldn’t surprise me at all if the people being purged moved out of cities entirely, in effect throwing their organization to the wolves to give themselves time to vanish.

  27. There were better articles on Unz a year ago, about how jews were over-represented in Ivy League schools by 2000%. Harvard and Yale began as Christian theological schools. Now they are largely Yeshivas- but secular Yeshivas that allow plenty of spots for blacks, the favored victim class.

  28. Z-man says:
    @Jane Plain

    Window dressing Jane. Do you think Jews will relinquish power that easily?
    That gay looking black artistic director probably has a Jew boyfriend who pulls all the strings. (Wry grin)

  29. Oh, you went to Yale. What’s the matter? Couldn’t cut it at the Community College? Next applicant please.

    • Replies: @Whitewolf
  30. gotmituns says:

    Yale’s Racial Preference Predicament
    I believe this 100%. My excellent grades from PS92 were completely disregarded as if they didn’t even exist. Not one mention of my coming in tied for eleventh place in the 1951 school wide spelling bee – I know they were all green with envy. It was all because I’m White and proud of it.

  31. Ron Unz has already written extensively about Ivy League discrimination and initially contributed the data behind the Asian civil suits against Ivy League schools. Unz stated that Jewish students were the main benefactors, they are now the very same Legacy Brahmin controllers who kept them out 60 years ago. They are entrenched, the main alumni, and have replaced the less fecund WASPs who once ruled those well-networked Universities.

    If Yale refuses to change, and sticks to their principles, good for them! Take away their Federal funding (grants, student loans, etc). All Ivy League schools have large endowments and can fund their own discriminatory practices.

    Will be comical if this gets to the Supreme Court whose members (all Catholics (6) and Jews (3)) are a product of the same discrimination.

  32. @Wally

    What are your sources for saying Elihu Yale was a Jew? When I Google for “Was Elihu Yale Jewish” the only whiff of his ethnicity I get is that he was a Welsh merchant.

    • Replies: @dearieme
  33. Anonymous[193] • Disclaimer says:

    Beyond the collegiate-gothic architectural facade, Yale is as depressing as New Haven. You’d think you were in an Asian country around Yale. Jewish, Chinese, and Indian kids are prepped to do well on tests like the college boards and memorize what they cannot understand. Faculty offices can turn into an Asian sit in, with these “kids” waiting to browbeat their professors into regrading a test, paper, or into giving them yet more unmerited advantage that white students as Americans see as unfair. You’d almost think our universities have been taken over by America’s worst enemy, the International Jew, who’s bringing in Indians and Chinese to supplant our natural abundance of white intellectually gifted students with these white-hating foreign mandarins in the making. We are witnessing the results of what a conquering foe with an atavistic hatred of white Christian America would impose on its leading institutions not least as a form of degradation. Here’s the president of Yale’s college graduation photo which says more than mere words possibly can.

    • Replies: @trickster
  34. Anonymous[224] • Disclaimer says:

    Sachs, Saks … it’s all the same … it simply means the spawn of satanic Pharisees.

    • Replies: @Anon
  35. Read an article by a former Harvard admissions dean. He stated bluntly that “merit” based admissions would sink the endowment. Accepting the children of rich , powerful parents (Bush, Gore) would maintain it. It’s that simple. They don’t call them “elite” universities by accident. “Meritocracy “? She’s in the barn with the Unicorn, playing cards with the Leprechaun.

  36. tyrone says:
    @Mr McKenna

    It’s call a pay-off in more crass circles.

  37. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mary Marianne

    Yid wants into what Whites create
    but they create nothing they or others want.

  38. trickster says:

    When I went to school I was taught to THINK. For example an American institution would ask a student: “When was John F Kennedy assassinated?”.

    The school I attended would ask “In your opinion, if John F Kennedy had not been assassinated how would this have affected the cold war?” There would be no right or wrong answer. What is being sought is an opinion backed up with solid assumptions, reasons etc.

    That is why the ability to think, reason and some up with an intelligent course of action or statement is DEAD in the land of milk and honey !

    If any of you UNZ readers know any Ivy League graduates you will soon come to realize that they are empty headed and that their flaunted degree is not even worth an ass wipe.

    This is why we see the most astounding nonsense emanating from the mouths of these cretins and the most stupid actions on their part. People enter these institutions stupid and graduate dumb.

    This is what we have become !

