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Why Is Everything Broken?
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“Begin then with a fracture, a cesura, a rent; opening a crack in this fallen world, a shaft of light.” Norman O. Brown, Love’s Body

Being sick for the past few weeks has had its advantages. It has forced me to take a break from writing since I could not concentrate enough to do so. It has gifted me with a deeper sympathy for the vast numbers of the seriously ill around the world, those suffering souls without succor except for desperate prayers for relief. And it has allowed thoughts to think me as I relinquished all efforts at control for a few miserable weeks of “doing nothing” except napping, reading short paragraphs in books, watching some sports and a documentary, and being receptive to the light coming through the cracks in my consciousness.

I suppose you could say that my temporary illness forced me, as José Ortega Y Gasset described it, virtually and provisionally to withdraw myself from the world and take a stand inside myself – “or, to use a magnificent word which exists only in Spanish, that man can ensimismarse (‘be inside himself’).”

But as I learned, being “inside myself” doesn’t mean the outside world doesn’t come visiting, both in its present and past manifestations. When you are sick, you feel most vulnerable; this sense of frailty breaks you open to strange and familiar thoughts, feelings, dreams and memories that you must catch on the fly, pin with words if you are quick enough. I’ve pinned some over these weeks as they came to me through the cracks.

“Broken flesh, broken mind, broken speech,” wrote Norman Brown when he argued for aphoristic truth as opposed to methods or systematic form. These days the feeling that everything is broken is the norm, that madness reigns, that truth is being strangled and all we have are lies and more lies. Carefully constructed arguments fall on deaf ears as dissociation of the personality, post-modern attention-disorder, gender confusion, and corporate/intelligence mass media propaganda techniques are used daily to sow confusion. In simple colloquial language, people are badly fucked up.

Much of the world is suffering from megrims. Bob Dylan puts it simply:

Broken lines, broken strings
Broken threads, broken springs
Broken idols, broken heads
People sleeping in broken beds
Ain’t no use jiving
Ain’t no use joking
Everything is broken.

Who can disagree? Everyone’s mind seems to be at the end of its tether.

Why? There are obvious answers, and while so many are true, they are insufficient, for they usually scratch the surface of a worldwide crisis that has been developing for at least a century and a half. That crisis is spiritual. Many can feel it rumbling beneath the surface of world events. It’s a rumbling in the bowels. It’s unspoken. It’s something very dark, sinister, and satanic. It seems to be a form of systemic evil almost with a will of its own that is sweeping the world.

For many decades I have studied, written, and taught in an effort to grasp the essence of what has been happening in our world. My tools have been philosophy, theology, literature, art, and sociology – all the disciplines really, including a careful study of popular culture. It was always a personal quest, for my “career” has been my vocation.

Being trained in the classics from high school through college, and then the scientific method and textual analysis, I adhered for the most part to logical analyses in the classical style. Such an approach, while possessed of a certain elegance and balance, has serious limitations since it suggests the world follows a neat Aristotelian logic and that there is a method to the world’s madness that is easy to capture in logical argumentation. Romanticism and existentialism, to name two reactions to such thinking, arose in opposition. Each offered a needed corrective to the reductive, materialist nature of a scientific method that became deified while dismissing God, freedom, and the spiritual as leftover superstitions from olden times.

But I have no sustained argument to offer here, just some scraps I gathered while enduring weeks in the doldrums. I sense these bits of seemingly digressive little flashes in the dark were telling me something about what I have been trying to understand for many years: the grasp the demonic has on our world today.

It is easy to dismiss the use of such a word, for it sounds hyperbolic, and it easily plays into the ridiculous themes of popular Hollywood and tabloid entertainment, which have also become staples of the formerly “serious” media as well. It’s all entertainment now, life the movie, the unreality of endless propaganda, sick, sordid, and what can only be termed “The Weirdness,” a term my friend the writer and playwright Joe Green has suggested to me. I think it would be a serious mistake to dismiss the demonic nature of the forces at work in our world today.

