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Who Really Defeated ISIS?
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Who defeated the Islamic State In Syria?

Before answering that question. What is the ISIS? Can the public overcome its chronic amnesia and think back to the sudden appearance of ISIS dressed in brand new black uniforms, gleaming white NIKE’s and driving Toyota trucks? They seemed to appear out of nowhere in 2014. ISIS looked as if it were a mirage when it appeared, or more likely a CIA staged scene from Hollywood.

No sooner had ISIS appeared than it went on a head chopping binge that repulsed and frightened the US public. Washington officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry rang the alarm that this hoard of Islamic crazies wanted to invade the US and “kill us all”. A well-compliant mainstream media swallowed Washington’s script and regurgitated it to frighten a US public. The public gave its silent consent for more war really aimed at Bashar al-Assad.

The next question is who created ISIS? ISIS “can trace its roots back to the late Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, a Jordanian. In 2004, a year after the US-led invasion of Iraq, Zarqawi pledged allegiance to Osama Bin Laden and formed al-Qaeda in Iraq” [ BBC News December 2, 2016 ]. Al-Qaeda in Iraq did not exist until after the US invasion by the Bush-Cheney administration.

The US invasion of Iraq was based on pure unadulterated lies that Saddam Hussein supported al-Qaeda, was involved in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the US and had weapons of mass destruction. Al-Qaeda in Iraq was predictable blowback, resistance against a US illegal invasion. Bush who admitted that he creates his own reality, had hallucinations of a grateful Iraqi people, who had just been bombed back to the Stone Age with Shock and Awe, throwing kisses and flowers at the US expeditionary force as liberators.

Then came the failed Surge in 2007 [ The Nation], when the US allied with Sunnis to defeat the remnants of the Iraqi Ba’ath Party, which was an Arab Nationalist Party neither Sunni nor Shia. The cynical sponsoring and siding with radical Islam goes back to the British “Great Game” of the early 1900’s. It was the British double-dealing with both Sunnis and Shias to supplant the Ottoman Empire, and turn Sunni against Shia to divide and conquer Southwest Asia. It is the story of Lawrence of Arabia, Winston Churchill and World War One.

One could then pick up the story after World War Two when the US was opposing Arab anti-colonial nationalism and communism during the Cold War. It was the “Grand Chessboard” strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski who convinced Jimmy Carter in 1980’s to back the Islamic radical mujahideen mercenaries and destroy Afghanistan in order to lure the Soviet Union into a Vietnam-type trap. Brzezinski was so proud of his success that he would later rhetorically ask to his shame, which is more important “Some stirred-up Moslems” or winning the Cold War.

If Brzezinski was so clever he would have learned from the British early 1900’s Southwest Asia super spy Gertrude Bell. As she would later say, the British Empire encouraging and sponsoring of radical Islam backfired into a big failure. But the US does not know history, even its own history of repeated blunders of encouraging and sponsoring radical Islam against Arab anti-colonial nationalism.

So instead the US enlisted the most radical right-wing fascist regime in the history of the world, the Absolute Monarchy of Saudi Arabia to bankroll Sunnis against Arab nationalism. They gladly funded US regime change projects against secular Arab states. The US flush with cash from the Saudis went about encouraging, training and paying mercenaries from all over Southwest Asia to overthrow Bashar al-Assad. Assad did not share the US role as the world leader of capitalist globalization. Instead Assad was using Syria’s wealth for the benefit of the Syrian people, just as Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi. ” Assad must go“, chanted Obama, Clinton, Kerry and Saudi Wahhabis. To the US it did not matter how many Syrians, Libyan or Iraqis died. As Madeleine Albright had said, “500,000 dead Iraqi children are worth it“.

It was the US and its allies the Absolute Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States that created ISIS. Mercenaries from all over the Muslim world were recruited and even supported with their own air force, the United States Airforce. The mainstream media gave the US the cover story the US was backing “well-vetted moderate [‘Jeffersonian democrats’ really] Islamists”. The mainstream media are criminal coconspirators for spreading war propaganda, the Guardian being one of the worst offenders, with a few rare exceptions, such as Trevor Timm’s reporting.

Now with the ringing in of the 2018 New Year, we can expect the US to be patting itself on the back for defeating ISIS in 2017 . The real story is that it was Assad, Russia, Hezbollah and Iran that defeated ISIS (so far). For those without amnesia they may remember back to when Russia released videos of endless convoys of black-market ISIS oil tankers heading into Turkey. ISIS was partially funding itself with stolen oil and enriching black marketeers of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Somehow, the US with all of its technology and thousands of bombing missions in Syria never saw all those tankers. Nor could they find ISIS fighters, so instead they bombed the Syrian army. The US only saw what it wanted to see and what it wanted to bomb. It was not ISIS. Here are the videos of Russian jets taking out ISIS oil tankers:

Some of the mainstream media grudgingly acknowledges that Russia had a hand in rolling back ISIS. Even then the mainstream media downplays the Russian contribution to a support roll, rather than the primary force. Instead the US mainstream media gives the credit to ” the US and 67 other nations from around the world”. It was, they say the US that “trained, supported and provided air support” to local Syrian rebel good-guys, the mythical democratic moderates, that the US was supporting that defeated ISIS. City after city, and village after village were destroyed by ISIS, US bombing and an invisible US moderate rebel force as it created hundreds of thousands of Syrian casualties and refugees.

According to the mainstream media, the Russians stepped in late “to provide air support for the Syrian government”backing the regime of President Bashar al-Assad against rebels threatening his rule, but also targeting some ISIS territory”. Unmentioned is that Russia was legally “invited” by the legitimate government of Syria, while the US and its coalition are committing a war crime of aggression against a fellow member country of the United Nations.

