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Why Shouldn’t the Boston Marathon Bomber Vote? U.S. Politicians Radicalized Him
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Last month, 2020 U.S. presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders stirred controversy at a CNN town hall after answering a loaded question about whether his position on extending voting rights to incarcerated felons barred any exceptions such as the Boston Marathon bomber currently on death row. It was impossible for Sanders to respond honestly without being entrapped by the inclusion of Dzhokar Tsarnaev as an example, but the self-professed ‘democratic socialist’ gave a reflective explanation of the complexities of the issue behind his reasoning. The 77-year old Senator from Vermont’s thoughtful answer possibly avoided a campaign fate like that which befell 1988 Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis after he gave a widely perceived clinical reply in the presidential debates to whether he favored the death penalty for a hypothetical rapist and murderer of his own wife. Nevertheless, enough damage was done for a brief media firestorm to ensue following the televised event.

The backlash was entirely predictable across mainstream media, as were the reactions on both sides of the isle exemplifying the all too familiar shallow discourse of U.S. politics. Fox News and Donald Trump did the expected flag-waving, while Democratic Party ‘progressives’ tried to salvage the legitimate issue of voter suppression distorted by the question in what was another coordinated hit by CNN. The network previously exploited its conflicts of interest with the political establishment by colluding with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) against Sanders in 2016 with then-host and party chair Donna Brazile’s slipping of debate questions to his primary opponent, Hillary Clinton. While the Democratic status quo continues to sabotage any remotely progressive candidates in its field, Trump has created a distraction from the GOP’s systematic disenfranchisement campaign that purged ballots of racial minorities and the poor with wild exaggerations of the number of illegal immigrants registered to vote. It is hardly surprising that the world superpower with more than 800 military bases around the globe would also have such a large prison population that enfranchising its inhabitants would swing the outcome of its elections. Meanwhile, the bankrupt Democratic leadership has shown little concern for the voter suppression attacks compared to its ongoing obsession with bogus allegations of Russian meddling.

Sanders’ opponents gave rebuttals including South Bend, Indiana “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg who staunchly opposed such a measure. Buttigieg, who has risen in recent polls, is a former naval intelligence officer and in addition to opposing enfranchising all Americans has even spoken out against former President Barack Obama’s granting of clemency to army intelligence whistleblower Chelsea Manning. Buttigieg is the latest example in what has been an extraordinary amount of ex-military and intelligence operatives from the CIA, Pentagon, National Security Council and U.S. State Department to run for public office as Democratic entrants in the past year, including 11 who were victorious in the 2018 mid-term elections. In fact, the recent inundation of intelligence personnel into positions of government during the Trump era as a whole is without parallel. Buttigieg is joined in the race by Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton, a House Armed Services Committee member and affiliate of the Serve America Political Action Committee , an organization which channels corporate donations to political candidates with previous experience in the intelligence community, military branches or D.C. foreign policy blob. This trend illustrates the party’s overall hawkish turn to the right where the military-security complex has taken advantage of the anti-Russia hysteria by implanting a batch of veterans of the U.S. war industry into refashioning the Democratic Party to its liking. Not to say Obama didn’t already expand Bush policies, but the latest ‘blue wave’ has fully congealed the party structure with the intelligence apparatus.

It’s no surprise that Sanders center-right rivals with military-intelligence backgrounds would contradict his position on granting political suffrage to all citizens, including the 25-year old Kyrgyzstani-American convicted terrorist of Chechen descent awaiting execution at ADX Florence in Colorado. Completely missing from the subsequent conversation, however, is that the surviving Boston Marathon bomber was radicalized as a result of the military-security complex and its vaguely defined but never-ending ‘War on Terror’ that every candidate, including Sanders himself, supports. More disturbing is that Dzokhar Tsarnaev’s alleged path to extremism under the wing of older brother Tamerlan was not simply in purported retaliation to U.S. wars but was possibly more direct. The Chechen brothers may have become Oswald-like patsies in a FBI and CIA-coordinated sting operation gone wrong as a close look at the evidence surrounding the April 2013 bombings which killed 3 people and injured hundreds of others suggests a high probability the attack was facilitated by the U.S. domestic intelligence services who entrapped the Tsarnaevs for recruitment as assets or informants. They were then likely coaxed into committing a crime they never otherwise would have, if they even committed it at all.

No real understanding of the ‘War on Terror’ can be grasped without first revisiting the history of U.S. foreign policy which precipitated the present crisis the world is in today. A path can be traced from current domestic terrorism back to the catastrophic U.S. foreign policy move during the Carter administration under his National Security Adviser, the vehemently Russophobic Warsaw-native Zbigniew Brzezinski, who directed the Pentagon to provide covert support for the Afghan Mujahedin as part of the CIA’s Operation Cyclone program. This decision was made while the spy agency was still reeling from its discredited reputation after the Church-Pike Committees and Rockefeller Commission exposed its numerous abuses and illicit activities in the decades prior. Thereafter, the use of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) became the CIA’s modus operandi to serve as go-betweens shielding its activities using think factories like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and other innocuously named “soft power” organizations to achieve its foreign objectives.

Zbigniew Brzezinski addresses the Mujahideen in 1979: “Your cause is right and God is on your side!” From the CNN/BBC documentary Cold War, episode 20: Soldiers of God.