  • Like Rip Van Winkle, I awoke one recent day, a few weeks after I wrote my last article before I got sick, to see that the corporate media/intelligence narrative on the war in Ukraine had taken an abrupt turn. I had written on May 13, 2022 that certain leftists were parroting the official U.S. propaganda that Russia was losing its battle with the Ukrainian forces. Noam Chomsky had claimed the U.S. media were doing a good job reporting Russian war crimes in Ukraine and Chris Hedges had said that Russia had suffered “nine weeks of humiliating military failures.” Now Th e New York Times, the Washington Post, etc . – mirabile dictu – have suddenly changed their tune and the Russians are winning after all. Who was asleep? Or was it sleep that prompted such obviously false reporting? For the Russians were clearly winning from the start. Yet we can be assured the authoritative voices will continue to flip the switch and play mind games, for shock and confusion are keys to effective propaganda, and American exceptionalism with its divine mission, its manifest destiny, is to demonically try to destroy Russia.
  • The slogan that I learned when I was a Marine before becoming a conscientious objector came to me when I was feverish. “My rifle is my life.” I never thought so, but I did recall how when I was ten-years-old my cousin killed his brother with a rifle, and how I heard the news on the radio while talking with my father. The New York Times reported: “A 9-year-old boy was fatally wounded last night by his brother, 7, while the two were playing with a rifle in a neighbor’s apartment in the northeast Bronx….[the rifle] “was secreted in a bedroom” [under the bed] and was loaded.
  • Report: Don McLean cancels his singing performance at the National Riffle Association’s convention following the Uvalde school shooting. What an act of moral courage! Ah, Don, “Now I understand/What you tried to say to me/And how you suffered for your sanity/And how you tried to set them free/They would not listen, they did not know how/Perhaps they’ll listen now” Let’s hope not to you.
  • Watched the new documentary about George Carlin – “George Carlin’s American Dream.” I have always had a soft spot for George, a fellow New Yorker with a Catholic upbringing, and a good-hearted guy who generously offered to help me years ago when I was fired from a teaching position for ostensibly playing a recording of his seven words that you can never say on television. The real reasons for my firing were that I was organizing a teacher’s union and had brought well-known anti-war activists to speak at the school. But what struck me in this interesting documentary was George’s facile dismissal of God – “the God bullshit,” as he put it. Funny, of course, and correct in certain ways, it was also jejune in significant ways and threw God out with the bathwater. It was something I had not previously noticed about his routine, but this time around it hit me as unworthy of his scathing critiques of American life. It got laughs at the expense of deeper and important truths and probably has had deleterious effects on generations who have been beguiled and besotted by how George’s God critique consonantly fits with the shallow arguments of the new atheists. George was overreacting to the ignorance of his superficial religious training and not distinguishing God from institutional religion.
  • Half-awake on the couch one day, I somehow remembered that when I was teaching at another school and involved in anti-war activities, a fellow teacher stopped me on a staircase on a late Friday afternoon when no one was around and tried to get me to join Army Intelligence. “You are exactly the type we could use,” he said, “since you are so outspoken in your anti-war positions.” I will spare you my reply, which involved words you once could never say on TV. But the encounter taught me an early lesson about distinguishing friend from foe; how treachery is real, and evil often wears a smiley face. The man who approached me was the head of social studies curricula for the Roman Catholic Brooklyn Diocese of New York.
  • Al Capone, while speaking to Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr. in 1931: “People respect nothing nowadays….It is undermining the country. Virtue, honor, truth, and the law have all vanished from our life.”
  • I also read this from Literature and the Gods by Roberto Calasso: “… all the mythologies now pass a largely indolent life in a no-man’s-land haunted by gods and vagrant simulacra, by ghosts and Gypsy caravans in constant movement. They learn only to tell their stories again …. Yet it is precisely this ability that is so obviously lacking in the world around us. Behind the trembling curtains of what passes for ‘reality,’ the voices throng. If no one listens, they steal the costume of the first person they can grab and burst onto the stage in ways that can be devastating. Violence is the expedient of what has been refused an audience.”
  • Lying in bed after a feverish night early on in my sickness, I looked up at the ceiling where a fly was buzzing. I remembered how years ago, when my father was in the hospital after a terrible car accident in which he smashed his head, he told me he was seeing monkeys all over the ceiling of the hospital room. Later, when I was out of bed, I heard the news reports about monkeypox and thought I was also hallucinating. I started laughing, a sardonic laughter brought to a feverish pitch after more than two years of Covid propaganda. These are the same people who hope to create a transhuman future – mechanical monkeys.
  • On a table lay the third volume of a trilogy of books – Sinister Forces – by Peter Levenda. I opened it to a bookmarked page. Anyone who has read these books with a half-way open mind will be shocked by the amount of documented history they contain, history so bizarre and disturbing that reading them is not advisable before bedtime. Sinister forces that run through American history, indeed, but Levenda presents his material in a most reasonable and fair-minded way. I read these paragraphs:

