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Why Are Woke Leftists So Ugly?
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Above: Steve Sailer has been pointing out for years how Democrats are driven crazy by Mitt and Ann Romney’ s annual Christmas card featuring all their handsome grandchildren: those Republicans are trying to breed their way to victory. The Romneys, though not as conservative as us, look like the best type of American.

Let’s face facts: Compared to conservatives, leftists aren’t very good-looking, at least when you control for socioeconomic status. This is nowhere more obvious than when it comes to two very famous “First Daughters.” The difference between Ivanka Trump—even if she has had some work done—and Chelsea Clinton is striking.

Ivanka, ChelseaIvanka, Chelsea
Ivanka, Chelsea

This difference is also obvious if you compare those who attended pro-life and pro-choice rallies after Roe v. Wade was overturned. Exceptions notwithstanding, conservative men and women are better looking. Conservative men are also more muscular and taller.

British evolutionary psychologist and (possibly unwitting) comedian Prof. Edward Dutton spoke about it at length on his YouTube channel, The Jolly Heretic, which promotes itself as an online English “pub.”

Dutton, who has written many times for, began Goblins: Why Are Extreme Leftists Often So Hideously Unattractive? by dressing as a goblin while pretending to be a not-very-easy-on-the-eye) leader of “Hope Not Hate.”

This organization seems to be the British equivalent of the Anti-Defamation League or Southern Poverty Law Center, but has lost much credibility after being exposed a sting operation by British right-wing activist Tommy Robinson. One of the Hope Not Hate activists in Dutton’s thumbnail, Matthew Collins, really does resemble a goblin.

He is strikingly ugly.

But then we get to the meat of it: Dutton’s video sets out the growing body of academic studies that prove that Rightists are objectively better-looking—in terms of facial symmetry and other traits regarded as attractive—than Leftists. It’s something we kind of all know, but it’s amazing to see it so clearly proved.

A study published in 2017 in Politics and the Life Sciences found that, controlling for socioeconomic status, white people rated as more attractive in an American sample were more likely to be “conservative” and “Republican.” The less attractive were more likely to be “liberal” and “Democrat” [Effects of physical attractiveness on political beliefs, by Rolfe Daus Peterson and Carl L Palmer, Fall].

Another study published the same year looked at Rightist and Leftist politicians in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia and found that “politicians on the right look more beautiful” [The Right Look: Conservative Politicians Look Better and Voters Reward It, by Niclas Berggren, Henrik Jordahl, and Panu Poutvaara, Journal of Public Economics, February, 2017].

And voters, perhaps unconsciously, know this. The authors say they “use beauty as a cue for conservatism in low-information elections.” In other words, they assume that the more attractive candidate is more likely to be conservative.

Even more fascinating, if you regard yourself as better looking, you become more conservative. Stanford University study found that priming people to think that they were more attractive increased their support for inequality, whereas priming people to think that they were physically unattractive increased their support for equality [Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Thinking that one is attractive increases the tendency to support inequality, by Peter Belmi and Margaret Neale, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, July 2014]. So, if you hypnotize a person into believing that she is ugly, then she becomes more liberal, whereas if you hypnotize a person into believing she is good-looking, she becomes conservative.

But conservatives aren’t just better-looking. Another study from 2017, this time in Evolution and Human Behavior, found that conservative men not only have more attractive and manly faces than leftist men, but also more muscular bodies [Is sociopolitical egalitarianism related to bodily and facial formidability in men?, by Michael E. Price, Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington, James Sidnaius, and Nicholas Pound, September]. Put simply, in the terms of the Chad-Virgin Twitter meme, conservative men are “Chads;” Leftist men are “Virgins.” [The Virgin vs Chad meme, explained, Daily Dot, November 7, 2017]

Unsurprisingly, conservative men are also taller than Leftist men. A study based on a large sample and published in the British Journal of Political Science reported that “taller individuals are more likely to support the Conservative Party, support conservative policies and vote Conservative; a one-inch increase in height increases support for Conservatives by 0.6 per cent” [Height, Income and Voting, by Raj Arunachalam and Sara Watson, October 2018].

To understand this relationship, Dutton presents a number of related findings. Conservatives have better mental health than Leftists. But the direction of causation, a study published just last month showed, is the opposite of what we might expect. Becoming a conservative, and doing “conservative” things like going to church or being involved in civic life, does not make people significantly more mentally healthy. Rather, people who already have good mental health are more likely to be conservative—implying that the mechanism is strongly genetic [A Longitudinal Test of the Conservative-Liberal Well-Being Gap, Salvador Vargas Salfate, Sammyh S. Khan, James H. Liu, and Homero Gil de Zúñiga, Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, July 7, 2022].

Additionally Dutton presents research, also published in Personality and Social Psychology, implying that we are instinctively conservative; conservatism, in other words, is our evolutionary norm [Low-Effort Thoughts Promote Political Conservatism by Christian S. Crandall, Jeffrey A. Goodman, and John C. Blanchar, March 16, 2012]. We become more conservative when we act impulsively, when we are stressed and when we are drunk, meaning that our inhibitions are down.

Taking all of this together, Dutton presents his theory to explain why conservatives are more attractive than Leftists, which is also set out in his new book, Spiteful Mutants: Evolution, Sexuality, Religion, and Politics in the 21st Century.

Drawing on the Moral Foundations model of Jonathan Haidt, he argues that we have five moral foundations, reflecting the fact that we are pack animals competing for status within the pack’s hierarchy.

The group-binding foundations are Obedience to Authority, In-group Loyalty and Sanctity vs. Disgust, the latter playing a significant part in wanting to repel outsiders. The “Individualizing” foundations are “Equality”—if you bring everyone down to your level then you get proportionately more—and “Harm Avoidance,” which also avoids harm to you.

Conservatives are about equal on all five moral foundations. Leftists are high on individualizing foundations but low on binding foundations. In other words, Leftists are selfish and virtue-signal about “equality,” tactics in a covert strategy to attain power.

Dutton argues that the evolutionary “norm” is, therefore, conservatism. Until the Industrial Revolution, we were under “harsh Darwinian selection” and the child mortality rate was about 50%. We were also under group selection; the more group-oriented tended to triumph. With the collapse of child mortality to 1 percent, we saw the rise of genetically sick people who would have died as infants under harsher conditions.

In that about 84 percent of genes relate to brain functioning, the brain is a massive target for mutation. So, if you have “mutant genes of the body”—leading to a poor immune system—you will certainly have them in the mind.

He further argues that mutation of the mind tends toward Leftism, as we were previously so strongly evolved to conservatism, and it seems to be mediated by mental illnes s, which strongly predicts Leftism, possibly because it involves strongly negative feelings, such as jealousy and paranoia.

Thus, Leftists desire power over everyone else and deeply hate those they see as powerful. Or maybe depression makes Leftists unhappy. They cope with this by telling themselves that they’re morally superior to everyone else, turning them into Narcissistic Woke campaigners.

Either way, this mutant psychology goes together with general “high mutational load.” Using disproportionately more “bioenergetic resources” to fight off disease because of weak immunity, Leftists cannot produce a symmetrical, good-looking face, cannot produce much muscle, and cannot reach phenotypic maximum height. (Dutton, however, concedes that an environmental element might play a role: Short, ugly, weak people are bullied as children, which elevates mental instability).

So, there you have it. Woke people, science shows, are as ugly as we thought they were. And a key reason is that, both mentally and physically, they are mutants who wouldn’t have survived infancy without the scientific breakthroughs of the Industrial Revolution.

They are ugly, inside and out.

Lance Welton [email him] is the pen name of a freelance journalist living in New York.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Why are woke leftists so ugly?

    That’s easy…because they’re woke leftists.

    Why are they listened to,and who’s paying them?

    • Replies: @Bob - Enough
    , @JimDandy
  2. Kim says:

    Ivana has had a lot of work done. Chin implants, hook nose remodelled, breast implants.

    And I would dispute that she is not a leftist…

    So, on second thoughts, and in a backhanded way, your thesis may be correct in her case.

  3. BuelahMan says:

    Have you ever seen Ivanka’s childhood pics BEFORE her surgeries?

    But even that isn’t enough to stop Don from explaining how attractive she is and that if she weren’t his daughter…

    It is apparent that the ugliest leftists are jews. But then again, the ugliest rightists are jews, too.

    Maybe the “ugly” is simply jewish. I know that it is true for their insides.

    • Disagree: FurriesRock, Meretricious, Agent76
    • Thanks: Angharad
  4. While this goes way beyond the Bioleninism theory they’re complementary. Its TL;DR is that these ugly people can gain status by being part of the Left.

    But I’ll note that’s the “modern” Left which started with the French Revolution, and before the Industrial Revolution became a thing there, let alone the fruits of it which changed the game as described above. Looking into the delay would be interesting, there’s lots of factors in play but simple increased wealth will be big.

    For what it’s worth, Wikipedia says “Chronic hunger and malnutrition were the norms for the majority of the population of the world including Britain and France, until the late 19th century. Until about 1750, in large part due to malnutrition, life expectancy in France was about 35 years and about 40 years in Britain. The United States population of the time was adequately fed, much taller on average, and had a life expectancy of 45–50 years….” See also the British Agricultural Revolution:

    […] was an unprecedented increase in agricultural production in Britain arising from increases in labour and land productivity between the mid-17th and late 19th centuries. Agricultural output grew faster than the population over the hundred-year period ending in 1770, and thereafter productivity remained among the highest in the world. This increase in the food supply contributed to the rapid growth of population in England and Wales, from 5.5 million in 1700 to over 9 million by 1801, though domestic production gave way increasingly to food imports in the nineteenth century as the population more than tripled to over 35 million.

    With I’m sure those imports being funded in part or whole by the wealth created in the Industrial Revolution which started there. On the other hand pay close attention to “Enclosure,” not counting the depopulation effects of the Black Death a “taking” of common lands that were fenced in and employed fewer workers. Among other things this provided labor for the Industrial Revolution, prompted emigration to colonies, and the article mentions Poor Laws.

    I’ve also read that the population of Jews in the Russian Empire’s Pale of Settlement had a birthrate that outstripped their ability to feed themselves, and Jews from there and Eastern Europe were noted for being much more revolutionary than ones to their West.

    • Replies: @Fungus Among Us
  5. not even joking i personally know a guy who banged chelsea clinton.

  6. We know that with conservative pols that a man is going to look like a man and a woman is going to look like a woman – and there are far less of the Little Hat People among them.

  7. The pic of the Romneys must be an old one. Several years ago their family pic had a little tarbaby in it that someone in the family adopted.

    • LOL: InnerCynic
    • Replies: @The Real World
  8. Dutch Boy says:

    Hollywood seems to be an exception to this rule. Then again, the Hollywood lookers might just be going along to get along (being known as any kind of rightist is a bad career move in the entertainment industry).

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
    , @TKK
  9. In Chelsea Clinton’s case, a head transplant is the only thing that would get rid of those Webb Hubbell looks.

    • Replies: @Clark Kent
  10. @Marcion Apostle

    Definitely not something I’d brag about were I that guy.

    • Agree: 36 ulster, Passing By
    • Replies: @36 ulster
    , @Bill Miller
  11. 36 ulster says:

    To be fair, Chelsea’s lineage may be mixed; I believe that Webster Hubbell was a conservative democrat, in the days when that phrase was not an oxymoron–and when Chelsea was born.

    • Replies: @Dutch Boy
  12. 36 ulster says:
    @Joe Paluka

    I’d just as soon brag about laying Greta Thunberg.

    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @Dave Bowman
  13. 36 ulster says:
    @Priss Factor

    The remarkably ugly and slovenly Sam Francis was an outlier.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
    , @c matt
  14. Dutch Boy says:
    @36 ulster

    I never thought Chelsea’s putative father (Bill C.) was particularly good looking. I once commented about Clinton to a young female co-worker that a man’s shoulders ought to be wider than his hips and she agreed vigorously. Clinton had that sack of potatoes, McDonald’s menu shape he had cultivated after many years as a junk food junkie. He looks like five pounds of poop in a four pound bag now, seventy-six going on ninety-six.

    • Agree: 36 ulster
    • LOL: animalogic
  15. The Wokiest types may be ugly as hell, but most of pop culture is about globo-libs, not ‘woke’ types.

    The wokiest happen to be ugly because ugly people, lacking attractiveness and appeal, find meaning, value, pride, and self-esteem through self-righteousness and holier-than-thou sanctimony.

    Why were the most puritanical and priggish Christians the ugliest? Many at the forefront of Prohibition were ugly as sin.

    What is new in the political culture is this: In the past, the uglies downplayed looks and beauty. They argued those were just superficial traits and what really mattered was the soul, matters of right and wrong. So, they didn’t deny they were ugly; they tried to convince others they were beautiful of soul even if ugly in face.

