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White Racism as the Mother of All Evils
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Since the 1960s the federal government has initiated countless programs to close racial gaps. All have failed, some have even exacerbated these gaps, but failure aside, all posited logical connections between the program and the intended beneficial outcome. Head Start, for example, rested on the plausible idea that blacks disproportionately suffered early childhood deprivations, and this limited their future accomplishments, so enrich early childhood. The Empowerment Zones of the early 1990s offered tax incentive to entice urban businesses to hire unemployed blacks. Yes, these and countless other nostrums came up short, but they were logical and fact-based and did not, by themselves, aim to transform American society.

Matters have drastically changed with the emergence of the White Racism theory of the crime. It is now no longer necessary to link cures and the intended outcomes; whites by their very existence are now responsible for all black tribulations. Why even try to prescribe one ameliorative fix after the next to target a particular ill when eliminating whiteness is the Mother of All Cures? Nor is it necessary for blacks to take any responsibility for their misfortune—whites must do the job. How simple and seductive for social justice warriors exhausted by plain-Jane incremental politics and having to change their own behavior.

This “white racism did it” theory can be understood as a form of mental illness, specifically magical thinking, “ a disorder of thought…[that] denotes the false belief that one’s thoughts, actions, or words will cause or prevent a specific consequence in some way that defies commonly understood laws of causality.” In other words, every black problem, no matter how miniscule or gigantic can be traced back to toxic whiteness. Even more bizarre, the logic of this “theory” of evil exclusively stresses thoughts, even unconscious thinking, as opposed to overt behavior. An odd parallel exists with some religions where “bad thoughts” themselves are a sin, so thinking about discriminating against African Americans its tantamount to actually discriminating against them. This is a transformation that not only awards immense magical power to brain waves but contrives America’s legal tradition that criminalizes behavior not (with miniscule exceptions) “bad thinking.”

Since whites and their legacy are everywhere, and their toxicity resembles inescapable background radiation, blacks must energetically stamp out this evil wherever they find it. Nothing is too small in this crusade. The picture on Uncle Ben’s box of rice is tantamount to a physical assault. Why else would removing Robert E. Lee’s name from a largely black school become so urgent? What’s the concrete benefit? Did black students fail because they daily observed General Lee’s name cut in stone and this damaged their self-esteem? Logic doesn’t matter—Lee’s name just somehow radiates whiteness, even if students don’t know who he is, and like gravity, his very whiteness invisibly pulls blacks down.

The opportunity costs of embracing this faith are huge. The supply of crackpot solutions to any problem are infinite, and provided ample funding is available, foolishness can persist forever and thus there is never any need to align solutions to tangible tribulations let alone admit that the problem is intractable. Ridding society of white racism is the equivalent of a full-time job with an unlimited budget for inventing an anti-gravity automobile engine, and rest assured, success will be just over the hill, around the corner, at the end of the tunnel, awaiting one adjustment to the devise, tweaking the fuel etc. etc. Just obverse how many blacks at college campuses devote their existence to overcoming omnipresent white racism versus actual learning.

Consider how this escape from a difficult reality plays out in the “diversity industry.” Thanks to the Faith, why ask embarrassing question about why blacks cannot move up the corporate ladder despite putting the screws on whites to promote diversity and huge investments in education? Far easier to cleanse the workplace to toxic whiteness by hiring black experts to spend thousands of hours eradicating hidden bias, structural racism and countless other sins afflicting whites. The website compiled by SHRM lists some 83 such diversity consultants happy to toil long hours to exorcise evils debilitating African Americans. The firm OutSolve, for example, “… gives companies the advantage of effective affirmative action solutions that are comprehensive, customizable, and budgetable.” OutSolve, moreover, offers “… experienced consultants are ready to help, with the most comprehensive affirmative action planning services and consulting programs available” and services range from developing affirmative plans, devising bias-free compensation standards and navigating government rules and regulations. Keep in mind that these 83 firms are in addition to the hundreds of in-house departments in larger firms and especially universities, that likewise provide professional exorcisms. Now, thanks to the availability of all these exorcists, discussion can focus entirely on details of detoxification, so why bother with black IQ, work habits and similar awkward question?

Quackery also attracts those eager to accept endless failure provided the pay is decent. White racism is a pesky pathogen, so there can never be a “Mission Accomplished,” and a lifetime can be spent pushing the rock up the hill and, after a point, rock pushing is all the rock pushers know. Think all the Deans of Diversity and Inclusion spending careers seeking out racism in undergraduate admissions, choice of majors, grade point averages, faculty hiring and retention, research funding, and every other university function. And who knows what persistent digging will eventually uncover? Gaps in student participation in class discussions? Access to local stores selling black personal grooming supplies? Perhaps holistic admissions are insufficiently holistic or STEM textbooks ignore scientists of color but whatever the alleged defect, rest assured it will be scrutinized, assigned to some committee’s agenda, a report written and discussed, a few cosmetic changes suggested and when that, too, fails, onward to the next putative time-wasting panacea.

Most importantly, embracing the centrality of whiteness as the all-encompassing evil virtually guarantees totalitarian creep. Or to use the Soviet vocabulary, you have to break ever more eggs to make the omelet.


To understand this progression, suppose that white racism can be calibrated on a 0 to 1.0 scale, with 1.0 being totally racist society, e.g., apartheid-era South African. Further suppose that by daily mandatory anti-racism seminars, school textbook propaganda, fantasy interracial TV commercials, speech codes, de-platforming heretics, hate crime laws and lots more, racism among non-blacks is reduced from, say, .6 to .1, a seemingly momentous accomplishment. Is this reduction sufficient to eliminate racial gaps and all other inequalities? Can victory be declared? The answer is, sad to say, indeterminant since the theory of white toxicity fails to specify a numerical relationship between the causal agent (white racism) and any specific outcome. This is social engineering sans any benchmarks. Everything is just fighting white racism.

Conceivably, white racism resembles plutonium and an infinitesimal amount in the city’s water supply can kill the entire population. Or lethality depends on huge levels of whiteness. Of course, nobody can specify levels of lethality and, tellingly, this murkiness is hardly a problem for those insisting on the evil of whiteness. Toxic whiteness is toxic whiteness is toxic whiteness. The result of this scientific muddle-brained thinking is that the white-racism-is- culprit- theory is beyond falsification.

Actually, to be fair, theory confirmation can occur when the levels of Racist evil fall to 0.0 on the Racism Scale but how do we empirically establish this “0” point? Not easy given the belief that society might only appear free of white racism, especially since blacks can unknowingly internalize it despite their blackness (think black teachers in all-black Detroit to explain bad test scores). And whites can be asymptomatic or guilty of imperceptible dog whistle racism.

Here’s the answer to establishing zero white racism: it will be zero only when blacks and whites have identical average SAT scores, bar exam pass rates, out of wedlock births rates, murder rates, home ownership levels, infant mortality rates, drug abuse levels, identical life expectancies and incomes, proportional Nobel Prize awards and lots, lots more. Any remaining gap, regardless of where found and size, would be proof of lingering white racism since, after all, that is the source, and only source, of all gaps. Put formally, the independent variable (white racism) is thus measured by values of the dependent variable (gaps). The new frontier of statistical analysis.

A further fly in the ointment is that since the existence of toxic racism is often necessarily subjective, the likelihood of everybody agreeing on the extinction of racism is nil. Surely the Theory does not permit confirming the Utopian 0.0 level of venomousness by majority vote. Now, since there will always be white racism, and since any (unspecified) level of this toxicity drives black misery, de-toxification must necessarily be ongoing, if not perpetual, and with every greater coercion as past failure mount.

A racial version of Zeno’s Paradox is inevitable—America can go from .5 racism to .25 to .125 and even .00078125 on and on, but it will never be free of racism since the effects of racism will always be evident, somewhere, in unequal outcomes or beliefs about unequal outcomes. To paraphrase George Wallace, White racism today, white racism tomorrow, white racism forever.

Needless to say, assuming that zero racism, like zero degrees Kelvin, is reachable, the cost of attaining zero white racism would, in all likelihood, be exponential given past experience with narrowing gaps. What would it take, for example, to cut the black/white homicide gap by a factor of eight? Or asset differences by a factor of ten? And on and on across multiple substantial and enduring race-related gaps?

Chasing this unreachable fantasy of total de-toxification necessarily requires enormous coercion since not even spending the entire GNP would suffice. Only draconian laws and administrative dictates could ensure that blacks and whites were educationally identical, earned the same salaries, were equally incarcerated, suffered equal drug addiction rates and on and on. Remember, any gap “demonstrates” the persistence of white racism and thus achieving racial justice requires harsher and harsher exorcisms.

Can fervent racial egalitarians ever be convinced to abandon this fantasy? Reasoned discussions are pointless. Forget arguing about financial constraints—money from white taxpayers is never a restraint, especially among the innumerate. Ditto for demonstrating the unscientific nature of this “theory” of Great Evil–too complicated and would probably be interpreted as a white ruse (”white science”) to subjugate blacks. What about empirically demonstrating that whites are not especially racist or that racism has seriously declined? Irrelevant since, as per theory of toxicity, a racism score of .25 or even .05 is just as debilitating as a score of .5 (and who can disagree given zero data or, for that matter, no efforts to collect these data). Nor will the failure of this “white racism did it” theory-of-the-crime vanish simply because anti-racism efforts fail. If anything, shifting the blame entirely to whites will reduce “agency” among blacks and probably only widen racial gaps, but this irony hardly disturbs the faithful. Actually, increasing pathology will be a boon for the close-the-gap anti-racism industry.