The historical model I am proposing in these volumes should be obvious by now. By tracing the darker elements of the American experience from the earliest days of the Adena and Hopewell cultures through the discovery by Columbus, the English settlers in Massachusetts and the Salem witchcraft episode, the rise of Joseph Smith, Jr. and the Mormons via ceremonial magic and Freemasonry, up to the twentieth century and the support of Nazism by American financiers and politicians before, during, and after World War II, and the UFO phenomenon coming on the heels of that war, we can see the outline of a political ectoplasm taking shape in this historical séance: politics as a continuation of religion by other means. The ancillary events of the Charles Manson murders, the serial killer phenomenon, Jonestown, and the assassinations of Jack Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Marilyn Monroe are all the result of the demonic possession of the American psyche, like the obscenities spat out by little Regan [The Exorcist], tied to her bed and shrieking at the exorcists. It is said that demonic possession is a way of testing us, and making us aware of the real conflict taking place within us every day….

The more I looked, however, the more I found men with bizarre beliefs and involved in questionable, occult practices at the highest levels of the American government, and buried deep within government agencies. I also discovered that occultism was embraced by the American military and intelligence establishments as a weapon to be used in the Cold War; and as they did so, they unleashed forces upon the American populace that cannot be called back….

One inevitably was forced back to the CIA and the mind-control experiments that began in the late 1940s and extended nearly to the present day [no, to the present day]. Coincidence piled upon coincidence, indicating the existence of a powerful, subliminal force working at the level of chaos – at the quantum level – and struggling to manifest itself in our reality, our consciousness, our political agenda.

If that all sounds too bizarre for words, unbelievable really, I suggest that one read these books, for if only a minority of Levenda’s claims are true, we are in the grip of evil forces so depraved that fiction writers couldn’t imagine such reality.


As I finish these notes, I am sitting outside on a small porch, watching the rain subside. The sun has just emerged. It is 5:30 P.M. and across the driveway and a lawn of grass, eights foxes have come through the bushes. The parents watch as the six kits jump and scamper around the ground level porch of a cottage that is unoccupied. The foxes have a den under the porch, and every day for a few months we have been privileged to watch them perform their antics in the mornings and evenings. Cute would be an appropriate word for the kits, especially when they were smaller. But they are growing fast and suddenly one sees and seizes a squirrel and worries it to death by shaking it in its mouth. Soon they are ripping it to pieces. Cute has turned deadly. But as the aforementioned Ortega Y Gasset says, while people can be inside themselves, “The animal is pure alteraciόn. It cannot be within itself.” This is because it has no self, “no chez soi, where it can withdraw and rest.” Foxes always live in pure exteriority, unlike me, who is sitting here with a small glass of wine and thinking about them and the various thoughts that have come to me over these past few weeks.

Before I came outside, I read this from a powerful new article by Naomi Wolf – “Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide” – “It is a time of demons sauntering around in human spaces, though they look human enough themselves, smug in their Italian suits on panels at the World Economic Forum.”