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Fred Flintstone
  39. Emslander says:

    There must be a narrow percentage of intelligent Americans who care about the Ivy League schools, but it’s a diminishing number. If Yale is favoring students who won’t be able to handle rigorous intellectual demands, then it will ultimately be a failed institution. Since it runs so many people into the U.S. foreign policy establishment, we are seeing that establishment failing as well. When I was in the Foreign Service, having graduated from a high prestige California school, the quality of all officers (excluding myself) was unbelievable. I am privy to what has happened in the FS in recent years and it seems to have been force-fed homosexuals, lesbians and liberal idiots. That’s why we see them rising up in entitled indignation when they are asked to take the actual interests of our country into consideration in their efforts.

    • Replies: @Cho Seung-hui
  40. trickster says:

    Very impressive indeed. The last time I saw a shirt like that was on a street sweeper in Rhodesia….and that mouth looks like a snatch with implants. Another brilliant Harvard man is Henry Louis Gates who travelled all over Africa wearing a red Harvard T_Shirt. He was investigating “race” and wanted to show the niggers there and everywhere how well educated he was, how elevated he had become while at the same time lambasting the slave traders for bringing him to America and ultimately compelling him to attend Harvaaaaaaaaaard. LOL

    These individuals are common fodder in the Ivy League cannon.

    You have to laugh at these types but beyond a certain point mirth becomes sadness. After laughter comes those tears.

  41. Anonymous[236] • Disclaimer says:

    Thomas Sowell makes a good point. Regarding blacks attending university for which they are not qualified he goes on explain how black students are at a disadvantage. These blacks may have been at the top or near top within their respective high schools, but at a place like Yale they are often bottom of the class. Intelligent black students would be far better served attending colleges where they can thrive, by being place among peers with similar intelligence. This way they will not lag or fall behind while the white and Asian students who attend university dominate.

    This doesn’t mean that all whites and Asian students are smarter. However, they often are more intelligent so blacks should be in schools with those students of other races who are their academic equivalents. Thus not falling behind. They will learn and acquire knowledge and skills instead of playing catch up. Playing catch up they learn nothing.

    These black students do more for Yale by attracting millions of dollars. Diversity programs and similar boondoggles are a racket. They benefit the schools. Not the students. The proof is in the character being developed. A victim attitude is instilled among these student pawns which makes questioning the racket “racist”.

    It’s a shame such propaganda isn’t addressed. It must be met forcibly and dismantled by law. Punishment ranging from massive fines to withdrawl of funds. Even jail time. There is no need for government and the DOJ to get creative in it’s expression of justice. Be heavy handed. The United States government and it’s corollaries must impose real values.

    It has the power to do so.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
  42. Anon[284] • Disclaimer says:

    Yep. Four out of five of the nation’s most prestigious universities (HYPSM) have a president who is Jewish. The only exception is Stanford’s Marc Tessier-Levigne, but even there the last name is highly suspect, could just be a French Canadian derivation of Levine.

    With two kids in college, I’m astounded by the amount of administrative bloat in each of their schools, one public and one private. Even just going through the orientation and advising, there are so many deans and associate deans of DIE, one for each department. How many provost and vice provosts does a school need and what do they do anyway? There’s even a dean of “religious affairs” whose main job seems to be to ensure everyone knows which Native American tribe’s land the university is standing on. And each administrator and student orientation leader now must begin their intro by specifying their “preferred pronouns”.

    Private schools make parents pay for their Diversity Industrial Complex by raising tuition. Public schools pay for it by admitting ever more foreign students. Meanwhile affirmative action in our colleges is directly leading to affirmative action in hiring, first in the public sector, now in the private sector, esp. in tech. Every company over 100 people now basically have a “VP of DIE” who is usually black, sometimes Hispanic or Jewish, always female. Consider it a form of corporate welfare, hire the incompetent affirmative action hacks graduated from our colleges to do bullshit work like conducting employee surveys etc.

    Where is this all leading?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  43. escobar says:

    “Jews were dominate in the slave trade.”

    Please learn English.

    • Replies: @Wally
  44. dvorak says:

    Nor will it make any difference if President Salovey tells the soon-to-be-fired that Yale must submit to the DOJ or face massive cuts in federal funding.

    If Trump loses, it would be wonderful if, in December, he cancelled all federal grants to Yale. NIH grants are of enormous importance to the elite universities.

  45. Abhraka says:

    Yes it is the perfect strategy pay the servitors of the rip-off artists of plutocratic strangle hold upon the earth to build an industrial blitzkrieg focusing attention away from theft and abject wage servitude into skin color. The denial machine packed into academia slathered with pomp and
    heralding the New Age of equality for the 17th time. Yale the ultra the stupendously inseparable C&C
    for the international criminal corps of rape pillage &P are going to raise-up the down
    trodden and the missing dozens of trillions shall be rendered an quixotical silly-face in the “Great-Work” to emancipate the slaves…..with Gates final solution for Mankind. And just in the nick of time
    when the lot of the demonic whitey is collapsed destitute along side the underclass they are accused
    of exploiting. How convenient.

