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Why the Left Promotes the Myth of the Andalusian Paradise
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Earlier: VDARE Book Club—The Myth Of The Andalusian Paradise

The Spanish territory known as Al-Andalusia under Muslim control (711-1492) is widely touted in academe and the Main Stream Media as a paradise of multicultural tolerance. Of course this is a lie, as Dario Fernández-Morera’s book The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise: Muslims, Christians, and Jews under Islamic Rule in Medieval Spain makes devastatingly clear. Al-Andalus was simply another chapter in the vicious history of Muslim subjugation of Europeans and Christians. It’s critical for immigration patriots to stamp out this lie because it is being used to justify the replacement and eventual extinction of our own civilization. As Fernández-Morera reminds us, this has all happened before.

The myth of Andalusia has become integral to the project of The Great Replacement:

Narrative control is fundamental to nationhood. Ethnic kinship is necessary but not sufficient. Challenging the fundamentals of national identity is subversion in the deepest sense. In America today, there are diametrically-opposed visions: the traditional story of American settlement and expansion vs. the progressive vision of America as a “crime scene,” according to “our” vice president [For Kamala Harris, America Is the ‘Scene of a Crime,’ by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, February 22, 2019]. This ideological conflict is driven by demographics even as it facilitates future demographic changes, specifically mass Third World immigration.

Back in 2002, speaking of what has happened in the United States, the late Sam Francis argued:

What is happening or has happened in almost all these instances is that the common cultural and political framework that enabled racially conscious whites to deflect non-white drives for power has eroded or vanished entirely. Its erosion has come about in large part because of its deliberate subversion by its enemies (not always for racial purposes), while at the same time the emergence of explicitly non-white racial consciousness and the political unity this subversion generates has rendered appeals to traditional white values and institutions ineffective. When blacks themselves regard Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, and even Abraham Lincoln as well as all other early American icons as mere bigots, slaveholders, and white supremacists, when they dismiss the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as fraudulent documents that merely empowered racial oppression, then political dialogue and a shared political culture cease to be possible — unless whites themselves give up these icons as well, which is what seems to be happening.

[Twelve Years After, American Renaissance, December 2002]

Every nation has a core story it tells about itself, that defines itself and gives it a mission, a role, and a destiny. But as Western Civilization continues its decline, we see new Narratives emerge. New political orders define and justify themselves as the direct repudiation of what came before. We already saw this in South Africa and we see it in America today [State Conquest in South Africa Today; America Tomorrow, by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, April 5, 2019].

Spain has not been exempt, with Leftists and Muslims arguing that the Reconquista that won the country back for Christianity must be jettisoned from Spanish identity, especially because patriotic parties like Vox are now appealing to its memory. “Although these cultural rituals are thought to commemorate a strife from a by-gone past,” moans Flora Hastings in the New Internationalist, “Vox’s dogwhistle calls for a new Reconquista casts these cultural rituals in an even darker light, further entrenching the idea of Muslims as antithetical to ‘Spanishness’” [The New Spanish Islamophobia, April 26, 2019].

Any Spaniard, any European, and any Westerner must simply respond that Muslims are indeed antithetical to Spanishness. The spirit of Reconquista is needed now more than ever. Hasting’s scare quotes about the very idea of being Spanish proves it.

The traditional history of Spain is as a Catholic kingdom made up of smaller kingdoms that heroically launched the Reconquista and drove back the Muslim invaders and occupiers. From there, the conquistadors discovered, explored, and ultimately ruled much of the New World, being the first who established a permanent outpost of Western Civilization in the ruins of the savage empires they destroyed.

Not surprisingly, each pillar of this national story is being dismantled—a process that may start with the desecration of Francisco Franco’s tomb but ultimately ends with Christopher Columbus and the Reconquista itself [Why Spain Was Long In Denial About Franco–And Still Stands By Columbus, by Jon Lee Anderson, The New Yorker, November 2, 2021].

