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Worker/Peasant/Soldier Students
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Ever since the beginning of humanity, man has been seeking the perfect political/economic system. In the 18th century, egalitarianism gained a foothold in France and slowly spread to the rest of the civilized world. Slavery was gradually abolished as people’s awareness of equality gained ground. Absolutism was replaced by constitutional monarchies, democracies, anarchism, communism, and fascism. The proponents of all these systems were idealists who thought their system was the best – worth the deaths of millions, if need be, to set them up.

Maximilien Robespierre, one of the leaders of the French Revolution.
Maximilien Robespierre, one of the leaders of the French Revolution.

Idealism, when practiced by zealots, often leads to disaster. Egalitarianism, one of the seemingly noble hallmarks of communism and left liberalism, has heavily influenced many aspects of American life. Affirmative action is an example. When applied to college enrollment, it is based on the idea that blacks, Hispanics, American Indians, and other minorities don’t do well because of slavery and discrimination; if they had had the same environment, they would be on par with whites and Asians. Although genes and environment each account for roughly half of personality and mental traits, egalitarianists tend to ignore genes.

The University of California system dropped the SAT requirement for applicants on the assumption that the tests don’t reflect the true academic abilities blacks and Hispanics. This is supposed to be because many are poor and can’t afford private tutoring. Many of the children of my Chinese friends never hired tutors or went to tutoring centers but still got high SAT scores. This is not due only to genes. Their parents emphasized education, while the children themselves worked hard and stayed away from drugs and gangs.

Clearly, the UC system dropped the SAT because it is objective evaluation of ability and can be used to prove racial discrimination in college admissions. Many other universities in America, including Harvard, have scrapped the SAT requirement for similar reasons.

When affirmative action is carried out in extremes, it is not only white, Jewish, and Asian students and job applicants who suffer. America itself suffers in not being able to enroll and hire the smartest people based on merits. We are in a highly competitive world, and our edge is blunted. Over time, we could be weeded out in competitions by enemies who don’t share our values. Racial quotas in college enrollment and employment are an evil form of egalitarianism.

Egalitarianism also found advocates in China during the Cultural Revolution, which lasted from 1966 to 1976. In 1970, one year after the Cultural Revolution reached its apex in 1969, Chairman Mao ordered institutions of higher learning to enroll students according to a “recommendation system.” Potential students were selected only from workers, peasants, and soldiers, who were recommended by the leaders of their work units. They were to be called Worker/Peasant/Soldier (WPS) students, in contrast to those who graduated before the Cultural Revolution, who were now called “bourgeois college students.”

Chairman Mao Zedong (Credit Image: © Keystone Press Agency/ZUMA Wire)
Chairman Mao Zedong (Credit Image: © Keystone Press Agency/ZUMA Wire)

Workers, peasants and soldiers were supposed to be more loyal to Mao and the Communist Party. Mao has a famous saying: “The lowly are the most intelligent and the elite are the most ignorant.” By this he meant that the rich became rich because of illegal and unfair practices and the poor were poor because they were exploited. He thought once the lowly had a chance to study, they would outsmart the students from families of the bourgeoisie (intellectuals, former landowners, capitalists and other rich families.) Just as with affirmative action, no one dared to challenge the official version that ignored genetic influences on abilities.

Entrance examinations were abolished, and some of the students were illiterate or semi-illiterate. My mother taught gynecology to WPS medical students. One student was confused once when my mother said something like, “After the patient remains unconscious for 48 hours, we should . . . .” No matter how my mother explained this, the student couldn’t figure out how many days and nights there are in 48 hours. Most of the WPS students were not qualified for research or innovation, even though many were assigned to scientific institutions to save face. Everyone knew they were not qualified, but no one dared to point it out.

When reformed communists succeeded in a bloodless coup in 1976 and Deng Xiaoping came to power a year later, he said of the scientific landscape of China, “The granary is nearly empty, but the new crop is not yet ripe.” Scientists and intellectuals who were educated on a merit system before the Cultural Revolution had reached retirement age, but there was no younger generation to take their places. In 1977, Deng reinstated college entrance examinations after a hiatus of 10 years, and college students were once again selected according to test scores. Back-door deals were forbidden. China’s economy and its scientific research took off.

Aug. 29, 1977 – Deng Xiaoping Speaks at Communist Party Congress in Peking (Credit Image: © Keystone Press Agency/ZUMA Wire)
Aug. 29, 1977 – Deng Xiaoping Speaks at Communist Party Congress in Peking (Credit Image: © Keystone Press Agency/ZUMA Wire)

There is an important difference between affirmative action and Worker/Peasant/Soldier college students. Affirmative action is practiced on a smaller scale, so its harm is hard to quantify. No one has done a satisfactory statistical study of the problem. On the other hand, Worker/Peasant/Soldier college enrollment was practiced throughout China from 1970 to 1976 (No college students were enrolled in 1971, for reasons that remain unclear.) Most of the 940,000 graduates from these years proved to be useless.

China actually does have a form of affirmative action. Ethnic minorities get extra points on college-entrance examinations, partly to appease potential terrorists who see Han Chinese as invaders of their ancestral lands. However, local governments are now eliminating these preferences. Guizhou provincial government announced it would gradually stop giving extra points to ethnic minorities. Others, such as Liaoning and Fujian provinces, also announced late last year that they would drop the preferences by 2026.

As we pile egalitarian folly upon egalitarian folly, China still has a few obstacles to overcome to achieve meritocracy.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. A good description of a hind quarter of a single horse. The bridle though is in the horse’s mouth.

    Within the systemics of current Western society, that means the ruling classes should be erased, they are the product and beneficiaries of the holding pen. Any horse in there that has potential is bought and sold or send off to the butchers.

  2. When affirmative action is carried out in extremes, it is not only white, Jewish, and Asian students and job applicants who suffer.

    If Ron Unz is correct, Jews don’t ‘suffer’ under such a system at all – well, at least, at Harvard.

  3. Ch´in Shi-Huang Ti would have laughed at the idea of meritocracy –
    he only wanted to break the hereditary power of the nomenklatura much like Caesar,
    Selim I, Iwan Grozny or Vlad the Impaler – but the service exam was one of
    the all-time greatest strokes of genius.
    Mind if we culturally appropriate a little? 😀

  4. The US education system is creating the equivalent of what Mao did by offering courses in nonsense and graduating people that have little to no actual knowledge about how nature functions but are experts in the opinion “professions”. The entire category of the Humanities and Social Sciences haven’t a single subcategory based upon empirical evidence. See:

    These are all basket weaving courses that graduate people that can only properly parrot their professors. What they think is knowledge is actually just the opinions of the priests they studied under. For decades, the US has been turning out people with useless degrees for when the SHTF.

    If the US wants to regain some economic strength and compete with other nations and actually produce products and services the rest of the world wants, then it needs to graduate people with actual knowledge backed up by empirical evidence. The days of financial manipulation are ending. The Dollar is ever declining in importance and soon all the bogus degrees in the Humanities and Social Sciences will be worthless. How does the US intend to restart an economy with people that have no practical skills?

    • Replies: @Ralph B. Seymour
    , @Realist
  5. @RoatanBill

    It’s a joke. The US people are out of touch with reality.

    Things have changed so much in the last ten years, I doubt I’ll ever go back.

  6. kauchai says:

    Dear Mr Lu,

    ” China actually does have a form of affirmative action. Ethnic minorities get extra points on college-entrance examinations, partly to appease potential terrorists who see Han Chinese as invaders of their ancestral lands. ”

    How else do you propose china mobilize the countless millions of poor and downtrodden non-Han chinese to enter the mainstream of society? You never mention the fact that china prior to 1911 was a feudal agrarian society where land was amassed by the rich and highly politically connected elites. Even ordinary Han chinese numbering in the hundreds of millions were treated as badly as the non-Hans. This explained why millions had migrated to places all over the world to seek better lives, including your beloved “land of the free and home of the braves”.