Now we are going to be hearing that one year of Trump did what 8 years of Obama could not do. We are going to be hearing more of how in just one year “ISIS went from attracting thousands of foreign fighters to its anti-Western cause and plotting devastating terror attacks all over the world, to surrendering en masse”. It was the “US-led bombing campaign and US-backed and trained forces” that defeated ISIS, supposedly.

Yes, after six plus years of the most powerful military force in the history of the world, with the most technologically advanced weapons ever invented, and an annual military budget of $1 Trillion the US finally defeated a rag-tag mercenary paramilitary of about 30,000 fighters .

The whole story of the US war on terrorism is an incredible and unbelievable tale of pabulum that Washington and its mainstream repeaters have been feeding to the US public since 9-11. It stinks.

David William Pear. Photo: Anti-war speech, steps of City Hall, St. Petersburg, Fl
David William Pear. Photo: Anti-war speech, steps of City Hall, St. Petersburg, Fl

David William Pear is a Senior Editor for and a Senior Contributing Editor for The Greanville Post. All of his articles and comments are his own, and are not the responsibility of, or speak for the editorial opinion of anyone but himself.

David is a progressive columnist writing on economic, political and social issues. His articles have been published by OpEdNews, The Greanville Post, The Real News Network, Truth Out, Consortium News, Global Research, Russia Insider, Pravda,and many other publications.

David is active in social issues relating to peace, race relations, homelessness and equal justice. David is a member of Veterans for Peace, St Pete for Peace, CodePink, and International Solidarity Movement.

In 2016 David spent 10 weeks in Palestine with the Palestinian lead non-violent resistance group International Solidarity Movement. In November of 2015 he was a delegate with CodePink to Palestine to show solidarity with Palestinians. In February of 2015 he was part of a people-to-people delegation to Cuba with CodePink. David frequently makes extended people-to-people trips to Russia as a private citizen.

After retiring from finance in 2009, David earned a certification as an Emergency Medical Technician. He has volunteered for public health service, humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, emergency medicine and needs of the homeless.

David has a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from the University of Maryland and attended classes at George Washington University to receive his Certified Financial Planner certification. He also attended courses at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania for his certification as a Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA).

David is a Vietnam veteran having served as a member of the 5th Special Forces Group as a combat advisor to the Army of the Republic of (South) Viet Nam.

David resides with his wife and three cats in Clearwater Beach, Florida. His hobbies include boating, fishing and motorcycle touring. He is also a licensed skydiver (USPA-inactive)

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Easy Peasy! ISIS was defeated single-handedly by Barak Hussein Obama in deep consultation with Hillary Rodham Clinton. To believe otherwise is simply treason.

  2. Tammy says:

    The best thing ever happened to us Muslims is ISIS.

    ISIS theology didn’t come out from thin air. It is rooted in Sunni Islam.

    So, the two best things which came out from ISIS:

    1. Sunni Islam needs to look inwards and clean their books of this nasty theology, such as Prophet Mohammad (saws) tortured people with hot iron in their eyes, marring a six years old child and so forth.

    2. It empowered Shia. Who would be have taught that in 2017, Iran will be at the doorsteps of Israel.

    Blessed be HaShem!

    • Replies: @Man on the street
    , @anon
  3. Tammy says:

    Cui bono, cui bono…..

    It is us Muslims who benefited the most from ISIS, specially the Shia. The Shia had to pay a very, very steep price, but it is worth the price, if ISIS theology is removed from Sunni Books, which crept in 250 years later after the demise of Prophet Mohammad (saws), based on Hearsay…..

    Someone told Bukhari 250 years later, that he heard from so and so, who heard from so and so, who heard from so and so ….. all the way to 250 years that Aisha said that she married Prophet Mohammad (saws) when she was six years old. Bukhari has authenticated that in this chain of Hearsay, everyone one is honest including Aisha, even though the Holy Quran calls Aisha a liar. Who would one believe Bukhari or Quran? Of course Bukhari…..

    And, then it is not the Prophet who is saying, it is Aisha signing her own songs but can Bukhari be wrong… To cast doubt on Bukhari paramount to casting doubt on Sunni Islam.

    She is the second most narrator of Hearsay in the Authenticated Bukhari Book of Hearsay about 23% narrations. The topmost narrations is by abu Hurairah, who narrated about 30% of the Hearsay. He was punished twice by the second caliph Omar, once for lying and another time for stealing.

    Let TRUTH be told and TRUTH to prevail….

  4. I think it was 1980 when a former Iranian president, Bani Sadr, wrote an article in the Paris Le Monde how the USA had created either the Taliban, or El Quaida, I’ve got the article stored, but too much trouble to find it.

    The story is well known among the interested, because of Vietnam the USA could not fight Russia in Afghanistan, with USA money, and on CIA request, the Pakistani secret service, IS is the name, I think, recruited fundamental Muslims all over the world to fight the Russians.
    When the CIA ran out of money, they began, through Afghan farmers, producing opium, that found its way to the USA, so the USA people paid in another way, to this day, one might say.
    Osama bin Laden was a fighter for the CIA, if he knew, I do not know.
    Just after providing Stingers to the Muslim fighters the USSR had to withdraw.

    Thereafer, according to Bani Sadr, these Muslims found new hunting grounds, such as Chechnia.
    It is amazing how good the USA is in creating sorcerers apprentices, this began in 1843 in Japan, then there was China, where Mao drove out the USA puppet Chiang, Ho Chi Min was a French creation, but the USA made him stronger, we have the present Iranian regime, we had Saddam, we have North Korea.

    One cannot destroy ISIS, ISIS is an idea, the idea that the USA has no business in the Middle East.
    One can destroy ISIS fighters, ISIS weaponry, but ISIS will not go away.
    ISIS has been beaten, we are told, but the Netherlands just sent eight or so E-16’s to Jordan for bombing, and reconnaissance.