  46. Anon[284] • Disclaimer says:

    Yale’s 2019-20 freshman class has the following demographic profile:

    White: 36%
    Asian: 23%
    Hispanic: 15%
    Black: 8%
    Two or more races: 7%
    Foreign: 9%

    Compare this with the start of the decade, entering class of 2010-2011:

    White: 49%
    Asian: 16%
    Hispanic: 9%
    Black: 7%
    Two or more races: 6%
    Foreign: 11%

    Or their earliest available Common Data Set, 2004-2005:

    White: 50%
    Asian: 14%
    Hispanic: 8%
    Black: 9%
    Unknown: 10%
    Foreign: 8%

    It appears black enrollment has held steady at around 8% in the last two decades, while large increases in first Asian then Hispanic enrollments have come at the expense of White enrollment. DOJ might have a better case in discrimination against whites than Asians.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @Antonnio
  47. dearieme says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    he was a Welsh merchant

    A slave merchant – why on earth has the university not changed its name?

  48. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sya Beerens

    Eastern European getto isn’t a nationality

    Eastern European [Getto-Gypsy] isn’t a nationality.


    • Thanks: Sya Beerens
  49. @trickster

    I know a Korean who graduated Yale Law and can’t write a simple grammatically correct sentence.

  50. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:

    Sachs, Saks … it’s all the same … it simply means the spawn of satanic Pharisees.

    A little sensitivity, please – I believe they now prefer the ethno-gender neutral, ‘Suxs‘.

  51. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    Where is this all leading?

    It isn’t leading anywhere — we’re already there.

  52. Dan Hayes says:

    Unfortunately the Federal lawsuit will be quickly and quietly dropped by the upcoming Harris-Biden Administration!

    OT: AG Barr graduated from non Ivy League Geo Washington Law School (night school division!). Proving once again that you can’t keep a good man down.

    • Replies: @Anon
  53. Ron Unz says:

    Yale’s 2019-20 freshman class has the following demographic profile…It appears black enrollment has held steady at around 8% in the last two decades, while large increases in first Asian then Hispanic enrollments have come at the expense of White enrollment.

    Actually, for those so interested, this website provides convenient access to the last 40 years of demographic and gender enrollment data for all of America’s thousands of colleges. Here’s the data for Yale:

    • Thanks: Dan Hayes
    • Replies: @Anon
  54. anon[335] • Disclaimer says:

    Private universities should be able to admit or deny any student for any reason they want. They should be allowed to teach or censor anything they want. No laws prohibiting discrimination and no laws prohibiting affirmative action. But, no tax funding of private education either directly or indirectly.

    State universities should be tax funded with admissions based strictly on test merit and no affirmative action directly or indirectly allowed.

    Elected government officials from city council to the President should not come from private university backgrounds. People want to vote for someone like themselves, from their own ranks, who they recognize as a leader. This will tend to be state university graduates if we have an uncorrupted election process.

    Civil servant and higher ranking bureaucrats should not come from private university backgrounds. Hire civil servants based strictly on merit tests, and prohibit or block private university graduates from top departmental positions.

    Private university graduates can work in the private sphere.

    The problem isn’t that Yale discriminates against whites. The problem is that we allow Yale graduates to control our government after they graduate.

    • LOL: 3g4me
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  55. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    Civil servant and higher ranking bureaucrats should not come from private university backgrounds. Hire civil servants based strictly on merit tests, and prohibit or block private university graduates from top departmental positions.

    Well, there’s a problem with that. Merit tests were outlawed back in the 1960s. Turns out, merit was outlawed along with the tests.

    If you have a bureaucratic society (which any totalitarian society pretty much has to be so that deviations from the totalitarian line can be caught and punished) then social compatibility is much more important than competence. This was captured first by Whyte’s The Organization Man [1] and Reisman’s The Lonely Crowd [2], both worth reading. I’m not saying that other directedness is good, or that it leads to long term stability, merely that conformity and lack of imagination increases survival in any bureaucratic organization [3].

    If you want competence and imagination, you can’t have a bureaucratic organization. If you drop the requirements for “g factor” for admission to the bureaucracy, you don’t even get that — you get a jobs program staffed entirely by people terrified of being found out.