    So Mao was right when he said “The lowly are the most intelligent and the elite are the most ignorant”. A boilerplate example of elite ignoramus was Marie Antoinette who said “…feed them cakes…” when french peasants revolted against the royalty and we all know how she ended up – with her head lobbed off in a guillotine.

    Mao have his faults for sure. But the one thing that he and his colleagues did right in 1949 was to introduce land reforms with later revisions and adjustments. ( Don’t forget that Mao himself came from a quite well-to-do land owning family) As a result, today chinese farmers are one of the most productive and prosperous farmers in the world.

    As for affirmative actions on education, business, healthcare, etc; you can witness how successful this is by the number of non-Hans who have climbed onto positions of power, wealth, influence and even fame. To name a few; Dilraba Dilmurat, Gulnezer Bextiyar, Relizha Alimjan. These are mainstream uyghur and kazak actresses that command millions of fans and made hundreds of millions of RMBs for themselves.

    I guess that the chinese experience with affirmative action is vastly different from that of the US in all its forms and substance. For example, they did not eliminate the GaoKao (University entrance examination) for anyone but as the author suggested, lowered the hurdle for entrance for the minorities. Today, most minorities even identify themselves as Han people! True, Han people may have invaded their ancestral lands but they made and are still making efforts to bring these minorities into the mainstream. The Hans did not corral them into “reservations” and feed them with substances of abuse like alcohol and drugs. They did not kidnap their children and sent them to “boarding schools” only to be butchered and buried in mass graves. Minority populations in china have grown and thrive over the last 70+ years of CPC rule. How’s that for the prevention of “potential terrorists” and ” uyghur genocide” huh?

    • Agree: Mary Marianne
    • Thanks: anyone with a brain
  7. While we are at ignoramusses …
    the well-mannered girl who said “Oh pardon, monsieur” for stepping on
    the executioner´s foot (!) never uttered “Q´ils mangent du brioche” –
    that was Rousseau, before Marie Antoinette even set her little foot in la France.

  8. I never trust someone with an Anglo first name and a Chinese last name especially on the topic of Chinese history.

    In the cultural revolution China detonated hydrogen bombs and launched satellites into space. Had double digit space growth rates and increasing life expectancy.

    The goal of the communist party of China is to raise the people, not create a new caste system. The capitalist bourgeois emphasis on the most highest scoring confuses the measuring stick for the distance.

    The trend of exam elimination in the U.S is the other side of that capitalist bourgeois emphasis, wherein by eliminating measuring sticks they believe the distance of each ethnic group will equalize.

    The cultural revolution system of allocating University education is better, in which work peasant soldier groups would select among themselves who had the talent and social ability to best serve the people.

    Exam-credentials-centric and elite mediated affirmative action policy only creates a bifurcated next generation of students and future “leaders”- an autistocracy on end and incompetent performative narcissists on the other end. Those two groups being exactly what the capitalist bourgeois elites are, the western elite have no problem with such a selection process to distribute elite credentials, not an actual education.

    • Replies: @kauchai
    , @Mehool Mehta
  9. Realist says:

    The days of financial manipulation are ending. The Dollar is ever declining in importance and soon all the bogus degrees in the Humanities and Social Sciences will be worthless.

    Exactly. When I say that large cities such as NYC are useless and produce nothing of value…I am thinking of the financial products industry. They are the largest economic factor in large cities…the rest are support groups…doormen, waiters/chefs, cab drivers, and the like.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  10. @Realist


    It is the “funny money” characteristic of national currencies that offer up the potential for the finance frauds to exist. With real money, gold, silver and other real commodities, you can’t magically give someone something that doesn’t already exist. It is the ability to conjure up currency that leads to all the scams of the current banking and finance industries.

    The entire world is awash in debts that can never be repaid, with the US firmly in the lead owing \$30Trillion. The old trick of inflating away debts fails under such a load because it would require hyperinflation that by itself will ruin economies. The Fed’s “tools” will fail them this time around because printing more currency won’t solve the problem while increasing interest rates will crater the frauds in banking and finance which are a huge part of the phony US economy.

    The US was much better off when it produced things via manufacturing for a reasonable profit, but that’s for people that are willing to get their hands dirty and the US population is so much above that. Now, we have Gordon Gekko types and their wannabe imitators that have moved the US’s economy into the virtual world of finance magic. Trouble is, magic is a trick and people eventually catch on. We are there.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Ralph B. Seymour
  11. When affirmative action is carried out in extremes, it is not only white, Jewish, and Asian students and job applicants who suffer.

    You must be new here.

  12. Yee says:

    “By this he meant that the rich became rich because of illegal and unfair practices and the poor were poor because they were exploited. He thought once the lowly had a chance to study, they would outsmart the students from families of the bourgeoisie (intellectuals, former landowners, capitalists and other rich families.”

    Most of Chinese people are Worker/Peasant/Soldier or descendants, we have been building China. You old rich gave nothing but humiliation and suffering to our nation… I’m glad you’ve gone to the US, we’re fine without you…

    • Agree: anyone with a brain
  13. Realist says:

    China actually does have a form of affirmative action. Ethnic minorities get extra points on college-entrance examinations, partly to appease potential terrorists who see Han Chinese as invaders of their ancestral lands.

    A stupid system. The way to deal with terrorists is to kill them…not reward them to the detriment of intelligent Chinese.

    The U. S. college entrance system should be based on merit alone, any member of a race or ethnic group that riots and kills or destroys in response should be shot.

  14. Realist says:

    Agreed, I use up my comment actions.

    These economic concepts we agree on are so obvious and simple, it is a wonder more U. S.citizens are allowing this. But stupid is as stupid does…and you can’t fix it.

  15. Wow, I really ought to have edited that comment more thoroughly

    What I meant to say was that the U.S dual selection system of ultra-competitive exams based admission policy on one end and affirmative action holistic admission policy on the other combines the worst of both worlds and has no relation to the successful policies of the Cultural Revolution.

    The U.S dual admission policy creates two separate lines of elites: the autistic asocials who will man the more cognitively demanding roles in the autistocracy. And the performative narcissist who will occupy roles created for the the worthless but well connected e.g Hunter biden.

  16. @RoatanBill

    That’s exactly right.

    The core of the world’s problems originate from big oil and their bankers. As long as private central banking exists, jews will have all the power, and their money will be running the show.

    How’s that working out so far?

    Muammar Gaddafi recommended firing a missile into the City Of London.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  17. Idealism, when practiced by zealots, often leads to disaster.

    Yes, but it’s usually the case that the said idealism is actually cynically exploited by the powerists. It serves as cover for tribal or factional vying for dominance.

    Egalitarianism, one of the seemingly noble hallmarks of communism and left liberalism, has heavily influenced many aspects of American life.

    Opportunity-egalitarians and outcome-egalitarians are always at odds. Both are problematic, made worse by the advent of feminism. With opportunity-egalitarianism(aka meritocracy) + feminism, smartest men and smartest women tend to rise to the top, and they marry one another and have smarter children who come to monopolize the upper echelons as the permanent genetic elite caste. Over time, most people with smart genes reach the top, and the lower classes are left with the dummies.
    When egalitarianism first got off the ground, there were many smart people among the working class and the peasantry(as they’d been barred from social mobility). Their kind had been at the lower rungs of society in a system that favored the aristocracy and bloodlines: Dumb nobleman was advantaged over the smart commoner. With opportunity-egalitarianism, the smart ones on the bottom could reach for the top, and this seemed fair and just. But over time, the lower classes became depleted of smart people who became concentrated at the top that mined for IQ gold — this is now happening on a global scale as the First World attracts smartest people in the Third World. At least before feminism, many smart and successful men married their hometown sweethearts who weren’t exactly brains, as Charles Murray detailed in COMING APART. So, smart genes got distributed among the less intelligent: Smart men with less-smart women. But since the changes wrought by feminism, we have smart men and smart women marrying one another, and so, smart genes hardly get spread outside the smart set. In the past, smart and successful man would have chosen a woman for her feminine qualities, mothering potential, and the like. Nowadays, smart men seek out smart women and look down on unsmart women as trashy bimbos. But then, even as elites get smarter, they’ve gotten stupider because they live in their own bubble of conceited privileged and self-adoration. Chelsea Clinton isn’t dumb but she is STOOOOOPID.

