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Why the War on Conspiracy Theories Is Bad Public Policy
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A Review of Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas by Cass Sunstein (based on an earlier paper co-authored with Adrian Vermeule); In Defense of Troublemakers: The Power of Dissent in Life and Business by Charlan Nemeth; and Conspiracy Theories and the People Who Believe Them, edited by Joseph E. Uscinski

On January 25 2018 YouTube unleashed the latest salvo in the war on conspiracy theories, saying “we’ll begin reducing recommendations of borderline content and content that could misinform users in harmful ways—such as videos promoting a phony miracle cure for a serious illness, claiming the earth is flat, or making blatantly false claims about historic events like 9/11.”

At first glance that sounds reasonable. Nobody wants YouTube or anyone else to recommend bad information. And almost everyone agrees that phony miracle cures, flat earthism, and blatantly false claims about 9/11 and other historical events are undesirable.

But if we stop and seriously consider those words, we notice a couple of problems. First, the word “recommend” is not just misleading but mendacious. YouTube obviously doesn’t really recommend anything. When it says it does, it is lying.

When you watch YouTube videos, the YouTube search engine algorithm displays links to other videos that you are likely to be interested in. These obviously do not constitute “recommendations” by YouTube itself, which exercises no editorial oversight over content posted by users. (Or at least it didn’t until it joined the war on conspiracy theories.)

The second and larger problem is that while there may be near-universal agreement among reasonable people that flat-earthism is wrong, there is only modest agreement regarding which health approaches constitute “phony miracle cures” and which do not. Far less is there any agreement on “claims about 9/11 and other historical events.” (Thus far the only real attempt to forge an informed consensus about 9/11 is the 9/11 Consensus Panel’s study—but it seems unlikely that YouTube will be using the Consensus Panel to determine which videos to “recommend”!)


YouTube’s policy shift is the latest symptom of a larger movement by Western elites to—as Obama’s Information Czar Cass Sunstein put it—“disable the purveyors of conspiracy theories.” Sunstein and co-author Adrian Vermeule’s 2008 paper “Conspiracy Theories,” critiqued by David Ray Griffin in 2010 and developed into a 2016 book, represents a panicked reaction to the success of the 9/11 truth movement. (By 2006, 36% of Americans thought it likely that 9/11 was an inside job designed to launch wars in the Middle East, according to a Scripps poll.)

Sunstein and Vermuele begin their abstract:

Many millions of people hold (sic) conspiracy theories; they believe that powerful people have worked together in order to withhold the truth about some important practice or some terrible event. A recent example is the belief, widespread in some parts of the world, that the attacks of 9/11 were carried out not by Al Qaeda, but by Israel or the United States. Those who subscribe to conspiracy theories may create serious risks, including risks of violence, and the existence of such theories raises significant challenges for policy and law.

Sunstein argues that conspiracy theories (i.e. the 9/11 truth movement) are so dangerous that some day they may have to be banned by law. While awaiting that day, or perhaps in preparation for it, the government should “disable the purveyors of conspiracy theories” through various techniques including “cognitive infiltration” of 9/11 truth groups. Such “cognitive infiltration,” Sunstein writes, could have various aims including the promotion of “beneficial cognitive diversity” within the truth movement.

  • 9/11 Contradictions
    An Open Letter to Congress and the Press
    David Ray Griffin • 2008 • 110,000 Words

What sort of “cognitive diversity” would Cass Sunstein consider “beneficial”? Perhaps 9/11 truth groups that had been “cognitively infiltrated” by spooks posing as flat-earthers would harbor that sort of “beneficial” diversity? That would explain the plethora of expensive, high-production-values flat earth videos that have been blasted at the 9/11 truth community since 2008.

Why does Sunstein think “conspiracy theories” are so dangerous they need to be suppressed by government infiltrators, and perhaps eventually outlawed—which would necessitate revoking the First Amendment? Obviously conspiracism must present some extraordinary threat. So what might that threat be? Oddly, he never explains. Instead he briefly mentions, in vapidly nebulous terms, about “serious risks including the risk of violence.” But he presents no serious evidence that 9/11 truth causes violence. Nor does he explain what the other “serious risks” could possibly be.

Why did such highly accomplished academicians as Sunstein and Vermuele produce such an unhinged, incoherent, poorly-supported screed? How could Harvard and the University of Chicago publish such nonsense? Why would it be deemed worthy of development into a book? Why did the authors identify an alleged problem, present no evidence that it even is a problem, yet advocate outrageously illegal and unconstitutional government action to solve the non-problem?

The too-obvious answer, of course, is that they must realize that 9/11 was in fact a US-Israeli false flag operation. The 9/11 truth movement, in that case, would be a threat not because it is wrong, but because it is right. To the extent that Americans know or suspect the truth, the US government will undoubtedly find it harder to pursue various “national security” objectives. Ergo, 9/11 “conspiracy theories” are a threat to national security, and extreme measures are required to combat them. But since we can’t just burn the First Amendment overnight, we must instead take a gradual and covert “boil the frog” approach, featuring plenty of cointelpro-style infiltration and misdirection. “Cognitive infiltration” of internet platforms to stop the conspiracy contagion would also fit the bill.

  • Cognitive Infiltration
    An Obama Appointee’s Plan to Undermine the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
    David Ray Griffin • 2011 • 66,000 Words

It is quite possible, perhaps even likely, that Sunstein and Vermeule are indeed well-informed and Machievellian. But it is also conceivable that they are, at least when it comes to 9/11 and “conspiracy theories,” as muddle-headed as they appear. Their irrational panic could be an example of the bad thinking that emerges from groups that reflexively reject dissent. (Another, larger example of this kind of bad thinking comes to mind: America’s disastrous post-9/11 policies.)

The counterintuitive truth is that embracing and carefully listening to radical dissenters is in fact good policy, whether you are a government, a corporation, or any other kind of group. Ignoring or suppressing dissent produces muddled, superficial thinking and bad decisions. Surprisingly, this turns out to be the case even when the dissenters are wrong.


Scientific evidence for the value of dissent is beautifully summarized in Charlan Nemeth’s In Defense of Troublemakers: The Power of Dissent in Life and Business (Basic Books, 2018). Nemeth, a psychology professor at UC-Berkeley, summarizes decades of research on group dynamics showing that groups that feature passionate, radical dissent deliberate better, reach better conclusions, and take better actions than those that do not—even when the dissenter is wrong.

Nemeth begins with a case where dissent would likely have saved lives: the crash of United Airlines Flight 173 in December, 1978. As the plane neared its Portland destination, the possibility of a problem with the landing gear arose. The captain focused on trying to determine the condition of the landing gear as the plane circled the airport. Typical air crew group dynamics, in which the whole crew defers to the captain, led to a groupthink bubble in which nobody spoke up as the needle on the fuel gauge approached “E.” Had the crew included even one natural “troublemaker”—the kind of aviator who joins Pilots for 9/11 truth—there almost certainly would have been more divergent thinking. Someone would have spoken up about the fuel issue, and a tragic crash would have been averted.

Since 9/11, American decision-making elites have entered the same kind of bubble and engaged in the same kind of groupthink. For them, no serious dissent on such issues as what really happened on 9/11, and whether a “war on terror” makes sense, is permitted. The predictable result has been bad thinking and worse decisions. From the vantage point of Sunstein and Vermeule, deep inside the bubble, the potentially bubble-popping, consensus-shredding threat of 9/11 truth must appear radically destabilizing. To even consider the possibility that the 9/11 truthers are right might set off a stampede of critical reflection that would radically undermine the entire set of policies pursued for the past 17 years. This prospect may so terrify Sunstein and Vermeule that it paralyzes their ability to think. Talk about “crippled epistemology”!

Do Sunstein and Vermeule really think their program for suppressing “conspiracy theories” will be beneficial? Do YouTube’s decision-makers really believe that tweaking their algorithms to support the official story will protect us from bad information? If so, they are all doubly wrong. First, they are wrong in their unexamined assumption that 9/11 truth and “conspiracy theories” in general are “blatantly false.” No honest person with critical thinking skills who weighs the merits of the best work on both sides of the question can possibly avoid the realization that the 9/11 truth movement is right. The same is true regarding the serial assassinations of America’s best leaders during the 1960s. Many other “conspiracy theories,” perhaps the majority of the best-known ones, are also likely true, as readers of Ron Unz’s American Pravda series are discovering.

  • Final Judgment
    The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy
    Michael Collins Piper • 2005 • 310,000 Words

Second, and less obviously, those who would suppress conspiracy theories are wrong even in their belief that suppressing false conspiracy theories is good public policy. As Nemeth shows, social science is unambiguous in its finding that any group featuring at least one passionate, radical dissenter will deliberate better, reach sounder conclusions, and act more effectively than it would have without the dissenter. This holds even if the dissenter is wrong—even wildly wrong.

The overabundance of slick, hypnotic flat earth videos, if they are indeed weaponized cointelpro strikes against the truth movement, may be unfortunate. But the existence of the occasional flat earther may be more beneficial than harmful. The findings summarized by Nemeth suggest that a science study group with one flat earther among the students would probably learn geography and astronomy better than they would have without the madly passionate dissenter.

We could at least partially solve the real problem—bad groupthink—through promoting genuinely beneficial cognitive diversity. YouTube algorithms should indeed be tweaked to puncture the groupthink bubbles that emerge based on user preferences. Someone who watches lots of 9/11 truther videos should indeed be exposed to dissent, in the form of the best arguments on the other side of the issue—not that there are any very good ones, as I have discovered after spending 15 years searching for them!

  • 9/11 Ten Years Later
    When State Crimes Against Democracy Succeed
    David Ray Griffin • 2011 • 116,000 Words

But the same goes for those who watch videos that explicitly or implicitly accept the official story. Anyone who watches more than a few pro-official-story videos (and this would include almost all mainstream coverage of anything related to 9/11 and the “war on terror”) should get YouTube “suggestions” for such videos as September 11: The New Pearl Harbor, 9/11 Mysteries, and the work of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Exposure to even those “truthers” who are more passionate than critical or well-informed would benefit people who believe the official story, according to Nemeth’s research, by stimulating them to deliberate more thoughtfully and to question facile assumptions.

The same goes for other issues and perspectives. Fox News viewers should get “suggestions” for good material, especially passionate dissent, from the left side of the political spectrum. MSNBC viewers should get “suggestions” for good material from the right. Both groups should get “suggestions” to look at genuinely independent, alternative media brimming with passionate dissidents—outlets like the Unz Review!

Unfortunately things are moving in the opposite direction. YouTube’s effort to make “conspiracy videos” invisible is being pushed by powerful lobbies, especially the Zionist lobby, which seems dedicated to singlehandedly destroying the Western tradition of freedom of expression.


Nemeth and colleagues’ findings that “conspiracy theories” and other forms of passionate dissent are not just beneficial, but in fact an invaluable resource, are apparently unknown to the anti-conspiracy-theory cottage industry that has metastasized in the bowels of the Western academy. The brand-new bible of the academic anti-conspiracy-theory industry is Conspiracy Theories and the People Who Believe Them (Oxford University Press, 2019).

Editor Joseph Uscinski’s introduction begins by listing alleged dangers of conspiracism: “In democracies, conspiracy theories can drive majorities to make horrible decisions backed by the use of legitimate force. Conspiracy beliefs can conversely encourage abstention. Those who believe the system is rigged will be less willing to take part in it. Conspiracy theories form the basis for some people’s medical decisions; this can be dangerous not only for them but for others as well. For a select few believers, conspiracy theories are instructions to use violence.”

Uscinski is certainly right that conspiracy theories can incite “horrible decisions” to use “legitimate force” and “violence.” Every major American foreign war since 1846 has been sold to the public by an official theory, backed by a frenetic media campaign, of a foreign conspiracy to attack the United States. And all of these Official Conspiracy Theories (OCTs)—including the theory that Mexico conspired to invade the United States in 1846, that Spain conspired to sink the USS Maine in 1898, that Germany conspired with Mexico to invade the United States in 1917, that Japan conspired unbeknownst to peace-seeking US leaders to attack Pearl Harbor in 1941, that North Vietnam conspired to attack the US Navy in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964, and that 19 Arabs backed by Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and everybody else Israel doesn’t like conspired to attack the US in 2001—were false or deceptive.

Well over 100 million people have been killed in the violence unleashed by these and other Official Conspiracy Theories. Had the passionate dissenters been heeded, and the truths they told about who really conspires to create war-trigger public relations stunts been understood, none of those hundred-million-plus murders need have happened.

Though Conspiracy Theories and the People Who Believe Them generally pathologizes the conspiracy theories of dissidents while ignoring the vastly more harmful theories of official propagandists, its 31 essays include several that question that outlook. In “What We Mean When We Say ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Jesse Walker, books editor of Reason Magazine, exposes the bias that permeates the field, pointing out that many official conspiracy theories, including several about Osama Bin Laden and 9/11-anthrax, were at least as ludicrously false and delusional as anything believed by marginalized dissidents.