    But these days, the uglies want to believe and want us to believe that their ugliness is the new normal in beauty. So, fat hags are babes, and puck-faced dogulas are to be celebrated as beauty queens. And men can be ‘women’. Ugliberals.

  16. Alrenous says: • Website

    But the direction of causation, a study published just last month showed, is the opposite of what we might expect. Becoming a conservative, and doing “conservative” things like going to church or being involved in civic life, does not make people significantly more mentally healthy.

    Son Also Rises.

    Something we genuinely might not expect: despite everything, America is in fact a free country. Folk rise to their level of competence, as nothing is in their way. (In other words the Amish still exist and can’t be regulated out of existence.)

    You can’t intervene to make someone taller than they otherwise would have been.

    You can’t intervene to make someone smarter than they otherwise would have been.

    You can cut someone off at the knees or give them a concussion, though. In America, this doesn’t happen or only happens to a tiny minority.

    Folk who don’t join social gatherings like the after-church powow fail to do so because they can’t, which reflects their generally poor blood. Trying to make them join a church works exactly as well as trying to whip someone until they can reach the high shelf.

    Maybe one day sociological engineers will into Cnut. A mortal can dream.

    Note that there is nothing inherently binding or atomizing about the moral foundations. As a very simple example, undoing a binding can very easily constitute harm, and yet “harm avoidance” constantly undoes bindings.

    Overselling the value of the “binding” tendencies will do nothing but encourage a future generation of leftists, exactly as happened in the past. The Enlightenment was able to make its atomizing case exactly because conservatives felt they couldn’t defend their way of life without lying about it. When conservative lies are exposed – “See, we tried birth control, nothing happened” – it discredits all of conservatism by association.

    • Replies: @Sam Smith
  17. Treg says:

    Republican Nixon was not an attractive man, at least not when compared to Democrat JFK.

    Of course Democrat LBJ was not an attractive man either.

    Then again, Democrat Jimmy Carter was all smiles and not so bad looking, and neither was Republican & movie star Ronald Reagan.

    Democrat Bill Clinton was considered handsome by many, and it was a toss up between GW Bush and Al Gore as to who is more handsome.

    Democrat Barak Obama was consider handsome by many and Republican Trump was always good looking to most.

    Soon one thing is for sure, the super shallow but handsome Democrat Governor Gavin Newsome from California has all the looks and no brains at all.

    Handsome Newsome may be going up against the Republican Governor Ron DeSantis from Florida who is not particularly handsome, but is deep and has all the brains.

  18. Ed Case says:

    Handsome Newsome vs Rotten Ron De Santis, eh?
    It’s a shame they can’t both lose.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
  19. So – at first sight one could assume that Edward Dutton is a leftist?
    (Interesting article, btw.)

  20. Trinity says:

    “Woke” originally described people in the so called “alt right” or people aware of the JQ. The Jewish establishment media has such control of the populace that they are now “mocking” the original “woke” crowd. Control of the narrative indeed.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @MarcB.
  21. Trinity says:

    “Conservatives” might be better looking but they are as useless as tits on a boar.

    Lets stop with antiquated 1980 labels for one. In 2022 it us basically good vs evil.

    And Romney, Clinton, and Trump families are not in the “good” camp, not by a long shot.

    • Agree: 3g4me
    • Replies: @animalogic
  22. Trinity says:
    @Ed Case

    Show you how phony those “good looking” conservatives are, Kimberly Guilfoyle dated or was married to Newsome, then she \$witches to Don Jr.

    They have a word for this type of behavior and it starts with P.

    • Replies: @Weave
  23. So Peter North is paleoconservative and Ron Jeremy is a skateboard swinging member of ANTIFA?

    • Replies: @Trinity
  24. @Priss Factor

    At least Ms. Hageman endeavors (via physical fitness/wardrobe/coiffure/makeup/personal hygiene) to do the best she can with what she has. Can you say the same for Heather Heyer? Heyer really had a whole lot more going for her in terms of good looks at the starting gate of life the either Sam Francis or Harriet Hageman. And Liz Cheney?? Gimme a break.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  25. Dutch Boy says:

    Newsom reminds me somewhat of former California Senator John Tunney, who was a good-looking guy but intellectually challenged. A wag once commented that “when you look in his eyes, there’s no one at home.”

    • Replies: @Trinity
  26. Only faggots and women devote energy to discussing the physical attributes of men.

    Movie and boy band producers perhaps the only exceptions although those jobs are pretty damn fake and gay.

    : )

  27. Trinity says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Lol. (((Ron Jeremy))) is facing multiple rape charges last I heard. (((Another Cohencidence))), I am sure.

  28. Trinity says:
    @Dutch Boy

    Was he related to the great Gene Tunney?

  29. TG says:

    Once when Bill Clinton was president, he was walking down the gangway of Air Force one with a small pig under each arm. The marine guard did a quick double-take.

    “You noticed the pigs,” said Clinton.

    “Sir yes sir I noticed the pigs!” said the marine.

    “Well, these aren’t just any old pigs,” said Clinton. “These are genuine Arkansas razorbacks!”

    “Sir yes sir!” said the marine. “Genuine Arkansas razorbacks!”

    Clinton lifted one pig up a bit. “I got this one for Hilary.” He then lifted the other pig up a bit. “And I got this one for Chelsea.”

    “Sir yes sir!” said the marine. “An excellent trade, sir!”

    • Replies: @Rob
  30. Johan says:

    I would take it a bit further than this article, or rather the whole way, namely that low intelligence makes one prefer egalitarian democracy (egalitarianism is inherent to democracy). Like wokeism is based upon a certain kind of envy, democracy is fundamentally based on envious intolerance of all superior capacities, and wokeism is a subset of this envy. Wokeism is just the latest move of envious democratic intolerance, due to the insatiability of envy, which now turns to devour even democratic people, after democracy has already did away with all superiority which was the product of pre-democratic times.

    The envious intolerance of democracy will stop at nothing to arrive at it’s utopia of equal stupidity, equal ugliness, equal bad taste, and equal bad style.

  31. @Johan

    “… stop at nothing to arrive at it’s utopia of equal stupidity…”

    When slagging others for their purported stupidity it’s best not to spell possessive pronoun ‘its’ as it’s.

    • Replies: @Johan
    , @Anonymous
  32. @Johan

    or rather the whole way, namely that low intelligence makes one prefer egalitarian democracy (egalitarianism is inherent to democracy).

    I figured that it’s the opposite. A certain level of intelligence is required to even understand abstract concepts such as ‘equality before the law’, ‘egalitarianism’ and a notion of discrimination that goes beyond a tribalistic desire to take what belongs to others. It’s precisely people with a mid to mid-high level of intelligence who can understand such concepts, but simultaneously fail at understanding them to a certain degree that would make them critical or at least cautious of the very concepts themselves. People are notoriously bad at pointing out and acknowledging the numerous logical fallacies and inconsistencies found in every-day concepts. That’s why astrology is still a thing, why (pop) science has come to function as a bona fide religion etc.

    Another issue, which this article has actually addressed, is that much of the talk around equality and discrimination is a weak cloak meant to hide much more insidiuos motives. Wokeism is not the result of ugly people who are angry about being ugly. None of that is an issue in an era where plastic surgery has become ubiquitous. It’s a manifestation of a latent, yet pervasive tension between different ethnic and socioeconomic groups.

    • Agree: René Fries
    • Replies: @dimples
  33. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Hageman’s tool is feather Indian mystique.

  34. Hohoho says:

    This article is stupid, it focuses entirely on the elected officials.

    Most of the “people of Wal-mart” and white trailer trash vote Republican.

    On average most of the white urban professionals who vote woke are far healthier and thinner than your typical Republican voter.

    • Troll: 36 ulster
  35. I knew this screeching woke leftist who did something miraculous and went on a diet and stuck with it. As she lost weight, she started to look good. As she started to look good, the screeching decreased. In fact, the correlation between weight lost and frequency of woke tirades was almost laughably direct.

  36. I couldn’t care less about the physical ugliness of the wokesters. It’s their spiritual ugliness that matters! Because it’s their spiritual ugliness that matters in a world ruled by “the wickedness in high places,” the “principalities and powers” that rule this world (from Ephesians 6:12)

  37. Phibbs says:

    Most leading leftists are Jews, and 97 percent of Jews are both ugly inside and out. All black people are ugly and so it makes sense they are leftists.

    • Troll: Meretricious
    • Replies: @anon
  38. WCH says:

    More men than women are to the right. Women tend to be less rational and more tempramental: childish.

  39. @36 ulster

    Chelsea or Greta?
    One of those 2 could (depending on dates) make you a pedo’….
    I wouldn’t brag of either.

  40. PolarBear says:

    My theory on Ron Jeremy is that even whores regret fucking someone so ugly.

  41. Hitmarck says:

    Drawing on the Moral Foundations model of Jonathan Haidt, he argues that we have five moral foundations, reflecting the fact that we are pack animals competing for status within the pack’s hierarchy.

    Being Ed Dutton must suck, I imagine.
    Not seeing what a faulty pile of crap Jonathan Haidt’s body of work is is a stunning display of mass intellectual incompetence.

    I can only ask people to invest/waste 20 minutes of their life for the higher good of deboooonkink that jewish charlatan that simply has destroyed another branch of science, sadly one as it seems overlooked by the Culture of Critique.

    This video is a bit crap and only worth a 30s skim.

    We have those nice studies showing us, by the measures of science ™, that conservatives are at least so much open, they understand what progressives think and can comprehend their puny thoughts.
    We know it doesn’t work the other way around, before there is even a chance the by Haidt defined as the open minded side of the political isle is incapable to comprehend a conservative idea without falling into a temper tantrum like a little kid.

    This primitives intellectual tschick, or a verkackter Stock, as someone who speaks German and not pidgin German as those grammatically limited Kikes do, of this disgusting vermin Haidt is simply to attribute in any case of word pairs the on average better sounding one to his progressive side and the ‘lame’ variant to the conservatives.

    If this is congruent with reality is not his concern, so far so jewish and expected, what’s not tolerable is when Gentiles swallow this Dünschiss-Science.
    Practicing intellectual scatology is dangerous and can give you easy infections that damage your brains via tiny micro gum bleedings.

    He attributes Fairness to progressives.
    He doesn’t waste a second to define what fairness is.
    Is it reciprocity? Like Americans free Jews from the Nazis and reciproc, in all fairness, the SPLC gets boners overlooking the American Genocide and decline of the American native population.
    Is it more a general Kant fairness along the golden rule?
    Who he might attribute risk averseness too? The conservatives working in the free market or to the state employees voting for the Deeper State party?

    Seriously, Haidt is such a flappid fraud, falling for him is such a no go, I’d happily threw Ed with him out of the window. Would be worth it still, even if Ed is sometimes entertaining.
    But he is at his best explaining why female poop stinks the worst.

  42. @Priss Factor

    Personally I find a woman wearing a giant vagina to be at least 27% more attractive – not.

  43. @Trinity

    “Lets stop with antiquated 1980 labels for one. In 2022 it us basically good vs evil.”
    The so called left is completely in bed with elites. So is the right. Useful idiots across the “spectrum”.

  44. An exception to the “leftists are ugly” rule is Ana Kasparian:

    But a confirmation of the opposite is Alessandra Mussolini:

  45. MrLogical says:
    @Dutch Boy

    Bubba is NOT Chelsea’s father…
    That would be Webster Hubbell, the sometime boyfriend of Hillary.

    • Agree: Alfred, Angharad
  46. @Dutch Boy

    Not really. Hollywood is a location and the best looking people migrate there. Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Johny Depp …..they were all born in middle America, hell Pitts mother is what they would classify as far far right. Many of these stars have parents who are still conservative. It’s a no brainer…. Los Angeles is a location that demands the best looking people come there. Ofcourse it will contain the best looking people of all races.

    On topic it makes sense. When one is isolated, doesn’t get laid, is removed from all culture and society they’re bound to go cuckoo. Add in drugs(have you seen what heroin does to one’s face) and you get the liberal weirdo. The single cat lady was most likely good looking in her youth. Then isolation, her need for independence which led to cock carousal and endless stream of drugs disfigured her face. A sense of community is a necessity not just for the mind and soul but also the biological frame. P

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  47. xyz234 says:

    Facial asymmetry is a visible marker for genetic problems. Check out Rachel Maddow, the Left’s favorite pundit. Half her face looks like it is sliding off her skull. You could take her for a stroke victim, it is that extreme.

    • Replies: @goeshittheragman
  48. @Marcion Apostle

    I knew someone back in the late 80s that banged Ivanka’s Dad.
    One time interlude at her apartment in NYC.