Support for the mujaheddin proxy army forced the Marxist Afghan government into requesting military assistance from the USSR, which was then framed by the West as a Soviet “invasion.” The U.S. backing of the jihadists was a deliberate effort to siphon Soviet involvement into a Vietnam-esque quagmire at Brzezinski’s own callous admittance. Continuing through the 1980s under the Reagan Doctrine, the CIA followed his blueprint providing arms and funds to the Afghan Islamist insurgency waging a guerrilla campaign against the socialist People’s Democratic Republic of Afghanistan in coordination with the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency and Saudi Arabia. As a consequence, U.S. money and weapons ended up in the hands of militants who would later form the nucleus of Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

After the Berlin wall fell, the Anglosphere continued its support of jihadists to facilitate the breakup of the former Yugoslavia during the 1990s where U.S. subsidies went to Al-Qaeda elements in the Bosnian mujaheddin and the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in their war against Serbia, the Balkan nation with the closest cultural and economic ties to Moscow. Meanwhile, the former Soviet states and Eastern bloc were granted their ‘independence’ with the stumbling block of IMF lending enslavement. However, one area remained a federal subject within the new Russian Federation to the dissatisfaction of Brzezinski and his elite cohorts who coveted a total dismemberment of Eurasia following the reestablishment of free enterprise in Eastern Europe. The Chechen Republic with Western encouragement sought its independence from Russia resulting in a decade of violence and two wars while its close proximity of less than 70 miles from the oil-rich Caspian Sea made it a target for destabilization.

Brezinski had previously formed the Nationalities Working Group (NWG) which had been devoted to undermining the Soviet Union by whipping up ethnic divisions, particularly the many different non-Russian Muslim groups of the Caucausus. Meanwhile, the wellspring of the puritanical Wahhabist strain of Islam, Saudi Arabia, had spread its ultraconservative ideology from the Middle East to Russia’s predominantly Muslim southern border region. Tasked with fomenting secessionist terrorism and instability in the area once the Iron Curtain dissolved was the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya NGO, founded by the neocon cabal Freedom House, as well as The Jamestown Foundation, a Eurasia-centered think tank established during the Cold War by former CIA director William Casey, a man who once famously stated “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

Those able to see through the war propaganda in Syria today have been horrified by the West’s rebranding of salafist groups in the Levant as ‘moderate rebels.’ Yet, that is exactly how the same media marketed Islamist terrorists in the Chechen Wars who committed countless deadly attacks including the barbaric seizure of hundreds of innocent schoolchildren, hospital patients and theatre goers as hostages throughout Russia. In a 2009 WikiLeaks cable, Deputy Secretary of Russia’s Security Council Vladimir Nazarov confronted the U.S. Director for Russian and Eurasian Affairs on the National Security Council, William Solomon, about the ties between Western NGOs and Chechen “rebels”:

“Nazarov complained about U.S. NGOs that ostensibly foster separatist and extremist sentiments in the region and noted that for leaders in the region foreign interference is a sore subject. Nazarov claimed there are documented connections between terrorists in the North Caucasus and groups in Afghanistan and Iraq. Moreover, he claimed Russia has evidence that one of the participants in the 2004 Beslan school massacre met with individuals in London (Nazarov appeared to be pointing to a connection with British special services, but could have also been alluding to Chechen leader in exile Zakayev). Because of this, Nazarov said, the Russian government did not believe the UK government is serious about counter-terrorism cooperation.”

In 1977, when Brzezinski was in the Carter White House, the CIA Station Chief in Kabul was an operations officer named Graham Fuller. Under Ronald Reagan, Fuller was promoted to vice-chair of the National Intelligence Council and became infamous for penning the study that influenced the administration’s decision to use a covert route selling arms to Tehran to fund another group of anti-communist “freedom fighters” in Nicaragua which culminated in the Iran-Contra scandal. Pushed into abrupt retirement amid the fallout, Fuller became a political scientist for foreign policy think tanks such as the RAND Corporation in the vein of Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger and Samuel P. Huntington, who even cited Fuller’s work in his highly influential The Clash of Civilizations. Fuller’s orientalist writings mostly focused on geopolitical questions in relation to the Muslim world, and his activities are so extensive he is currently facing an arrest warrant in Turkey for his links to the Islamic cleric Fetullah Gülen whom the Erdogan government believes directed the 2016 coup attempt that has strained relations between Washington and Ankara. In 1999 Fuller wrote of how Islam was useful for Western regime change aspirations.

“In the West the words Islamic fundamentalism conjure up images of bearded men with turbans and women covered in black shrouds. And some Islamist movements do indeed contain reactionary and violent elements. But we should not let stereotypes blind us to the fact that there are also powerful modernising forces at work within these movements. Political Islam is about change. In this sense, modern. Islamist movements may be the main vehicle for bringing about change in the Muslim world and the break-up of the old “dinosaur” regimes.”

It just so happens that Ruslan Tsarni, one of the uncles of the Tsarnaev brothers, was married to Fuller’s daughter Samantha in the 1990s while he was an employee for the CIA-contracted RAND Corporation. In the aftermath of the bombing in Boston in 2013, interviews with ‘Uncle Ruslan’ by the media were widely circulated where he gave an overdone performance condemning his two nephews while verifying everything in the FBI’s portrayal of them. Are we really supposed to believe this connection is by chance? The media gave virtually no attention to the fact that Tsarni not only worked as a consultant for CIA-fronts like RAND and USAID and as a contractor for Halliburton but even established an entity called the Congress of Chechen International Organizations which supplied Islamic separatist militants in the Caucasus while using his father in-law Fuller’s home address in Maryland as its registered place of residence.