The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise shows that, from the beginning, the Muslims invaders set about destroying a “nascent civilization,” a post-Roman, Christian culture now almost forgotten by history:

Islamic historians attest to the iconoclastic zeal of early Umayyad rulers, such as Abd al-Rahman I. According to the historian al-Razi, this leader was ruthless against the ‘polytheists,’ as Christians were called: ‘He would take all the bodies which Christians honor and call saints [probably a reference to relics], and he would burn them, and he would burn their beautiful churches; and in Spain there were many and very magnificent churches, some built by the Greeks and some by the Romans. Seeing this, the Christians, when they could, would take their sacred things, and would flee to the mountains.[78]

Christian elites met Muslim invasion with various approaches, including collaboration for short-term advantages. However, ultimately the Christian culture was stamped out and conquered. Hispano-Romans and Visigoths yielded to the new “hegemonic” culture. A key part of the conquest consisted of destroying or reconsecrating sacred buildings. As Fernández-Morera notes, destroying another culture’s symbols is one of the most powerful ways to secure an occupation. (The contemporary significance of this should be obvious.)

While some Christians were offered the chance to convert, the parasitic nature of Muslim conquest discouraged it on a universal scale. After all, if Christians all converted to Islam, they wouldn’t have to pay the submission tax “off which Muslims were supposed to live indefinitely.”


The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise goes into great detail about one of the things most Western historians now tend to be quiet about: Muslim enslavement of Europeans. This could prove controversial, not because any established academics care about whites, but because the Muslims valued black slaves less:

White slaves, especially blond ones, often captured in raids of Christian lands, were the most prized. In the year 912, during the Islamic Golden Age of Umayyad Caliphate of Cordoba, the price for male black slave was 200 dirhems [coins] of silver. A black girl from Nubia went for 300 dinars of gold. A white girl without education cost 1,000 dinars of gold. A white girl with singing abilities cost 14,000 dinars.

There was some nonviolent Christian resistance to this occupation, including accepting martyrdom. However, the author Fernández-Morera notes that academics generally don’t frame this as

…understandable and courageous instances of passive, nonviolent cultural resistance by members of a disempowered and marginalized group, as academics would probably characterize similar acts by any subject group but Christians.

Instead, Christian martyrs are characterized as fanatics or “an intransigent minority.”

Jews also weren’t exempt from Muslim subjugation. While some Jewish leaders made mutually beneficial arrangements with Muslim administrators, the larger community wasn’t much safer, with Muslim conquerors occasionally so ferocious towards Jews that some defected to the Catholic kingdoms. Some Jews didn’t just settle but fought in the armies of the Christian kingdoms.

It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that the myth of Al-Andalus is being promoted today because it prepares us for our future status as dhimmis. Fernández-Morera’s makes a startling comparison that Leftists may find embarrassing:

[A] basic fact is lost in discussions and arguments about the details of the life of the Christian dhmmis of Spain, the so-called Mozarabs, and about how much or how little they benefitted from Islamic ‘toleration’–namely, that they were by definition a subaltern group, a fourth or fifth-class marginalized people in a hierarchical society, and that they were the victims of an extortion system, the dhimma, that gave them the choice that gangsters give to their victims: pay to be protected, or else. Therefore, saying that the Christians might be ‘content’ with their status in Spain, Greece, or elsewhere under medieval Islamic rule is even more preposterous than saying that American blacks might be ‘content’ with their second-class citizenship under the tolerant white hegemony in certain areas of the United States prior to the twentieth-century civil rights movement, or perhaps even with their treatment by slave owners in the American South before the War of Secession, who often ‘made them part of the family.’ In fact, as the nomenclature described by the historian Ibn Hayyan of Cordoba indicated, Christians were at the bottom of a stratified Islamic world, where Arabs occupied the top, followed by Berbers, then by freed Muslim white slaves, and finally by muladis (converts), who were further divided into first-generation converts and the rest.

There is a curious spirit of self-exaltation and self-hatred among white Leftists that is best termed a pathology. To such people, submission might be preferable to suffering the burden of white guilt. They may also secretly (or not so secretly) yearn to wield power over other members of their community, especially if a member of a racial/religious outgroup is ultimately in charge.

The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise isn’t just an enlightening read. It’s a question and challenge to Americans and those of the West around the world. Will we become a “people of submission” like those who lived under the Muslim yoke in Al-Andalus? Or will recapture the spirit of Reconquista?

