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 Robert Weissberg Archive
Why Blacks Reject Tough Policing
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Those who follow the politics of crime all know the song and dance routine where racial justice radicals demand defunding the police, ending mass incarceration and the de-criminalization of minor offenses, all followed by rejoinders that these policies largely victimizes vulnerable minorities, On balance, it would seem, an apparent airtight case for law and order, yet the clamor for such polices from its alleged victims is faint. Can anyone recall the last time black elected officials organized a rally to show support for the police? What inner-city merchant would post a “Support the Cops” sign in his store window? Now, given the obvious benefits of tough policing, what explain this silence, if not outright opposition? There is something unspeakable here.

Begin by recognizing that ample anti-crime measures besides government-paid policing are available to poor blacks besieged by criminality. The Neighborhood Crime Watch Program sponsored by the National Sherriff’s Association (with DOJ financial support) since 1972 has helped cut crime with simple low-cost measures such signs warning criminals that they are being watched by locals. The NYC’ Crime Stoppers initiative offer anonymous tipsters up to \$3500 for information leading to the arrest and indictment of violent felons. There are vigilantly options, even instances of black organized vigilantism and what about peaceful patrols like New York City’s Guardian Angels? Besieged locals might fund a private security firms staffed by ex-cops and military veterans while cooperating with a slimmed-down police department by videotaping hoodlums and ratting them out. Why not invite the NRA to help the law-abiding buy guns and teach them shooting skills? It is bizarre to insist that poor blacks are defenseless against violent crime if radicals cut police budgets.

The explanation for this odd silence, even from crime victims themselves, is that they benefit from the rampant criminality. Living in a Hobbesian, dystopic world has its advantages and may easily become a normal condition of life.

Start with the obvious—blacks are especially prone to criminality, whether murder or shoplifting. It is ubiquitous, and one can easily see it by visiting poor black neighborhood where: stores lock up small valuable items or those specifically design for the “ethnic market. Why do big box stores such as Walmart avoid black areas? Of the utmost importance, criminality extends well beyond the initial perpetrator. Shoplifters, for example, often re-sell (“fence”) their looted booty and may even steal to order (so-called boosters). It is no accident that the recent outbreak of smash and grab looting targeted high-end retailers and this booty passes through several hands, each taking a cut, before the final customer gets her Prada bag at a bargain price.

Broken windows policing concentrates on black neighborhoods for good reason. There is easy-to-observe drug dealing, public intoxication, loitering, spray painting graffiti, noise violations, unlicensed street vendors, hookers strolling about, illegal parking, DUI and multiple other automobile-related offenses. Even low-level police encounter often escalate into felonies, especially as crowds gather. Look deeper and one may uncover unlawful gambling, unlicensed bars, backroom brothels among countless criminal behaviors.

Yes, these are mainly petty crimes, often punished as if they were parking violations, but computerized record keeping often multiplies the impact of a single arrest. The miscreant arrested for public urination might also have outstanding warrants for unpaid child support, violating orders of protection, welfare fraud, child abuse, failure to appear in court for sentencing and similar “minor” offense, but the sum total of this record may result in punishment far harsher than that meted out for any single crime. Many states also have “three strike laws” where a minor offense could trigger a long jail sentences.

The arrest of a single individual, moreover, adversely impacts the lives of countless others, some of whom may be totally guiltless. Arresting a teenager for vandalism means that family members will be called to the police station, required to appear in court and confer with the public defender (or hire a lawyer), and perhaps visit junior at a distant detention facility. The ripple effect might entail taking time off from work, being embarrassed when describing junior’s mischief to friends and other family members, informing schools officials of his absence, filling out paperwork for his release (even if without jail time) and similar unpleasant, time-consuming encounters.

Now for explaining the paradox of tolerating weak policing when experiencing epidemic destructive criminality.

If criminologists calculated cost benefit ratios for enforcing the law for both individuals and the community at large, they would surely discover that the costs for apprehended individuals is, as noted above, considerable but the net communal benefit tiny. That is, arresting a single shoplifter may be burdensome for the culprit (and those associated with the miscreant) but removing a lone shoplifter where shoplifting is commonplace will hardly be noticed.

Now, it will soon be apparent to those inclined toward shoplifting (or any other crime) that the one guaranteed escape from arrest is not to arrest anyone for any crime. A form of criminal herd immunity—safety in widespread criminality and this “solution” is simple: end store surveillance, ban racial profiling, fire security guards etc. or, best of all, end shoplifting penalties.

In slightly more formal terms:

Suppose that A robs B, then B robs C and C then robs A with the cycle regularly repeated. Ideally, A might call the cops if he sees B lurking nearby, but this potential encounter risks being arrested for past misdeeds given outstanding warrants. In other words, ratting on B means police contact and, at least potentially, he may also be arrested along with B. Moreover, B’s incarceration means little since D and E will soon fill the vacancy of B’s departure, and keeping enemies at bay is endless, and each recourse to policing risks one’s own incarceration. Such are the costs of residing among criminals. No wonder ghetto crime is never-ending—you kill B, then C, then D and this mayhem-producing calculation excludes the inevitable retaliation. A State of Nature that can end only with everybody dead.


These cost/benefit calculations equally apply to serious crimes. A woman assaulted by her boyfriend might be reluctant to summon cops if both have outstanding felony warrants or are obviously engaged in criminal enterprises such as drugs or prostitution, Better to kill the offending boyfriend oneself, even in self-defense, and given the low odds of apprehension, go into hiding versus risking calling the cops and farcing offenses unrelated to the killing. This is a world of rational wild-west justice.

To repeat, shunning police contact minimizes the likelihood of incarceration for oneself but it “paid for” by granting everyone else freedom to commit crimes. Consider, by contrast, cost/benefit calculations where crime is rare. Here a robbery victim can assume that calling the cops, or often having them regularly nearby, is unlikely to result in being personally arrested. The investigating officer may run a background check on you or notice nearby pile of unopened boxes of Manolo Blahniks but since there is no downside to personally interacting with cops; reporting the crime and removing the miscreate is all upside.

One might also hypothesize that the probability of an unpleasant police encounter rises exponentially as the criminality of one’s neighbors increases. If everybody obeys the law, the odds of being stopped and arrested are about zero. Why would cops target middle-class white neighborhoods? But if, say, 10% of the local population are lawbreakers, the odds of any one resident being the object of police attention rises substantially. If half of the locals regularly violate the law and have outstanding warrants, the odds of police interaction with you personally is a near certainty.

These rational calculations explain why residents of crime plagued inner cities tell outsiders that they want increased police protection but remain paralyzed to do more than whine. Yes, they would love to banish corner drug peddlers, but once the police arrive for a stake-out, who can predict what they might find? Sharp-eyed officers will notice that the dealers congregate near certain buildings and these are soon discovered to be gambling dens frequented by family members, and then decide to raid it. The same cops may meanwhile check license plates of nearby illegally parked cars looking for stolen vehicles and otherwise “cause trouble” for the locals. And those arrested might squeal and thus implicate scores of friends. Such may be the ripple impact of a single 9-1-1 call. From the perspective of one’s own future freedom, better keep police as far away as possible regardless of the carnage.

Similarly explained is the paradox of why black economic progress fails to end calls for de-policing. It may even encourage anti-law enforcement radicalism. That is, as the law-abiding grow prosperous they flee hell holes, the density of criminality increases, and so the risk of an unwelcome police encounter correspondingly increases. Now, when the cops are called to a really bad neighborhood, catching miscreants is like shooting fish in a barrel. They are everywhere, just hanging out, so line up the usual suspects up, check ID’s, pat them down for drugs and guns, and summon the Paddy Wagon for a full load. No wonder everybody knows that “snitches get stitches”—a single snitcher can bring mass incarceration.

This logic also clarifies why the loud pushback against de-policing originates disproportionately comes from the white middle class who until recently have escaped black criminality. These fresh victims of mayhem hardly fear being interviewed by cops or being searched for illegal guns. It is hardly surprising, then, that inner-city blacks see this white-lead law-and-order clamor as colonial oppression, i.e., outsider whites imposing their system of justice whose impact will be misery, even for those total innocents. Imagine if inner-city blacks demanded greater IRS scrutiny of iffy business deductions as a way of funding the welfare state?

The only resolution would be a compact whereby blacks exclusively victimize fellow blacks and in exchange, whites accept the racial anti-cop agenda. This is a solution that restores the separate but equal principle and restores the era when law enforcement ignored black-on-black crime provided it occurred far away from whites. It reduces crimes against whites but, on the plus side, if whites seek illicit booze or gambling, they can visit the “other side of the tracks.”

Containment would be relatively easy politically and likely welcomed across racial lines. The slogan would be, “Talk justice universally, commit crime locally.” Governments might subsidize ghetto businesses to compensate them for costly criminality and thereby provide convenient targets for neighborhood bad guys. Tough cops will be assigned to where they are appreciated with unarmed social workers and anti-violence intervention specialists taking their place. “Peoples’ Tribunals” will replace downtown white-run courts.

Moreover, taking a page out of the Mafia’s policy of not harming “civilians,” put the word out that provided crime is intra-racial, it will be tolerated. Now, if a black mugs an out-of-town white tourist, the response should not be the usual flood tourist sites with more cops. Instead, round up hundreds of black illegal street vendors, drug dealers and hookers on their home turf with the implied message of “rob your own” do the time. Eventually the message will get out that those who violate the pact, like a Mafia soldier who inadvertently whacks a bystander, will be punished inhouse.

Finally, given our arguments, it’s a fool’s errand for white office-seekers to appeal to blacks victimized by crime. Yes, the recent victorious NYC mayoral candidate Eric Adams run a tough-on-crime campaign, and won lots of black votes, but this accomplishment undoubtedly reflected his being black, not his hard-nosed message. A white candidate, by contrast, will hardly succeed with a campaign that demands locking up brothers and sisters by the thousands. And this failure cannot be overcome by rationally explaining the destructive nature of black-on-black crime. Indeed, promising to flood the hood with no-nonsense cops may be terrifying. Who would vote a candidate who promises to arrest you? Nobody is that crazy.

Robert Weissberg is Professor of Political Science Emeritus, University of Illinois–Urbana

• Category: Ideology, Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Black Crime, Blacks, Judicial System 
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  1. This article is in desperate need of editing.

    The central proposition, that the ghettos be walled off and left to rot, is probably the only sensible solution, given that there is no political will to fight crime using the methods that actually work

  2. GD says:

    Its 30 years too late for this

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
    , @Hannah Katz
  3. This was an extremely interesting and insightful article. Blacks suffer from a criminality epidemic because sneaky and unethical conduct is an essential ingredient of ghetto capitalism. It’s how they do business. As Weissberg notes, the costs of this behavior are locally socialized. Yes, it’s primitive. It’s barbaric. But it does provides additional income and succor to ‘underprivileged’ neighborhoods. (Wink wink.)

    This is not to say the the American negro is ‘bad’, but he is (outside of sports end entertainment) uncompetitive with other races. And he knows it. This is why the negro is in the business of graft. Like basketball and hip hop, Blacks do crime pretty well. It’s a dirty job but they’re willing to do it. Flexible hours. No training necessary. Quick payday.

    And without the additional income that lawlessness provides, Black neighborhoods would be even more destitute than they are.

  4. TG says:

    Wow. A very interesting and thought-provoking article. Not something that had occurred to me, but I can see the sense of it.

    Not sure about the walling off blacks part, doesn’t seem practical or politically possible. But yes, one can see how inner-city blacks could fear the police. As you point out, if someone gets arrested, it affects all of their relatives. Note also that prisons are increasingly charging inmates for their jail time – so if a guy gets put in jail, the family loses whatever income he may have made and can get hit with all sorts of charges, it’s not just the inmate that gets punished but the entire extended family.

    But I also do point out: for at time in the early 1960’s, blacks were starting to unionize and finally getting decent pay – and they were fired en masse and replaced with Mexicans. That’s when black crime really spiked. If blacks had been allowed to keep their jobs as meatpackers and janitors etc. and were able to make decent money at honest blue-collar jobs, would things be better than they are today? Not perfect, but better. I think so. But that would cost the rich profits, so we can’t talk about that. And before you tell me how wonderful Mexicans are, look at the crime in that country.

  5. @TG

    Yes….blacks used to work in meat packing, slaughterhouses, retail, trucking, landscaping, construction, etc., but now all of that work has been stolen by mexicans, forcing blacks onto poverty and welfare.

    Yet they keep voting for open borders Democrats (not that the GOP is much better)

    • Agree: Ace
    • Replies: @TG
    , @mocissepvis
    , @John Johnson
    , @HT
  6. Dutch Boy says:

    Eric Adams abandoned the tough-on-crime agenda as soon as he was elected (in solidarity with the Soros-funded DA of Manhattan, Alvin Bragg).

  7. Yee says:

    Slums anywhere in the world are ruled by gangsters instead of police. There’s nothing uniquely Black in this.

    Slums in Hongkong before demolished in the 90s were ruled by gangsters too.

  8. @TG

    Blacks probably suffered the most from the post 1965 immigration act. yet they vote solidly for the democrats who pushed it through.

    • Replies: @TG
    , @annonymous
  9. @TG

    The main flaw in this piece is that it overplays the economic factor and underplays the sexual factor. The biggest determinant in shaping black crime is black female antagonism from to sexual competition from outgroup elements (most especially white females). Everyone knows that if a black man succeeds as the next Tiger Woods then he can pick up a white female if he so chooses. The biggest factor which made Barack Obama popular among black women was that he chose to marry one of theirs, instead of hitching up with a white woman.

    The wish by black women to create a wall against the outgroup competition has been the biggest factor in raising black crime. It accounts for why someone like Breonna Taylor bangs drug-dealers who leave dead corpses in rental cars when she could have married some black cook or janitor. This article is another instance of how liberals and conservatives like economic interpretations to these things.

  10. lavoisier says: • Website

    Thoughtful article but unfortunately true.

    Black inclination towards criminal behavior and unwillingness to follow reasonable standards required by civilization make them hostile to any attempt to impose order.

    Instead, blame whitey for their myriad problems.

    It is sad, but the future of America is gated communities and more and more voluntary segregation.

    Black criminality is so bad that it has essentially made a race blind society impossible.

    And liberal excuse making for that criminality only makes matters worse.

    • Agree: Shel100
  11. @Patrick Gibbs

    This article is in desperate need of editing.

    Would that make it less embarrassing to endorse?

    You can ignore the typos, punctuation, and other errors, but there’s still nothing insightful or informative in this meandering mess. Mr. Weissberg is just the sloppiest among several mediocre authors published here with little to say but that, whatever else may be wrong in the world, at least we’re better than black people.

  12. Sam J. says:

    It might be less trouble to just look straight at the numbers. About 40% of Blacks have trouble with the law. The numbers are likely higher because that’s just the ones that get caught. So if near half the people in a group don’t want the law to be enforced it’s difficult to enforce the law.

    There is a way however to fix this problem and the reason the situation is as it is now is surprising for those that haven’t thought about it. The present dysfunction comes from two Supreme court decisions that were made up from whole cloth.

    1.The Supreme court through many different civil rights rulings ruled that there could be no real rules to make sure voters and juries were qualified. In many States it used to be that you had to have a high school diploma to vote or other qualifications.

    If these sort of rules were still in place then no matter what Blacks wanted the people voting could have the laws enforced because there would be no juice in catering to Black opinion at all. They wouldn’t have the votes. Anyone who catered to the Black opinion that no Blacks should be in jail would be thrown out of office.

    2. The Supreme court ruled that the State Senates could no longer have “regional” representation. Most States had regional based Senates exactly like the Federal government had. Now how it’s illegal in the States but not the Federal government the court didn’t explain.

    This has the result that ALL the power lies in the large city centers in all the States. The large city centers are where the population resides so Senators are elected according to population and the rural areas be damned. They have no representation.

    If there was regional representation this lawlessness in the cities would be stopped in a very short order.

    Let’s look at a typical population map vs a regional based political map to show the difference.

    Here’s a population map and it is the present power structure in the US. Population density in 3D. Height is population.

    Here’s the present power distribution in representation.

    Here’s what it would be if the country had regional representation in the State Senates.

    The difference is huge.

    A typical example would be NY State where the city centers have decided to not arrest anyone for much of anything. In the past in NY State there was no or next to no gun violence and robberies were small also. Why is that? The State Senate before it was totally based in the cities made a law that if you committed a crime with a gun then you got the death penalty immediately. Any crime. And it was fast. You rob a store with a gun, stick some one up, any crime with a gun, you were tried, convicted in a few weeks and electrocuted to death. Subsequently there was little gun crime and most shop keepers had a baseball bat in their shops. If you tried to rob them they would bash you with the bat so most criminals, not wanting to be hit by bats, didn’t rob people near as much.


    The Supreme court decision vesting all power in the cities ruined this. Change this and in a matter of a few years all this nonsense could be put to rest by ruthlessly enforcing the law.

    All power in the US now resides in all the biggest cities in all the States.

    Let’s see what this means. If power is only in the big cities, and it is, then those that whose nature is more liberal, in the cities, will always have more voting power. The Houses and the Senates of the States are automatically given a far more leftward slant. If you go to New York City and then to New York upstate they are not the same people. The upstate New York people have zero power. Let’s try others, Washington State, Oregon State.

    If Washington State and Oregon State had regional representation in the Senates of those States do you think the people in east Washington State or Oregon State would have allowed all that burning and looting in Seattle and Portland? HELL NO. The (regional based) Senators of those States would have gotten a mass of angry calls from the people in the eastern part of the State and they would they would have to do something or had their asses kicked to the curb. This means the rural area Senators would have immediately leaned on the governor to the extent that I expect as bad as it got they would have told the governor he would be impeached if he did not stop all the burning and rioting.

    People who live in more inaccessible rural areas have a much bigger fear of anarchy for justified reasons. It’s a mental attitude that if you look for it is widespread all over the country and for good justifiable reasons. They don’t have any police nearby to protect them. State police can take hours to get to them if they need help. That’s why they will never give up their guns. No one is coming to save them. By the time the police get there the criminals would have killed them. This local attitude I bet would carry over in the minds of the rural population over to all parts of the State. So even if they were in eastern Washington they would have looked, and did, in horror at what was going on in Seattle.

    This sort of “regional” State Senates, which was outlawed by an illegal court decision, carries over to a whole plethora of issues.

    I’ll give another example. The governor of Virginia and the legislature almost, not quite, but almost passed some sort of draconian gun control. Now if there was regional Senate representation do you think that would pass? Hell no. Never in a million years because Senators would have to answer directly to their region and as you can see there’s a hell of a lot more red than blue in the red-blue map “IF” you have regional representation like we used to have in the States. Why the idea of gun control would never even come up because the idea that it would pass would be so futile as to be nonexistent.

    This is a huge, massive power grab that started after the civil war when the big population centers in the country defeated the more rural South and it has only intensified over time. Over time the city centers have become more and more corrupt and since the lesser population regions have no power they can not stop it. Look at all the big cities where all the fraud goes on and then imagine that every single State had a regional Senator instead of one based on population in every State. Can you imagine that these regional Senators would allow all this corruption to go on in the cities voting and have all their rural residents votes nullified by these corrupt bastards. Hell no. There would be a huge massive investigation that would never end by the regional Senators until at least the most flagrant of the violations would stop.

    So what do we do? We must nullify the illegal court decisions that caused this abortion of the cities controlling everything and we can do this in several ways.

    The Republicans who had the Senate and House in the Federal government under Trump could have done this but they were too timid, corrupt or ignorant to do so. In fact the Legislature and the President can tell the Supreme court to kiss their ass. It’s built right into the Constitution that THEY decide WHAT the Supreme court can rule ON.

    Here’s the relevant constitutional passages.

    “…In all the other cases before mentioned, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction, both as to law and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

    “…with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make…”

    The important part. The earlier part declares what powers they have but it ends with control of these functions by Congress. Congress could tell them to butt out of any stupid overbearing rulings. They could do that with lots of stuff they keep ramming down our throats. The courts could be stuck with only deciding water rights cases between States if they push too hard to twist the Constitution to death.

    The key to making this country great again is to ONLY elect Representatives to the Federal government that promise directly, no dog whistles, to nullify these two illegal Supreme court rulings and FORCE all State Senates to be regionally based on territory or tradition county borderlines in the State Senates.

    All States that refuse to do this will not have their Representatives seated nor will their votes be counted and we will carry on without them.

    There is precedent for this. When Nixon got tossed and the Democrats had overwhelming votes in the Federal government they forced a State, I think New Hampshire, to continue voting for a Federal Representative more than once because they said there was fraud until they got a Democrat elected. Until then they refused to seat him. What they can do, so can we.

    We don’t need to stand for the way things are. We need to grab power exactly like the Jews have and do what we wish instead of what they wish.

    We didn’t evolve into the situation we are in, we were robbed. Silly people say we should secede from the US union. I say we should take over the whole thing and run it as we damn well please.

  13. KenH says:

    When there is a heavy police presence in negro hoods they charge da poleece with being a hostile occupation force even if the heavy police presence leads to lower crime and a safer hood. Then when the police withdraw blacks charge da poleece with racism not caring about da black community.

    You can’t win with the negro because he suffers from cognitive dissonance on almost everything.

    If segregation isn’t possible then we really need a two tiered justice system. Blacks need to be policed with a very heavy hand and should receive harsher sentences given their shockingly high crime rates compared to every other racial group.

    • Agree: thenon
    • Replies: @thenon
  14. anarchyst says:
    @Sam J.