Extinction will arrive politically. Whites will eventually realize that putting the onus on whites for all black woes is but extortion and, as for all similar tactics, it has its political limits. There are inescapable budgetary constraints, legal barriers governing racial preferences and norms regarding fairness. More important, American politics is Newtonian–pushes and counter-pushes, and African American activists are not the only players in the game. The pay-me-for-my-victimization game is highly permeable, and those dispensing the goodies regularly confront cries of sexism, homophobia, ageism, Islamophobia and countless other claims on the public trough. In all likelihood The Great White Racism theory of the crime will eventually gradually loose its allure, just as religious fervor wilts with time, and today’s believer will move on to some new, more exhilarating dogma.

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  1. Have you seen the latest Hal Turner post where an ‘ethnic woman’ was allowing her dog to mess on a homeowner’s property? It’s also on Infowars…
    The homeowner called the cops, & they in turn said that there was nothing that they could do unless there was video evidence.
    At that point, the homeowner set-up a video camera and caught the ‘ethnic woman’ in the act!


    But, the ‘ethnic woman’, realizing that she had to pick-up the dog feces, then took off her COVID-19 mask, reached down and picked-up the mess with her mask, and dumped the dog squeeze into a neighbor’s wheelie bin.
    The Rev James David Manning (a black pastor) has several videos up, one of which is titled ‘The Problem with Black People’, and a host of revealing, tell-all facts that he has observed over the years, and is not afraid to call out the ‘black ethnic’ community over it in an attempt to hold ‘black folk’ accountable for their actions, and lack of self-esteem and minimized awareness!
    Having grown-up in the South in the 1960’s, the current generation of Black Americans (one is not an ‘African American’ on a technicality basis unless they hold dual-citizenship with the U.S. and some other African Nation…) blacks do not know what true racism really is; they are using this and are allowing themselves to be manipulated by the modus operandi right out of *Lenin’s Communist Red Book from 1924 (*real Zionist/Jewish name: Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov).
    The blacks have been and are now being effectively played by an ideology that dictates eventually wiping out their race once their purpose of disruption and destruction has been served!
    It isn’t the ‘white man’ doing this per se’; it’s the Zio-Communist which will have no qualms or problems killing off minorities first before they come after their own operatives out of paranoia and political power plays just as *Stalin did (*real Zionist/Jewish name; Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili). Case in point; the assassination of *Leon Trotsky (*real Zionist/Jewish name; Lev Davidovich Bronstein)
    What the white man is guilty of is allowing itself to be blamed for all of the black community’s problems and enabling the ‘black community’ to maintain it’s dysfunctional profile over the decades, w/ welfare, food stamps, public housing, allowing drugs and gangs to increase exponentially, etc. while suffering a massive ‘Black on White’ crime statistic that is NEVER reported!
    Many whites, much more in population than the blacks, are also suffering poverty, disenfranchisement (as evidence by the recent hearing where a voting machine technician said that she can’t find a job post-affidavit filing due to ‘Democrats ruining lives’) and human rights violations as a result of being denied the very aspects in life that the blacks have been accommodated with!
    When I went to apply for ‘Section 8’ housing in the 1990’s (& I knew I wouldn’t get it…), the obnoxious, arrogant ‘ethnic woman’ behind the desk laughed at me and told me to ‘Get da hell out of here! Dis programs ain’t for you!”
    And now those who have never suffered slavery are demanding reparations, using the Zionist studies that the ‘holocaust is imprinted in the descendants of the holocaust and projected on their offspring’ as the feeble, unproven excuse in brain chemistry.
    IF those demanding reparations are adamant, then perhaps we should pay reparations, on the condition that upon receipt of such a payment, that they leave for Africa ASAP, and live out the rest of their lives on African soil.
    & the last time I looked, Zio-Communism is alive and well in most African Nations which are rife with dysfunction, corruption, and tribal warfare on a genocide scale (ie Rwanda, Rhodesia, SA, etc.)
    The Blacks, Jews, political parties have ALL been weaponized against American and Western Societies in general (read Patrick J. Buchanan’s book ‘The Death of the West’ and make comparisons), and this is due to the aspects of racist Zionism making references to the ‘Goy’ or ‘Goyim’. Judaism and Zionism are vastly different from each other to the point that Jewish Rabbis protest weekly against Zionism. Zionism hijacked the Jewish Faith, and one does not have to be a Jew to be a Zionist; there are *Christian Zionist (Israel First movement), Agnostic Zionists, etc.
    Rev. Manning is 100% in his assessment of the Blacks on a global spectrum.
    I wonder how many in the ‘Black Community’ will take his research, observations, and historical facts to heart, and at least try to effect his suggested changes?
    I’m betting very few. Those that do become successful, and move out of black areas into the white suburbs do so in order that they can get some peace and escape the dysfunction that most black communities on a global scale have.
    Watch Manning’s videos, and judge for yourself.

  2. China solved a similar problem by teaching its Uyghurs to read and write and giving them good-paying jobs.

    The US responded by embargoing everything the Uygurs make.

    US Ambassador Chas. H. Freeman, Director for Chinese Affairs at the U.S. Department of State from 1979-1981:

    The CIA programs in Tibet, which were very effective in destabilizing it, did not succeed in Xinjiang. There were similar efforts made with the Uyghurs during the Cold War that never really got off the ground. In both cases you had religion waved as a banner in support of a desire for independence or autonomy which is, of course, is anathema to any state. I do believe that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones applies here. I am part American Indian and those people are not here (in the US) in the numbers they once were because of severe genocidal policies on the part of the European majority.


  3. Ironically, the only reason they’re here at all is because whites overestimated their abilities and worth. They’ve never done any good for honest white men. Thus anywhere large numbers of blacks are present, productive whites vacate and questionable whites rise to the top.

    That’s why Joe Biden occupies the “Office of the President-Elect”.

  4. Katrinka says:

    “IF those demanding reparations are adamant, then perhaps we should pay reparations, on the condition that upon receipt of such a payment, that they leave for Africa ASAP, and live out the rest of their lives on African soil.
    & the last time I looked, Zio-Communism is alive and well in most African Nations which are rife with dysfunction, corruption, and tribal warfare on a genocide scale (ie Rwanda, Rhodesia, SA, etc.)”

  5. People really need to step back and ask themselves where they would be absent white people.

    They shouldn’t collectively fall to their knees and kiss our feet in gratitude; that would be embarrassing.

  6. ltravail says:

    The “white racism” industry discussed in this article seems to have characteristics in common with the “holocaust” industry. The “white racism” regime is really just getting started, while the “holocaust” industry has been extorting, and continues to do so, never-ending compensatory redress for a couple of generations now, and shows no signs of there being a satisfactory end point in sight. But I’ll bet none of the courageous “race realist” writers on this site would dare have the nerve to critique this arrangement. Perhaps the parallels between these two “victim” industries are not incidental? But it’s much safer to critique and rail against black grievance syndrome than Jewish holocaust obsession and extortion.

  7. The election was stolen from President Trump and his supporters and it has nothing to do with White racism and everything to do with democratic party criminality, white, black, or green. No logical person could possibly believe that a political party that announced that it would destroy this president from his first day in office and continued on with various bogus criminal schemes like Russian Collusion, Ukranian Collusiion, etc. all proven false, WOULD NOT GO ON TO CHEAT IN THE 2020 election cycle. It stretches all credulity.

    • Replies: @anon
  8. Anonymous[183] • Disclaimer says:

    IT is about ERASING WHITE race /culture etc…and distracting all NON white goyim to create race wars..while Jews do the PROFITTING from world domination…It is odd but there are non whites that hate other nonwhites…racism? What is are the (top 5) causes for BLACK DEATHS ?? Heart failure ,hypertension, diabetes???? can BLM fix that ending the WHITE RACE?????

    • Replies: @Jake
  9. TKK says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Ironically, the only reason they’re here at all is because whites overestimated their abilities and worth.

    An old history primer that belonged to my great-grandmother detailed the constant crime the new black populations brought over to the New World.

    Blacks constantly fought over their food, women, tobacco and petty issues. They would stab and beat each other over gambling games. Whites took to letting young black girls (under 12- “not yet bled” ) sleep at night under supervision because the male blacks would rape them relentlessly after they drank into the night.

    It details the amount of time owners and house managers spent bailing the blacks out of jail, and pleading their cases in court. Many whites, ones who did not have huge staff but only a few blacks to manage, feed and tend to, complained that the blacks cost them more in resources and time because it was like a “baby in a buck’s body.”

    The few hours of work gotten out of them was well overwhelmed by the constant drama, fighting, stealing and never ending pregnancies.

    There’s a thread running through time here……..

  10. There is no such thing as “racism.”

    It’s a bullshit made up Jew term used to demonize innocent white people.