    Uri Avnery writes that force is the only language zionists understand, De Gaulle complained that the USA tries to solve any problem with force.
    Trump now seems to think that by stopping aid to the Palestinians he can force them to accept Israeli demands.
    What he accomplishes is that hatred among Muslims against the USA increases.

    Merkel imported large numbers of Muslims, right now German politicians, and some German jews, discovered that they also imported anti semitism.
    ‘Those who question the right of Israel to exist have no place in Germany’, I just read on German tv.
    There are some ten million people with migration background in Germany.
    If half of them question the right of Israel to exist, the German authorities have a big job before them.

    • Replies: @plonialmoni
  5. Biff says:


    Thanks for stating the obvious.

    • Replies: @Avery
  6. There would never have been a problem if they had let Assad and other dictators keep control of Muslim countries. Islam will never accept or understand democracy and freedom.

    • Replies: @KA
    , @дулебг
    , @eric
  7. GogMagog says:

    Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

  8. Tom Welsh says:

    “It was, they say the US that “trained, supported and provided air support” to local Syrian rebel good-guys…”

    It was the US that “trained, supported and provided air support” to ISIS. (And still does, come to that – and Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, and all the other filthy terrorist scum they can find).

    • Agree: Beefcake the Mighty
  9. @Tom Welsh

    This cartoon is a succinct expression of what the inarticulate author of the article was struggling to say.

  10. The Russians defeated ISIS. Putin will be remembered as one of the great statesmen of the 21st century. And one should not forget the sacrifices of the Syrian people.

    On America’s contribution:

  11. wayfarer says:

    “ISIS” (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) – Rothschild’s top trust-fund commanders have reassigned many of its useful idiots, to the European Union.

    “Ordo Ab Chao”
    Global ZioMuslim MultiCultural Meltdown!

  12. In Syria the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have been defeated by Syria, Iran, Iraq, Russia and Hezbollah with backing of China.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  13. Thank you for the article, David William Pear.

    The Madelaine Albright clip was new to me, but not surprising from that creepy old war-mongering wheeze-bag; she makes Tillerson look like a thoughtful dove.

    While you make the connection to Saudi Arabia, and the wahabi nutbars, while summarizing Bush Jr.’s reasoning to go to war in Iraq, “… supported al-Qaeda, was involved in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the US and had weapons of mass destruction”, you failed to mention that there DOES in fact exist a land-occupying entity in the Middle East which in fact “… supported al-Qaeda [ISIS], was involved in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the US and had [has] weapons of mass destruction”.

    If it was justification for “shock and awe” war, how come it is not used in the case of an actual political entity, which has, and is well-known to have, committed these extremist acts of violence?
    Instead, of course, the US sends multiple billions of $$$s to this country, while hard-working Americans at home live on the brink of survival.

    There has been a war on, for a long time, against everybody… not in the… collective.
    This is the number one threat to humanity.

    Everyone still able to publish information to the public should be focusing on gathering evidence of these crimes against humanity of this rogue extremist collective.

    How did it get to this?

    Unfortunately for the vast majority of the people who self-identify with this collective, but perform only ceremonial or no observance at all to it, when the pendulum swings, held back by the many, many ‘ways of deception’ and systems of sedition used to ‘realize the ‘manifest destiny”, the retaliatory war won’t discriminate too much, and they will be victimized again, as they are being victimized by the collective.

    • Replies: @дулебг
  14. ISIS was created by the U.S. and ISRAEL and BRITAIN with support from SAUDI ARABIA and NATO and is semi defeated in Syria by Russia, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah, but will live on as the unholy trinity that created them is a warmongering satanic cabal that creates death and destruction as a sacrifice to their god satan.


  15. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    ISIS is fictitious, but that’s never a problem for the press who simply create something that isn’t there. I just read they are retreating but they might attack somewhere else. Believe!

  16. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This is all old hat to regular readers of but may be surprising to a large segment of the population who get their information from the mainstream media.
    One lesson to be learned is that extremist Islamic jihadis are partly a product of western governments who have put resources into creating them as a tool to be used against one government or another. The west has been doing this for quite a while. Think of the famous Lawrence of Arabia and how he worked to undermine the Ottomans or how the US assembled jihadis to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. Another lesson is the huge scale of dead, injured, orphaned and turned into refugees. Never hear much about that even though it approaches fascist/communist body counts that Americans always love to point at. The silence is deafening.

  17. The cynical sponsoring and siding with radical Islam goes back to the British “Great Game” of the early 1900’s. It was the British double-dealing with both Sunnis and Shias to supplant the Ottoman Empire,

    Every day I wake up and thank Providence that I was born an Englishman, in England.
    As it is beyond certain that no other nation on the face of the Earth has, or ever has had the capacity for this sort of behaviour. Everyone else is just left in the dust, wailing naively and pathetically.
    It’s our culture innit.

  18. Avery says:

    Not boring at all: not everybody is as well informed as you and many readers and posters

    Oftentimes it is necessary to state the obvious – over and over again.
    That should be obvious: MSM achieves its highly successful mind-bending domination of the American ‘average Joe and Jane’ by incessantly repeating a meme.

    The current example is the so-called Russiagate: there is not one shred of evidence of _anything_, yet more than half of Americans think Trump did something unethical or illegal*.
    The whole kerfuffle was manufactured out of thin air – by incessantly repeating lies and false accusations.

    Even the author of this fine article falls into the trap. His last paragraph reads thus:

    [Yes, after six plus years of the most powerful military force in the history of the world, with the most technologically advanced weapons ever invented, and an annual military budget of $1 Trillion the US finally defeated a rag-tag mercenary paramilitary of about 30,000 fighters .]

