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World War Jew?
Zionists Pushing for Nuclear War! Will India's Narendra Modi Save the World?
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[Note from the author: I was sentenced to a half a year conditional prison term for 1) incitement to racial and religious hatred for criticizing Islamization and the Talmud, 2) defamation against state officials and especially the police leading the Helsinki pride march and 3) being a “threat to the security of the Finnish state”. This article will probably also bring incitement and defamation charges so here is my message to the Finnish attorney general: Not all Zionists are Jews and not all Jews are Zionists even if practically all Jewish oligarchs are.]

There is a huge elephant in the living room but everybody is too afraid to talk about it. This despite the fact that the Zionist elephant is now pushing the world into a nuclear war.

It is in the interest of expansionist Israel to push the West to start a limited nuclear war against Russia and China. This is because Russia and China are supporting the biggest enemies of Israel, i.e. the Shia Crescent that has almost surrounded Israel and stopped its expansion. Shia Muslims are a majority or a large minority in Iran, South Iraq, Bahrain, Lebanon (Hezbollah), Syria (Alawites), Yemen (Houthis) and the oil rich areas of eastern Saudi Arabia.

Israel is very afraid of Hezbollah that is located on the Northern Israeli border and is connected to Iran through Syria and Iraq. This is the strategically most important part of the famous Shia Crescent. It is also now the heart of geopolitics.

Link to Foreign Policy blogs
Link to Foreign Policy blogs

A limited nuclear war would involve only a few tactical nuclear strikes in proxy-countries in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Finland) and Asia (Taiwan and South China Sea islands). The radioactive fallout would be limited and not a serious threat to the far away Israel and America. Moreover, the limited nuclear war would help to isolate Russia and China both politically and economically. It would also make it easier for the Jewish oligarchs in Russia and Hong Kong to organize color revolutions and even break up Russia and China.

Vladimir Gusinsky. Jewish-Russian oligarch. Link to Wikipedia.
Vladimir Gusinsky. Jewish-Russian oligarch. Link to Wikipedia.

Remember that already 100 years ago the Jewish oligarchs such as the Rothschilds and Jacob Schiff also pushed for the dissolution of Russia and China. Especially Schiff was quite open about his desire to push the West and Japan to destroy the “anti-semitic” empires of Russia and China.

Click the picture. Link to Wikipedia
Click the picture. Link to Wikipedia

That’s it. Very simple! The dissolution of Russia and China would solve many of Israel’s problems by giving it a free hand in the Middle East and geopolitics.

Zionist foreign policy

But how could the small little Israel and a few Zionists manipulate the US and NATO into a limited nuclear war against Russia and China? Simple: The Zionists largely dominate the foreign policy of the US. Professor John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Waltz pointed this out years ago in their book The Israel Lobby.

Link to Wikipedia
Link to Wikipedia

The power of the Israel Lobby has only increased in recent years. Especially the Biden administration has a lot of Jews in key positions. Many of them seem to even have a dual nationality. Previously Jews influenced behind the scenes but now they act much more openly. Ironically, the more power Jews have the less people dare to notice.

Zionist Academia

But can it be that simple? If the Zionists really are trying to start a limited nuclear war why even the academia and the media are silent about it? Three reasons: First, nowadays people are extremely ignorant about basic facts. This is especially true about Americans who do not even know where Ukraine, Middle East and Israel are situated on the map. They know even less about the location of the Shia Crescent. In fact, most Americans and even many journalists do not even know what is a Shia.

Second, there is total silence about Jewish power and warmongering because most influential Jews are very powerful Zionists. With the support of Israel they largely dominate such Western decision-making centers as banking, politics, academia and the mass media. Zionists greatly influence what is thought in the schools and discussed in the media.

In fact, the Zionists are now so powerful in academia that they have virtually shut out the “potentially/inherently antisemitic” White conservative males from the top universities. At the same time Jews themselves have gained a favored status. This is why practically all Ivy League universities are led by Jews and why Jewish students are over-represented at least by a factor of 10.