Tsarni’s feigned denunciation of his nephews could not have contrasted more with the wholehearted and impassioned pleas by the mother of the two suspects, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, who insisted that her two sons were set-up by the FBI and alleged that the family had contact with agents long before the bombing took place. The FBI was forced to admit they had indeed investigated Tamerlan Tsarnaev two years prior after being warned by the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia that he was a follower of radical Islam, but this didn’t prevent the Islamophobic legacy media from smearing the grieving mother as a crazed anti-American. The yellow press downplayed the significance of the 2011 tip from the FSB likely because it came after the older Chechen brother had attended workshops in Tblisi, Georgia while traveling abroad that were operated by an organization called the Caucasus Fund of Georgia. According to documents obtained by the Moscow-based Isvestia newspaper from Georgian counter-intelligence, the Caucasus Fund was financed by none other than the Jamestown Foundation. Graham Fuller himself has given keynote speeches at Jamestown events and corporate media could only have purposefully avoided piecing together the glaring ‘coincidences’ surrounding the Tsarnaev brothers and their uncle.

The FBI’s previous contact with Tamerlan Tsarnaev and their inability to prevent the April 2013 attack, as has been the case with so many others like it, increases the likelihood that the brothers could very well have been part of a undercover operation gone awry like their mother believes. Leaving aside the extremely suspicious death of Ibragim Todashev, Tamerlan’s friend, at the hands of agents where he had allegedly confessed in an interview to an earlier triple homicide that implicated his deceased companion, FBI records indicate that the domestic security service has proliferated its use of sting operations in recent years as part of its counterterrorism program. Nearly three quarters of all suspects apprehended in foiled plots who professed allegiance to ISIS have been through undercover deception, raising significant ethical questions about the agency’s practices. The New York Times reported in 2016:

“The F.B.I. has significantly increased its use of stings in terrorism cases, employing agents and informants to pose as jihadists, bomb makers, gun dealers or online “friends” in hundreds of investigations into Americans suspected of supporting the Islamic State, records and interviews show.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano explains how the FBI has instigated, supplied, and controlled 17 of 20 terror plots over the last decade or so, and then take credit for preventing an attack. He goes on to explain how the remaining 3 were foiled by vigilant citizens.

If nearly two out of every three terror plots is being engineered with the ensnaring of vulnerable individuals whom the FBI believes have sympathies toward extremism, how many would not have attempted such acts had the operations not taken place? It is clear that the War on Terror has a business model and in order to meet its quotas, terrorist attacks that would otherwise happen randomly and infrequently are being manufactured on an industrial scale. If ISIS poses such a serious threat to homeland security, why are such orchestrations by the FBI necessary? Like Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the Afghan-born suspect in the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting, Omar Mateen, had been surveilled by the FBI for a full year prior to the 2016 Florida massacre in a sting operation, while his father had been a longtime confidential informant. One can’t help but wonder how many of these tragedies are such cases of entrapment with deadly outcomes or if it would explain the increasingly routine nature of domestic terrorism in the U.S.

Samuel Huntington argued in The Clash of Civilizations that in the post-Soviet sphere, Islam would emerge as the primary foe of Western hegemony. It is worth noting that Huntington did not include the Christian Orthodox nations of Serbia, Russia, Belarus or Armenia as part of the West in his nine “core civilizations” but rather as “torn countries” divided between their civilizational heritage and close ties with Asia. His false paradigm became a conceptual justification for the U.S. empire’s unilateral dominion where an amorphous ‘war on Islamic terrorism’ replaced the absence of another superpower or viable threat after the end of the Cold War. That was until the return to the international stage of a competent Moscow and Beijing in today’s multipolar world where the machinations of Brzezinski and his apprentices like Fuller are still useful on the global chessboard in stoking the flames of religious fundamentalism to undercut the East.

It is significant that Brzezinski never considered himself a neocon and saw the post-9/11 management of empire by the Bush administration in the Middle East as the U.S. falling into the same trap he had laid for the Soviets in Afghanistan, despite the Wolfowitz Doctrine being an obvious inevitable outgrowth of the chain of events he set in motion. As for his colleague Huntington, the recent attacks in Sri Lanka and New Zealand against Christians and Muslims alike show the far reach of consequences from his prophesy of civilizational conflict. Like Brzezinski, the neocons carried out Huntington’s international relations thesis into what the author saw as a mutation of his vision. Indeed, 9/11 has been used to murder and displace millions of Muslims in seven nations, none of which ever attacked the U.S. Nevertheless, both Atlanticist manipulators gave birth to a cycle with blowback like the Boston Marathon bombing that will only be repeated if the lessons of our hidden history remain unlearned.

Max Parry is an independent journalist and geopolitical analyst. His work has appeared in Counterpunch, Global Research, Dissident Voice, Greanville Post, OffGuardian, and more. Max may be reached at [email protected]

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  1. Anon[247] • Disclaimer says:

    Apparently, you are childish enough to believe that votes count.