    US military did no such thing: it was the heroic Syrian Arab Army and people of Syria, with crucial support of Russian AF, and ground support by Iranian RG and Hezbollah fighters from Lebanon which defeated ISIS in Syria.

    US military is still in Syria and is still training anti-Syrian ISIS terrorists**.

    So it bears repeating and keep repeating the obvious truth, until it is firmly embedded in peoples’ minds.
    [New poll: 54% of Americans think Trump’s dealings with Russia were unethical or illegal]


    [One of Russia’s highest ranking military leaders has accused the U.S. of using its base in Syria to train fighters of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), further destabilizing the war-torn country for which Moscow has led peace talks.}

  19. utu says:

    Russian engagement in Syria starting in Sept. 2015 changed everything including redefining the American position with respect to ISIS. Without it ISIS would be still running around.

  20. biz says:

    Why is NIKE as in Nike sneakers capitalized up there in the first paragraph? It is not an acronym.

  21. KA says:
    @Philip Smeeton

    Neither is this country’s evangelical and neither the majority of the church goers who are somewhat less indoctrinated by the combined virtue of militant christianity and exceptionalism of manifest destiny of the indispensable nation.

  22. Don Bacon says:

    Who Really Defeated ISIS?
    It’s like who really defeated Germany in WWII. Russia did.

  23. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    ‘A trillion dollars spent on the best of the best, the most of the mostest and shucks we can’t even beat ‘em’

    What America really needs is better logical fallacies and more propaganda – with touching consideration for the poors and homeless. More zeros for the victory of defeat.

  24. Talha says:

    Excellent article- this is the kind of stuff I come to UNZ for. Hoping for more great analysis like this in the future.

  25. Alden says:

    Great article. I admire Assad so much because he fought the Americans and Israel all those years and survived.

  26. AnonFromTN [AKA "Anon"] says:

    Anon from TN
    Well, the author hit the nail on the head: those who created, funded, trained, and armed ISIS certainly did not defeat it. ISIS was created by the US and Gulf satrapies to overthrow Assad. The long-term goal was to fracture Syria into a bunch of impotent Bantustans fighting each other, to achieve two things. One, Israel wanted weak neighbors that would not have the capacity to take back occupied Golan Heights. Two, Gulf satrapies wanted to build pipelines to transport oil and gas through the territory of Syria. Iranian and Russian forces foiled the plot of the US, Israel, and Gulf satrapies, enabling legitimate Syrian government to regain control over most of that country’s territory. Hence the hysterics of those who created ISIS and the lies of the mainstream Western media wholly owned by ISIS sponsors.

  27. US did not create ISIS. That is blatant stupidity. CIA was in process of creating free Syrian Army.
    They recruited huge number of Sunni mercenaries trained them and equipped them to fight and depose Sadat. What did happen was that part of this mercenary force instead going on the Damascus took wrong turn at Albuquerque and went east into Sunni areas and create their own state.

  28. TT says:

    US & its allies defeated IsIs…by simply changing its name again they are now all gone, become moderate FSA. Russia can never, because the Mother of ISIS is still actively preparing for her next baby delivery, with new name.

  29. Anonymous [AKA "Fulbright"] says:

    There was a push to try to reel in the insane spending levels by the US military. The idea that perhaps we shouldn’t just throw billions of dollars in trying to solve problems created by the US military was gaining momentum in Congress.

    ISIS appeared shortly thereafter. And we haven’t had a word about not more and more and more money to the Pentagon ever since.

  30. @Tammy

    My impression of Bukhari was always that he was a boring old windbag who simply liked the sound of his own voice. But then, neither Sunni nor Shia, what do I know?

  31. Dan Hayes says:

    Once again watching the videos of Russian jets destroying ISIS oil tankers brought back fond memories of first witnessing it on RT.

    When queried why thy didn’t take out the tankers, the US lamebrained response was that they didn’t want to hurt the truck drivers! Chalk that preposterous response up to some combination of stupidity and arrogance with a large dollop of hubris.

    • Replies: @Erebus
    , @Svigor
  32. Ben_C says:

    Well, as virtually everyone knows, it was Israel’s “remarkable restraint”

    and Saudi Arabia’s “Care Rehabilitation Center”

    that ultimately defeated ISIS.

    This seems obvious…

  33. I agree with the commenters who note that the article is nothing new, but recounts what needs to be recounted. ISIS, or whatever new names they gave it, was the creation of the yankee imperium and the barbaric states it cooperated with. The Syrians, helped by the Russians, Iranians, and others, including Hezbollah, have largely defeated this incarnation. The bottom line is that the yankee imperium and those who support it in the near east: the Saudis, gulf emirates, Israel et al, continue to support the raghead element to use a descriptive politically incorrect name which accurately describes what we are on about. Those opposing this element are those backing civilization, and should be supported. This makes the US and its acolytes the enemy of civilization.

  34. What do the readers think about Kurds liberating one third of Syria from ISIS? I doubt if it were just a show of war? Two American protegeеs fight one with another – how does it count?

  35. fnn says:

    The whole story of the US war on terrorism is an incredible and unbelievable tale of pabulum that Washington and its mainstream repeaters have been feeding to the US public since 9-11. It stinks.

    Nothing new about that. For example:

    Franklin Roosevelt often lied to further his goals. In a radio address broadcast to the nation on 23 October 1940, for example, he gave “this most solemn assurance” that he had not given any “secret understanding in any shape or form, direct or indirect, with any government or any other nation in any part of the world, to involve this nation in any war or for any other purpose.” But American, British and Polish documents (mostly released many years later) proved that this “most solemn assurance” was a bald-faced lie. Roosevelt had, in fact, made numerous secret arrangements to involve the U.S. in war.
    Of all his speeches, perhaps the best example of Roosevelt’s readiness to lie is his 1941 Navy Day address broadcast over nationwide radio on 27 October.