    I bet he did alot of that back then.
    He and Hillary’s husband could compete for who was the biggest lech in the 80s and 90s.

  49. @Clark Kent

    Here you go, on the lower right.

    (But, he probably identifies as white. Lol…)

  50. Sam Smith says:

    The real \$64 trillion dollar question is WHY are the Jews so ugly?

  51. Anonymous[235] • Disclaimer says:

    This explains why White woke leftists love the Third World so much. Being born ugly in a generally attractive race could make them tilt more towards uglier Third Worlders as they may be more comfortable being around brown & black Third Worlders. They may even be the respected Whites in those populations. They would have a tough time in East Asia as well.

  52. Sam Smith says:

    Something we genuinely might not expect: despite everything, America is in fact a free country. Folk rise to their level of competence, as nothing is in their way.

    Actually, your point proves quite the opposite. What rises to the top in American politics are the scum of the scum.

    To viz.: Demented Joe, Fruit Salad Karmala, Demented Jane, the Teleprompter…

    On the “conservative” aisle, we have the Orange Clown, Cokehead Bush, Mr. Alzheimer…

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  53. We eat bacon. They eat tofu. And look forward to eat bugs. I don’t need a scientific study to tell me that they’re insane.
    Regarding looks, I am not convinced that there is a difference in average visual attractiveness between conservatives and liberals. I have made the acquaintance of quite a few liberal women, granted and they weren’t anywhere near as ugly as the hysterical mingers in the front rows of demonstrations for liberal causes. Chelsea Clinton is definitely unrepresentative of the women I’ve known.

    • Replies: @c matt
  54. @Trinity

    Probably originated by David Duke. Now it’s all “red pilling” in the alt-,right. Will that be hijacked too? Anyway that term originates from a movie by a couple of woke trannies. So the hijacking works both ways.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  55. dimples says:
    @That one comment

    “Wokeism is not the result of ugly people who are angry about being ugly. None of that is an issue in an era where plastic surgery has become ubiquitous. It’s a manifestation of a latent, yet pervasive tension between different ethnic and socioeconomic groups.”

    Que? Ugliness easily fixed by plastic surgery these days? What’s with all the ageing Hollywood actresses whose facelifts went horribly wrong then?

  56. @BuelahMan

    I know that it is true for their insides

    In the Protagoras (Oeuvres complètes, Classiques Garnier 1960, tome deuxième), Plato has Socrates speak of “concise words” such as γνῶθι σεαυτόν (know thyself). This, it appears, seems to be a maxime very difficult if not impossible to put in practice.

    If knowing oneself already is so difficult, how can anyone know an other human being, let alone millions of others?

    I’d like to learn more about the source of your insight(s).

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  57. sulu says:

    Feminism, which comes from the left, was an attempt by ugly women to gain some type of power here in America. 80 years or so ago ugly woman had few options, join the clergy, get some equally ugly man to marry her, eat pussy, or remain a spinster. All the great positions in life (nudge nudge, wink wink,) were occupied by beautiful or at least cute women. This pissed ugly women off in the extreme so feminism was invented in order to try and convince all women that they didn’t need what the ugly ones couldn’t have. (Men) I am amazed at the amount of success it has had considering the entire thing rests on a base of illogic. But then again it was aimed mostly at women.


  58. Anon[296] • Disclaimer says:

    The photo for this piece is of members belonging to the master White race. A few indistinguishable Jews may have sneaked in. Most (not all) sentiments expressed on this site point to the inferiority and criminality of Blacks, Latinos, with a generous mix of “Ayrabs”. No obvious niggers here. It is odd, indeed, bizarre, to invoke an oxymoron complete with eugenics bullshit, by characterizing woke Whites as ugly.

    Welton would have us believe that ideological persuasion determines what essentially is a highly subjective physiognomic trait: ugliness, or for that matter, its opposite. But he clearly runs out of intellectual stamina to follow through on how switching ideological allegiances, which does happen, would engender mutations that would transmute ugliness into beauty and vice versa. The real ugliness lies in this piece of pseudo scientific crap that found its way to UR.

  59. anon[133] • Disclaimer says:

    Choosing a photo of a (((\$atanic \$hill))) like \$ick Con-Me (Mit Romney) & his ‘Cheny-Level (((R.I.N.O.-Tard))) \$pawn is yet more proof that ‘V-Dare’ is a ‘fake opposition’ \$cam. Everything Mitt ever did or will do is always focused on destroying America & white people, & the only reason he has any white kids at all is to use them as weapons against the white race, the same way that dykes \$hit out spawn 2 cut their dik off 2 spread gayness, or darkies poop out goblins 2 use as weapons against civilization, etc. Holding up a truly evil figure like Romney as some kind of ‘model of whiteness’ is like calling the deadly (((Vax))) #SafeAndEffective =)) ~>

    Mitt Romney & everybody like him is pure poison, like O’Biden tier cancer. Just because somebody is white & smile in a photo & is not fat or ugly does not mean they are constructive or productive. Gavin Newsom is a bio-weapon on legs, not a ‘pillar of virtue’, etc.

    • Agree: c matt
  60. @WCH

    Yes, “adult” women are a bridge between child and adult. Not fully either.

  61. Michael Moore………… closed.

  62. The author clearly doesn’t get out much into the real world.

    Also, comparing a young Trump to an older Clinton is evidence of the author’s bias.

  63. @Treg

    Nixon wasn’t quite a conservative for his day. There were Dems more conservative than Nixon.

    • Replies: @bomag
  64. Rooster16 says:
    @The Real World

    Is that Hunter Biden in the center, back row?? Man that guy gets around!!

  65. @BuelahMan

    Your comment is absolutely retarded!

    Jewish people are not ugly. I get the feeling you’re just unhappy because a hot Jewess didn’t want an ugly troglodyte like you touching her body.

    Basically, you’re just another INCEL.

    • Agree: Meretricious
    • Replies: @Bookish1
    , @Geowhizz
    , @BuelahMan
  66. I like the memes showing the difference between western women in power and eastern european women in power.

  67. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:
    @Marcion Apostle

    He has my condolences.

  68. Aposematism. Learn it, live it.

  69. Maniac says:

    You answered your own question. They’re Leftists because they’re ugly. Would Andrea Dworkin have been such a radical Feminist if she didn’t look like a Jabba-the-Hutt stunt double? Probably not.

  70. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sam Smith

    Because beauty comes from the inside out.

    Now, can I get that \$64 trillion in Bitcoin?

    • Agree: Sam Smith
  71. Icy Blast says:

    Marion Marechal proves this thesis conclusively. See her 2018 “CPAC” speech.

  72. Anonymous[214] • Disclaimer says:
    @RJ Macready

    Just like in your country, India, Bollywood attracts the best looking ones, while the rest of you are as fugly as sin. Ugly is as ugly does!

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  73. BuelahMan says:
    @René Fries

    Every jew I have ever encountered, in real life and especially online, has lied to me, taken advantage of me, talked down to me, and treated me like the cattle their book insists I am.

    Nasty. Despicable. Inside and out.

    • Agree: Angharad
    • Replies: @Bookish1
    , @René Fries
  74. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Sam Smith

    America wants a depraved political class. Supply meets demand. Nietzsche, slave morality. The worse your master, the more virtuous the slave.

    Politicians aren’t really masters. Nobody thinks Biden is in charge. The person who is actually in charge doesn’t show up in the news. You don’t know their name and neither do I.

    Indeed Biden’s real master might have upped sticks and vanished and nobody has said anything. It would explain why Dementia Brandon seems even more off his rocker than you originally thought. He was selected for being pliant and empty-headed – and boy howdy is he good at that! – but then his boss quit and didn’t tell anyone. Him and his whole team is running around like a chicken with its head cut off. That’s what happens when all your employees are yes-men and the man they’re trained to say [yes] to doesn’t show up for work.

    Maybe the master died of covid. Nobody has noticed because, by design, even Brandon doesn’t know his name. Security via obscurity. If that turns out to be the case, I will absolutely lose my sides.

    • Replies: @travell lyte
  75. Doodlenut says:

    Is Chelsea Clinton an adult?

    When will she decide to grow-up and take on the appearance of a real woman instead of an overgrown little girl? My God what lips she has …. She always come across as an overgrown student to me.

    • Replies: @Anon
  76. Jimmy1969 says:

    A great summary of the facts. I have been singing this song for over 50 years now. All of these facts have been known for ages, this article just puts more of them together. I noticed in University decades ago, where most Profs were far left….most intellectuals are ugly. Most professors, male and female are ugly wimps . The men especially try to hide their defects with elevator shoes, beards, goatees, large glasses etc. If you also look back to revolutionary times in the early 1900s in Russia and Weimar Germany a quick glance of the leading leftists will reveal a zillion hideous looking extremist Jews, and a few non Jews too…just like the ones who have populated many University positions in Europe and America. the last 80 years. There is a repertoire cinema near my old house which specializes in foreign and alt left movies ( in 50 years it has never shown a right wing film or documentary) An obvious glance of the crowd…spanning 50 years shows a simple fact. They are ugly, geeky and have absolutely no class in the way they dress. You can ditto that for most geeky woke leftists in general. I have said on this site dozens of times ….woke geeks do not look like Tom Brady. Going back to grammar school it was obvious that good looking people got more things. Woke geeks did not start on sports teams in high school, they did not sit at the head lunch table, nor did they win student council races. They were bitter, marginalized skateboarders out behind the football field while the real tough guys were on the field. The woke geeks were ridden with resentment all their life and they are symbolized by Michael Moore, the documentary guy. I might add that there is a bell curve element to this story…many extremist far right guys are equally ugly too.But that is another story.But suffice it to say that I would not call Hitler…Franco …Salazar….Benito or 25 of the top Nazis..other than Heydrich, handsome.

    • Replies: @goeshittheragman
  77. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Book by Edward Dutton called ‘How to Judge People by What They Look Like’ says pretty much the same thing. It’s observable that groups of people leaving church are neater, cleaner, clear eyed and better looking than those attending leftist rallies who are pretty scroungy and look ‘off ‘ in some way. Never mind theory, what do your eyes tell you?

  78. Tucker says:

    I’m scratching my head, looking at that big family photo of the loathsome Romney Family and wondering what ever happened to that little black orphan that Mittens cucked out and adopted, after some white race hating lefties made some racially offensive criticism of how ‘disgustingly White’ the Romney family appeared to be? I mean, HOW DARE any White family refuse to engage in racially destructive miscegenation?

    Let’s see. Mittens the RINO rat orchestrated that adoption sometime around the time he was trying to run for the White House and then got his tail beat by the Kenyan. That would have been around 2008, right? 14 years ago. So, the little black orphan in the one group family photo Mittens put out – looked to be a baby, but since 14 years have passed – that kid is now a teenager.

    Maybe Mittens has put him in charge of his family’s financial investments and that tasks takes up so much of his time that he can’t show up for family photos anymore?

    • Replies: @Weave
  79. Wasn’t one of Romney’s son in on the Ukrainian underhanded dealings with Hunter Biden? Didn’t Mitt himself march in the BLM protests? Are you seriously calling the Romney clan right wing? Having the old (R) in back of your name on cable news graphic doesn’t make you right wing. Also a lot of Mormons seem woke these days. Sad on that, but my elders did use to say Mormons were no good.

    As for the ugly wokesters, it is likely due to an intentional attempt to look intellectual and a lack of animal fat/protein intake.

  80. SafeNow says:

    If Newsom is elected it will be because women like “the cut of his jib.” This disappearing idiom now means appearance overall. Originally, it meant the nose – – the nose is upfront, like a jib. Sailers could recognize the nationality of a vessel from its jib-shape long before the vessel was close enough to discern the national flag.

    Btw, a commenter uses “vagina” incorrectly. A vagina is not on the outside. The
    thing-eee that touches the clothing is the vulva. The hidden tube is the vagina. But I suppose this is a lost cause, and I will stick with my support for disappearing-but-useful idioms.

    • Replies: @Sam Smith
  81. Johan says:

    Mister Cement Head,

    They say that people ought to be themselves, and I agree, so I hope that you just accidentally slipped into the well known methods of a class of petty and boring language administrators, or: language wokists? If this turns out to be your personal style though, I suggest it would be better to not be yourself.

  82. @Anonymous

    Bollywood is a shithole. Even the main leads aren’t all that attractive. It’s all fairness creams and camera magic. Some are decent but put them with a Hollywood actor and they look crap. This is one of the hottest actresses of the 2000s without makeup:

    • Agree: Dystopian
    • Replies: @Tucker
  83. Eireannach says: • Website

    Put simply, lefties are ugly people who are jealous of good-looking people. However, rather than accept that they’re just ugly, they prefer to believe that “society” is discriminating against them. Therefore, society needs to be changed. All of this has long been known – without Dutton’s questionable “scientific” explanation. Lefties, as we used to say, have a chip on their shoulders.