    • Replies: @Moi
  2. The reason he should not vote is quite simple.

    He is highly unlikely to vote (if he votes at all) in a manner which accords with the interests of actual, real Americans.

    As Turkish supremo Erdogan reminded us, democracy is a means to an end, not an end of itself.

    Any contrary idea, that it is some sort of universal “right”, is deranged religious fanaticism.

    The only reason to extend the right to vote to an undesirable element of the population is if that population can credibly threaten society with unacceptable levels of violence or socioeconomic disruption. Male workers during the second industrial revolution for instance. The price paid (social democracy, pro-union legislation, gibs, etc.) was likely cheaper than the alternative.

    Incarcerated felons cannot do so by definition, and thus there is no reason of any kind to permit them to vote.

    The ill-starred record of American security services is indeed troubling, but not a reason to give a non-American enemy of Americans the right to vote.

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @Lo
    , @Alden
  3. You describe suspected subornation of the Tsarnaev brothers, but lable the subornation as entrapment. Why?

    Entrapment is the use of unethical means, especially violation of privacy and assumption of innocence, in the course of an investigation; a defence of entrapment is an acknowledgement of the actus reus and associated mens rea, defending on the technicality that the investigation itself was criminal.

    Subornation is the crime of getting someone else to commit a crime. Subornation is not entrapment, and is not a defence. As it is not a defence, I can understand when defendants would be loathe to point it out, although I do not understand why defendants who are charged (with judicial collusion) after the authorities attempt (but fail) to suborn them, do not point out the attempted subornation, except by wrongly calling it entrapment. I also do not understand why third parties, such as yourself, elect to conflate entrapment with subornation.

    Subornation to perjury is an integral feature of NATO and allied legal systems, especially in the aftermath of the fraudulent ad hoc tribunals (ICTRY et alia), in which the CIA (as pointed out especially by *prosecution* investigators, e.g. in the matter of HRC’s fraudulent prosecution of Jean Paul Akayesu for rape) made subornation to perjury a normative practice.

    Also, in your previous article, you never did respond in regards the CNT.

    In anticipation

  4. Anonymous [AKA "Host"] says:

    2019, there is no such thing as terrorists. The Boston happening was staged. Intelligence is always just around the corner. Ridiculous details, like the writings on the boat, the man hunt. And by the way, voting dos not count anyway.

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
  5. eah says:

    U.S. Politicians Radicalized Him

    What exactly is the evidence Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was “radicalized”? — interesting fact: the word “motive” is not found on the ‘Trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’ Wikipedia page — that’s weird, right? — what evidence of motive or ‘radicalization’ was presented during the trial? — answer: a note he allegedly scrawled on an inside fiberglass wall of a boat where he was hiding, wounded and bleeding — using a marker that works on fiberglass, one he just happened to have with him.

    Sorry, but that whole story is just not credible — extreme unthinking deference to authority is required to believe it.

    • Agree: Desert Fox, freedom-cat
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @Moi
    , @eah
  6. Polar says:

    “Radicalized” him? Nah, he’s just a centrist Democrat in the current year!

    • Replies: @Forbes
  7. Two asides, BRYN GLYNN WILLIAMS(professor @UMASS DARTMOUTH and the Polish technique known as PROMETHEISM. Remember Zbig fell unto us as a SNOWFLAKE from our MALIGNANT northern neighbors. You know where they are still looking fro HONEY and BARRY’s killer.

  8. They should have shot this c##t in the face where they found him, and deported the rest of them.

    The only good _____ is a dead ______.

  9. Biff says:

    He is highly unlikely to vote (if he votes at all) in a manner which accords with the interests of actual, real Americans.

    That’s some pure comedy right there.

    “Are your American burgers made with real Americans?”

    • Replies: @Thorfinnsson
  10. There is credible evidence that the Tsarnaev brothers were patsies and the “bombings” were false flag psyops perhaps using smoke bombs , EMT’s have claimed that many of the victims injuries were faked and were part of a drill using crisis actors like the Harley Davidson man on 9/11 . For further information see the many videos on YouTube if they are still there and have not been censored and removed .

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  11. alexander says:

    Dear Mr. Parry,

    This is a solid, informative article hiding under a silly title.

    May I suggest you rewrite it at some future point, jettison the “voting rights issue” and focus (like a laser beam) on the unprecedented levels of “terror fraud” the US taxpayer has been forced to endure for the past 18 years.

    It would be worthwhile to harden both your facts and statistics in regards to ” staged terror events”.

    You mention that (at least) 7 out of 10 “terror events” which have occurred in the US, have been manufactured by our authorities. Can you present to the reader a clear ledger showing the statistics?

    Are you certain that 3 out of 10 “terror events” have (actually) been authentic. If so…which ones ?

    It would be excellent to include “hard numbers” on the COST to the taxpayer of all this “terror spending”.

    And do it right.

    I am 56 years of age, since 9-11 our government has extracted from the taxpayer over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS to eradicate “terror” in the “homeland”…yet there have been MORE terror events over the past four years (alone)than there were in the entire 40 year period before 9-11, when our “homeland security budget” was around “zero”.

    How is this possible ?

    (Its akin paying your plumber $100,000.00 to come in a fix a leaky pipe, and when he is finally done there are ten times more leaky pipes than when he started.)