    … in an effort to convince his listeners that Germany was a real threat to American security, Roosevelt continued his Navy Day speech with a startling announcement: “Hitler has often protested that his plans for conquest do not extend across the Atlantic Ocean. I have in my possession a secret map, made in Germany by Hitler’s government — by the planners of the new world order. It is a map of South America and a part of Central America as Hitler proposes to reorganize it.” This map, the President explained, showed South America, as well as “our great life line, the Panama Canal,” divided into five vassal states under German domination. “That map, my friends, makes clear the Nazi design not only against South America but against the United States as well.”

    Roosevelt went on to reveal that he also had in his possession “another document made in Germany by Hitler’s government. It is a detailed plan to abolish all existing religions — Catholic, Protestant, Mohammedan, Hindu, Buddhist, and Jewish alike” which Germany will impose “on a dominated world, if Hitler wins.”

    “The property of all churches will be seized by the Reich and its puppets. The cross and all other symbols of religion are to be forbidden. The clergy are to be liquidated. In the place of the churches of our civilization there is to be set up an international Nazi church, a church which will be served by orators sent out by the Nazi government. And in the place of the Bible, the words of Mein Kampf will be imposed and enforced as Holy Writ. And in the place of the cross of Christ will be put two symbols: the swastika and the naked sword.”

    Of course the map was a forgery.

    • Agree: Carroll Price
    • Replies: @Mulegino1
  36. El Dato says:

    I don’t see this ★★★ COMEDY ✡ GOLD ✡ RECORD ★★★ being mentioned?

    “US watched ISIS rise in Syria and hoped to ‘manage’ it — Kerry on leaked tape” (Jan 11, 2017)

    “Nusra makes it hard,” Kerry said, referring to Jabhat al-Nusra, the Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria. “Nusra and Daesh [ISIS] both make it hard, because you have this extreme element out there and unfortunately some of the opposition has kind of chosen to work with them.”

    The rise of extremists had led to Russia’s intervention. Kerry said (at minute 26) that when Daesh, or ISIS, started to grow, the US watched and thought we could “manage” the ISIS situation, because it might push Assad to negotiate, but instead Putin came in. Kerry:

    “The reason Russia came in is because ISIL was getting stronger, Daesh was threatening the possibility of going to Damascus and so forth. And that’s why Russia went in. Because they didn’t want a Daesh government and they supported Assad.

    “And we know that this was growing. We were watching. We saw that Daesh was growing in strength, and we thought Assad was threatened. We thought, however, we could probably manage, that Assad would then negotiate. Instead of negotiating, he got Putin to support him.”

    The Syrian activists present wanted more US aid, but Kerry and an aide said more military aid was problematic. “Right now we’re putting an extraordinary amount of arms in,” the secretary of state said. His aide said that arms are a double edged sword, because “when you pump more weapons into a place like Syria, it doesn’t end well for Syria. Because there’s always someone willing to put in arms from the other side.”

    Well done, Kerry Harkonnen. Well done.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  37. @Tammy

    Why do you need all the Moslems to believe the same? Nations are different, and they can’t have the same religion. Persians say they are Arian people, Arabians do not – and how can you expect they can agree about every question in religion?

    I am an Orthodox. And I believe we shall never understand Catholics, and also they will never understand us. That’s OK.

  38. @Philip Smeeton

    what is a dictator?
    is he ellected, may a small citizen say “I am hungry”
    what may White Male say in US

  39. HBD Guy says:

    The average IQ of Arabs in the middle east is about 85. There is no hope for democracy in the middle east. People need to have an IQ of at least 90 before that can take place. A new ISIS will emerge again probably.

  40. @trixie dixie

    9/11 was not performed by Al Qaeda. They have never had such specialists, nor pilots who would die for Allah.

    • Replies: @trixie dixie
  41. Erebus says:
    @Dan Hayes

    When queried why thy didn’t take out the tankers, the US lamebrained response was that they didn’t want to hurt the truck drivers!

    I guess that didn’t work, and so I read somewhere that the USM was concerned about the environmental impact, LOL!

    Chalk that preposterous response up to some combination of stupidity and arrogance with a large dollop of hubris.

    These and the 100s of other whoppers that litter the US’ narratives belie its apparently bottomless contempt for the rest of the world.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  42. @Tom Welsh

    Tom, you forgot the women and children on the left hand side.

  43. I am not sure it matters to our interests if ISIS is gone. They were never a threat to the US. Their primary concerns were located in Iraq, but spread as we advanced regime change in other states creating vacuums in which they could operate. Their primary targets, were the Shia and its growth, given wide breadth after our Iraqi invasion. Shia growth.

    In fact, it is more likely they have just morphed into some other organization. The overall strategic landscape probably won’t change much, if at all.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  44. @HBD Guy

    Nobody has been able to define intelligence.
    Therefore IQ just measures IQ, the test does have a cultural component.

    And why there should be democracy in ME countries, please explain.
    Iraq and Libia were relatively prosperous, and safe, countries under Saddam and Ghadaffi.
    One cannot eat voting, nor does it bring health care or education, as we see in the USA.

    Christopher Lasch, ‘The Culture of Narcissism, American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations’, 1979, 1980, London

    Trump now brags about his college education, I wonder what he learned there.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  45. Vidi says:
    @Tom Welsh


    Notice the U.S. dollar bills blasted from the terrorist’s pockets.