    You make very good points about regional representation.
    The federal “electoral college” system is a form of regional representation as it forces presidential candidates to campaign in all 50 states, not just in the major population centers. If the presidential election was determined by the “popular vote” only, candidates could safely ignore most of the (flyover) country. The major cities would be the only areas that “counted”.
    I would like to see the states adopt the same system on a county-by-county basis, especially for gubernatorial elections.
    As it stands now, candidates for governor of the “several states” only have to pay attention to the major population centers within their states and can safely ignore the more=sparsely populated rural areas.
    A county-by-county “electoral system” would correct that imbalance.
    The same electoral system could be used for federal senatorial races as well.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  15. TG says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Yes, good point. Blacks have been brainwashed into voting for their own replacements. Not helped by upper-class blacks betraying their blue-collar brethren, that nice diversity officer gets a nice bonus and the rest of her race can get ground into the mud…

    • Replies: @Malla
  16. TG says:

    Again, correct. Blacks are their own worst enemy on this. I think it’s because the black ‘elite’ have been bought out, the Obamas etc. get a nice life in change for betraying the overwhelming mass of American blacks, and – for whatever reason – politically blacks are sheep, they will vote for whomever they are told to vote for, even violently right-wing corporate neoliberal shills like Bill Clinton and Barak Obama.

  17. TG says:
    @Patrick McNally

    Huh. An interesting post, even if I don’t quite get all of it. Maybe, for some of it.

    IMHO the biggest thing in black crime is that young black males can’t make a decent living through honest blue-collar work. Welfare is not a good substitute – young men need to make enough money on their own to pay the rent and put dinner on the table.

    I mean, in Mexico, everyone is a Mexican, and the elite-forced population explosion means that most young male Mexicans can’t earn a decent living through honest work. And that sucks. Because everyone in Mexico is a Mexican, the violence there can’t be racial – it’s economic. Yes?

  18. @TG

    We live in a globalized world now even whites cannot run away from Asian and India labor. You’re probably black yourself and trying to find ways to rationalize your people’s inferiority, blaming Mexicans just isn’t an excuse. Blacks can work just as hard and cheaply as Mexicans to take care of their family, that life is not ideal and they don’t like to compete or work cheaply is not an excuse, they simply take the seemingly easy way out and so never develop skills, never get out of poverty.

    There’s also economic arguments for why cheap labor is needed(keeps down inflation etc) giving dindus high wages without them having high skills was and is unsustainable. Not that I expect dindus to understand whitie can’t give him everything but whitie really can’t give him everything.

  19. I think the old argument that Blacks engage in crime due almost exclusively to poverty is nothing more than typical liberal drivel. Blacks engage in disproportionate levels of crime compared to other racial groups because of genetic or biological factors (e.g., low impulse control, poor future time orientation, low-IQs). They have unusually strong proclivities toward violence and thievery.

    This sort of behavior is strengthened among them (as in the United States) by a ghetto culture that esteems the thug, drug dealer, ‘gangsta,’ and pimp. Generational welfare also helps to perpetuate the same attitudes among these horrifically dysfunctional people. There are many people in poverty-stricken third-world countries who don’t murder each other at the same rates that Blacks do. They also don’t engage to the same degree in thievery. So while poverty may play a part, it does not explain the entirety of why Blacks engage in the skyrocketing levels of violent crime that they are known for.

    Morality and ethics play no meaningful role in the lives of most Blacks. Even though there is a church on every corner in most Black communities, it’s obvious that Christianity has little if any practical effect on their conduct. They like the emotionalism of Charismatic Christianity – whooping it up, singing, speaking in tongues, dancing in the aisles, and putting on big show – but for actually learning the doctrinal truths of their faith, forget it!

    Blacks in large measure are a race of people unfit for civilized White society. This explains why every attempt to bring them ‘equality’ by racially naive Whites consistently fails. Blacks only respect force and power. They can only be prevented from their violent ways when the White man has a foot on their neck. Short of that, Blacks will turn every country and city into South Africa, Rhodesia, Detroit, and Birmingham.

    Only very foolish nations allow Blacks a foothold in their countries.

  20. Hold on one cotton picking minute! There is only pragmatic solution that has any chance of working, and that is to remove all of all the branch managers and antique farm equipment in these neighborhoods. Problem solved.

  21. Until there’s a massive culling of blacks, it’s only going to get worse. You can’t teach aspiring gangsta rappers new tricks. Once a hoodrat always a hoodrat. With each generation blacks become more feral and violent, it’s simply part of their culture to be violent criminals.
    Niggaz just being niggaz, from cradle to grave. Burn Loot Murder and Rape (BLM/R), thats all they know how to do.

    • Agree: Ace
  22. @Greta Handel

    nothing insightful? I found his thesis totally original

    • Disagree: Pierre de Craon
  23. @Yee

    We call this the “tragic dirt” theory, the idea that slums create criminality. Of course, this is not true. Slums are created by a network of factors including the residents’ criminality, but also their low IQ, high time preference, poor impulse control, etc.

    I live in a mid-sized town in Appalachia which is 95% white. Daily, I drive through a large complex of Section 8 (government subsidized) housing the residents of which look to be 80% white. The housing is clean, well maintained, no graffiti and no obvious signs of criminality (hooking or drug dealing).

    One can be poor, live among poor people and yet not have the neighborhood turn into a hellhole like e.g. the South Side of Chicago. Slums do not create criminality. It’s criminals that create criminality. Group enough criminals together and you get a slum.

    • Agree: Richard B, DMZABO
    • Replies: @europeasant
  24. @Greta Handel

    Unable to address the truth-content of the essay, you are reduced to criticizing his writing style and making ad hominem arguments about the author’s mediocrity.

    Strict policing would make inner cities much more livable, less murderous, increase their economic vitality, etc. Why do inner city voters reject strict policing? The gist of Mr. Weissberg’s essay is that inner city voters reject strict policing because of the high percentage of criminals among the voters.

    If you agree with him and are disappointed in the reality, I share your disappointment.

    If you disagree, please explain why. You can’t resort to the argument that inner city cops are racist, because most inner city cops are black.

    • Agree: TTSSYF
    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  25. What the author advocates is the longtime policy of the city of Chicago: leave black neighborhoods largely underpoliced to avoid racial strife, but also heavily enforce policing of desirable neighborhoods (e.g. The Loop), gentrifying neighborhoods, and white enclaves. Allow the local black aldermen (who wield a lot of power) to celebrate keeping their neighborhoods “authentic” while also demanding they keep the authenticity out of the non-black areas.

    In short, soft segregation.

    This is in contrast to the give-up-and-get-donuts policy of the 1960s-1980s NYC police and the later Broken Windows policies that NYC enforced in the Giuliani/Bloomberg eras, where all neighborhoods were equally subject to flood-the-zone, arrest-all-miscreants policy, especially when a crime had occurred.

    This allowed the paradox of Chicago: it never got as bad as NYC in terms of reputation for crime in the 1960s-80s street crime boom, but also never got as good as the Giuliani/Bloomberg NYC years, when gay celebrity whites like Doogie Howser started buying properties in Harlem and Brooklyn suddenly became a desirable enclave. While Chiraq had a bad crime rate, most non-blacks never saw the worst of it, since it was confined to black neighborhoods.

    Not coincidentally I believe, the author is from a university in Illinois.

    • Replies: @Decoy
  26. @Patrick Gibbs

    Thanks! I guess I don’t need to know what “risking calling the cops and farcing offenses” means.

  27. @Patrick McNally

    What?! Black men do crime because “black female antagonism from to sexual competition from outgroup elements”?

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  28. @Yee

    Yeah, but blacks create only slums- unlike other peoples and races.

  29. AceDeuce says:

    But I also do point out: for at time in the early 1960’s, blacks were starting to unionize and finally getting decent pay – and they were fired en masse and replaced with Mexicans.

    “En masse”, eh? Got any sourcing on this? In the 1960s, outside of California and the Southwest, there weren’t any Mexicans to speak of.

  30. AceDeuce says:
    @Dutch Boy

    Eric Adams abandoned the tough-on-crime agenda as soon as he was elected

    Who the hell didn’t see that coming? blacks are blacks, to the exclusion of anything else. He’s not mayor, he’s a black who is mayor. He wasn’t a cop–he was a black who was a cop.

    They do nothing without their color serving as their guide. Their race is what influences them.

    This is why –Never vote for a non-White. Ever.

    • Agree: Richard B, DMZABO
  31. Kat Grey says:

    And they cannot use the excuse of slavery and the Jim Crow laws because the African migrants here in Europe are also inclined to criminality making up a prison population disproportionate to their actual numbers in each respective country. So it’s clearly a racial phenomenon as opposed to historic legacy.

    • Replies: @DMZABO
  32. Altai says:

    The only resolution would be a compact whereby blacks exclusively victimize fellow blacks

    That is defacto what is happening on large enough a scale to make this politically sustainable though. At least in terms of violent crime.

    Some places like San Fransisco though are just too geographically compacted by mountains and ocean and lots of upper middle class Asians and whites have non-trivial rates of crime victimisation.

    Places like Portland where the white population was until very recently near total, whose white population is largely WASP and settler descended with extremely high levels of trust and altruism from this long-standing homogeneity of high trust people tend not to be able to argue today against anti-social policies pushed under a pro-social Trojan horse. However, they also now have a large enough black population ~9% to make policing an issue and an issue that will be dealt with by removing it the most since that is pitched as the most pro-social empathetic policy.

    But again, 9% is enough to make it an issue but not enough to mean that depolicing will touch the lives of enough of the Portland middle and upper classes to cause much pressure to reverse policies.

    So Portland will be an interesting experiment since it is so segregated and the white population is willing to go along with all this that it might be a defacto example of what you propose inside a society rather than at national scale.

    But places like Chicago or Atlanta with huge and much higher proportionally black populations, could encounter serious problems as we are seeing with the Mag Mile becoming nonviable for retail. (Though I think high end retail being seen as critical is another example of economic myopia)

  33. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    I couldn’t finish this article. It reads like it was translated from Mandarin by some half-assed digital app.

    Is there an editor in the house???

  34. @TG

    I can agree that there are economic motives for crime in Mexico. I also think that this is why we generally see lower crime rates among Hispanics in the US as opposed to blacks. In the US, the economic motive for crime becomes weaker among Hispanic immigrants. Not that they become suddenly rich, but just that they now can see better ways of advancing economic interest without crime. Within black neighborhoods, high crime has existed for a long time and follows rules which are obviously quite different from what we see among Hispanics. No one has been able to give a good economic explanation for that. Black crime does not correlate very well with a calculated economic interest. On the other hand, one can see multiple examples of criminals who benefit sexually. For black neighborhoods to be straightened out it would be necessary for fools like Breonna Taylor to reshape their demands of the black males. Right now, there’s good reason to say that it makes sense for a black male to engage in crime for sexual advancement.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Anonymous
  35. Robert Weissberg is Professor of Political Science Emeritus

    A professional bullshit artist can do nothing but this blatantly stupid article. To admit that the justice system doesn’t work would be bad juju for a guy that lives off the system.

    Think this through. The street cop is always your enemy. He is useless in fighting crime because he isn’t there when it occurs and he is ready to pop out from behind a sign to ticket you for a made up crime. The tickets help pay his salary and generous benefits. Who is enforcing all the mask and other mandates? It’s that moron cop that got out of school as dumb as a box of rocks and decided that being a thug was his only way to survive. The average cop is a useless eater that is only there to protect the political class from the citizenry.

    The street cop should be done away with precisely because he is completely ineffective in his advertised position to fight crime. Pay the detectives, forensics people and their support system better to catch the criminals after the useless street cop failed in his primary mission. Suddenly, the mayor is no longer protected by a phalanx of burly costumed morons with guns and a bad attitude. Suddenly, the school board can’t run roughshod over parents by telling the moron street cops to harass anyone that objects to their edicts.

    The disappearance of street cops and the elevation of true crime fighters like detectives just might put a real dent into crime, IF the phony prosecutors and judges would meet out some real justice. The average person needs to be armed and killing some POS with a long criminal record should produce a certificate for public service instead of a court date.

    We, the people, need to be armed so we, the people can kill off the shit in the society when we encounter them. Street cops are designed to inhibit our natural right of self defense and the defense of our property. Stop supporting the morons that are paid to keep you defenseless and easy prey for the predators in the society.

  36. DrWatson says:
    @Sam J.

    The State Senate before it was totally based in the cities made a law that if you committed a crime with a gun then you got the death penalty immediately. Any crime. And it was fast. You rob a store with a gun, stick some one up, any crime with a gun, you were tried, convicted in a few weeks and electrocuted to death. Subsequently there was little gun crime and most shop keepers had a baseball bat in their shops. If you tried to rob them they would bash you with the bat so most criminals, not wanting to be hit by bats, didn’t rob people near as much.

    So how feasible would it be to make such a law these days you think?

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Sam J.
  37. @RockaBoatus

    I agree with you that the notion that poverty is entirely to blame is rubbish, and am generally on the side that genetics are more important than the environment.

    However, here in the UK African black people
    do much better in school and are generally better behaved than West Indies black people who arrived in Britain a couple of generations ago.

    I would argue that this is down to the fact that longer established black communities are saturated in media and establishment propaganda omnipresent in the West which blames white people for everything and treats black people like perpetual victims and at the same time like Gods who deserve to be worshipped by society.

    • Replies: @Druid55
  38. gotmituns says:

    Whether or not blacks reject harsh punishment is not the issue. The issue is they’re not competent to carry out the duties of an adult citizen for the most part – probably 95% of them. Their status should be that of a child. A dangerous child, yes, but a child. They shouldn’t be dealt harshly with but whatever force is necessary to control them is practicable. As far as putting them on “trail” for anything goes – totally ridiculous.

  39. @Badger Down

    Definitely a typo left in there which I would have corrected if possible. The “from” word seems extraneous. But, yes, I would have to say that most of the black crime which I’ve seen reported about relates to sexual incentives, not economic ones. If a fellow knows that getting in trouble with the cops can increase his street creds in a way which opens more pussy, then that’s what many will do. Eurasians (whether white, brown or yellow) and Hispanics have generally maintained cultural norms so that most young are disincentivized away from the assumption that trouble with police will raise their sexual status. Among many sectors of the black populace, it works the other way around.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  40. Meanwhile in Russia. The Russian approach.
    Spirituality , Orthodoxy, Conciliarity

  41. GMC says:

    One of the problems I saw growing up in Chicago, was that there was never any solid plans to deal with the south side. And if there were , most likely those plans got squashed at the Federal level, or the political party that was in power – same Power , different name. I often thought that the Police/ Fire departments, Housing agencies and few others, would have had the best shot at developing a decent plan. But later I saw that the South Side, the ghettos are nothing more than ” Job security and good pensions”for most of the Cities Unions/workers.. Not to forget about a good reason to raise taxes in the best neighborhoods on the Loop area, North side, and some other nice little hangouts called the Burbs.
    Nope the real plan was to get the natives {blacks} on the reservations { Ghettos} and keep them there for later use. Us peasants have never been privy to the Rules and Plans that were made up decades ago or maybe even centuries ago. The same Owners were always – far ahead of us – and they knew how to buy off the officials at the Top of any City. Notice that the Owners have used every down and out slug to populate the West – just with a stroke of a pen . As the 65 Open Unlimited Immigration Laws show.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  42. geokat62 says:

    Why Blacks Reject Tough Policing

    Short answer: Cuz it benefits them?

  43. Drew says:

    I guess the main question I have after reading this poorly written and edited article is: how is it possible that blacks can be policed well enough to not commit crimes against whites, but it’s not possible to be police them well enough to not commit crimes at all?

  44. @DrWatson

    How about the law gets out of the way of decent people protecting themselves with whatever weapon they choose? If some dirtbag tries robbing the local gas station, what is so wrong with the owner blowing the shit out of him with a shotgun? Why is it that the decent people need permission to protect themselves from the protected trash in the society?

    The criminal justice system protects the predators. It houses, clothes, feeds and provides medical care for career criminals and then puts them back on the street to enhance their rap sheet. How does this make any sense if the objective is to eliminate crime? The criminal justice system is there to make sure crime never goes down so the voting normies keep begging their masters for protection that never materializes.

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  45. Anonymous[160] • Disclaimer says:

    “Many states also have “three strike laws” where a minor offense could trigger a long jail sentences.”

    In a city like New York, notwithstanding eight million residents, there’s paucity of public restrooms and the local restaurants restrict access to their facilities to paying customers only and when commutes are longer than an hour at a time without restrooms in stations, sometimes one has to urinate unlawfully, so, now a person who has been cited three times over the years would have to go to prison for a long time while the rapists, pedophiles, arsonists, burglars and murdrers get lighter sentences… what kind of society is that?

  46. Marcali says:

    So let’s demolish the slums of the United States of America. Instant remedy as you promised.

    • Replies: @europeasant
  47. anon[418] • Disclaimer says:

    its long past time for trying to understand Negroes and why they behave the way they do. its time for pushback, its only gonna get worse in the future.

  48. TTSSYF says:

    I recall reading a quote from a black man who said that blacks like the unpredictability of life in the ‘hood…that you never knew what you were going to see happening on the street. They find civil order boring. It’s why they prefer front porches while most whites prefer the privacy of a large back yard.

  49. @Patrick Gibbs

    Walling off ghettos is as politically feasible as mass deportation to Africa, and mass deportation to Africa would produce superior results in every way.

  50. @Patrick McNally

    Nah. I disagree. The majority of issues with blacks is related to money. They steal, they stop cars, break into homes only for money. Nothing else. The sex aspect isn’t all that. I mean not that I’m siding with them but I’ve read statistics that the majority of their rape victims are black women.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  51. @Wade Hampton

    Thanks for the civil reply.

    The purpose of the article is to stereotype and dismiss black people.

    Begin by recognizing that ample anti-crime measures besides government-paid policing are available to poor blacks besieged by criminality.

    The explanation for this odd silence, even from crime victims themselves, is that they benefit from the rampant criminality. Living in a Hobbesian, dystopic world has its advantages and may easily become a normal condition of life.

    No empathy or even sympathy for the law-abiding black people who are the victims of that crime. Instead, it’s their fault for not dealing with their criminals. That’s how they are.

    That’s what Mr. Weissberg does in nearly every column. It’s more Noticeable because he’s so relentless and such a poor writer, but this website’s increasingly dominated by that theme. There are tonier copium dens for white guys wearing the collar of their criminal class. Sailer wraps his stuff in sportsball and Hollywood, Derbyshire in math riddles, but they’re all helping the Establishment Distract, Divide & Conquer.

    And I now see that this mess is one of the two featured articles on the homepage. Where it can better repulse visitors and placate loyal readers who should be listening to the (dwindling) dissidents on the roster writing about and fighting Big Pharma and Big War.

  52. In the end, it’s about defenders and offenders.

  53. Charles says:

    All law enforcement – local, state, or federal – does one thing: it serves the ruling political administration.
    The small White town of my youth had no random violent crime. The people would not have tolerated it; that was the well-known but unspoken agreement (among others) by which the citizens lived.
    The citizens would not tolerate crime; therefore neither would the political administration. Therefore policemen were the ally of the citizens, because the police enforced the citizens’ own desire for peace and quiet. But all of that was a long time ago.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  54. @TTSSYF

    They’re like children, without inner life & mental-emotional maturity.

    • Agree: gotmituns, flyingtiger
  55. Blacks were far better off before the jewing in the 60’s.

    Before those nice jews decided to “help” blacks…..the rate of illegitimacy was 20%.
    After jew help it’s now 76%.

    Blacks used to go to church and fear God. Organized jewry attacked Christianity and church attendance has plummeted.

    Before jews opened the borders, blacks did most of the unskilled work in construction, meat packing, slaughterhouses, retail, trucking, landscaping, etc.
    Now, all of the unskilled work goes to mexicans, forcing blacks onto welfare.

    Jewish music moguls pushed anti-social rap music on the black community….now young blacks are saggin’ and they want to be gangsters.

    It’s hard to think of even one good thing that has come out of jewish influence.

    Organized jewry’s demonization of whites, labeling whites as hateful “racists,” has infantilized blacks and caused blacks to blame every problem on innocent white people.

    So, blacks used to have two parent families, loving fathers in the home, thriving businesses, high levels of church attendance…..until organized jewry interfered and started using divide and conquer strategies.

    Negroes have zero agency as a group. Many of the problems in the black community stem from jewish influence.

    Many of the problems facing humanity in general stem from jewish influence.

    Somebody needs to tell the nose to mind their own business.

    • Replies: @Wild Man
    , @HdC
  56. Mike Tre says:

    Am even just a cursory study of negro behavior reveals that the negro responds much better to hard policing, and actually resists soft policing.

    Compare negro criminality pre and post civil rights. It’s a clear as day.

  57. @Robert Dolan

    Since they can’t vote sensibly (most whites apparently can’t, either) and the results of their ignorance-driven votes are so catastrophic for everyone else as well as themselves, it’s clear that they shouldn’t be allowed to vote at all. Universal suffrage is the most idiotically destructive idea for human civilization ever conceived by mankind. Both the 19th Amendment and the Civil Wrongs Act of 1964 need to be repealed if there is to be any hope whatsoever of reversing the current course towards the abyss.

  58. Anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:
    @Patrick McNally

    In the US, the economic motive for crime becomes weaker among Hispanic immigrants. Not that they become suddenly rich, but just that they now can see better ways of advancing economic interest without crime. Within black neighborhoods, high crime has existed for a long time and follows rules which are obviously quite different from what we see among Hispanics. No one has been able to give a good economic explanation for that. Black crime does not correlate very well with a calculated economic interest.

    The “economic interest” that Black Crime correlates with has been known for a very long time, since at least the 1960s when I last saw it presented on TV when civil service exams were dropped because 90% Blacks couldn’t pass them.

    The average IQ for US Blacks is in the 85 to 90 range. Since the “McNamara’s Morons” fiasco, DOD won’t take anybody with an IQ under 83, as they are not only incapable of productive work, but an actual danger to those around them when assigned to the fighting infantry. This is a somewhat less sensationalized, but still accurate video.

    We had one of those in my Basic Training unit (somewhat after the time of the video, we used M-16 A1). By my time, the MMs were kept out of combat. The person was diverted to an assignment that would not make him a danger to others, although it was dangerous for him: corpse handling. We had another during Airborne training, and he could never quite figure out how to step off the 36 foot training platform — he dived off, which is fatal if done from an airplane, so he never graduated.