Whether or not we have a future depends on the answer.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him | Tweet him @VDAREJamesK] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc. His latest book is Conservatism Inc.: The Battle for the American Right. Read Editor Peter Brimelow‘s Preface here.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. White slaves, especially blond ones, often captured in raids of Christian lands, were the most prized. In the year 912, during the Islamic Golden Age of Umayyad Caliphate of Cordoba, the price for male black slave was 200 dirhems [coins] of silver. A black girl from Nubia went for 300 dinars of gold. A white girl without education cost 1,000 dinars of gold. A white girl with singing abilities cost 14,000 dinars.

    Give them credit for one thing: they obviously knew quality when they saw it.

  2. Anon[195] • Disclaimer says:

    Jews opened the gates of Toledo.

  3. Maria Rosa Menocal, Myriam….Bethsabee….Gabriela….Flora…..

    It always amuses me that so many of these promoters of La Convivencia are women. They would not like living in an Islamic society and would try to leave if they did. No doubt many would still continue to promote the myth of Islamic tolerance even after leaving.

    Pathological altruism is often posited as the root cause of most of the problems of White societies. Unsurprisingly, this is much more pronounced in women. It reminds me of those leftist White American women who got involved in defending Black extremists in the 1960s. They were often beaten, sexually assaulted and raped, but of course said nothing. The fable of Black victimhood had to be maintained. The brainwashed woman keeps quiet even as she is raped.

    Maria…Myriam… Bethsabee etc. I suspect most of them would keep quiet if they were assaulted by some Muslim man. If they did speak they would say it was caused by a mentally ill had nothing to do with the sort of society he came from..nothing.
    These women are already dhimmis.

  4. I would caution against the ahistoric transplantation of our ideas of
    “identity” to these times; the Visigoths (whom the Moros regarded as
    somewhat unwashed but very strong) had no particular issue with their
    neighbors worshipping carpets for as long as they were Arians.
    It was only under Alfonso I “the Catholic” of Asturias (739 – 757) and his son
    Fruela “the Cruel” that the reconquistà took off (and to the end the Moros
    referred to the reconquistadores as the “Beni Alfonso”).
    Don Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar, before he got sainted and played by Charlton Heston,
    had no qualms about massacring Christians for the Emirs of Saragossa either when
    times were lean (“El Cid”= al-Sayyid, roughly “the Venerable”).
    That was under Alfonso VI, or halfway through the “reconquista”.

    Neither Christians nor Muslims are the same they used to be;
    only the Jews, it seems, have remained the same 😛

  5. anon[338] • Disclaimer says:

    Euroepans Christians have subujugated the world since 1492. Rome subjugated the wrold before its fate was sealed by Perisa and by Germanic tribe . Russia has encroached destroyed and subjugated for centuries the Stan region and Caucasus.

    Now the turn if the Europe to be subjugated by Asian forces belonging to differnt faiths. Hope this time Asian forces make sure ,Europe is sent back to the 14 th century and Hungary Poland Lithuania are taught how to respect non -Christian faiths .
    Sword, gun boat ,F-16 or nuclear threat – choose your means .

  6. Al-Andalus was simply another chapter in the vicious history of Muslim subjugation of Europeans and Christians.

    Jews had it good under the Muslims. Jews collaborated with Muslims in the subjugation of Spanish. West is now Judeo-centric, and what’s good for Jews is ‘good’. So, it’s not really about Muslims but about Jews. If Muslims had treated Jews terribly, there would no talk of Andalusian paradise, believe me. The thing is the Christian Spanish who reconquered their lands were harsh on the Jews. That is why Jews and their minion goyim romanticize the Muslim Era.

    As for Christianity, isn’t it a Semitic religion that came to subjugate the pagan West. One saving grace is Europe remained European with Christianity. The creed conquered the European breed but the breed remained intact. In contrast, the Moorish invasion meant Europeans living under North Africans. It was a racial as well as religious thing.

    • Agree: nokangaroos
  7. El Cid fought for Muslims until somebody paid him better.

    This article is a stupid argument.