In “Media Marginalization of Racial Minorities: ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ in U.S. Ghettos and on the ‘Arab Street’” Martin Orr and Gina Husting go one step further: “The epithet ‘conspiracy theorist’ is used to tarnish those who challenge authority and power. Often, it is tinged with racial undertones: it is used to demean whole groups of people in the news and to silence, stigmatize, or belittle foreign and minority voices.” (p.82) Unfortunately, though Orr and Husting devote a whole section of their article to “Conspiracy Theories in the Muslim World” and defend Muslim conspiracists against the likes of Thomas Friedman, they never squarely face the fact that the reason roughly 80% of Muslims believe 9/11 was an inside job is because the preponderance of evidence supports that interpretation.

Another relatively sensible essay is M R.X. Dentith’s “Conspiracy Theories and Philosophy,” which ably deconstructs the most basic fallacy permeating the whole field of conspiracy theory research: the a priori assumption that a “conspiracy theory” must be false or at least dubious: “If certain scholars (i.e. the majority represented in this book! –KB) want to make a special case for conspiracy theories, then it is reasonable for the rest of us to ask whether we are playing fair with our terminology, or whether we have baked into our definitions the answers to our research programs.” (p.104). Unfortunately, a few pages later editor Joseph Uscinski sticks his fingers in his ears and plays deaf and dumb, claiming that “the establishment is right far more often than conspiracy theories, largely because their methods are reliable. When conspiracy theorists are right, it is by chance.” He adds that conspiracy theories will inevitably “occasionally lead to disaster” (whatever that means). (p.110).

I hope Uscinski finds the time to read Nemeth’s In Defense of Troublemakers and consider the evidence that passionate dissent is helpful, not harmful. And I hope he will look into the issues Ron Unz addresses in his American Pravda series.

Then again, if he does, he may find himself among those of us exiled from the academy and publishing in The Unz Review.

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  1. wagelaborer says: • Website

    It is true that censoring social media platforms will be very harmful to actual democracy. There can be no real democracy without an informed public, and the marketplace of ideas must be open to all IF you want an informed, thinking public who are capable of shifting through differing views and logically deciding which position to support.
    But the catch, of course, is that our ruling overlords actually hate an informed and logical public. They prefer gullible cretins who swallow whatever ruling class propaganda is beamed to them through radio or TV, into each individual house or car.
    For decades, people have been subject to one-way, top-down propaganda beamed to each individual, with no way for each person to know how other people were reacting to said propaganda, no way of checking the “facts” given to them, and no way of hearing skeptics debunk the fallacies.
    That changed with social media. It is my opinion that social media was launched as a way for our rulers to monitor our opionions and reactions to their propaganda. It was to be a billion person focus group, with instaneous results to each new ploy.
    But millions of people seized upon this new communication device to start communicating with each other! People around the country and around the world started talking to each other, laughing at the most outlandish ruling class claims, spread clever memes to ridicule the nonsense, and sharing opinions and facts between each other.
    For the first time, we could communicate horizontally and we did.
    Our overlords grew increasingly alarmed. They started telling us about Fake News, and the harmful effects of hearing Non-Approved opinions and ”conspiracy theorists” who used dangerous facts and science to debunk Official Stories.
    The Empire is Striking Back. For the last 2 years, the repression has gotten more and more intense, with multiple people losing access to social media, and the rest of us being told it is our ”moral duty” to leave Facebook, so as not to contaminate the mass mind with unapproved messages.
    Personally, I think that we have lost. I see even people who are alarmed at the repression personalizing it, such as blaming Mark Zuckerberg, personally, for bowing to the ruling class pressure we ALL watched him undergo!

  2. wagelaborer says: • Website

    It is true that restricting information and debate is bad public policy, but only if you want a vibrant and informed democracy.
    It is clear to me that our ruling overlords want to such thing, and the last two years of increasingly shrill denunciations of a free and open internet are proof of that.

    For decades our owners were able to transmit their propaganda vertically, top down, into each individual’s house or car. No person receiving the propaganda was able to know how other people were reacting, or to judge the veracity of the facts or to share their skepticism at outright lies and obvious falsehoods.
    It is my opinion that social media was created by our rulers to monitor our opinions and reactions to their propaganda, as sort of a billion-person, real time focus group.

    But millions of us started using it as a horizontal communication tool, a way to share our information, opinions and skepticism with each other, with people all over the world, with no interference from the moderators.

    This is why we have been subjected to a couple of years of increasing denunciations of “fake news” and warnings of Wrong Opinions and admonitions that it is our moral duty to stay away from Facebook, so as not to contaminate our minds with unapproved ideas.

    More and more heretics and skeptics have been removed from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, but still people insist on sharing their ideas. So now they are stomping harder. Picture it as a ruling class boot, stomping on a human face.

    • Agree: Alfred
  3. j2 says:

    There is a simple explanation why a political scientist, who decided to study conspiracy theories, would not necessarily understand that the official explanation for 911 is physically impossible. From
    Dutton: “Intelligence and religious and political differences…”
    we can read the world of science:
    “but we know that even among elite academics, such as those at Cambridge University, social scientists (including political scientists) are less intelligent than are physical scientists.”
    OK, I know what you and I think of these fields of science, but the quoted claim is correct.

    It always amazes me how some people claim to have studied the main conspiracy theories and still claim they are not correct (and strangely, they get lots of publicity). But Uscinsky’s book seems to be focused on faked political conspiracies that US parties had used as tools in elections, so on not the old, real and true conspiracies, which include the rather recent WTC attack.

    • Replies: @Heros
  4. Imagine a 60 Minutes episode entirely devoted to investigating, say, 9/11 conspiracy theories that treats the government’s account as just another conspiracy theory. The world’s leading experts on each element would be present and viewers invited to text their questions.

    What viewership would that program attract, if well marketed?

    What are the odds of such a program airing?

    How free is American media?

    • Replies: @GourmetDan
  5. Kirt says:

    Politics is the very art of conspiracy although conspiracy is not confined to politics. Official conspiracy theories (Russiagate, to give a current example) should inspire much more skepticism than dissident conspiracy theories. But any theory should be subject to analysis and challenge. If a theory is impossibly convoluted or unfalsifiable, ignore it. Also, the vague generalization “it’s all part of the conspiracy” is not helpful at all. It suggests that there is only one conspiracy and that conspiracy explains everything – sort of like Divine Providence, but malevolent.

    • Replies: @Wade
  6. Umberto says:

    I recall seeing a video c. 2010, wherein following a boring speech by Cass Sunstein, Luke Rudkowski (of We Are Change), who was in the audience, asked Mr. Sunstein about some of the views he had expressed in his original article. I believe the original article was published c. 2007. Sunstein claimed that he did not remember having written such an article (“I write a lot of articles, how can I remember, yadda, yadda…”) and slunk off as quickly as possible to his coward’s hidey hole. I guess he remembered later, and padded it out to a book length piece of excrement, which gets a 61% 1-star ratings by Amazon reviewers.

    • Replies: @lysias
  7. Harvard Law Professor Cass Sunstein, former ‘information czar’ of the White House staff in the Barack Obama administration, is discussed in the Dept of Justice Inspector General file on crimes involving Robert Mueller, in quite appalling terms, Sunstein described as supporting a campaign of lying against his own undergraduate Harvard classmate, an ex-DOJ employee described in the DOJ file as a victim of threats of murder indulged by former FBI Director Mueller. From page 24 of that DOJ report:

    Harvard Law Professor Cass Sunstein, Hillary propagandist, supporting threats to kill his own Harvard classmate. One of the corrupt Obama administration officials, was ‘information czar’ Cass Sunstein … A man with apparently no ethics except his wishing to serve the Hillary Clinton wing of the powerful, Cass Sunstein was able to receive a portion of … bribes, for indulging the campaign of terrorism, extortion, and defamation against his classmate.

    Sunstein is a leading propagandist for the … network planting lies on the internet to attack common people. Along with Sunstein refusing to write or sign even a one-sentence note asking for prosecution of those menacing to murder his classmate, Sunstein has declined to modify or amend his oily propaganda for ‘wiki world’ and ‘nudging’, as euphemisms for what Sunstein knows are … criminals spreading lies to destroy and kill people, including the attack on someone Sunstein knew as a boy.

  8. “Obviously conspiracism must present some extraordinary threat. So what might that threat be? Oddly, he never explains.”

    Given that Sunstein is a noted expert on disinformation, the obvious answer is that conspiracy theories tend more often than not to hit too close to the truth for the comfort of TPTB.

  9. anon[239] • Disclaimer says:

    Its not a Dep of Justice report . No idea what this website is about . Another fake news ? Int doesn’t mean Muller or Sunstein are not bunch of liars. They are.

  10. Excellent, thought-provoking article. I especially like how the author points to the Official Conspiracy Theories that been tearing humanity apart. i.e. Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. Kudos to the author.

    • Agree: Mike P, The Scalpel
  11. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    [If] 9/11 was in fact a US-Israeli false flag operation [the] 9/11 truth movement … would be a threat not because it is wrong, but because it is right.

    Why not just leave it at that.

    There is no other reasonable hypothesis. The determination to shut down 9/11 Truth is the proof of its truth.

    The Elite enjoy the privileges of elitehood only as long as they remain the Elite. Pleb. theories about a 9/11 inside job threaten the Elite’s very existence, and indeed raise the prospect of hangings on Capitol Hill. Therefore, it is inevitable that 9/11 Truthism, and indeed 9/11 Truthers, will as necessary, be ruthlessly stomped upon, without the slightest regard for the rule of law.

    For those with eyes to see, the truth is plain. As for enlightening the brainwashed masses, why waste your life’s energy trying to make them see. The state’s resources of persuasion vastly exceed your own. You can never win.

  12. Good to see Mr.Barrett on Unz. Like his work. They can do all they want to censor, fact is most Americans know the official conspiracy theory is BS. I like reading the comments on the flat earth videos, always makes me laugh to listen to them going at it. The CIA/Mossad made the whole flat earth thing to discredit 9/11 truth, its pretty obvious.

    Below is one of the videos I like to show people who don’t believe, the 9/11 A&E videos are good too, showing the WTC7 building falling and explaining how its impossible without explosives for it to fall that way. Most people agree after they look into it, some just don’t want to believe it, they never thought Americans/Israelis could do that to fellow Americans.

    Go to 1m :50s in this video and watch the right side of the building, you can see the building exploding outwards, probably at least 20 stories below the collapsing debris. A building collapsing on itself would not explode out like that, even if it was possible for a steel structure to collapse that way (it isn’t) it would not explode out 20+ stories below the collapse. Those are demolition charges going off, lots of them! How’d those sneaky muslims get all those well placed explosives inside?
    No one I’ve shown this video has been able to argue against it.

    Its pretty f’d up the media and loser politicians are still going along with this BS, how many more people have to die? These losers should have hung long ago, now they’re threatening all of our lives, poking Russia and China the way they are. Ahmajinedad knew the truth, China and Russia probably do too, guess they just aren’t willing to cross that line yet.

    • Replies: @Mike P
    , @Agent76
  13. The majority of Conspiracy Theories, Disinformation and Fake News comes from the World’s Intelligence Agencies, World Governments and the {{{Media}}} they control. People like Alex Jones is nothing more than a Mossad asset and his operation including the building is paid for by Israel. If you carefully research everyone from Jared Taylor (Yale) (and his wife) you will find connections to the Peace Corp which is a CIA asset used as a patsy, for gathering data and info, and as a cover. Gloria Steinem was CIA asset and spy. David Duke’s dad was supposedly a Colonel in Army as well as a big wig in the oil industry ( David Duke says that he spent nine months in Laos, calling it a “normal tour of duty.” He actually went to Laos in order to join his father, who was working there and had asked him to visit during the summer of 1971. His father helped him gain a job teaching English to Laotian military officers..Wikipedia).

    It’s a pretty simple plan they flood all media sources with disinfo and noise and we take the bait and fight about it. Meanwhile, we have no time to investigate what they are doing to us. CNN had more segments on Trump’s penis and Stormy Daniels than they did on any true investigations into what Muller was doing.

    • Agree: utu
    • Replies: @obwandiyag
    , @utu
  14. Sean says:

    The purport of Sunstein and others publishing a paper on disrupting the consensus among 9’/11 Truthers is not obvious to me for the 9/11 conspirators.

    Whoever did 9/11 could quite easily stop any Truth consensus forming but just going after the authors of the major theories like Griffin and a few others. They could be put out of action by sending them into divorce courts, bankruptcy, prison or mental homes. Or just given a heart attack on their next visit to a doctor. Or framed for internet child porn ect . Griffin has not even had an IRS audit.

    Ahmajinedad knew the truth, China and Russia probably do too,.