    And yet another near MacNamara’s Morons, who had made it through Airborne training, during Special Forces training. There were serious attempts to put him in a leadership role during training, and he ended up in supply.

    So, about half of the US Black population can’t work productively in an industrial society.

    Think about it. Half the Black population can’t find productive work. Half of everybody’s relatives can’t get and hold a job.

    The pay for criminal work is about that of a McDonald’s job (unskilled labor). It isn’t much work, but the actual job is standing on a corner and exchanging drugs for money, or perhaps simple shoplifting. ( . A European descended man with similar IQ could not do that, but American Blacks can, as the sub-85 IQ is not associated with physical defects in American Blacks, just as it is not associated with physical defects in African Lions.

    So, for pride, self respect, peer respect, and money, the American Black does what he can do, and the White society lands on him like a ton of bricks. The “ton of bricks” method successfully integrated other ethnic groups (or “racial clines”) into us society, more or less, because the actual McDonald’s unskilled jobs were available to almost all of these groups, and didn’t get the “ton of bricks” treatment.

    Of course, the American Black resents (even hates) the society that would condemn half their children (and, as R. Weissberg points out) and most off the other half to boot. They don’t think about it, they just want the danger to stop.

    Before government “assistance” and “protection”, the American Blacks were slowly integrating to American society, but the process was imposed on them and was very unpopular, as shown by the number of race riots. See Risen, A Nation on Fire, for the riots that passed the Civil Rights Act.

    Solution? Nothing that you or the American Blacks or I would like, but time passes, and some sort of equilibrium will be established. In Africa, the ancestors of American Blacks forced every other ethnic group in Africa into extinction or deserts (San) or rain forests (Pygmies). The ancestors of the European descended did something similar. If you want something a bit less grim, look at Eastern Europe, which had quite a complex ethnic mix before WW I, but a much simpler one after WW I.

    Of course, that was then. The barbarities of our uncivilized ancestors. “Please kindly watch these barbarous displays, which could not happen nowadays.”

  59. @Patrick McNally

    Everyone knows that if a black man succeeds as the next Tiger Woods then he can pick up a white female if he so chooses.

    Have you seen the white “women” that the typical niggroe male hooks up with?

    While we might call white women who hook up with niggroe men “coal burners” or “mud sharks,” we call niggroe men who go for white women “catfish,” because they consume the garbage that white men throw away. In 99.9 percent of cases the white “women” that niggroes claim as their Race War “war brides” barely qualify as human females, indicative of both the fact that normal white women find the idea of mating with primates repulsive and that primates are attracted to other primates, even those of lighter skin complexion. Tigger Woods’ white women are the exception that proves the rule (Tigger also has enough non-primate DNA to make him attractive to human women).

  60. @TG

    Using your logic, you then have to explain why there is so much criminality, including violent crime, among blacks in America who are *very* well-off (i.e. black pro athletes, rappers, corrupt politicians, etc).

    And please don’t tell me it’s the “culture.”

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  61. Who knows why blacks are dysfunctional? Even the “law-abiding” blacks (they do exist) are dysfunctional. In my own personal experience, I find they can’t think more than twenty minutes in the future. They are fascinated by simple, gaudy entertainment. Their houses are disaster areas with junk everywhere, food left out to spoil, and three foot weeds on the lawn. Any cash windfall is immediately spent on trivial crap, like concert tickets, jewelry, high-end purses, etc., while the fridge remains bare, the house is falling apart, and the rear brake light on the car remains broken. Any hardship is met with whining and wailing and begging for help. You give them money and they’re suddenly the richest “nigga” in the world and they spend it on garbage instead of the problem that prompted the request in the first place.

    Most of them are as dumb as a box of rocks.

    The only good thing about the whole BLM/”defund the police” garbage is they are slaughtering each other in greater numbers than ever.

    I learned my lesson. I just stay the hell away from them. As far away as possible.

    • Thanks: Katrinka
  62. @GD

    I recall the mess under NYC mayor General Dinkins (AKA The Healer) and demands from the black community for police to protect their neighborhoods like they did others. Rudy G did so, but this was not acceptable to many black residents, as the police often ended up arresting their sons when they broke the law. “Don’t arrest my son, but those OTHER criminals!”

    • Agree: Nicholas Stix
  63. Blacks are unfit to live among the other races. The best solution for the US would be to just give up. Give them Mississippi and Alabama, and then send them all there from the rest of the country.

    Sure you’d have Sierra Leone within twenty years, but that’s what walls and borders are for.

  64. Mefobills says:

    The Negro requires harsh discipline, and under those circumstances does well.

    If the discipline comes from a NEGRO Patriarchy, then crime goes way down. The old american south knew this, until the (((carpet baggers))) came a calling to then disrupt their civilization.

    By the way, the KKK was a response to the northern banking establishments using Negroes as agents, to then put the white population into debts. Blacks were installed into governorships, and political positions.

    Need proof?:

    Since the summer, Hawkins and his suit-and-tie-and-shiny-shoes brethren have all but swept the tightly packed homes clean. Now they’re down to petty stuff like responding to residents with clogged drains and inspecting unlocked gates.

    The Nation of Islam Guards reduced crime wherever they went. But you see, it is not politically correct to segregate, because all people are equal and other such liberal nonsense crammed into soft brains.

    So, why is the resident UNZ NAZI defending blacks? Because NAZIs weren’t actually evil, it is our (((friends))) who have inverted reality.

    Segregation is good for the blacks, especially in their living circumstances. The same (((class))) of parasites that want to keep the blacks down and fighting amongst themselves, are the exact same class that wants to abolish white people, especially Aryan white people.

    You cannot segregate in the work environment, or then you would cut out blacks from having access to trade their labor for money.

    If the races are fighting among themselves, then they don’t look up at their owners.

    Our (((friends))) are not a noble race of people, they use usury, rents, and deception to rule from behind the scenes. Inserting themselves into Negro affairs has been decidedly bad for black Americans.

    Divide and Conquer.

  65. @TTSSYF

    We whites use to love porches. Then both diversity and black crime showed up.

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  66. @Greta Handel

    But at the end of the day, where is the lie in “that’s just how (who) they are”? It is all replicated all over the world wherever they happen to be (or to have been) in any significant numbers, with or without out any current or legacy issues of White colonial oppression.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  67. PolarBear says:

    Blacks are shit. Jewish media and system is the fan flinging Blacks onto everyone.

  68. I’m waiting to see how the IRS’s new rule of counting stolen merchandise as income works out. Interesting to note a radical Democrat controlled IRS admits the bulk of black crime is economic. What will be interesting is to see if the Revenuers still have their mojo to take down the black shoplifters, gamblers, and car jackers.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  69. Well stated, highly cogent article.

    Let them kill/rape/rob each other.

  70. I think the tough policing to black americans is similar to tough policing by the gestapo to the jews of germany. No surprising that it’s not popular.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  71. Joe Wong says:
    @Patrick Gibbs

    Demonizing the blacks like demonizing Iraqis with fabricated WMD allegation, then the Whites can kneel and kill the blacks at the will as humanitarian aids?

    • Replies: @anon
  72. @Sam J.

    This article is one of the best explanations of the current escalating crime mess we are in, that I have come across. My owned, perhaps, simplistic solution to the crime problem is to insure that the risked to committing a crime is always higher than the reward. How do you do that? Well, for starters you might promote the understanding that looters will be shot on site, and that legal protection would be provided to the shooter. I think if a criminal has to balance out the fact that there is high probability that robbing a store or committing a home invasion could very well cause his life. He might think twice.

  73. I am one of that vanishing breed of old codgers who remembers growing up in a working-poor immigrant city neighborhood. We were mostly Italian, though we had a smattering of just about every kind of people you could imagine. If you were naive enough to call the cops, some big Boston Irish thugs who made no secret of hating your guts would show up and treat you as if you were the criminal, having some nerve bothering them on their donut break. Then they would cruise the streets harassing and intimidating “the usual suspects” until they hit upon some poor sap they could haul off and trick into confessing something, anything, so their arrest record would look neat and tidy. So yes, as dysfunctional and counterproductive as they are, some black people’s attitudes toward police “protection” are completely understandable to me. That some of the uniformed thugs now have black faces makes no difference, the same way that Obama’s skin pigment did not affect his abject servitude to power either.

  74. macilrae says:

    I have a cousin who retired from the UK police with the rank of Inspector (I think equivalent to Captain). He just shakes his head when he sees the situation today because he remembers a time when the old Bobby used to walk his “beat” and be known and respected by all the locals. He tells so many stories – some admittedly awful but many that are heartwarming.

    Society has changed so completely since those days and it is now fashionable to disparage the police and bring up children to look upon them in a most negative way. In consequence police morale is low everywhere as they close ranks against a largely hostile public and secretly curse the courses they must endure on such topics as racial sensitivity (I forget the woke name for this) – when the nastiest realities of race are literally hitting them in the face all the time. No wonder corruption and disenchantment are so widespread in our police.

    The big irony is that when the social justice warriors, loudly advocating the defunding of the police and and emptying of the jails, find themselves in personal jeopardy – perhaps following a home invasion – whom else do they desperately call upon for help?

  75. About a month ago, I was careless in backing out of a spot in a store parking lot and backed into a car going by. I’m pretty sure the accident was completely my fault. The car I hit looked like it was new, and I had really smashed up the rear fender. My old van was already banged up, and the new dent in the back bumper was a negligible addition to previous dents. This all happened in a college town that is overwhelmingly white and Asian.

    The driver of the other car was a well-dressed black woman, probably in her thirties. She was obviously upset about her spiffy car getting smashed up. I was about to give her my insurance information and call the cops, but then she started talking about how LOVE is the most powerful force in the universe and about how she just wanted to go home. After a bit she got into her car and drove off, without either of us getting the name of the other. She did not look like someone desperate to avoid contact with the cops, but why else would she just drive away?

    I was stunned by my good fortune.

  76. HT says:

    Thanks to government forced integration, blacks are everywhere now and removing them within the same country would be like trying to remove the rotten egg already mixed into the cake batter. What we now need is separate countries. That way blacks can live and grow toward their Wakanda type utopia no longer impeded by white racism that holds them down. Good luck to them.

  77. The problem is that as we whites demand “tougher policing” the Democrats are presently planning to oblige us but these “new normal” cops will be tough on white privilege violations, mask wearing, and wrongthink. Be careful what you wish for. Tougher policing is absolutely coming. For us. 🔥

    • Agree: HdC, mocissepvis
    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  78. Meanwhile, Conservative Inc. and its worthies on Twitter trip over themselves to say stuff like “if just given the opportunity, blacks will thrive,” or “they’re just like us” or “the Democrats are the real racists,” and drool over “black conservatives” that “own the libs.” This is Boomercon level drivel. Are they naïve to think think these arguments will get them votes?

    IMHO it is wiser to learn Spanish. Once Hispanics are in the majority, woe be to blacks. Ever notice that the “elite” in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries are lily white?

  79. @Patrick McNally

    A lot of theories floating around in this conversation. First of all, during the St. Floyd Riots of 2020, many of the looters/property destroyers were white antifa slimeballs as well as blacks along for the joyride. But in general if one wants to talk about fall out and why blacks don’t take any initiative in stopping crime in their own areas, I believe it is based more on interpersonal relationships than anything else. I maybe a moderately educated black person with a civil service job and no criminal record, but for whatever reason I am still living in The Hood. Whatever my own status may be – I still have a shit load of relatives that are involved in crime whose mammas drone on incessantly “My Shavonne, he be a hood boy, he dindu dat” If this theoretical black person actively gets involved in fighting crime in his own neighborhood, he is seen as a sell-out to The Man and has to deal daily with members of his own family. The grief is not worth it. So this theoretical black person keeps his nose to the ground and tries to live life as smoothly as he can without newly released from prison Brother Shayvon, Shayvon’s Momma, and Shayvon’s 400 pound white girl friend giving him crap about “preventing bruthas from making a little money.” People like my theoretical black man eventually skidaddle doo out of the ghetto as fast as they can and have and many times have an unspoken attitude “I’ve had enough, let those Ns kill themselves.” In reality, that is what ends up happening. Shayvon kills Shayquonne who killed Shaddique the week before. Unfortunately there is always the story that makes great press about Grandma Bertha getting blasted away by a stray bullet as she was coming home from church or the same happening to little Kameesha as she sat on her stoop eating her Mr. Softie ice cream cone. Me as a white guy can do nuffin bout black crime except try and avoid being a victim. Blacks can do something, but the will isn’t there.

    • Agree: Jeffrey A Freeman
    • Thanks: Calvin Hobbes
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  80. @Calvin Hobbes

    I was in an accident once on my way to work and I had a 40 ounce bottle of beer in the front seat for after my shift. The accident was not my fault but upon impact the bottle exploded in the cabin of my car which now smelled like a brewery. The other car had negligible damage but my front bumper was mangled. It was pouring out and I was gonna be late. I said, let’s not exchange papers or call the cops. I think the lady you hit would fit right into this article. She’s hiding something and was glad to get away.

    • Thanks: Calvin Hobbes
  81. Gugwee says:

    It’s not Tiger’s DNA that makes him attractive to Swedish blondes, it’s his money. And his last Swedish blonde divorced him and took half of his gazilllions of dollars.

  82. anon[305] • Disclaimer says:
    @Joe Wong

    blacks are attacking/murdering elderly Chinese (and other Asians) in the inner cities you stupid cuck.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  83. @Anonymous

    Well if you were dumb enough to stay in a place like New York for a period of years, then you get what you fucking deserve!

    • Agree: mocissepvis
  84. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Let me try to get at this from a different angle.

    Subsidizing illegitimate birth and selling out the working class is most apparent in its effects on black neighborhoods, but less affluent whites have suffered in the same ways. Ignoring, condoning, and even sacralizing black dysfunction – which, yes, is disproportionate – serves to salt the wounds inflicted on whites. The NPR-wattage dimbulb Progressives who buy into Critical Race Theory, Black Lives Matter, etc., are even more maddening.

    The Establishment thrives on racial and other conflicts and cares for neither blacks nor whites as people. And the Weissbergs, Sailers, and Derbyshires serve that Establishment by picking the same old scabs of disaffected whites, also serving to comfort readers by reassuring them that they’re better than blacks. If they speak to other issues at all, you’ll Notice that they carry water for that Establishment; see COVID and Uncle Sam’s Exceptional! warmongering for two current examples.

  85. gkruz says:
    @mark green

    No, they are bad. Period. How is this still a debate?

  86. @TG

    But I also do point out: for at time in the early 1960’s, blacks were starting to unionize and finally getting decent pay – and they were fired en masse and replaced with Mexicans. That’s when black crime really spiked.

    I call BS.

    Black crime increased after integration.

    Trump had Black unemployment rates at record lows and some cities still had record high shootings.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  87. anarchyst says:

    You are correct in stating that changes should be made in “policing”…
    As much as I detest the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement, there is a shred of truth (a very small shred) in their stance on police practices.
    The erosion of trust in the police started with court rulings in 1986 giving police almost complete immunity from prosecution, setting the bar so high for lawsuits for “civil-rights” violations that it has given police a “free hand”. Despite video evidence, most criminal misbehavior by police goes unpunished.
    Add to that, the change in police practices, abandoning the “escalation of force doctrine” and replacing it with the present-day israeli military “command and control” Interactions with police demanding immediate compliance, quite often with multiple police officers issuing conflicting commands are responsible for many of the shootings inflicted on the citizenry by police. In fact, American police “trainers” are given free trips to israel to see “how it’s done. “We are all Palestinians now”.
    What we are witnessing today is “blowback”, something that I hoped would never occur, but it is a reality today. Attacks on police are based on the uniform and not on the individuals themselves–not good.
    There are solutions, but none of them have a chance of seeing the “light of day” unless massive political and court decision changes take place.
    Here are a few suggestions that would work:
    1. Abolish official immunity for all public officials. Being subject to lawsuits would encourage them to behave themselves. This would include, judges, prosecutors, CPS and health department officials as well.
    2. Require all public officials to purchase a “bond” from an insurance company. The municipality would pay the basic cost of the bond while surcharges because of payouts would be paid by the individuals themselves.
    3. Eliminate police unions. Police unions are responsible for shielding police disciplinary records from public view as well as giving police officers “special privileges” not available to ordinary citizens. Most people are not aware that police have special privileges when it comes to shootings, being given 72 hours in which to formulate their “story”, a union attorney, police-friendly prosecutors, and police-intimidated juries to boot.
    4. Any awards for police or public official misconduct would be disbursed from the offending person’s public pension fund.
    5. “Carve outs” giving police officers special privileges not available to the general public must be abolished. “Equal justice under law” must be the norm, not the exception.

    • Agree: HdC, RoatanBill, thenon
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  88. Anonymous[189] • Disclaimer says:
    @Calvin Hobbes

    I had an essentially identical experience. Backing out of a parking spot in Atlanta, nailed a car broadside that was behind me. Totally my fault, negligible damage to my car but substantial damage to the other car. Driver was a black male, I was apologizing profusely and already had my license and insurance card out, he got out of his car, eyes bulging with alarm. I mentioned exchanging information and calling the police. He told me there was no need, it’s all good, he jumped back in his car and sped away, gone like a puff of smoke. He clearly did not want his name to come to the attention of police, insurance companies, etc.

    • Thanks: Calvin Hobbes
  89. @Robert Dolan

    Yes….blacks used to work in meat packing, slaughterhouses, retail, trucking, landscaping, construction, etc., but now all of that work has been stolen by mexicans, forcing blacks onto poverty and welfare.

    Stolen by Mexicans? Are we certain of this?

    There are truck driving positions all over this country. I see Black truck drivers at times but more Arabs/Dot Indians.

    I know someone that works with people on state assistance and Black men seem able to come across the country to move in with an unattractive White woman. Why don’t they come across the country to drive trucks?

    Our local town always has about a dozen CDL wanted signs.

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
    , @Ace
  90. @Yee

    Slums anywhere in the world are ruled by gangsters instead of police. There’s nothing uniquely Black in this.

    Slums in Hongkong before demolished in the 90s were ruled by gangsters too.

    There is a key difference which is that the slums of Baltimore and Detroit did not start out as slums.

    In fact there are neighborhoods of Detroit that were once upper class before the Feds basically decided to give the city to Blacks.

    Detroit actually has abandoned mansions. Victorian mansions in fact that (White) people spent years building.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
  91. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Greta Handel

    Derbyshire is completely dishonest about the disproportionate role played by prominent Jews in corrupting the government, pushing foreign wars on behalf of Israel, and the unleashing of mass immigration from the Third World into the United States and Europe. For this reason alone he is not one to be trusted.

    Sailer does not address the issue at all.

    You are right that everyone can pile on about black dysfunction without fear.

    However, black dysfunction is an unfortunate reality that has caused enormous problems and it cannot be ignored.

    The Jewish question? A harder subject to address courageously and honestly.

    Our host RU has done this quite well in my opinion and far better than any Gentile I can think of.

  92. @RockaBoatus

    We can thank GlobalHomoZioBIGsRxMIC3BLM for all the Magic Negro Idolization now taking place. They promote sainthood and relentless excuses for despicable violent blacks. They bow to every black/brown race hustlers shakedown as if their blackmail/extortion racket is going to appease all the smash & grab hoodrats pimping whores in the shadows, stocking their next prey to rape and murder cause of slavery 150 years ago.
    Blacks aren’t compatible with a free and prosperous society, they trash and turn every neighborhood they are given into a violent dilapidated shithole within a couple of years of occupying it. And like a cancer, they move on to their next host to Burn Loot Murder and Rape with impunity.

    • Replies: @Ace
  93. @RoatanBill

    I’ve seen the inside workings of the police and the courts and the state’s attorneys— and the parasite for hire lawyers.

    It’s way way worse than the average person would believe possible.

    It should all be thrown in the garbage.

    If you have anything to do with this poisonous cabal you need to have your head examined.

    • Replies: @Automatic Slim
  94. Wild Man says:
    @Robert Dolan

    In very early innings of the BLM saga (maybe around 2014 – 2015), there were black pe0ple within that movement, telling everybody the precise situation of black interface with the police (at least what it looks like from the black community’s perspective), ….. that some pretty troubling outcomes tend to occur, sometimes ending in the death of a black man or black youth in one of these black neighborhoods. A wasted life. These early grassroots BLM types said that the black community was like the canary in the coal mine, what was occurring to them was going to come to everybody eventually, that the black community is feeling it first because of all the myriad of issues in these black communities causing crime and as such causing them to interface with the p0lice more than occurs elsewhere. I tend to agree – my hypothesis, which can be tested by anyone that is willing to be cavalier with one’s future prospects, ….. go and hang with criminal types for awhile, and see what happens with your police interface rate …. and this does not depend at all upon the ethnicity of the criminal types ones chooses to hang with, …. all this is beyond obvious – no?).

    Then I went to look at the police stats and find that said narrative (the original soft-grassroots-BLM) doesn’t really add up …. the bad outcomes causing the death of a black community member at the hands of the police, are not many and are completely overshadowed by the huge sweetspot of black criminality ….. and that is black on black crime.

    I’m from Canada. To my mind it is pretty much the same dynamic that you see dramatized (or comedyized) by the Canadian television series – the Trailer Park Boys. Look, ….. in Canada, ….. the Trailer Park Boys shtick is poking fun and something very real and very Canadian. Not everybody chooses to live the same way. There are such outcasts aplenty even in a northern place like Canada. They are populated by pretty much the same ethnic demographic as the overall population …. which is mainly white people with a sprinkling of everything else. These people end up outside the law alot of the time, precisely for the same reasons as outlined in the article.