    Although, of course, it is lame for either side to throw up some arcane, complex, inapplicable, false-analogy historical reference to justify current mores.

  8. The Arabs brought a number of important things with them: mathematics, astronomy, medicine, philosophy. They influenced the Spanish architecture. Spanish guitar and Flamenco were the Arab influence in Spanish music.

    So in plain words, without the Arabs we would not have the beautiful Spanish culture as we now know it.

  9. SIMP simp says:

    The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise has been promoted since before WW2. What they always left out is that by the Late Middle Ages the muslim states in Iberia were strictly monolingual in arabic and 100% muslim while both Castile and Aragon had plenty of jews and muslims. So much for muslim tolerance.
    On the other hand, it was muslim workers who built for Pedro the Cruel, a protector of jews, the Alcazar of Seville which is more beautiful than the Alhambra in Granada.

  10. Dante was right: Islam is a pernicious heresy that has ravaged much of what was traditionally the center of the intellectual world.

  11. @Here Be Dragon

    The Arabs brought a number of important things with them: mathematics, astronomy, medicine, philosophy.

    Which is, in its entirety, derived from Romans, Greeks, pre-islamic Mesopotamia and Persia. By the 5th century, Spain already had been under Roman leadership for five centuries and had been influenced by the Greeks for nearly a millennium. Whatever influence pre-islamic Mesopotamia had on Arabia, it also had on Greeks which in turn would have affected Spain.

    I don’t mention this in order to minimize the influence Arabs might have had on Spain. It mainly serves to illustrate the following point that Arabia innovated comparatively little and that, if Arabia didn’t transmit the knowledge to Spain, the Byzantine and Carolignian empire would have transmitted it anyway.

    So in plain words, without the Arabs we would not have the beautiful Spanish culture as we now know it.

    I don’t know how Spain would have turned out if it wasn’t for the Moorish invasion. Both the Spanish and Portuguese language clearly show that they must have originated in mountainous, chilly and isolated areas. In the case of Spanish, it’s obvious that it must have had extensive contact with the Basque language. The Catalan language, despite being spoken in Spain, originated in Southern France.

    This is all indicative of the fact that the Roman population that once inhabited the entirety of the Iberian peninsula was forcibly driven off the land and could only survive in mountainous areas along the northern coast where they were able to fight off the Arabs. In short, the Moorish invasion must have been brutal enough to cause a mass exodus that turned Central and Southern Spain fully Arabic by the start of the 10th century. Here, the linguistic data clearly shows that there never was a peaceful co-existence of Arabs and Spaniards. If this was the case, the Portuguese and Spanish language wouldn’t have turned out the way they did.

    They influenced the Spanish architecture. Spanish guitar and Flamenco were the Arab influence in Spanish music.

    Many of the Spanish traditions that people often think is derived from Arabia are actually practices that were shared with Southern France and Italy, but for some reason survived in Spain whereas they were abandoned by the Italians and Occitans. People also forget that the various Christian-Iberian states and nations, just think of Aragon, Castilla etc., were not in any meaningful way independent but are best described as not fully-incorporated extensions of the Carolignian empire that later turned into client states of France. It can be argued that modern-day Spain only became a de facto independent kingdom by the 13th century.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  12. @That one comment

    Yes they were standing on the shoulders of giants – their discoveries were derived from the earlier work of the Romans, Greeks, Mesopotamia and Persia. And if you haven’t heard, also India. The Arabic numerals we are using are Hindu-Arabic numerals.

    They re-discovered the classic philosophy of the Greeks that had been long forgotten in Europe. They were practicing eye surgery when the Europeans would resort to blood-letting, they developed mathematics and introduced the concept of zero and decimal fractions.

    Yes in most cases they were building on existing foundation, but were doing it successfully and without them Europe would not have had access to the vast well of knowledge learned from the Hindus. Like the Fibonacci numbers – despite the name they were not discovered by Fibonacci. Let us not belittle their contribution.

    You seem to forget that Europe had been stagnating for centuries, before coming into contact with the Arabs.

    The Dark Age.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  13. @Here Be Dragon

    Your contention about manuscripts is a fallacy.