    So, in the long run, opportunity-egalitarianism has turned out to be a big bust, creating a conceited genetic elite over the rest. Scum over Dumb.

    It has also led to demands of outcome-egalitarianism as so many people feel the new order is no less rigged, especially as the public discourse had made candid discussion of genes-and-success a taboo topic. If not genes, then what? The only answer for many is ‘systemic racism’ and ‘social injustice’.
    Now, the game of outcome-egalitarianism didn’t really begin with Affirmative Action, which made it official than merely de facto. All through US history, there were various ersatz forms of affirmative action that tipped the scale for the less advantaged and/or talented who might otherwise lose out in the competition, meritocratic or otherwise. It was obvious in the exclusion of blacks from sports, which made it possible for white males to be competitive, just like exclusion of men makes for women’s sports. Legacy has been one de facto form of affirmative action in elite colleges. White race-ism also had this effect. Through much of US history, lesser-skilled whites were favored over more skilled blacks(though, apart from sports and popular music, blacks were generally far less skilled than whites and would have lost out meritocratically at any rate). Alan Dershowitz in CHUTZPAH recounts how, upon his graduation, WASPs got better job offers than Jews who graduated with higher distinction. Also, there were various forms of ethnic rigging in cities. The Irish came to be masters at this, and many departments became the mainstay of Irish networking, pissing off not only blacks but other white ethnics. Some may see this as ‘racist’, therefore rightist, but it had a leftist component as well. Many ethnics felt justified in looking out for one another in a WASP-dominated system thought to be rigged against their kind. So, it was a kind of ethno-leftism. Much of Italian organized crime had this character as well. It was supposedly sort of Robin-Hood-like as the hoodlums stole from America but spread the goods among those in the community. Consider the film THE IRISHMAN, how the Union looked out for the truck drivers, EVEN WHEN it knew they were stealing on the job. It was an us-versus-them mentality. We have-lesses taking from the have-mores.

    And such sentiments may spread among future whites because so many of them have been written off as ‘white trash scum’ by the elites. If, in the past, white elites favored white masses over the nonwhites, the current white elites not only cuck to Jews and rub shoulders with non-white elites but even favor blacks and nonwhite masses over white masses. (Even the GOP is pretty useless, and Canadian ‘conservative leaders’ are even worse.)
    If the white elites suck up to Jews and don’t look out for the white masses, whites should go into Robin-Hood mode and do whatever’s in their favor. It’s time for Neo-Fascism.
    The Democratic Party blatantly favors Jews, white cuck-elites, blacks, illegals, and Hindus over white masses. GOP does little but suck up to Jews and Big Capital(which now happens to be mostly Democratic, which makes the pro-capitalist Republican message even more pathetic). In the past, there was FDR to offer the New Deal, a kind of lefto-fascism, to the white working class and agrarian folks(who got electricity and indoor plumbing). Now, the Democratic Party’s message to white masses is ‘die of opioids’ and ‘we will replace you’, and the GOP’s message is ‘go fight Russia for Ukraine’ and ‘praise Israel’. When the system is so corrupt and insane, whites should give up on Rule of Law and Meritocracy and go into empowerment mode by any means necessary. It’s time for Revolution.

    Affirmative action is an example. When applied to college enrollment, it is based on the idea that blacks, Hispanics, American Indians, and other minorities don’t do well because of slavery and discrimination… Although genes and environment each account for roughly half of personality and mental traits, egalitarianists tend to ignore genes.

    That’s what the say, but don’t be fooled. AA isn’t really about redressing past wrongs. After all, black African immigrants get AA. But why? They are likely the descendants of Africans who captured and sold slaves to whites and Arabs. Yet, these black newcomers get the same AA privileges. Also, what is meant by ‘Hispanic’? You could be a totally white Hispanic whose Conquistador ancestors invaded, raped, and ‘genocided’ the native populations but still count as part of the ‘people of color’ in the US(whereas Arabs have long been lumped with whites). Jews underplay white Hispanic historical ‘crimes’ because white Hispanics are valued as allies against whites. (It’s also why Jewish media and entertainment have a more favorable view of Italian mafia than Wasp elites. When Italians act tribal in movies and TV shows, it’s kind of cool, but the slightest whiff of Wasp privilege is denounced as RACIST. Tribal Italians wiping out a rival gang in a bloodbath is deemed less outrageous than some WASP country club excluding Jews who wanted to ogle at blonde ‘shikses’.) Also, weren’t Asian-Americans discriminated against in the past? Chinese who worked on railroads weren’t treated very nicely. Japanese-Americans were ‘interned’. So, why isn’t that taken into consideration when AA is used against Asians?

    By the way, AA is especially bogus because the biggest losers are not rich and privileged whites but poor whites. If a rich white scores 120, a poor white scores 120, and a black scores a 100, it’s the poor white(usually rural or from small town) who will be sacrificed in favor of the black. Besides, rich whites have many more connections and opportunities whereas poor whites don’t. Much of AA is about rich whites partnering with the better blacks(as the sacred race) against poor whites(as ‘racists’) even though rich whites hog the privilege and don’t have to worry about black crime as they live in nice communities with few blacks.


    The University of California system dropped the SAT requirement for applicants on the assumption that the tests don’t reflect the true academic abilities blacks and Hispanics. This is supposed to be because many are poor and can’t afford private tutoring. Many of the children of my Chinese friends never hired tutors or went to tutoring centers but still got high SAT scores. This is not due only to genes. Their parents emphasized education, while the children themselves worked hard and stayed away from drugs and gangs.

    Look, people who push AA know this. Sure, there are ideological dumbasses, the true believers, but trust me, most people in positions in power know the truth that we know though they’re loathe to admit it publicly. AA isn’t based on misguided ideology but racial idolatry. The fact is Americans prefer blacks over Asians, and funnier yet, even Asians often prefer non-Asians over Asians. (Why is Mark Lu living in the West with a white name? Why doesn’t he want to live with his own kind? If he didn’t choose to emigrate to the West, why did his parents or grandparents? You see, Asians would rather be minorities in white societies than be part of the majority in Asia. In the US, imitative yellows are either wanna-be-whites or wanna-be-blacks or globo-homo-freaks or Jew-worshipers.)

    Just think. Suppose blacks had smart genes and do really well in school without AA. Suppose blacks, being 13% of the population, made up 40% of students at elite colleges. Do you think anyone would complain? No, they would be cheering it on. Notice the controversy is always about not-enough-black-quarterbacks, never about not-enough-white-running-backs, or not enough browns in the NBA. No one complains that NBA is Too Black. You see, not-enough-black means insufficient diversity, but all-black is total diversity.
    Same with Jews. It’s never a problem for there to be lots of Jews. Biden’s administration is overflowing with Jews, but who’s complaining? If whites are even slightly over-represented(or even when under-represented), people scream ‘racism’. But NO ONE complains about Too Many Jews in Wall Street, Hollywood, Mass Media, Silicon Valley, Las Vegas, top Law firms, and etc. Jews, like blacks, are deemed awesome, the rightful rulers of the US. Even critics of Hollywood bitch about Hollywood being ‘too white’ while never mentioning Jews. And the solution is always to get rid of more white goyim while Jews remain intact in all the power structure. So, this stuff about ‘egalitarianism’ or ‘equity’ is really ideological. There’s no problem with blacks and Jews(and homos) totally dominating certain areas. They are deemed the superior people who deserve to dominate and rule. It’s a problem ONLY WHEN they are under-represented. The problem with Asian over-representation is they are Asian, or ‘lame’. Americans don’t want such a wussy race to outperform the rest in anything.