    To me, the issue is this: You are always going to have an underclass. We should incentivize said underclass to make rent money (plus more so maybe they won’t be underclass any longer) by doing something that makes dough for them, that is not criminal. You know ….. in a place like Canada, allow very small operation entrepreneurship with few regulations (these people tend to ‘not liking working for the man’ type thing, …. impulse control is often an issue). A couple of guys, a chainsaw, a small rig to pull a few logs out of the forest at a time, … to take back to a site where they could mill that up to produce green lumber. Just one simple idea (but we need like a 100 such ideas). But it all falls apart because though said people are fully capable of fixing up an old truck, and rewelding an old log trailer, ….. they often are not capable of keeping their driver’s license valid, in the face of police interface that often starts to feel like police harassment. And depending where one resides in Canada, there are pretty constrained limits as to how much any one citizen can harvest from a forest on Crown land, usually with the proviso that said product cannot be sold (for personal use only).

    I think the issue is that these outcastized people tend more-so, to have the hunter-gatherer mind, and often feel stymied when the culture forces that mindset to be fully interpreted via the agriculturist mindset (which calls for much more regulation and a different land ownership practice). To my mind, collectively, we are very dumb to outcastize said people. Their hunter-gatherer mindset will continue to be needed, for continued overall human success.

    • Replies: @HdC
  95. HT says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Minimum wage also works against blacks simply because most of them are not worth the legal minimum wage and therefore will either not be hired or eventually fired. And as the MW goes up it will keep more blacks unemployed. But that is largely the goal, to keep them on government handouts. After decades of this, most blacks now have no work ethic and much prefer living on government handouts. Also, black IQ continues to drop since the dumbest blacks who live on welfare are the ones reproducing through out of wedlock births.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  96. @Dutch Boy

    Eric Adams abandoned the tough-on-crime agenda as soon as he was elected (in solidarity with the Soros-funded DA of Manhattan, Alvin Bragg).

    Gotta admit he put on a good show in the campaign. Really came across as pro-police.

    After getting elected he switched to “stop da guns” and is upset that (White) police don’t live in the city.

  97. @Old and Grumpy

    Most blacks are non fillers aka tax protesters, they intentionally claim minimum income to avoid being taxed or simple don’t file at all. Even race hustler Al \$harpton owes tha govmint lots of money, if you or I did what he did we would have our bank accounts frozen and assets seized.

    Not only are niggaz getting away without paying income taxes, they’re getting away with burn loot murder and rape of America.

    Mista Taxman; So Shayvoniq, you drive a new Cadillac Escalade with spinners, wear gold chains, Gott and the best of Air Jordans, live in a nice white neighborhood in a million dollar house, yet you claim no income.

    Gangsta Rappa Shayvoniq; I bought dat Escalade at uh action fo two hunnit, and doz our gifs frum fanz, and dat house belongs to my bitches.

    Mista Taxman; Cool, can I get a autograph picture and selfie for my daughter?

    Gangsta Rappa Shayvoniq; Huh huh, I see wut we iz doing, slap me five nigga.

    • Replies: @Truth
  98. @HT

    Minimum wage also works against blacks simply because most of them are not worth the legal minimum wage and therefore will either not be hired or eventually fired. And as the MW goes up it will keep more blacks unemployed.

    Libertarian garbage.

    There are companies that can afford to pay more than minimum wage but simply don’t want to out of greed.

    So they leave people on state assistance which means we pick up the tab.

    In states like California these businesses are often owned by liberals. They vote Democrat but have no problem with paying Blacks and illegals the bare minimum.

    Libertarian theory is based in race denial. If an endless labor supply and the “Free market” were paths to utopia then we would be emigrating to Haiti.

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
    • Replies: @HT
  99. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    From shackles to shekels biographies.

  100. Professor Robert, here’s an idea. Before writing again on the subject of race may I suggest to you to take a 1 year sabbatical, and during that year ditch your car and move your residence to, oh I don’t know there’s so many to choose from, let’s say Chicago’s South Side, Watts, Philly’s Kensington neighborhood, or Buffalo’s East Side. After which, providing you survive and that’s not guaranteed, you can re-write this essay from experience.

  101. HdC says:
    @Robert Dolan

    It’s been tried in the 1930’s and 1940’s.
    And the entire capitalist and communist world, sworn public enemies no less, made common cause to stop the “third way” of organizing an economy and a nation.
    In the communist and capitalist economies it is much too easy to profit via rake-offs from the labour of the creators of value.
    The “Third Way” put an effective stop to this by cutting out the middle man in international trade, commerce, and retail banking.
    ‘Twas not to be, and now the western populace reaps its just rewards for destroying that small European nation that had the guts and brains to implement a third way so effectively that international rent seekers collaborated towards its destruction.
    I’m afraid that things will not change until the man-in-the-street goes hungry and without a roof. And we are some time away from that.
    Furthermore, drastic changes always make things worse, sometimes much worse, before they get better.
    We are indeed living in interesting times. (Chinese proverb).

  102. Why?

    “Why does the meat fear the meatgrinder?” — William F. Buckley, when asked why Bobby Kennedy refused to appear on Firing Line.

  103. Fuzzbaby says:

    Biden has the solution to assuage black anger and hostility by removing the black feeling of racism and discrimination by evil whites by his decision to appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court.

    Whites should celebrate too as this is sure to put an end to blacks complaining and whining about being discriminated against and denied advancement in America.

  104. HT says:
    @John Johnson

    I am not a libertarian. It is simple economics and of course some companies can easily afford the MW but most small businesses, which is where most jobs are, simply cannot do it. It is a proven fact that the MW hurts the least skilled labor which includes Negroes. Forcing companies to hire low skilled blacks at \$15 an hour for a simple mundane job means those companies will seek other options. Also, MW laws would be exposed as insanity even more if not for the welfare state we now have where people have options from working.

  105. @Wade Hampton

    “One can be poor, live among poor people and yet not have the neighborhood turn into a hellhole like e.g. the South Side of Chicago. Slums do not create criminality. It’s criminals that create criminality. Group enough criminals together and you get a slum”

    Same thing happened at Cabrini-Green (Cabrini-Green, public housing development in Chicago, Illinois. Cabrini-Green was once a model of successful public housing, but poor planning, physical deterioration, and managerial neglect, coupled with gang violence, drugs, and chronic unemployment, turned it into a national symbol of urban blight and failed housing policy”.

    In the beginning Cabrini- Green was a low income housing area and was open to all races. I actually a White man who used to live there. As soon as the Cabrini Green population reached 10% black there was a point of no return and the worst was just around the corner. Some blame black culture but I blame low IQ, volatile emotional responses etc.

    You can take to Negro out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the Negro. The Negro will make any housing project into a jungle. That’s just the way it is. Nature rules.

    • Agree: Jeffrey A Freeman
  106. ricpic says:
    @mark green

    They don’t “do crime pretty well.” They are ALLOWED to do crime in exchange for never going off the Dem plantation.

    Does that mean I’m letting blacks off the hook? No. Blacks are a horror show for and to the rest of us.

    I’m just saying that blacks and Dems are culpable in making civilized life near impossible.

  107. All this is why I live in beautiful White (red) Maine.

    • Replies: @flyingtiger
  108. Truth says:

    Gangsta Rappa Shayvoniq; Huh huh, I see wut we iz doing, slap me five nigga.

    Well, you had it going until you went back to Pre-Japanese car era.

  109. HdC says:
    @Wild Man

    I live in Ontario Canada, and can attest to the catch-22 bureaucracy vis a vis the expiry of a driver’s license.
    When my beloved wife and mother of my children was on her death bed my son inadvertently allowed his driver’s license to expire.
    The catch-22 runaround he got was beyond belief. It was a very kind and helpful civil servant in Quebec City no less that helped him out of this quagmire.
    The very idea that a piece of paper slightly past its due date is no longer accepted as identification by the state’s snivel servants can be hard to take, especially at stressful times.
    The final insult was that our member of the provincial government, whom I had met and contributed to his election fund, refused to help.
    Upon reflection, it probably would have been much less complex had my son simply claimed that his wallet had been stolen.

  110. In rural Maine where by the Grace of God I live, whole weeks/months can go by without seeing a single black person. In the winter months, you’re more likely to see an abominable snowman than a brother from another mother. They’re just not here. And neither are their problems. The other day I was pulled over by a baby faced white cop. For sliding through a stop sign. I did it intentionally so I could see what he was all about. First words out of his mouth were “don’t worry I’m not gonna give you a ticket.” Well of course not. The whole time there’s a chambered hollow point 9mm round in my utility glovebox. Nice guy this young officer. Maine is far more than “vacation land” up here, it’s as much of a white oasis as is left in the United States. 🇺🇸

    Am I wrong?

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  111. Hi everyone, I just want to remind you that today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

    So buy a bagel with lox and pour a glass of Manishevits wine and remember everyone of those six million Jews who died for your sins.

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  112. Katrinka says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Why send them to the south? The White people in the south at one time had the blacks under control! Send the blacks to New England!

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  113. Wild Man says:

    Yes ….. I’m out west and I have observed how this dynamic works. In Canada, the police will use any sort of traffic type violation, to hurt the underclass, because they are frustrated that the underclass is otherwise doing undetected (unsolved) crime. Now I am not at all suggesting that is what happened to your son. By your statement – it seems he just got caught up in that dynamic that is otherwise used by the police in the way I just outlined.

    In many parts of Canada, you become a 2nd class citizen just by virtue of not possessing a valid driver’s license (because this is a great big huge country, with people spread out far and wide, and so in many areas personal vehicles are absolutely indispensable to a normal lifestyle). The underclass will most likely be punished in other ways too, in urban settings in America.

    What we have here (at least in Canada, and I believe, America too) is a conflict between the minority hunter-gatherer mindset and the predominant agriculturist mindset. Anglo culture tends to go in for the agriculturist mindset, … more coercive regulations and land ownership policies. Just look what has occurred in all Anglo places (UK, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and to a lesser degree America … thank-god for so many American’s dedication to their sublime constitution and bill of rights) with the covid nazis (who love love love coercive control borne of the agriculturist mindset). F*ck these covid nazis. They show the real weaknesses inherent to the agriculturist mindset. And covid is just one singular cultural phenomenon. This plays out accross ALL cultural phenomenon, in the west.

  114. @Marcali

    “One can be poor, live among poor people and yet not have the neighborhood turn into a hellhole like e.g. the South Side of Chicago. Slums do not create criminality. It’s criminals that create criminality. Group enough criminals together and you get a slum”

    Same thing happened at Cabrini-Green (Cabrini-Green, public housing development in Chicago, Illinois. Cabrini-Green was once a model of successful public housing, but poor planning, physical deterioration, and managerial neglect, coupled with gang violence, drugs, and chronic unemployment, turned it into a national symbol of urban blight and failed housing policy”.

    In the beginning Cabrini- Green was a low income housing area and was open to all races. I actually a White man who used to live there. As soon as the Cabrini Green population reached 10% black there was a point of no return and the worst was just around the corner. Some blame black culture but I blame low IQ, volatile emotional responses etc.

    You can take to Negro out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the Negro. The Negro will make any housing project into a jungle. That’s just the way it is. Nature rules.

  115. @Patrick McNally

    The biggest factor which made Barack Obama popular among black women was that he chose to marry one of theirs, instead of hitching up with a white woman.

    The first time I ever saw Obama—2005 or 2006—I saw that he was a queen with one hand firmly gripping the closet door. I know that I wasn’t the only one to spot this.

    Is it really possible that no black women noticed that Obama is a fairy and Michael/Michelle is a tranny? And what about all the black men who voted en masse for a fairy with a tranny “wife”?

    • Replies: @Wild Man
    , @Truth
  116. @RoatanBill

    How about the law gets out of the way of decent people protecting themselves with whatever weapon they choose? If some dirtbag tries robbing the local gas station, what is so wrong with the owner blowing the shit out of him with a shotgun? Why is it that the decent people need permission to protect themselves from the protected trash in the society?

    It’s called “anarcho-tyranny” (

    The plan our (((Globalist overlords))) have is to destroy us by robbing us of our Natural Law right to self-defense. They do this by using the guns of the State to protect and enable the feral primate class in committing its crimes against us.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  117. @Greta Handel

    Like you, Greta, I hold both Derbyshire and Sailer in utter distrust, and what is more, I agree that “Big Pharma and Big War” ought perhaps to be everyone’s paramount concerns for the present and the foreseeable future. Yet in what little time remains to me, I know that I would be foolish were I to pretend that Big Jew and Big Darkie aren’t also huge concerns. Indeed, in my daily life here in Hell’s anteroom (i.e., New York City), no concern is more immediate or threatening than the presence of blacks everywhere I need to go.

    In short, with regard to the major and minor threats facing us all, multitasking is a must!

  118. Wild Man says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    What you say about Michelle seems to me to be way over-the-top …. she prolly just his beard. But yes on the gay vibe on Obama. Same as Trudeau. The gay-vibe (really sort of a pansy-boy vibe) tends to go with inability to see reality correctly. Then we get resulting cultural dreck. I don’t care so much that so many western leaders have the gay vibe because I am against gays (because I’m not against gays), … it’s that gays in leadership can’t seem to see reality correctly and so become cultural f*ck-ups.

  119. @Johnny Smoggins

    Give them Mississippi and Alabama, and then send them all there from the rest of the country.

    Add Louisiana and Georgia, just to make sure there is adequate space for 41 million bodies. I think we could fairly easily incentivize the white residents of those four states to move to other, nicer parts of the South.

    Sure you’d have Sierra Leone within twenty years, but that’s what walls and borders are for.

    The creation of Dindustan next to White America would indeed require airtight borders. Downsize the U.S. Army (making sure to purge it of niggroes, few of whom are combat troops) and deploy the remaining force on the U.S.-Dindustan border. In other words, use the U.S. Army for its constitutionally intended purpose: defending the United States against foreign invasion.

  120. @Wild Man

    … because I’m not against gays …

    Perhaps you should be. Frank tolerance of homosexuality has corrupted every society wherein it has existed.

  121. @Old and Grumpy

    Do you mean porches or Porsches? Of course large open porches attract porch-monkeys as they call themselves (people who may climb wall-ladders to deliver drugs directly at the client’s window together with pizzas or KFC) as inviting open-air saloons. Porsches are several orders of magnitude higher in the hierarchy of street delinquency.

  122. @Jeffrey A Freeman

    The worst part of it is that stupid normie White “law and order ‘conservatives’” can’t imagine the Fat Blue Line Gang as being anything other than their allies. For some incomprehensible reason White rightwingers who insist that gubbimint can’t do ANYTHING right still think that it is flawless at law enforcement and national defense.

  123. @mocissepvis

    No offense meant, but an even better definition of “anarcho-tyranny” is given here, in an article written by the man who coined the term: Sam Francis.

    • Thanks: RoatanBill
    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  124. R.C. says:

    The first and most easily fixable problem is to legalize malum prohibitum crimes, and then see if it gets better which of course it would.
    Big brother, like all bureacracies, aquires a life of is own and every year another budget increase id demanded. It’s so obvious and yet super frustrating where even well informed articles like this one treat drug dealing or prostitution as if they were malum in se crimes. They ain’t!

    • Agree: mocissepvis
  125. @John Johnson

    Black men seem able to come across the country to move in with an unattractive White woman. Why don’t they come across the country to drive trucks?

    Why would they work for a living when some stupid, fugly cracker broad will support them?

    But even more importantly, would you really even want niggroe truckers, considering how 1) badly most niggroes drive, and 2) prone they are to stealing? If I were a trucking company owner in this day and age of GOOJF cards for niggroes, I would avoid hiring them like the plague. The insurance risk alone would bankrupt me.

  126. @Greta Handel

    Dear Greta:

    Maybe you can write some nice columns on these issues?

    You seem to have lots of good ideas.

    But, then again, maybe you couldn’t handle the criticism. It’s easy to carp from the sidelines.

    P.S.: Yes, the article should have been edited but the guy is in his 80s and lives in an apartment, and this site isn’t supposed to be “professional.

    P.S. 2: The author was a full professor at a top research university. You’re saying you are a better thinker than he is? Let’s see the proof.

  127. Thomasina says:
    @Greta Handel

    “Where it can better repulse visitors and placate loyal readers who should be listening to the (dwindling) dissidents on the roster writing about and fighting Big Pharma and Big War.”

    But what Blacks are doing to America is “big war” too. It’s an industry.

    Since the productive jobs were shipped overseas to China via globalization, what’s left is:

    – the climate change industry

    – the virus industry

    – the big war industry

    – the Black industry

    Just look at the money being expended on the police, fire, ambulance, courts, judges, prosecutors, criminal profilers, forensics, parole officers, coroners, funeral homes, foster homes, hospitals, doctors removing bullets, nurses. That’s just the crime part.

    There’s also the welfare, the food stamps, the housing allowance, money to support each child because the five baby daddies are nowhere to be found, the social workers, and on and on. The money being poured into programs to “save the community” is astronomical. Many Black workers getting this government money are thanking their lucky stars for the crime.

    Affirmative action, CRT, the “blame Whitey” nonsense is too much.

    CUT OFF THE SUPPORT AND WALL IT OFF! Or cut each one of them a check and provide them with a one-way ticket back to Africa.

    • Agree: europeasant
    • Thanks: Jim Bob Lassiter
  128. @Automatic Slim

    Why not? I don’t think it’s the whole story, genetics certainly has a major impact… but we’re all subject to how we’re raised, including the cultural propaganda fed to us about how people who look like us should behave.

    Being brought up among more criminals will definitely instill less reluctance to break the law yourself. And most of the visibly successful black people in the US either come from that kind of environment, or they’re pressured to identify with it even if they’re third or fourth generation middle class. That’s a totally understandable cultural quagmire.

    Sure, it may also influenced by hard coded genetic tendencies, but the cultural pressures can’t be discounted completely. Especially when so few US blacks are anything like 100% black anyway.

    • Replies: @Automatic Slim
    , @Thomasina
  129. anon[237] • Disclaimer says:

    Only one fully independant state for US Blacks. Ideally removed from the rest of the US. Maybe Hawaii.

  130. Truth says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    And what about all the black men who voted en masse for a fairy with a tranny “wife”?

    Well, let’s start off when a simple one; what about you?

    • LOL: europeasant
    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
    , @Ace
  131. @CelestiaQuesta

    Wouldn’t barbecuing a pork tenderloin be a better way to celebrate the occasion?

  132. GeneralRipper [AKA "GoldenValley"] says:
    @Greta Handel

    Bet you live in a nice majority white neighborhood, Greta.

    If you think blacks are MOSTLY good people, my not go live in a MOSTLY black neighborhood?

    It’s called “putting your money where your mouth is” or “walking the walk”.

    I’ve never found any Leftists willing to do either. Their grand social experiments are gifted to middle class and working class white people.

    • Thanks: Jim Bob Lassiter
  133. GeneralRipper [AKA "GoldenValley"] says:

    Thank you, Kat.

    Excellent comment!

  134. Druid55 says:
    @Mishima Zaibatsu

    Just wait a generation or a little longer. The jungle will resurface!

  135. @Ralph B. Seymour

    Could you be a little more specific about what outrages you saw in the police departments? And how many *different* PDs you have experience with? Because I have lived in more than one state/city, and can honestly say most departments, and the individual cops, are squared-away. Where I live now, my 100-person PD is outstanding and I trust them. The relative lack of diversity may help.

    • LOL: RoatanBill
    • Replies: @Ralph B. Seymour
  136. @Truth

    I don’t vote. I don’t play any rigged games. Take your snarky questions elsewhere.

    • Replies: @Truth
  137. @TG

    And yet Whites are the ones who are losing jobs from all this illegal hiring as well. Whites first. We built the country.Invented the modern world and all the toys that go with it. I don’t give a shit if blacks get a few jobs but Whites first. Whites out of work aren’t the ones destroying the cities and towns …blacks are.

  138. Anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:

    There are solutions, but none of them have a chance of seeing the “light of day” unless massive political and court decision changes take place.

    Back when Bush decided to invade Afghanistan, “Graveyard of Empires”, I was of the opinion that if he wanted to invade Afghanistan, he should be given a rifle, a basic load of ammunition, equipment, and supplies, and parachuted into an area with both allies and active Islamists. I thought that since he’s so damned red hot to invade Afghanistan, let him do it.
    That would actually have worked out much better than what the US actually did, so I claim the “genius award for international policy”.

    And here’s another “genius” pronouncement:

    Your solutions. Well, if you’re so red hot to see them tried, go ahead. Pick a solution, join a police department, and impose the conditions you propose on yourself. See how it works out.

    Soviet era joke:
    Q: “Is Communism a philosophy or a science?”
    A: “A philosophy. If it were a science, they would have tried it on dogs first.”

    So, go ahead. Try it. If even you, the originator, won’t do it, then who, exactly, will?

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  139. @Sollipsist

    Funny that many very poor, white people in the 3-state Appalachian region don’t have cultural pressures to do drive-by shootings, carjacking, play the knock-out game, pushing people onto subway tracks, raping old women or mentally-deficient patients in care facilities, rioting, looting, etc., etc. Whites rarely behave in these ways, and even when poor do not default to very anti-social behavior.

    “Hard-coded” genetics are absolutely the primary reason for black dysfunction and criminality. It is way more than your silly caveat “may also influenced by hard coded genetic tendencies.”

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  140. @Automatic Slim

    When you read this, keep in mind that this case is highly unusual in that the police are actually being prosecuted, and corruption exposed.

    99 percent of police wrongdoing is covered up. That’s why you think everything is “squared away”.

  141. Wild Man says:

    This is weird:

    In Alberta, everybody that came here had to carve out a place for themselves. The Canadian prairies are a brutal place in the wintertime. The black people that came here are no different than any other groups that came here (from everywhere on earth), and did the same thing. That’s the story of my Alberta-bound Irish/Scottish/English ancestors. That is the story of my various friends of eastern European ancestors (that came a bit later). That’s the story of the first Muslims that came here. Ditto for the early Chinese. Ditto for the Vietnamese. Ditto for the Filipinos. These black people are not special in that way. Yet that is the insinuated vibe of the article – right?