    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
  84. The Romneys might look like the best kind of Americans but they, as embodied by Mitt, are the worst kind. Sold out America to the MIC and Israel, its intellectual and production capacity to China and others while opening the borders to anyone who shows up. Up (down?) there with the McCains, Bushes and Cheneys as traitors of the worst kind.

  85. Sam Smith says:

    Mormons is a cult like the Jehovah witnesses. Cults like their mainstream counterparts tend to look better and dress better to attract more flies, I mean cult followers and new members. That is a fact.

    Now, something else. If you go to any college or university in the US or Canada, take a really good look at the portraits of the graduation classes over the years. Don’t they look worse and worse as time progresses, especially if you compare the 50s to the 70s, and so forth and so on?

    Why is that?!?

    • Replies: @Bookish1
  86. Sam Smith says:

    The thingy you see is called a camel toe!!

  87. SMK says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    Another silly article by Lance Welton. What percentage of handsome actors and models and beautiful actresses and models are leftists and liberals and what percentage are conservatives or even moderate republicans? How ironic that it features a photo of the family of Mitt Romney, a deranged Trump-hating liberal republican who put on a mask to march with BLM and Antifa to protest “systemic racism” and “police brutality.”

    • Replies: @Trinity
  88. @Jimmy1969

    But suffice it to say that I would not call Hitler…Franco …Salazar….Benito or 25 of the top Nazis..other than Heydrich, handsome.
    Well said sir. Those you mentioned were of another sort, very experienced men who have a different look to them

  89. @Kim

    Thinking the same thing. She was always a left-liberal until daddy got elected President on a conservative sales pitch. Bad example for making the case.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
    • Replies: @JM
  90. @Marcion Apostle

    I know a guy that banged her mom in the 80s. His name is Arkansas National Guard.

    • Replies: @Angharad
    , @Face_The_Truth
  91. TKK says:
    @Dutch Boy

    Celebrities have to pretend to be “woke” because their lives are so appallingly luxurious, decadent and amazing.

    If the average rank and file really understood how treasured, revered, cosseted and spoiled “A listers” are, and the wealth syndicated TV generates, there would be some pushback.

    Imagine everywhere you went, from a restaurant to a hospital, you were comped, moved to the head of the line, made special allowances, places cleared out for you, special products put aside for you, then comped, special meals, fawning attendants on private jets.

    They are treated like royalty. It does not matter that anyone with a reasonable IQ can read lines on a show and show some acting chops. Their woke creds are fake nobless oblige to the unwashed masses who are treated like garbage by the world.

    • Replies: @Anon
  92. Trinity says:

    Jews aka Khazars being ugly? A lot of Turks, and Middle Easterners are not attractive. There are exceptions of course. I am not sure but I think the sultry, fine Anitra Ford best known for being a model on The Price Is Right in the Seventies and playing in a few movies back in the day. Her brief role on the original, “The Longest Yard” wearing that sheer red lingerie? Oooh mama, I was sporting young teenage testosterone wood the first time I viewed that scene. Burt Reynolds walks out without nailing that piece of ass one more time for the road??? Only in REEL life is that happening.

    Cue: Saturday Night Special by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

    Remember seeing an Israeli “skripper” who briefly performed at the old Tanga Lounge in Tampa back in the 1990s. Out of this world lap dances and attractive as hell. Lap Dance = 10, attractiveness = 9.0.

  93. c matt says:
    @36 ulster

    But you also have to factor in his Anglo heritage. By British averages, he’s a looker.

  94. Heidi Beirich is a Co-Founder and Chief Strategist for the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism:
    Melvina Ford is Chief Legal Officer for the SPLC
    Diversity and Inclusion consultant Michelle Silverthorn (nice forehead!):

    • LOL: Meretricious
    • Replies: @RJ Macready
    , @Bert
  95. Angharad says:

    Thank you. You beat me to the punch re: Ivanka. She looked like a walking bagel before her plastic surgeries. In addition, Ivanka is not a “Conservative”. She’s as politically left wing as anyone.

    • Agree: BuelahMan
  96. c matt says:

    Unless you shop at a relatively “upscale” Walmart, or minorities suddenly switched and vote 60% Republican, I don’t know where you get this “data.”

    Trailer trash ain’t all ugly. Often slutty, but not always ugly.

    Thinner does not equal healthier. A lot of those White urban professionals are walking pharmaceutical companies.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  97. Bookish1 says:

    The only jews who are not ugly are the ones that resemble Aryans. Us whites are what the whole world measures up against.

    • Replies: @Meretricious
    , @johannes
  98. Angharad says:
    @travell lyte

    Nah. It wouldn’t been a guy. More like the AR chapter of “NOW”.

  99. Bookish1 says:
    @Sam Smith

    the thing about Mormons is this: they were Aryans thousands of years before they were Mormons yet they put their religion before their race. Their religion is only a couple centuries old if

  100. Bookish1 says:

    I grew up with a jew as a friend and he was a nice enough guy but his mind was always working angles. You had to be careful around him!!

    • Replies: @The Real World
  101. c matt says:
    @Passing By

    Like everything, there is a spectrum. No doubt there are attractive leftist (or leftish) women, but it seems the more fanatical, the less attractive. Others are just party girls seeking power and the left side of the political spectrum is more forgiving/welcoming of that, so that is where they gravitate (e.g., Sanna Marin). And at the top of the game, especially political office (since it is essentially an acting job) you would expect better looking candidates or alternatively least more “distinguished” or “serious” (which explains Margaret Thatcher).

  102. Being “woke” is all about revenge.

    Ugly people often call themselves “victims.” If they hate themselves and their lives, and they envy others, they dream of bringing everyone down to their level. They feel that the world “owes” them beauty and success. They want revenge.

    Therefore they seek to destroy the world, and to spread their misery. They join “cancel culture” mobs. They become woke liberals. Some of them seek power and wealth by becoming woke politicians who exploit the hate and envy of ugly people.

    YOU KNOW THIS. When you see a feminist, you know that she wants revenge for being ugly. If she is not especially ugly, you want to ask her, “Why are you are feminist? You’re not bad looking.” Or, “Why are you a lesbian? You’re not bad looking.”

    ARE YOU UGLY? All if us get ugly as we grow older. We see our reflection in a mirror, and we think, “That’s not me!” We find excuses to avoid having any photos taken of us. That’s life.

    The solution is to get outside ourselves, and be generous toward others. Help others in any small way we can. Give sincere compliments to others. Don’t think about our ugly selves. Think about others. Their welfare. Their happiness. Their needs. Pay attention to others. Sincerely listen to them. This is a very attractive skill.

    Every man has seen a woman he thought was unattractive until the women spoke to him, and became a beautiful goddess via her spirit and personality. Her power lies in her ability to get outside herself.

    On the other hand, if we get wrapped up in ourselves, and we become self-absorbed narcissists, we become miserable wretches. Ugly mutants. Parasites. Black holes. Woke liberals.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  103. @Sir Launcelot Canning

    The third one looks like a she Predator(sorry Predators. You are the coolest movie monsters.)

  104. Trinity says:

    Anitra Ford was born a Weinstein so she was indeed a Jewess and hawt as hell. Jews are racially “white”, at least when it benefits them to say so they are. So I don’t know if it would be considered ” swirling ” to tap that ass. IF she is or was the typical anti White Jew it would definitely be “white traitor trash behavior to bang her, unless you used the grudge f*ck excuse. Face it, Blacks that f*ck mudsharks do it more to get back at White males than out of lust. Sure Black males lust after White females but Black males will bang anything. A Black male was arrested a few years back in metro Atlanta for attempted rape on 2 female pit bulls.

  105. Anon[375] • Disclaimer says:

    Celebrities have to pretend to be “woke” because their lives are so appallingly luxurious, decadent and amazing.

    Correct TKK. However they are also notoriously fragile. I need not point out that while having “everything” the multitude are addicted to drugs and alcohol and suffer from depression, a host of disorders and so forth.

    I remember looking at an interview with Robin Williams back in the 80’s and I thought him a complete asshole. The fellow could not get out of his “comedy” costume. Just about everything was a “joke”. I wondered about this and came to the conclusion that in spite of his fame and fortune Robin had nothing to say because there was nothing topside. Viewers looking for some take on life, some morsel of philosophy must have been disappointed. Later when he suffered from depression I was not surprised although the irony was chilling, a comedian suffering from depression ?? as I remind people who are dazzled by these bozos that many were waiters, janitors waiting for their ship to come. One does not want to denigrate their success but a man interested in life itself can glean more from a Haitian donkey cart man than from the typical Hollywood bubble head !

    If intellect is the king of virtues and trumps everything else, then these people have nothing to contribute and without their Hollywood shine return to being nothings and sink into despair and often an early death.

    I remember meeting a Hollywood producer at a party. I knew who he was because he is well known. However I pretended to be ignorant. He was enraged at not being paid homage. Interestingly the fellow was not happy that there were several people licking his balls but pissed that a nobody like myself was nonchalant. Needless to say I was never invited to another such soiree LOL Its the same when you attend a luxurious house. Fail to ooh and ahh at every tile, light fixture, toilet bowl and supporting column and one is likely to be regarded as a stray.

    These people I have found, become very angry when you laugh at their possessions and social status. There must be nothing more infuriating than having your Bentley mocked by someone riding an old bicycle.

    Silence and indifference are powerful weapons to deploy against the rich and famous. It goes to show though that these folks are marshmallows and the fabric of their pretensions are held together by silly and rotten stitches.

    • Agree: Sam Smith
    • Thanks: That Would Be Telling, TKK
    • Replies: @TKK
    , @Sam Smith
    , @Joe8056
  106. @c matt

    Thinner may not necessarily equal healthier, but it’s a good start. Obesity certainly damages and kills.

    • Replies: @That Would Be Telling
  107. @WCH

    My, what a strong argument you made.
    Naw, just an unsubstantiated claim.
    How deeply rational. Lol…

    Why don’t we discuss the wide difference in crimes committed, male versus female, and how much maturity and rationality they evidence?

    • Replies: @WCH
    , @WCH
  108. HT says:

    This only makes sense when you consider the young fat green haired women who are a visible part of Leftist activism. You see them at abortion and BLM protests all the time. They hate white feminine beauty and make their appearance as ugly as possible to protest it.

  109. JessicaR says:

    Being cruel to Chelsea Clinton is NOT an argument in favor of the author’s thesis.

    Presumably, most Hollywood movie stars are leftists and many of them are quite attractive.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
  110. @sulu


    Wow, you just completely manufactured that stream of consciousness out of thin air and you actually believe it. And then you speak of the illogic of others.

    Simply — cannot — make-up — stuff — so — wacky!

    • Replies: @sulu
  111. Anonymous[132] • Disclaimer says:

    it’s best not to spell possessive pronoun ‘its’ as it’s.

    Word processors automatically reverse these words all the time, possibly more than any other unwanted spelling correction.

    If anyone is hoist by his own petard, it’s you with your cheap shot of unwarranted punctiliousness. How about doubling down and accusing me of mixing my metaphors, or did that one slip by you?

    • Replies: @Johan
  112. @Sam Smith

    “The real \$64 trillion dollar question is WHY are the Jews so ugly?”

    Because they’re not, moron. Walk around Tribeca, SoHo, and the Upper West Side: Jewish men and women tend to be very good looking

    • Replies: @Swaytonious
    , @Trinity
  113. @Bookish1

    Ashkenazi Jews have more than 50% European DNA, Einstein

  114. @Bookish1

    Working angles is fun and, often, very productive. I mostly learned how to do it from living amongst and working with Jews.

    True, that morals and laws are frequently not a factor to consider from their point-of-view but, they are for me. So, I work the angles within those necessary boundaries and doing so yields positively.

  115. While I mostly agree with the article, attributing mental health to genes is pure nonsense. Politics is learned, not a chemical imbalance or something in the genes. Don’t give liberals any excuses for their bad behavior. They will eventually get what they deserve and I for one won’t accept any excuses.

  116. JimDandy says:

    They are woke leftists because they are ugly. The are embittered and envious of the beautiful people, like me and you.

  117. @Priss Factor

    Why were the most puritanical and priggish Christians the ugliest? Many at the forefront of Prohibition were ugly as sin.

    Those were wokists of a different Era, the same people who pushed suffrage.

  118. Anon[375] • Disclaimer says:

    Is Chelsea Clinton an adult? My God what lips she has …..

    Leave Chelsea alone ! I prefer her to all others. When a man feels extreme tension on his fly, when his zipper feels like it is going to rupture he wants Chelsea type lips to calm things down.