    So, California’s dropping of SAT isn’t about misguided ideology. It’s about Californians, even many Asians, preferring blacks over yellows. People just don’t like nerds and geeks, and many feel a visceral disgust about Asian dorks like some people have toward homos. Yellows are like the original and ultimate soy boy dorks, and it just FEELS wrong that they should be doing better in anything. To an extent, Jews faced the same kind of hostility in the past. The Aryans felt it was wrong that a bunch of short, hairy, hook-nosed Semites should be exceling in prestigious fields and even over-taking the goyim. It seemed like an aesthetic crime against humanity, and it underpinned much of Nazi thinking and WASP disapproval of Jews, and indeed even many Jews who’d gained a measure of respectability looked down on the more vulgar Jewish elements(usually from Eastern Europe) as gross and embarrassing. Then, it’s no wonder that Jewish Hollywood often used Aryan actors to play Jews. Moses was far more palatable and noble-seeming when played by Charlton Heston than Chico Marx. Jane Fonda played Lillian Hellman in JULIA. Ayn Rand expressed her Jewishness through WASP heroes, and Jewish comic book artists employed Aryan archetypes to mete out Jewish fantasies of justice. But over time, Jews overcame their ‘geek’ disadvantage with force of will(and pushy personality), wit & humor, shameless chutzpah, and Holocaust mythology, which made ‘antisemitism’ taboo. Woody Allen is gross to look at but always makes you laugh, and so, you end up liking him on some level. In contrast, yellows are not only dorky but passive and colorless, rather like the ‘beaners’, their genetic cousins.

    Humans are still animal in their psyche. Animals react viscerally. The animal-side of humans still feel this way. When black destroyed whites in sports, took over popular music, and spread jungle fever, America came to revere blacks as the awesome race. So, even as a white ‘liberal’ may be for colorblind justice for all on the intellectual level, he or she is besotted with blacks as the alpha race. This is even true in China and Japan. Chinese dork boys worship black NBA superstars and look down on their slow geek players. Japan is now promoting jungle fever and encouraging their women to have kids with Negroes while Japanese soy-boys worship cutey-idols and remain virgins all their lives.

    So, even though Asians do well on tests and get good grades, they seem sickly, icky, dorky, and pee-wee in the eyes of the world. Elite Asian women in Hong Kong and Singapore often get impregnated via white sperm banks because they’d rather have Eurasian kids than ‘ugly’ and ‘inferior’ yellow babies. It’s about racial idolatry, and yellows are at the very bottom of the idolatrous hierarchy. To be sure, Asian women have market value as far as bamboo fever goes, but even the fact that Asian women prefer whites(and even blacks) over yellow dorks like Mark Lu means yellows have low appeal on the visceral ‘animal’ level of attraction.

    Then, it all makes sense. This is why Californians(and Americans in general) hate the idea of Asians taking up so many elite academic slots. Why should a people so gawky, geeky, timid, dog-like, and wimpy dominate elite fields? Besides, didn’t they get good grades because all they did was study, study, and study like ants than lead a balanced life like human beings? The test-prepping culture all across Asia and Asia-America is truly SICK and demented, a cancerous outgrowth of Confucianism.

    At least, Hindus are colorful and have some sense of humor. Yellows are colorless and just plain yella. Indeed, notice how so many yellows in California support discriminatory policies against their own kind. Unlike Jews with their chutzpah and blacks with their hollering rage, yellows are always cowering and servile EVEN WHEN they’re discriminated against. (To be sure, it’s the elite yellows who generally support AA that disadvantages other yellows. This is because status matters more than race/tribe among the yellows. So, when a yellow gains success, his priority is approval from the establishment, thus securing his status among the ‘best kind of people’. A yellow who fails to gain acceptance to elite institution may bitch and whine, but a yellow who is accepted will immediately turn his back on yellows who didn’t make it and secure his good standing with the official dogma of ‘diversity’.)

    Such a wussy race doesn’t deserve elite slots in society. They’re dogs. Blacks beat up yellows, but yellows don’t call out the blacks. They blame ‘white supremacism’ because they’re such imitative servile dogs eager for approval from the Power. Since Jews rule the US and say ‘white supremacism’ is to blame for everything, yellows blame whites when it’s the jivers who are pushing them into subway trains. As long as so many yellows are this lame, whites shouldn’t waste ANY sympathy on them. Also, most yellows who do enter elite institutions totally imbibe ‘wokeness’ and serve the Deep State against White America. Then, they export this garbage back to their home countries, which is why globo-homo and BLM symbolism have spread all over East Asia as well. What a bunch of dogs.

    In a way, AA isn’t anti-hierarchical but corrective-hierarchical. On the visceral level, Americans feel that awesome blacks should succeed more and gain prominence in the choice institutions of society. They also feel, on the visceral level, that unimpressive-looking dork-yellows shouldn’t gain dominance in society. This is hierarchical thinking, indeed not unlike Nazi view of Aryans and Jews. In the visceral vision of the Nazis, the noble-looking Aryans should be masters of the world whereas Nibelungen-like Jews should be dwarfs in the underworld. Aryans are heroic, Jews are grubby. Aryans are great warriors, Jews are weasel-merchants. In BLADE RUNNER, Asians are like the Nibelungen untermensch hunched over dork-work, whereas Roy Batty(Rutger Hauer) is the great Aryan archetype. No one feels much sympathy for Chu the eye-maker, but Batty’s death is seen as tragic even though he’s a psycho-killer. But on the visceral level, he is magnificent whereas Chu “just make eyes” and squawks like a scared chicken.
    AA is sold as ‘equity’ or ‘egalitarianism’ but is really premised on visceral awe of blacks as the real master race who must have more representation. On that ‘animal’ level, it seems unjust that such a badass race is under-represented while the geek yellow race is so over-represented in elite slots. This is what HBD, in all its aspergy-ness about IQ, will never understand. It is why Charles Murray is utterly clueless about the black problem. He only fixates on IQ and tests and schooling. He fails to delve into the psychological and mythological underpinning of AA which is premised in visceral hierarchy that places blacks on top. As Jared Taylor is also essentially an HBD-ist, he also refuses to face what’s really behind AA. And as Mark Lu wrote his piece for American Renaissance, he probably shares in the aspergy fixation on IQ. It overlooks the hierarchy of ‘viscerality’.

    There was a news leak suggesting that one reason why Elite Universities discriminate against yellows is because they’re deemed to have inferior personalities, and there’s a kernel of truth to this. Western Universities should be places of innovation and original thought, dissent and experimentation. But yellows are all about doing it by the book, all about studying hard without asking questions. Yellows are intellectual dominos; they all fall the same way. Jews push globo-homo, and yellows in the West pick it up, and then yellows in the East follow along. It’s like monkey see, monkey do. So, higher test scores don’t necessarily mean more intellectual spark. If anything, it could be a sign of less originality. It’s like so many Asians practice long and hard at violin or piano and play classical music really well, but they’re playing music created by another people. In terms of originality, the low IQ blacks and even taco-munching Mexicans are more original than most yellows in music.

    The paradox of Asian academic crisis is this: Elite academia is about building up a class of leaders, but yellows like to serve and follow. What’s the point of yellows entering elite fields of leadership if their main mode is to take orders and follow? So, from a personality viewpoint, yellows would do better to attend technical colleges, learned some geek computer skills, and find niches as those who take orders in Big Tech companies to code and etc.

    Granted, the elite colleges are full of shit because, due to PC and ‘wokeness’, the Western University has given up on free thought and open discussion in favor of dogma, conformism, and idolatry of special groups, especially Jews, homos, and blacks. Given the academia insists on iron consensus, yellows should now make the ideal student body as they are mentally clone-like. Still, they are disfavored because Americans have a visceral dislike for yellows who look seem like human prunes, all brains and dried of body and soul.

    When affirmative action is carried out in extremes, it is not only white, Jewish, and Asian students and job applicants who suffer.


    So, who’s calling out that there are too many Jews in Biden’s administration? Who’s saying there are too many JEWISH lawyers? Who’s calling out on Jewish domination of Wall Street and Las Vegas? Who’s calling out on AIPAC’s influence?