    Manuscripts involve hand copying of older texts. These older texts were subject to loss by wear and tear, accident, war and being misplaced inter alia. So there is always going to be far more of the more recent manuscripts than of the older ones. The attrition rate for early manuscripts is very high. Many works from Classical Antiquity are only known from late mediaeval copies, for example.

    Also, by the mid 15th Century the movable-type printing press had been devised. Production of printed books obviously rocketed, but, bizarrely, so did the production of manuscripts. It seems that their production was now regarded as a spiritual or intellectual exercise, rather than a practical necessity. This phase didn’t last long and manuscript production quickly collapsed and ended in the early 16th Century.

  14. Pixo says:

    Excellent article sir, thank you. 🎖👍

  15. @Here Be Dragon

    I wonder how the Renaissance ever happened without Muslims? Must’ve been a miracle.

  16. @Catdompanj

    The Renaissance was occurring even before Gutennberg’s movable-type printing press. Obviously, the latter greatly aided it. But woodblock printing already existed and even if it were the only form of printing available, the Renaissance would have been slower and less extensive but would have still continued.

    By contrast, the Islamic world was in a state of great decadence, apart from the military achievements of the Ottoman Empire.

    A few specimen of wood block printing, possibly called tarsh in Arabic,[27] have been excavated from a 10th-century context in Arabic Egypt. They were mostly used for prayers and amulets. The technique may have spread from China or been an independent invention,[28] but had very little impact and virtually disappeared at the end of the 14th century.

  17. @Catdompanj

    What makes you think it happened without Muslims?

    The Renaissance was preceded with Crusades, and it was the contact with a more then developed culture that triggered the process. The Arab culture was a lot more advanced at the time.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  18. Dr. Doom says:

    The Zion Pigs do not see the Arabs as a threat to their delusions.
    Only Western Civilization can crush these Satanic Rats.
    That’s why they want to replace you.

    Their stupid delusions of grandeur are DESTROYING THE WORLD.
    The Zion Pigs must be CRUSHED AND DESTROYED.
    Eliminationism can be a strategy to eliminate the Rats.

    Only the Total Destruction of the Zion Pigs will end the threat.
    All Life on Earth is threatened by their Greed and Stupidity.
    Only their Total Elimination will End this Threat.

  19. @Here Be Dragon

    The major innovation Friedrich II (Hohenstaufen, not the Great) brought
    back from the crusades was the Muslim system of administration
    -> European high feudalism.
    The Renaissance was preceded by the Black Death, resulting in
    “fewer but better Russians” able to share more wealth around and extort
    more concessions from the landlords in a tight labor market, in turn
    leading to the merchant class gradually taking the real power.

    • Replies: @Malla
  20. Malla says:

    To convince native Europeans that the coming Eurabia Caliphate will be a good place, close to Utopia. To Psychologically tenderize the population before physical move and takeover. Basically the Left hates Traditional Western civilization, simple as that. Add to that the fact that the Jews, backstabed the native population of Vishigothic Iberia and “opened the gates”, nay even conspired with the moors across the sea to come and takeover and convince the native King to behave like a “stupid hippy singing songs of love and peace”. Add to that the fact that many whites of Christian heritage have this wierd love to self criticize and put other civilizations on a pedestal. Some kind of love for self flagellation or desire to seem more “morally superior”. But all this self flagellation does not reduce the irrational hatred most non Whites have for Whites, even by 1 %.

    Myth of the Andalusian Paradise
    Scholars, journalists, and politicians uphold Muslim-ruled medieval Spain—“al-Andalus”—as a multicultural paradise, a place where Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived in harmony. There is only one problem with this widely accepted account: it is a complete myth. In this episode we review a book called The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise by Darío Fernández-Morera.

    Dr Janosik used as his basis for the talk the new book which has just been published this year, entitled ‘The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise’, by Dario Fernandez-Morera.
    Fernandez-Morera looks back at the Islamic period in Spanish history, and, using historical source material, disputes the modern Muslim (and Western) narrative that Andalusia was a paradise while under Islamic control.

  21. Malla says:

    Actually pre-Andalusia, Vishigothic Spain was paradise.