    Never mind the good looks of other prettier women. You dont want a woman with a good head but a woman who gives good head and thick lips trump (no pun intended) beauty. LMAO

  119. @Dutch Boy

    I could never understand what Hilary saw in that guy?

    • Replies: @That Would Be Telling
  120. @Alrenous

    His name is Legion

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  121. The Country Club Republicans tend to be good-looking, or at least they know how to dress and where to get a good haircut.
    The Alt-Right types are less good-looking. It’s really about class.
    Libertarians are even worse.

  122. Tucker says:
    @RJ Macready

    “Even the main leads aren’t all that attractive”.

    Yes, I have been noticing that same trend. It’s of course directly connected to the desire of jewish owned Hollywood to phase out White males and, to a lesser extent, phase out White females – but, it is more difficult to purge White females because there is no denying that White females have an impossible to break lock on being the most beautiful and sexually attractive / desirable females in the world.

    And, we all know how much the jews love to taunt and torment White male viewers by pairing up his beautiful women with brutes and savages whose genes and DNA come from Africa. Hence, we see an explosion of race mixing in every Hollywood movie and in every new TV program put out since the early 1990’s.

    For any other old timers, who might remember the old Hay’s Production Code – pushing race mixing used to be a violation of the code, along with a long list of other immoral, subversive and degenerate themes. This code was abolished around 1967-1968, and when Congress agreed to abolish it – in exchange, they came up with the rating system (G, M, R, X) and made the jews in Hollywood pinky swear that they would behave themselves and not start pushing the very same themes that had been outlined by the Production Code.

    Well, the jews did what they always do. They lied. No sooner than the shackles had been loosened, they gradually started promoting every single immoral, subversive and degenerate theme that had prohibited by the Production Code. And, today – they are not even trying to be subtle or sneaky about the garbage and poison they push. It’s worse today in America than it was when they were pushing filth and degeneracy in Germany during the Weimar Republic period.

    • Agree: RJ Macready
  123. MGB says:

    more importantly, they both married scum bags, from scum bag families, both corrupt beyond a reasonable doubt. so in other words, they’re not pretty on the inside either.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
  124. Weave says:

    Psychotic? Pinheaded? Poopy-pants? This is going to bug me all day, I must know!!

    • LOL: Adam Smith
  125. Marxism appeals to the lower classes by design. It’s a way to rally the weak against the strong to serve the Jews.

    Pretty and healthy people do not have a desire to crush their betters. They are the betters.

    To make a whole article about this is superfluous and dimwitted.

  126. Weave says:

    After McStain died old Mittens went to the top of my I-Hope-He-Dies-Soon list. And it’s a long list.

    • Replies: @MGB
  127. @RadicalCenter

    Thinner may not necessarily equal healthier, but it’s a good start. Obesity certainly damages and kills.

    Statistically there’s a healthy medium, too thin and life expectancy if I recall the metric correctly also drops.

  128. johannes says:

    I have seen a few but not many Goodlooking Jewish guys,all orthodox.most orthodox Jewish women in my area are attractive with nice bodies.

    both ashkenazi and the Sephardic ones.

    Native americans like the Navajo,are also very are Many Arabians.

    I would pick Ashley Callingbull over most white supermodels because thats just what I like.I love Native eyes and cheekbones.

    but I know noone is better in beauty than the other.

    why are white people so insecure about their looks?Tanning,makeup and eyeliner for almond eyes etc all beat the skin lightening industry by about 4x as much.and thats just the USA,if you include other white nations it is comical.

    most people don’t prefer white women or men.and the ones that do are brainwashed and conditioned.

    • Troll: 3g4me
  129. TKK says:

    Excellent point about Robin Williams.

    His comedy exhausts me. It’s too much. Then the idiot went and hung himself. It’s going to be over soon enough- be brave and see how it turns out.

    You are right- they want the sycophant. I have been told by someone in D.C. that former President Trump is the same way. It’s all about him and how everyone has to grovel at his feet and give him non stop praise.

    • Replies: @TheMoon
  130. @No jack London

    I could never understand what Hilary saw in [Bill Clinton]?

    Hillary is neither smart nor wise, failed the D.C. bar exam and in her second and first really major job was part of a cabal in the Watergate congressional investigation that was scheming to for example deny Nixon the benefit of counsel if he was impeached. Back then that was beyond the pale and they all got fired and her planned career in D.C. was dead.

    She’d previously turned down Bill’s proposal of marriage, evidently it and exile to Arkansas was her best remaining option. This helps explain a lot of what subsequently happened.

    • Agree: Bert
  131. WHAT says:

    Nice desperate circlejerk you’ve got going here.

  132. ricpic says:

    Being attractive opens doors. It follows that the attractive find the order of society, which is naturally hierarchical, to be fair.

    Being unattractive closes doors. It follows that the unattractive are prone to resentment.

    • Agree: CSFurious
  133. CSFurious says:

    I would highly recommend all of Dutton’s books and his podcast. He is hard to follow sometimes because he is English but he is very smart. His podcast is hilarious.

  134. @Hohoho

    You’re wrong. Most of the Walmart people don’t vote; they either say “all politicians are the same—crooked” or “I don’t wanna get called to jury duty.” If you ask the political affiliation of those who do vote, they’ll answer, “I’m too poor to vote Republican.”
    Trailer trash that live in a ‘Community’ with all the hook ups and many neighbours are very likely Democrats, but someone living in an isolated double wide in the middle of nowhere or next to an abandoned Victorian farm house are very likely ‘live free or die’ types or Christian zionists who fly the Israeli flag.

  135. Corrupt says:

    They’re ugly because all that evil inside eventually works its way out.

    • Agree: Passing By
  136. Sam Smith says:

    Excellent observations and points!

    People who cannot stand themselves cover up their shortcomings by overdoing other things. Robin Williams is a poster boy of this problem.

    Then of course there are lesser mortals who surfeit themselves in “luxuries” and “toys” to compensate the emptiness in their pathetic lives.

    These people I have found, become very angry when you laugh at their possessions and social status. There must be nothing more infuriating than having your Bentley mocked by someone riding an old bicycle.

    Eventually, they become the hollowed out image that they really are inside. Some take the route that Robin Williams took.

    • Replies: @Anon
  137. SafeNow says:

    Anne of Cleves, Henry’s 4th wife, was “dispraised” to Henry due to being a dog, but Henry went ahead with the marriage because she was gentle and virtuous, good at knitting, and, perhaps the clincher, she liked to play cards.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @ricpic
  138. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    Reminds me of an incisive comment regarding egalitarianism by the renowned hack Norman Mailer.

    Asked in an interview if he thought women had finally achieved equality with men, he said ‘yes, women have become equally vicious, equally stupid, and equally greedy.’

    • Replies: @Johan
  139. MGB says:

    Mittens is merely corrupt, McStain was unambiguously evil. No great loss though in either case.

  140. Sam Smith says:

    Since we are talking about ugliness, here is something beautiful to contrast that ugliness with:

    Is that is not beautiful (wait till the very end), I don’t know what is!

  141. @The Real World

    Romney’s African-American grandson probably does identify as white. But give it time. The gene for political-trimming guarantees that soon all the Romney grandchildren will self-identify as African-American.

  142. TheMoon says:
    @Priss Factor

    AAAAAAAAAA! (draws both pistols)

  143. anon[553] • Disclaimer says:

    I wouldn’t say that. 97%? I was in Israel a couple years working (no, I’m not Jewish), and the girls tended to be gorgeous, Ashkenazi and the Moroccans especially. Maybe it’s the climate. We used to joke that the young people in Israel were gorgeous but the politicians looked like politicians everywhere (let’s just say, not so gorgeous.)
    Anyway, what’s important is physical health, good bone structure (too much sugar and refined foods ruin good bone structure) and good actions. I don’t know what a beauty contest would turn up, but really aggressively unattractive people — the ones who seem to try to look bad — are usually hard leftists.

  144. TheMoon says:
    @Marcion Apostle

    So how did he commit “suicide”?

  145. anon[553] • Disclaimer says:

    Anne was not especially ugly. When she had arrived at Henry’s court she did not recognize him. He pretended to be someone else and went up to her and began to flirt, which he wouldn’t have been inspired to do if she’d been all that bad in his eyes. She not only didn’t recognize him, she obviously found him distinctly unappealing, which indeed at that point he was, weighting in at 300 lbs. He turned immediately and muttered, “I like her not.” Very much in character for him, but Anne did comparatively well for herself. It was better not to be found desirable by Henry VIII.

  146. TheMoon says:

    That’s why my favorite performance of his was in The World According to Garp where he was more restrained.

    Maybe The Fisher King as well where his humor fit the character perfectly.

  147. The best thing Mitt Romney ever did was have a big family, and Ann Romney can take most of the credit for that.

    The leaders of the Mormon Mammonite cult have lost their marbles from trying to ape the lunacy of the JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire.

    Willard Mitt Romney and the Mormon Mammonites are products of the mentally deranged war mongering money-grubbers of Massachusetts.

    Mitt Romney and the Mormon Mammonite Cult are using mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration to stifle and destroy AFFORDABLE FAMILY FORMATION for White Core American Christians of modest means in the USA. Housing costs are through the roof because of mass immigration and Romney and the Mormon Mammonites are nastily pushing mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration and REFUGEE OVERLOAD and ASYLUM SEEKER INUNDATION.

    Money-grubbing dirtbags like Mitt Romney who have made out like bandits from the monetary policy machinations of the Federal Reserve Bank are clam raking all the ill-gotten gains from the Fed-induced asset bubbles and that harms the ability of regular income White Core Christian Americans to start families.

    The Massachusetts Hedge Fund called Harvard and the Massachusetts Mammonite Mormons have both grabbed mass amounts of loot from the monetary policy extremism of the Federal Reserve Bank and all the asset bubbles created by the Quantitative Easing of the Fed.

    Harvard has over 40 billion dollars in the their loot pile and the sneaky money sniffers in the Mormon Mammonite Cult have over a hundred billion dollars in their loot pile.

    Raise the federal funds rate to ten percent and fire sale the Fed’s asset portfolio and you’ll see Harvard’s loot pile vanish and the Mormon Mammonite loot pile will be gone with the wind.

    Willard Mitt Romney and the Mormon Mammonites are deliberately weaponizing mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration and monetary policy to crush and destroy the ability of young White Core Americans to enjoy low housing costs and AFFORDABLE FAMILY FORMATION.

  148. Bert says:
    @Dutch Boy

    In the early 1970’s my lady friend surprised me when she objected to my referring to Governor George Wallace as ugly. She claimed he had animal magnetism, which is more important than looks, she said. At 5′ 7″ he learned to be a scrapper in the ring and out. But the test for male facial attractiveness is how a man would look without network hair. Slick Willy is a clear fail on that criterion.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  149. ricpic says:

    Holbein’s portrait of her “sold” Anne to Henry. It was, needless to say, a flattering picture.

  150. Bert says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    Since I believe Ashkenazim were strongly naturally-selected for exploitation of the Slavic peasantry, I suggest that the high frequency among them of lips like the first woman reflects an adaptation for sneering, the better to terminate requests for mercy. The nose, of course, is auto-mimetic of a penis (see Dale Guthrie’s “Body Hot Spots”), so a larger size in Ashkenazim would be an adaptation for dominance in competitive situations with peasant counterparties.

    Here’s a nose likely selected for social dominance in a different endogamous group. Scroll down to next to last photo.

  151. The only thing uglier than the people in the USA is the built landscape all around them. Carcentric, paved over, disconnected, unreal, and unloved. And just wait until all the big box stores stand empty, and only the rich can afford to drive…

  152. Bob says:

    I’ve always had a theory why so many Americans are angry and radical – we live in a time when Americans are raised as slobs. They’re fat at a young age. They dress terribly. They just don’t like the way they look when they’re filling up the gas tank, getting coffee, or going to work. So they’re angry and resentful. They want to tear it all down as a defense against their own unhappiness.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Sam Smith
    , @Drapetomaniac
  153. @travell lyte

    Lance Welton is a lunatic.

    Aside from that, I’ve heard Chelsea Victoria Clinton’s biological father is Webster Lee Hubbell.

  154. @Joe Paluka

    Maybe he didn’t brag but confessed?

  155. Meh. Political orientation aside, ugly people do tend to be the loudest voices on any team, simply because they’re habitually the least disinclined to be objectionable. If you think (with or without reason) that you’re ugly, you want to overcompensate in other ways, which can often mean spreading your misery around and/or forcing a change in what it means to be ‘beautiful.’

    ‘Beauty’ is actually a lurking flaw in natural selection, because visual displays do not consistently correlate to survival traits (and may even mask counterproductive traits). Soundness (health) and beauty are not synonymous, which is especially obvious when you consider the likely result of a few generations of empty-headed model types breeding exclusively with each other.