    If anything, Jewish Power is obnoxious precisely because it’s a combination of ultra-meritocracy, ultra-tribalism, and ultra-affirmative-action. It’s ultra-meritocratic because many Jews are indeed very smart and capable. But Jews also work tribally to favor one another. How else to explain so many second-rate Jews in elite fields? Look how the Neocon scum responsible for Iraq Debacle never had to pay a price and are appointed to key positions. Notice how Jews in the Deep State and media work together to push fake news, all the while bitching about ‘misinformation’. But there is also ultra-affirmative-action. Israel is a rich country, by far the most advanced in the Middle East. And yet, US gives Israel more aid than any other country. Imagine that. Jews are awesomely rich & powerful and Israel is a First World Nation, and yet they hog most of the sympathy while Palestinians get nothing. In fact, worse than nothing as BDS targets individuals who are for Palestinian justice. It’s like a Jewish billionaire getting extra money while a homeless Palestinian is robbed of his last penny. Affirmative Action for billionaire Jewish Supremacists. Sick.
    The current system allows Zionists who support the ‘genocide’ of Palestinians to have full access to financial services and then some, BUT anyone who supports the truckers in Canada is targeted for financial ruin and destitution. And who can forget the Wall Street bailouts of 2009? Affirmative Action for the super-rich gamblers. Jews also rigged the system so that their minion-allies, ANTIFA and BLM, can loot and burn but walk away with a slap on the wrist while 1/6 ‘insurrectionists’ still rot in prison without trial. A scum like Jonathan Pollard is given the red carpet treatment while whites who fought back against Antifa are locked in prison to be ass-raped by blacks. This is Jew-America, where Jews not only have more than the rest but get more special favors as well. Jews get both the fruits of meritocracy, spoils of tribalism, and rewards of AA.

    But Mark Lu is bitching about how the system treats Jews unfairly? Typical yellow dog attitude. We’ve all been drummed with the BS that everything has to be framed within the narrative of Jewish Victimhood. So, even when Jews are the victimizers, we must twist logic to pretend that Jews are victimized and ill-served. Lame!
    No, Jews are the ones who push AA, and it is to bolster Jewish Power. Sure, some Jews may lose out to blacks(and others), but Jewish Power sees it as a worthy gambit. Lose a little but gain a lot more. Jews know that white Americans worship blacks as the awesome race of rappers, athletes, and studs; it intensifies ‘white guilt’ because the Awesome Race had been wronged in the past. Jews know blackness is the most potent instrument in controlling white hearts and minds. Besides, as Jews have gotten so rich and privileged(and as more are noticing the Zionist oppression of Palestinians), Jews value the Jew-Negro alliance. That way, Jews can claim to be on the side of angels by saying, “Look, magical blacks are with us.” So, Jews do special favors for blacks to keep them allied with Jews. They lose a little but gain a lot more. As Jews are pulling this dirty shit, stop with this whining about ‘Jewish victimhood’ at the hands of AA.

    America itself suffers in not being able to enroll and hire the smartest people based on merits. We are in a highly competitive world, and our edge is blunted.

    No, you don’t understand the plan. The system will continue to choose the best people in areas that really matter: medicine, science, technology, and etc. There’s no way some atomic laboratory is going to hire Anferny Jackson to do research with isotopes. Rather, blacks will be hired in publicity departments so that institutions and industries where most of the work is done by whites and Asians will be fronted by blackness. This will be enough for both sides. As whites and servile Asians worship blacks, they will be honored to be represented by a black personality. And as blacks are megalomaniac and hardly look beyond the surface, they will be content with a blackness as the FACE of everything. It will be the Neil Degrasse Tysoning of science.

    Now, what’s the point of yellows going to good schools and contributing to US? Yellows will never rule the US as (1) they’re essentially a servile race(sort of like Mexican browns with higher IQ, not surprising as Mexers have distant Asiatic lineage) and (2) most Americans, white-black-brown-and-even-yellow, will not accept yellows as new overlords(and there are no taboos against China-bashing, just like Japan-bashing was the favorite sport in the 80s). So, even as yellows contribute to the US, all their input will be directed by non-yellows, especially Jews. Jews intend to make China the new bogeyman(and whites will happily go along, if only because it may lessen Jewish hostility against whites if directed at China, when not Russia and Iran). Consider the level of anti-China hatred among American ‘conservatives’, and nothing has changed with the JAB administration: JAB = Jews Around Biden. While ‘conservatives’ and ‘liberals’ say they have nothing against the Chinese and only against the Chinese government, it’s bogus, like saying “We got nothing against Muslims, only terrorists and extremists”.

    This means no matter how patriotic Chinese-Americans try to be and contribute to US in science/math/technology and tax dollars, all of it will be used by Jews and globalists to spread Anti-China hatred and yellow peril hysteria in general. In other words, a Chinese has to be stupid to contribute anything to a country that has decided to target his kind. There’s no sympathy for Chinese being beaten by blacks from either party. The only mainstream narrative is ‘Trump and white supremacists done it’. Worse, as yellows are such servile dogs, even they don’t name the problem. Jews made blacks sacred, and so, blacks are sacred, and servile and imitative yellows bark accordingly.

    Russians and Chinese in the US should think twice about contributing anything to the US, which is ruled by the Jews who often direct white American hatred at FOREIGN nations(except Israel of course). Just like white Americans are STUPID to serve in the US military that only wages Wars for Israel and uses white goy soldiers like dogs and cattle, Chinese in America are retarded to think patriotically.
    Those yellows who enter the elite realm serve the neo-imperialist deep state that spreads BLM, globo-homo, and Wars for Israel all over the world. Why take part in such madness? Jewish-ruled US and white cucks have decided that China will be cast as the grand villain. If Rachel Maddow the Jewess really hates Russia, the likes of Tucker Carlson really hate China(and it’s not just the government but the people; Carlson and his ilk can accept Asians only as toadies, like Taiwanese cucks and Japanese monkeys, but they cannot tolerate Asians with sovereignty and national pride independent of US power, and that is why they hate China). US as a neo-imperialist power must always project its pathologies onto other nations and make them out to be the New Hitler. So, even though US has been aggressing on Russia, the narrative screams ‘Russian aggression’ among both Democratic and Republican whore politicians. And even though China is seeking to regain territorial sovereignty after two centuries of foreign aggression, it is made out to be the new GLOBAL threat.
    Chinese should study in the West but should never serve the West, no more than Muslims and Arabs should contribute to the US that ruthlessly implements the Zionist agenda to wreck the Middle East and North Africa. Chinese in America should be like Mexicans. Some savvy Mexicans in the US work hard and make some money and then return to their homeland and buy a nice big house as the dollar goes much further there. Likewise, Chinese should sell chop suey and egg rolls in the West and then take the money and buy a house in China and settle down. Why work so hard to assimilate and contribute to the Jewish-run US when it is hellbent on vilifying China? Jewish-run US’s ideal of East Asian nation is Taiwan, globo-homo cuck dog of the empire. Even White Americans should give up on patriotism as their country is now all about ‘Muh Israel’, Homo-worship, Negro-worship, and other garbage. Whites need to go into neo-fascist mode and build a new vision and movement from ground up as the US is morally dead and culturally demented. In the current era, patriotism can only mean loyalty to demonology and satanism.

    The Truckers in Canada are waking into a new consciousness, which is why the Power is so eager to crush them. Whites are beginning to realize that goy scum politicians don’t represent them but serve the likes of Charles Schwab, Mr. Magoo puppet of the Jews. Why work so hard day after day and pay taxes into a system that hates you and want to replace your kind with foreigners?
    Chinese in Canada are especially pathetic. They are trained by elite institutions to hate on native white Canadians. Chinese are working alongside Hindus, blacks, and Muslims at the behest of Jews and white cucks to destroy traditional Canada. That’s bad enough. But for all their mindless servitude to the globalist order, Canada(as part of the Jewish-run Anglo-cuck empire) is joining in the vilification of China as the new bogeyman. So, Chinese work with Jews to attack whites, but then Jews still stir up white hatred against Chinese. It’s totally messed up and not worth it to anyone with sense.