    May I point out another crucial statistic which ought to be recognized.

    From 1776 to the year 2000, the entire accumulated National Debt (accrued over 224 years) was 5.6 trillion dollars.

    Post 9-11, our National Debt (in a mere 18 years) has quadrupled to a “mind-numbing” 22 trillion dollars.

    Our government has OVERSPENT nearly SEVENTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS in a mere eighteen years.

    How is this possible and exactly much of this “heinous debt” has been accrued from our never ending “war on terror” and , moreover, how much of this heinous debt can be attributed to “terror fraud” foisted upon the taxpayer by our post 9-11 government agencies ?

    If you put together the “hard numbers ” in a revised article, I am sure it would be read by more people than you could count.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Moi
  12. Because anyone without a direct ancestor listed in the 1790 Census should not be allowed a vote.

  13. utu says:

    May I suggest you rewrite it at some future point, jettison the “voting rights issue”

    EXACTLY. Voting rights issues is a separate topic and in this context only diverts attention from what is important.

    • Replies: @alexander
  14. The Boston bomber and his brother were framed and are innocent of the bombing which was a drill and then activated to a live event by elements of the black ops!

    Tameralan Tsarnsev is seen on video handcuffed and naked being walked to a police car and then this was the last time he was seen alive and his brother Dzhokhar was captured and they tried to slit his throat but he survived and there is a video where the leader of the Boston swat team alludes to this!

    The fact was that the Tsarnsev brothers are seen on video watching the race and were wearing white backpacks and the bomb was in a black backpack and in addition no pressure cooker could be placed in backpacks, this is another piece of disinfo.

    There were a group of black ops in black jackets and tan pants in the area of the bombing who are seen on video moving to the other side of the street just before the bomb went off and these were invoved in the bombing.

    Also the Boston Globe announced their would be a drill in the area and on that morning Boston police were telling the crowd there would be a drill and then the bomb went off.

    This was a classic intel black ops false flag and the brothers are innocent and were framed!

    • Agree: Moi, Agent76, freedom-cat
    • Replies: @freedom-cat
  15. Republic says:

    FBI Evidence Proves Innocence of Accused Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

    Update on the Boston Marathon Bomb Case

    The False Prosecution of Dzhokhkar Tsarnaev

    The Boston Marathon Bombing After Four Years

    Paul Craig Roberts posted these articles regarding the Boston Marathon bombing in

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  16. Anonymous [AKA "OOPSSEC"] says:

    Right, broken gelded Judas steer Bernie Sanders couldn’t come out and say the truth: they’re going to kill an innocent man. Jokar was never radicalized. His CIA handler was trying to incite jihad in a chat, and he elicited Jokar’s inmost hopes and dreams. You know what the poor bastard dreamed of? An Ivy League degree. For that matter Tam was not radicalized, either. CIA coerced him into a provocateur’s role with the threat of false murder charges. CIA’s fly is most gapingly open where they met with Tam and ordered him around. Their OPSEC sucked. No really, look into that. Where did Tam go in the weeks before the bombing? Who did he meet? It was not Islamic radicals. It was CIA cutouts.

  17. I often wonder if “former intelligence officer Mayor Pete” would have risen so quickly in the Democrat polls if he was not a homosexual. Actually, compared to the other crazies and non-entities running for president in that supposedly far left party, Buttigieg comes across as the most intelligent and level-headed (outside of anti-war Tulsi Gabbard, of course).

    But, like Obama, Pete is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and is not to be trusted. IMHO, he has been the man chosen to take out Trump in 2020, just as Obama was chosen to lead the Dems in 2008 (every day that passes demonstrates that Biden is afflicted with senility). Given the new zeitgeist of the age, Pete’s homosexuality has become an asset, not a liability.

    The “intelligence community” could care less about morality and social issues as long as they get their funding. Pete is one of them, and is no threat to their quest for world domination.

    • Replies: @Moi
  18. Tsarnaev should indeed vote– but only back home in Chechnya.

    Allowing Chechens to immigrate is a terrorist policy in itself. Why the Russians don’t expel that cancerous body is a mystery.

  19. Agent76 says:

    If only more folk’s really were in the know!

    Apr 22, 2013 Boston Bombing: What You Aren’t Being Told

    In this video we are going to demonstrate that at the very minimum the authorities had prior knowledge of the attack and allowed it to happen, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. —–

    Apr 2, 2014 The Boston Bombing Web of Lies

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  20. Amanda says:

    Dave McGowan (RIP) Exposing Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax on Caravan to Midnight

    Video Link

    Dave McGowan RIP:

    ”Just nine weeks ago, on April 14, I presented a lengthy video deconstruction of the 2013 Boston Marathon incident through the Caravan to Midnight radio show/podcast. About a week later (on April 20, of all days), the nearly four-hour video presentation was uploaded to YouTube. Not long after that, someone using the username Phoenix Archangel posted an interesting comment: “John [Wells, the host of the show] always signs off with some of the best advice ever. Speaking of advice: this David McGowan fella really ought to quit smoking. With all the elitist feathers he’s ruffling, he’s likely to come down with a spontaneous case of hitherto undiagnosed stage 4 inoperable Pancreatic cancer.”