  46. @Tammy

    Obviously Islam in its recorded history of invasion, subversion and oppression is very bloody. Nevertheless, many generations ago civilization and better humanity affected some Muslims in North Africa, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Jordan. These nations instituted parliamentary and Judiciary along with art and culture. Granted Pan-Arabism or socialism by the like of Nasser were mistakes, but, the populations of these Arab Muslim nations graduated highly intellectual cadres of thinkers. Fast forward to the 70s energy crisis, which created and an avalanche of petrodollars on raghead barbarians in the Arabian desert dwellers. These evil gang drunk with their new riches wanted to use the money to gain power and influence. They introduced their Stone Age Wahhabism to all Muslims around the world as a condition for any money. Voila, the entire Muslim population on earth was taken back to the seventh century barbarism. Of course such disaster was encouraged by the CIA to foment chaos and in-fighting between Muslims including the Shi’a/Sunni rift. Israel was of course behind the scene feeding and facilitating such evil transformations of semi-civilized population into barbarians.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  47. @Tammy

    Well the availability of the internet has shed light on lots of crazy dogma of Islam, which previously swept under the rug like breast feeding stranger grown up men? How inconsistent is such logic for these idiot desert dwellers who want to protect their women from being seen by other men by covering them head to toe, yet letting stranger hold their boobs and suck on them

  48. @jilles dykstra

    Please do not be childishly ridiculous.
    Here is for you the definition.
    Intelligence is to come up with a new approach to solve the problem.
    Top of intelligence is to solve the problem.
    Intelligence cannot be measured by letting the subject to put the different block into different holes.

  49. Mulegino1 says:

    Indeed- a forgery provided to that “unsophisticated warmonger” by none other than British intelligence operative William Stephenson, a.k.a. “Intrepid.”

    FDR and his predecessor Woodrow Wilson will go down in history as two of its most destructive characters.

  50. @Man on the street

    Islam was just another vehicle for globalization, as before was Christianity.
    And as is today a Democracy.


    Like the Romans used to say: There is nothing new (And never will be.) under the Sun.

  51. @WorkingClass

    True. A fact that’s yet to be recognized by a majority of the world’s population, including practically no Americans. The artificial state of Israel is more vulnerable today than it’s been since the UN created it in 1948. The next few years will be interesting, to say the least.

  52. @EliteCommInc.

    Proof that ISIS was created and by Israel and the US is proven by the fact that ISIS has never invaded or threatened Israel in any way shape or form. As a matter of fact, on more than one occasion, Israel openly provided medical care and financial assistance to wounded ISIS fighters.

  53. @HBD Guy

    What is so great about democracy, anyway? While you’re at it, what does an average IQ have to do with democracy? Democracy seems to e to be such a royal screwing for its participants that a willing subject of a democracy would have to be pretty dumb to think it’s a good deal for him.

    In the American version of democracy, there are two political parties who automatically have ballot access everywhere while any upstart party is required to devote massive effort and expenditure of resources to gain ballot access for each election year they run candidates. Elections are held at various intervals and the counting of votes is done secretly, and winners are announced in some elections before all the polls have closed.

    This scam is held up as the input of the people on everything the elected officials do from then on. That vote is the sum total of the subject population’s input into the governing process, so how is that better than simply being ruled by someone selected by any other means?

    • Agree: Talha
    • Replies: @Avery
  54. Avery says:
    @Twodees Partain

    You make good points.

    In addition, good or bad, one or more appointed federal judges can nullify results of a democratic vote.
    In effect, we are ruled by 9 unelected Supreme Court justices, who can invalidate what people or people’s representatives have voted for. And in a 4-to-5 split vote, one individual in the magic black robe decides what law 320 million Americans are subject to. Not too much different from a king or queen, or Iran’s supreme ayatollah.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  55. Kiza says:

    The author has not told us anything new, but isn’t he a wonderful individual. After serving in Vietnam, he has found meaning and penance in fighting for good causes and against the monstrous Zionist beast. I enjoyed reading his short biography more than his article. But we should never get tired of reading the counter-fake-news writings, because 99.99% of US citizens would still never believe what he wrote here.

  56. @дулебг

    … nor could a building specifically designed to withstand an airplane crash go down exactly like a controlled demolition
    … nor could a building not structurally compromised in any meaningful way… go down exactly like a controlled demolition

  57. MEexpert says:

    There is nothing new in this article. Outside the US, everyone knows who created ISIS and who defeated it. Even in the US some people know the truth. But it needs to be repeated often so that more people are aware of it. For that I commend the author for his efforts.

  58. AnonFromTN [AKA "Anon"] says:
    @El Dato

    Anon from TN
    Good to see some people not only understand the reality, but also read Dune books. However, I must suggest a correction: Kerry was a second-hand Corrino here, ISIS fighters are Harkonnens. This makes Assad an Atreides, Iranian and Russian troops Fremen who defeated Imperial Sardaukar. Extrapolating, one expects continental US to be Salusa Secundus.

  59. Malla says:

    It seems during the Iraq war to depose Saddam Hussein, the Russians did not help Saddam but just sat back and watched. All of the top latest weapons systems of USA and NATO countries were on display in action. The Russians and maybe even the Chinese just sat back and took notes.

    But the Americans were still in the dark about some of the latest technology the Russians had. In the Syrian war, Putin initially sent old generation weapons. And hence the Turks were told (and helped in) to bring down the Russian jet. It was a dangerous risk Turkey took, but that is what you gotta do to be part of America’s Empire, the vassal has to pay some kind of homage.

    Putin took the bait and then sent in some of the latest generation Russian weapons into the Syrian conflict and now the Americans and the NATO nations sat back and took notes.