    That is a huge anomaly. If Russia knew 9/11 was just an excuse used by a cabal running the USA to invade 2 countries on Russia’s border (were it so Russia would certainly know) then Russia would become extremely alarmed. They would anticipate the US attacking Russia next, and would not just be sitting on their hands mute. At the very least Russia would be on red alert and screaming to the whole world that America was being led by madmen who were intent on starting WW3. And a putative US deep state conspiracy would have to be literally insane to give Russia the impression that America leadership had gone insane and would attack Russia without cause or warning. Look at the way Putin reacted in Ukraine. No matter how evil and stupid the people in charge of the US were, they simply would not dare provoke Russia like that.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
    , @getaclue
  15. Anon[211] • Disclaimer says:

    A war on conspiracy theories is really just a war on your ability to criticize your government because not all conspiracy theories are wrong.

    “It is my opinion that social media was launched as a way for our rulers to monitor our opionions and reactions to their propaganda.”

    Not originally. Drunk on their own propaganda, they were convinced that social media would be beneficial to their interests; I remember the days when these people really thought that Twitter would bring democracy to China and the Middle East – hilariously wrong. However, like an invasive organism introduced to a previously untouched ecosystem, it is having devastating and unforeseen consequences that can only be ameliorated by extreme measures. Thus, they wish now to either ban or heavily regulate its content.

  16. Notice how (((they))) rattle off a litany of facially delusional narratives about Elvis, Bigfoot and UFO’s and once they have us smirking and shaking our heads they tack on 9/11 at the close.

    This all about 9/11, friends.

    A high school debater and a grand jury of five year olds could indict the Jews for 9/11.

    Connect all the dots of indisputable evidence about 9/11 and the Jews are finished — globally.

    • Agree: Carroll Price
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Ruckus
  17. “Conspiracy beliefs can conversely encourage abstention. Those who believe the system is rigged will be less willing to take part in it.”

    This argument, on its face, doesn’t even make sense. If your system is so fair and efficient, then you wouldwant to encourage those who are crazy enough to believe it to be rigged to abstain, lest they make a bad decision on account of their weak powers of reasoning. In that case, the abstention of conspiracy theorists would a problem that solved itself!

  18. Mulegino1 says:

    A “conspiracy theory” in the weaponized Mockingbird Media use of the term is merely a narrative of events which, even if it enjoys the heavy preponderance of physical, documentary and eyewitness evidence, contradicts the official narrative, which also most likely implies a conspiracy, albeit the latter enjoys the imprimatur of officialdom and the establishment press.

    Manifestly false official narratives are in most cases not subject to the rules of ordinary jurisprudence or rules of evidence. Instead of a trial or an exhaustive forensic investigation which follows the evidence, the aforesaid narrative is constructed from the top down- headlines and official pronouncements take the place of an objective gathering of evidence, and all evidence gathered must fit the narrative in Procrustean fashion. Instead of a series of criminal trials, a “commission” is established whose only real purpose is to validate the contrived narrative.

    • Replies: @Wally
  19. Anonymous [AKA "Named for the fat Mama"] says:

    The book is Sunstein’s 2nd-try application essay for a government censor’s job. Government censorship is Harvard’s only reason for existing, of course. Sunstein’s bucking for his next big promotion.

    Cognitive infiltration is not something Sunstein invented. He’s not what you call an original thinker. He’s another Ivy League apple-polisher, one of Deresiewicz’s excellent sheep. Cass just coined himself a little phrase for CIA’s invariant procedure for dealing with public discourse about CIA crime.

    Infiltration is of course the sleazy government repression technique dating back to the Okhrana at least. Sunstein puts the zoomy word cognitive! in there for extra pizazz.

    In the link below, for example, when the definitive documentary The Men Who Killed Kennedy came out, CIA was unable to suppress it without drawing more attention to it. So they encouraged the film JFK, called by its director ‘a myth,’ and used it to divert attention from facts to innocuous what-ifs. The premise of the what-ifs was distorted by human infiltrators in US government employ like Newman.

    Telling you what to think about the CIA criminal enterprise that runs your country. Cognitive infiltration? Why not? It sounds nicer than what it is, sucking Big Brother’s dick.

    • Replies: @lysias
  20. Sowhat says:

    Orwell, in his book, 1984 wrote that the government had two terms: Oldspeak and Newspeak. One was not permitted to use old speak.
    “…This was done partly by the invention of new words, but chiefly by eliminating undesirable words and by stripping such words as remained of unorthodox meanings, and so far as possible of all secondary meanings whatever. To give a single example. The word free still existed in Newspeak, but it could only be used in such statements as “This dog is free from lice” or “This field is free from weeds.” It could not be used in its old sense of “politically free” or “intellectually free,” since political and intellectual freedom no longer existed even as concepts, and were therefore of necessity nameless.”
    Were sliding down a slippery, ever-darkening slope.
    When I step back and try to examine the whole picture, it’s very concerning. Take, for instance,


    I just read an article elsewhere discussing Roger Stone’s arrest at his Florida home, before dawn The article had a link to a WordPress article, penned by John Whitehead, The Rutherford Institute about what has crept into America, via the Militarization of the Police Force. I subscribed to his newsletter, years ago when Bush and, then, Obama gave Military Armament to Civilian Police forces. When the “FBI raids Stone’s Home” story hit, complete with CNN presence, I realized that we do, in fact have policing by fear in the U.S., advertised by Cable News. I’m not an alarmist but, I am taking this all in and it doesn’t look good for us. I’ve also read that millions of Americans are leaving this country, yes, in droves. I’ve thought about it, before but, don’t know if I can convince Wifey this is what we need to do since were in our 70s. Whiteheads sight has an ongoing ledger of Police incompetence, armed to the teeth just to deliver a warrant, often going to the wrong house, creating chaos, shooting people and their animals and then finding out that they raided the wrong house and killed the wrong person. A flash-band grenade was launched into the wrong residence, landed on a toddler in a crib and burned a hole in its stomach. The scales are tipped in the favor of cops and, if a homeowner attempts to defend himself, he’s prosecuted to the full extent of the “law.” Our 4th amendment is gone. Our First and Second Amendment Rights are under heavy attack. There’s a call for a Constitutional Convention with almost all of the States sign on for an Article Five Convention.

    Were all in deep shit. It doesn’t matter if you are guilty of a crime or not. If they’ll go after an unarmed Roger Stone, guns pointed, in front of his family, terrorizing them for National TV, what do YOU think is their intent? With 10 Zillion Super-Cop shows on TV for the last forty years, where they always get their man, never make errors and show how violent they are, legally, what do you think is the intent?
    Nothing happens on the government level by accident…NOTHING

    First, Myspace sucked in all of the youngsters and they learned how easy it was to communicate, online. Then, Twitter and Facebook arrived as beacons of free speech. Then, other commentary friendly web site pop up everywhere, allowing you to spew your agitated heart out and argue with each other and call each other names and then opposite ideologies manifested in separate sites on the net with “moderators” that throw registrants off (banning/banishing) them for defending their positions…echo chambers for the “alt” Right or the politically correct Left Trump bashers. Sometime, I suggest you go to these and read the commenters’ remarks. They’re literally insane. I was even banned from a DISCUSS site for suggesting some civil discourse, identifying myself as a Trump Voter.

    Do you really believe that all of these issues simply morphed to lock out Conservatives? No way. This was all planned, possibly to I.D. individuals who are “potential” adversaries of a different ideology or possible “problem people” that get put on a watch list. If the DNA Ancestry sights are GIVING your DNA results to the Government, what good can come of it?

    • Replies: @Anon71
  21. Cass Sunstein is Jewish.

  22. Great article, Dr. Barrett, but you left out one possibility in your following statement:

    The too-obvious answer, of course, is that they must realize that 9/11 was in fact a US-Israeli false flag operation. The 9/11 truth movement, in that case, would be a threat not because it is wrong, but because it is right. To the extent that Americans know or suspect the truth, the US government will undoubtedly find it harder to pursue various “national security” objectives. Ergo, 9/11 “conspiracy theories” are a threat to national security, and extreme measures are required to combat them.

    The obvious and more likely possibility is that they KNOW that the 9/11 official story is false and they KNOW what the real story is, and are, therefore, complicit in that criminal false-flag. So, the truth is not a threat to national security, but is a threat to their person and a hazard to their continued health and prosperity.

    If the truth were to come out, I fully expect these scoundrels to be shepherded to the gallows, sporting manacles and steel neck bracelets. Now, that would be a day to celebrate!

    • Agree: Agent76
    • Replies: @Agent76
  23. Anonymous [AKA "Full News"] says:
    @Fred on Nothing

    Will 911 denial become a crime in the way “holocaust denial” has.
    My intuition is that the methods used to ensure a public consensus are very similar.

    • Replies: @Wally
  24. HiHo says:

    Power is violence or the threat of violence. Truth is what you believe it to be to maintain that power base. Throughout history suppression of truth replaced with propaganda is the way of the powerful. These intellectual cretins are only replicating an old age tradition practiced by the powerful.
    In 1946 the Jewish Chronical published an assessment of the effects of WWII on the Jewish community world wide that stated in 1939 Jewry consisted of 15,500,000 people and in 1946 stood at 15,600,000!
    In 1943 British intelligence cracked the SS cypher and was able to read all the daily reports from the SS run work camps. British Intelligence headed by a Rothschild concluded the daily reports stating numbers of deaths per camp were what one would expect from work camps.
    In 1944 1,350,000 Jews were machine gunned to death in Ukraine by the SS. These Jews came from Eastern Europe and parts of Russia. This extermination is well documented in German military records available to this day to read, just as British intelligence reports are in the War Office.
    None of this is ever mentioned by those in power who promote the Holocaust! I wonder why?
    The truth is what you say it is and if you don’t believe my truth you get sent to prison, lose your source of income and get persecuted by our parasitic termite rulers!
    Just saying… Can’t understand the point of this article since it is stating the eternally obvious!!!

    • Replies: @Gary
    , @Wally
  25. aspnaz says:

    Someone should sue You Tube for not providing normal content that would enable a young person to develop the ability to distinguish truth and fiction – people cannot develop properly in a sanitised environment. Similar to protecting babies from germs – dirt is good for babies, especially when they put it in their mouths – resulting in them growing up with allergies and other immune deficiency issues.

  26. ariadna says:

    I disagree with Mr. Barrett on one point: I do not believe that Sunstein’s (and his disinformation accomplices’) is an “irrational panic” at all.
    I think it is well founded and perfectly justified.
    Americans may not care about lies related to many things, pedestrian crimes like corruption, for example, but 9/11 is different in significance and impact by many degrees of magnitude.
    The Sunsteins know that if a critical mass of Americans realized the enormity of murderous treason perpetrated on 9/11 by their “elite” in cahoots with a foreign power there may well arise tsunami that would sweep them out of power, and worse.

    • Replies: @jack daniels
  27. Great article. Appropriating and controlling the language used by the hopelessly corrupted opinion-shaping, event-interpreting industries — mass media, schools, universities, entertainment syndicates — are the keys to “selling” whatever distortions or fictions work for solidifying the grip of the elites on their power. The cost of managing what collective Joe Public thinks is much cheaper and more effective than threatening, policing and punishing him.

    “Conspiracy theory,” like “denialism” (climate change, Holocaust, etc.), “hate crimes,” “diversity,” are a few of the terms that the left has appropriated and twisted far beyond their standard meaning that are used to completely distort reality. Once they fall into standard use, they are so insidiously pervasive, and so perverse, that it is very difficult even for thoughtful critics and skeptics of the scripted, official narratives to counter them.

    “Racism” is a good example of how this works. It is an extortionist word, used for moral leverage (you are from a group that did bad things to people from my group — you owe me — a job, an apology, a lower level of accountability, etc.). No white person has ever convinced his accuser that he is not a “racist” …. so, by apologizing (Please, I am not a racist) or indignatly denying simply ups the extortionist leverage of the term. It’s Catch 22. Once entrenched, the game is over. Does any sane person out there believe that “racism’” is ever going to lessen anywhere in the western world? “Islamophobia” (another moral-extortion instrument) is one of the more obvious and outrageous inventions. It is now in common use and, of course, makes it much more difficult to have a rational conversation about contemporary Islam.

    “Democracy” is one of the most corrupted words now in play.

  28. Anon71 says:

    “I’ve also read that millions of Americans are leaving this country, yes, in droves.”

    Everybody I know with a dime and a passport has gotten the hell out.

  29. Real events and real causes are called conspiracy theories by our Zionist controllers in the fear of waking up the American people to the true terrorists who are in control of our government!

    • Agree: Justsaying, Moi
  30. Taking into account the intellectual level on which the vast majority of the American public dwell, the Establishment has nothing to worry about.

  31. Sunstein argues that conspiracy theories (i.e. the 9/11 truth movement) are so dangerous that some day they may have to be banned by law.