    One way to stabilize this organization is to head it with people (a) so indoctrinated that they see nothing wrong with this state of affairs but (b) not active members of an organized crime syndicate. That’s where the private schools come it, and that’s why they favor cultural foreigners of various sorts, the BIPOC bunch and their non-BIPOC managers.

    So, while I agree with your goal, I don’t believe that your remedies go far enough. Fortunately, the present troubles will quite likely result in dismantling much of the governmental bureaucracy, all levels, throughout the West. The money just isn’t there to support them and their maladministration. Unfortunately, there will be collateral damage.



    3] famous Chinese poem read once, in The Chinese Mirror:
    Other parents want a child who is intelligent and active.
    I hope for a child who is stupid and unimaginative.
    Thus may he enjoy a long and uneventful career
    and end by becoming a Cabinet Minister!

    • Thanks: MrVoid
    • Replies: @Cho Seung-hui
  56. Wally says:

    Sorry, I’m sure you prefer Hebrew.

    Speaking of Hebrew … Elihu / אֱלִיהוּא‎

    Now, please learn the facts.

    Black scholar, Dr. Tony Martin, goes into the history of the primary sellers & owners of slaves, Jews.:
    Professor Tony Martin – The Jewish Slave Trade of Africans

    Video LinkJews and the Slave Trade:

    • Thanks: TimeTraveller
  57. How does remote learning factor into this? Is the threat of Antifa violence as bad if most people aren’t actually on campus? Perhaps now is the best time to cut the diversity departments. They would have to cut it entirely though, from the roots up.

  58. Anon[276] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ron Unz

    Very nice! Did you pull all this data from the CDS database? It’s interesting to see the gradual takeover of Asians on elite campuses, and the rise of Hispanics since 2010. Caltech didn’t become Asian majority until 2009, while they took over UCB by ’93. MIT must be doing some major “holistic admission” magic to keep whites in majority.

    One category that got added since 2010 is “Two or more races”. Since that was added the “Unknown” category went down substantially. At Stanford this new group is now close to 10%.

    One thing I’d like to see is how much of an AA boost Hispanic students are really getting. Their numbers have risen dramatically in elite colleges, along with International students.

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  59. Anon[276] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dan Hayes

    OT: AG Barr graduated from non Ivy League Geo Washington Law School (night school division!). Proving once again that you can’t keep a good man down.

    Maybe that’s why he is good. If he had gone to Yale or Harvard law, he’d be another Kool-Aid drinker or crooked lawyer.

    But it is yet too early to call him good. His investigation of the Russian hoax is taking far too long and no one’s been indicted yet. Meanwhile 22 FBI employees who worked for Mueller have swiped their cellphones clean with no repercussions. And let’s not forget Jeffrey Epstein died on his watch and no one’s been indicted. He might be just another swamp creature. He did attend an Ivy League for undergrad after all (Columbia).

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  60. Notsofast says:

    I think yales “huge endowment” is actually a rolled up pair of socks stuffed in their pants.

  61. Dan Hayes says:

    Let it be noted that AG Barr is surrounded and battling a deeply compromised DOJ.
    At Columbia he was very active against a left-wing student-activist rebellion.
    And anyway a person of mixed Jewish Irish-Catholic heritage can’t be all bad!

  62. The Office also includes thirteen OGSDD Fellows drawn from various Yale Departments, most of whom are African American women judging from their photographs.

    They’re all Jewish women with curly hair. They want more Black elites so they can manipulate them into doing their bidding, like screwing Black people or denouncing Farrakhan.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
  63. Larry says:

    Long story short, the quality of education at Yale has plummeted.

  64. Notsofast says:

    Do not forget barr’s daddy hired epstein to “teach” teenage students… mk ultra … cough, cough. Pardon me… just the covid speaking…

  65. Whitewolf says:
    @Jim Richard

    Yeah I can’t imagine why Yale is still considered a top university. Any institution that prioritises “diversity” is putting politics above quality.

    If you’re White and applying to a university like Yale or any of it’s anti-White counterparts you are a masochist.

    There was a time when the strategy of indoctrinating more intelligent Whites at universities was successful for anti-Whites. They effectively recruited Whites against their own race and into stupid mostly leftist ideologies. That strategy won’t work today. No Whites with any intelligence whatsoever are buying the diversity nonsense these days.

  66. PolarBear says:

    Playing all sides is part of the Jews strategy. Though, there’s genuinely good Jews like Bobby Fisher out there.

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  67. BuelahMan says:

    Every now and again we see a “decent jew”. Perhaps Unz is one.

    Nevertheless, I find it impossible to trust any jew, even Fisher, 100%. Or Freedman.