  60. WHAT says:

    In all this brouhaha over russians defeating ISIS everybody somehow forgets sizable Irani and even Afgani contingents on the ground doing the fighting. True, russians provided air cover and sorely needed operational expertise, but it weren`t them alone all the way. And maybe it is for the better, if you consider the coalition that is taking form.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  61. Anonymous [AKA "Paul Vereshack B.A.,M.D.,D.Psych."] says: • Website

    Power without truth is the path to war.
    Countries don’t make war.
    Leaders make war, in an ecstasy of dishonest paranoid self enhancement.

  62. @Avery

    Indeed, Avery. The Supremes also have a hidden rule in place in regards to the doctrine of stare decisis. That doctrine is supposedly intended to keep the courts from replowing the same ground in deciding procedural rules in current cases. It’s supposed to be an administrative shortcut for judges to use to move trials along.

    The Supremes have an entirely different take on it, though. They interpret it to mean that any ruling that has not been overturned is, in effect, the same as properly passed legislation. This idea is referred to as “case law”. It should be obvious that a ruling in any case is binding only upon parties to the action in that particular case for that one instance.

    Also, the doctrine of stare decisis is not binding upon two entities in the legal system; The Supreme Court and the petit jury. The Supremes simply arrogate to themselves the option to either ignore “case law” or treat it as though it’s unchallengeable legislation, as it suits the purpose of the majority. Judges will also bully petit juries into accepting “case law” when it suits the judge’s purpose.

    This practice is what many refer to as “legislating from the bench”. The Supreme Court decision in the case, “Roe vs Wade”, for instance, is actually only binding upon parties to the original suit. The Judicial Branch is not granted the power (by the Constitution) to assign to any decision of theirs the force of law regarding any other case that is brought in the future.

    Legislation is an exclusive power of the Legislative Branch. The Constitution doesn’t make an exception for “case law”.

  63. Erebus says:

    … it weren`t them alone all the way.

    The RuAF may have stunned military observers with their combat efficiency, but on the ground it was the Syrian Army, Hezbollah, Iranian backed Iraqi PMUs (which included Afghans etc) and Iran’s IRGC commanders that did the daily heavy fighting.
    The Russians’ contribution to that centred around re-equipping / re-training / re-organizing and then setting up the CnC and intelligence structures that coordinated their fight to maximum effect. It took until the end of 2016 to put all that together, but started paying dividends in 2017 as victories accumulated and morale improved. Finally, it resulted in the emergence of a new axis of power in the M.E. that simply didn’t exist 2 years ago.

    The other unsung effort that probably did as much to defeat ISIS as killing them was the Russian led diplomatic efforts with the 100s of “moderate” rebel groups. By getting them to put down their arms, and even join the SAA, the “diplomats” removed 1,000s of armed combatants from the field. Though fully integrated into the Russian military, Russia’s “diplomatic corps” reportedly outnumbered their regular military personnel at times, but whatever the numbers their efforts “won hearts & minds” and accelerated ISIS’ demise. It also laid much of the groundwork for future political settlements.

    • Replies: @Talha
    , @L.K
  64. Talha says:

    Excellent points! This isn’t given enough attention.


  65. The West has had its claws in the Middle East continuously for over a century. In 1948 a bunch of colonial Europeans dropped into Palestine and the ethnic cleansing continues today. If all those countries had been left to develop in peace and organize their affairs as they see fit things would be very different there.

    If it didn’t cost so many lives, Western panic about Islam and Muslims would be almost comical. Even taking Daesh and AQ into account, both of which America helped create, the West has been left pretty much unscathed by Islamist terror groups. The vast majority of their victims have been Muslims. There is no Muslim country committing sanctioned genocide against Americans or Europeans like Israel is doing to Palestinians. Westerners invaded Muslim lands, not the other way around. (Funny how people who can see how NATO is encircling Russia miss that one).

    The Omar Khadr case is the ultimate symbol of American hubris and absurdity. A 15 year-old kid in Afghanistan chucks a grenade at an invading foreign army (Americans of course) and he gets hauled to Gitmo as a “terrorist”. No UN sponsored child soldier recovery tour for him. The widow of the guy he killed is trying to sue him now. “Hey you killed my husband who was invading the country you were in and shooting at you! How dare you!” lol The Beirut barracks bombing is another one they call “terrorist.” Um, no. lol

    What a warped world some people live in.

  66. L.K says:


    The RuAF may have stunned military observers with their combat efficiency, but on the ground it was the Syrian Army, Hezbollah, Iranian backed Iraqi PMUs (which included Afghans etc) and Iran’s IRGC commanders that did the daily heavy fighting.

    Absolutely true & this is crucial, since air power alone could NEVER have won this war. Plus the war began in 2011, not September 2015.

    Mark Sleboda was surprisingly candid in one of the RT CrossTalk shows and declared that without Iran, it would have been impossible to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

    Another point people also generally forget is that the major threat to Syria for most of the war was Al Nusra, now HTS.

    The ZUSA did its best to focus only on ISIS while trying to shield Nusra in Western Syria, under all sorts of pretexts, mainly that ZUSA’s “moderate” gangs were too heavily mixed up with Nusra, so if Russia and Syria attacked them they would end up hitting ‘their’ guys.

    Which is true, since the “FSA” militias and the Nusra Front operated together.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  67. Erebus says:

    … air power alone could NEVER have won this war. Plus the war began in 2011, not September 2015.

    What Russia’s application of high intensity air power accomplished in 2015 is it bought the time needed for (largely) Russian trainers and advisors to fully assess and take control of a collapsing SAA, and its war weary allies.

    Mark Sleboda was not wrong. Iranian “aggression” (creating the Iraqi PMCs) and “support for terrorists” (aka: Assad & HZB) played a crucial role in saving both Iraq & Syria. Without Iran’s contribution, both would have fallen long before Sept, ’15. Of course, that’s why they’re vilified today.