    Blacks are fucked up because of low IQ, high testosterone, zero impulse control, and the inability to delay gratification.

    The black murder/crime rate is the same in Chicago as it is in Haiti or the Congo.

    So…yes….the black grievance industry is total horseshit, the same as the Jewish grievance industry…..but the Jews have control over ALL of it via media and academia.

    The irony is that Jewish merchants ran the slave trade and brought the feral negroes here as slaves…..and now the loony jews blame white people for “racism.”

    It’s absurd.

    The Jews INVENTED racism…..the Jews are RACISM CENTRAL.

    All of the ethnic conflict in the world originates from organized Jewry and Jewish supremacism.

    Minus the interference of the crazy meddling jews, most of the people on this earth would get along just fine.

    Message to organized Jewry; leave the rest of us the fuck alone.

    • Thanks: G J T
  11. So you are suggesting a “Harrison Bergeron” scenario….then please give Kurt Vonnegut a bit of credit will you?

    Better idea–promote the TRUTH that in the medieval period, 1. Berbers sold white Christians into slavery (and tried to sell white Americans as well which led to the Barbary Coast wars under Jefferson); 2. promote the TRUTH that poor whites from Britain (Irish and Scots-Irish) according to former Virginia Senator Jim Webb (“Born Fighting”) and William Hoffman (“They Were White and They Were Slaves”) about white slavery aka “indentured servants”; 3. promote the TRUTH that no white person around today owns slaves SO WHY IN THE WORLD SHOULD ANY WHITES PAY ANY REPARATIONS? Or is this part of the Biblical “sins of the fathers unto the third and fourth generation” theme…oh and BTW, we are way beyond the fourth generation here…

  12. I never read this crappy piece beyond this sentence:

    whites by their very existence are now responsible for all black tribulations

    Don’t the whites regard the “Chinese by their very existence were/are responsible for all white tribulations”? Although the Chinese had NEVER kept whites as slaves, etc, etc!!! In fact, the Chinese gave their lives for the benefits of the whites– think about how many Chinese died building railways, and other developments, in early murrika!

    All that the Chinese got in return were massacres and Chinese Exclusion Acts, and MORE!


    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Troll: G J T, Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @James Scott
    , @Malla
    , @AceDeuce
  13. Wally says:

    “The “white racism” regime is really just getting started, while the “holocaust” industry has been extorting, and continues to do so, never-ending compensatory redress for a couple of generations now, and shows no signs of there being a satisfactory end point in sight. But I’ll bet none of the courageous “race realist” writers on this site would dare have the nerve to critique this arrangement.”

    – The fake “holocaust” and the profitable scam around it has taught the race hustlers well.

    timely request:
    Send a Christmas card to Imprisoned to Revisionists:

  14. Wally says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    “Thus anywhere large numbers of blacks are present, productive whites vacate and questionable whites rise to the top.”

    Q: What do smarter blacks who make a few bucks do?
    A: Move out of black areas and into white areas.
    Q: What do foreign blacks do whenever they can?
    A. Get out of their black countries and move into majority white countries … any way they can.

    In every instance where blacks & browns are in great numbers, and / or control the governments of cities, counties, regions, states, countries, & continents we see:
    – massive murder rates
    – massive crime in general
    – degraded property
    – massive disease, especially STDs
    – massive drug & alcohol abuse
    – general filth, squalor
    – massive birthrates
    – inability / unwillingness to support their own children
    – massive youth pregnancies rates
    – massive school dropout rates
    – incredibly low IQs & test scores
    – violence as a way of life
    – fathers nowhere to be found

  15. White race-ism built the system that everyone wants to be a part of.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  16. @Polyphemus

    Why were you applying for Section 8 housing? We’re you some kind of miscreant?

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  17. @ltravail

    Good point, Intrvail — the holocaust industry & the BLM industry have many common qualities. Main difference is the holocaust industry is backed by a rich & powerful minority & a vicious monomaniacal nation.

    • Replies: @Austin Slater
  18. Whitewolf says:

    In all likelihood The Great White Racism theory of the crime will eventually gradually loose its allure, just as religious fervor wilts with time, and today’s believer will move on to some new, more exhilarating dogma.

    No it will keep going just like in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Only the complete eradication of Whites will satisfy anti-Whites.

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  19. This is really a good article.
    “This “white racism did it” theory can be understood as a form of mental illness, specifically magical thinking, “ a disorder of thought…[that] denotes the false belief that one’s thoughts, actions, or words will cause or prevent a specific consequence in some way that defies commonly understood laws of causality.”
    Another way of saying it — a superstition instrumentalised. Let’s use people’s fears & resentments to activate “magical” thinking.
    Problems explaining consistent Black problems? Bring in an invisible, but powerful causal agent — radioactive white supremacy.
    “. Why else would removing Robert E. Lee’s name from a largely black school become so urgent? What’s the concrete benefit? Did black students fail because they daily observed General Lee’s name cut in stone and this damaged their self-esteem? Logic doesn’t matter—Lee’s name just somehow radiates whiteness, even if students don’t know who he is, and like gravity, his very whiteness invisibly pulls blacks down”
    As author points out, this strategy is effectively infinite — in the face of magic belief how could reality seriously alter things?

  20. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Here’s the answer to establishing zero white racism: it will be zero only when blacks and whites have identical average SAT scores, bar exam pass rates, out of wedlock births rates, murder rates, home ownership levels, infant mortality rates, drug abuse levels, identical life expectancies and incomes, proportional Nobel Prize awards and lots, lots more.

    Well, let’s try to embed the “White Racism” problem in a larger problem, get some perspective. Sometimes that helps find a solution.

    Way back when, when US society was actually industrialized, a person needed to have good SAT, some kind of professional certification, a stable marriage, no criminal record, a house or other real property, no infant deaths, and no psychoactive drugs beyond tobacco and ethanol, to participate in industrial society. Even the blue-collar assembly line workers in the auto industry needed the above, substituting union membership for professional certification. Life expectancy, incomes, awards, etc. were the result of good preparation and better execution.

    The preparation for entry into the industrialized economy was breathtakingly difficult. During the 1940s, engineering schools would routinely flunk out half of their entering class, and this when only people willing to spend their own money could attend college — banks would not even consider college loans. There was very little job security, unless for blue collar union member in a stable industry, and even they had layoffs.

    Of course nobody liked the above “rat race”, although the movies said they did. The Red Queen ruled, and you had to run as hard as you could to stay in the same place. Sometimes even that wouldn’t work — professionals tended to get divorced, fired, and kill themselves. They still do ( I once rented a room from a defense industry electronic engineer who did exactly that. (

    One of the reasons that the 1960s revolution succeeded was that it promised to dethrone the Red Queen (a symbol for Darwinian nature). It could not attack “rich people”, for at that time there were very few (see )

    OK. So, the above establishes that European people have serious trouble living in industrial societies. So much trouble that Europe and the US have been de-industrializing with no effective domestic opposition.

    Non-European people have even more trouble. Even the Russian effective Federation (RF) and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) have serious trouble with industrialization. The RF is excellent at weaponry and theory, but has an economy comparable in output to Italy’s economy. The PRC is at the end of a large capital buildup, now faces the problem of the long term, and is dependent on outside sources for the innovation required to survive long term. The African continent has effectively no industrialization other than the facilities required to extract and export raw materials.

    So the “White Racism” idea is really “anti-industrialization”, and is actually shared by quite a few Whites.

    Fact is, back in the 1800s, it was Protestant nations that originated and dominated industrialization. Such a small difference as Protestant vs. Catholic doctrine led to differences in industrialization in Western Europe, and Eastern Europe had even more trouble becoming industrialized (which led to slaughter between ethnic groups in the World War era).

    The real demand is not to end “White Racism”, it is to end industrialization. Much of that demand comes from Whites. It is not a demand for Whites to change, it is a demand for nature to change, metaphorically a demand for the Red Queen to abdicate.

    Nor is it the only demand for the end of industrialization. “Green Energy” is another such demand, the fiscal policy of the Fed is explicitly to end the “creative destruction” of the Kondratiev cycle, and the cities are being supported as a sort of demonstration that industrialization is not necessary.

    And, of course, without industrialization the world population drops back to 1800s levels, maybe 1 billion people.

    Rejection of industrialization is a much bigger problem than anybody is willing to admit. The Red Queen won’t abdicate and can’t be forced out. Given industrialization that permits world population to grow to the 7 billion range, the Red Queen returns when limits have been reached. The White Racism problem turns out to be a subset of the Industrial Revolution problem, which, if not solved, is going to kill some 6 billion people.

    • Agree: Ben the Layabout
    • Replies: @Cleburne
  21. gotmituns says:

    There’s an article in the NYPost today about an Anti-racism “Manifesto drawnup by members of the Dalton School in NYC (54K tuition) listing all sorts of ridiculous demands/proposals on how to fight White Supremacy. In the article a jewish parent says his people fled White supremacist slaughter and in the next sentence says as a White parent, he shouldn’t be stereotyped as a White Supremacist. So which is it fella, are you jewish or White? The jews always go with that gambit, they’re what they want to be from moment to moment.