    Do black people think they have it harder than everyone else (in Alberta)? Why would they think that? Seems like a cop-out (I mean, if you know what Alberta is and isn’t).

    • Agree: Jeffrey A Freeman
    • Replies: @Wild Man
    , @mocissepvis
  142. Thomasina says:

    Most psychiatrists state that antisocial behavior is approximately 50% genetic and 50% environment. But doesn’t genetics make the environment? I’m thinking of Killer Bees versus Honey Bees, or pit bulls versus golden retrievers. A pit bull might be raised in a very loving home, but I still wouldn’t trust it just because of its breed.

    • Thanks: Automatic Slim
    • Replies: @Automatic Slim
  143. Joe Wong says:

    Only some bad and stupid Blacks attack Chinese randomly, comparing to the Whites attacking Chinese in organized and systematic manner, the blacks are like petty thief. The White attacks Chinese are from the President, government agencies, media, academics down to white trash.

    The Whites has been attacking Chinese in the last two hundred years. The casualty of Chinese in the Blacks’ hand may be in thousands, but the casualty of Chinese in the Whites’ hand is in the tens of millions. The Whites are organizing another large scale attack on Chinese. The blacks may appear horrible, but the Whites are monsters from soul to flesh and blood.

  144. GeneralRipper [AKA "GoldenValley"] says:
    @Joe Wong

    Actually Joe Wong, the US fought the Japanese ( who are much more noble than your kind, btw ) and awarded you “Most Favored Nation Trade Status” since God knows how long.

    And let’s not forget about the US technology our Jew “allies” have gifted you with for the last 50 or 60 years.

    You’re NOTHING without us. Kinda like Jews and Niggers…lol

  145. Wild Man says:
    @Wild Man

    This is also weird (but CBC …. so …. it’s weird because it’s subverso):

    I live in Alberta. As far as I can tell, these women are misrepresenting things (I live in a very very diverse neighborhood, in one of the major Alberta cities, and all is just fine, everybody, from all over the world, tend to get along just fine, and this has been the case for decades now). Black people are welcome everywhere in Alberta (just like everyone else). Maybe these Somalis don’t understand the culture … what ‘true-west’ is, and get confused and think when westerners say things about upholding the dominant culture here, that it is about them specifically (but it’s not). I dunno. It just doesn’t add up. I think CBC is attempting to con new African immigrants to Alberta, towards a mindset of misplaced entitlement. They are not entitled to anything more than any other Albertan though.

    Why would the CBC as sanctioned by our government, do such subversive things – eh? It’s because they are beholden to globalists, which comes with the deranged globalist ‘woke’ sentiment, as crafted by the Jewsih subversos among said globalist crowd – no?

  146. AGuy says:

    ME: around blacks don’t relax!

    YOU: I don’t know this seems racist…

    JEWS: Don’t listen to that racist! Nazi! 6 million!

    YOU: ok, I don’t to be a racist, I will relax…

    (Black stabs you and rapes your daughter)

    JEW ::rubs hands::

    ME: with Jews you lose


  147. Wild Man says:

    See this:

    So at least two innocent white people were murdered on Jan 6th by two black police personnel, whom were then praised for said actions. Somebody is trying to start a race war, and I don’t think it is white people and I don’t think it is black people. It’s another people, whom unfortunately, have become almost irredeemably globalist converged.

    Wake up Jews! This isn’t gonna end well (for Jews), if you don’t wake up now. Wake up now before it is too late. Denounce your Jewish subverso mentors in your midst now, before you end up getting royally screwed too.

  148. Anonymous[194] • Disclaimer says:
    @Patrick McNally

    I live in a large community in Florida that borders an older white retirement area that’s gone Hispanic. Over there, you’ll find all the latest Lexus SUV’s and other super expensive cars because these people get the down payment free from the government. For example, the Hispanic woman and her daughter who clean the bank in our area during the evening drive a newish Lexus SUV.

    The main point, however, is that crime in the Hispanic area is, in all categories, fully four times what it is over here. Moreover, virtually all the solved crimes in our area are committed by Hispanics. I recently had to report an incident to the local sheriff’s office. The three Hispanic cops were adversarial and hostile to the point of breaking. Sure, Hispanics like to fly the American flag over their front doors, but that’s because they think they now own America.

    Even at my local church, built and supported entirely by whites, the Hispanics are as hostile as they are in the street. So much for our shared Christian religion. I’m old, but my feeling is that since they obviously want to start it, we can at least finish it and see who’s left standing.

    • Agree: 3g4me
    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  149. Jidvei says:
    @Greta Handel

    You don’t know what you’re talking about. I live in one of these shitholes. An acquaintance of mine, older, law-abiding black lady, was held up at gun point a month ago, walking to the neighborhood ghetto grocer (run by Arabs, of course and closing no later than 8pm).

    She didn’t even report it. She understood my lack of understanding, but that’s how they roll. A quotidian example, off the top of my head. Almost the whole black community is complacent in its criminality. Flat below me, there a 35yo chick with 6 kids from 3 guys, who in September stopped paying rent, still lives here, blasting bass music in the middle of the night. She’s thereby screwing another nice, older black lady, my landlady. Two months ago, she smoked up the whole house, with some wigs and plastic in a skillet, put on simmer.

    Police took the report, not enough to kick someone out asap, not in a black city. So it’s actually you spouting mediocre commonplace crap, not the author of this article. He’s completely correct.

    • Replies: @PaceLaw
  150. Anonymous[194] • Disclaimer says:
    @Joe Wong

    You’re apparently blinded by resentment, given that science was stillborn in China and, but for the European Medieval Scholastics, there wouldn’t even be the vocabulary or concepts needed to do science. You seem to be seething with envy and hatred. Well, OK, Joe, start it so we can finish it.

  151. bert33 says:

    Give the public their full unrestricted gun rights and clarify ROE for robberies assaults carjackings etc. There will be casualties but there will also be clarity. And a lot less gang activity. Every American should have the right to defend themselves. Life, liberty, property, family, not necessarily in that order

  152. @Jeffrey A Freeman

    So you haven’t run into a Somaili cop (a la Minneapolis) yet?

    • Replies: @Jeffrey A Freeman
  153. anarchyst says:

    Look up Daniel Shaver and Philip Brailsford.
    Daniel Shaver was ordered to crawl on his stomach while having his hands behind his back…it cannot physically be done.
    He was shot by Philip Brailsford for not “complying”.
    Brailsford was itching to shoot someone as he had the words “you’re f#cked” on the dust cover of his weapon. He claimed that he feared for his life.
    The other three cops standing around were not prosecuted.
    Going to trial, he was acquitted by a cop-friendly, prosecutor-picked jury.
    To add insult to injury, he was rehired by his department so that he could receive a “disability pension”.
    It’s all on video.
    The video is available…it will make you sick.

  154. @Thomasina

    Precisely. Black genetics *create* the dysfunctional environment/culture that white libs claim is the real cause of their criminality and violence. I’ve read, and believe, that genetics are at least 70% of the equation in regard to intelligence, behavior, etc. Environment is quite secondary, but the blacks are screwed twice because not only do their genes already put them behind the power curve, but then their genes also create the horrible environments that mold their young people.

    • Replies: @Gugwee
  155. Truth says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    You watch tell-lie-vision (yes I know it’s only Masterpiece Theatre) So you are, in fact, voting for Trannies en masse.

    • Troll: Pierre de Craon
    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  156. Wild Man says:

    It’s always surprising to me when people don’t seem to grasp that dirty cops are indeed a thing, probably across every large police force in North America, and that they do effect very bad outcomes for those they interface with, with respect to police duties, and this is across the board (they pick on anybody they think they can get away with it, on). Man are some people so isolated within white liberal enclaves of material means, they are just naive and clueless about many realities of life.

    Anyways …. since the black community in the U.S. has some pretty major issues, and so there is alot of crime committed in these communities, naturally, they will rub up against police interface more, and so will be exposed to said dirty cops in the midst of the overall police force, more. It’s true (but sort of besides the point, at this juncture, given official-BLM’s intentional failure to achieve an accurate balanced view of what is happening to blacks, even though many grassroots black nationalists see what is what, and call it just like I said above, … but such black voices are muchly discouraged, …. probably even censored). The powers that be don’t want to hear about the black community being the canary in the coal mine. But in at least some ways, they are.

  157. Dr. Doom says:

    The blacks are an evolutionary dead end that cannot survive on its own.
    A throwback to homo erectus with a meager 70 IQ median.

    The “plan”, if you could call it that, is to use them to instill fear in YOU.
    Then, the “plan” is to give YOU bad options like appeasement or disarmament.


    The nose goblin Zion Pigs are not very smart at all.
    That 115 IQ claim is only their verbal score.
    With all three scores, the Zion Pigs come out to about 86.

    Yep, math skill and spatial skill bring them down below YOU.
    If they really were smarter, they wouldn’t need to KILL YOU.

    The Federal Reserve/Central Bank monopoly money counterfeiting.
    That’s how they stole the World and need to KILL YOU to keep it.

    100,000 White Men march on Washington and this game is OVER.
    All you need is 3% support to have a successful revolution.

    The Zion Pigs have no loyal troops. Just mercs and freaks.
    100,000 is the magic number. 250,000 and its over in a week.

    The Zion Pigs frown on violence for YOU, not “them”.
    Its a question of existential survival at this point.

    They want YOU DEAD. Wiped out. So they can keep what they stole.
    The Zion Pigs are not smarter than YOU, that’s another Big Lie.

    Civil War II is now inevitable. Whether YOU want it or not.
    The Zion Pigs WILL NOT STOP. They must BE STOPPED.

    Its YOUR LIFE that hangs in the balance. YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES.
    The Zion Pigs cannot be reasoned with, talked to, or negotiated in good faith.

    )))They((( must be DESTROYED before they DESTROY the Whole World.
    This is no hyperbole. )))They((( are breeding a Billion of these throwbacks.

    If this trend is not reversed, there will be a population of BILLIONS of savages.

    The Zion Pigs are a plan to DESTROY THE WORLD by Satan himself.
    If YOU desire life for YOU and YOURS, better get ready to fight.

    The Zion Pigs WILL NOT STOP. They bought Satan’s lie hook, line and sinker.
    These Zion Pig Fools are too stupid and greedy to see the Truth.

    You can see it though. And you had better get ready to act.
    The Whole World hangs in the balance not just the West.

    The Zion Pigs ACTUALLY BELIEVE )))they((( will profit from breeding savages.
    )))They((( are too STUPID and GREEDY to actually think this through.

    )))They((( will continue until someone STOPS them.
    )))They((( must be DESTROYED. Or the Whole World is DOOMED.

    • Agree: Druid55
  158. DMZABO says:
    @Kat Grey

    Shh, you’re not supposed to notice that. lol
    Blacks will use that systemic racism excuse until the end of time. I wonder what their go-to excuses are when they jail the black man in the homeland of Africa? No Whites to use as jail fodder there?

  159. @Truth

    I haven’t watched television for thirty years and more, you degenerate swine, and so I support neither you nor your fellow Jews and your and their handiwork.

    You write just like the troll called Deep Thought. Are you one of his other identities? Like him/it, your screen name is both self-congratulatory and dishonest.

    You’re permanently on Ignore.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  160. @RoatanBill

    You are completely off base when you say that “the street cop is always your enemy”. You may have a good reason for your animosity and hatred for all street cops, but that is an awfully broad brush you are using. I could expect such rantings form Anifa or BLM, but not from someone that uses reason to form opinions and then posts them.

    I believe I could agree with you if you took some of the cases that have been in the public eye and spoken specifically about what the police did wrong, but there is a huge difference in what street cops face every day, and these outliers. Who is going to respond when robberies, rapes, assaults, shootings, stabbings, etc. take place? An argument that the police never show up when crime is occurring and only show up after, is simply mendacious.

    If you actually knew anything about how police departments operate, you would know that the vast amount of investigation that goes on is done by the street cops, with some cases then being sent to detectives for follow-up. Guess where detectives get information on what is happening in communities? They get their information from your so called moron, dumb as a box of rocks street cops. Detectives can’t do anything without street cops, they are intertwined.

    If you wished to live in the U.S. in a street cop free area, you had your chance to move to Seattle’s CHAZ zone, where you could have been free to test your theories on a daily basis.

    • Agree: europeasant
    • Thanks: Automatic Slim
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Nancy
  161. anonymous[202] • Disclaimer says:
    @Patrick Gibbs

    The questions that puzzle me. Why don’t let blacks police blacks? Why are Police Captains not SELECTED by their communities?? Upper Middle Class Black neighborhoods welcome tough policing..class/income variables/Home/business ownership variables??? .. IF the cost of crime had a DIRECT impact (increase/decrease)on Local Fiscal Budgets …will people change their behaviors??? how do you focalized COSTS\$\$\$ of crime/policing???? should one neighborhood pay for the cost o crimes of another commubities? wull good hardworking residents exert pressure on BAD residents?? how? crime/blight houses/how do you measure? indexes??? Once I rented an house and the next door owners rented without any RULES…I asked a police officer IF I could sue the owners of the next door house for endangering my propertry and my personal safety..HE said NO…the landlords owners bear NO responsability (insurance) for the crimes of their renters..landlords are NOT requiered to check the criminal records of their respective renters…and therefore lanldords do not have to guarantee the other residents of the same building or next door neighbors…Safety/Security/Lability Landlords Insurance????

  162. @Pierre de Craon

    I haven’t watched television for thirty years and more …

    This statement, written in the heat of annoyance with a troll, was not wholly accurate. Mea culpa. What I ought to have written is that I stopped watching commercial television in the mid-eighties and so-called public television circa 1990, but I began watching C-SPAN from the time I got basic cable (1993) till late 2001. After September 11, 2001, C-SPAN ceased being more or less impartial and became a cheerleader for the Bush and Obama welfare-warfare state. So adieu C-SPAN!

    My television still serves a purpose, however. I use it occasionally to watch DVDs of the adaptations of the P. D. James novels where Roy Marsden plays Dalgliesh and of the wonderful old series Lovejoy, with Ian MacShane. One can profit more from an hour of Lovejoy than from a week’s worth of comments at Unz, not excluding my own.

    • Thanks: Nancy
  163. @Greta Handel

    No empathy or even sympathy for the law-abiding black people who are the victims of that crime. Instead, it’s their fault for not dealing with their criminals. That’s how they are.

    What is your excuse for shootings that are reported by shotspotter but not the neighbors?

    What is your excuse for a massive shootout in Chicago that only a computer reports?

    Blacks don’t reject tough policing. Blacks reject minimal policing.

    If you heard a shootout would you shrug and continue watching TV?

    Then some kid is shot by a stray bullet and DA GUNS are the problem.

    Everything is always the fault of some external force. This is the only thing that conservatives and liberals will agree on when it comes to Blacks.

    Black people are never responsible for themselves. It’s always guns/Bad Whites/socialism/Big Government/latest theory. Always some EXTERNAL JUJU holding them down. Fox and CNN battle over which theory is correct.

    It’s all just so tiring and stupid.

    Sailer wraps his stuff in sportsball and Hollywood, Derbyshire in math riddles, but they’re all helping the Establishment Distract, Divide & Conquer.

    The establishment supports lying for Blacks and denying reality.

    This is because the establishment has decided that Race Must Not Exist and will do anything to maintain the lie.

    • Agree: Luus Kanin, PaceLaw
    • Replies: @europeasant
  164. Ace says:

    Dude, please.

    • Replies: @Truth
  165. Truth says:

    (yes I know it’s only Masterpiece Theatre)

    My television still serves a purpose, however. I use it occasionally to watch DVDs of the adaptations of the P. D. James novels where Roy Marsden plays Dalgliesh and of the wonderful old series Lovejoy, with Ian MacShane.

    15 years here, tell me I can’t call ’em.

  166. Ace says:

    An insightful article. Consider it and any number of such articles on how blacks behave in a civilized, white country. Violence, gangs, mating habits observable in herd/pack animals, zero care for housing or business, hostility to authority, and dependency.

    Then tell yourself that what your lying eyes reveal to you is utterly absurd. Like tolerating dangerous predators in your own neighborhoods or piles of uncollected garbage. All because we won’t acknowledge that the importation of primitive slaves was both a great moral evil and a betrayal of every other enlightened thing being attempted at the time.

    The nature of the Africans became apparent in due course to those who lived with them and later to everyone as the decades unfolded. A workable separation evolved only to be overturned by other strangers with a destructive agenda of their own. Thence commenced our present suicidal experiment with riots, criminality, destruction, and an unquenchable resentment.

    A comparison to an obvious but willfully untreated cancer is apt. The host culture, infected with Chesterton’s “wooly headed humanitarianism,” can not overcome its fatal paralysis so that we now witness glowering school board presidents writhing in the forest with a BLM banner and certified cretins presiding in Congress.

    The majority cannot even summon the will to purge voter rolls, administer literacy tests, demand identification at polling places, return to paper ballots, or in school and the workplace sideline people with deficient intellects. We are not serious about criminality and tremble if our enemies scream when incarceration matches criminality. Our enemies scream about guns and white racism.

    It’s the same in Europe where Muslims block city streets in Christian nations or slaughter cattle in those same streets. Oh, what can we do? There is a contemptuous, meritless claim by primitives for us to conform!

  167. Ace says:
    @Joe Wong

    You are so Wong, Joe. Let me fix it for you:

    . . . the casualty of Chinese in the Chinese hand is in the tens of millions.

    Jingque, ma?

  168. Ace says:
    @Greta Handel

    Links to articles by Weissberg and co where they carry water for exceptional! warmongering, please.

  169. Ace says:
    @John Johnson

    Most CDL jobs require three years experience. Insurance requirement, I believe. Until then driving doesn’t pay well unless you lease your own rig. But starting at the bottom is not a human rights violation.

  170. anon[771] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sam J.

    What are the names of those cases?

    • Replies: @Sam J.
  171. @RJ Macready

    I imagine that the majority of victims of black rapists are black women. Why would that be surprising? The point is that a significant share of black women plays up to and rewards such thuggish behavior because they aim to create a barrier for non-black women. It’s not necessary to exaggerate the degree of inter-racial mating in order to appreciate the importance of this. If only a small portion of successful black men go over to seeking white women, then this will create a pressure on a portion of black women to compete over a lesser of black men. These black women will then feel an incentive to make the remaining black men as untouchable as possible for anyone else. That can even extend to tolerating abuses such as rape.

  172. @Wild Man

    What I would need an answer to: “where did the kids come from?” No one really disputes that there were 2 girls hanging around with the Obamas while they were in office, correct? I suppose one can formulate a conspiracy theory in which 2 black girls are adopted, but I haven’t seen anyone try to spell out the mechanics of that yet. At this point it just seems simpler to assume that Michelle Obama had the equipment needed for grinding out 2 babies.

    • Agree: Wild Man
  173. @Anonymous

    I have no reason to dispute your story, but it remains true that crime rates are lower among Hispanics than among blacks. I certainly didn’t mean to sound as if I was idealizing Hispanics. Their crime rate is certainly higher than what one finds among typical whites. Probably Asians have the lowest crime rates would be my guess.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
    , @Ron Unz
  174. @Luus Kanin

    Your reply is the usual non thinking variety. Here are some facts for you to chew on.

    It is the street cop that is going around harassing people about masks, papers, etc like Nazi’s and arresting people when they defend themselves with a weapon they’re not supposed to have, like a gun. It is the moron street cops that have no particular skill but following orders like robots to get their 30 pieces of silver from the political class. Every one of their actions is designed to limit a decent person’s freedom of action against the predators in the society.

    The cops ARE the ‘legal’ predators in the society. They are highway men of old chasing down motorists for completely made up crimes where no injury can be identified. They do this to raise the funds to support their sorry asses. They are the ones protecting the mayor, governor, school board, etc from the angry public that’s regularly being screwed over by the completely out of control political class. They provide the muscle and threat of even execution should some peon get too uppity.

    The moron street cop almost always shows up after the fact, if they show up at all. The new rules allow them to simply skip showing up for what the political class now deems as too minor an offense by the repeat criminals to bother with but the citizen is legally prevented from any action on their own. We now have phone videos of thieves boldly stuffing bags full of goods and then just leaving while the “security guard” stands down because he’s in danger from the cops and political class if he interferes. The police are actively encouraging crime now, a new duty they get well paid for.

    The average cop shows up to draw a chalk outline around the body that he didn’t protect from some savage. The other possibility is that he takes a “statement” of what happened while he wasn’t protecting the public. The clearance rate from crimes is miserably low, including murders. Should a citizen injure or even kill some POS, the full weight of the “law”, created by scumbag politician legislators, will come down on him for doing what nature intended – self defense. Every criminal eventually caught is direct evidence for the absolute failure of the street cop to do his primary duty. Every criminal not caught is indirect evidence to the uselessness of the street cop.

    It is the “law” that is the primary problem. It denies the average person their natural rights and has the moron street cop to enforce that idiocy. The “law” is the invention of the political class that most people think are morally and ethically lower than crab shit and that’s at the bottom of the ocean. I want to know why I should obey any laws crafted by the worst scum on the planet. I want to know why I am supposed to yield to some moron too stupid to get a job actually doing something productive in the society as opposed to riding around in a car while getting too fat to chase down a hoodrat should one be encountered.

    I’m not stupid. I see and report clearly what the on the ground situation is, not the propaganda that’s been shoveled at us for our entire lives. It is the very existence of the useless street cop that prevents crime control. The “law” is designed to never reduce crime by endlessly recycling known criminals through a system we pay for and that is almost completely useless as well.

    The entire criminal justice system is a farce.

    • Agree: Jeffrey A Freeman
    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  175. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    If they exist they’re in Lewiston which is very remote.

    The vast majority of Maine is red, rural, and white.

    I do believe I live in America’s whitest state. 😊

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  176. lavoisier says: • Website

    It does make one sick. And the police defending the scumbag makes one even sicker.