    Conservative people (frequently but not necessarily people with conservative political views) have a bit of an edge in that they’re more likely to have extended courtships that allow prospective mates time to spot flaws in each other. Cultures with arranged marriages are even better on average. Liberal people are more likely to be either promiscuous or ‘accepting’ of flaws that could get passed on to the next generation.

    Humans are especially bad at choosing mates based on any sensible criteria, so it simply stands to reason that the species will get less healthy overall as our capacity to preserve and tolerate unsound people increases. This goes for the left and right alike. The farther away ‘beauty’ (or, say, ‘success’) and ‘soundness’ drift from each other, the worse off we’ll all be in every way that matters.

  156. Those of the left are closer descendants of the hunter-gatherers who are closer descendants of chimpanzees.

    No other explanation needed.

  157. Sam Smith says:

    I disagree with your theory.

    I think Americans are angry and resentful because deep down they realize that their Ladder of Life is leaning against the wrong wall. And that their “American way of life” is built on the bones, blood and backs of those in the so-called Third World. Deep inside, they sense that something is very very wrong with their “great” United States.

    Let me quote the warning of a clarion voice in the 1970s:

    Stop being so greedy, and so selfish. Realize that there is more to the world than your big houses and fancy stores. People are starving and you worry about oil for you cars. Babies are dying of thirst and you search the fashion pages for the latest styles. Nations like ours are drowning in poverty, but your people don’t even hear our cries for help. You shut your ears to the voices of those who try to tell you these things. You label them radicals and Communists. You must open your hearts to the poor and downtrodden, instead of driving them further into poverty and servitude. There’s not much time left. If you don’t change, you are doomed.

    This warning was given to John Perkins, a self-confessed “economic hit man” who worked for the US National Security State* before he finally realized his evil ways.

    Unfortunately, and I say this sincerely, YOU Americans have NOT listened. Now, you will experience the karma of your evil and selfish ways . . .

    *If you don’t know what the US National Security State is, here’s homework:

  158. Alrenous says: • Website
    @travell lyte

    Well, sort of.
    America isn’t actually one country. It’s not unified like that. It’s something like 500 countries. There’s Road America and Police America and Environment America and Drug America and Doctor America and Welfare America…
    The Americas are not democracies. They are all dictatorships.
    Thus, with a little poetic license, the Thousand Emperors.

    They’re constantly trying to conquer each other for conquest’s sake. Hence the paranoid security.

  159. Trinity says:

    Haha. Clinton would definitely be an ugly Baldy, while dudes like Yul Brenner, Bruce Willis, Jason Stratham looked better than many dude’s who sported Michael Landon hair. That being said I think the ladies still prefer hair over baldies. Good thing I am past giving two shits what ladies think with my lack of hair. hehe. At sixty plus, even hair doesn’t help. Only thing an old dude gonna have to attract pretty young things is a fat wallet. Just ask Donald Trump. IMO, even a younger Clinton was only attractive to women because of wealth and power. If Bill were a real Pabst drinking, white socks wearing “Bubba”, any woman above a 5 wouldn’t go near him.

  160. greek says:

    que asco de articulo!!!

  161. Alrenous says: • Website
    @A little boy in the crowd

    Egalitarianism promises the ugly folk high status. “You’re just as good as a pretty person, if not better.” This promise is, obviously, broken. Then, shockingly, astoundingly, they feel betrayed.

    And want revenge.

    Egalitarianism is a variety of Satanism. It’s deliberately designed such that the lower-status will feel betrayed by god and, taking that as their axiom, why not rebel against god? Clearly, god must be malevolent, what do you have to lose? “You made me like this!” (Well, maybe, but someone else made you mad about it…)

    Of course, no matter how poorly you’re doing, you can always make it worse by rebelling against reality per se. “Yes, my plan is to pick a fight I’m guaranteed to lose. I believe this will help.” So, uh, ‘fun’ fact: ugly folk are more prone to contradictory and self-defeating delusions….

  162. Zumbuddi says:

    Is this the same guy who wrote the Spiteful Mutant article?

    I thought that was classic — Spiteful Mutant.

  163. “Let’s face facts: Compared to conservatives, leftists aren’t very good-looking”

    Uh, have you ever taken a look at the people at a Trump rally? Liberals are ugly? Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Alice Eve, Charlize Theron, etc, all hardcore militant liberals. What the hell are you talking about?

  164. @Kim

    Ivana married Jared Kushner. Enough said about her.

    Trump is not a “conservative”, he is an opportunist, a huckster. Would a conservative associate his brand with TV wrestling? Or a celebrity TV show?

    Operation Warp Speed to get the fake untested vaccines to market quickly. Side effects be damned.

    Promoting Ivermectin, an animal de-wormer, to treat symptoms of seasonal flu and common cold? Check the CDC’s own website for the similar symptoms and affects of Covid, Flu and Colds.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @Anon
  165. @Zero Philosopher

    LOL–u don’t win arguments by referencing movie stars, genius!

    • LOL: Trinity
  166. @Zero Philosopher

    They are actors, and they are playing their assigned roles according to the Directors and Producers.

    • Agree: Sarah
  167. Jimmy1969 says:

    I made my main point in #84. by elaborating on how ugly people mostly become leftists do to resentment over being humiliated as far far back as grade 1. as epitomized by Michael Moore the documentary Director. Another class of mostly ugly people are ordinary career criminals….a well known fact amongst criminologists, and the worse of them all were those early Jewish Bolsheviks who worked for the NKVD…and others like Beria. You can ditto this for many extremist far right Nazis in the SS too. One problem today though is fake leftists who take out insurance so to speak. Many people today are not real leftists and and are quite conservative and moderately good looking but at the office or at the cocktail party mouth off leftist slogans to play the game wanting to appear to be liberal and non prejudicial….all the while they are seething with rage when they get home and drink and go into a depression over cognitive dissonance. Separating these people on a statistical regression analysis is quite difficult.

  168. sulu says:
    @The Real World

    ROTFLMWAO. (Rolling on the floor laughing my White ass off.)

    Stream of consciousness? No! Conclusions drawn from over 60 years of traveling the globe and dealing with women. And you must have the intellect of a tuna sandwich if you can’t see the truth of it. Or more likely you are a feminist and truth hurts your feelings. Or perhaps a bit of both.

    Most, certainly not all, but most of the feminist I have met have been unattractive women. The hardcore feminist have been almost without exception ugly. Fat, short, brutally ugly, with a face like a ruptured pig rectum. And if that wasn’t enough they go out of their way to accentuate their unattractiveness by dying their hair bright colors, having nose rings, etc. And they are not infrequently man hating dykes.

    Prior to the rise of feminism ugly women were relegated to second or even third class status in the world. It must be galling to be an ugly woman and to realize that beauty is the great yardstick by which all women are judged. And to realize you have none. To see the pretty girls get all the perks that come along with beauty.

    Also, most women, even beautiful ones, hate to admit that most men are only interested in youth and beauty. That’s what men want. When it’s gone men aren’t interested. Also, women make the mistake of thinking that men value the same things they do. When seeking a partner men don’t care if a woman has a college degree or a great job. We want her to be young, beautiful, and be willing to sleep with us. That’s it. Oh, sure, if she has money or a great job that just a cherry on top. But we don’t care if she is poor and uneducated as long as she is young and hot and willing to give up the pussy.

    Feminism has been an attempt by women to acquire the power of men without having to have any of that pesky responsibility that goes along with having power. Part of the strategy is to try and convince pretty women that they really don’t need a man. Which is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. Women don’t need men? Great, go change the oil in your car. Fix that flat or put in a new set of ball joints. Have that group of all female contractors build, plumb, and wire your new house. Oh, wait. I have never seen an all female group of house builders. And women mechanics are about as common as a stream in West Texas.

    One of the truths that women don’t want to face is the fact that men desire women but women need men. They need us to do all the things that they don’t have the skills to do. Like repair their cars and build their houses. And a thousand other things.

    Feminist want the power of men. They want to keep all the traditional privileges accorded to women. And they want the accountability of children. And they want ugly women to be treated the same as beautiful women. That’s feminism in a nutshell.


    • Replies: @The Real World
  169. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Zero Philosopher

    The philosopher, of course, noticed nothing non-representative about the mentioned individuals.

    Sure he didn’t.

  170. Fuck the Romney’s and ALL of their retarded “Burned over District” treasonous Yankee retard kin.

    May they get raped and murdered by they very Third World scum whose asses they kiss on a regular basis.

  171. @SaneClownPosse

    Did you hear the latest? (I just heard this on the internet show “Redacted.”) Now that they’ve pretty much admitted that the “vaccines” don’t work, democrats are putting the blame on Trump for promoting his Operation Warp Speed (OPS), which put an untested dangerous product on the market before it had gone thru the normally required lengthy trials.

    It takes a lot of gall for these pro-lockdown, pro-vaxx mandate demon rats for now putting the blame on Trump. But there is at least some merit to their claims. Without his OPS how long would it have taken before these untested vaxxes made it to market? Trump claimed that it would have taken 5 years without him pushing it. So, it seems that Mr. Trump needs to take responsibility for all the negative and sometimes deadly consequences arising from his OPS.

    Hilariously, Alex Jones has advised Trump to disavow the vaxx that he carelessly pushed on the public. But as Trump never admits that he made a mistake, I don’t know if he’ll take Jones’ advice.

    • LOL: JM
  172. Trinity says:
    @Zero Philosopher

    Perhaps these ACTORS are ACTING like leftards to keep a job.

    • Agree: Sarah
  173. @Meretricious

    Indeed.. and that non European half really does a number on their hideous, genetically damaged, and inbred bodies.

    The dominate non-European Turkic genes override.

    It’s one of the reasons they hate us so much. No matter how hard they try they will never be us. It drives them mad.

    • Agree: Sarah
  174. @Meretricious

    How can you say that? The very imbalance between their long legs and short trunks is disturbing.

  175. WCH says:
    @The Real World

    It is a fact that more men are registered and vote Republican than women. It is also a fact that people who vote Democrat are more Woke and immature, female than male. Pretty basic conclusion. Men are more rational and mature than women. The main reason of the BLM riots is that women are givin custody based on gender. Feminism is poison.

    • Agree: sulu
    • Replies: @The Real World
  176. anon[375] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sam Smith

    Like Lauren Bacall, Hedy Lamarr and Tina Louise (Ginger from Gilligan’s Island),

  177. Trinity says:

    Good looking Jewish men and women are the EXCEPTION and not the RULE.

    Mark Spitz as a young man was reasonably handsome and I mentioned Anitra Ford/Weinstein, best known as one of the original models on those old The Price Is Right shows. A great deal more Woody Allens and Joan Rivers out there than Mark Spitz or Anitra Ford types, bet on it. Look at everybody’s favorite Jewy porn king, Al Goldstein? Al fits more than one Jewish stereotype. Wonder where his soul is today? Was it worth it, Al?

  178. Trinity says:

    So in other words Ashkenazi Jews are mutts. Won’t argue with you on that one.

  179. WCH says:
    @The Real World

    Your war argument is off point. In the US Boys are legally required to sign up for selected service at 18, while girls are not… So women get to sit at home and complain about men who are dying during war. But to rank mass murdeing war mongers I think Hillary, Madelyn and Victoria Nuland are right at the top…

    • Agree: sulu
  180. Anon[375] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sam Smith

    Eventually, they become the hollowed out image that they really are inside. Some take the route that Robin Williams took.

    Well as I said I looked at his interview. I dont remember who the hell the host was but he would ask a serious question. And I would await a serious reply, you know, something thoughtful reflecting Robin’s experiences in life and his lessons from the top of the Hollywood stack.

    Instead all Robin Williams did was make funny faces, put his thumb in his ears and wriggle his fingers and make silly comments in a falsetto voice. In the background was the canned laughter from a machine which turned on suddenly and turned off suddenly. I sat there thinking “what is the joke ?” The poor guy could not seem to differentiate between being a comic and reverting back to normal. He was stuck in his Hollywood role 24/7. It was quite bizarre !

    In Manhattan several years ago, on a stroll on Lexington, some touts advised that if we came in to see the comedy show we would each get two drinks. So in we went to listen to an aspiring comedian ‘clearly headed’ for the big time. All the guy did was stand in front of the mike and use profanity. We each got out two free drinks and left.

    Where the Hollywood crowd is concerned I think the great unwashed trash of society recognize (I hope) that these are a bunch of empty heads. The tripe that comes out of these people;s mouths is astounding. I reel when I hear Mr. Academy Award Winner (previous job car wash attendant) spout off on the world;s greatest problems, how we should look at said problems and how they can be easily solved.