  22. Jake says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    True. WASP Elites on both sides of the Atlantic in the early 1800s began to realize that black people were the perfect excuse for more bulldozing of whites that they (WASP Elites) hates, feared, wished to harm even more, etc. Over time, those Elites of the WASP Empire have shifted the specifics but the basics have remained the same: the poor Negroes suffer because of the white trash and only whites helping them can help them, and those delightful Negroes deserve all help you can give.

    You (non-Elite whites) are morally obliged to serve the needs of Negroes.

    Weissberg nails what has come to come to pass in our time from this divide-and-conquer by playing on the basic decency of the white trash: “This “white racism did it” theory can be understood as a form of mental illness, specifically magical thinking, “ a disorder of thought…[that] denotes the false belief that one’s thoughts, actions, or words will cause or prevent a specific consequence in some way that defies commonly understood laws of causality.”

    Insanity now reigns, because insanity is what happens to populations that over time accept edicts that are insane. Blacks now are a race of ultra spoiled brats, and liberal whites operate with a death wish for whites they see as refusing to serve the Numinous Negro.

    All of the above is, of course, perverted religion. Peoples are religious deep down, and when they are not led to discern and practice right religion, they will gravitate over time to ever more insane forms of religiosity.

  23. @animalogic

    BLM is backed by the same rich and powerful minority.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  24. Jake says:

    There is no such thing as ‘white culture.’ There are white cultures, which are tribal/national cultures of specific white peoples.

    And that is the rub: the Elites of the Anglo-Zionist Empire want white peoples to just accept being white, which is not a culture, so they have no cultural base from which to oppose Anglo-Zionist Globalism, which operates, naturally, as WASP culture, because it is WASP culture.

  25. G J T says:

    The reason the white racism industry resembles the Holocaust™️ Industry is because they’re both products of the twisted imagination of the Jew, and the Jews have taken their time-honored traditions of projection and inversion and transferred them over for use to the negroes. Blacks and their advocates have now adopted the Jewish spirit and method, because the Jews have allowed them to.

    Make no mistake, it is ONLY because of Jews that THEIR monopoly on suffering has been suspended in order to totally destroy whitey. Everything about the anti-racism (anti-white) agenda is pure unadulterated Talmudry.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @ziggurat
  26. Truth says:

    This simpleminded dog story has what to do with the topic?

  27. just sayin says: • Website

    I’m a Detroit born and raised white person married to a black woman for over 20yrs. I didn’t come into her life until her oldest child was a teen. When she was a young unwed mother with no child support she received food stamps, lived with her mother while working a menial job. She went to community college, applied for work through a Temp agency and started increasing her wages. She found employment later with the City where her finances improved along with benefits. She had another baby through a failed relationship. She put herself through Wayne State at 30, successfully completed her BS in Business from Wayne State. We married when she was 35.
    She never did drugs, had a perfect work attendance and always pushed herself for more opportunity. She succeeded because she “wanted” to succeed. Her oldest child has a Masters in Electrical Engineering and her youngest is becoming an RN because they saw their mom do it.
    Honorable Louis Farakhan gave her inspiration. “Don’t drink, smoke, do drugs and ‘Don’t depend on the White man”.
    She’ll tell tell you that some people are lazy or satisfied with just getting by because of lifetime handouts. Successful middle class Blacks are harder on “less fortunate” Blacks because they didn’t accept the line being promoted.
    I’m even harder on white people suffering because of their own failings, after all they had “white privilege ” which they squandered.
    Misguided hate for other races is alive and well. My wife is well aware of the race bias which made her even more determined to succeed.
    All this craziness of the NeoLiberal elites going on is the definition of Insanity. “The cure is just doing even more of the same ” that has never worked so we just didn’t do enough.

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  28. Blacks who emigrate to the U.S. these days do far better than “indigenous” blacks in ‘Murica.


    Perhaps Occam can help us. Maybe it’s the fact that those that got sold into slavery were defeated in battle and captured. Hence: Losers. Ergo, the descendants of losers are still losers.

    Maybe it’s that simple.

  29. I think too it’s a sort of political weapon to keep the democrats in power. They keep the minority vote by promising blacks and other nonwhites that their problems are due to whites and they will fix them. Feel good + bribe. When the democrats have what they want, Ie power then those ideas will be pushed to the background because the rulers will want the veneer of success and legitimacy. When another trump gets elected, if ever again, the country will be in a state of being pulled apart by “racism” again.

    True Obama ratcheted up black grievance, but I see him as an exceptional case in that he was driven by an anti white animus. Others like him could come to power, but they will be relatively few.

    • Replies: @Rooster10
  30. @Jake

    You keep pushing this “Anglo-Zionist” empire shit that doesn’t exist.

    WTF is wrong with you?

    Organized Jewry controls all of the major levers of power. They employ a few white shabbos goys for window dressing….but the whites don’t have any real power. Dan Crenshaw is simply a mouthpiece for the Jews…..he doesn’t really have any power and he would NEVER try to advocate for white people in any way.

    Then you also push the idiocy that whites aren’t really white. This sounds like EMJ and it doesn’t make any sense when he says it either.

    Whites can jump up and down all day screeching, “I’M NOT WHITE!” and it won’t make a bit of fucking difference to anybody….and whites will still get blamed for every ill under the sun.

    I watched as hapless Owen Benjamin tried to push this nonsense, as he is a fan of EMJ, and the idea that there is no such thing as white people caught his fancy…….and he was lambasted in the comments and everybody told him he was full of shit.

    You are the same kind of douche….fixated for some odd reason on promoting a “WASP” culture that no longer exists….pretending that white people aren’t white people……whew……..

    TBH, this seems like something a crafty jew would do to divert attention away from the small hat money power that is actually controlling the system.

    Now tell us how “Ted Kennedy wrote the Immigration Act of 1965.”

    Lay some more stupid diversionary bullshit on us.

  31. You really think white racism complex will ever go away? I think that will be difficult since woke whites, primarily women, embrace the complex to show their superiority despite thinking blacks as mere two legged pets. Then you have the Jewish exploitation factor, which will only going away when white guilt per Jews goes away. Oddly I think that one has a shot since Jews are honest in a round about way when it comes to their views on whites.

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  32. @Whitewolf

    Wouldn’t segregation accomplish the same goal?

  33. @Jake

    There is quite literally NOTHING left of WASP culture, as it was overthrown in the 60’s.

    Where have you been the last 60 years Jake?

    Show me “WASP culture.”

    Maybe NASCAR was the last vestige of whiteness…..but we couldn’t even have that. We have to endure a lying negro claiming that nazis put a “noose” in his face when in fact it was just a garage door pull cord.

    Look at the Supreme Court…..Catholics and Jews…..maybe one WASP who happens to be worthless and would never utter a word in the defense of white people.

    So….where is WASP culture? Show me anything that remains of white anglo-saxon protestant culture.

    The financial system is run by Jews. The media is run by Jews. Academia is run by Jews. The government is run by Jewish donors. Even the intelligence agencies have been hijacked and overrun with Jews and communists working for the Jews.

    Show me a WASP that has a voice. David Duke? Duke is a great man…..demonized by the jewish media. Jared Taylor? A WASP demonized by the jewish media.

    I could go on and on.

    The anti-white agenda started a LONG time ago.

    WASP empire?!

    We haven’t had a voice for many decades. We don’t have self-determination. We don’t even have the right to exist at this point.

    Whites have been dispossessed, displaced, replaced, demonized, vilified, demoralized, ruined, and wrecked.

    The WASP business owner stomped to death by buckwheats in Dallas! Now there’s an example of the WASP empire.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
    • Thanks: ziggurat
    • Replies: @Wally
    , @conatus
    , @GeneralRipper
  34. Realist says:

    The first paragraph wrongfully states

    Head Start, for example, rested on the plausible idea that blacks disproportionately suffered early childhood deprivations, and this limited their future accomplishments, so enrich early childhood.


    The Empowerment Zones of the early 1990s offered tax incentive to entice urban businesses to hire unemployed blacks. Yes, these and countless other nostrums came up short, but they were logical and fact-based and did not, by themselves, aim to transform American society.

    Neither of the two programs listed were plausible, logical or fact-based . It has been known for centuries that Subsaharan blacks are terribly deficient in intelligence and innovation. White people in no way had any influence on this situation.

    • Replies: @Realist
  35. @just sayin

    Affirmative Action (TM) has always caused an aura of suspicion to surround the accomplishments of brown people. That said, ordinary brown people, regardless of ability, cannot be faulted for taking personal advantage of the system.

    The most important question to ask is, who wants everyone to be equal, and why. Is it really all that important, and if so, why. If it could be achieved, how long would it last.

    One thing. You cannot have “diversity” with equality. Maximizing diversity requires maximizing inequality.

  36. @Polyphemus


  37. Eat well & exercise; stop eating, reading, and watching Jew garbage; buy a firearm and learn how to use it; manage your money. Teach your children the same. Encourage them to learn a trade so they can work anywhere. Move to an area more amenable. Find like-minded Whites to associate with.