    Would the ban extend to the biggest source of conspiracy theories such as the MSM and successive US Administrations led by unprecedented numbers of war criminals? Prominent among such conspiracy theories is the notorious WMD lie and linking Iraq to 9/11 peddled by all and sundry leading to catastrophic results for a country that neither had WMDs nor had anything to do with 9/11. In contrast, our esteemed nomadic allies, the KSA government have been given a free pass despite 17 of the 19 hijackers being Saudis. Earlier there was the Gulf of Tonkin lie and later Assad’s chemical weapons against his own citizens at a time he was winning the war against ISIS. Not to mention the brutal whacking of Qaddafi based on the lie that he constituted a genocidal threat to his own countrymen. Now the seed of the Venezuela lie is well on its way to full germination and realization in targeting another oil rich country for destruction and theft of its resources. The YouTube story is a familiar one of monopoly and lack of alternative sources of social media. What is needed is the UR equivalent of social media and YouTube.

  32. anarchyst says:

    The “mainstream media” was never honest. There has always been an “agenda”, whether promoted by governments, or those above the government power structure who really “call the shots”.
    The “snag” in their plans is the internet, which makes it possible for anyone to put out their point-of-view, concerns, or theories, without having to negotiate the (former) “gatekeepers”.
    The powers-that-be and their media types are running scared and attempting to “put the genie back into the bottle” by forming “truth commissions”, enlisting the major social media outlets to combat and marginalize “ideas” that do not conform to the “commonly accepted narrative” (what the media outlets and the powers-that-be WANT us to believe).
    It is only a matter of time before media outlets use the flawed legal concept of “judicial notice” to disarm those who run counter to “commonly accepted beliefs”, not unlike what is used to silence and convict those who (attempt to) state the real truth of the so-called jewish “holocaust”. In holocaust case prosecutions, “judicial notice” is used to silence the truth, as real truth runs counter to “commonly accepted beliefs”, even if those “beliefs” can easily be disproven.
    Attempts to silence those who will not “toe the party line” WILL fail, as most people are smart enough to know that the “narrative” has always been rigged to favor the “powers-that-be”…

  33. Heros says:

    Great to see you here J2, what timing.

    To me, John Robinson lays it all out. The Ur-verschwörung. The mother of all conspiracies and the proof of it. I know that you are very knowledgeable in these matters, J2. What to you think of Jon Robinsons book?

    • Replies: @j2
    , @j2
  34. An otherwise decent article which makes some inescapably good points gets drowned by the author constantly reminding us that “9/11 was an inside job.” Well, I’ve seen the best data this variety of truther has to offer and the only plausible conclusion one could draw is that 9/11 was done by a bunch of insane muslims with the aid of or at least abatement of Israel and some “American” Jews. So technically, it wasn’t “an inside job”. Quite ironic how bringing the hapless Bush administration into it only serves to muddle this surprisingly solid version of events, in effect doing the same job the author attributes to glow in the dark types discrediting the truther movement with flat Earth non-sense… as if their home-grown non-sense like hologram projections and termite charges wasn’t idiotic enough.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @The Scalpel
  35. 37 says:

    So I guess that Operation Northwoods & Operation Mockingbird aren’t real too then.

    Is the story of the USS Liberty a “conspiracy theory” too then?

    Is the La von Affair a “conspiracy theory” too then?

    The satanic irony of it all is that the real conspiracy theories are what pass as the “truth.”

    Let’s not forget, or perhaps let’s recognize, that the first modern act of terrorism in the Middle East was the King David Hotel bombing which was carried out and sponsored by Israeli interezts, … in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace of course. /sarcasm

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  36. All my life of 60+ years I have noticed that Jews and Jewish groups are disproportionately in favor of censorship of conservative political opinions, surveillance, spying, and even framing and entrapment. That they rally to defend the free speech of Communists and pornographers does not mitigate the complaint. When Jews talk about domestic terrorism they aren’t talking about Muslims but about right-wing rustics who reasonably fear that the government may one day start to act the way Jewish opinion-makers have always wanted it to.
    If Hillary had been elected and appointed Cass Sunnstein and Lawrence Tribe to the Supreme Court you could kiss the First Amendment goodbye.
    I wish that someone inside or outside their community would call them out on this, because a lot of people don’t pay attention and don’t notice the consistent pattern.

  37. What surprised me was how soon after 9/11 the entire plot of Al Qaida, all the way from OBL through to that day, the finest details of the terrorists’ histories, their organisation, funding, communications, training, etc. was presented to the public in the press. I can’t remember now the precise time line but it was all suddenly laid out on the front pages of the newspapers. And it got me thinking how extremely professional this army of intelligence agents from the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc. were to so quickly unravel everything yet just a few days before had no inkling of the plot and could not have prevented it. Now surely this is very strange. Normally after such events the authorities don’t immediately release all such details even when they have them so as not to impede their further investigations of any network. It just looked as if they already had a prepared script ready to place in the media following the event. To gather all that information it would appear that they were actually monitoring, following, and investigating the network well before 9/11 so why didn’t they stop them? (Contrast that with the Las Vegas shooting where very little information was released, and still apparently a lot is being withheld, – although, fair enough, that could have really been just a lone wolf so there isn’t much to find out and release).

  38. @37

    How about Israels attack on the WTC, right in our faces, the Zionists control the U.S. and they can do any damn thing they want including murdering 3000 Americans and get away with it!

  39. @ariadna

    I think it is very important to get to the truth about 9/11 but I am pessimistic about the chance of doing so. The issue by its nature attracts too many people with axes to grind and undisciplined minds. Every so often I will watch a bunch of videos on 9/11 and I am always annoyed by how sloppy the follow-up is. The morning of 9/11 a customer I called said that a lot of people got calls saying not to come to work. Or, did he say there was a rumor to that effect? I didn’t make a note of it at the time, but that’s something you could probably nail down if you hired some people and went about it systematically but this is never done. I get the impression that people prefer having the mystery to having the truth. btw I get the same feeling about the Kavanaugh alleged rape of Blasey-Ford: neither side really wants to nail down the hard truth, which ought to be possible if given a reasonable budget to work with.

  40. Mike P says:

    Ahmajinedad knew the truth, China and Russia probably do too, guess they just aren’t willing to cross that line yet.

    You bet. Former Italian head of state Francesco Cossiga went on the record in Italy’s leading newspaper (Corriere della Sera) in 2007 with a statement to the effect that all major secret services were aware of it.

  41. Hard-core conspiracy “theories” are for idiots & historically illiterate bozos. No one “conspired” Reformation, Age of exploration, industrial revolution, French revolution, WWI & WWII…

    On the other hand, there are, perhaps, machinations of some alienated groups & centers of power: Lincoln’s assassination, Stalin’s orchestrating Kirov’s murder, …

    Muddle which could be, at least partly, considered to be a part of conspiracy or at least a game in some bigger stuff: FDR & Pearl Harbor, assassination of JFK,Watergate, Bohemian Grove, 9/11, ..

    Merkel & immigrants? Not a conspiracy, just an inevitable suicidal march of stupidity.

    As Forster said of India: more muddle than mystery.

  42. I remember watching 9/11 go down live on CNN and my first impression was one of disbelief (I’m sure it was everyone’s watching it) and my second thought: Hollywood. Sitting there in front of the TV screen I really thought it was some kind of media experiment produced by Hollywood to do using television what Orson Welles had done previously for the radio with his broadcast of “War of the Worlds” before WWII, i.e demonstrate the potential effect of TV on the mass psychology of the population.

    And then the Muslim world erupted in celebration and joy with the hollering and the dancing in the streets, thinking they got one back on the hated USA. And that got me thinking how gullible they were. But it seems the US public was no less gullible either.

  43. Agent76 says:

    Sep 11, 2011 General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned – Seven Countries In Five Years

    “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” I said, “Is it classified?” He said, “Yes, sir.” I said, “Well, don’t show it to me.” And I saw him a year or so ago, and I said, “You remember that?” He said, “Sir, I didn’t show you that memo! I didn’t show it to you!”

    Sep 5, 2016 9/11 Suspects: Rudy Giuliani

    Mayor Giuliani oversaw the illegal destruction of the 9/11 crime scene and is criminally liable for the deaths of hundreds of emergency workers for not passing on prior warnings about the collapses of the Twin Towers.

  44. j2 says:

    “What to you think of John Robinsons book?”

    It was taken quite seriously by Freemasons. The book is correct, by 1798 the plans of the Bavarian Illuminati to infiltrate Freemasonry were known. There are many correct or more or less correct classics, like Charles Nodier’s History of Secret Societies of (Napoleon’s) Army and even Nesta Webster’s Secret Societies and Subversive Movements, only they are rather old as Masons stopped direct revolutionary activities after the Paris commune in Europe and somewhat later in Americas. But the conspiracy is alive, only under another cover and it has a connection to Zionism.

    • Replies: @The Scalpel
  45. @Commentator Mike

    ‘…And then the Muslim world erupted in celebration and joy with the hollering and the dancing in the streets, thinking they got one back on the hated USA…’

    One might also ponder how it was that the media was in place, prepared to record the celebrations — not conclusive, but a straw in the wind.

    There’s also the minor point that somehow, we became ‘the hated USA.’ It’s ironic, because at the end of the world, we were far and away the most popular great power in the Muslim world. Muslims were rightly suspicious of France and Britain’s colonial ambitions, and Russian Communism was right out.

    One might even suspect that the subsequent divorce was encouraged. See the Lavon affair.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  46. j2 says:

    About the mother of all conspiracies (not about Robinson’s book)

    When European and American thinkers created the idea of a democracy, they read Plato’s Republic, where democracy is the second worst possible way of governing as it has the tendency to rise to power demagogues (like Alcibiades in Athens) and according to Plato it finally changes to tyranny. To avoid this, the planned democracy was actually a phony democracy controlled by a shadow government, who at that time were Masons. Democracy is very easy to take over, unlike a monarchy where you have to marry to noble families and still may not succeed in takeover. But in democracy the assumption is that people act as individuals and treat each other equal, so no discrimination. Therefore a group discriminating others and favoring its own can fairly easily infiltrate it. This was not to be a problem, as the system was to be infiltrated by the philosopher kings, i.e., Masons. But as it turned out, it was infiltrated by another group. The New World was the USA, so the New World Order was the American system, democracy (but with the shadow government), while the Old World Order was the Ancient Regime, which had to be destroyed by destroying the pillars of that society. Interestingly for the history of Zionism, money lenders were one of the pillars of the kings, so they had to be eliminated (that is, moved somewhere else) or the system where nobody is to act as a secret group (except for the good philosopher kings, the founding fathers) could not work. It did not go as planned and the system was taken over. Thus, when wondering why the government makes conspiracies, like 911, do not wonder: that is the way it was intended to work. If in doubt of Plato’s real intentions, just read the beginning of Timaeus: Socrates proposes breeding the soldier class in a very similar way as Nazis. And about the idea of philanthrophic secret societies, just read the beginning of Republic from the place, how to do bad and appear to do good: then we found a secret society (which donates money to good things naturally). It is explained with the story of the ring of Gyges, the secret society is the ring that makes you invisible so that you can do all the bad things you need to do.

    So, these all go to thoughts that were carefully considered when democracy and leftist ideas were created. Why the system was created to have this easy takeover feature: because it was to be governed by shadow masters. What to do now when a wrong group took it over? That is a good question. It was not supposed to happen like this, that is why later these same secret societies tried to stop it and that is why Robinson wrote his book, to stop it as the group taking over was not the intended one.

    • Replies: @Heros
  47. Anon[300] • Disclaimer says:

    Yet another Stein. Part of the Stein-Berg-Baum-Feld-Blum matrix of propaganda and indoctrination.

  48. Sparkon says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Yes, but careful with the exaggeration.

    And then the Muslim world erupted in celebration and joy with the hollering and the dancing in the streets,

    Some Muslims may have celebrated the attacks, but that would hardly qualify as “the Muslim world” erupting. Any Muslims who in their ignorance celebrated the destruction of the WTC were entirely outnumbered by those Muslims who did not celebrate.

    To my knowledge, no prominent Muslims spoke out in celebration of the televised spectacle, but even if one or more did, that still proves nothing. Muslims could be fooled just like Christians in America and elsewhere could be fooled, and in fact have been fooled, not only on 9/11/2001, but also on 12/7/1941, and 11/22/1963.

    I suggest that sharp questions about 9/11 arose almost immediately in the thoughtful Muslim world just as they did in the among skeptics in the Christian world, but in the Jewish world, not so much.

    Immediately after the attacks… officials of Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban said they doubted bin Laden could have been involved in carrying out the actions.

    In fact, the guy blamed for the attack, Osama bin Laden, said he had nothing to do with it, and a video presented later purporting to show OBL really looks nothing like him.