    Police are not some sort of extraordinary group of people. They are average, at best, and require strict civilian oversight to insure that they do not abuse their considerable powers.

    One way out of police misconduct is to make the qualifications for the job better–like an advanced degree.

    But then I think about the FBI and the corruption there and I think–maybe not.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  177. @Ace

    Please reread what I said:

    The Establishment thrives on racial and other conflicts and cares for neither blacks nor whites as people. And the Weissbergs, Sailers, and Derbyshires serve that Establishment by picking the same old scabs of disaffected whites, also serving to comfort readers by reassuring them that they’re better than blacks. If they speak to other issues at all, you’ll Notice that they carry water for that Establishment; see COVID and Uncle Sam’s Exceptional! warmongering for two current examples.

    Mr. Weissberg’s pure whack-a-black keeps people Distracted, Divided & Conquered.

    The other racebaiters named, though, overtly carry Establishment water.

    Mr. Sailer has bought into the COVID hysteria. He plays Exceptionally! dumb on Big War, but recently fawned over the late Donald Rumsfeld.

    Mr. Derbyshire is Uncle Sam’s boy all the way, proud of his son’s time spent in the military but lacking the courage to own up to his mongering of the war on Afghanistan. I don’t recall seeing him say much of anything one way or the other about COVID issues.

    These are recalled examples. You can search their archives for my comments for starters to see for yourself. (Please then refute me here if you disagree with my assessment.)

    • Replies: @PaceLaw
  178. thenon says:

    Due to the last 60 years of governmental and societal inability to effectively respond to the left and its use of black hoodlums to terrorize decent citizens, several things have happened; White society has fragmented to the point where instead of the rise of vigilantism and citizen self defense groups, the police have become ever more powerful and free from supervision in their iron fisted rule of whites. After BLM, the police use of arrest quotas to select for advancement and raises has caused them to exponentially increase repression of whites. We already have a two tiered system as you have suggested, only it is backwards and enormously destructive.

  179. anarchyst says:

    Actually the politicized FBI is America’s version of the KGB.
    It is long overdue to abolish the FBI, CIA, ATF and DEA.

  180. @Jeffrey A Freeman

    What percentage of White folks in Maine do you figure have never been within six feet of a real live Negro?

  181. @Patrick McNally

    Asians have the lowest rate of being caught for crime.

  182. Truth says:

    Please, what?

    • Replies: @Ace
  183. Gugwee says:
    @Automatic Slim

    In addition to genetics and environment, there is the the tendency of these violent, crazy, impulsive folks to take drugs which make them even more violent, crazy and impulsive.

  184. @anonymouseperson

    Yes, regular Blacks suffered greatly from the post 1965 immigration act.


    So far, the Black political, cultural elite has not suffered much or at all from mass immigration. All Black congressional seats are gerrymandered to protect “Black seats”.

    Blacks did lose most political positions like the Mayors office in LA after the Rodney King Riots in 1991. But the bat shi* crazy hate White people Black pols like Maxine Waters are still in office.

    Here in Chicago our city has lost over 50% of our Black A American population since 1990, but there has been NO decline in Black political power – quite the opposite.

    A Black lesbian Lorrie Lightfoot is our mayor
    A mixed race Black women Toni Pentwickle is our Country Board Chairwoman
    Black Police Chief
    Blacks have gone in and out of the highest paid CEOs of the Chicago Public School

    A half Black African/African American with a Muslims name was only in Chicago a few years before David Axelrod and J political consultants made him US Senator and 2 term President of the United States.

    Look at the Biden Administration now – not stop pandering to Blacks in everything.

    So, yes, honest Black workers have been severely hurt by mass Hispanic and other low skilled immigration but not the Black Congressional Caucuses, not BLM activists, not affirmative action Black college administrators.

    It sound really bad I know, but we’re not going to have to start thinking and acting like majority to minority Lebanese Maronite Christians in Lebanon who are now less than 20% of the Lebanese population – we have to make alliances with others like secular Arabs in Syria, Iraq.

    The Js are masters at doing this.

    My advice is to network with whiter, more responsible Hispanics against the worst Blacks.

    Hispanics and pretty much everyone else in Souther California is sick of Black Crime, sick of BLM riots, sick of pandering to these people. Taki mag’s David Cole says BLM protests doing get anywhere in LA or especially Beverly Hills. Armenians and Js from the former Soviet Union do not act the same as typical NY/Hollywood Lib Black pandering Js.

    White Anglos simply have to get better at Identity politics. Have some famous White Anglo Retired sports star, coach, actor with a fun, young Latina wife run against back Leftist pro Criminal Blacks.

    Hispanics in places like Chicago and yeah New York City are tired of Black Crime, Black Racist political power to take over everything.

    We should have promoted large Hispanic street protests for Jorge Zimmerman and had hispanics pelt the likes of Rev. (not) Al Sharpton with water balloons filled with foul substances.

    J ryan
    TPC Radio Show

  185. @Johnny Smoggins

    Why give them American soil. We need to make a deal with those countries that are sending immigrants or “Refugees.” For everyone we accept from their country, they have to accept a black person from ours. This will give our blacks a chance to see what a non racist country looks like and they will not want to return. Solves two problems with one stone.

  186. @RoatanBill

    Well, I did some chewing on some of your facts, and I must compliment you on your own ability to chew the fat.

    “It is the street cop that is going around harassing people about masks, papers, etc like Nazi’s and arresting people when they defend themselves with a weapon they’re not supposed to have, like a gun”.

    I live in California, probably the most mask happy state in the U.S. I rarely wear a mask, and guess what, I have never once in the last two years had even a conversation, nor seen anyone else have a conversation with the so called mask police. They are not magically showing up like the Lone Ranger to smite down the unmasked evildoers, but according to you, when you do not even live in this country, they are everywhere with their evil size 14 boot on our necks. If you turn on the television, you can of course see instances of the police enforcing mask mandates, but I don’t live inside a television. The everyday reality is much different than what you suggest.

    “following orders like robots to get their 30 pieces of silver from the political class”.

    Well, I searched and searched for a fact there, but it appears you sent me on a wild goose chase, because all I found was opinion, the same opinion I might get from some left wing poly sci professor.

    “They are highwaymen of old chasing down motorists for completely made up crimes where no injury can be identified”.

    It sounds as if someone may have had a chronic speeding problem, but I can largely agree with your statement. What was once used as a traffic safety tool has morphed into a cash grab, and has a particularly troublesome impact on working class motorists. The Asset Forfeiture laws, where police departments enrich themselves by stopping and seizing cash and property is especially revolting. I am afraid I am going to have to disagree with you when it comes to the police stopping someone at 2:00 am for a license plate light out in an area where there have been many burglaries.

    “It is the law that is the primary problem. It denies the average person their natural rights and has the moron street cop to enforce that idiocy”.

    Natural rights seem to be so nice and wonderful in an organic state, but once it’s placed into a petri dish with humans, things can tend to get chaotic. Your right to shoot your neighbor because you warned him five times previously to turn his music down just might interfere with his right not for you to shoot him. Your right to sit outside of my house at 3:00 am, where my wife and children sleep, in your hood rat automobile while wearing your snoop dog hat on sideways, is going to be interfered with by my calling the police to come and deal with you. If they happen to hit you upside the head with their flashlight in the process, I am sure with 100% certainty that I will not be a witness to it.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  187. @Pierre de Craon

    Thanks. I thought about using that link to Sam’s bio, as he was indeed the man who coined and defined the term. I was just afraid that the detail in the biographical link would lose the reader who was unfamiliar with the term.

    • Thanks: Pierre de Craon
  188. @Wild Man

    Do black people think they have it harder than everyone else (in Alberta)? Why would they think that? Seems like a cop-out (I mean, if you know what Alberta is and isn’t).

    Honest question for our northern neighbors: what do Canadian niggroes blame for their “oppressive” conditions, since they can’t plausibly blame slavery?

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
    , @HdC
  189. @Luus Kanin

    I’ve seen video of cops in various parts of the world enforcing mandates, all of which are nothing more than dictatorial decisions handed down by “leaders” that have overstepped their authority. Australia has been the worst I’ve seen. I also saw video of cops in New York harassing diners for their papers. It’s not just the useless cops in the US, but those scattered all over the world implementing restrictions on people. One place implements some new draconian rule and the other gov’ts always seem to think it’s a good idea for them to implement the same thing. It’s how we get licensing where the gov’t takes away your natural right and then sells it back to a part of the population as a privilege.

    You conveniently side stepped my comment on guns and the illegal gun laws that the cops enforce. Since I know how to read, and have access to the Constitution, I can find absolutely no way that any gun law can be implement that does not violate the clear intent that says “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Even the Supreme Court ruled that the right belongs to the “people” and not some militia. Every gun law, including the taxes on guns and ammo is a clear violation of the “shall not be infringed”. No one needs gov’t permission to own and carry because that’s part of the Constitution. Cops are the instrument of tyranny in this regard.

    I am afraid I am going to have to disagree with you when it comes to the police stopping someone at 2:00 am for a license plate light out in an area where there have been many burglaries.

    That’s a good one. Pick on something so ridiculous to help your inherently weak position. You’re advocating for cops to harass the citizenry on some trumped up reason such as a light not working. I salute your Nazi instincts.

    Your neighbor diatribe is as weak as water and you are purposely avoiding the real issue. I have a natural right to defend myself and my property. The average cop stands in the way of my natural right because that asshole enforces laws that are intended outright to deny me that right. The cop is the instrument of tyranny, a Judas that only cares about his rights and the 30 pieces of silver he gets for helping the political class screw the population at every turn.

    • Agree: Ralph B. Seymour
    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
    , @anarchyst
  190. The pretext that blacks don’t call the police is as false as it can be. Anyone can listen to police scanners online. Blacks never stop calling the police on each other.

  191. Druid55 says:

    I saw that video and remember the story. That cop was clearly a murderer!

  192. Ron Unz says:
    @Patrick McNally

    I certainly didn’t mean to sound as if I was idealizing Hispanics. Their crime rate is certainly higher than what one finds among typical whites.

    No, that’s incorrect. As I demonstrated in my major articles about a decade ago, Hispanics have approximately the same crime rates as whites of the same age and gender. Although my claims were hotly disputed at the time, the issue was thrashed out very thoroughly and all subsequent data has tended to confirm my analysis:

    Indeed, for about ten years my Hispanic Crime article usually ranked #2 among more than 200 million Google search results for “Hispanic Crime” and “Latino Crime”, though it obviously disappeared after Google deranked our entire website in 2020:

    • Replies: @Truth
  193. Truth says:
    @Ron Unz

    LOL, tell those white nationalist raycisses Ron!

    I remember either you, or Steve saying once that Mexicans had LOWER levels of crime than Honkees.

  194. @RoatanBill

    I agree with you about Australia enforcing mandates by decree against their citizenry. I agree with you on New York cops abusing diners. There have been cases that make the news that have occurred in California. My argument with you is that from my experience the vast majority of people are being left alone by cops. Your argument that I am wrong holds no sway over the reality that hardly anyone, as part of the comings and goings of their everyday lives, comes in contact with the police over mask mandates.

    I didn’t conveniently sidestep your comments on guns and illegal gun laws that cops enforce. I simply did not wish to take an issue with every point you made, in the interests of brevity. I agree with you on the Second Amendment and legislatures enacting laws in violation of the Constitution. I believe Arizona is a Constitutional Carry state. The street cops aren’t making a point of going around and taking guns away from law abiding citizens. I think you would argue that it is your natural right to carry, and that the feds and states have no say in the matter. I would agree to a point, and that point is crossed when you as your right to carry, decides to hold target practice in the street while my children ride their scooters on the sidewalk.

    As far as the license plate light out, I am not advocating for cops to harass the citizenry. I am advocating for the cops to harass the criminals. There is a difference between stopping grandma in front of the open shopping mall for no license plate light and stopping a car full of gangbangers at 2:00 am for the same offense. Most law abiding people aren’t out at 2:00 am, they are at home sleeping because they have to get up early to go to work. If you are the one law abiding exception that likes to smoke his cigarette while hanging out in the same area as drug dealers and prostitutes, I guess I am okay with the police approaching you to see what you are up to. If you wish to salute my Nazi instincts because of my opinion, I hope you will see fit to also throw in a nice goose-step along with it.

    Let us take a look at your real issue, your natural right to defend yourself and your property. Let’s assume for a moment that you are qualified to do this. A trespasser shows up at your annual Rumble in the Jungle party. They walk into your backyard uninvited and start sipping your grape Kool-aid and then backwash into the punchbowl. Your guests are aghast. What is to be done? Should you ask them politely to leave? Should you physically remove them from your property? If so, how much force should be used? How many people should you use to remove them? What if they struggle because they have been under a mask mandate for two years and are extremely lonely? How much force to use then? What if they reach into their back pocket to show you a picture of their kids? Do you shoot them, or wait to see what is in their hand? What if after they are removed, they come back? What if you continually remove them and they continually come back? Should you hogtie them? What type of knot should you use, square knot or maybe half hitch? At what point should you untie them, after everyone leaves the party, or when there is only one guest left that is slow to leave? Should you just ignore them and hope they will eventually tire of the taste of grape Kool-aid? Let us say that you have studied and studied, and you have all the required knowledge of uses of force, interpersonal relations, knot tying, your quarterly shooting scores for the past 5 years showing you are adept at shooting where you aim, your classes on split-second decision making are up to date, and you have blown into your personal alcohol screening device to make sure you have not consumed too much so as to be able to make a rational decision. You are fully equipped to make the best decision known to mankind. You can still be sued after. I’d rather the police have to deal with the backlash. What of everyone else in your community? Would you be comfortable with them all having to make their own decisions? What about when you show up at your sister’s house to mow the grass when she is out of town, and she has warned you about her crazy gun nut vigilante neighbor with the squirrel heads hanging from his garage. He has natural rights dontcha know.

  195. @Luus Kanin

    I would agree to a point, and that point is crossed when you as your right to carry, decides to hold target practice in the street while my children ride their scooters on the sidewalk.

    You’ve crossed the line into stupid.

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  196. Anonymous[416] • Disclaimer says:
    @Joe Wong

    The Whites has been attacking Chinese in the last two hundred years. The casualty of Chinese in the Blacks’ hand may be in thousands, but the casualty of Chinese in the Whites’ hand is in the tens of millions. The Whites are organizing another large scale attack on Chinese. The blacks may appear horrible, but the Whites are monsters from soul to flesh and blood.

    Joe Wong is reacting to the collapse of classical Chinese society after the Western breakout from Europe, around AD 1500. The final result of that breakout was the disintegration of every society on Earth with the possible exception of North Sentinel Island (

    One stage of that disintegration was the Communist takeover of China, which on one level re-established the Chinese Empire, but on another level (the Cultural Revolution) destroyed China as a Confucian society. Chinese Confucian Society survives today only in Taiwan, and destroying that example of what China could be is one of the reasons the PRC wants to invade Taiwan.

    An earlier stage of that disintegration was the Taiping Rebellion. That was not, as you might think, a revolution of the secretarial staff, but rather a variant on the Christian religion. It was shut down with the assistance of a British officer “Chinese Gordon”, who belonged to another variant of Christianity (, but not until it had killed 20 million to 30 million people out of a population of 0.44 billion,_1636_%E2%80%93_1912 (vs. 45 million dead from famines between 1810 and 1848)

    Other societies have the same stories. Neolithic societies, such as the Aztecs or Peruvians, saw very widespread deaths and the end of their civilizational forms. Islamic societies suffered a loss of confidence and impotent rage. Africa saw the end of the large slave empires originally based on trade with Islamic countries, with Western societies added later. The slaving empire’s end was from British anti-slaving efforts and from the displacement of slave labor by the industrial revolution.

    While it is true that population recovered and increased several times after the societies adapted to Western contact, it is also true that much was lost, and that Western society did not suit the populations of the lands the societies occupied. This has led to the present considerable moaning and bitching (sorry, that’s what it is), and to serious attempts at revenge (which is what Joe Wong is expressing) and expansionist attacks, on the West. Coupled, of course, with the historic attacks on the West, which the attacking societies viewed as an easy target.

    So — Joe Wong’s resentment has deep roots. Once these roots are understood, which his comments about

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  197. Anonymous[416] • Disclaimer says:

    The video is available…it will make you sick.

    So — you haven’t signed up with the cops under the terms you proposed, or imposed them on yourself as a demonstration that they will produce good results?

    Nice try.

    Ideas like yours are responsible for much of the trouble we have today.

    Imposing impossible conditions on necessary organizations doesn’t mean the impossible occurs. It means that the entire organization becomes dedicated to evading the impossible conditions. Reports are falsified, duties are evaded, demands to “produce despite the rules” lead to brutal stupidity and “kicking the can down the road”. Instead of absolute control, all control is lost. I’ve spent entirely too much time in such organizations to doubt this.

    Try some medium scale demonstration that your ideas actually produce the results claimed before imposing them on a large scale. And try a personal demonstration before the medium scale demonstration, or is your position just social posturing?

    Q: is Marxism a science or a philosophy?
    A: A philosophy. If it were a science, there would be some supporting body of experiments.

  198. anarchyst says:

    Marxism is being imposed on us by holding police officers back from doing their job. I have absolutely no use for blm or other subversive types. I realize that it is city officials and political hack police chiefs who are holding police back…

    That being said…

    …it is not “impossible” for police to operate under conditions where personal responsibility is required.
    As it stands today, a cop can say that he “feared for his life” even when the situation could have been resolved without the use of lethal force and get away with outright murder. It happens all the time.

    The Daniel Shaver, Philip Brailsford situation is one of extreme incompetence, negligence, and outright murder.

    The “”license plate light out” is a convenient excuse to effect a traffic stop (fishing expedition)…

    Every one of my cop relatives brag about how easy it is to fabricate a pretext to justify an (illegal) “traffic stop”

    Police should have no “carve-outs” or “special privileges” as they are supposed to be just like the rest of us.

    Immunity has given police not only a “free hand” but absolves them of crimes that they themselves commit.

    Behavior that would get an ordinary citizen thrown in jail is routinely “excused” for police officers by “rubber stamp” grand juries and police-friendly prosecutors.

    Let’s look at the difference in the way police officers and ordinary citizens are treated after a “justifiable” use of self-defense resulting in death.

    The ordinary citizen will immediately be arrested and handcuffed. Most likely he will be taken to the station and harshly interrogated, police being allowed to lie in order to “trip up” the citizen in order to elicit a compromising response. He may spend time in jail until “bond” is assigned and bail paid. He may or may not be charged with a crime by a zealous prosecutor, depending on jurisdiction.

    The police officer will be assigned to a desk position or be given a “vacation” with full pay, will not be arrested, and will have a union-supplied attorney to “coach” his story. In fact, he will be given 72 hours in which to “formulate” his story with help from his fellow “brethren in blue”. If a grand jury gets the case, it is automatically “no billed” (dismissed) with the “help” of a compliant, police-friendly prosecutor.

    When it comes to “equal justice under law”, until things change and official immunity is abolished, there will always be a “double standard”.

    The honest citizen is the loser…

    Don’t get me started on “asset forfeiture” which is merely “legalized robbery under color of authority”.

    Best regards,

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  199. @RoatanBill

    I’m the stupid one? You can sure dance the two step with Jean-Jacques Rousseau when it comes to human beings are born free and society enslaves them, but when he posits that these rights must not infringe on another’s, you tell him I think I will sit this one out, I prefer a different tune. You can be a mighty perplexing date.

  200. @anarchyst

    Look up Daniel Shaver and Philip Brailsford.

    Here is the actual video of a cop executing an unarmed and totally cooperative ‘suspect’ who never did anything other than dutifully obey every order to given him by the renegade police officer.

    Incredibly, the cop was not only acquitted of murder, but apparently receives a monthly pension payment to this day! Total outrage. Had the victim been a POC, everyone in America would know his name.

  201. @mocissepvis

    … what do Canadian niggroes blame for their “oppressive” conditions, since they can’t plausibly blame slavery?

    Your question is a good one—rather, it’s a good question for someone whose discovery of the absence of an action’s plausibility would prompt immediate reconsideration of his own thoughts and plans. Black people and the Jews from whom they take direction, however, are generally not burdened by such scruples.

    • Thanks: mocissepvis
  202. Nearly all black men lead lives of crime like nearly all black women lead lives of welfare. What else can they do?. Most can barely read if at all and getting a real job is hopeless.

    Black men will always be a huge crime problem. Like Bill O’Reilly said – We don’t have a gun problem; we have a black male problem.

  203. @mocissepvis

    When I was in England in 1990, many black men had white girlfriends. It was nearly always a jet black man (not, as in the USA, a mixed race “Black”) and an attractive blonde. A stunning combination. I always wondered if it was colour blindness or colour coordination. I lean towards the latter interpretation. In Australia, every low level drug dealer I ever met had noticed that gang leaders had model level girl friends and it got better if the gang was larger. That wasn’t their motive for their life style. It was just an aspiration within their group towards leadership. It’s the same in all jobs. Women prefer leaders. Even I noticed the difference in female attitudes when I was eventually forced to accept becoming the leader of a small team in the Public Service. It wasn’t enough to prevent my forced movement to contracting as I hate being a boss. That, and hating bargaining, are old Australian working class attitudes that neither of my sons share. I can’t see why they should but I couldn’t change if I wanted to. [email protected]

  204. Anonymous[917] • Disclaimer says:

    So — Joe Wong’s resentment has deep roots. Once these roots are understood, which his comments about

    OK, to continue:

    So — Joe Wong’s resentment has deep roots. Once these roots are understood, his comments about the Western Europe descendants being the real threat make sense. Every other society on Earth prefers stability to innovation. For a time, the West did not, and to an extent still doesn’t. Musk’s opening up access to low earth orbit and possibly resources of the inner Solar System could be as revolutionary as was opening up the resources of the worlds oceans and all the world’s continents was to the 1500s West after Dutch invention of the flute ship (, or the opening up of Europe’s and Russia’s littoral and riverine resources was to the Vikings after invention of the longship (


    In other words, the West can still change the rules of the economic and political gam in its favor, and is thus still dangerous to the rest of the societies in the world.