    Egalitarianism also found advocates in China during the Cultural Revolution, which lasted from 1966 to 1976. In 1970, one year after the Cultural Revolution reached its apex in 1969, Chairman Mao ordered institutions of higher learning to enroll students according to a “recommendation system.”

    Mao was a nutter, but again, the Cultural Revolution shouldn’t be seen merely as ideological purism but a power move. It most certainly wouldn’t have happened if Mao hadn’t lost face in the aftermath of the Great Leap Forward debacle. GLF was so devastating that Mao yielded much of the day-to-day power to Liu Shao Chi and Deng Xiaoping, the pragmatists. Mao was extremely vindictive, and he eventually wanted to regain full power and prestige. But the bureaucracy was with Liu and Deng. Most of the elites were with the pragmatists. So, Mao decided to sound the alarm with ideological emergency — China was being sold down the river by capitalist-roader reactionaries!!! — to regain full power. He made an alliance with the Lin Piao faction of the military and called on masses of youth to ‘bombard the headquarters’ to terrorize the bureaucracy. It was a bold move. On the surface, it seemed driven by ideological purism, but it was the only way Mao could reconsolidate full control. It was ideology fueled by egotistic powerism.
    Likewise, Stalin’s purges in the 30s weren’t merely about ideology. It was about purging every last remnant of the Trotskyite faction. Though rationalized ideologically, it was a battle of personalities as Stalin and Trotsky came to hate one another.
    In both cases, the Great Purge and the Cultural Revolution, things got out of control and many more lives were destroyed than intended by Stalin or Mao, but it’s hard to control a fire that burns out of control. (If Mao was such an ideological purist, why would he have met with Richard Nixon, the representative of the ‘monopoly capitalists’? When push came to shove, power mattered more than ideology to Mao. True, Mao was a real communist, but, as with Stalin, his ego always came first.)

    Likewise, ‘wokeness’ is above all a tool of power than a matter of ideology. Like Stalin’s purges were really aimed at the Trotsky faction and like Mao’s Cultural Revolution was directed against Liu & Deng and the bureaucracy loyal to them, ‘wokeness’ is essentially a tool of Jewish Power targeted at whiteness. Its ideological origins are Jewish, and its idolatry is controlled by Jews. Its ultimate goal is to expand and secure Jewish Supremacist power. It lacks a consistent moral logic. For example, there’s tons of stuff about how whites must atone for their ‘sins’ against blacks and the Holocaust, but there’s nothing about Zionist tyranny over Palestinians, Neocon near-genocidal wars against Arabs/Muslims, murderous Jewish role in Bolshevism, Jewish partnership with Western Imperialists in exploiting gold & diamonds in South Africa and peddling opium to the Chinese. If ‘wokeness’ were truly based on moral logic, it would denounce ALL forms of ethnic hatred, racial supremacy, and imperialist legacy. But according to ‘wokeness’, Jewish History is only about great contributions to humanity and tragic victimization at the hands of ‘Anti-Semites'(which would also include those calling for Palestinian justice). And there is no moral outrage about black thugs attacking non-blacks. Blacks, like Jews, are given the license to kill. Hypocrisy is integral to ‘wokeness’ that cynically invokes ‘justice’ and ‘equality’ to serve Jewish Supremacism.
    Consider how Jews use media to exaggerate claims of ‘genocide’ of Uighurs by the Chinese government but ignore what Jews are doing to Palestinians and Syria. Most Jews in academia and media claim to be ‘liberal’ or ‘leftist’, but their support for ‘wokeness’ is really a cover for Jewish Supremacism.

    In 2020, Jews unleashed BLM and Antifa madness in their great-purge and cultural-revolution against whiteness that re-emerged as populism under Donald Trump. Jews also feared Trump making some inroads among blacks who had enough of mass immigration. So, to shame whiteness and flatter blackness, Jews sensationalized the death of George Floyd and unleashed BLM and Antifa pogroms all over. It was a Jewish Power Move, akin to what Stalin and Mao had done. And as most institutions and industries are led by brainwashed cucks, they too jumped on the ‘woke’ bandwagon, just like the commissars under Stalin. (Difference between Stalin and Mao. Stalin built up a massive bureaucracy and used it against his enemies. Mao, more a dreamer than manager, allowed others to manage the bureaucracy, and after the debacle of the Great Leap Forward, the bureaucracy was with Liu and Deng. And so, Mao had to call on the radical factions in the military and masses of youths to wage war on the bureaucracy.)

    At any rate, ‘wokeness’ cannot be understood without being identified as the tool of Jews. Jews know their supremacist power relies on white submission. Only the educated class of skilled whites can manage and run the Jewish Hegemonic Empire. This is why Jews fear white identity that may lead to white pride and white autonomy from Jewish Supremacism. And that’s why Jews use globo-homo to spread deracination and decadence among whites, and that’s why they use blacks to guilt-bait whites. Jews know ‘white guilt’ about blacks is potent because whites revere blacks as rappers, athletes, studs, orators, and Magic Negroes(like Morgan Freeman in SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION and the mountain-sized Negro who wuvs a wittle white house in GREEN MILE. Even after blacks caused so much harm to the US, look at all those whites cheering for black thugs in the Super Bowl. Whites are cucks, or whucks. This is why ‘wokeness’ is essentially focused on blacks.)

    Mao has a famous saying: “The lowly are the most intelligent and the elite are the most ignorant.”

    It’s too bad that Mao was so rash and pushed things to extremes, because he wasn’t entirely wrong. In a similar vein, Bill Buckley said he’d rather be ruled by people randomly pulled out of a phone book than by the ‘best and the brightest’ from elite colleges. Elites tend to lose contact with reality. Consider the current elites of the West. They got all the credentials and connections, but they’re a bunch of craven and conformist careerists who’ve lost touch with reality. And with rise of globo-homo and Negrolatry among the elites, even their culture and values suck. BLM, by the way, is nothing like real anti-elitism. Rather, it’s about rich powerful Jews using black symbolism and muscle to subdue white pride and agency.

    Mao over-reacted. It’s true that Chinese history was marred by ultra-elitism based on Confucianism. Too much talent was wasted on taking tests that had little to do with reality. In the modern world, Asians are studying real-world stuff like science, medicine, and technology. Still, the over-emphasis on academic prestige has created snobby-elite societies in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea, especially as women have access to higher education as well. So, more and more people don’t want to have kids unless they can be assured of academic success. Or they have just one child and focus all attention on him/her. Women don’t want to marry ‘losers’, who could be anyone who didn’t go to top school or has a top job. Men don’t want to marry ‘loser’ women without fancy college degrees and with fancy jobs, which means no time for family. As such elitist attitudes have spread far and wide among all levels of Asian society, birthrates have plummeted, even well below birth dearth among whites.

    One good thing about communism was it valued the proles and peasants. And National Socialism was even better because it appreciated the German worker who built the autobahn but also allowed private enterprise that fuels economic growth. But the current form of global ‘liberal democracy’ is pure poison. It’s purely elitist. Only the winners of the global game matter. The national masses, increasingly regarded as a bunch of ‘losers’, don’t matter. They are to be replaced by cheap immigrants, or working class jobs are outsourced to poorer nations. Let the national working classes just die, such is the attitude of the globalist elites. It’s worse in Asia because even the working classes have totally imbibed neo-Confucian elitism and don’t want to have kids unless they can be assured of academic success.

    There’s no respect for honest labor, which Japanese deride as ‘dirty, dangerous, and demeaning’. But who built all the roads in Japan? It wasn’t the elite class. National Socialism honored German men working with shovels. They too were embraced as part of the national family. But under global ‘liberal democracy’, such people are deemed as expendable ‘losers’ to be replaced by cheaper foreigners. Result is Californization.

    By the way, do NOT fall for the BS that globalism and ‘wokeness’ are leftist. ‘Wokeness’ is not about the masses against the elites. Indeed, according to globalist ‘progressivism’, most masses don’t matter at all, especially if they are the native masses. No wonder then that ‘wokeness’ says China and Russia are ‘racist’ because the governments there still are still responsive to the national masses. Hungary is ‘racist’ too for appealing to the national folks. And ‘wokeness’ hates the prole Canadian truckers who had enough of the globalist agenda shoved down their throats and up their arses.