    Until we get some leadership, this is all we can do.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  38. @Old and Grumpy

    Todays Jews are white. Ancient Jews were probably brown. Todays Jews are largely European in recent ancestry. And include a large amount of interbreeding with local populations. Just as we are finding that history is never right and in many cases complete fiction, proving ancestry has only recently become possible with the developement of DNA testing. And even that is open to jiggery-pokery.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  39. Alfred says:

    gradually lose its allure

    • Replies: @GMC
  40. @Deep Thought

    I blame the jews who sold the USA out to China not Chinese people who stay in China. The media is playing the blame China game and conservative whites might go along because propaganda is a powerful thing.

    A few hundred thousand people built the railroads in the USA and about 20,000 were Chinese. They were simple labor used like we would use a machine today. Machines don’t really make things the people operating them do. Chinese did not build the railroads in the USA except in the eyes of anti white jews who make movies and school books.

    Whites used to understand that people who are not like you will try to take advantage of you. We are starting to figure it out again thanks to comments like yours. White people are your benefactors. What you call colonization and paint as terrible was really just white people going around the would lifting people in the modern world or at least trying to. No one wants to live a Stone Age lifestyle.

    It took white 6000 years to move from the end of the Stone Age to the Industrial Age. Early into the Industrial Age whites set out to make every humans life better by helping them into the modern era. The change was hard for sure but the vast majority of people alive now are benefiting greatly because of white people behavior over the last few hundred years. Claiming that because whites made some profit our uplifting every other group is negated is the thinking of a savage parasite.

    None of your thoughts are deep and all of your thoughts can be easily smashed with truth and logic.

    • Agree: GMC
    • Replies: @Deep Thought
  41. Hilarious. TPTB are going to prioritize brown sludge in vaccine distribution. When this backfires because of the heinous side effects, Whitey will be accused of using the darkies as guinea pigs.

    So, is this plan malicious? Or just plain stupid? I’m thinking the latter.

    Well, as a White with no influence whatsoever, I’m happy to let those of duskier hue serve as lab animals.

  42. Cleburne says:

    This is really interesting. And to clarify, you mean industrialism supported by financialization?

    Can you recommend reading on this idea? It sort of ties in with some of what Turchin writes about cooperation.

  43. Trickster says:

    Yet another article about the upside down black race telling us all what we already know. The rule in dealing with complainers is to draw the line early or the complaints never stop. The more you listen sympathetically the more the complaints and greater the demands.

    The very best thing Afro Americans can do is move out ie back to Africa. But wait, there are no freebies there. There is tribal racism in Africa that explodes into genocide (Rwanda) and massacre (Mugabe and the non Shona people in Zimbabwe) on a regular basis. Our Afro brothers for all their roots horseshit cannot belong to any tribe. They will be outsiders. Finally every country in Africa is a mess. Affirmative action in Africa means if the Dictator is from Tribe X and you are from tribe B, better toe the line or get fucked up. Every person in the US, of any colour, knows that Rapper Chaz who took over Portland would have collected an AK round to the head if it was Africa.

    In an ironic twist, the Afro American wants to flee to Africa but the Afro African wants to flee to America. Africans know their own country has nothing to offer and any future they hope to have lies in the West. The black man in the US understands this and so he remains here. 99.9999999999999% of black Americans have never been to Africa and the few who visit and have “toured the slums” are horrified and anxious to return to Cracker country.

    The real problem is (1) we listen to their shit complaints and (2) we keep throwing money at them to “solve” their “problems”.

    I remember going to a party where a US black was just waiting for an opening in an otherwise relaxed conversation to flog the slavery horse. A black Brazilian who had been chatting with us just turned and walked away. We all left the black Afro American asshole standing by himself.

    South America imported 10 + times the number of slaves as the US. I have yet to meet ANY black Latin American who insists and relishes being called an Afro Brazilian, an Afro Colombian etc. I have also yet to meet a black Latin American hung up on the slavery treadmill. The niggers in the US are obsessed with this nonsense and just cannot understand how much it holds them back,

    Similar to dealing with troublesome teenagers we need to tell them that it would be better for them to get their own place.

    If they dont like it here with all the white man does for them then go the fuck back to Africa !

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  44. I’ve just finished reading Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago. I’d didn’t mean for this to be a book review, but please bear with me. Gulag doesn’t directly discuss racism, but I recommend it for the following reason. Soviet Communism was perhaps the greatest, longest-lived, example of totalitarianism in world history. Nazi Germany comes close in body count; Chinese Commuism, and prior history (e.g., the French Revolution, various religious wars , Spanish Inquisition, etc.) display comparable barbarity. What does this have to do with the current racism witch hunt? Quite a few things. Not the least is the total loss of objectivity, fanaticism, the trampling of established rights and legal traditions, the extreme damage that befalls a nation when fanaticism takes control. When such people rise to power, accusations, persecutions, ostracism and in the worst stages, cruel imprisonment, slave labor and deaths are the result. In Stalistist Russia, millions of people were ripped from their normal lives and sent to horrible fates, often for decades, if they weren’t shot immediately, solely on the denunciation of a neighbor, or even on the arbitrary decision of some bureaucrat. The mere accusation from someone proved that you were guilty, no further proof was needed. There often wasn’t even the pretense of a fair hearing. These were the political prisoners, those suspected of being “counter revolutionary” or “enemy of the State.” Proof? Who needed proof? Do you envy your neighbor’s nicer apartment or better job? Denounce him as a traitor. Were you a successful farmer or craftsman? Then you were a Kulak, perhaps a foreign agent of the Capitalists, also immediately sent to a death camp for “re-education.” Hapless peasants were moved around like chess pieces, torn from their small holdings, sent far into the arctic wilderness to mine, lumber, to die in harsh conditions. All this in the name of “Progress!” “Normal” criminals — thieves, robbers, murderers and the like — were in fact given much lighter sentences, lighter treatment, and were often allies of the authorities! As in any corrupt system, the property or earnings of the “guilty” was confiscated with impunity but not without secondary costs. The evil farmer who somehow managed to grow some crops and raise some livestock even in harsh land, was marched off to a labor camp. What property he left behind vanished. Rarely if ever, did the looters maintain the productivity of what they had stolen. Villagers literally starved to death while a storehouse of grain (“State property”) sat untouchable nearby. Just imagine the loss to the society of talented doctors, engineers, academics and other highly skilled that instead were forced into menial labor — if they survived at all. And we’re not just talking a few people, the numbers were in the millions. Theft occurred not only when the prisoner’s term began, but also during his entire stay in the system. A final, and very troubling to me, point is this: most of the “politicals” had done nothing wrong, whatsoever, yet they paid with decades of imprisonment or with their lives. Then, as now, the Soviets were masterful with propaganda. Even in the West, there was widespread ignorance and disbelief of what was happening in the Soviet Union. Tellingly, Western socialists downplayed such reports.

    “Can’t happen here?” I wouldn’t bet on it. Just witness the ever-escalating insanity in our institutions. Entire neighborhoods were destroyed decades ago in the name of “civil rights.” For half a century or more, people are either favored or discriminated against, solely because of being a “protected class,” not by merit. We are already erasing history, censoring books and censuring academics, ruining careers, solely based on a denunciation. Does that sound familiar? Is removing statues and names of Confederate figures or renaming sports teams really going to help Blacks and other minorities? “Can’t happen here?” It already is. A final caution from Solzhenitsyn might be simply this: Even if you were a true revolutionary, “Woke” in today’s context, that was no guarantee that you wouldn’t wind up as one of the victims of the Gulag. I make no secret of my misgivings for where this country is headed. I have nothing to lose.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @xcd
  45. anarchyst says:

    It is long overdue for us gentile whites to take back the narrative.

    When you are called “racist” thank your accusers for noticing. It throws them off, confuses them and puts them on the defensive.

    When discussing “gun-free zones”, turn around the narrative by saying “you mean criminal safety zones”. This throws off the anti-self-defense people as well.

    When discussing the holohoax (oops, I mean “holocaust”), state that “you mean jewish freak shows”, defending the lies and fabrications, making the whole “holocaust” the “Hoax of the Twentieth Century”…

    I am damn PROUD to be considered “racist” and anti-semitic and wear any such accusations as a badge of honor.

    Another way to “get the message across” is to frequent computer and department stores that have computers on display, as well as libraries and other public computer sites.

    Go to white advocacy websites and then walk away, observing young white people from a distance. You will find that when they see these pro-white websites, there is a little snickering at first, but then many of them see the message and are quite receptive to it.

    If you have time, and can get into the browser settings without being noticed, change the “homepage” to any white advocacy website and sit back and watch the activity.

    Be pro-active in your white advocacy.

    WAR has been declared…

  46. conatus says:
    This is a good paper from 2015 on  “Diversity’s Economic Downside” by Rubenstein.
    He has numbers, actual costs to this massive governmental virtue signaling exercise.Starting with the actual cost of the EEOC and its policies(using disparate impact as regulatory policy) he discusses Affirmative Action in college and Medical School.
    Watch out for those Brahmin Docs.”For decades, Brahmin orthopedic surgeons more eagerly recommended articular cartilage shaving surgeries to patients, though the surgeries made knees worse because they cared more about making money than facing facts. They did not care when patients complained their knees were worse than before surgeries. They continue to prescribe fish oil despite well-reasoned research contradicting fish oil for cardiovascular health. There are powerful genetic and environmental reasons why India has had a vicious caste system for thousands of years.”
    from here:
    Rubenstein ends with a discussion of the economic disadvantages of Diversity. We will rue the day we swallowed the lie “Diversity is our strength” as it disintegrates national Trust. The Han Chinese, all 1.4 billion of them are 95% Han and very trusting.
    Result: USA loses.