In this piece she writes about what is in the 55,000 internal Pfizer documents which the FDA had asked a court to keep under wraps for 75 years, but which a court has released as a result of outside pressure. These documents reveal evil so depraved that words would fail her if not for her moral conscience and her growing awareness – that I share – that we are dealing with a phenomenon that demands an analysis that is theological, not sociological. She writes:

Knowing as I now do, that Pfizer and the FDA knew that babies were dying and mothers’ milk discoloring by just looking at their own internal records; knowing as I do that they did not alert anyone let alone stop what they were doing, and that to this day Pfizer, the FDA and other demonic “public health” entities are pushing to MRNA-vaccinate more and more pregnant women; now that they are about to force this on women in Africa and other lower income nations who are not seeking the MRNA vaccines, per Pfizer CEO Bourla this past week at the WEF, and knowing that Pfizer is pushing and may even receive a US EUA for babies to five year olds — I must conclude that we are looking into an abyss of evil not seen since 1945.

So I don’t know about you, but I must switch gears with this kind of unspeakable knowledge to another kind of discourse.

That discourse is religious, for Naomi has realized that our world is in satanic hands, and that only a recognition of that fact offers a way out. That those who wield weapons both medical and military can only be defeated by those who realize that a key part of the killers’ propaganda has been a long campaign to convince people, not only that God does not exist, but that Satan doesn’t either. This, while they assume the mantle of the evil one.

She says:

This time could really be the last time; these monsters in the labs, on the transnational panels, are so very skillful; and so powerful; and their dark work is so extensive.

If God is there — again — after all the times that we have tried his patience — and who indeed knows? – will we reach out a hand to him in return, will we take hold in the last moment out of this abyss, and simply find a way somehow to walk alongside him?

We will, but only if we also recognize the deeper forces informing our hidden history and haunting our present days. Sometimes an illness can crack you open to being receptive to shafts of light that can lead the way. Yet to do so we must go deep into very dark places. And since everyone and everything seems broken now – let’s say everyone is just sick in some way – maybe courage is what we need, the simple courage to open ourselves to the voices of the hungry ghosts that haunt this country. Norman O. Brown referred to them and our stage set this way:

Ancestral voices prophesying war; ancestral spirits in the danse macabre or war dance; Valhalla, ghostly warriors who kill each other and are reborn to fight again. All warfare is ghostly, every army an exercitus feralis (army of ghosts), every soldier a living corpse.

The U.S.A. and its allies are waging war on many fronts. It is a form of total war – cold, hot, medical, military, mind-control, spiritual, etc. – that demands a total response from us. None of us is completely innocent; we are all part of the deep evil that is happening all around us. But if we listen carefully, we might hear God asking for our help. For we need each other.

I watch in horror as the cute foxes kill their prey. I must remind myself that that is their nature. As for my fellow humans, I know that it isn’t nature that drives them to kill, maim, hurt, lie, etc.

Everything is truly broken, and I’m not joking.

But someone is laughing.

It’s not God.

(Republished from Edward Curtin by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Angharad says:

    What a bunch of navel gazing tripe. Everything is broken because jews have gained control of every institution in the West, and the Nation Wrecking Children of the Devil are busily wrecking EVERY Nation they can get their claws on Naomi Wolf, like the author of this idiocy, fails to mention the very jewish nature of Big Pharma, and their Talmudic “medicine” poison.

  2. An excellent article, Mr. Curtin. Here you are getting to the meat of the matter. Yes, this stuff is real.

    It is no idle fact that all indigenous cultures, without exception, speak of demons or evil spirits. These are real beings, and early humans would not have survived without a knowledge of this fact. Neither is it an idle fact that all religions, without exception, speak of them. Nor is it an idle fact that virtually all of the greatest scientists who have ever lived and who have laid the groundwork for all modern science, ended up concluding that the world is spiritual, first and foremost. Yes, it is real.

    We hang in the void – but there is Light, too. In reality, an abundance of Light. Even all matter is made up of energy.

    The antidote to the darkness is sincere religious and/or spiritual practice – and the cultivation of goodness and virtue.