    I often ask myself, how can someone who just got paid \$25M be unhappy ? How can someone who made \$400M in the course of their career be broke ? How can either have so many mental problems ?
    So many drug and alcohol problems? Been married several times ? At that level of income why would they care whether the are adored or abhorred by people they dont even know ?

    There must be some major cables disconnected in these people’s heads.

    The astounding part is that while we may look at them as freaks, THEY look at us as freaks. Like The inmates in the mental asylum they consider themselves sane and everyone else off their rocker !

    • Replies: @sulu
    , @Sam Smith
  181. JM says:

    Dutton, who has written many times for, began Goblins: Why Are Extreme Leftists Often So Hideously Unattractive? by dressing as a goblin while pretending to be a not-very-easy-on-the-eye) leader of “Hope Not Hate.”

    Then that would mean that those propagating “wokeness” (including outing people from their jobs as “fascists” as well as licensed ANTIFA thugs) who aren’t ugly, can be regarded as suspect police agents or Soros (privatised police) operatives.

  182. @sulu

    Feminism was pushed by the jew banker mob so women would go to work and they could tax them.

    • Thanks: Sarah
    • Replies: @sulu
  183. @Charles Martel France

    Portman hit the wall hard already. She was hot as a girl but is a hag now.

    • Replies: @Black Maggot
  184. JM says:
    @Irish Savant

    Any hypothesis/theory is based on main effects and these are tested statistically. In that context, “exceptions” “prove” the “rule”.

    My main interest in the theory would be the definition of “conservative”. When I read and look at Dutton’s views, “conservative” equates with British Conservative. What about some socially conservative worker (say) in the Depression who sought an alternative to the wrecking role of Capitalism by seeing the merit in a – more – planned economy – designed to serve the people in the society rather than the needs of the already rich? Is he and his followers therefore dysgenic? I’d argue the opposite.

    Of course such people have nothing in common with the modern (Globalist) Left.

  185. Older generations judged strangers by their general demeaner and physical appearance and were seldom wrong.

    As only one example of many others like it, and without knowing anything else about them, one look at Bill and Hillary Clinton tells you there’re crooks.

    • Agree: Bert, Sarah
  186. sulu says:

    I often ask myself, how can someone who just got paid \$25M be unhappy ? How can someone who made \$400M in the course of their career be broke ? How can either have so many mental problems ?

    Guilt from having to blow every Jew in Hollywood to have a career.


  187. sulu says:
    @James Scott

    I have heard that theory before and it makes sense.


  188. @Kim

    Looks aside, if Ivanka had any character or up-bringing, she wouldn’t have married damned a Jew.

    • Agree: Trinity
  189. @That Would Be Telling

    Jews from there and Eastern Europe were noted for being much more revolutionary Deuteronomy than ones to their West.


    The most important book written in the 20th century is available on this site. It’s called The Controversy of Zion by Doug Reed. A remarkable achievement that will change the way the world looks to those who read it.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  190. anonymous[406] • Disclaimer says:

    Sheesh, Anitra Ford was Phyllis Diller next to Natalie Wood.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  191. @sulu

    Blah, blah, blah….who reads such provincial and self-serving drivel? Only you, no doubt.
    You are simply delusional, make up nonsense and present it as factual. That = nut job.

    It’s your fault that you have merely consorted with dumb or dull women. One would logically guess that is the only caliber that would spend 5 minutes with you. So, it’s been a self-fulfilling prophecy but, that reality has never occurred to you. LOL…unreal.

    • Agree: Fungus Among Us
    • Replies: @sulu
  192. @WCH

    Those who commit serious crimes are neither rational or mature.
    They’re nuts and were poorly raised.
    Your parents failed you if you don’t understand that.

    Your other comment about ‘war’ is a non-sequitur therefore, out of context.

    • Replies: @YesYesCircle
  193. Why Are Woke Leftists So Ugly?

    It is the Cult of Ugliness, otherwise known as the Jewish race. Everything they touch that is beauty is turned into ugliness. Same with the Chinese (the Jews of Asia),inbred; deformed; sickly; criminal; misanthropic.

    The goyim that serve the Jew, join them in their doctrine, which includes being ugly, and making anything good ugly.

  194. Anon[110] • Disclaimer says:

    “…horse dewormer..”

    You’re an idiot. A complete knee-biter. Probably a pillow-biter, too.

    1. Ivermectin was first developed as an anti-parasitic FOR HUMANS.
    2. It was later found to be a very good anti-viral agent as well.
    3. Ivermectin’s inventor was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for developing it.
    4. It is one the World Health Organization’s “essential medications” which all medical facilities should keep on hand.
    5. You can take 40x the recommended dose (i.e. accidentally taking 9 MONTHS worth of doses in place of a weekly dose) and suffer ZERO SIDE EFFECTS
    6. It was also found to be safe and effective in animals.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  195. @Priss Factor

    Those of us who have survived into seniority can dimly remember when a woman could be described as “pleasingly plump.” Yes, it was often a euphemism to take some of the sting out of saying she was overweight or fat, but was meant good-naturedly. And the phrase could not have gained traction without reflecting a cultural assumption that a woman could carry a few extra pounds and still be foxy.

    Imagine using that expression today within hearing range of almost any woman. Instant outrage. What gives any man the right to be pleased or displeased about a woman’s dimensions? But even more, it implies there is a displeasing category of plumpness. That’s objectifying, uninclusive, fat shaming! How dare you?

  196. @BuelahMan

    My “encounters” with Jews were almost purely religious (Jesus was a Jew), literary (those who most marked me: Stefan Zweig and above all, Hannah Arendt whom I equal to Jaspers and Heidegger) and musical (Mendelssohn is deemed “too elegant” by many, he has not the asperities of Beethoven, true, but his music thoroughly is that of a genius to be classified among the upper dozen, where Gustav Mahler also is to be located). However, I remember having had a discussion with a Jewish student when I was in Louvain/Leuven university, now 50 years since – and as the other respondent to your post @Bookish1 seems to have made clear, that indeed was a superb intellectual experience as to “having to be careful”, we both finally agreed that Spinoza, after all, was not so bad.

  197. @Fungus Among Us

    The most important book written in the 20th century is

    for me personally: Elemente und Ursprünge totaler Herrschaft by (the Jewess) Hannah Arendt, I have it in the Piper Neuauflage 2/2005. Written half a century ago, its relevance has been augmenting ever since.

    • Thanks: Sarah
    • Replies: @Fungus Among Us
  198. sulu says:
    @The Real World

    Go feed your 27 cats you fat, ugly, stupid, old cunt.


    • LOL: Twodees Partain
  199. Sam Smith says:

    There must be some major cables disconnected in these people’s heads.

    It’s called “Cognitive Dissonance” . . . the psychological problem that all cult followers have. It’s no different for these famous but hollowed out characters. I just finished watching Will Ferrell’s speech at the USC given in 2017. Brilliant speech, but the same SNL comedy.

    The only Hollywood comedian who seems to have reach an equilibrium of sanity and acceptance of himself as a human being is Jim Carrey. The rest are just re-living their Hollywood persona.

    The hardest thing in life is to be at peace with oneself and comfortable in one’s own skin. And that can’t be achieved by money or success.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  200. Anon[267] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s a fun viewpoint to ponder however there are countless examples that blow apart the thesis. Firstly there are countless hideous looking people on the conservative side of politics. And while I wouldn’t say the displayed Romney cast are hideous imho there’s only one remotely attractive person; the blonde lady on the left. Regards height, I’ve known many tall leftists. Though they do tend to the gangly side. The most ardent male leftists I’ve known are tall and gangly. I can think of some tall female modelesque leftists I’ve known, that many guys would drool over; but bad luck to you who would because they’re now mostly trendy man-hating lesbians.

    My decades of experience on the left is that – as with one point in the article – most of them were bullied in childhood, at school either because: they looked a bit odd compared to the norm; for some they were a sub-racial-genetic minority eg. redheads and blondes surrounded by browns; and/or they were bright and did well academically, so were bullied by low IQ ‘jocks’; and/or they were on the Autism/Asperger spectrum; some were chubby, some had glasses etc.

    They grow up remembering the bullying and when they obtain power over the people who bullied them, they ratchet it up to the max. For example I get the feeling lots of the lefties I know are aware that the ’20 election was rigged and stolen and they Delight in it. For their gloves are off. I’ve heard numerous leftists – nearly all white women – declare outright how they eagerly want the deaths of all “right wing gun toting bible bashing heteronormative patriarchal white supremacist etc etceteras”

    How did this come to be? … This civil war among whities? … What goes around comes around, often a lot harsher. Those people who were bulled as kids, decades ago, they are adults who keenly remember what was done to them. They are cheering as the grey-brown masses swarm in to destroy the Western nations, displacing and replacing the 1980s-Romney-family clone people, who did the bullying to the quirky odd kids decades ago.

    I was one of those people for several decades: giving all my spare time to make this reality. Until I woke up! I awoke slowly as a result of being harassed and assaulted by migrants and indigenous people, on numerous occasions. Slowly I began to realise that they hate white people and they will take whatever they can from us and trample us in to the dirt, when they can. I realised I had positive prejudice about them. And I was Wrong! I had helped to create a monster. A tidal wave that’s swamping us. In comparison the bullying at school, from the median white clones in the 80s, as bad as that was, it was mild compared to what the grey-brown swarms want to do to us when they have the numbers.

    Articles like this, that make fun of others for looking different, that encourage that kind of mocking, it might tickle you emotionally, bit it only serves to deepen the divide and accelerates our demise.

    Just imagine what happened to the Romanovs happening to the Romney family and all families like them. Because that is the lefty dream, the goal. Whether they realise it yet or not. They want all the stereotypical normie whites – the cliches from the 80s – obliterated. And it may well happen … Unless we can unite as many white Western people to be on the same team. To achieve that we have to refrain from the divisions, the mocking and bullying, as displayed in this article.

  201. @Anon

    Just one little remark: ivermectin wasn’t developed, it was discovered. It actually exists in nature, and among all things, in breast milk. Which according to those who denigrate ivermectin, puts breast milk in the category of horse dewormers.

  202. @René Fries

    we both finally agreed that Spinoza, after all, was not so bad.

    Tell that to his rabbis who had it not been for the Gentile authorities would have murdered him, sorry, executed him

    • Agree: Passing By
  203. Trinity says:

    I would take her over Natalie Wood, but yes, Anitra Weinstein/Ford looks like a plain Jane when put up along Whites like Ann-Margret, Angie Dickinson, Pam Anderson, Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren, Joey Heatherton, etc.

    Natalie Wood? Different strokes for different folks. I always had the extreme hots for Angie Dickinson, she not only looked great but she was so damn sexy.

  204. @Sam Smith

    Jim Carrey is a fucking psycho…..killed his gf by giving her drugs…..says that white people fuck everything up. Typical shitlib Canadian lunatic.

    Robin Williams wasn’t very funny but he was actually a very nice man.

    It’s organized jewry behind the woke ugliness……Weimar 2.0

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  205. @Treg

    it was a toss up between GW Bush and Al Gore as to who is more handsome.

    That’s like arguing over which turd is a nicer shade of brown.

  206. @Commentator Mike

    In the American black vernacular, “woke” means “awake”. A black co-worker called me one morning and asked “Was you woke”? He meant “Were you awake?”. This was in the late ’60s or early ’70s, when the word wasn’t used widely by white folks in the way it’s used now.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  207. Truth says:

    Have you ever seen Ivanka’s childhood pics BEFORE her surgeries?

    I believe you mean, BEFORE his surgeries.

    • LOL: BuelahMan
  208. I have to get one more ugly woke leftist in – Catherine Denial:

    Since she is in the news right now:

  209. Trinity says:
    @Twodees Partain

    Ask a Black male where he lives and you are likely to hear, ” I STAY on Cherry SKREET.”

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  210. @Robert Dolan

    Agreed. I’ve never even smiled at any of his attempts at humor. Carrey comes across as an idiot trying to be clever, with a tin ear for humor. If he represents comedic genius, then comedy is degenerate.

  211. bomag says:
    @The Alarmist

    And JFK showed some conservative instincts.

  212. My experience of being in bands with leftists ties in with the authors findings.

    – inept / unable to hold down a job due to whimsical nature

    – physically weak

    – obscenely envious of anyone who has more than them

    – quirky / ugly looking

    – obsessed with jumping on moral crusades as a way of distracting onlookers from their failings

    – hatred of standards of any kind, ostensibly because they cannot meet them

  213. @Bob

    Stupid useless people invariably outbreed smart productive people because reproduction is one of their extremely limited capabilities.