  47. @Reg Cæsar

    In all fairness, “honest white men” never did anything good for the Native Americans, whether it was the English speakers here or the Conqustadores further south.

  48. Trickster says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    The black man is a chronic complainer. If he gets the vaccine first whitey is using him like a lab monkey. If he gets it last it is racism, whenever he does get it we are sterilizing him and if he never gets it, it is genocide.

    When I deal with people like this it is generally a short conversation because there is a neurotic dissatisfaction no matter what you do or say. I just tell them to fuck off and the interaction is terminated. Of course this also generates yet another name label but who cares as long as I dont have to listen to the same stuck record.

    Where the vaccine is concerned I am on the same page as you. As the gangster said in the Godfather “give it to the dark people, they have already lost their souls”.

    I will not be taking any injection of some concoction, containing the virus, in an effort to vaccinate me against the virus. And anyone black or white who submits to the needle is a lunatic………..and if white, a lab rat like the darkie.

    This vaccine mania is just the beginning. There is now talk about booster shots and new strains of the virus. This is the advance preparation of this vaccine and its booster shots being obsolete in a few months and a new vaccine and booster shot being touted to fight the “new strain”. It is also the precursor to new “pandemics” and “new vaccines and booster shots” in an endless parade of so called diseases.

    The naive and ignorant public is being converted to pin cushions. The cartels, street hustlers and drug barons are rank amateurs and inexperienced babies compared to big Pharma.

    Injectee…BEWARE !

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
    • Replies: @Malla
  49. HT says:

    There is nothing more evil than an all powerful government trying to implement social justice. Our government has been in that game since 1865 and the result 160 years later is the pending demise of what was once the greatest country and civilization in human history. Instead of moving forward we are now devolving and our culture is falling apart. As we move toward a white minority status, we get a glimpse of the future with Negros running amuck with no fear of the law and whites on the run hoping to find a place to live in peace. Soon those places will no longer exist as our wonderful government does everything in its power to keep you from escaping the joys of diversity.

  50. Rooster10 says:
    @Happy Tapir

    They definitely use blacks and their promises to them as a political weapon. Politicians very rarely solve any real problem, because it’s job security for them not to. Next time they’re up for the-election they would have nothing to run on if they solved all the problems, you’ll always hear the phrase “there’s more work to do” especially in black districts, because nothing ever gets solved and the politicians know they can always blame it on the evil White boogeyman.

    I disagree that there won’t be more obama types, in fact I think it’s human nature to see what worked previously and try and replicate it. Obama types see the success he had, as well as the Democrat establishment, and those with similar skills are fast-tracked to the top. Once Pandora’s Box has been opened it cannot be closed. I envision things rapidly accelerating as each side ramps up the rhetoric and strategies. The Trump-boogeyman strategy will just be shifted fully to the White-boogeyman strategy.

  51. @Jimmy le Blanc

    I had exactly the same thought and you beat me to it. I’d add that vaccine priority is another good example of what the article discusses: [Anti-]Racism is a can’t-lose proposition for the accuser, and equally a can’t-win situation for the White victim, simply because we’re guilty in either event. If the vaccine is safe, we still didn’t prioritize minorities ENOUGH, compared to whites. If, as I (and many others) fear and the vaccines have serious side effects, whites will take the blame for using non-whites as guinea pigs. While it’s not the article’s topic, I would, by the way, recommend to everyone regardless of melanin content, to wait, perhaps a LONG time, before volunteering to try what in normal times would properly be considered an experimental vaccine with unknown (and unknowable) long-term side effects.

    • Agree: Bro43rd, Jimmy le Blanc
  52. Realist says:

    Should read sub-Saharan blacks…

  53. GMC says:

    Hi Alfred – a bit off topic but Im doing much better but the wife couldn’t find ivermectin, but we are using what the hospital doctor recommended, after hearing a problem with my right lung. Actually I’m getting jabbed a couple times a day by the wife { shes good at it now } with Ceftriaxone and a hit of steroid every 3rd day. He also added some steroidal solution to my nebulizer. Looking up – thanks for your ideas and your friendship – Garr

    • Replies: @Alfred
  54. noname27 says: • Website

    These men warned us a long time ago, but libtard socialist fools had their way:

    “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about, in any way, the social and political equality of the white and black races – that I am not, nor ever have been in favour of making voters or jurors of negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must the position of superior and inferior. And I, as much as any other man, am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”

    Abraham Lincoln, in his fourth debate with Stephen Douglas at Charleston, Illinois, September 18th 1858.

    “I have given my life to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all White men who have lived here like I have must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the mental or emotional abilities to equate or share equally with White men in any functions of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring unto them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: White the superior, and they the inferior. For whenever a White man seeks to live among them as their equals, they will destroy and devour him, and they will destroy all his work. And so for any existing relationship or any benefit to this people, let White men, from anywhere in the world, who would come to help Africa, remember that you must maintain this status: you the master and they the inferior, like children whom you would help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you.”

    — Dr. Albert Schweitzer

  55. AceDeuce says:

    You’re more right in your post than wrong, so that’s good, but I cringe a bit with the whole “Reverend Manning” thing–yeah, I’ve heard him speak-he says valid things and is entertaining in a negro ranting sort of way, but y’know, BFD. One semi sensible negro out of 40 million. Wow.

    Plus, I’d bet that if, instead of Manning, there was a White Man on the air saying the exact same things, word for word, you’d probably shun and condemn him.

  56. @Godfree Roberts

    What does that have anything to do with the article? Are you only ever stuck on one mode, propagandizing the Chinese regime and engaging in whataboutism when you were never even prompted? Please demonstrate that Uyghurs and blacks have the same intellectual capabilities or fuck off.

    • Replies: @IS
  57. Trinity says:

    America’s Biggest Racist * The TRUTH

    1. Jews
    2. Black Americans * barely lose out to the Jews, Black Americans are indeed a racist breed
    3. Other Blacks like Haitians, Africans, etc.

    4. Orientals aka Asian Americans
    5. Arab Americans * another close one between the Orientals and the Arabs

    6. Non-Mexican Hispanics
    7. Mexicans

    8. Assorted nonwhites and white traitor trash that are racist against their own

    9. White “normies” some “normies” will even have a certain amount of racism toward their own because any White that doesn’t feel guilt is not normal. hehe.

  58. IS says:
    @Pop Warner

    Of course, the Uyghurs don’t have the same intellectual capabilities! They don’t have all those sports legends, they have not invented rap, they have no Oprah, entertaining millions of not very smart people! How can you compare? 🙂

  59. We need a civil war. A new revolution.

    Beat on the (Bureau)Crat, beat on the crat, beat on the crat with a baseball bat oh yeah.

  60. Wally says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Speaking of great Euro-white men, master chemist, Germar Rudolf.

    Imprisoned for doing scientific studies of Auschwitz, further proving there were no ‘gas chambers’. Now the director of CODOH:

    In 1995 a German court sentenced Rudolf to 14 months in prison for his first revisionist book, the “Rudolf Report” on chemical and technical questions of the alleged Auschwitz gas chambers. After the supreme court of his country had confirmed the sentence in 1996, Rudolf went into exile, first to the UK, then to the U.S. In spite of his officially recognized marriage to a U.S. citizen, Rudolf was deported back to Germany in 2005, where he was put on trial again, this time for his revisionist book “Lectures on the Holocaust.” After having served his accumulated prison terms of 44 months, he eventually managed to immigrated once more to the U.S. to join his U.S. wife and daughter.

  61. conatus says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Wasps are history, long gone down the drain.
    I think the propaganda machine that controls us(because we don’t know it is a propaganda machine)  has been very reluctant to acknowledge the complete fall of Wasps.  ‘The Rise and Fall of Anglo America’ was not reviewed at all in this propaganda machine.It was published by Harvard University press yet not reviewed in the New York Times? I think because they want to keep the fictive Wasp snotty straw man alive for everyone to hate. The light brown slightly wavy haired, blue eyed, sharp nosed, Rich, Frat boy who deserves to be hated.
    They desperately want to keep ‘the Fall’ part out of the public’s mind and instead they trot out token Wasp figureheads who willingly mimic being powerful for some ducats.
    They want to keep pages like this sub rosa.

  62. All of the Anti-White propaganda is simply to wrestle away control of a nation that was founded on, and developed by, the ideas and labors of Europeans. More than 400 years have passed since European settlers arrived on this continent, and the inhabitants today enjoy the highest per capita standard of living, paying nearly no mind at all to what goes into maintaining that standard of living – consuming over one-fifth the global oil production annually, producing tons and tons of food picked by an imported underclass, trading balance sheet digits for the real products made abroad. The Anti-White coalition of Jews, liberal whites, Blacks and an increasing number of Latinos and Asians, is mobilized and is doing everything it can to bludgeon whites and take what our ancestors produced. If the rigged voting systems in this country are not severely dealt with, the coalition can simply “vote” it’s way into power.