    Successful practice has the added (and perhaps primary) benefit of making one feel better, and be better.

    Here is the first of a 12-part video series of visual evidence of demonic stuff – very interesting, (and quite disconcerting if one is not used to it):

  3. anon[363] • Disclaimer says:

    Yeah, the demonic is an evocative metaphor but it has trouble bridging the gap between is and ought. Hedges’ church-lady background makes him prone to despondent hand-wringing at best, and fatuous propaganda sloganeering at worst. Wolf’s article sums up a lot of universal jurisdiction crime and uses neo-manichean language to great effect.

    Ugo Bardi casts a broader net.

    He looks at the crime of extermination as a recurrent phenomenon. Trench warfare is a great way to wipe out ructious lumpenproles, but it doesn’t work well for unproductive pensioners. You can’t just march them to the front with their walkers and their fat scooters. To cull that herd, you need something like Ralph Baric’s ingenious invention.

    Any evil you can evoke with religious myths you can handle with system-theoretic models of complex assemblages. You can bridge normative and positive questions while retaining the consistency and coherence that Brown derides. It’s not even an extremely hairy problem, because the US is a totalitarian state. It’s simple, atavistic even. The hierarchy is obscured but it’s essential and it simplifies decapitation.

    Religion is great as a mobilizing force, that’s why CIA uses all that esoteric satanist stuff. Even Russia, world leader in system-theoretic resistance to US crime, invokes the Orthodox church. And it’s nice and aesthetic. But real exorcism takes τεχνικός.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  4. Alrenous says: • Website


    Specifically America is a Fascist country and can’t afford things that work.

    Communism is also known for being particularly corrupt. Communist elites do things primarily out of sadism, because sadism is what attracts elites to Communism in the first place. Anyone who isn’t sociologically incompetent can tell Communism is going to lead to vast suffering; that’s its selling point.

    As America shows, it’s easy to cause harm and make money doing it. If you’re seriously, pathologically status-anxious, then Communism is just the thing.

    Or are you asking how America got to be Fascist in the first place? Super short answer: Protagoras.

    You’re mistaken, though: God is totally laughing. Satan’s creator is clearly neither particularly good nor particularly evil, but a trickster, like Loki or Coyote. The Christians were right about a few things, one of which was that Satan had no power except that which you gave him.

    Humans signed up right up, lol.

    All self-inflicted. It’s extraordinarily hard to come up with a single problem that isn’t self-inflicted in one way or another.
    Like, maybe if you die in a tornado? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ultimately everything is caused by previous irresponsibility.

    You can still simply deny Satanist power over your life if you want. You can just stop at any time. Hint: “reform” is Satanism.

  5. In this piece she writes about what is in the 55,000 internal Pfizer documents which the FDA had asked a court to keep under wraps for 75 years, but which a court has released as a result of outside pressure.

    It never ceases to amaze me when people make fantastic claims and provide a link to back them up … and the link shows they’re lying through their teeth. Or for you maybe just suffering from confirmation bias, but (((Naomi Wolf))), are you serious???

    Anyway, the key bits from the link:

    [We exist] to obtain and disseminate the data relied upon by the FDA to license COVID-19 vaccines.

    […] we submitted a Freedom of Information Act [FOIA] Request to the FDA for all of the data within Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine biological product file.

    That is, and you would know this if your English comprehension was good or you’d followed the controversy at all, all the raw data Pfizer and BioNTech submitted to the FDA, and very much not “internal Pfizer documents” which cannot be subject to a Federal government FOIA request! (If you disagree, I’ll bet someone would like a deep dive into your personal documents….)

    This cannot be released immediately because the FDA is not about to break white line law and reveal personally identifiable information (PII) of trial participants or trade secrets revealed in the filings (those would for example pertain to manufacturing, which the FDA also puts under a microscope, see Emergent BioSolutions and Janssen in Baltimore which not the latter’s fault, not even one political party’s fault). Or perhaps you and Ms. Wolf would like an end to new drug approvals in the US, because people don’t sign up for clinical trials to have all their everything released to the world, and there are other markets which respect trade secrets.