    According to ‘wokeness’, the only proper and acceptable form of ‘leftism’ is about obedience to Jews, celebration of homos, and cucking before blacks. And about welcoming the great replacement and erasure of the natives. Traditionally, leftism meant politics of the national folks against the oppressive elites. But as Jews control the world, they concocted the bogus ‘leftism’ of ‘wokeness’ that would have all the world discredit the interests of the national masses. Elites in all nations(except Israel of course) are urged to denounce nativism as ‘racist’ and degrade national heritage in favor of globo-homo celebration, Negrolatry(even if the nation has no history of blacks), and remember Nazism as evil incarnate(even if the nation had NOTHING to do with WWII or the Holocaust).

    Mao would have done well to preach that the Chinese should respect the hand and tools as much as the brains and books, but he went too far and waged war on learning and culture.
    But the current trajectory of modern Asia may be even more destructive. The problem isn’t the commitment to science, technology, and medicine but the obsession with elitism, the division of the world between ‘winners’ and ‘losers’, mindless imitation of the West as the source of all the answers just when the West is committing suicide.

    In the long run given the current trajectory, East Asians will lose out to Other Asians who still retain a more organic view of life. East Asians only value life-as-status whereas Other Asians value life-as-life, success or fail. Moderate elitism is useful in fueling social competition, but hyper-elitism rejects life unless assured of success. It’s a formula for civilizational death as people fear having ‘loser’ kids, and ‘loser’ kids are apt to commit suicide.

    China actually does have a form of affirmative action. Ethnic minorities get extra points on college-entrance examinations, partly to appease potential terrorists who see Han Chinese as invaders of their ancestral lands.

    All nations should do away with elite institutions. There should only be People’s Universities where the super-smart rub shoulders with the smart and not-so-smart. US would be much better if it only had big state colleges. Even with only big state colleges, first-rate research in science and medicine is more than possible.

    It’s the Goldlilocks solution. Maoism that waged total war on meritocracy in favor of ideology was madness. ‘Red over expert’ was retarded. But the arrogance of elite prestige also corrupts society. It produces these conceited pricks who think they are oh-so-much-smarter cuz they went to exclusive top-tier schools. It’s all the worse because many of these elite students are results of legacy(George W. Bush), bribes(Jared Kushner), idolatry(Michelle Obama), or some bullshit ‘hardship’ essay… or writing “Black Lives Matter” a hundred times, a stunt pulled by some Paki-American scumbag.

    In rejection of both Maoist ‘red over expert’ and conceited elitism, the solution is the People’s College with a large student body but highly selective in hard science. This way, best minds for science and math are still selected but, on the social level, they are less likely to be stuck up with elitist attitude.

    Especially BS is these status-minded pricks obsessed with elitism BUT THEN preaching to us about ‘social justice’ and ‘equity’. Don’t they notice the contradiction? But, they get away with it because ‘wokeness’ mainly focuses on Jews, homos, and blacks at the expense of most people. It’s more about the feelings of some pampered over-paid black athlete than the working conditions of Third World minions earning a pittance to churn out shoes bearing his name.
    ‘Social justice’ and ‘equity’ really mean praising Jews, celebrating homos, and idolizing blacks. When some members of BLM expressed sympathy for Palestinians, they were shut down pretty quick. Jews dole out big money to BLM for a reason: to keep blacks allied with Jews against whites and Palestinians. Then, it seems the most logical thing for whites is to side with Palestinians, but whites are dummies or whummies.

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  18. kauchai says:
    @anyone with a brain

    ” I never trust someone with an Anglo first name and a Chinese last name especially on the topic of Chinese history.”

    Me too. LOL! LOL!

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  19. @anyone with a brain

    Mehool Bhai from Mumbai.
    Brainless Bhai says

    The goal of the communist party of China is to raise the people, not create a new caste system.

    hahahaha. No Brainless Bhai, the aim of the CCP is to stay in power at all costs. To do this it will do anything, destroy anything. Build anything. To them, survival of the CCP is most paramount over everything, including China.The Party: The Secret World of China’s Communist Rulers by Richard McGregor
    As Elmer Yuen Sir says, the Chinese Communist Party is a criminal organization. Period.

    In the cultural revolution China detonated hydrogen bombs and launched satellites into space.

    Hahaha. Brainless Bhai, Meow Tze Tung did not give crap about the millions dying in the famines. Meow was squeezing out grain from Chinese farmers and exported food to Eastern European Communist regimes (even when his Chinese people were dying) to get weapons and nuclear technology. He did not mind that millions of people died of strategy. Indeed even before the Great Lap forward, Mao cold calculated that millions of Chinese may die, he did not care, he wanted global power to dominate world, technology and weapons above all. For his projects to take off, half of China may have to die, Meow did not care.

    Utopia, Mao and the Empress Dowager Cixi – An SWF 2013 Lecture by Jung Chang She found from years of research. She experience Cultural Revolution personally in China.
    Check from 6:50 to 12:00
    —–Mehool Bhai.

  20. @kauchai

    One notable exception is Gordan Chang. No, not, that Gordan Chang. There is a professor at Stanford University with that exact name but does not share the other notorious Gordon Chang’s views.

  21. @Mehool Mehta

    I actually read June Chang’s memoir about the cultural revolution, what I found striking is that by her account her time in the cultural revolution was normal. I was expecting to read about beatings, torture, imprisonment and there was none of that.

    The gist of her memoir and her attitude towards the cultural revolution is that she as an elite lost prestige and privilege and live as a Chinese commoner.

    Only narcissistic bourgeois elites would dare to characterize such an account as trauma and human rights violation and promote it as such.

    The simple truth is that June Chang and her family were the losers of that conflict and can’t get over it.

    The popular narrative of the Cultural Revolution has become like that of the holocaust, where we are supposed accept it without question and repeat it.

    If you or others are truly curious about the cultural revolution read Dongping Han’s The Unknown Cultural Revolution and Mobo Gao’s Gao Village: Rural Life in Modern China.
    Those two books especially Gao’s are honest and candid books about rural China(where around 90% of Chinese lived at the time) and even better they were written by rural Chinese themselves, there is no better source. I have yet to encounter a negative account of the Cultural Revolution produced by someone who was rural Chinese at the time. Gao’s The Battle of China’s Past: Mao and the Cultural Revolution is also pretty good, but that is more about the narratives around the cultural revolution than an account of it.

    I even read this book a Chinese Canadian journalist who went to rural China during the Cultural Revolution and her chapters on it are unremarkable, no mention of any atrocity. Hilariously the book is written by someone disillusioned with leftism so there ought to be an anti-cultural Revolution bias, but there isn’t.

  22. kauchai says:
    @Mehool Mehta

    I never like to argue with people who drank cow’s urine and smeared cow dung all over themselves for a cure on Covid19.

    I like it even less when these same people like to rape their own daughters, cousins, aunts and even their grandmothers and then stuffed steel pipes into their vaginas and rectums just for the fun of it.

    It appears that this race of humans on this planet still cannot get their heads out of their “sahibs” assholes even after 75 years of independence as evidence by the author’s proud display of another one of their “sahib china experts”.

    When one is accustomed to cow shit, it doesn’t matter if he wallows in more of their sahib shit.

    They are incapable of logic and facts and they are known all over the non-sahib world for being exceedingly difficult to deal with even if a situation is turned to their favor.

    • Replies: @Malla
  23. Malla says:
    @Mehool Mehta

    Mehool Uncle,
    Jai Shree Ram.