    “I would like to assure the world that I did not plan the recent attacks, which seems to have been planned by people for personal reasons,”

    — Osama bin Laden

    Bin Laden says he wasn’t behind attacks

    Contradicting the bogus video and OBL’s claims of innocence, of course, is the brilliant snap analysis made by none other than CIA Director George Tenet himself immediately upon receiving first word of the WTC attacks on 9/11:

    “This has bin Laden’s fingerprints all over it.”

    — George Tenet, Director, Central Intelligence Agency

    So there’s that.

    Inspector Jacques Clouseau must have been impressed.

    The FBI, not so much.

  49. lysias says:

    Maybe Sunstein didn’t remember the article because he hadn’t written it. Maybe it was ghostwritten for him by the CIA.

  50. Anonymous [AKA "Namename"] says:

    If you analyse the book accounting for “what is good for the jews?”, then it becomes clear what a “disaster” is in its lingo.

  51. lysias says:

    Israeli agent Arnon Milchan was a producer of JFK. The movie says nothing about involvement of Israel and Lansky in the plot, and treats Ruby and Zapruder sympathetically.

  52. Vinnie O says:

    OK, but there is substantial proof that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was a reaction to a year-long campaign by FDR to provoke the Japanese into attacking the US. The problem for Establishment historians is if one accepts that FDR PROVOKED the Japanese and had concrete evidence from decrypted Japanese diplomatic and military telegrams that the provocation had produced the DESIRED reaction (i.e., the Japanese fleet had departed Japan headed East), then the ENTIRE history of WW2 changes. And THAT cannot be allowed.

    So, there are things that CANNOT be true, regardless of evidence or logic. We MUST drink the Kool-Aid and parrot the Party Line, or we will be mercilessly attacked in every way possible.

    As near as I can tell, the current meaning of the 1st Amendment is that everyone who desires can attack the Catholic church and any other Christian religion with as many lies and insults as they choose. Any other public statements are subject to arbitrary and capricious lawsuits and convictions.

    • Replies: @Bukowski
  53. Why would Uscinski acknowledge any truths in Pravda series, even if he believed it, given that he may be part of the system that maybe harmed by it? Self preservation may trump the need to be truthful!

  54. Agent76 says:

    September 25, 2018 Nudge Turns 10: A Q&A With Cass Sunstein

    This article is part of our special issue “Nudge Turns 10,” which explores the intersection of behavioral science and public policy. View the complete issue here.

    Nov 14, 2016 Cass Sunstein | The Ethics of Influence

    Cass Sunstein ’78, Robert Walmsley Professor of Law, delivered a talk on his most recent book, “The Ethics of Influence: Government in the Age of Behavioral Science”. In his talk, Sunstein explores government policies designed to nudge desired behavior in areas such as consumer and environmental protection—and also when nudges turn into ethically impermissible manipula­tion. The book talk is sponsored by the HLS Library and the Office of the Dean.

  55. Sunstein, Vermeule and Barrett work for the same masters. Only the children in the audience see a difference. It’s easy to confuse the already confused with confusing controlled opposition. The real conspiracies aren’t permitted online. Predictive programming is. The voting class in America, all of whom love war and mass murder, vote for a giant police state with 100% survelliance. The sheep debate the merits of their propagandists as they discuss Government approved topics including 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. Only people wearing tin foil hats wouldn’t agree this is total freedom because one day the truth will reveal itself.

    • Replies: @Mike P
  56. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Whoever did 9/11 could quite easily stop any Truth consensus forming but just going after the authors of the major theories like Griffin and a few others. They could be put out of action by sending them into divorce courts, bankruptcy, prison or mental homes. Or just given a heart attack on their next visit to a doctor. Or framed for internet child porn ect . Griffin has not even had an IRS audit.

    A free nation does not become a tyranny overnight. The process goes stage by stage. First you pervert the educational system and media to serve as conduits for propaganda. That keeps the majority of the population stupid or intimidated. Then you have the occasional psyop to further direct public opinion: 9/11, Sandy Hook, etc. Then, to cover the psyops, you take out people in the know who show any inclination to talk. Then a bunch of conspiracy theorists start to dig around for further info. — looking into the fate of those suicided with a bullet in the back of the head, for example. That’s when the rule of law and freedom of speech are openly dispensed with and we see the types of action against conspiracy theorists that you talk of. After that, comes arbitrary arrest and imprisonment or execution, i.e., full-blown Stalinist/Maoist tyranny. But short of a bloody revolution, it takes a while to get there.

    • Agree: Agent76
  57. anarchyst says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Before you blame the muslim world, look up the “dancing Israelis and WTC-911”. Yes, “dancing Israelis” who were “there to record the incident” stating that “their problem was now OUR problem”.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  58. @Godfree Roberts

    How free is American media?

    About the same as it has always been… ~0%

    Thinking you can create a free media guarantees that you will swallow whatever lie is offered…

    And offered it will be…

  59. Wally says:

    ” Instead of a trial or an exhaustive forensic investigation which follows the evidence, the aforesaid narrative is constructed from the top down- headlines and official pronouncements take the place of an objective gathering of evidence, and all evidence gathered must fit the narrative in Procrustean fashion. Instead of a series of criminal trials, a “commission” is established whose only real purpose is to validate the contrived narrative.”

    And that describes the fake and utterly impossible holocaust” narrative, the most powerful & influential of all lies.

    Science, forensics, and old fashion logic simply demolish the absurd ‘6,000,000 Jews, 5,000,000 others, & gas chambers’.
    It is sustained only by violence, laws against free speech, Potemkin Village theme parks, 24/7 ‘media / academia” indoctrination’, harassment, and false appeals to emotions.

    I do find it strange that the author, while making reference to Ron’s ‘American Pravda‘ series, which includes American Pravda: Holocaust Denial, by Ron Unz:, says nothing specifically about the ultimate Big Lie & scam, the “holocaust”. That timid behavior helps perpetuate the enormous gravy train, political power, & social preferences received by Jews, while it enables the destruction European & Euro-white culture.
    The Rudolf Report, Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the ‘Gas Chambers’ of Auschwitz:

  60. @Colin Wright

    I think the US just got lumped together with France and the UK because of its support for Israel, although perhaps before the 1967 war the US might have been more positively viewed by the Arabs. Still it was mostly the Soviets and other East Europeans who were arming the Arabs while USA and France were arming the Israelis. And by now the US has vetoed 43 times UN resolutions condemning Israel, and abstained only once more recently.

    And in reply to Sparkon, the celebrations were amongst the general muslim population, but even the more educated were reasonably content that the US suffered a major attack on its own soil as many felt they deserved it because of their policies in the Middle East. And this was immediately following the attack, before the US officially put the blame on OBL and his network. They saw what we all saw, planes flying into buildings, and assumed it was their boys, and this made them happy. Sure later cooler heads could see where this was all going with Bush promising a war on terror that he claimed would last for 15 years. And even blaming Saddam Hussein as if he had something to do with it.

    Whatever the truth about 9/11 it proved to be a great success in the manipulation of public opinion.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  61. Wally says:

    The absurd ‘holocaust’ fiction has been the tool that previously silenced all debate.

    However, it’s effectiveness is waning, people are learning about its complete impossibility, people are realizing that its propaganda and theater held together only by force & coercion.

    The increasing awareness of the fake ‘holocaust’ narrative is producing the real hysteria, the bizarre reactions by the Zionist controlled media prove it.

    The Zionist / leftist mafia certainly see the end coming and are trying everything, anything to put the horse back in the stable. It won’t help.

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    See the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

  62. Gary says:

    Can you present documentation (link, etc.) about one million + Jews being gunned down
    in the Ukraine by the SS?

    • LOL: apollonian
  63. Heros says:

    It is claimed that Jameson, Milner, Rhodes and the other round table members, royal arch society members if I recall, believed whites were superior and were trying to create some kind of a white world order.

    That is the story as I understand it. First of all, how many of these round table guys were truly Anglo Saxon and in no way crypto? But more importantly the passage of time proves that whatever claims were made about their secret plans of 100 years ago, they are inconsistent of where this conspiracy has lead us today. Whites are on the precipice of a catastrophic death spiral, not commanding some utopian white world order.

    Are these the ones who you are saying lost control? It would seem to me that they were 100% in on the founding of the Fed, the income tax and WWI. By the time the British were forced to accept the Balfour agreement in 1917, it should have been clear who was really in control. Things changed awfully quickly.

    • Replies: @j2
  64. @anarchyst

    Yes, I’ve heard about them too. Strange that they would be celebrating the action of a rival Al Qaida crew, supposedly their muslim Arab enemies. Unless of course they were celebrating the success of their own operation.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  65. Agent76 says:
    @Cloak And Dagger

    Good post and be sure and share this with the non-book readers.

    Sep 11, 2013 9/11 In A Nutshell

    James Corbett presents this 5 minute parody of the official conspiracy theory of 9/11

  66. @Brabantian

    “Sunstein was born on September 21, 1954 in Waban, Massachusetts to Marian (née Goodrich), a teacher, and Cass Richard Sunstein, a builder, both Jewish.” (Wikipedia)

    Not every Muslim wants to blow you up; but everyone who does want to blow you up is a Muslim.

    Similarly, not every Jew wants to control free speech and propagandize the masses; but eveyone who does want to do these things is a Jew.

    As we learn more about genetics and HBD, we realize you don’t need covert meetings in clandestine alcoves to establish conspiracy theories. Inherent racial and ethnic proclivities will suffice.

    Too much freedom for the masses threatens Jewish hegemony. Sunstein’s just doin’ Sunstein.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  67. Agent76 says:

    Here is more for you.

    Sept 11, 2018 WTC Towers Brought by Controlled Demolition: Richard Gage

    Richard Gage AIA is founder of Architects and for 9/11Truth. AE911 Truth is a non-profit organization of architects, engineers, and affiliates dedicated to investigating the events of September 11, 2001.

  68. Wally says:

    “In 1944 1,350,000 Jews were machine gunned to death in Ukraine by the SS. These Jews came from Eastern Europe and parts of Russia. This extermination is well documented in German military records available to this day to read, just as British intelligence reports are in the War Office.”

    Please show us your alleged” German military” records, “British intelligence reports”, and tell us specifically where this supposedly happened.
    And while you’re at it please show us the remains of your “1,350,000 Jews” that would necessarily exist … if the claim is factual.
    Recall that Jews claims these remains exist in known locations, yet they are nowhere to be seen.

    I suspect we’ll get nothing except the stark, cold reality, like this quick example:

    Excavation Result: No Enormous Human Remains as Alleged at Babi Yar … of course:

  69. j2 says:

    “It is claimed that Jameson, Milner, Rhodes and the other round table members, royal arch society members if I recall, believed whites were superior and were trying to create some kind of a white world order”

    I think it is like this. Originally it was a white conspiracy. They wanted to create a “good” new world order (democracy, later socialism), though it was not good for non-whites. (Selling opium to China, killing American Indians, enslaving the Blacks and so on.) The first stage of this conspiracy was Cagliostro’s Egyptian Freemasonry before the French Revolution, then it was known as Philaletles and later as Mizraim. Egyptian Freemasonry inspired Bavarian Illuminati, when Illuminati was banned, Johann Bode set it up in France under the name Philadelphes, which later was called Memphis. Leftists came from a Christian background with Christian ideas and Memphis was largely leftist, working with Carbonaries and the New Europe movement. Both Masonic rites stopped their activity to the general amnesty to revolutionary Masons after the Paris Commune failed. Maurice Joly targets Mizraim in his dialogues. It was the real force behind Napoleon III and saint-simonists. The idea is a false democracy where press is controlled, though it looks free, a totalitarian system that does not look like it.

    Communists started their activities around 1848. They copied the methods from the French Revolution, Masons and Carbonaries. The rites of Mizraim and Memphis were joined 1890s and the subversive plans become known to other Masons and Theosophists, who probably did not participate in them and maybe did not know/believe much of any Masonic conspiracy. Both Theosophists and Martinists tried to warn about Communists. Theosophists composed Protocols using Joly’s book and Mizraim documents, as a warning of a conspiracy. B’nai B’rith and Jewish bankers, like Jacob Schiff, were backing the Communists. So it was partially a Jewish conspiracy.

    Were Jewish bankers (or Jews in genera) involved earlier? I think not in the beginning.
    In Jacob Frank’s Words of the Lord (in the web there is a translation, Slow Pan original) there is Baalakaben, which I interpret as Freemasons (cannot be anything else considering all instances) and the Frankfurt man, but this Frankfurt man is probably Frank himself, no clear trace of Rothschild. Then when it comes to Rhodes’ secret society, there was Rothschild, but not in an active role. In the early Masonic conspiracy Rothschild was only a funder of wars and wanted to join the white leaders. Mizraim lodge members were Catholics, some of them Frankist/Sabbatean converts, but not many. They read Kabbalah (actually only a short study text) and called their highest order Sanhedrin and the members Rabbis, but they were just self-defined Jews, not genetic Jews. (That is, those evil people who took the ways of Jews, as we can read in Maurice Joly’s dialogue.) Masons and British Protestants started Zionism with some Jewish Masons and Kabbalists, but lost control of it soon after 1840. Antisemitism was intentionally created in Europe (e.g. by Wagner’s society) and I see it as a part of Zionism: antisemitism was created in order to push the Jews to Palestine. So I conclude that Jewish bankers and B’nai B’rith came to the picture around 1840s-1870s and they got influence in the USA after a large number moved to the USA.