    As the case developed, the FDA released tranches of the data particularly targeted by the requesters, then said “we’re going to do the rest at our normal rate of 500 pages per month not counting spreadsheet rows, which will take about 75 years.” That was obviously unacceptable and the court ordered a Maximum Effort from them which I assume they needed to justify the big budget hit, something I have domain knowledge of and would still take them months (is it done now??).

    So if Ms. Wolf, who does have quite a history with the truth, and you are willing to lie so blatantly about such an obvious, well reported in the MSM and falsifiable thing by the very links you supply, why should we pay attention to anything else you say?

    This is by far the worst problem I’ve had with anti-vaxxers since at least November 2020: except for sane moderates who say things like “probably not for those under 30” they’re all liars, and it’s obvious to anyone who has a high school education in biology (“gene therapy”) or who can take the trouble to read their links, which do sometimes require more background knowledge or skill in reading scientific documents … both of which we’ve had two and a half years now to learn for those who care so passionately about the subject.

    • Replies: @nosquat loquat
  6. “why is everything broken”

    because Jews – and their hirelings –

    are always trying to “fix” things that are not broken.

    in the course of which

    (((they))) break them.

  7. Let go, and let God.

  8. anon[310] • Disclaimer says:

    Gee, documented malversation in coerced mass medical experimentation really drives TWBT up the wall. This is how you can tell he knows just enuff bio stuff to be dangerous, especially the déformation professionnelle of his crooked industry. He wouldn’t go so apeshit, though, if he hadn’t lined up for his clotshot like every other brainwashed technician. Now he’s got spike in his nucleus, dendritic thrombi of calcium and elastin in Mister Pokey and who knows where else. He’s got RNA wigglin around like maggots in his lymph node germinal centers. And it gave him a bad case of cognitive dissonance at being such a squeaky lab rat.

    So he zooms away from the historic substance of the criminality and gets all obsessive about intellectual property minutiae. He cosplays as a bio expert but when you rub his nose in the evidence he changes costumes and pretends to be a lawyah, the Star Jones of corporate paper-pushers.

  9. People unable to face the unintended consequences of their own actions will come up with all sorts of silly reasons for why things are “broken”. For example, the rise of feminism and the decline of the nuclear family? No, it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the introduction of scientific birth control disrupting a biologically-based dependency of women on men, a dependency that had characterized man/woman relations for millennia. Instead, it must be the action of demons! LOL.

    Clearly, an expensive education was wasted on this Curtin guy.

    • Replies: @Thomas Faber
  10. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    No… the main problem seems to be the extreme disinclination of people to acknowledge the fact of metaphysical evil. The deep, and often unconscious fear that this thought instills in people will make them come up with all manner of explanations and roundabout reasonings – to avoid facing up to the fact.

    “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was making you think He doesn’t exist.”

    It takes more courage than is usual in this day and age – and it seems that people will resist it until they are unavoidably forced by life to face up to it. Until then, the personality prefers denying it.

    Of course, evil has many consequences – such as the feminism that has done much to break down the nuclear family, that you mention.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  11. Thomas Faber: “… the extreme disinclination of people to acknowledge the fact of metaphysical evil. … “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was making you think He doesn’t exist.””

    Nor is it the fault of the man in the red pajamas.

    If you don’t want the “metaphysical evil”, don’t use the tech. It’s that simple.

    • Disagree: Thomas Faber
  12. anon[416] • Disclaimer says:

    Some stuff is broken. Other stuff is pretty good. Confirmation bias is a thing. There is still quite a bit of optionality in the US. At least if you aren’t stuck own the bottom of the economic food chain. In my opinion, anyway.
    I recommend a bit of foreign travel. The US seems to be able to blunder through a lot, with surprisingly few consequences. There is a lot of ruin in a country.