    But especially Anonymous jews who are wont to lie because they simply can’t seem to help it.

    • Replies: @PolarBear
  68. PolarBear says:

    When Jewish holy scriptures tell Jews to never help, always mislead, ect. the goyim. I question the sanity and intelligence of gentiles that do trust Jews.

  69. Why doesn’t Yale just designate some buildings for Asians and call it the Chingchong Wing?

    • Replies: @AndrewR
  70. @Wally

    He was Protestant, not Jewish.

    I do wonder, though, why the woke staff hasn’t yet demanded that Yale be renamed.

  71. Antonnio says:

    Stop obsesing with blacks , is cringeworthy

    • Thanks: Sya Beerens
  72. Antonnio says:
    @Jane Plain

    Well jews are doing their job protecting their place their ancestors founded but what about harvard , brown , princeton ,columbia…. founded by europeans?

    What a fucking disgrace

  73. @Anonymous

    Thank you for this good comment.

  74. @Emslander

    Comments like these illustrate that many people here seem to not understand how elite institutions work.

    There will always be overqualified gentiles or Asians that will want to get into an Ivy League university no matter how debased the actual education becomes. It was never about the education, but the credentialing and the networks.

    Group 1: Ivy League and other institutions admit in piecemeal amounts token gentiles or Asians that are legitimately bright and hardworking, if not terribly independently minded. Doing so actually allows for the actual work to be done and allows the institution to maintain the veneer of meritocratic respectability. This is the future upper middle class and whom the public imagines to be running the country.

    Group 2: The rest of the population is comprised of merely average or above-average individuals who come from the right social milieu and check the right boxes. This cohort already knows each other in advance and there is no social mobility involved in them entering said institution. On the contrary, they usually take it for granted. This is the future upper class and the public will never be aware that they exist.

    In the end, there will always be high-salaried jobs for Group 1 to serve Group 2. You’ll always be paid much more managing wealth for a series of ultra high net worth individuals than working as a doctor for middle America. Of course, the way in which you get said job is proving social compatibility through an elite credential. So, no, demand for elite credentials will never go away.

    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @AndrewR
  75. Emslander says:
    @Cho Seung-hui

    You’ve done a very good job of describing the elitism of the Ivy League in the context of big government and big business, but quality will eventually trump credentialism, I believe.

  76. Silesian says:

    Peter Salovey is a quiet weak little man. I met him once, long before he became President of the University. How THAT happened is anyone’s guess. But it is surprising for such a forgettable fellow. One thing is for sure: Peter is WAY over his head.

  77. AndrewR says:

    “Hispanics” tend to be much brighter than blaqs so no surprise there

  78. Ronnie says:

    This author consistently tries to underplay the role of Jews in the control of the Ivy League schools. It is widely known that Jews are as high as 70% of the administration, 65% of the graduate school students, and 25 % of the total undergraduate students at Yale and Harvard. Hillel even boast about this. This means that 50% of the white undergraduates are Jews representing 2% of our population. If you say this in public you will be called an antisemite. Time to reveal this ugly racism practiced by the Jews while they suppress any attempts to reveal it. All other forms of racism practiced here against non-Jewish Whites, Blacks, Hispanics and especially Asians are distorted by the underlying Jewish bias in selection which has dominated these universities since the 1950ies.

    Since 1900 Jews have been overrepresented by at least a factor of 3 at Harvard. Jews at Harvard tripled to 21% of the freshman class in 1922 from about 7% in 1900. In 1922, Harvard’s president, A. Lawrence Lowell, proposed a quota of 15% on the number of Jews gaining admission to the university. Lowell actually argued that cutting the number of Jews at Harvard to a maximum of 15% would be good for the Jews, because limits would prevent further anti-Semitism. A Harvard committee rejected a Jewish quota but agreed that “geographic diversity” in the student body was desirable. By 1931, because students from urban states were replaced by students from rural states who ranked in the top of their high school classes, Harvard’s Jewish ranks were cut back to 15% of the student body but had increased again to 25% by the late 1960ies and remains at 25% today according to Hillel. Today, if Jared Kushner is any indicator, and according to several publication, the 25% undergraduate Jewish population at Harvard has declined in quality and may now be compared favorably to the “less-than-brilliant offspring of wealthy WASPs”. However, the percentage of Jewish undergraduates at Harvard is 12 times their 2% in the US population while the WASPS are less that 50% of their percentage in the US population.

  79. AndrewR says:
    @Cho Seung-hui

    Do you know what “gentile” means or are you using “Asian” as a bizarre label for Jews?

    • Replies: @Cho Seung-Hui
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