    If you haven’t watched the video yet, by the way, you really need to do so. And have all your friends and family members watch it as well. It’s a little on the long side and could use some serious editing, but it does succeed in completely laying waste to the official story of what happened in Boston on April 15, 2013. As for Mr./Ms Archangel, he/she wasn’t too far off, though I’ve been told that it’s actually incurable small-cell lung cancer that has already spread to my liver and bones.” ~ Dave McGowan Update: After a courageous and painful six-month battle, Dave passed away on November 22, 2015, at his home in Eagle Rock.

    This video was removed from YouTube but it is essential viewing. For more information on Critical Thinking:

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  21. alexander says:

    You know, Utu,

    I have suggested in previous threads that we create a referendum which would be passed into law by popular mandate… entitled ” The War Fraud Accountability Act of 2020″.

    The law would be retroactive to 2002 and essentially hold accountable every individual, groups of individuals, and assorted “entities” who “conspired to defraud the American People into illegal war of aggression”. Every individual found responsible would (at a bare minimum) be stripped of all their assets to pay down the cost of the wars they lied us into.

    Perhaps we should introduce a second referendum entitled “The Terror Fraud Accountability Act of 2020” which would , similarly, hold accountable all individuals and entities who participated in fabricating “staged terror events” ?

    I think the US taxpayer would be 100% supportive of both these initiatives…Were they followed through and enforced they might generate hundreds of billions of dollars of revenue for the country… well as put scores of “War Fraudsters” and “Terror Fraudsters” behind bars… where they belong.

  22. Excellent article.

    Besides 9/11, I have never researched and read so much on a false flag. There is so much more to the BMB (Boston Marathon Bombing).

    The boy’s aunt or great aunt Roza Tsarnaev from Caucasus (chechen republic)wrote an editorial that was posted to a newspaper. You will have to translate it:

    She called Judy Clark “scum” because Judy Clarke knew the boy was innocent but told the family that people in “high places” wanted a conviction and death, so she was going to plead the boy Guilty and blame it on the older brother. Family wanted a private attorney but Clark insisted that their only hope was her way.

    Also, “Danny” the guy that said he was hijacked, had a handler of last name Fox (have to get to work but you can look it up) and this article turned up, which I have no idea how accurate, but the 2 FBI guys who had captured Dhzokar “fell out of helicopter”…very interesting:

    The Danny thing and killing of the Boston cop proved nothing. There is no proof the boys killed that cop.

    So many other things that prove this case was about Patsies:

    Dzhokar’s backpack another proof. Was not the same color but the Men From Craft (which was owned by the famous Iraqi Sniper Chris Kyle – who was murdered about a month before BMB) had exact looking bulky backpacks and photos show them after the bombing without their packs.

    More on this but have to go to dentist and then work. I hate my job

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  23. @eah

    As I have said many times, there are more holes in the narrative than in a Swiss cheese. CCTV footage showed them arriving and leaving the scene with a backpack. The exploding one just happened to have the same logo as the “security” types on the scene. The never seen at any Marathon before, line of ambulances waiting on a street nearby are down the memory hole.

    All that aside, it is reasonable to suspend voting and other rights of citizens while incarcerated, serving any sentence under supervision, or on parole. Once they have completed their sentence, all rights should be restored. It’s difficult to argue that somebody convicted thirty of a crime 30 years ago and has been “clean” since finishing a sentence twenty years ago, should not have all of his rights restored. What next, exclude people with moving traffic violations?

  24. Moi says:

    They don’t, but it makes the sheeple feel good.

  25. Moi says:

    Well, our guys did find the passport of one of the 19 dudes in the rubble of 9/11. I, too, would take my passport with me if I were on mission to commit a terrorist act.

    • Replies: @Logan
  26. Moi says:

    Gotta keep the money flowing in order to keep the MIC humming.

    • Replies: @alexander
  27. Moi says:

    Agree with what you said about Butthurt. Yes, him being homo is an asset, but the country needs to get more progressive, like Vermont, which has a trannie governor.

    Morality, tradition are so passe.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  28. alexander says:

    I totally agree that’s why we are doing it.

    But it is pretty darn evil to steal trillions of dollars from future taxpayers to fight illegal wars we were deceived into fighting today.

    Isn’t it ?

    If, in 2003, every single taxpayer was billed out $30,000.00 to pay for the Iraq war fiasco , their affront would have been so furious ,the war would have been all but over before it began.

    Our belligerent elites who wanted these wars, knew this all too well…so they “stole” the money from future generations ….who had no say….and racked up tens of trillions of dollars of heinous war debt.


    It is the greatest of moral and fiscal abominations to rob our future of its solvency by deceiving us into illegal wars today.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  29. Forbes says:

    A bit like saying the world or reality or “his truth” radicalized him. Maybe it’s in the water? Or the fluoridation…

  30. anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:

    whoever claims the following :

    [Why Shouldn’t the Boston Marathon Bomber Vote? ]

    is an idiot who is spreading the lies of the US police state. Dzhokar Tsarnaev is INNOCENT.
    Those who did 9/11 are responsible for the Boston Marathon Bombing.
    So many criminals in the US, want to be ‘president’.

    The US ‘election’ is fraud, fraud, fraud.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  31. Logan says:

    You would if you wanted to board the plane.