    Visigothic Brilliance: Pre-Islamic Spain’s Thriving Intellectual Life

    I quoted several passages from Joseph O’Callaghan in this video, one of the foremost experts on medieval Spain in the scholarly world. Here are a couple of those quotes:

    “The first Muslims to enter Spain, however, were rude barbarians from the deserts of Arabia and the mountains of Morocco whose contact with Greco-Roman civilization was still minimal. During the first century and a half of their domination in al-Andalus, civil wars and rebellions, the illiteracy of the masses, and the stringent thought-control of the Malachite jurists did not provide a suitable environment for the flowering of literature and learning.”
    -Joseph F. O’Callaghan, A History of Medieval Spain. Cornell University, 1975. p. 158.

    “Within twenty years of Julian’s death the Muslim conquest destroyed the Visigothic kingdom and interrupted the scholarly tradition to which St Isidore had given such impetus. In the long, bleak centuries ahead, however, the Christian people still drew inspiration from that group of scholars whose work had enlightened the Visigothic age.”
    -Joseph F. O’Callaghan – A History of Medieval Spain. Cornell University, 1975. p. 88.

  22. Malla says:

    By the 12th century, Europe as a civilization was already equal to all the other civilization spaces in the rest of Eurasia and Meso America. The so called “dark ages” happened from the 4th to 8th century. The Myth of backward Europe was a myth which was propagandized during the enlightenment.
    By the 15th century, Europe was more or less far ahead for the rest of the World in civilian and military technology.

    Was Medieval Western Europe “Not Advanced”?

    Both Medieval Europe and Middle East had advantages and disadvantages in technology with respect to each other. Europeans were more advanced in Castle technology and navy. Europe was also on its way for a mini Industrial Revolution back at the start of the millennium.

  23. Malla says:

    Medieval Machine: The Industrial Revolution of the Middle Ages by Jean Gimpel

    The common, simplistic view of the Middle Ages as religion-centered and materially backward is challenged by Jean Gimpel in this milestone study, originally published in 1976. The Medieval Machine tells how, between the years 900 and 1300, Europeans created their first industrial revolution, which set Western civilization on the road to global dominance. Gimpel describes the main features of this early machine age: the pervasive use of waterpower (the oil of the medieval era); the agricultural innovations that energized the population through better nourishment; the spread of mining along with mechanized iron mills; and the appearance of modern industrial problems such as labour unrest and pollution. This is a story of technology triumphant: architect-engineers were adulated; there were tallest-building contests like those of the twentieth century. The climax comes with the invention of the key modern device-the mechanical clock.
    The Bright Ages: A New History of Medieval Europe by Matthew Gabriele (Author), David M. Perry

    David Landes, Prof of History and Economics in his book, Wealth and Poverty of Nations
    “Europe of the Middle Ages -one of the most inventive societies that history had known. Some may be surprised: for a long time one saw these centuries as a dark interlude between the grandeur of Rome and the brilliance of the Renaissance. That cliché no longer holds in matters technological.”

    Prof Joseph R Strayer in his paper, Medieval Religion and Technology writes
    “…the extraordinary range of medieval technological innovations. All classes were affected by these changes – better ploughs for the peasants, better weapons for the fighting men, better machinery for textile workers, better ships and sail patters for merchants and seamen, spectacles for elderly scholars, paper for notaries, clocks for astrologers and perhaps for churchmen more power (wind and water mills) for everyone.”

    Medieval Europe already had a standard of living by 1200 A.D. about 90 percent of Song Dynasty China, was already an equal to all the other civilizations of Eurasia/ Meso America by the 12th Century, was ahead of the world (including Islamic civilization) by then in castle and naval technology, even the Mongol Imperial forces found the maze of Western European Castles too formidable to expand further. Medieval Europe had loads of innovations and inventions during the Middle ages including the mechanical clock (ones in Switzerland impressed a Ottoman gentleman traveler Evleya Celibi, who called it “White magic”) etc…. This was already leading to higher economic productivity in Europe in the Middle Ages itself, from the 12th century A.D.

  24. Malla says:

    This is brilliant and a must watch.

    How European architectural techniques was racing ahead of the rest of the World during the Medieval period and was much superior in the end.