    The Jews and sell-out whites sit at the top of the Anti-White pyramid, with Blacks looking up at them with both contempt and burning envy. The Blacks share with the Jew the status of “perpetual victims”, and yet they do not nearly have the material wealth of Jews, and the more intelligent Blacks know that is by the design of the Jew. The intelligent Black and his more common kin of low intelligence are both content with displacing “whitey” wherever they can so that they may then have the white man’s homes, his money and his women. They will accept the supremacy of the Jew – at least temporarily – so that they may finally achieve a life on Easy Street (a Black’s dream). Of course, Easy Street will start out like somewhere out of Beverly Hills and rapidly deteriorate into a ghetto like every neighborhood that Blacks dominate.

    A great many whites today see this for what it is. Uncle Ben may be controversial to liberals perhaps, but whites today walk the baby aisles in retail stores and notice that at least two-thirds of all the babies on the diaper packages are nonwhites. They notice that nearly every ad on TV or the internet – from minor to major – depicts nonwhites and excludes white men. They see on the covers of magazines scores and scores of nonwhites. Yes, some here noticed it before the sheeple, and were quick to heap scorn on them. It’s different now: most whites are aware of this. This is a new sensation and they’re either confused, scared, feeling helpless or all the above. I for one will contribute as much as I can to illuminate voter fraud, so that the Anti-White Coalition will at least not succeed so easily. Then I think we must all turn our time, energy and money away from anything that undermines us and turn toward those causes and organizations that empower us. The best time to do this would have been generations ago, but the second best time is right now. Now is the time for action.

  63. Whites that are still falling for being cowed by charges of racism, are effectively shooting themselves in the foot and giving power to others. We know that every single groups in the world exhibits racism towards someone and whites therefore need to take it with a grain of sand. I’ve even gotten to the point that in the rare cases that someone has called me racist, I simply agree with them and end the conversation there. Whites are now last on the list of people who get shots.

  64. @NoobSpyBot

    It’s different now: most whites are aware of this. This is a new sensation and they’re either confused, scared, feeling helpless or all the above.

    I can understand these feelings, and I experience them myself, but we can’t forget one thing:

    Negro antics are hilarious!

    Read the police reports and/or grand jury testimony in the Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and George Floyd cases. It took thirteen .40 caliber hits to take down Brown the Brute. Look at the levels of fentanyl and other drugs in Floyd’s system. I guffawed when I saw that cop leaning on an obviously high George Floyd. Even better are the balloon-lipped portraits of their drug-addled savior painted on walls around the world, or the videos of one of his five funerals.

    That’s laugh-out-loud stuff.

    Go on the internet and find footage of the many negro riots over the last ten months. The rioters might as well have been back in the Congo. And they were burning down their own neighborhoods. In five years we’ll get another laugh when the MSM has serious articles about how there are no more grocery stores or other services in negro neighborhoods; they won’t acknowledge the riots as the very cause.

    This stuff is just too funny. Their behavior is so stereotypical, as are their excuses. Thus it ever was, thus it ever shall be.

    • Replies: @Trickster
  65. @Godfree Roberts

    This is about Whites and blacks and it has got nothing to do with the Chinese… your defense of your paymasters isn’t relevant.

  66. Weissberg pushing the jew race war agenda, the candle burns at both ends.

    Billionaire Jew (who else) George Soros is fomenting race war by financing the torching and burning of both black and white churches to foment “hate” by setting one race against another, if Trump does not sell out America for eternity to voter fraud.

    The coalition is officially affiliated with far-left national organizations People’s Action and CPD Action, both funded by the George Soros-backed Democracy Alliance aimed at “resisting” President Trump. Noting that Minnesota elections are administered mainly at the county level and as such “much of the process will be in the hands of local county officials,” the document goes on to warn that “such officials may be unfriendly or open to coercion by right-wing violence.”

    The document then notes a supposed rise in “white nationalist organization and activity” which has brought “multiple nights of infiltrator terror that targeted Black and brown business corridors and nearby neighborhoods” during “the most recent uprisings.”

    “It is possible Black churches may also become a target. St. Cloud and Duluth are also two cities to keep in mind given their proximity to large white nationalist geographies and demographic and ideological make-up,” the document warns. “Additionally, we know of white nationalist infiltration and organization at Greater Minnesota universities.”

    The document also calls to support preparation in communities “most at-risk of white nationalist attack.”
    “We expect any mass protest – no matter how positive – to create cover for further not pointed, unstrategic, infiltrated civil unrest and property damage in Minneapolis,” the document continues.
    The groups point to their “transformative” experience organizing during the George Floyd riots — the second most destructive in U.S. history — as a model for future rapid organization.

  67. @aandrews

    What’s funny is the stupid White people who still live there.

  68. Well, Mr. Weissberg, you can’t claim to be a semite and white.

    You are not on a white wo/man’s side.

    You’re doing this typical jewish thing: rekindling the hatred between black and white folks, coz it suits your tribe’s agenda.

    Nice try, but in my case, it won’t fly.

    Yes, go ahead and call me names [you know exactly what words come to mind first].

    I dare you…

  69. Why Are Jews Leading The Alt-Right & ‘White’ Nationalist Movements? White Supremacist Jews & the Ku Klux Klan

    Robert Weissberg?

  70. Skimming through, I was looking in vain for Mr Weissberg to point a finger at (((who))) was exacerbating the racial divide for political gain….

    • Replies: @Trinity
  71. Trinity says:
    @Spogus Bogus

    The fact that those who are funding these riots are not in jail tells you all you need to know. This is an orchestrated shit show.

  72. whodat says:

    The plan for a WOKE socialist takeover of government and society and media, is going to cause a reaction, maybe violent, and the left knows it, so before they get going in earnest, they have to build a pretext for their violent reaction to it. This is why they blame everything now, even in the face of 0 reasonable current examples, it because they intend to use the government agencies, Wray et. al. if the inevitable reaction occurs.
    This white nationalism reaction now is not in response to a current situation but to lay the predicate for violent repression when the reaction, which they intend to start soon, occurs .

  73. More things change, more they stay the same.


  74. @Ben the Layabout

    “The Gulag Archipeligo” is a great book, a must read, a cautionary tale.

    Solzhenitsyn mentions that had people been willing to fight back…..the horrors could have been prevented.

    Correction….Nazi Germany does NOT come anywhere NEAR the body count of Soviet Communism.
    Solzhenitsyn said the Jewish Bolsheviks slaughtered sixty six MILLION innocent Russians, and it was

    On the other hand, far less than six million Jews died in Germany, and most of them were not deliberately murdered…..most died from starvation and typhus.

    While FIFTY FIVE MILLION non-Jews died in that war and this figure is never recognized because only jewish lives matter.

    By the way, the German people were fighting against a jewish led communist takeover…..they were well aware of what had happened next door in Russia and they knew they were NEXT.

    For this reason you can’t compare the Bolsheviks and the Nazis. The Germans were trying to save their nation, while the Bolsheviks were (and still are) seeking world domination.

  75. @Robert Dolan

    Well Robert, I agree for the most part, but I think there are still plenty of “WASPS” around, it’s just that they’ve been poured into a Jewish moulds.

    Don’t worry, Catholics are pretty much following suit. John Roberts and his sort are excellent examples.

    The great ideal of Judaism is that the whole world should be imbued with Jewish teaching, and that in a universal fraternity of nations —an enlarged Judaism —all separate races and religious should disappear…. By their activity in literature and science, by expressing their dominant passion in every branch of public activity, they are gradually pouring into Jewish molds all non-Jewish systems and ideas.” (Jewish World newspaper, Feb. 9, 1863)

  76. Wake up says:

    I think it is safe to say that Whites would do very well in life without Blacks… I also think it is very safe to say that Blacks couldn’t survive without Whitey’s technology, medicine and many inventions.

  77. JWalters says:

    Your parallel is apt. The Jewish community has been emotionally brainwashed into thinking they’re genetically superior to all non-Jews. Then they can be manipulated into battles to defend their group. Much of the Euro community has similarly been brainwashed into thinking they’re genetically superior to the Afros. The brainwashed Jews rush to the barricades at the cry of “anti-Semitism”. The brainwashed Euros rush to barricades at the cry of “here come the blacks!”

    Weissberg says, “whites by their very existence are now responsible for all black tribulations.” This is a cartoon characterization, a straw man, put forth primarily by people who believe that Euros are genetically superior to Afros. It’s a way to express frustration in a more socially acceptable form, the simple promotion of common sense justice, while camouflaging the real frustration.

    Most whites today are not bigoted, because they are not white supremacists. They still want to avoid high-crime areas, however. But they understand that white supremacism, and the treatment of Afros that naturally flowed from that, is a major factor in the heavier burden of poverty that falls on the Afro community still to this day. (And that includes the CIA injecting their cocaine dealers into the Afro community.)

    For a two-sided overview of the evidence on IQ test score and race, see this comment.