  13. Alrenous says: • Website

    It’s simple to solve the ought problem by discarding it. There is no ought, except in the sense that you ought to do things which uphold and further your values, instead of things that don’t. This distinction is degenerate to the point of uselessness – speaking of things that don’t further your values, thinking about ‘ought’ never furthers your values.

    However, if the demonic were not real, lies would not be so harmful. It should be fine to shade the truth now and again, shouldn’t it? Unless intentionally maintained, any damage should be washed out in the chaos of daily life. Instead, even small lies are catastrophic. The only question is time; smaller lies take longer to explode. Unless intentionally defused, every lie is a fatal wound.

  14. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Thomas Faber

    The main problem with the family is that marriage has been outlawed.

    It’s “until death do us part” not “until death do us part or maybe I’m kinda not in the mood anymore.”

    Living in sin is no longer illegal; there was absolutely no need to outlaw marriage.
    Sociology is easy: they knew exactly what would happen. The results are intentional.

    However, voters could have rejected the law. They could have declared it a travesty and condemned the government for trying it, revoking the legitimacy of family law. They didn’t. Except the Amish, who apparently exist to demonstrate this by contrast.

  15. Protogonus says: • Website

    Speaking with true rigor, everything is not broken–it is BEING BROKEN, intentionally, with malice aforethought. Almost no one can imagine it; how could someone be so mean?

    Politics has become insane through a fracture of its historico-geographical basis wrought by that obtuse butcher Stalin.

    Social being is purposely distorted and fractured by inward perversion and outward subversion.

    So-called science and its theories are lost at depth through fatal materialist bias maliciously and systematically inserted into it (this being the precise role and purpose of the Nobel Committee).

    If not for the foregoing globalized debilities going far beyond himself, Mr. Curtin could have seen that the “brokenness” felt by all has been gathering pace for centuries.

    Decades ago certain writers of curtinesque bent–actually before the fatal blow struck by Stalin–began showing how and why it all was heading toward an ugly crash and burn.

    However, previous Seers of Brokenness failed to give the generative monster its proper name, and this is what we offer the world here:

  16. Anonymous[774] • Disclaimer says:

    Here’s one part of the puzzle that increasing numbers of people are becoming aware of, the boomer question (BQ).

    America was largely broken by one generation, the baby boomers, originally known as the me generation. Compared to a plague of locusts, the sociopaths largely ruined America solely to benefit their own selfish desires. Despite being far less educated, they owned ten times the wealth millennials did at the same age.

    Both far right and left-leaning writers have agreed that America started declining by every measure since they dominated the country. Those who pay attention to subtle social trends will notice they really embrace a culture of unbridled narcissism and sociopathy. The worst politicians are boomers and other elderly, parasitic gerontocrats. Unfortunately they seem utterly unable to let go of power.

    The rest of us will have to figure out how to unite in solidarity against these rotting corpses that turned the country into a gerontocracy.

  17. @Anonymous

    Both far right and left-leaning writers have agreed that America started declining by every measure since [Boomers] dominated the country.

    Problem here, besides this being one of the most successful ever ops our enemies have run to split us by generational lines which in the US FDR really got going in 1935 with “Social Security,” is that “started” is an implicit lie. The decline clearly started earlier and before any of them could vote, I note for example the 1960s-70s were when Jews decisively gained control of the country.

    Boomers had no political power when the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 was passed, for example, along with the other big LBJ “Great Society” programs. My Silent Generation mother never forgave herself for voting for JFK, it was presented to her and the rest of the country that there wasn’t a strong reason to pick either him or Nixon in 1960.

    That 1960s-70s period was a also a legal capstone for the “Civil Rights movement” as Wikipedia puts it, giving it credible dates of 1954-1968 although Eleanor Roosevelt for example was a notorious activist for it in the 1930s and forced busing (school integration) seems to me to really pick up in the 1970s. “No fault divorce” started in 1970 in California, although per Wikipedia it took until 1983 for all but South Dakota and New York to adopt it, so you can place some blame for this on the Boomers.

    The worst politicians are boomers and other elderly, parasitic gerontocrats. Unfortunately they seem utterly unable to let go of power.