  32. eah says:

    Sorry, but that whole story is just not credible

    boston.comTimeline of Boston Marathon Bombing Events — I’ll take this as accurate.

    Per the timeline, the killing of the MIT cop (22:30 on 18 April) and the following violent encounter with the Tsarnaev brothers happened in the middle of the night: Tamerlan was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead around 01:30 on 19 April — it is claimed Dzhokhar escaped, first in a car, and then on foot after he abandoned the car — so it’s safe to say that under cover of darkness, bleeding and wounded, he found and got inside the boat, where he stayed throughout the next day — we have to assume that it was during daylight that he got out his marker — a marker capable of writing on fiberglass, which he just happened to have with him — and scribbled the alleged note — it is this note, and really only this note, that was submitted as evidence of motive and “radicalization” — other than that, he was apparently a guy who was smart enough to get into college, and had no trouble getting chicks and weed — yet the official story is that out of nowhere he decided to blow people up at the Boston marathon.

    Like I said: the evidence of motive and “radicalization” is not credible — and that means the official story is not credible.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  33. @Moi

    Vermont has a straight white male RINO as governor, Phil Scott.

    He defeated the mentally ill Democrat nominee, the “transgendered” person, i think by about 55-40 l, in the November 2018 election.

    • Replies: @Moi
  34. The wellspring of money from US taxpayers, including billions allocated to umpteen global NGOs, needs to dry up, no matter how lucrative it is for a few. Trump was elected first and foremost to end illegal immigration and to reduce the flow of welfare-aided, wage-undercutting mass immigration in general. But he was also elected on a promise of reducing budget-draining, hatred-creating foreign entanglements.

    The murderous activity of the Tsarnaev brothers—a good example of the sometimes deadly folly of family chain migration—is on them. It certainly did not happen because of mistreatment of the brothers. They were treated better in the USA than many (if not most) natural-born citizens, with a scholarship to a private university in the case of the younger brother.

    If mothers were not above critique in American society, you might blame the mother for the brothers’ radicalization. She appeared to hold radical, vocally aggressive political / religious views and was decked out in full-burka attire when interviewed by the media at the time of the murderous bombing.

    Just because a member of their extended family became a US citizen, why was it necessary to bring in every DNA connection from the old country? Answer: it wasn’t. America was not founded as a place where bloodline and clan connections were put ahead of civic law. That is Western civic law, not religious law, and the Western political ideals that undergird liberty, not Jihadist religio-politico zeal.

    This was a political miscalculation by Bernie that could cost him with the Trump cross-over voters who, when voting blue, are more Bernie-oriented and not at all Neoliberal. Bernie is the only non-neoliberal in the Democratic line up.

    But the statement calls attention to the argument that Bernie is extremist on security issues. Bernie was likely trying to convince Black voters that he is BLM-friendly enough, but in the process, might have alienated some working-class & pro-labor whites. Given Trump’s abandonment of the base on immigration issues, Bernie might have a better chance with the cross-over voters than with Black voters.

    With so many Black primary candidates, Bernie has an uphill climb to prove that his Wokeman awakening is superior to inborn Wokeness. Bernie recently mentioned his actual participation in the civil rights movement in front of a mostly Black audience. It received a less than celebratory response from the crowd. Imagine if Jesse Jackson had said the same thing. Even though Ralph Abernathy, the distinguished Black writer, clearly makes a case that Jackson overstated his role in the civil rights movement, the audience would have cheered.

    Maybe, Bernie is counting on his 2nd Amendment stance to make up for this. Bernie wants all felons to vote, including the hardcore violent ones, or so many concluded from his original statement. But in consolation, he’s not going to confiscate the guns that 2nd Amendment fans use to protect themselves from the bad guys. I dunno. That might work with some men.

  35. Peredur says:

    I think the Boston Bombing was probably a hoax or false flag attack. More likely the former. The supposed scenes of carnage are not convincing. I have not studied this event too closely, but I have studied enough of the many, many other high-profile mass casualty events that have been said to have taken place in recent years to be certain that government-based conspiracies are involved in almost all of them. In most cases the number of casualties is greatly exaggerated in the official story, and in many cases none of the claimed fatalities were real.

  36. Lo says:

    Any citizen should be allowed to vote, period. Anything else is inviting fascism. How would you answer if someone says that you will vote against the interests of your country, and therefore you should not be allowed to vote? You are basically undermining democracy, and your own rights as soon as you support not letting someone vote because of who they are or what they believe.

    • Replies: @Thorfinnsson
  37. Again, supposed intelligent people who hold these events up as real are as big a problem as those who stage them. You want an in-depth look at the absurdity of this “drill”, here is the best one you will find. This is from the late great Dave McGowan.

  38. Anon[147] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    It’s a matter of Who, Whom. Globalists say Twitter and Facebook can ban rightists and conservatives because they are PRIVATE COMPANIES. But a Christian platform isn’t allowed to ban Homos even though it is a private company.

    It goes to show that in Jewish-dominated America, homos are holy while rightists, conservatives, and Christians are not protected by the law.

    World is full of ‘Jews’ and ‘Palestinians’. ‘Jews’ are above the law and accommodated by the law. ‘Palestinians’ are beneath the law and have no protections.

    Jews, blacks, and homos are ‘Jews’ in the US. Rightists, Conservatives, and Christians are ‘Palestinians.