    Fed (1913) had to be created with banking partners. As many bankers were Jewish, they had influence on it. The same is probably true with the income tax of 1913. Whites were ruling the USA at this time, so if these are part of a conspiracy, then it was Masons. In the start of WWI Masons had a role. This war fulfilled many Masonic goals: destroyed three monarchies, raised the USA to a world power, created a homeland for Zionists, was a war to end all wars by being senseless. But it probably was created more by bankers and they also had a Zionistic goal.

    Very clearly what there is today is not a Masonic conspiracy and not a Communist conspiracy. But it uses similar methods: destroy the pillars of the society. So, we should expect: destruction of the core family, removal of boundaries and mixing of people, attacks to Christianity,… all this. The method relies on infiltration, as with Masons. It is simply a textbook case of a takeover.

    What to do? In the third part of Mad Max, the one with Tina Turner, there is a dwarf riding an idiot giant. When the useful idiot giant is killed the dwarf is overcome. He escapes to the place in the desert where the children wait for their savior. With these conspiracy things you have to read fantasy and horror stories, like Frankenstein, Tolkien or Matrix. Serious writers do not propose solutions.

    • Replies: @Heros
  70. Wade says:

    Politics is the very art of conspiracy although conspiracy is not confined to politics.

    Good point. Here’s how I’ve often thought of it: What’s the difference between collusion and conspiracy? We have for decades referred to collusion and how it should be avoided in certain contexts. Think about the economics profession’s attention to anti-trust and trust-busting. You could just as easily call it economic-conspiracy-busting.

    Every time the board of a company makes plans to merge with another company, or sell out to corporate raiders, but hides this information from middle management and the rest of the employees until the last possible moment is a conspiracy against the interests of all the workers who might, individually, be better off if they were aware of the plans in advance.

    Most collusion when it occurs against the general interest has to be accomplished primarily in secret, at least in the initial stages of carrying it out, so that society doesn’t get a chance to mobilize an effort to stop it in time. For example The Federal Reserve Act was written in secret on Jekyll Island by private bankers colluding, or conspiring largely against the public will.

    I really don’t get why the belief that conspiracies occur in secret against popular interests should, intellectually speaking, be all that controversial. Happens all the time.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  71. anarchyst says:
    @Commentator Mike

    It can be safely argued that Islam is an offshoot of judaism and was created to “judaize” the non-jewish Arabs of the time, to which the jews were successful beyond their wildest dreams. Jews and Islamists are actually “two sides of the same coin”…
    There are virtually identical passages in both the jewish Talmud and Islamic Koran. The passages that denote supremacy of each respective “cult” relegate “non-believers” to third-class status, in the jews’ case no better than “livestock”–animals with souls, to be used for the benefit of the jews. In the Islamic case, non-believers must pay special taxes in order to be allowed to live in Islamic society and are not permitted to testify against a believer.
    Both texts proscribe little or no punishment for acts committed by believers against non-believers and exact more severe punishments for those non-believers who transgress against believers.
    You can bet that if Israel ever loses its zionist component, jews and Arabs will get along just fine and come after us infidels and goyim as a united group.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  72. @Agent76

    Watch this holographic whale slide out of, then back into a gymnasium floor, and then watch slo-mo vid of the lightweight aluminum jetliner slicing through reinforced girders without shattering its wings.

    Have two cars ever collided at high speed, where one car gracefully slices through the other without extreme and immediate damage to both?

  73. Anon[519] • Disclaimer says:

    Regarding youtube, remember that better alternatives exist:

  74. Ruckus says:
    @Fred on Nothing

    Notice how (Fred on Nothing) rattles off a litany of facially delusional narratives about Elvis and Bigfoot and once he tries to have us smirking and shaking our heads he tacks on UFO’s at the close.

    Fixed it for ya. The circumstantial evidence for UFO’s is preponderant, even more so than 9/11.

  75. @anarchyst

    Funny you should say that. I know a Palestinian Christian who still lives there and when we argue he often says: “What’s the difference between them? They’re both the same.” He claims exactly what you state, that eventually they will both get together and come after the Christians. And that what little of the Christians are left there get it bad from both sides even now.

    My own take is that Jews view Muslims as any other “goy” while Muslims see Jews as any “infidel”. On the other hand Muslims do have the option of affording some respect to both Christians and Jews and treating them as “people of the book”. In my own dealing with Muslims I have come across extremely honest ones who were more trustworthy and fair in every respect regardless of me not being a Muslim, and those who had absolutely no respect whatsoever that you could not trust at all, who viewed an infidel as someone they could fleece and to whom the honesty and fairness required in their dealings with other muslims was not to be extended.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  76. I read conspirative theoretics as a branch of fiction between international blood-and-thunder and science fiction, neither believing nor disbelieving. At age seventy-four, with neither siblings nor progeny, I feel myself free no longer to be emotionally involved. (But patriotism is a habit of the heart that is hard to break, which is why I gave my vote to Mr. Trump by way of voting A G A I N S T Mrs, Clinton.)

  77. @Wade

    And then what about whatever business deals are made within secret societies? I laugh when they talk about insider trading being illegal. But if those involved in passing information to each other are members of Masonic Lodges they will never be prosecuted as no member will reveal any criminal activity that went on during the lodge meetings on pain of death.Their mafia type code of silence protects their criminal activity from exposure. So is that how they manipulate markets and get rich, Soros et al? It would be funny if any of those who advocate an “open society” should actually turn out to be members of secret societies.

    • Replies: @Wade
  78. anarchyst says:
    @Commentator Mike

    You are correct…in the grand scheme of things, I would trust a muslim over a jew any day.
    Islam must be given credit for its treatment of Jesus Christ and his mother Mary.
    Jewish Talmudism teaches that Jesus Christ is an apostate, “boiling in excrement for eternity”, while his mother Mary was a harlot who conceived Jesus with a Roman soldier.
    Compare that Jewish Talmudic hatred with Islam, who proclaims Jesus Christ as a “great prophet”, not the “Son of God”, but a great prophet nonetheless, while his mother Mary is specifically given a place of high honor in the Koran.
    However, if “push comes to shove” Jewish Talmudists will side with Islamists against the rest of the world…

    • Replies: @sarz
  79. @niteranger

    Nice points. You are right. Even conspiracy theories have conspiracies behind them.

  80. Mike P says:

    You know you’ve got it made when your very own Hasbara troll detail follows you everywhere. Congratulations, Kevin! Maybe you could ask Hasbara Central for some higher quality trolls, however. Appreciated!

    • Replies: @Wally
  81. I don’t know. Getting banned by YouTube is kind of a badge of honor.

    Kind of like getting banned by Karlin. Except that Karlin is so small time I guess the comparison is all out of proportion.

  82. getaclue says:

    You do realize that Russia is now on a military basis where it is prepared for the USA to launch a First Strike?–they are basically on a hair trigger– This is not covered in the USA “free press” but it is a fact–given that — the conclusion you should have drawn from the actual facts of what is going on should be the opposite of what you state….Don’t believe me? Do a little research outside of the propaganda ministries of the USA Media….You will find that the equivalent of the Russian Joint Chiefs stated this fact a few months ago….We are incredibly close to WWIII and a Nuclear War and most people like you don’t have any clue because the Globalist Media won’t cover it….I’m not kidding you, get a clue?

  83. Wally says:
    @Mike P

    Indeed, I have an obsessed “Hasbara troll” following me around too. I simply own the sick nutter.
    He’s the notorious fake ‘professor’ Andrew Mathis, actually a lowly substitute teacher of Zionist propaganda.
    He also made the mistake of debating at the CODOH Forum, got hammered. He still can’t walk upright.

    But then those obsessions combined with their irrational fantasies are indicators of their illnesse and par for the course for them.
    Does the strong Jew tendency towards mental illness assist in their ‘holocaust’ fantasies? :


    • Replies: @Mike P
  84. @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    ‘Not every Muslim wants to blow you up; but everyone who does want to blow you up is a Muslim…’

    Timothy McVeigh, the Sikhs who blew up that Air Canada Flight, the Israelis as in the Lavon Affair, the Weathermen, the Unibomber, the IRA, ETA?

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  85. @Colin Wright


    They’re all small fry. You could have started with the USA, Israel, NATO, and so on. They blow up far more.

  86. Heros says:

    “So, we should expect: destruction of the core family, removal of boundaries and mixing of people, attacks to Christianity,… all this. The method relies on infiltration, as with Masons. It is simply a textbook case of a takeover.”

    But Tel Aviv is the homo capital of the planet. Globohomo is consuming and corrupting Israel too, as is feminism. Does this mean that the third temple to Solomon, Noahide law, and the Eretz Israel are just a bribe to the jews to get them to help create something completely different altogether, at the ultimate cost of their own people? Some kind of female or androgynous witch god?

    Albert Pike managed to insert 13 levels into Masonry in order to make it have an even 33 levels. In his letters to Mazini he predicted 3 world wars. Isn’t is possible, even likely, that there are even higher levels than 33, that also hold the reigns to other secret societies which we have never even heard about?

    • Replies: @j2
  87. The Scalpel says: • Website

    ” I’ve seen the best data this variety of truther has to offer and the only plausible conclusion one could draw is that 9/11 was done by a bunch of insane muslims with the aid of or at least abatement of Israel and some “American” Jews.”

    The only thing your assertion proves is that you have poor data analysis skills. Perhaps instead of bare assertions you could offer some of the “best data” you reference and describe how it leads to the theories you suggest?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  88. The Scalpel says: • Website
    @Bardon Kaldian

    “No one “conspired”

    It appears you did not read the article citing several examples of proven conspiracies – Gulf of Tonkin, Weapons of mass destruction, etc.

    I think there is a high probability of disinformation agents posting on this site.

    • Agree: apollonian
    • Replies: @Mike P
    , @Rurik
  89. The Scalpel says: • Website

    Then there is also “An Incomplete history of Secret Organizations” – with entertaining insights on the plight of the Baudelaire twins.

  90. Bukowski says:
    @Vinnie O

    Several months before Pearl Harbor occurred Roosevelt had agreed to a plan to bomb Japan –

  91. Mike P says:

    I noticed this character too. I looked him up – apparently a professional teacher of all things Holocaust. You are getting preferred treatment and should be very proud 😉 speaks for itself of course if even a person with that background can’t come up with a convincing argument, but only nitpicking.

    We’ve had some fairly sophisticated and articulate Hasbara trolls here on UR, but those that posted on this thread seem pretty low-brow, which made me suspect that they might just have arrived here by shadowing Kevin.

  92. Mike P says:
    @The Scalpel

    I think there is a high probability of disinformation agents posting on this site.

    Nominated for the understatement of the year.

  93. niceland says:

    Talking about dangerous conspiracy theories – is religion among these?

  94. sarz says:

    The phrase for Jesus in the Quran is not “great prophet” but “spirit of God”. It’s not that he’s lesser than ‘Christians’ contend, it just makes no literal sense to speak of God having a son any more than it would to speak of God having indigestion. The Quran does affirm Jesus’ birth to a virgin. And Mary is the ideal woman.

  95. Sparkon says:

    There was a large surplus of available office space in NYC when the WTC was proposed, planned, and built. There was no need for even one 110 story tower let alone two of the massive and ugly structures, which were widely disliked at the time by architects and NYC residents alike.

    In my view, the WTC was built to be destroyed in an occult ritual to mirror or reenact the destruction of the twin pillars guarding Solomon’s Temple, as cover for the theft of gold along with other riches and secrets stashed there, to justify attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, and as a signal to promulgate establishment of a new world order.

    In the words of 9/11 Commissioner Bob Kerrey

    “The problem is it’s a 30-year-old conspiracy.”

    Lack of significant incontrovertible jetliner debris and wreckage at any of the alleged crash sites is primary evidence that no planes crashed at the WTC, the Pentagon, or Shanksville on 9/11.

    The televised live images of UA 175 crashing into WTC 2 were obviously created with Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). Already in 2000, there were a few stories appearing in the press warning of the potential for abuse of the new video insertion technology by PVI and others that was capable of both erasing live actors, and inserting spurious objects into live video feeds.

    MIT Technology Review
    Lying With Pixels
    by Ivan Amato July 1, 2000

    Seeing is no longer believing. The image you see on the evening news could well be a fake – a fabrication of fast new video-manipulation technology.
    A demo tape supplied by PVI bolsters the point in the prosaic setting of a suburban parking lot. The scene appears ordinary except for a disturbing feature: Amidst the SUVs and minivans are several parked tanks and one armored behemoth rolling incongruously along. Imagine a tape of virtual Pakistani tanks rolling over the border into India pitched to news outlets as authentic, and you get a feel for the kind of trouble that deceptive imagery could stir up.
    “Seeing may no longer be believing,” says Norman Winarsky, corporate vice president for information technology at Sarnoff. “You may not know what to trust.”