    What is Architecture and how does Indian Architecture measure up?

    A different video which discusses Military Architecture

    Remember, in the video in post 22, it is mentioned that the Crusaders had superior castle technology than the Muslims. Well this second video, discusses the brilliance of European castle technology through the ages. Not only castle technology but also European advancement in canon technology. Indeed by the time the Europeans came to India (Portuguese, Dutch, French, British), the Indian powers (Hindus & Muslims and others) were already sitting ducks and technologically behind by about 4 centuries.
    Highly recommended videos. Check out the star fortresses, Europeans innovated to defeat canons.
    Also Crusader castles, nearly impossible to defeat by Islamic forces. The Islamic armies had no clue how to take them. The Muslims had to use subterfuge and cunning and lies to take them.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @nokangaroos
  25. Malla says:

    Remember, in the video in post 22, it is mentioned that the Crusaders had superior castle technology than the Muslims. Well this second video, discusses the brilliance of European castle technology through the ages.

    Talking of castles, and superiority of Europeans in Castle technology, check this out

    This Italian history war buff, Raffaello Urbani sez at 20:50 to 23:30 minutes that the Mongols would have completely failed in Western Europe because of Castles (had they not gone back after the death of the Great Khan) and that that by the late 15th century, Europe had gone way ahead of the rest of the world in warfare technology.
    He says, even if Ogedei Khan had not died and the Mongols invading Europe had not gone back for the election of the next great Khan, they would have still found conquering Western Europe much more difficult to nearly impossible. Indeed it is historical facts that even before the death of the Great Khan, the moment the Mongols start seeing the more advanced fortified stone masonry castles of Western Europe, they just stop. They stop invading. In those days, Eastern Europe and Hungary had less castes but Germany, France, Italy etc… had loads of castles. The Mongols may have been unbeatable in field warfare, they would not have been able to cope with siege warfare on a land with such large numbers of castles. Indeed the Mongols knew the (at that period of time in history) the more powerful powers in Europe was in the West of Europe and it would have taken a lot of time and rearrangement of the Mongol army to attain their dream of an Empire till the Atlantic.
    So even if the Mongols had access to Chinese and Persian Engineers, even if the Mongols had defeated fortifications in China, Korea, Persia, Arabia etc..with ease, they would have found dealing with the castle ridden landscape of Western Europe in countries such as Germany, France, Italian area, England etc… impossible.

  26. Malla says:

    “The Muslim community bewails the injustice of the landlord of their own faith, and applauds the conduct of the opponent and enemy, the Frankish landlord and is accustomed to justice from him.”
    Ibn Jubayr (1145 to 1217 AD) who traveled to the Crusader Kingdom.

    So this phenomenon of European rulers being superior in administration and being more just, compared to native rulers is much older than European colonial Empires themselves !!! Where (later colonial Empires) in general, we see the same case. Was the same at the beginning of the last millennium!
    For example, during British India, if there was a conflict in right of ruler-ship in a district in between a Princely State (run by native princes) and the Raj, run by British Imperial officers & Lords, as a rule, the native population always overwhelmingly wanted to join the Raj proper and be under the superior and just, administration of British officers.

  27. Alrenous says: • Website

    It’s critical for immigration patriots to stamp out this lie because it is being used to justify the replacement and eventual extinction of our own civilization.


    “Hey, I need you to leave my house. You’re no longer welcome here.”

    “No no wait I have a good reason to stay – ”

    “Oh well, I thought it was my house, but I guess I was wrong!”

    By arguing about it you admit there could be a valid argument. You already surrendered.

    Narrative control is fundamental to nationhood.

    So you’re fine with a “narrative” overriding property rights, you just want it to be your narrative instead of theirs.

    So do you live by the sword, or do you dance with the devil?

  28. @Malla

    One teensy point … “Crac des Chevaliers“, so beloved by American
    Christian Zionists, was actually built by Salah ud-Din (recte “Hisn al-Akrad”
    lit: the “Fortress of the Kurds”).
    Not that it matters, as both sides used the same (European) engineers 😉

    • Thanks: Malla
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Commenting Disabled While in Translation Mode
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The Shaping Event of Our Modern World
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