    For their part, the Russians raised the coalition’s efforts to a whole new level of integrated warfare. Integrating enhanced signals/human intelligence, intense diplomacy, high efficiency air power, stand-off weaponry, and disparate fighting groups under a single Command & Control structure is what beat ISIS and is mopping them and other diehards up in Idlib now.

    ISIS, Nusra, AQ and the others knew how to fight and beat their SAA/HZB/PMC peers. In the US/Saudi/Israel defined theatre, with limitless materiel and recruits, they came very close to achieving their sponsors’ goals. Once the theatre was re-drawn to Russian specifications, they lost their bearings and fell apart in short order. Neither they, nor (I suspect) their sponsors really understood the nature of what hit them.

  68. yurivku says:

    Who won? Well, for those who have some brains it’s a clear question, for others (which, I’m afraid, are majority in US) any explanation will do. Especially one which based on US indispensibility.
    The percentage of common sence in US mass media decreases dramatically with each year and each new president.

  69. @jilles dykstra

    a bullet to the head is the only language everyone understands.

  70. eric says:
    @Philip Smeeton

    Islam has no need for democracy The Imams have already decided everything , even which hand you are allowed to wipe your but with . There is absolutely no reason for more government rules or freedom .

  71. Anonymous [AKA "VolD"] says:

    A great article
    some times one thinks there will be no more light shining out of the United States society but this article gives us new hope
    the truth about USA lies and those who really defeated ISIS… we better remember what have been told by Hilary Clinton and trump himself in the elections … USA created ISIS … Iran and Russia Supported Assad to defeat it…
    Right now (it should be told too that) USA is moving the remaining soldiers of ISIS to Afganistan so it can build a blockade against china and Iran but the Mid-east yet becomes free for Iran to spread out towards Israel… So USA wants corrupted Arab Dictators like saudi regime to fill this vacancy … thats why no one tells anything about saudi invasion on Yemen and the mass murders of them against yemen

  72. Svigor says:

    Horde = throng of thugs
    Hoard = treasure cache

    Roll = list
    Role = duty, job, capacity, contribution, etc.

    Maybe I should be looking for work as an editor.

  73. Svigor says:

    the Pakistani secret service, IS is the name, I think,

    Close; it’s the ISI.

    When the CIA ran out of money, they began, through Afghan farmers, producing opium, that found its way to the USA, so the USA people paid in another way, to this day, one might say.

    This seems to be mostly urban legend. AFAIK there’s never been a conviction for this, or any of the other accusations of drug-running against the CIA, or any real evidence. It’s a grapevine thing; you say “five thousand dollars” on one end, and it comes out “five hundred thousand dollars” at the other. Input: CIA has had connections to drug-dealers (and other criminals) with fair frequency. They use them as informants, contacts, fixers, etc. Grapevine output: “The CIA manufactures and distributes narcotics!”

    I’m not asserting the CIA has never run drugs, or has never run drugs out of Afghanistan; I’m asserting that there’s no good evidence for the accusation, and when actually dug into, the evidence is totally underwhelming.

    I certainly wouldn’t put it past the CIA to ally itself with narco-traffickers. On the contrary, they seem very much in the business of picking winners among cartels and drug lords (and other unsavory types) to advance their own agenda.

  74. Svigor says:
    @Dan Hayes

    Yeah this is what the USG says when it doesn’t want to deter something. They give the same lame excuses about border security. They don’t crack down hard because “muh compassion, muh human rights.” The fact is, cracking down hard would eliminate the suffering, because the immigrants would know they had no chance, and they’d stop coming.

    Problem solved.

    Same thing with the scum that run the EU.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  75. anon[391] • Disclaimer says:

    I asked an Evangelical why they maimed, killed, raped the blacks ,the native,the Asian . He said that was 100 yrs ago and now we have spread the values and prosperity all over the globe. I asked what about Vietnam. He replied that it was 50 yrs ago. I asked about Guatamela . He being well informed , again said same thing . He even told how some Chrustian Amerucan went to Vietnam and how Obama went to Hawai and how Clinton went to Guatamela and asked for forgiveness. His God is at work . He told me for America and for Chrstian.

    I said why America repeated same behaviors and same atrocities on Iraq, Somalia, Yemen and Libya. He said that his God and his America were the forces of goodness . ( May be one day few Evango and huckster would line up to seek forgiveness from them while getting ready to invade and rape another region with bible and American constitution in hand )

    I asked if he heard the names of barrel bomb, agent orange, white phosphorus and MOAB . He told he didn’t want to know because his God had been guiding him to find truth . He watches Fox and attends his mega church on Sunday .
    I told him to travel and read books and stop attending his church .

    The man got upset and started talking about prophet Mohammed that was taught to him and his congregations by his evangelical fathers and started referring to what had been brought to the collective consciousness of the church goers by the apostles over last few hundred years , now carried earnestly to the rest of the intellectually challenged incurious by Fox News, Drudge , Rush Limbo and Breitbert .

    One of their common lying machine revolve around the age of Ayesha and another lying machine work on their mind focusing on the wars Prophrt fought against the lying and murdering thugs of his time . Distortion is not new . It has been cultivated both in the school and the church for over hundred years .

  76. Anonymous [AKA "A.J. Hakimi"] says: • Website


    On 6th Jan 2019, it was reported that an Islamist Sibu PAS member-politician who is a 40-year-old tahfiz school manager who was arrested has tested positive for drugs. The Star Online quoted Sibu chief police Stanley Jonathan Ringgit as saying that a urine test conducted on the suspect today came back positive for methamphetamine.

    Nearly 2 years before, on 21st August 2017, the Australian news and media company, SBS, reported that Islamic State terrorists/militants are resorting to methamphetamine or ice out of desperation.

    Hence, Islamists in Malaysia and iraq & Syria, are turning to drugs such as methamphetamine.

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