  214. @Drapetomaniac

    Stupid useless people invariably outbreed smart productive people because reproduction is one of their extremely limited capabilities.

    r/K theory as it can be loosely applied to humans.

    The key thing, though, is that outbreeding only gains you an edge to the extent your surviving children outnumber the smart ones who’s better care increases their childrens’ likelihood of survival. Of course, modern liberal technological civilization goes to great lengths to eliminate this counterpressure.

  215. Trinity says:

    Nonwhites breed like rodents because that is a method of conquering a declining nation. Doesn’t help that (((our gubmint))) rewards these baby making, mo gibz stealing machines with extra cashola either.

    Writing is on the wall and Whitey is discussing whether (((conservatives))) are better looking than anti White (((leftards.)))

    It isn’t right vs left but evil vs good and/or pro White vs anti White.

    • LOL: Trinity
  216. @Trinity

    Well then, that’s where he stay at. Another thing you’ll hear repeatedly is “Ain’t nobody want to do none of that”. It translates as “I don’t want to do that”. Black folks also ignore the possessive tense. “Babydaddy” means the baby’s daddy. John’s car is described as “John ride”. If it isn’t John’s car, it would be stated as “That ain’t none of John ride”.

    • LOL: Trinity
  217. MarcB. says:

    The term was “awakened”, and it applied to race realism, understanding globalism, innate male/female differences, HBD, and a general understanding of how the world really works compared to what we were told as children before the term Red Pill was common. Woke was the leftist version of right awake.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  218. Rob says:

    I’m literally laughing right now. Thank you for this joke from the nineties. Remember when the future looked bright? Or at least cyberpunk.

  219. @36 ulster

    Actually, I always kind of thought Greta Thunberg was sort of…

    Never mind.

  220. Goonty says:

    Go back and look at JFK. He actually wasn’t much of a looker. Nixon was definitely more masculine. And Jackie O is a bizarre fisheyed lady with hardly any secondary sexual characteristics. (Note also that JFK was likely gay – read about Lem Billings and it becomes pretty clear)

  221. Anon[291] • Disclaimer says:

    Ivana has had a lot of work done. Chin implants, hook nose remodelled, breast implants.

    Ivana also has her mother’s looks to look forward to as she ages – no surgeon or novel stem cell therapy can stop what’s coming for her.

  222. @René Fries

    I read something by her in college but the only impression it left was that it was included in the canon because she was a female. Of course that says nothing about her worth as a writer or thinker. I just may not have grasped it. I do know that her famous work on the banality of evil was written as a response to her attending the trial of Adolf Eichmann in Israel. My thoughts on that were if Adolf Eichmann is the sine qua non of evil to Hannah Arendt then her works are eminently dismissable. In other words, I’m not qualified to make any sort of pronouncement on whether Hannah Arendt belongs with the great thinkers of the 20th century.

    The Controversy of Zion, on the other hand, was written by the Times of London’s wartime correspondent during WWII, Douglas Reed. As of 27-year-old he was the personal secretary of Lord Northbridge the last Gentile owner of a major British newspaper. He was one of the last gentiles to see Lord Northbridge alive before his mysterious death so beneficial to the Zionist cause. He interviewed personally many of the leading players in the European theater leading up to the outbreak of war. That includes Hitler, to whom he was stridently opposed. Like Robert Wilton before him , he resigned his position in disgust at the censorship of his own warmongering newspaper.

    He was a brilliant, erudite writer with an elegant style who spent the last half of the 40s and the first half of the 50s researching and writing The Controversy of Zion.
    The finished manuscript lay untouched in a box on the top of his wardrobe until he died in 1978 at which time it was published posthumously. Here are the first two paragraphs of that incredible work:

    The true start of this affair occurred on a day in 458 BC which this narrative will reach in its sixth chapter. On that day the petty Palestinian tribe of Judah (earlier disowned by the Israelites) produced a racial creed, the disruptive effect of which on subsequent human affairs may have exceeded that of explosives or epidemics. This was the day on which the theory of the master-race was set up as “the Law.”

    At the time Judah was a small tribe among the subject-peoples of the Persian king, and what today is known as “the West” could not even be imagined. Now the Christian era is nearly two thousand years old and “Western civilization,” which grew out of it, is threatened with disintegration.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  223. I believe that there must be some truth to physiognomy after all. It must be a defense mechanism that enables a species to quickly identify defectives.

  224. @Fungus Among Us

    I have known Arendt ever since the time she still was living (before 1974).

    In the said Elemente (etc) on p. 193, she speaks of the “(…) Wille, die Identität zu wahren, der allen Kulturvölkern eigen ist / the endeavor to conserve the identity, which is the proprium of all peoples of culture” (emphasis mine). One easily can see how the complete disparition of any culture worth that name has condemned the USA and Europe to undergo the current invasion by unassimilable barbaric and largely criminal hordes, as foreseen by another genius: “(…) enfin, quand l’Europe ne sera plus qu’un troupeau d’hommes sans consistance parce qu’elle sera sans chefs, elle sera dévorée par de grossiers conquérants / when finally Europe will be but a herd of men without consistency because it will be without chiefs, then it will be devoured by ruthless conquerors” (Honoré de Balzac, in La confidence des Ruggieri).

    Besides, I have all her major works (8 volumes, 3 being collections of earlier articles) + her correspondence with Karl Jaspers.

  225. BuelahMan says:
    @René Fries

    Its apparent that you don’t know what encounter means, but maybe that’s working an angle.

  226. BuelahMan says:

    Yes, she was as gorgeous as a girl jew before her miraculous change:

    Since jews lie with abandon, you are obviously a jew.

    • Replies: @Truth
  227. Doodlenut says:

    Beauty standards in this country have gone down the drain just like other things.
    TV and commercials from decades ago show how beautiful the women were compared to today.
    Using hideous shaved headed black women for models perfectly exemplifies modern taste here. Ugliness has replaced beauty, elegance and quality in the U.S.
    Raunchy filthy white trailer trash Trump supporters who seldom wash themselves and consider tattered blue jeans as high fashion or the purple haired freaks who make up the liberal feminists’ social justice warriors. Take your pick. Elegance and good taste is absent with many on both ends.

  228. This is a topic that comes up often at Z Man’s blog. Here are a few possible reasons too, that I didn’t catch skimming the current article:

    The Democrat Party for many decades has marketed itself as the party of the outsiders or minorities. As such, by definition it will encompass many groups that claim beliefs far from the norm. The Democrats are increasingly radical or far left on many issues.

    There may be a correlation between “ugly” physical appearance and genetic defects. If true, this supports the tendency to prefer attractive partners. (Apparently this doesn’t apply to certain races, for whatever reason, but perhaps is the norm for Caucasian and East Asian). I recall this from a race and genetics text. “Beauty is only skin deep” is probably a lie; beauty in the eyes of a potential mate is similar to women preferring a tall, muscular male: It instinct trying to increase the chances of selecting a (or being selected by) a healthy mate.

    This is an ancient “stereotype” or preference. Witness the image of the witch: always an old, ugly woman living alone with naught but black cats and bats for companions, shunned and forced to live apart from the villagers.

    As applied to social groups, this also suggests that the not-beautiful, whether by hideous appearance and/or wacko beliefs far from the group norm, will self-segregate and/or be actively shunned by “normal” people. This will naturally make them one of many out-groups and thus, presumably, more likely to identify with Leftist/Democrat values.

    • Agree: sulu
  229. @James Scott

    There is also some photographic evidence that suggests she is a biological male, so there’s that. When age sets in, the estrogen shots have to slow down. Happens to a lot of Hollywood “goddesses.”

  230. Johan says:

    The idea that making females free, without restrictions on behaviour, and without taking into account the unleashing of certain undesired female traits, is desirable, is idiotic indeed.
    Schopenhauer prophesied that female emancipation leads to a certain kind of barbarism, Voltaire saw that the fanaticism of Jews is a huge problem, most eminent intelligent historical men did not favour democracy much, to say the least. We, have all three problems at the same time.

  231. Johan says:

    I intend to add the word ‘punctiliousness’ to my English vocabulary, and ‘ hoist by his own petard’, I don’t know whether it is some common saying, but I like it. It surely doesn’t sound like like language from the streets, it’s almost poetic. I almost start think there is intelligent company here on UR, in despite of all those Christians hanging around here.

  232. Johan says:

    The pre-democratic historical elites, whatever may be said against them, were preservers of class and style, and regularly patrons of beauty. At what time did ugliness set in? in all spheres of culture, that is: when democracy started. Historical elites were often morally reprehensible, but not culturally. Democracy is sickly obsessed with moralism, and moralism is only a cult of lies and appearances. So they will continue to kill everything which is worthy and in which there is beauty, because of envious intolerance, masked as morality.
    Woke leftists are of course not by necessity physically ugly, but their moralism based on envious intolerance intends to kill all beauty, they want to equalize everything to their level. Their moralism is a sick and ugly thing.

    There is this to be said in favour of the despot, that he, being an individual, may have culture, while the mob, being a monster, has none. One who is an Emperor and King may stoop down to pick up a brush for a painter, but when the democracy stoops down it is merely to throw mud. ~ Oscar Wilde

  233. RICK B. says:


  234. I think they’re woke leftists precisely because they’re ugly. And mean, in many cases. Woke leftism, among other things, tells its adherents that they are worthy even when they are not. It’s a wishful-thinking framework that actually works as long as one can surround oneself with enough people of similar disposition and persuasion. Like any other religion, basically.

    You wouldn’t touch a typical wokester with a ten-foot pole, that’s understandable. But’s be honest about the two most prominent ones among them: is there a single man on the face of this planet that wouldn’t bonk AOC or Omar on the spot?

    • Replies: @sulu
  235. sulu says:
    @Boba Lazarević

    I was with you till the last sentence. I wouldn’t touch either of them with a ten foot pole. Assuming I had a ten foot pole.


    • Replies: @Truth
  236. @The Real World

    Your argument is so weak, you must be a woman. And how about you add more “lol” to your comments, it adds to the maturity level.

    Was it men or women standing at train stations with “refugees welcome” signs? Who do you think supports black killers of Whites based on Kim Kardashian’s opinion? What are the degrees obtained by women compared to men? Who is more likely to be an Engineer and who is more likely to be a Social Worker?

    As a woman I want women to be more logical and rational, but they fall short and it’s only getting worse. Don’t attack men for women’s shortcomings.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  237. @Meretricious

    Confirming your moniker — your comments are complete dreck (to use your native language).

    The two key studies of the origin of European Jewry are those of

    Dr Almut Nebel (2001) of Hebrew University and Dr Eram Elhaik (2013) of Johns Hopkins. Both studies confirm that the genetic origin of Ashkenazi Jews is Khazarian — at least 80% of haplotypes show Turkic or Mongol origin. These studies refute the so-called “Rhineland” hypothesis that Ashkenazis have a Middle Eastern (Semitic) origin.

  238. Truth says:

    Believe me Bro., white men have nothing to be jealous of, it’s highly overrated;

    Can’t wear shorts, lugging 30 extra pounds around all day, etc.

  239. @Kim

    Yeah, no serious person would regard Ivanka or any of the Trumps as being conservative.

  240. Anymike says:

    Which kind of ugly do you mean? There’s the inside ugly and there’s the outside ugly. Then there are two kinds of outside ugly. Regular ugly and butt ugly. Then there’s then the kind of ugly that goes all the way through. The “all the way through” can start on the inside and get outside. Or it can start on the outside and go to the bone.

    So which kind of ugly are these people? I’d say, all types. But mostly, it starts on the outside, goes in and bounces back out as a new kind of ugly never before seen. If it begins on the inside, it just goes through and then keeps on going uglifying everything in it’s path.

    What did I miss?

  241. Anymike says:
    @Dutch Boy

    Bill Clinton: Talk about guy who spent his nickel.

  242. @YesYesCircle

    You are self-hating woman and you lash-out at other women rather than deal with your own issues.

    That is also a maturity deficit. You can get beyond it if you choose to do so.
    Self-hate will utterly destroy your life. Good luck…

  243. MarylinM says:

    Only the Ugly, the Hateful, the Schizophrenic, the Incomplete, lend themselves readily for weaponization by the cabal. Weaponization to destroy Beauty. Otherwise, we would neither see, or hear them.

    Beauty is Complete and has no unfilled needs.

  244. Evil intent shows up on your face, first and foremost. Just like stupidity. I use joe Biden as an example.

  245. Joe8056 says:

    This comment is stupid, comparing rich vs. poor is a fake comparison. Comparing poor urban democrats to poor rural republicans would at least make a little sense.

  246. Joe8056 says:

    Not caring about stuff or status makes you a weirdo. I’m naturally this way and it’s hilarious to horrify people with it. I realized I was a space alien a long time ago but I look normal so it freaks people out.

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