    Image: Michael Hezarkhani, CNN

    Let the viewer beware.

    • Replies: @Mike P
    , @Peredur
  96. Mike P says:

    If indeed the towers were built to be ritually sacrificed, then the next logical question is: were some explosives already installed during construction, or provisions made to ease their installation at a later time? I have not come across any supporting evidence, but I haven’t investigated this specific question.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
    , @Iris
  97. Rurik says:
    @The Scalpel

    I think there is a high probability of disinformation agents posting on this site.


  98. j2 says:

    “But Tel Aviv is the homo capital of the planet. Globohomo is consuming and corrupting Israel too, as is feminism. Does this mean that the third temple to Solomon, Noahide law, and the Eretz Israel are just a bribe to the jews to get them to help create something completely different altogether, at the ultimate cost of their own people? Some kind of female or androgynous witch god?”

    In Zionism Jews were expected to create Israel. End-of-the-time prophesies tell something about creation of Israel, like that there will be a persecution before it where 1/3 or 2/3 will die (see Zachariah 13:8-9). Not much is said of what Israel should be like, you can read the prophesies in the Old Testament. Torah and the Prophets, the rest are only interpretations. Basically it is like in Isiah 60:11-12: get all gold and enslave or destroy all others. I do not see any prophecy that Jews should do something completely different at the ultimate cost of their own people. I think Israelis are left to decide themselves what they want to do. Maybe they support homos and feminism not as a subversive action but because they support them. But you see a clear attack on Christianity, especially the Catholic Church, which is for sure a political action to destroy the enemy. The same is with immigration, as the Israel policy is different. About the God, Kabbalists have a bit different view than orthodox, but I am no expert on religious believes of another people.

    “Albert Pike managed to insert 13 levels into Masonry in order to make it have an even 33 levels. In his letters to Mazini he predicted 3 world wars. Isn’t is possible, even likely, that there are even higher levels than 33, that also hold the reigns to other secret societies which we have never even heard about?”

    The letter with three world wars is not confirmed, it is from Carr’s book. 33 of Scottish Freemasonry is not a general limit. In Mizraim there was 90 degrees, in Memphis 99 degrees. With masonry you have to include Rosicrusians and Theosophists, they belong to the wider circle of Masonry and they have different numbers of degrees. I do not know how many degrees are in B’nai B’rith. It is very likely that there are secret societies we do not know of. When P2 was acting in Italy as a shadow government, nobody knew about it. All we know is old history as it relates to societies that are not any more existing or subversive. From this history we know that the same people were on top of many secret societies and secret societies had unknown (external) masters, so they had personal ties even when there were no organizational ties. Most of the modern secret societies were in some sense either Masonic or organized crime. Some claim that on the top level there is no formal secret society, only an informal club of friends. But of course, a secret society is a very old and very effective organization form for certain tasks, e.g. IRA copied some of its organization from Masons, so it is fine e.g. for terrorism. Personally, I think there is a secret society we do not know about. There always were not so secret secret societies to get members and funding and to deny everything, and the secret secret societies to do the task.

    • Replies: @Heros
  99. Sparkon says:
    @Mike P

    If indeed the towers were built to be ritually sacrificed, then the next logical question is:

    Who are these guys?

    The CIA, satanic cults, and UFOs, the mythology of the late twentieth century is surprisingly coherent even though the masks change from case to case, from victim to alleged victim. The CIA, of course, does exist; their mind control programs from BLUEBIRD to ARTICHOKE to MK-ULTRA are a matter of public record. Their history of political assassinations and the overthrow of various foreign governments is also a matter of record. Satanic cults – or perhaps we should qualify that and say ‘occult secret societies’ – also exist and are a matter of public record; their attempts to contact alien forces by means of ceremonial magic and arcane ritual (including the use of some of the same drugs and other techniques as the CIA used in its mind control programs) are also well-known and documented. Some of these practitioners were – and are – well-known men and women who have not denied their involvement (such as rocket scientist Jack Parsons in the 1950s and Army Colonel and intelligence officer Michael Aquino in the 1990s). The CIA also aggressively researched American cults and secret societies in an effort to discover the source of paranormal abilities and ancient mind control mechanisms. And while the jury is still out on the question of UFOs, there is no doubt that government agencies have attempted to track, to analyze them, and to explain them away. Again this is a matter of public record, including FBI and CIA documents in addition to military records.

    Skeptical readers may find this strange to consider. That would be a mistake. The web of connections is there for anyone who cares to look. For more than fifty years occult themes and rituals have been part of world view warfare. Drugs, shamanism, black magic, and the occult – staples of the CIA then and now. It is well known that Hollywood, television, and the media in general have been working closely with the intelligence agencies for a long time.

    The CIA Then and Now: Old Wine in New Bottles
    Edward Curtin • January 31, 2019 • 3,100 Words • 4 Comments • 1 New • Reply

  100. Peredur says:

    On the subject of plane debris, in particular, there is insufficient plane debris flying out from the impact site as the plane flies into the tower. The plane does not even appear to slow down in the videos of the impact. This means that the videos do not show an actual plane flying into the tower. They show something else. I tend to think that it is a CGI effect and that all of the videos showing the impact have been falsified this way. Another possibility is that a holographic projection was involved, but I don’t know enough about holographs to be able to get an idea about this one way or the other. On the CGI theory, an objection that always comes up is that people saw the planes impacting from the ground. Perhaps they saw something impacting, but whatever they saw, what the videos purport to show is not genuine.

    • Replies: @j2
  101. Peredur says:

    I just skimmed through a video put out by the consensus panel. This sort of work will get people on the right track, but I have found that the “rabbit hole” goes much deeper than the video suggests. It brings up the “Holocaust,” but the official Holocaust narrative is also part of the matrix of lies that surrounds us.

    I like how the YouTube video “9/11 Consensus Panel” gets into the psychology of denial. It is fear that causes people to ignore evidence contradicting the official story. I expect that most Jews would find reason to fear the truth coming out about 9/11 if they spent enough time looking into it. I am grateful for sites like Unz allowing discussion of such topics as this. I thought Mr. Unz had a Jewish background, but he is clearly on the right track despite this.

  102. Heros says:

    I think that we would both agree that whatever entity is at the top of this pyramid of secret societies has been there for generations and plans to remain there into the foreseeable future.

    If we assume that the ultimate goal is Noahide world order where each jew has 3000 goyim slaves, then they will need a lot, lot more of the right kind of jews. Israel has been body slammed by their own foul propaganda and is facing the same cultural and demographic problems as the west, but amplified by things like the military draft and bloody oppression of Gaza. There is also a divide between jewish men and jewish feminist women, and who could expect jews to stop producing porn?

    Putin and Orban were able to take concrete measures against globohomo, but I don’t hear anything about it in Israel. Without some kind of a cultural and moral turn around, Israel will never be able to become Eretz Israel and rule the world, even if it controls 5g and the IOT. Muslem and African hordes will always be knocking at the gate.

    I guess the bottom line is that rapture and armageddon are so final, especially when you rule the world. That being the case, it looks to me like the rulers of the world have put their bet on globohomo, otherwise jews wouldn’t push it so much. It looks to me like a takeover, like the one that happened 100 years ago, or perhaps a transmogrification, from secret societies pushing for the third temple to Solomon, into to these same societies pushing to some vision of a new world of the mutated offspring of deviant sex perverts.

    • Replies: @j2
  103. L Bean says:
    @Commentator Mike

    That was also the first impression my mom had after I called her that morning and told her to turn on her tv. “Is this real?”

  104. j2 says:

    A brief comment on this

    ” It looks to me like a takeover, like the one that happened 100 years ago, or perhaps a transmogrification, from secret societies pushing for the third temple to Solomon, into to these same societies pushing to some vision of a new world of the mutated offspring of deviant sex perverts.”

    and this from another thread
    “i) If gentiles are so smart, why are Jews, whom gentiles outnumber 40:1 across the combined Western World, able to control everything?”

    This takeover has a record of having always finally failed. It failed in Roman times, if my understanding of Christianity as a takeover (or Rome) attempt of Herod Agrippa I, it failed in Europe many times due to several expulsions, if failed in the Polish Commonwelth, as Poland was divided with the assistance of Frankists, it failed in the Soviet Union to the expulsion of Trotsky. Minority takeover works for a while, but finally fails. Intelligent people would learn from it.

  105. j2 says:

    Computer graphics added to a video is a real possibility. Holograms that I have seen have been visible only from a rather narrow range of angles and they did not have so good colors. That was long ago, but I do not think holograms are so much better today, it is the principle that limits a hologram.

    There is a false argument that a softer metal could not cut a harder one. Softer will compress in the impact, but if there is enough mass of it and enough velocity, it can go through. You need a hard bullet to pierce steel, but a bullet has little mass. A wing cross-section has much more mass. Difficult to say without calculation if a wing with such a velocity can cut steel.

    But the problem was that the videos did not look correct, like the nose came out from the other side. Not very convincing. Hard to say for sure, but it is not hard to say that there could not be hellish temperatures in Ground Zero long after the event without some external heat source, which as I well remember TV told in 2001 that there was.

    • Replies: @Peredur
  106. Wade says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I believe you 100% regarding the insider trading. This thought has occurred to me many times. Not sure how much it happens in Mason Lodges, but if those individuals are directly linked to those who truly control the Federal Reserve banks, then yes they could benefit entirely in secret. I’m sure there are many getting away with insider trading thanks to the Fed and the SEC.

  107. Anonymous [AKA "digby"] says:
    @The Scalpel

    Or, it proves he’s a shill.

  108. Peredur says:

    Regardless of whether a fast-moving airplane would cut through thick steel girders, the airplane should have slowed down as it impacted the building, and airplane debris should have been flying out in all directions. What the videos show is the entire airplane passing through the outer wall, with a cloud beginning to appear just as the tail fin is entering the building. I don’t think that is realistic.

    • Agree: apollonian
    • Replies: @j2
  109. L.K says:

    Great article, Mr. Barrett!


  110. j2 says:

    I agree that they do not look realistic. The twin towers throwing stuff up like fountains do not look realistic either. I wonder what studio made the visual effects?

    • Replies: @Peredur
  111. Peredur says:

    I think the videos showing the towers collapsing are genuine, unlike the videos showing the planes impacting the towers.

    The way in which the two main towers collapsed raises questions. From the videos, it looks like WTC 7 (not one of the main towers) was brought down using conventional demolition techniques, but not the two main towers, which to a large extent were turned to dust. Many well-informed 9/11 truthers think that something other than conventional means were used on the two main towers. Jim Fetzer thinks that mini-nukes were used and that they were placed in the subbasements so that the harmful radiation would mostly be directed upward, destroying the buildings but minimizing damage to the surroundings. Of course, all of the WTC buildings were destroyed, but not other neighboring buildings. In fact, the ways in which some of the other WTC buildings were destroyed is also suspicious. One of them appeared to be blown up from the inside, leaving only the exterior shell standing.

    Returning to the mini-nuke theory, I don’t have a strong opinion about that, but I am mentioning it because you raised the question of how dust and debris could have been ejected upward as the two towers were collapsing. Generally, if you drop something heavy and there are very light things underneath, the light things will fly up and out. What is clear to me is that the two towers were brought down by planted explosives, not airplane impacts and jet fuel fires. As for the exact nature of the planted explosives, I am not sure.

  112. Iris says:
    @Mike P

    Very interesting evidence of destruction by thermo-nuclear detonation carried out in explosion chambers embedded during construction phase has been provided. The practice of using nuclear explosions to facilitate large -scale civil works was common in the 50’s and 60’s:

    • Replies: @Mike P
  113. Mike P says:

    I have seen that Khalezov story, but I don’t buy it. The towers crumbled and collapsed from the top down, with multiple explosions timed in series. Single large subterranean explosions could not have caused this pattern.

    There may have been large explosions underground also, but I have seen no substantial evidence indicating that these were caused by nukes.

    • Replies: @Iris
  114. “Conspiracy Theory” (CT) is a by-product of one out of three possible reactions to any
    official information that hits the organs of human perception:
    1) I believe it 2) I don’t care if it’s true or not 3) I don’t believe it, there must be some
    other explanation, i.e., CT.
    Obviously, the word “official” is a key here, since doubts in any other type of information
    never get CT title, especially in its derogatory sense.
    And, apparently, the latter implies a presence of truly celestial purity and total absence of
    even traces of conspiracy thoughts in those holding official titles (as, naturally, a total
    opposite to the rest of population of lying and conspiring weasels).
    It also contradicts the history books full of conspiracy “upstairs”, but who cares.