    The Secret World of China’s Communist Rulers by Richard McGregor

    There is a review I read about this book.
    “But there is no sign of the party surrendering its core prerogative: immunity from independent scrutiny of its actions or checks on its authority. Chinese judges, police officers, journalists and others are no longer mere cogs in a vicious totalitarian system. But, for all the relative freedom they now enjoy to act as professionals, not simply as political hacks, they remain firmly subordinate to what has become the Chinese Communist Party’s only real ideology: its own survival.”
    It said the same thing what you said, did you read the book?
    Mehool Uncle, China is not our enemy, I know about the families running the CCP (BTW I cannot find that video, did you take it down? 50 families) and all that. But there is no reason why we have to be enemies with China. We have more to gain with being neutral and being friendly to both the West and China. We can benefit for it, by being neutral. The first thing you and Indian nationalists need to get in your heads, China is not interested in conquering India. China just wants its Qing dynasty borders minus Mongolia (Outer). Unfortunately that includes Arunachal Pradesh which you Indian Nationalists will never give. So let the status quo remain. Chinese companies in India can help us immensely, they make things for cheaper, high tech things which we Indians need, Instead of being jealous, we can learn a lot from China. The Chinese want friendship. They had foolishly insulted Sardar Patel, I know I know, this itself will make all India made with anger, but that was in the past, after that they wanted friendship. Indian leaders target China to rile up the people into Nationalist frenzy to take our attention away from domestic things. Interestingly Mehool Uncle, the Chinese leaders did the same thing, incite people against Japan, before WW2. They provoked Japan. Today Indian leaders do the same thing, but to China.
    I will give you an example
    See how anti-China Indian media is

    compared to Chinese Media.

    India launches unmanned mission to moon: CGTN
    Do you see any hatred? Do you see any jealousy? Why are you guys convinced that the Chinese want to keep us down. We should be afraid of the USA. I will explain why?

  24. Malla says:
    @Mehool Mehta

    Mehool Chacha, pranam
    As I was saying, we cannot trust the USA at all. Why? Because the USA backstabs its allies before it destroys its friends. And the USA has clandestinely supported nearly all Communist revolutions and movements, the bankers love Communism. Mehool Uncle, Communism was never about equality but about CONTROL. And there are deep links in between the American and Chinese deep states. Who knows what goes on in between them. India might get stuck in between these two.
    To give you an example, the USA backstabbed the KMT and secretly helped Mao. The Soviets always knew this. Stalin did not want a 100% Communist mainland China, after WW2, he being pragmatic knew that the USSR and especially the Russian SFSR did not have the money to fund especially after the money spent on WW2. So Stalin, proposed mainland China being divided in two, Northern Communist and Southern Capitalist like Korea and Vietnam. But the Americans, especially the Rockefellers insisted on a 100% Communist China and instructed Stalin to assist Mao to get this done.
    Check out this Russian Professor from Soviet times.

    Stalin’s reluctance to create Communist China

    Also this

    United States Betrayed China Into Communism. But Why?

    Truman even sent Marshall to Nanjing several times to meet with Zhou Enlai and helped the CCP maintain control of Manchuria when the KMT invaded in the Spring of 1946. Financial elite (CFR insiders/the Money Trust), wanted the Communist Chinese to ultimately take power and thus eventually pulled all financial and military support from the KMT, allowing the CPC to ultimately take power.
    Not only that Mehool chacha, the KMT soldiers captured by the Communists and their families were black marked but to redeem themselves were given the chance to fight in Korean war. Chinese voluntary army in the Korean war, was actually made of Kuomintang POWs and the fighting force of Lin Bao, a secret Kuomintang mole inside CCP. So what the Americans fought in Korea was actually Kuomintang army. Did the Americans know this in advance and arrange this with the CCP? Killing off many ex-KMT soldiers. Who knows? But shows the risks of trusting the USA. India should learn from what happened to KMT and learn lessons. You cannot trust the USA when fighting a Communist enemy, very likely to backstab.

    • Troll: Mary Marianne
    • Replies: @Mehool Mehta
  25. Malla says:

    Mom who survived Mao’s cultural revolution rips school for critical race theory
    Compares it to what happened in Communist China.

  26. Malla says:

    My my, the amount of racism in this post is off the charts. I was told that the Chinese (unlike Whites and Japs) cannot be racists or that Communists are against racism. I am confused.

    still cannot get their heads out of their “sahibs” assholes even after 75 years of independence

    Pure bullshit, Hindus hate White people including Anglos, Hindus love Jews and kiss Jew ass. But in India hate Anglo and hate China is completely corelated, more someone hates Anglo, more he hates China too as China is seen as “British Empire 2.0 hell bent on conquering Indian territory.” China Vs Anglo does not work in India.

  27. anarchyst says:
    @Priss Factor

    An often overlooked part of the problem of egalitarianism is that of the “ivy league” institutions which seem to create the politicians and policy wonks that are embedded in decision-making positions within governments.
    If I had my way, any person who attended an ivy league school would not be allowed to serve in any governmental capacity. These “elites” are a major part of the problem.

    • Agree: anyone with a brain
  28. @Malla

    Malla Bhai, Jai Shree Ram. Very true Bhai, USA and China work together. India should not trust both.
    Bhai, Dianne Feinstein, from a rich Jewish family (converted to Christinaity), was mayor of San Francisco (sister city of Jiang Zemin as mayor, Shanghai), senator from 1992-present. Chairwoman of Senator Intelligence Committee. Her husband number 3 is Rich Bum. She has a personal fortune of 100 million plus. Bhai, She is very close to China. She supported China during 1989 Tienanmen Square massacre. Her husband Rich Blum invested in Legend Computers which became Chinese and thus Lenovo (Chinese state run Liánxiǎng) which ended up buying IBM laptops. Her long term Chinese personal driver worked for Chinese intelligence (MSS 国安部). Her rich husband invested millions of dollars in China and has close relations with Chinese state banks. Tencent of China is in media, surveillance, banking company and is used to control Chinese people, if Chinese people say anything against Chinese Government, Government shut down their Tencent system and they cannot buy anything. And many Western companies have invested in Tencent. When Jiang Zemin became leader of CCP he invited Feinstein to Zhongnanhai, where many CCP big shots live, even Mao lived there. Bhai, Jiang Zemin showed her Mao’s swimming pool and Mao’s house. After dinner Jinag Zemin danced with Diane Feinstein.Bhai, Nancy Pelosi’s husband and son, both have big investments in China vs Matthews International Capital Investment. And American politicians never money lose in China. The system is made in such a way. The Chinese Government custom builds businesses for Western politicians, a reverse engineered business for corruption. All controlled by the CCP. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the Chinese state security organized a massive corruption event for foreign leaders to give them businesses in China controlled of CCP. Tony Blair, UK Prime Minister was in China then Rupert Murdoch’s wife. He was then Un envoy for Middle East. So he set up a China UAE sovereign fund of 6 billion. Ma Chien, public security head of China, No. 8 bureau to deal with these foreign leaders. Tony Blair and some Sheikhs set up a
    different fund. Bhai, First fund was China Arab fund, and another fund, Arab China fund.
    The UAE put 3 billion dollars into the fund. Tony Blair took a big share. This is how China makes businesses for Western leaders and everybody makes money. U.S President George Bush has big business in China too. Nancy Peloci has been blocking the Congress about starting investigation on the Source of COVID virus with support from Biden Administration. Also the famous case of Democrat Rep Eric Swalwell and Fang Fang/ Christine Fang, Chinese sex spy. Christine Fang lived in USA for long time being close to politicians for campaign. In the Chinese community in California she is known as Public Restroom. And Bhai, later Nancy Pelosi later made Swalwell, after being caught with Chinese spy a part of the Intelligence Committee. US lectures India about democracy and honesty but they are themsleves corrupt. And Bhai, there is the power couple of Washington Republican Senator Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao who was labour secretary during Bush and transportation secretary during Trump and once ambassador to Nepal. Her father James Chao was Jiang Zemin’s classmate in college and owns Foremost Group, Angela Chao, her younger sister is CEO and is on the board of the Bank of China, the most important bank in China. Board member in Bank Light means you never loose, you work for Chinese Government James Chao was went to shipping business in USA and with his links with Jiang Zemin he got a shipping
    and shipbuilding business. A cesspool of corruption in USA, Bhai. You think USA will help India against China?

    US Congress and Senate Leadership & their links with China

    50 Oligarchs control China
    ————–Concerned and scared, Mehool Bhai.

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