    So — what to do?

    Joe Wong suggests that the West be destroyed. So does BLM. So do the Marxists. So does at least a faction of the Jewish establishment, and the Christian establishment. There’s a quote, “The ultimate Christian act is the destruction of Christianity”, that makes sense in this context. Christianity destroying itself so that other societies may survive is held to be like Jesus the Christ being crucified to save humanity.

    Many would and do say that Western society will eventually destroy the world. Examples:
    * environmentalists,
    * nuclear disarmament advocates,
    * Islam contemplating the “liberal society” that leaves no room for faith,
    * China contemplating a landscape partially destroyed by industrial waste and huge engineering works that have proven to take more resources to keep operating than they produce (water diversion, long distance high speed rail)), and by an enormous population that cannot be fed and housed save by the Western methods that produced the industrial waste and uneconomic engineering works.
    * and so on.

    So — should the West destroy itself for the survival of other societies? Are the Westerners reading this actually prepared to do that on a personal basis? Shall the Earth be populated by societies that favor stability until they destroy their resource base as thoroughly as the old Sumerian societies did by salinization of their cropland, and organized societies be just a blip in evolutionary history as were the Bronze Age empires?

    Or does the West continue to invent and change — and live.

    It’s an interesting question, one which is going to get an actual answer over the next few decades.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @GeneralRipper
  205. @Charles


    Small-town whites (From a suburban white perspective).

    1) Small town police run a town like a police state fiefdom. They are usually in cahoots with the local landlords & business community who all play golf together. All well & good to support your local sheriff until you & landlord Nancy get into a dispute over dumpster space & she has him lock you up…because money talks in a small town where in a city the poor have bleeding heart Irish-Catholic or Jewish attorneys so which holds the bigwigs at bay…a little bit.

    2) Get in a fight with wifey & officer Blue Knight will be showing her his big purple monster while you are out looking for a hotel. In a bigger city IA (Internal Affairs does its job) the police are not quite so blatant in expressing their power but police states become corrupt dictatorships & small towns can-though not always-be police states.

    3) There is usually one or two local “bad apples” among the youth whose well-heeled parents are friends with the town judge & DA & everyone who get away with murder…usually this local “black sheep” ends up murdering someone because they got away with so much so long. This is especially true in oil towns where rednecks have millions & the black sheep son terrorizes the community.

    4) Obviously one or two small-town police cannot be everywhere down on the lane (As oppose to the street) so more crimes can occur which is why meth manufacture & dealing is so prevalent.

    5) Instead of dealing with small-town troublemakers judges often tell them to leave town & the charges will be dropped. Druggies move to major cities where they won’t be hassled. The dull teen sluts runaway to major cities & get pimped/trafficked.

  206. @Luus Kanin

    Would you wear a mask while carrying a CW?

    Open carry?? Yes or no.

    Please elaborate.

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  207. @anarchyst

    I agree with your assessment completely. Cops are special under the law as are numerous other gov’t agents and even corporations. That’s why the law deserves no respect. It’s become an institution of favoritism and corruption. The entire criminal justice system is nothing but a revolving door for criminals to ply their trade with periodic incarceration to give them time to build up muscle, get free everything on the public’s dime and then get sent back on the street to offend again.

    The plain and immediately visible truth is that the street cop, even if he had a free hand in fighting crime, is nearly useless in that endeavor. He is simply not usually at the scene of the crime when it occurs, so his ability to fend it off is zero. It is the advertised role of the street cop as the crime fighter that is pure propaganda. If a street cop can identify a target, then I agree he can affect an outcome, but so can I if I’m armed and trained. In short, in a truly free country, where everyone’s right to self protection were sacrosanct, we would have no need for paid street cops because the armed population would dwarf their numbers.

    My gripe with street cops is their proven lousy record in fighting crime since every criminal in prison is obvious evidence of the cops failure to prevent that crime and unsolved crimes are evidence as well that cops are useless in fighting crime before it happens and about as useless after the fact. It’s the detectives, forensics people, other scientists, etc that tease out evidence from a crime scene. They fight crime, not the street cop.

    The street cop is the political class’s insurance policy that we get to pay for in their salary, benefits and retirement package. The cops protect the politicians from being attacked by the outraged public. That’s their true function, and they are actually good at that. Without the cops surrounding the asshole mayor, governor, etc, there would be a serious attitude change in the political class because they would be vulnerable. It is the protection provided by the otherwise useless street cops that delivers the feeling of invincibility to the political class that then gives them the free hand to ignore their constituents immediately after their election. The street cop is the primary instrument for developing a smug attitude and overbearing demeanor that eventually produces political corruption and lack of accountability.

  208. Decoy says:
    @R.G. Camara

    Agree with your comments about how Chicago was successful in confining crime to black neighborhoods. But that has all changed post George Floyd and changed dramatically. In just 18 months the new reality is that criminal activity of all types has spiked in the Loop, North Michigan Ave., River North and it happens in the middle of the day. Other than a few neighborhoods where cops and fireman live there are no longer any safe neighborhoods in Chicago.

  209. anarchyst says:

    Environmentalists have been some of the most dishonest people in their misguided attempts to “save the planet”. Our earth is much more resilient than they would have you believe. Environmentalists see humans as a “pestilence”. They would like to see the human population reduced (by any means necessary) by around 90%. The survivors would be walled-off in soviet-style high-rise apartments, riding bicycles, taking trains and buses while the wilderness areas would be available only to the “anointed” environmentalists.
    I, for one, have no use for these limp-wristed, birkenstock-wearing, prius-driving, tofu-eating poor excuses for human beings. I would suggest that environmentalists take their own advice and eliminate themselves first.
    Environmentalists are like watermelons–green on the outside and red (communist) on the inside. It’s always been about control.

  210. GeneralRipper [AKA "GoldenValley"] says:

    Joe Wong’s resentment has deep roots.

    Utterly fascinating!

    Please elaborate on the deep roots of Joe Wong’s resentment.

  211. @Jeffrey A Freeman

    Not for long if the Dems have their way.

  212. Sam J. says:

    “What are the names of those cases? ”

    Reynolds v. Sims, 377 U.S. 533 (1964), was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court ruled that the electoral districts of state legislative chambers must be roughly equal in population

    The widening of the people eligible to vote comes from the Voting Rights Act. There’s so damn many of these cases it would be difficult to mention them all. It’s probably easier to link where they are complaining that a few of them, like having a real ID, are being said to be restrictive by the same evil assets that want to overthrow the country. They want no rules at all.

    There’s a whole slew of these type decisions that affect voting. Making the average middle class voters votes count way less than needed for a stable decent Republic and moving the country to a Democracy which tends towards Despotism. We don’t have to put up with this.

    The Supreme court really started this way, way back in Marbury vs Madison where they ruled that it was THEY who were responsible for interpreting the Constitution and whatever they decided was what it said.

    I’m not completely against that idea, (Marbury vs Madison). The problem is that as they continually went farther and farther afield from the Constitution the Legislature refused to stop them.

    Here’s a shit kicking out of this world example. A Fed. court ruled that Kansas schools were racist so the courts, forced the State to build more and better schools. the court decided in a general way the budget so the schools would have all the best new stuff and then they even bused kids from out of the district into the schools to “make them better”. It was a huge failure but note that the judge judged the law, wrote what needed to be done(legislative) and then monitored what was done (executive), so they WERE the whole damn government. A King, a Tyrant by any definition. They should have thrown him out on his ass.

    I wish I could get people to internalize this as some super really hurtful thing to our cause of a stable decent Republic. I really believe if we would change, as a beginning, this one thing about regional representation in the State Senate houses that was illegally taken away it would spawn a whole serious raft of changes over time. It would have to. Look at the difference in who says to do what. It would be totally upended if regional representation was the rule.

    Having State Senates appoint Federal Senators as they used to would even turbocharge the whole thing even more. With regional representation in the State Senates we could possibly overturn the amendment to have Federal Senators elected by popular election, meaning the cities choose, and go back to them being appointed by the State Senates. They would quit giving a damn about what Amazon, Gates, Facebook, etc. cared about at all.

    What do you want to bet if the Congress said,”You must have regional representation in the State Senates” the left would immediately start bellowing about States rights like the most extreme “Fire Eater” from the Southern States before the civil war.

    If we really wanted to kick their asses. I mean total domination, and why not they will certainly do it to us. We should REQUIRE all States to have equal land area proportional regional representation or use the boundaries of traditional counties in the Senates of all the States. If I’m not mistaken, and I may be, I believe the Senate can decide the rules under which Senators can serve and if that is so we could just not seat their Senators unless they did as we said. Refuse to count their votes and carry on legislating without them.


    Here’s a by the numbers check list with some added things to be done. All of these could follow from the first two. People say we can’t do this but that’s only because the system has purposely disenfranchised the people who make the country work. This is the opposite of the stated method of running the country that the founding fathers laid out. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the system they founded. We are not following it.

    1. The most important. Change Supreme court rulings that took away the ability of the States Senates to be regionally based. The Democrats are actually helping us here because they are pushing to end the filibuster. They did this already with appointing justices in the courts and it bit them in the ass when Republicans used it on them to place justices they didn’t like. If they end the filibuster and lose power then by a better than 50% vote in the House and Senate we can over rule the Supreme court rulings.(see previous link above for details)

    2. End the Supreme court rulings that disallowed any sort of test to be a voter. Like high school diploma or amount of taxes paid, anything. The courts ruled these all illegal. If we changed this then a large part of the Democratic base vote could be lost or at least enough to change the odds.

    3. Use the before mentioned ruling changes to further increase power by making it a law that all States should have regional based Senates based on proportional “areas” per Senate seat in all the States. This would put a serious hurt on very liberal States like California and New York, all of them actually, as the hinterlands are not in any way liberal or Democrats. If they refuse to do so then we will not count any of their Representatives votes nor seat any of them in the House or Senate and continue to rule without them. This has precedent. The Democrats actually did this after Nixon was impeached and the Democrats had huge power in the House and Senate and used it as a power grab. We can do the same.

    4. Get rid of the Constitutional amendment making the Senators stand for election and go back to the Senates of the States selecting Senators to send to the Federal government. Once the first two Supreme court rulings are overthrown then the regional based Senates in the States could push this amendment through. I don’t think it could be stopped. Constitutional amendments are not only from the Federal government they can also be from the States.

    Combined with the Senators in the States being regionally based this would be a stab in the heart to the left. A serious blow that they could not recover from. Once we have this we could roll them any way we damn well pleased and we should. We should crush them and their constituents. They have surely tried to do it to us with midnight flights of immigrants, forced public housing, homo school demands and I could go on and on with the punishments they have foisted on us.

    5. And when we have power in the Senate from steps one, two and three we uncover all the surveillance that has been going in, all the money stolen to do this, all the money siphoned off to various illegal and illegitimate cases, start stringing people up and jailing them. Clean up or disband the intelligence agencies. Jail any of them involved in blackmail and child rape. Jail anyone involved in illegal surveillance.

    We must have investigating power and power to convict or throw out those that will not convict. Right now we do not have this. Using the simple steps I outline we would have this power. I think guaranteed over time if not immediately.

    6. Uncover all the various perfidy the Jews have been up to in the Senate and throw their asses out. Uncover the fraud that is mass immigration and any immigrant that has committed any crime, taken any money, welfare or used any government programs since immigrating throw them out of the country and cancel their citizenship as undesirables. There’s no reason we can’t do this. If necessary we could have a clause that immigrants that have been of advantage to the country could stay.

    Some other wish list to reform the country.

    7. Corporations have been ruled by the Supreme court to be citizens for the privilege of giving campaign funds. Make them choose, Citizens or Corporations. If they choose Citizens then they can no longer receive any tax breaks except those of regular citizens and they lose any legal liability that corporations have. They will be libel just like a regular citizen. Otherwise they are corporations and they will not be allowed to give any campaign funds at all.

    8. Force all Federal election voting to be on paper ballots with valid ID checked and each voter when handed a ballot his name is highlighted on the actual registered voters list. Each ballot after counting or as they count it would have a digital photo of the ballot taken and digital photos of the registered voters list are also taken. These would be all placed online so that anyone could use a BitTorrent client and download the whole bunch. This would assure that the number of ballots handed out was the same as the number of ballots counted, that all the registered voters were actually valid voters and the actual numerical count of ballots was counted correctly . Anyone could download this and check it for themselves. As the ballots are counted they should be put online so that there’s no speculating on how the count was going, anyone could see it for themselves, actually see the pictures of the ballots and how the votes were marked on each one. Using a computer it would be a simple matter for third parties to count up the votes from the pictures of the ballots to check that the people counting them did not miscount them.

    9. Get rid of every single special civil rights legislation passed in the past. People have all the same rights. No special ones based on race. Repeal all of them.

    10. No voting in Federal elections for immigrants. Their children can vote. States may decide this issue however they wish for State elections. I expect most would allow it to attract immigrants.

    11. No dual citizenship.

    12. Get rid of section 8 housing and house all welfare recipients in public housing apartments.

    13. One I’m fond of. If a corporation imports manufactured goods or sub assemblies then the corporate leaders can not make more than 20 times their lowest paid employee, including contract employees. As it stands we CAN NOT compete with the Asian monopolist corporate State economies with our present system. We need to channel the minds of our corporate leaders to making sure we can. If they can no longer profit from outsourcing they will find a way.

    With this direct series of actions we could, if we could get real politicians that represent us to do so, take over the whole country and change it completely in a very short period of time. Do so legally with the same methods and mores of our Constitutional system. I’m not saying there would not be strife, like we don’t have that now, but anyone could see that they are trying to stop our normal system of government from operating as it should and would be rightly condemned for trying to overthrow the government.

  213. Sam J. says:

    “…So how feasible would it be to make such a law these days you think? …”

    Whatever has happened before can happen again. With regional representation where rural votes actually counted, it could happen and would collapse crime.

  214. HdC says:

    Well, I live in Ontario Canada and judging from the stories I glance over in the Toronto newspapers on-line, the blacks in Canada refuse to take the back seat to anyone when it comes to whining, bitching, and complaining.
    I cannot give you specifics as to what they complain about because I do not waste my time reading the article. The headline is enough for me.

    • Thanks: mocissepvis
  215. Ace says:

    Please stop being you.

  216. @Jeffrey A Freeman

    Thanks for coming to Buffoonery Bill’s rescue after I tied him to the tracks with my trespasser conundrum. I always did like those Dudley Do-Right cartoons. Bill scampered off like a cockroach when it is exposed to the light.

    I have no problem answering your questions.

    “Would you wear a mask while carrying a CW?
    I have already posted that even though I live in California, I rarely wear a mask. I have on occasion worn one when no other option, but I try to frequent places that do not enforce the mandate. I rarely carry a weapon when in town, but I no longer live in the hood. I always carry a weapon when in the hills or mountains, and never wear a mask. Would I wear a mask while carrying a concealed weapon? There could be a rare occasion when I would, but the majority of the time, no. Life is more complicated than yes or no. Yes or no answers are usually reserved for defense attorneys attempting to get their guilty as sin client off through obfuscation.

    “Open carry??Yes or no.”
    You and your yes or no answers, you sound like Johnnie Cochran, I thought he died. The next thing you know, you are probably gonna tell me, if the glove don’t fit, I must acquit. Again, it’s complicated, and that seems to be the problem with simple thinkers. People open carry in states such as Arizona, and the police don’t seem to be making a habit of shooting them. I live in California, where if one were to open carry in most densely populated areas, the panicked public would immediately call 911 to report Charles Manson on the loose. I would not wish to see how fate plays out on whether I will be confronted by a reasonable officer, or a shoot first, ask questions later officer. So no, I would not open carry.

    I am sure you have caught me in your Gill net and are now ready to fillet me, so when you do, I ask one simple favor: answer the Rumble in the Jungle trespasser conundrum. Let us see if you have the sense that Bill seems to be lacking.

    Buffoonery Bill is just another guy standing naked in the public fountain shouting nonsense for all to hear. There was a time I would throw a quarter in to see the madman convulse about in his effort to retrieve it, but I have witnessed this scene so many times it is just tiresome. I will admit he has an ability to draw a crowd, but upon closer inspection, everyone will catch sight of the fact that there really is not much there to see.

    • Thanks: Jeffrey A Freeman
  217. anarchyst says:
    @Sam J.

    Excellent points! I’ve been saying the same things for decades.
    That being said…
    Congress DOES have the power to limit the jurisdiction of the “supreme court” but has only done so in rare cases. Congress specifically took away the court’s jurisdiction in a number of cases.


  218. @Sam J.

    I’m sure I speak for many when I say: tl;dr

  219. Anonymous[179] • Disclaimer says:

    To put it simply, Blacks are anti-police because blacks love crime and are on the criminal’s side. They are the children of the devil. Their opaque complexion is a indicator of hell they came from. The color black symbolizes evil and death. The Thief comes only to kill, steal, and destroy.

    Being called a racist by them is really being called a snitch, a rat, a do-gooder etc.

  220. Anonymous[179] • Disclaimer says:
    @Brooklyn Dave

    The solution can be found in the bible.

    The “Hood” is the modern day version of the “Hittite and the Amorite, the Canaanite and the Perizzite, the Hivite and the Jebusite.” And we all know how they were dealt with.

  221. @John Johnson

    “Black people are never responsible for themselves. It’s always guns/Bad Whites/socialism/Big Government/latest theory”

    You forgot to mention bad Black Dirt as a reason for their dysfunctionality.

    To remedy this problem we need to transport good magic dirt into these communities or at least transport the blacks into White communities where there is an abundance of good magic dirt.

    Maybe Biden’s Build back America has some money set aside so dump trucks full of good magic dirt can send black communities some of that good stuff!

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  222. SBaker says:
    @Patrick McNally

    No african man wants an african female. Look close and see why.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  223. @europeasant

    That is a great idea! Transport dump trucks full of good magic dirt into black communities, and then bury the community under it!

  224. Dusan says:

    It all makes sense. Good job!

  225. @SBaker

    They were and still are obviously able to do it in Africa. But here in the US, where the option exists of looking elsewhere, that becomes an issue.

  226. JamesinNM says:

    Lincoln planned to deport all the slaves after the so-called civil war. He said the slaves’ culture was so different from Americans’ culture that the slaves would never sufficiently assimilate in America.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  227. @Ace

    Not having heard back, I tested the website Search tool to see that it isn’t working very well for finding my comments.

    So have a look at this September 3, 2021, Derbyshire column

    The latest Sailer posts on COVID and Ukraine are good examples, too, and you can still join those threads (subject to whim).

    The roster is increasingly dominated by copium denmothers for disaffected whites. Dissidence on other topics is withering with the departure of writers like Gilad Atzmon, Linh Dinh, and C. J. Hopkins.

    Again, please refute if you disagree.

  228. Anonymous[179] • Disclaimer says:

    The Negroes were either God’s idea of a practical joke, or created by the devil to sully God’s creation.

  229. Nancy says:
    @Luus Kanin

    I tend to agree with Bill. I have experienced cops who knew they could do what they wanted…until someone showed up with a video camera (decades ago :). Also, IIRC, aren’t 30% of murders unsolved? Perhaps Kim Fox, Cook County’s attorney, has the right idea…. she’s declined to prosecute gang bang shoot outs, saying it is a case of ‘mutual combat’… which it seems to be. If Black Lives don’t matter to blacks, who should care? (except Soros, Tides, and the black female grifters who’ve absconded with the BLM donated millions, and CRT psy-operators, etc.) Perhaps when the deserted slums become inhabitable, the land owners will pony up for security, etc.

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  230. @Automatic Slim

    “Silly caveat” is funny. Anything even slightly complex is clearly bullshit, amirite?Most hood rats have a similarly two-dimensional worldview… but I can definitely see where that could come from a lack of self- discipline and lower IQ.

  231. anarchyst says:

    All blacks ARE savages. There, I’ve said it…
    Some of them are able to control their primal urges and appear to be able to function in western white-run society–the “talented tenth” so to speak. The “talented tenth” description is a misnomer as even less than one-tenth of one percent of blacks will attain such a distinction.
    Not far below the surface of black thought IS the primal urge to destroy anyone not of the race. It’s in their blood and DNA.
    In Africa, identical-looking blacks routinely slaughter others of different tribes despite having virtually identical DNA.
    Attempts to “uplift” blacks by well-meaning whites are abject failures.
    Adoptions of black children by whites are a “time bomb”, these adoptions work out well until the black child reaches 12 or 13 years of age when the black DNA starts to reassert itself. By the time a black is 18 years of age, the black DNA has fully asserted itself. The poor impulse control, instant gratification, and hatred of anyone who does not share the same appearance are all back in force. A good example of this is Colin Kapaernick. Despite being raised by well-meaning whites and given a good education and life, he turned on his adoptive parents and white society, as well. The old saying “you can take the black out of the jungle, but you cannot take the jungle out of the black” surely rules here…
    The primal black DNA dominance cannot be stopped or delayed. It is a part of black behavior.
    The temporary solution is segregation of blacks, strictly enforced with the ultimate solution being repatriation to the African continent.
    Once they are in Africa, I don’t care what they do. They can create wakanda or slaughter each other. Their fate is up to them alone…
    That being said, it is “small hat” troublemakers who have been using blacks as a weapon for generations in western societies. The same conditions should be placed on these “small hat” types as well…They can be repatriated as well…send them to Africa where they can control their “pets”…

    • Thanks: europeasant, Luus Kanin
  232. anarchyst says:

    A good example of the black definition of “respect” is the recent case of Amaud Arbery, who attacked a white man with a shotgun because he felt that he was “disrespected”

    Arbery was not being chased, could have walked away in any direction he chose, and could have avoided the white men and the situation entirely.