In America about 2 % of the population are Jews but in Harvard about 20-25% of all students are Jews while the rest are minorities, foreigners and feminist women. Perhaps only about 0-2 % of the students are White conservative American males and they do not dare to speak up.

Download the book
Download the book

Zionist control

Third, there is total silence about Jewish power and warmongering because for decades Israel has been systematically targeting and manipulating the economic, political, scientific, cultural and media elites with bribes, threats and extortion. If you dare criticize the Jewish power then you will be destroyed one way or another. For example, ADL will try to destroy your career like happened with Kayne West. Or Mossad agents like Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell will try to ensnare you into drug, sex or pedophile rings.

Link to
Link to

Since so few people dare to criticize Jewish power Israel now has a free hand to try to destroy all its enemies. Therefore, Israel is determined to destroy the Shia Crescent, Russia and China. After all, from the Israeli perspective they are an existential threat both militarily and economically. This is because they encourage the BRICS countries to drop the petrodollar-system that finances not only the US and the Israeli (U$rael) war-machine but also the Jewish billionaire oligarchs dominating America and much of the world.

Six Steps To Global Hegemony. How U$Srael Rules The World

Nato expansion

No wonder that Israel, Zionists and many Jewish oligarchs such as George Soros are doing everything to break up Russia and China. Thus, they are also ready to push for a limited nuclear war especially since Israel can wage war through such proxy-countries as Ukraine, Finland and Taiwan. Unlike other states, Israel can wage wars through proxies so even a limited nuclear war can be strategically a very useful option without any downside.

Imagine if you could destroy and kill your enemies through proxies and nobody would ever dare to suspect and criticize you. Instead, everybody would see you eternally innocent and continue to swoon over you. Would you start to destroy and kill your enemies?

This immunity from criticism is also why the Zionists dare to have an outrageous double standard. For example, from the Zionist perspective Indian reservations, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, Texas and many other federal subjects have no right to secede from the US and become independent. However, from the Zionist perspective Tatarstan, Chechnya and many other federal subjects of Russia have a unilateral right and even a moral obligation to secede from the Russian federation led by Vladimir Putin.

Similarly, from the Zionist perspective Canada, Mexico and Cuba have no right to invite Russian and Chinese troops and nuclear weapons to protect themselves from the US. In fact, during the Cuban Missile Crisis the US threatened with nuclear war. However, from the Zionist perspective Finland, Ukraine, Georgia and Taiwan have a unilateral right to invite US and NATO troops and nuclear weapons to protect themselves from Russia and China.

Armed with this outrageous double standard NATO has been constantly expanding and is in military terms now at the Gates of Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

Link to Statista
Link to Statista

In fact, most conflicts in the world seem to be Zionist proxy-conflicts related to the New Cold War against Russia and China. This is easy to see when you look at a map. You only need to realize that Israel and the Shia Crescent are at the center of geopolitics. The map below is a bit outdated since Russia has recently managed to persuade some countries to expel US military bases. Even the Saudis are becoming more independent and neutral under the leadership of MBS especially since the Zionists now want a price cap for oil. However, the Big Picture is still clear: Israel pushes US and NATO to encircle both Russia and China.

Note how Israel and the US are trying to control the five geopolitical hotspots and weaponize them against Russia and China:

1. The Gulf of Finland

Israel and the US want to control the Gulf of Finland, i.e. the Gates of Saint Petersburg by inviting Sweden and Finland into NATO. This is an existential threat to Russia especially since Finland is now ready to accept NATO military bases and even nuclear weapons.

Link to
Link to

2. The Black Sea

Israel and the US want to control the Turkish straits, Crimea and Ukraine. This is an existential threat to Russia because it would not only cut Russia from the Mediterranean but also let US/NATO troops and nuclear weapons relatively close to Moscow.

Russia has for decades warned the West not to cross the red line in Ukraine. However, after Russia refused to stop supporting the Syrian government during the Syrian civil war Israel and the US retaliated by organizing a coup in Ukraine in 2014. In many ways the Ukraine War is just a side show of the Syrian War.