    The good thing is that the devil is always in the details, and considering what kind of maniacs
    run the show many of these details can be pinpointed without traveling in time and space…

  115. utu says:

    Add to it Charles Murray.

  116. Iris says:
    @Mike P

    I only heard about the Khalezov hypothesis a few months ago, when a very astute reader summarised it here in the UR. It is actually extremely compelling for anybody with a Physics background, and is endorsed by Physics academics with impeccable credentials in Europe:

    The top-to-bottom collapse is a trademark feature of the aftermath of a underground nuclear explosion which first creates a cavity, of which the roof then collapses after several minutes. This is well documented by research papers.

    The substantial and undeniable evidence of a nuclear explosion were the fires and elevated temperature that lasted over 3 months at the WTC : no finite source of conventional fuel can burn in the open for so long. With regards.

    • Replies: @j2
    , @Sparkon
    , @j2
  117. j2 says:

    ” It is actually extremely compelling for anybody with a Physics background, and is endorsed by Physics academics with impeccable credentials in Europe: ”

    Hi Iris, thanks for the video. I watched the whole hour and have some comments on it.

    1) Around 31 min he explains that as WTC1 fell with 6.3 m/s2 acceleration (so breaking the structured reduced acceleration 36%) and as the building was built with 3 times security (i.e., each level can hold 3 times the weight on it), it would follow that the strength of the building was reduced to 12% of the initial strength. This is not incorrect and not requiring explosives: three times the weight of the building above gives a force that is smaller than the force needed to stop the falling floors. If the floors fall, they have kinetic energy, which breaks the structures depending on their strength against an impact. Fragile structures break on such impact and steel columns can buckle. Thus, we cannot conclude this from Newton’s law as he does. I read one paper on this and it seems to be so that 6.3 m/s2 is a very possible acceleration from breaking the structures.

    2) Around 45 min he shows satellite pictures from 8-9 october, one month after 9 september, the host spots are not very red in this image, yet he talks about trois mois, like you wrote. I agree that the heat is a serious problem, just commenting on the video.

    3) Finally, at the end he tries to imply that 2mm aluminium could not cut 6.9mm steel, but as the published paper he refers to seems to say, it is not impossible but the plane should have been damaged, so such things like the nose coming from the other side are hard to believe. It is not clear how much the tail should have slowed down in the impact, probably not much, as the plane should compress in the impact and as the kinetic energy is very large, maybe only a small part of it is needed to cut the steel. It really depends on the mass of the plane, like wings. It can be calculated if there is reliable data.

    4) So, to go to the underground nuclear explosion. I consider it as a serious candidate, but the video does not mention the Khalezov hypothesis, which is a large nuclear devise that was in the building from the building time. But it could be that there was a place made for it and some more modern nuclear device was installed there shortly before the explosion. I think the nuclear device hypothesis is interesting, but cannot say anything of it. So far I prefer a small nuclear device to take off the central core and timed explosives to collapse the building by destroying the wall structures.

    • Replies: @j2
  118. j2 says:

    the video does not mention the Khalezov hypothesis,

    I mean it does discuss the nuclear demolition, but not specifically this Khalezov version.

  119. Sparkon says:

    The top-to-bottom collapse is a trademark feature of the aftermath of a underground nuclear explosion which first creates a cavity, of which the roof then collapses after several minutes. This is well documented by research papers.

    Total poppycock. Please provide a reputable source for this claim, and any experiment result using a nuclear device to destroy a skyscraper.

    It has already been explained to you on a previous occasion that Khazelov’s theory is complete nonsense, but here you are again with it.

  120. j2 says:

    I like your comments, Iris, but I have a problem with the Khalezov hypothesis. I did not read the book, as he had a note that the book is payable, but I did read his short description of the theory. So, the argument why the collapse would proceed from up down is that a shock wave would have destroyed the lower floors up to some level but left the upper floors more or less undamaged. Then the upper floors would have crushed the lower floors as was seen to happen. This may soud like a reasonable idea, but if this would have happened, the collapse had happened immediately after the shock wave, not after some seconds when the cavity collapses. Thus, the strength of the lower floors could not have been destroyed by the shock wave. His argument continues so that after some seconds the cavity underground would have collapses. If this had happened, then the building collapse would have been similar to the fall of WTC7, since it is the same to take of the lowest floor by explosives or to drop the ground for some meters, as would happen if the cavity collapsed. Thus, this is against what is seen in the videos. Therefore I conclude that a reasonable version of the nuclear device theory is that the underground explosion was used only to take off the central core. If so, the outer walls would still hold the building up for some seconds easily, and with timed explosives on the outer walls the collapse would look like what is seen in the video.

    • Replies: @Iris
  121. Iris says:

    Hi J2;
    It is an honour and a pleasure reading you: I hope you are keeping well.

    I only read a summary of Khalezov’s book, but read at length many research papers about real underground nuclear detonations carried out in the 60’s, their determining parameters and phenomenology. The collapse of the WTC towers fits perfectly this phenomenology, which was well known at the time the towers were designed and the designers had to provide a credible demolition plan as part of their planning application.

    The egg-shaped cavity’s roof does not collapse straight after the explosion, and remains in place several minutes before collapsing (time required for the extremely high pressure to reduce and for the cavity’s temporary structure to weaken).

    The hypothesis of an underground nuclear detonation is well proven by the random videos shot in the aftermath of the alleged “plane attacks” from different locations at the WTC: the people filming first experience what resembles a seismic shock (the explosion), and after exactly the same duration, no matter the location, they witness the tower collapsing. The perfect sequencing and therefore simultaneity had nothing to do with chance.

    Further undeniable evidence is the fires that kept burning for up 3 months after the collapse, with firemen filmed reporting sighting of “melt iron”. So it is not only the striking aerial photos which reveal abnormal relative temperature gradients, but also the testimonies of people in the field reporting absolute temperatures that can never be explained by office/structural fires.

    This article in “Veterans Today” seems to have had access to a fairly detailed account of the modus operandi. All the best.

    • Replies: @j2
  122. j2 says:

    No, Iris, as always with your excellent links, the pleasure and honor of reading your comments is on my side. I really do not know how you find all that, are you working in Iris or something? The article in Veterans Today is really intriguing. A small nuclear booster enhanced with a type of thermite shell fits well to what the explosives could have been in my layman opinion. It is just this type of new weapons we expect there to be. The French, Russian and British naturally know much more of nuclear weapons having them. The theory in Khalezov’s book has problems but this Veterans Today article presents a quite possible scenario and what you write in your comment is all very reasonable and I agree with all of it. Thanks and all the best.

    • Replies: @Iris
  123. Iris says:

    Hi J2;

    This video produced by the “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” collective is worth watching. It presents the most striking implausibilities that make the official narrative impossible to believe. In particular, the abnormally elevated temperatures witnessed in the aftermath of the tragedy, and the military-grade nano-thermite found in dust samples lead to the logical conclusion that the WTC was submitted to a controlled demolition.

    This collective has finally succeeded in that they have been authorised by the US Attorney General, after 0ver 15 years of vindication, to bring their case in front of a Grand Jury. I like to believe that some truth and justice for all victims will come out of this investigation.

    Groups such as the “9/11 Truth” collective have to present arguments that cannot be refuted as they aim at representing a large section of the public. As for us, isolated individuals, we can make further assumptions with regard to other physical implausibilities that cannot be explained only by the use of nano-thermite:
    – Elevated temperatures lasting up 3 months in the open: “They were standing on top of a cauldron. They were standing on top of fires 2,000 degrees that raged for a hundred days.” Rudy Giuliani, NYC Mayor,2002.
    – Seismic shock experienced simultaneously in several direction a few seconds before the Twin Tower collapsed.
    – Pots of melted granite on what used to be the foundations of the Twin Towers:

    South Tower:
    North Tower;
    The level of energy and long-term effects displayed in the aftermath of this tragedy could only have been caused an underground nuclear explosion. All the best.

  124. Mulegino1 says:

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false” William Casey, late CIA director.

    Virtually all major narratives involving major consequential events with respect to international affairs, geopolitics or historical paradigms were false, from at least the time of the sinking of the battleship Maine down to the present day.

    American involvement in the First World War was based upon lies and high level manipulation; the same goes for our involvement in the Second except the lies and manipulation of the public were far greater than those leading us to the former conflict. And let us not forget those lies involving the barbaric and criminal Anglo-American conduct of the war, which, if truth be told, dwarfed anything realistically imputed to the Third Reich or the Japanese Empire. Simply put “we” gave the Soviets a run for their money in cruelty and savagery, and in many cases- particularly in the genocidal air war, exceeded even their brutality. But tribal Hollywood was there to provide a narrative which was nothing more than a veneer of lies and stupid, albeit effective, propaganda. To put it in Orwellian terms, “Liberation is enslavement.”

    Ditto for the Cold War, the Korean war, the JFK assassination, Vietnam, the Space race, the dirty wars
    in Central America, the bombing of Serbia, 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, now Iran and Venezuela. Virtually everything we are told is bullshit.

    Hitler was right about the “big lie”. Hell, establishment historians even lie about the big lie itself.

  125. @Mulegino1

    Dear Mulegino1,

    The scholarship reflected in your comments here is a treasure trove for the truth seeker.

    American involvement in the First World War was based upon lies and high level manipulation; the same goes for our involvement in the Second except the lies and manipulation of the public were far greater than those leading us to the former conflict.

    You may well be aware of this, but just to be sure, Volume 1, Chapter 3 of The International Jew published by Henry Ford’s Dearborn Independent contains this:

    Instances of Jewish prosperity in the United States are commonplace, but prosperity, the just reward of foresight and application, is not to be confounded with control. The prosperity of the Jews can be had by anyone who is willing to pay the price which the Jews pay for it—a very, very high price, as a rule, all things considered—but it would be impossible for any Gentile coalition under similar circumstances to attain the control which the Jews have won, for the reason that there is lacking in the Gentile a certain quality of working-togetherness, a certain conspiracy of objective, and the adhesiveness of intense raciality, which characterizes the Jew. It is nothing to a Gentile that another man is a Gentile; it is next to everything to a Jew that the man at his door is another Jew. So, if instances of Jewish prosperity were needed, the case of the Temple Emmanu-el, New York, might be cited, which in 1846 could scarcely raise \$1,520 for its budget, but in 1868, following the Civil War, raised \$708,755 from the rental of 231 pews. And the rise of the Jewish clothing monopoly as one of the results of the same Civil War might be cited as an instance of prosperity plus national and international control.

    Use of the word “control” therein hints that before profiting from the Civil War as described, Jews may well have been instrumental in causing it just as you correctly indicate was the case in WWI & II.

    Thank you for the insights your comments here provide, and for the confidence that comes with knowing top minds in the West see truth about organized Jewry the same.

    • Replies: @Mulegino1
  126. Mulegino1 says:

    Thanks for your kind comments.

    International Jewry, having no permanent alliances or loyalties- except to itself- ought to be represented by a balance- on the one side profit and on the other side Talmudic hatred for the rest of humanity.

    While the Jews may or may not have been the primary instigators of the American Civil War, the number of Jewish slave owners was overwhelmingly disproportionate to their percentage of the total Southern population. There is no question that they profited from the war at all levels, from the international usurers of the House of Rothschild to the unscrupulous Jewish peddlers and fraudsters whom General Grant had expelled from the area of his military command.

    I believe it was the Rothschild’s offer to loan money to the Union for the continuance of the war at the usurious rate of 30% interest that prompted Lincoln to issue the Greenbacks- backed by nothing more than the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government.

    It is such challenges to the international usurers- of which international Jewry plays the prominent, if not the sole, role- which invariably lead to war and political assassination- a discretely hidden thread of history which leads from the fate of leaders such as Lincoln to that of Hitler, Saddam, Ghadaffi, Assad, inter alia.

  127. ‘Conspiracy theories’ are speculation. Isn’t speculation part of intellectual inquiry. Isn’t CT really just a way of saying Hypothesis?
    So News Media in the U.S., or the juden-presse if we want to be honest, is allowed now, due to repeal of a statute, to purvey progaganda.
    This is no more and no less than an attempt to revoke the First Amendment and to control thought. This is not what free societies do.
    These vicious psychopaths must be stopped. At this point it is WAR.
    I wonder how long it will be before guys like Zucker, Zuckerberg et al just kind of start not showing up where they normally would be…you know, because they have just been disappeared by people who love freedom.
    I predict this starts within the next decade. The subversion of free societies will not be peaceful. So far it is the DeepState (Black Nobility-Jew-War Party) that has been dropping bodies.
    This will not continue to be a one sided conflict.

  128. @Bardon Kaldian

    You are either a moron or a complete and utter liar.
    The evidence of history repeatedly shows government, business, media and other players lying and conning the public. This goes back 2000 years to Nero’s attempt to blame the fires of Rome on Christians.
    How do you account for yourself: is it stupidity or deception?

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