    Arbery has that one fatal “flaw” that is present in all black DNA, the misperceived “shame” of being “disrespected” (even if no “disrespect” occurred) and the need to immediately “do something about it” (instant gratification).

    Arbery attacked a man with a firearm, never a “good idea”. His own actions resulted in his demise.

    Arbery got a well-deserved “dirt nap” and will not be casing houses or furthering his criminal enterprise anymore.

    Advice to Arbery and Trayvon types:

    “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes”.

    Kudos to the two white men who “took out the garbage”.

    It’s a damn shame that they were convicted of murder for defending themselves. Let’s hope that their appeals are successful.

    They should have been given medals, not convictions.

    • Agree: Luus Kanin
  233. This just doe not really play out. You are assuming that people don’t want the police because they are criminals. I would suggest it’s something simpler.

    Heavy police presence causes issues because the police engage in intrusive conduct in the name of probable cause in the name of policies such as stop and frisk. That is not that Ione is afraid of being caught for a crime, of the police. And the police also frustrated by the law engage in tactics for the sake of efficiency, that are or can be extrajudicial.

    Second it does not take the entire department to earn the mistrust of a community. Ten out of hundred could be the actors but are protected by the other 90 so the community may develop a healthy mistrust of the entire force.

    Third, the police are government. They have one of the most powerful unions in the country. For the past twenty years with increasing vigor, states have been purchasing heavy duty military hardware and tactics to boot. Rubt Ridge, Waco, Philadelphia are not anomalies anymore. Defund the police is really about curbing the purchase of equipment that is used in the military against US citizens.

    Note: the community of Brentwood doesn’t like the police presence anymore than the people of say Detroit. It suggests that there is something amiss in their neighborhood. And the issue regarding the police is mostly experienced because black’s skin comes wit a lot faux historical baggage, that is exploited by whites of any affiliation. That black skin has blunted the avenues into mainstream life , the Irish, Italians, Poles, etc. have no such unique barrier.

    The toughest commodity to keep for any police department in any community is respect. I think across the country the history of we have abused the police is placing them in a position in which a community loses respect for them and TV, video and youtube have helped fuel that distrust. People can see and hear what’s gong on first hand. And for the first time, the youth are getting some data that suggests what they have heard by way of complaint is supportable. Anyone with a position that requires interacting with the public has a special duty to the same to act in their best interests, not their own – like members of congress regulating and investing in stocks — uhhh not good.

    I have recently heard the about a coming race war. There has never been a race war or color war in the United States. There as been a consistent discrimination to make it harder for african americans and whites have been known to burn downs black neighborhoods and businesses and blacks have destroyed their own communities at times. But have never ventured beyond that to my knowledge — not yet. The mr king incident was different in that a large number of protestors were hispanic — most as I recall. But an all out conflict between people of different colors — nor. Save socially, politically and economically largely and persistently against the black/african american population — its structuration implemented in identity politics and policy.

    Most of the black population are not criminal or do they fear the police because they might be caught engaging in criminality. They may have a legitimate concern about being treated as criminals on skin color alone as the source or cause. Afterall if a wealthy white women will condone the police stopping her child on his skin color alone in her upper class neighborhood — well, what’s left to be said about whites and their view of blacks. i hope that child gets rescued for that families ignorance and “racism” a rare use of the term for me.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  234. anarchyst says:

    You leave out perhaps, the most important points about the militarization of police and of their almost complete “immunity” that would get an ordinary citizen many years behind bars.

    American police forces are trained in israeli tactics, presently in use in israel against the Palestinians. American police departments send their “trainers” to israel to “learn how its done”.

    Community policing has been replaced by “command and control” tactics where “we are all (seen as) the enemy, now”. An example of out-of-control “command and control” tactics used by police is that of the “Philip Brailsford–Daniel Shaver” case. The video is out there showing the incompetence by the police on scene.

    “Qualified immunity” is the other “problem” that should be abolished. Police officers should have the same rights and responsibilities as “the rest of us”. As it stands now, the magic words “I feahed fo’ mah life” is a “get out of jail free” card for the cops. There are other “carve outs” and exceptions granted to police that are frequently used by cops to “get away” with criminal behavior.

    All one has to do is observe how cops are treated after a “justifiable?” shooting compared with the treatment an ordinary citizen would receive.

    A citizen that uses deadly force, justifiably, will be immediately handcuffed and arrested, until the situation is sorted out. He will most likely be detained in a holding cell at the police station until the prosecutor makes a decision whether to prosecute.

    Questioning by police will most certainly be forceful and immediate, with police interrogators purposely trying to “trip up” the citizen by attempting to elicit contradictory statements–standard police interrogation tactics.

    A police officer in an identical situation will NOT be handcuffed or arrested. The police officer will be afforded a union attorney and will have 72 hours in which to get his story straight. In addition, a police-friendly prosecutor will most likely hesitate to prefer charges, as they are on the same team.
    Most likely an extended taxpayer-paid vacation (administrative leave) will result.
    Not so for the ordinary citizen.

    Double standard?

    You bet.

  235. @Nancy

    Bill posted the police are always your enemy. He advocated doing away with the police and pay detectives and forensics people to do the job because street cops are militaristic morons. These thoughts are just idiotic. He gave himself away that he has absolutely no knowledge of how policing works, but he wants to be an expert on the subject anyway.

    He has opinions that are not grounded in any facts. He acts like detectives are a much better option than street cops, but blinds himself so he can’t actually see that detectives actually do a small fraction of police work. When he is called out on his stupidity, he repeats his mantra and tries to find a sentence to attack, but won’t touch the main premise.

    The street cop is the foundation of police work, and without them there can be no police department. Even in the most serious crimes such as murder, the street cop does the initial investigation and turns it over to the detectives, who will try to clear it through follow-up investigation if a suspect isn’t already in custody. Detectives get information from the street cops at the scene.

    I asked for Bill to solve the Rumble in the Jungle trespasser dilemma, and of course he completely avoided it because he had no answer. He had no answer because there is no answer other than chaos if the street cop is removed.

    As far as the percentage of murders that are solved nationally, I believe the clearance rate is around 50%. That is not good, but that is just an average, each department will vary, with some good clearance rates and others bad, such as Flint Michigan, which I believe is around 20% clearance rate. Chicago, which we hear about weekly, is around 35%.

    Mutual combat is a crime against the state, whether prosecutors abuse their authority by choosing not to prosecute. There are times where a case is weak, and the prosecutor must wait for more evidence, but Fox is using it as a strategy to keep black criminals out of prison. Everyone can see the results of her efforts and judge for themselves.

    I would disagree that we shouldn’t care if blacks kill each other. It is a crime against our society. If they are not removed from law abiding citizenry, there will be more victims, and embolden the criminals to commit even more crime. Look at what has happened to the once wonderful area of the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. It is no longer safe, and some tourists come to that city and have no idea they are in danger in an area that was once completely safe.

    There are of course cops that have no business in that profession, but they are outliers. The main problems we see on the news are lack of good hiring practices and lack of training. To expect police to deal with vicious, dangerous, animals with kid gloves is unrealistic and gets cops killed. To expect them to react as you think a robot would when sometimes faced with terrifying circumstances and split seconds to determine their choices, is completely unfair and ultimately hurts all of society. There is no one alive that will be able to do the job mistake free.

  236. anarchyst says:

    Your statement:

    There is no one alive that will be able to do the job mistake free.

    …is correct.

    However, it is accountability and responsibility for ones actions that is absent from today’s police structure.

    When police “raid the wrong house”, smashing everything in sight, blaming it on (illegal steroid induced) adrenaline, just because they can, something is seriously wrong.

    When police order a man to crawl with his hands behind his back (impossible to do) and then murder him in cold blood and get away with it, something is seriously wrong.

    When (((they))) investigate themselves and find “no wrongdoing” and claim that they “followed procedures” something is also seriously wrong.

    “Qualified immunity” and “self-investigation” has created a new “praetorian guard” that is “above the law”…

    Add to that “asset forfeiture” which is “legalized robbery under color of authority” and the mix is complete.

    At the present time, police officers are losing their lives in greater numbers due to “blowback”. Police officers are being attacked because of their department’s lack of accountability and responsibility. The attackers see only the uniform and not the person wearing it.

    In the movie “Law Abiding Citizen”, Gerard Butler’s character Clyde Shelton had the right idea…to “bring the whole diseased temple down, and it’s going to be biblical”.

    • Replies: @Luus Kanin
  237. ” Most likely an extended taxpayer-paid vacation (administrative leave) will result.
    Not so for the ordinary citizen.”

    one never knows when or even a certain officer will decide to make an example. i am not very compliant

    i question o i think i need too, and will even object and despite the rumors — i have never assaulted an officer — been assaulted by them sure . . . .

    i do see your point for conservative perspective the heavier burden in always on the institutions we have i think most conservatives forget that

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  238. Testpost says:

    I love how Robert W thinks. I agree mostly with his take. I’ve seen heather MacDonald argue the opposite that inner city blacks want the cops.

    I advocate for blacks to stand together but also act in their own self interest and never accept a plea deal or admit guilt. This would destroy the court system, no one would go to trial and those that did might not for 5 years. All while never admitting guilt. Make a jury put you away. With easy bail, you can enjoy your freedom.

  239. @anarchyst

    Anarchyst, I enjoy reading your posts, and I respect your opinions. Thank you for reaching out. You have put quite a large fish to fry on my pan, and I will do my best, but please don’t hold it against me if the room gets a little smoky.

    If someone such as Bill says to light a fire to the whole thing, I might be interested. Heck, I’ve been camping, and I like a nice fire as much as the next guy. I think maybe I could join that parade. But when he then says things such as 30 pieces of silver and just have detectives do the job, well, I am jumping off the float. His words show he is not interested in solutions, he’s only interested in the fire. They have a name for people like that, they are called Pyros. They are easy to spot, because they will be the ones with their pants down around their ankles.

    The police have plenty of accountability and responsibility for their actions, there are just some egregious cases that are purposely put front and center by our enemies in the Mainstream Media in order to frame a narrative that won’t hold up under scrutiny.

    “When the police raid the wrong house”.
    We hear about these cases because they are far from the norm. The police in a single department don’t raid the wrong house on a consistent basis, and if it happens, there will be an attempt by the department to correct the blunder, so it doesn’t happen in the future. In the case of Breonna Taylor, if you had been part of the raid, you would have shot in her direction also. When someone is shooting at them, you can be assured that the police will be putting rounds downrange in response. The possible solution is not allowing judges to sign no knock warrants to be served in the middle of the night.

    “Qualified Immunity and self investigation has created a new Praetorian Guard that is above the law”.
    Everyone says qualified immunity as if it were one word, but there are two words there. It means immunity if the police officer qualifies, by not violating constitutional rights and acting in a reasonable manner. The police departments didn’t grant themselves this, nor did the police unions. This was granted by the Supreme Court, in an effort to eliminate frivolous lawsuits against individual officers. When sued, the officer has to ask the court to grant it. The court makes the decision. If you were to argue that this is the role of the legislature, I would have to agree with you.

    As far as the Praetorian Guard, one can surely make a case against them, but the emperor won’t be one of them, because he can surmise that most likely there will be no emperor without them. The Praetorian Guard does not serve itself.

    Asset Forfeiture is in my opinion unconstitutional. The legislature and the courts must address this.

    I enjoy anecdotes, so here is a personal one. When I was single, I had been shopping in Safeway when I came across a sweet young flower. She was quite attractive, had good grooming habits, and dressed nicely. I struck up a conversation, and she was quite pleasant. I thought she might be the one, and if not, she could be the one for right now. I got her number and later arranged a dinner date. I arrived at her house, and when welcomed inside, noticed somewhere between 15 to 20 cats residing there, along with a smell of litter boxes. My first thought was, how did I miss the signs? I saw nothing that would suggest this. My second thought was, I wonder if I can get away with a bowl of clam chowder and a side salad from Denny’s? My point is people are gonna people. We are surrounded by weirdos, idiots, and criminals, somebody has to do the unpleasant stuff.

    Throw a nice, well mannered, pleasant young person into a ghetto environment for a year or two. I would guess after that, they might not be first on your list of people to invite to your cotillion.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  240. anarchyst says:
    @Luus Kanin

    Thank you for your concise comment.
    I agree with you up to a point.

    Qualified immunity is much more corrosive to the “rule of law” than just about any other ruling as it allows police officers and departments to escape censure for acts that would get an ordinary citizen in trouble.

    The “bar” is set so high for those who attempt to sue police officers for misconduct under qualified immunity, that most cases are thrown out by the courts. Almost every attempt to sue never reaches the trial phase.

    There ARE many cases of police misconduct that are covered up by police departments and police-friendly prosecutors that never make the media.

    The change I would make is a simple one.

    Require all public officials (not just police officers) to be “bonded”. This is presently done through private insurance companies and bonding agencies.
    The basic cost of the bond would be paid by the municipality while surcharges would be borne by the individual themselves.
    Too many surcharges and eventually the “bad” individual would be unable to keep his job.

    You can bet that insurance and bonding agencies would be more diligent in keeping the “bad apples” from continuing employment with any police agency in the state.

    In addition, any awards (non-qualified immunity cases) to aggrieved citizens for police and public servant misconduct would be disbursed from the respective agency’s pension fund. You can bet that this one move would clean things up in a hurry.


    • Thanks: Luus Kanin
  241. @EliteCommInc.

    Eloquence and editorial discipline befitting a Weissberg column.

  242. Mike-SMO says:

    It seems obvious that thinking in terms of “race” rather than “adverse selection” (my terminology) is an error. There are clearly two subpopulations of African Americans. The smallest group are most likely those descended from captives from inter-tribal raids or “POWs”. Those are “normies” with a range of intelligence, creativity, and accomplishment. They share a sense of “community” and “humanity” in common with recent immigrants from Africa. They are for the most part just “folks”.

    The vast majority of African Americans are descendants of non-productive culls, that the West African tribes sold into slavery in exchange for European printed cloth, steel implements, and rum. I have no idea how the current population was affected by genetics (regression to the population mean?) or ” assortative mating” (avoid the trash?), but the creation of ghettoes and violent crime should not be a surprise. Centuries ago, the selection would not have been for the language and mathematics used to determine “IQ”, but most likely on the ability to acquire a useful skill, on the ability to learn a new tribal language/dialect, on the ability to work without intense supervision, cooperativeness/violence, honesty/reliability, etc.. The Ashanti/Akan and the Yoruba empires accepted human slaves as tithes from subject tribes which they then sold to the Europeans and it seems obvious that those tribes would not send their brightest and best. The Igbo had a rather sophisticated “Welfare/Debtor” system in which those in debt would “loose their freedom” and be placed in the care of prosperous families/klans. The Igbo story is elaborated by Adoabi Tricia Nwaubani, a Nigerian fiction author ( I don’t care for ethnic village fiction, but the author is a good wordsmith. If you read the NewYorker piece carefully, it is apparent that the story was butchered by a “Woke” political editor. The introductory bio bit is crudely attached to a description of a worthy “slave”, who was a life long friend of the great-grandfather with an excised (I am sure) description of those “slaves” that the great-grandfather sold to the Europeans. Even now, the slave trade is a delicate subject.

    In summary, the American plantation owners mostly bought the culls for stoop labor under strict and harsh supervision. The urban ghetto population of African Americans are, most likely, the descendants of the culls sold into slavery by the West African tribes. When the race hustlers blame “slavery” for the current condition of the African American population, compared to other immigrants, they avoid mentioning the selection process that created the slave population.

    “Like father, like son” through the generations. It is unlikely that it is the lack of a father in a household that creates problems. It is the nature of the father that created the children that is the “problem”. Normal men create and raise families that they support with their skills and energy. Those children have a chance at a decent future. The descendants of culls, “squirt and run” leaving children with the same essential deficits. “Race” has nothing to do with that. The Progressive fantasy is that every person is a “blank slate” on which they can engrave their fantasy. That slate is engraved at the creation.

  243. Anonymous[146] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sam J.

    Your proposed set of changes could work (“could” is about the best you can do when proposing novelties, see the famous Machiavelli quote). However, they are the sort of changes that could only be made by a unified group that had just won a very hard fight, and yet had leaders with enough experience to know that lasting control is enforced by the population, not by the police and army.
    Forming this group takes time, a conflict, and the absolute conviction that institutions have to change because survivors have been so thoroughly culled as to eliminate their desire for more conflict. It helps if there is an external threat. During the fighting and aftermath of the American Revolution it was definitely true that “If we do not hang together, we shall most assuredly hang separately”. The UK was not happy with the rebellion, or its aftermath, and standard UK diplomacy would have included picking off the individual colonies, had they not united.

    Group formation, in addition to a persistent external threat, takes time. Essentially, every effort will be made to keep the current system, and every effort must have failed, before such a reorganization can succeed. That’s why the time scale on these things in the decades. Theoretical work of the sort Sam J. has done is essential, as there must be a theoretical body of work underlying the change in basic system. Just because it won’t be implemented tomorrow doesn’t mean that it is idle speculation.

  244. PaceLaw says:

    Well said Jidvei. By the way do you live in Detroit? The comment about the Arab-run grocer seemed remarkably familiar to me. Lol!

    You are absolutely correct in your statements. As I have said in other posts, blacks overwhelmingly don’t mind criminality, just as long as it doesn’t affect them personally. I believe that’s what Weissberg was getting at in his article. Far too many blacks are only a stone’s throw away from some sort of criminality, such that they don’t want to be involved at all in cooperating with the police. That’s at the heart of the matter. Also, I believe that too many blacks have close relatives, i.e., cousins nephews, etc., that are involved in the criminal justice system, so they would prefer to see them out on the streets instead of locked up. That is why many voted in hyper – liberal prosecutors around the country who will not even prosecute misdemeanor crimes. Sad.

    • Replies: @Detroit Refugee
  245. PaceLaw says:
    @Greta Handel

    Greta, unfortunately, you are far too dismissive of Mr. Weissberg’s fundamental point, which is that blacks overwhelmingly tolerate criminality (just as long as it doesn’t affect them personally) at very shocking rates. This explains the degradation of the city of Baltimore (I live in a suburb of the city) and the sky-high murder rates of cities such as Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, etc. There is practically zero desire for “law and order“ in the majority of black communities.

    You allege that many writers on this site are merely race baiting. Your perception is horribly flawed. If anything, these writers are providing straightforward facts as to issues that the mainstream media would love to continue to ignore.

    However, your line regarding Mr. Weissberg’s perceived “whack-a-black” predisposition is pure comedic gold! Lol!!!

  246. anarchyst says:

    A good example of the dysfunctional, irrational behavior of blacks is that of Ahmaud Arbery. Arbery felt that his criminal behavior should have been overlooked and ignored by the white residents of the neighborhood and that failure to observe the black notion of “respect” was worthy of a confrontation.

    Arbery was not being chased, could have walked in any direction he chose, and could have avoided the white men and the situation entirely.

    Arbery has that one fatal “flaw” that is present in all black DNA, the misperceived “shame” of being “disrespected” (even if no “disrespect” occurred) and the need to immediately “do something about it” (instant gratification).

    Arbery attacked a man with a firearm, never a “good idea”. His actions resulted in his demise.

    Arbery got a well-deserved “dirt nap” and will not be casing houses or furthering his criminal enterprise anymore.

    Advice to Arbery and Trayvon types:

    “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes”.

    Kudos to the white men who “took out the garbage”. Sad to say, the three white men are paying for their gallantry with their lives. Hopefully upcoming appeals will get their sentences reduced.

    • Agree: mark green
  247. @PaceLaw

    Certainly sounds like our “diversity ” up here.

  248. @Dutch Boy

    What so soon? That was quick, but not surprising in the least, as he is just another Democrat Party hack politician, former NYPD employee, who’s touting a “law and order” platform. Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels, would have been a much better choice in the mayoral election, but he was not a member of the Democrat, or Republican Parties, and perhaps ran as an independent. The Guardian Angels were a deterrent to low level crimes such as bullying, harassment, robberies, and rapes. Their presence was a welcomed sight, as they always stood in the subway cars, where they could be viewed by all passengers. If I was living in Brooklyn, where I lived most of my 13 years in the NYC metropolitan area, I would have voted for him, and perhaps campaigned for him. Curtis and his wife Lisa would have made a handsome mayoral duo.

  249. Malla says:

    Blacks have been brainwashed into voting for their own replacements. Not helped by upper-class blacks betraying their blue-collar brethren, that nice diversity officer gets a nice bonus and the rest of her race can get ground into the mud…

    Most American Blacks HATE YT and will always support anything perceived as anti-YT. ANYTHING!! They are more interested in harming YT than thinking of the interests of themselves as a group.

  250. anarchyst says:

    From personal experience, almost every black I have encountered, even those with a “college education” work for either a municipality, government agency, non-profit organization or major corporation.
    They are given flashy titles, positions not commensurate with their abilities, receive excellent compensation and benefits, despite not being able to perform.
    These “managers” have white underlings who do all of the “grunt” work while these black “managers” do their nails, plan their off-work activities and are generally useless.
    Municipalities and corporations can afford to pay these useless “bottom-feeders” because they bolster the “minority hiring quota” demanded by civil-rights laws.
    These blacks are never seen working for small private firms.
    A personal story:
    Working for major municipality, I had a payroll issue (underpayment) that I attempted to get resolved. Contacting the municipal payroll department was an exercise in futility.
    The black managers insisted that I “did something wrong” causing the payroll error. Despite providing documentation proving my case, I was shunted from one useless black “bottom feeder” to another.
    Filling out form after form only to be rejected “just because ((they)) would not do their job” and look into the matter, I finally got lucky.
    Approaching the payroll department once again, the black “manager” was “out of the office”. Explaining my situation to a nice Indian fellow accountant, he was able to get my situation resolved immediately. He cut me a check and resolved the issue on the spot.
    I am sure that many others have had similar experiences dealing with black “managers”…

    • Thanks: Johann Ricke
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