  39. Noman says:

    Short version. Boston was a hoax. Fake victims. Crisis actors.

    That is all that matters.

    Stop discussing these events as if they were real.

  40. anonymous1963 [AKA "anon19"] says:

    The REAL MISTAKE was in letting this little prick and his asshole brother come to America. Epic immigration fail.

  41. Moi says:

    Good news, and I stand corrected. Even so, quite a lot of people voted for a trannie for gov.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  42. @alexander

    The zio/US and Israel and Britain created AL CIADA aka ISIS and all the off shoots there of, the war on terror is demonic, draconian, diabolical lie!

  43. gino says:

    no one in jail should vote. the moment you are trusted to go back into the community you should have the OBLIGATION not right to vote. if you are not trusted to vote…. why are you allowed to walk among us………………… everyone should be obligated to vote. in australia you must attend a poling station. you dont have to vote. just attend register and leave. respect democracy…… or lose it.

  44. @Lo

    I support fascism at this point in time as a necessary measure to extinguish the left, permanently.

    Democracy has its uses (namely ensuring the peaceful transfer of power and exposing leadership to criticism and replacement) but should not be a suicide pact in which every warm body with a pulse gets a say.

    One of the features of the current democratic suicide pact I’m opposed to is permitting obviously bad, antagonistic ethic groups the right to vote. Chechens are bad news. I’m also opposed to giving dangerous criminals the right to vote, so that’s a double whammy.

    I would answer that hypothetical person by telling him that he is incorrect and explain why. I’m all in favor of revoking the right to vote from people because of who they are or what they believe, and historically this was quite routine.

  45. @Desert Fox

    Even though not as many people died, I consider Boston Marathon Bombing as one of the worse False Flags (next to 9/11 and Las Vegas), as there is so much evidence that proves his the boy’s innocence, from the CRAFT operatives with backpacks that look just like the evidence, to family ties with Graham Fuller and the US intelligence community, to the “Danny” allegations, to the fact that no evidence proves they killed that cop, and so much more (all of what you say and others on this thread). And also to the facts of what the family have reported about Judy Clark; that she told them directly she knew he was innocent. She is a despicable disgrace to our constitution.

    At the time of the trial I would add my comments on some of the Boston news media sites with all the breakdown of facts. There was nothing but operatives running rampant on the comment threads calling for his execution and kicking up the emotion. After the kid was sentenced they all disappeared.

    I can’t stand it when they get away with this. It really bugs me.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  46. Alden says:

    Is Tsarnaev an American citizen? That should settle the question. Bernie’s a blast from the past. It’s deja vu all over again. I saw a USA Today headline yesterday. Black Girls challenge school districts complete with a big fat ugly aggressive looking black girl. apparently black girls (or their jewish attorneys* are now screeching about disparate rates of school suspensions and discipline.

    * Jew civil rights attorneys and their pay masters, AJC ADL etc are responsible for the destruction of entire school systems with first school integration , then school bussing and most of all, their lawsuits on behalf of black thugs and slugs which allowed the animals to run rampant and destroy entire school systems.

  47. @freedom-cat

    Agree, and would add that no one was killed, crisis actors were used and the Boston Globe ran an announcement that morning that a bomb drill would be held that morning at that site and before the flash bomb went off the police were telling the crowd it was just a drill!

  48. I would add that no one was killed , crisis actors were used.

  49. Nice article. Funny how “terrorists” seem to be everywhere the US wants to steal someones natural resources huh? The CIA and all those NGO’s, private mercenaries, etc need to be abolished. Biggest threat to civilized humanity that exists. War/terrorism shouldn’t be a profitable business. If they’re willing to do these things to people in other countries, guaranteed that one day they will do the same things to us here.

    I can understand where Bernie is coming from, I think he went a bit far though, he’s right that folks that have served their time should be able to vote, maybe that would stop certain politicians from passing/upholding laws that target people to take away their voting rights. People shouldn’t lose their right to vote over a bogus marijuana charge or some other petty BS that shouldn’t be illegal in the first place. We’re paying out the ass to put these people in jail/prison, $70,000 a year or more to house someone in prison over petty nonsense. Democrats do it too, Kamala Harris is notorious for this.

    Cops should be going after real criminals, the white collar ones on Wall St that get away with stealing trillions. Corrupt politicians that line their pockets selling out American workers. Big Pharma execs selling legal heroin that kills more people every year than guns. The CIA/Mossad/MI5 etc. agents that are pulling off these false flag “terrorist” attacks. Organized crime, Jewish mafia that is importing all the fentanyl, meth, coke, etc..

    Lots of real criminals the cops should be going after instead of harassing people over some weed or other BS.

    Like most say though, voting don’t seem to matter much anyways, but I guess it makes people feel important, lets you think you’re making a change by voting out the current asshole and getting your guy in there to fix everything. Hows that worked out so far?

    Buttigeig guy is a douche, just another warmongering dickhead, another obama or Biden, smiles and talks smooth while he’s droning you or taking your grannies social security check to give to the banks.

    I might consider voting for Tulsi Gravel or Bernie after the debates. I’m pretty sure at this point nothing short of revolt and lots of rope therapy for the swamp is gonna fix this mess, too corrupted, the politicians are nothing short of mafia gangsters, puppets of Wall St and the MIC. The system has failed.

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