Oliver Stone produced a revealing movie about the 2014 Ukrainian coup. However, the movie downplayed the obvious Jewish and Zionist connection. Perhaps because Stone is himself half-Jewish. His father’s name was originally Luis Silverstein (silver stone). Despite all this, the movie has still been censored by YouTube and many other media dominated by Zionist Jews.

Link to Wikipedia
Link to Wikipedia

Russia responded to the coup immediately by annexing Crimea and supporting a separatist rebellion in Donbas. Zionists countered by pushing the West to sanction Russia. Moreover, Jewish-Ukrainian oligarchs like Ihor Kolomoiskyi started to finance Ukrainian Fascists and Nazis. So it is the same strategy as in Syria: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

This is why Zionist Jews allied themselves with the jihadists in Syria and Nazis in Ukraine. In fact, the Ukraine War is a kind of get-together of old Russia-haters from ISIS-jihadists and Azov-Nazis to ultra-nationalist Poles dreaming of restoring the Polish Empire. All supported and sometimes even directly paid by the CIA and the Mossad.

With the support of the Jewish oligarchs and the Ukrainian Jewish presidents Poroshenko and Zelensky Nazis then proceeded to bomb the separatist Donbas civilians for the next eight years. Russia responded this year by invading Ukraine and annexing Donbas and a land bridge to Crimea.

Israel, the US and especially their proxy-country Britain encouraged Ukraine to continue the war and the daily targeted bombing of Russian civilians in Donbas. Russia might respond by next conquering and annexing the Russian-speaking half of Ukraine. In fact, Russia might even swallow the whole of Ukraine.

Link to ABC-net
Link to ABC-net

The Jewish president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky is now so afraid of Russia that he desperately tries to get Nato troops directly involved in the Ukraine War. This is why Zelensky is still claiming that Russia attacked Nato member Poland with a missile strike.

Link to
Link to

Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter suspects that the missile attack was a false flag operation to get Americans to intervene in the Ukraine war. He also suspects that American military is not anymore suited to wage war in Europe because the (Jewish led) neocons managed to change the US Grand strategy. Now the US military is on the one hand primed to fight wars only in the Middle East and on the other hand threaten Russia and China with limited nuclear war in Europe and Asia. Ritter is silent about the fact that this change of Grand strategy is obviously in the interest of Israel.

Video Link

Luckily many Nato countries are not enthusiastic about starting a new world war to save Ukraine. Especially Nato member Turkiye (Turkey) is trying to mediate between Ukraine and Russia. This is largely because the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin has conducted a diplomatic masterstroke by abandoning Russia’s thousand year old alliance with Armenia, Greece and the Kurds and instead de facto allied with their ancient enemies, the Turkish nations. This has guaranteed the neutrality of Turkiye during the present Ukrainian War, kept the Turkish straits open for trade shipping and helped Russia to survive the Western economic sanctions relatively unscathed.

Independent Turkic states shown in red. Link to Wikipedia.
Independent Turkic states shown in red. Link to Wikipedia.

Turkiye and its president Recep Erdogan has greatly benefited from the alliance with Russia. Turkiye does not anymore feel so threatened by the Greeks from the west and Cyprus, Armenians from the east and Kurds from the south now that Russia is not anymore backing them. In fact, Russia remained neutral during the recent Armenia – Azerbaijan War. Russia has even helped Turkiye to gain control much of the Northern Syria from the Kurds. The good relations between Putin and Erdogan has helped to almost end the Syrian Civil War and bring peace to the Middle East.

The ancient enemies of Turkiye
The ancient enemies of Turkiye

Turkiye has now become one of the key players in geopolitics and also benefits from it economically. The position of Turkiye is now so strong that it might even save Eastern Europe from nuclear war by vetoing NATO expansion to Ukraine and Finland.