    That seems to be a “by default” thing today, since there are only a few late in the “Greatest Generation” politicians still hanging around like “Biden,” McConnell and Pelosi. Few worth respecting would of course argue against Clinton and W being among our worst Presidents, curiously like Trump all three born in 1946, the first year for the Boomers, and Schumer was born in 1950.

    What other landmarks do you perceive that actually happened when Boomers had a fair amount of political power, like Reagan’s amnesty in 1986? For that matter, anyone have any idea how the Boomers voted for him in 1980 or Gerald Ford in 1976 vs. Jimmy Carter?

  18. Anonymous[373] • Disclaimer says:

    Blaming any group involves a generalization, and obviously there are exceptions. And, strictly speaking, blaming boomers and other groups, even jews, aren’t even mutually exclusive. I’m not sure aware you are of revisionism over JFK’s assassination, but he may have been one of the more loyal, patriotic presidents, and this is the reason he was murdered.

    As for the boomer generation, the boomers may not be responsible for the original Civil Rights movement or Hart Cellar Act, but the boomers and their distinctive culture have dominated the political and economic system for several decades and they could have repealed it.

    They largely failed to stem the excess tide of immigration, and oversaw the rise of all the excesses of diversity and affirmative action we see today. Left-wing boomers mindlessly accept slogans like “diversity is our strength,” while their conservative counterparts accept this since it fits into their view of America as a “colorblind” nation with the goal of maximizing short-term GDP growth. They oversaw NAFTA and the deindustrialization of the US, ensuring the rise of China. They continually passed tax cuts that only benefited themselves.

    Overall, they’re rightly blamed for destroying the social fabric and ushering in a culture of selfishness and narcissism. Before this generation, it was seen as normal for parents to expect their children to have a better life than them. Boomers largely went in the opposite direction, and largely rigged the economy so that the middle class lifestyle they enjoyed would be permanently out of reach for future generations. This is the source of most of their criticism from the left. For instance, they defunded the universities, thus creating the current student debt crisis.

    And the US is now gerontocracy largely run by boomers. This is similar to how the USSR was before it collapsed.

    Of course, there are decent boomers, and they aren’t hesistant to speak out against the excesses of their generation. It’s not just a matter of blaming boomers as individuals, but also scrutinizing the culture and factors that led to them and their worldview.

  19. @Anonymous

    I’m not sure aware you are of revisionism over JFK’s assassination, but he may have been one of the more loyal, patriotic presidents, and this is the reason he was murdered.

    He wasn’t so loyal in WWII when his relationship with a German girl prompted his removal to a not so nice position in the Pacific. Which brings up the biggest issue I have with him, he was breathtakingly incompetant. There he got his PT boat cut in half by a Japanese destroyer, which his family’s PR machine turned into something heroic.

    Fast forward to the 1960s and his attorney general brother is out of control, there were likely precursors just like for the Nixon shock but under his watch the US removed silver as a monetary metal, and his successive displays of weakness ultimately get us the closest we’ve ever gotten to an intentional nuclear war. He also agreed to let his Best and Brightest assassinate the strongmen running Vietnam a month before he in turn was assassinated, and one of the only two good things I can say about LBJ is that he accepted the “you broke it, you own it” obligation.

    So I don’t really care about his claimed loyalty and patriotism, that was generally expected and delivered at that level until the New Left captured the Democrats circa 1972.

    As for the boomer generation, the boomers may not be responsible for the original Civil Rights movement or Hart Cellar Act, but the boomers and their distinctive culture have dominated the political and economic system for several decades and they could have repealed it.

    I question your claim they could have “repealed” it. Although Clinton represents some of the worst of what you generally ascribe to them, and worked actively to make things a lot worse.

    Of course, there are decent boomers, and they aren’t hesistant to speak out against the excesses of their generation.

    Yet in the general sweeping condemnation of the whole generation you and your ilk include and alienate them. Again, a most successful op by our enemies. You fully buy into their efforts to divide us.

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