Turks have always been big players in geopolitics. Thus it is not surprising that they are also very suspicious of the Jews. After all, the Zionist Jews were a big factor in the fall of the Turkish Ottoman empire. No wonder the Turkish media is still quite critical of the Jews.

Link to AhvalNews.
Link to AhvalNews.

3. Caucasus

Israel and the US want to control Georgia by joining it to NATO. This is an existential threat to Russia because it would not only destabilize the Caucasus but also open up a southern front against Russia. Therefore in the 2008 Russo-Georgian War Russia supported the separatists in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Link to Wikipedia
Link to Wikipedia

By allying with Turkiye Russia has been able to stabilize the situation in the Caucasus and stop Georgia from joining NATO.

4. Central Asia

Israel and the US want to control Kashmir by supporting India against China. At the same time Israel and US want to encourage Kashmir’s neighbors, the Buddhist Tibet and the Muslim Xinjiang (West-Turkestan) to rebel against China. If Israel and US could manage to make both Tibet and Xinjiang independent then China would loose almost half of its area especially since then Inner Mongolia might also rebel.

Russia has come to the rescue by helping China to improve its relations with India. This was made easier by the fact that both China and India have been exploited for centuries by the Jewish and Western colonial powers and now want to be independent of the West.

With the help of Russian mediation China agreed to respect the geopolitical security interests of India by slightly backing off in Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, Myanmar and Indochina. China has also greatly increased its trade with India so that it to would remain neutral and continue to pursue a multipolar world order.

The relations between China and India also got a boost from the amazing fact that the US sanctioned Narendra Modi for “islamophobia” when he was the prime minister of the Indian state Gujarat. Naturally US quietly removed the sanctions against Modi when he became the prime minister of India but understandably Modi does not trust the US.

In fact, Modi is now the key player in geopolitical chess. He does not trust anybody but is still ready to work with everybody. Together with Erdogan he is creating a balance of power between the great powers. This despite the fact that India has many nuclear weapons and is fast becoming a superpower. It could easily throw its weight around but Modi seems to honestly want world peace. Modi is the key to the emerging multipolar world order.

Link to
Link to

5. Taiwan and Hong Kong

Israel and the US want to keep Taiwan separate from China so that they can have their own “unsinkable aircraft carrier” on the coast of China. Moreover, Israel, US and Britain have long encouraged the anti-government demonstrations in Hong Kong. This has been relatively easy since Hong Kong is still partially owned and ruled by the same Jewish and WASP families that took it from China during the Opium Wars.

The Hong Kong Keswick family tai-pans together with their old Jewish allies Sassoons and Kadoories still seem to have a slice of the drug trade especially since the money laundering is made easy by the very lax regulations of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC). Their apparent alliance with some of the Chinese triads made it relatively easy for them to turn the 2019-2020 Hong Kong protests into a violent rebellion against China.

China responded with Zero COVID policy that makes it much more difficult to organize mass protests. China has also threatened to invade Taiwan if it declares independence. By allying with Russia China has the backing of a major nuclear power and a great source of energy and raw materials that China desperately needs.

China is soon the biggest economic power in the world. Therefore China has expanded its power into South China Sea to protect its vital energy supply and trade routes. This has led to further conflicts with the US that has dominated the South China Sea for decades. However, China is not backing down. The leader of China, Xi Jinping is clearly determined to make China not only independent but the biggest superpower. No wonder the Zionists are outraged at both Putin and Xi Jinping.

Link to
Link to

Zionists are even more terrified that the Chinese are not afraid to tell the truth.

Link to Jerusalem Post
Link to Jerusalem Post


The alliance between Russia and China together with the neutrality of Turkye and India seems to have opened the door to a true multipolar world. However, that would greatly limit the power of Israel. Therefore it is not surprising that Israel and Zionists are now using all their cards including pushing for a limited nuclear war. The only surprising thing is that literally nobody dares to notice.

If you ignore the elephant in your living room it is only a matter of time before it destroys your house.

(Republished from Holy Crusade News by permission of author or representative)
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