    • Replies: @Anonymous

  78. …and then they came for…

    Priceless. Read the list, now described as “just thought starters”…by the way, how can Jews (like the woman quoted in the above), claim that they were slaughtered by White Supremism, when it only Germans (Nazis) and other whites, who are–also white–fought the Nazis.

    This is too good.


    Conspiracy Theory vs Official Story.

    Nuttery vs Buttery.

    Conspiracy Theorists on the one hand and Official Storists on the other.

  80. Miville says:

    Of course White racism is the mother of all evils : it is the mother of all Jewish innovations. Aryan people, believe it or not, did not equate at all racial superiority with whiteness of skin, but with harmony of traits that could otherwise come in various hues, and the skin colour they idealized as the most beautiful for the noblemen was a golden suntan. Jewish influence, mostly when it came to differentiate the value of sexual slaves, resulted in the cheesecake type of beauty becoming the norm among Europeans.

    • Replies: @PolarBear
  81. Anonymous[363] • Disclaimer says:

    Egypt was white asshole monkey

  82. Anonymous[363] • Disclaimer says:

    Haitians dont bitch like American blacks

    • Replies: @Trickster
  83. TREG says:

    “White racism is a pesky pathogen”
    ….and so is White Antisemitism.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  84. Wally says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    The madness & lies about the black condition gets worse.

    The Votes of Black Americans Should Count Twice

    other sources:

    No mention of massive slavery by black Africans which allowed them to sell their excess stock.

  85. anon[337] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    Thank god it was stolen .Can you believe this moron abusing the deplorable for next 4 yrs asking them sametime to enjoy the rape?

    Moron is gone. Stupid racism of the white has been exposed . Trump made good uses of the fear . I can understand why Trump is more popular in Israel -the most anti white anti Christian country in the world .

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  86. @TREG

    “White racism is a pesky pathogen”
    ….and so is White Antisemitism.

    We know the pathogen. Believe me.

  87. @James Scott

    They were simple labor used like we would use a machine today. Machines don’t really make things the people operating them do

    And the Black slaves were nothing more than “machines” the the whites operated to pick cotton.

    You merely add weight to the narrative that “White Racism as the Mother of All Evils”!

    I blame the jews who…

    Why don’t you just accept that the whites are merely “machines” the Jews operate to dominate the world? Therefore, the whites don’t deserve anything more than mechanical machines do.

  88. Alfred says:

    Hello GMC,

    I am very pleased that you are feeling better. You had me worried. I am no doctor so what you are getting means little to me.

    I searched for your comments. It seems that you also gave someone a “Thanks” today. Great.

    All the best from jolly Kiev. BTW, there was a big protest last Tuesday. I walked past the white flags but did not ask what it was all about. I try to stay away from crowds. A huge number of riot police were at hand – 200+

    Later, they protested violently against the 2 week lockdown that starts directly after the Orthodox Christmas. The cowardice and scheming of the politicians is plain for all to see. It seems 40 riot police were injured – mostly by gas canisters thrown at them by the protesters.

    Ukraine: Protesters, police clash at Kiev anti-lockdown rally

  89. BuelahMan says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Why do you spell “were”, “We’re”? Are you some sort of moron?

  90. Trickster says:

    You are right. They do not and neither do most West Indian blacks….until they arrive in the US and get indoctrinated by US blacks.

    Years ago one Jamaican fellow, an old style guy from the colonial era, who worked in my factory told me he was astonished when his nephew came to the US as a new immigrant. Within minutes of clearing customs and immigration the boy was into the white oppression/ slave thing. He asked him “Boy why did you come here if you hate the place so much?”. Apparently he did not get much of an intelligent answer but of course the reason was Whitey’s country was better than shit hole Jamaica and Brooklyn was better than a tin shack in a Kingston slum. The poor fellow soon fell in with the wrong crowd, served jail time and was deported. Shortly after arriving in Jamaica he was shot and killed by another black man whom he cheated out of a Chinese meal. The classic tale of the black man ??

    Still though we dont hear about Afro Jamaicans and Afro Haitians and Afro Barbadians…….

    Strangely enough mulatto Haitians rule the roost. Haiti may have black presidents and ministers but the real power lies in the ruling class comprised of whites (and many whites do live there) and mulattoes ie blacks mixed with white who consider themselves superior to blacks. Haiti used to be the jewel of the French crown but is now a ruin while the Dominican republic next door is better off.

    The black man is an unusual creature.

    You probably already know all this but I included it in my comments for the folks who may not.

  91. Trickster says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    This behaviour transcends time and space ie it is the same in Africa, the Caribbean and the US. Here are two stories of how neurotic these people are, not that we need any more. Both from the Caribbean.

    Tyrone comes home and has an argument with his wife because someone teased him she was talking and laughing with another man in the street. Tyrone stabs his wife multiple times to the heart and throat. He torches his own home he and his wife spent 15 years building. The house being made of wood and a generous soaking of kerosene added for good measure was soon an inferno. Two young kids and a grandmother were burned to a crisp. He fled to the local beer parlour where the police found him having a brew. Breaking a bottle he slashed his own throat while everyone watched.

    Bubba collects his salary monthly and he and the boys head out to the rum shop and drink every cent. Sadly he has 6 kids and a wife who are destitute as a result of his sporting habit. They get a little food and some money from the Grandmother who sells fruits and vegetables at a roadside stand made of scrap wood. The rum shop habit is so prevalent that the wives of the men who work there petitioned the employer to give them the money but this request is refused. Several of the more virago black wives turn up at the employer at pay day and seize the salary. If the man escapes with it to the rum shop they pursue him there and seize what is left to general teasing and taunts which often are followed by a fight and someone going to the hospital or morgue.

    Bubba;s wife though is tired of this continual game of cat and mouse. One night Bubba comes home and there is nothing to eat. He demands to know why. Who told his wife to tell him there was no food because he spends all his money on liquor. As the row escalates the Grandma who lived a few houses away comes over and offers to cook a meal for him in the hope of deescalating the situation. But Bubba is further enraged that anyone would intervene. Seizing a machete he severs Grandma’s arm and she escapes by jumping through the window her arm hanging by a thread. The kids run away as well. Bubba corners the wife and slaughters her. He lights up the house and escapes. Neighbours quickly put out the fire. Hours later Bubba is found hiding in a bush by the Police, who are also black. He attacks them and is shot through the spine and crippled for life. The poor fellow cannot afford a wheel chair . His employer, a white man, buys one for him at a thrift store in the US. He wheels it around the jail house until his sentence is served.

    No more employment for Bubba and thus no more rum. Bubba sits in his wheel chair outside his half ruined house and stares into space thinking about how things used to be and how they could have been. One day he somehow gets a bottle of Malathon and drinks the whole thing. Hubba Bubba. There is no money to bury Bubba and no family members come forward. So the Government dump him into an unmarked grave in the pauper section.

    Such is the back man whereever he may be and they wonder at their lot in life ! Whites need to avoid them at all costs. One never knows what if anything is going on in their heads and trying to find out can cost you your life.

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
  92. @anon

    I would submit that you have been exposed.

  93. bob jones says:

    South Africa was “racist”?

    no, it was realist

  94. Malla says:
    @Deep Thought

    Chinese Exclusion Acts

    Now the Chinese are excluding Africans after “stealing African resources.”

    Some Africans Banned from Hotels in China’s Guangzhou ? Dr. Mumbi Show

    How China ECONOMICAL Colonized Nigeria in 10 years?!

    CHINA IS KILLING OUR PEOPLE by Prophet Mikhael Massa Bantu Israelites

  95. Malla says:

    The black man is a chronic complainer. If he gets the vaccine first whitey is using him like a lab monkey. If he gets it last it is racism, whenever he does get it we are sterilizing him and if he never gets it, it is genocide.

    This constant complaining on every action taken is the core of post colonial or anti-colonial theory of demented Western leftard morons and their hate filled third world nationalist/leftard moron pals.
    Bruce Gilley, a Political Science PhD and Associate Professor at Portland State University has recently published a paper named ‘The case for colonialism ‘ in the THIRD WORLD QUARTERLY. From the paper:
    “Eminent scholars repeatedly make the logically contradictory claim that colonialism was both too disruptive and not disruptive enough, whether with regard to boundaries, governing institutions, economic systems or social structures, as evidenced in the short space of just two pages by Young. Africanists in particular applaud the work both of Herbst, who argued that colonialism did too little state-making, and Young, who earlier argued that it did too much New territorial boundaries are criticised for forcing social integration while old ones are criticised for reinforcing tribalism, a contradiction noted by Lefebvre. Marxist scholars found colonialism at fault when it did not invest in public health and infrastructure (showing a callous disregard for labour) and when it did (in order to exploit it). Colonialism is credited with near-magical powers to sweep away everything good in its path (like tribal chiefs or ethnic identity) and with equally magical powers to make permanent everything bad in its path (like tribal chiefs or ethnic identity).”.

  96. xcd says:

    “an ideology that dictates eventually wiping out their race”

    Such exploitation may even apply where the supposedly downtrodden constitute the majority. This applies to Malaysia and South Africa, the latter being a case of Animal Farm.

  97. xcd says:
    @Ben the Layabout

    Wake up. Capitalism is unchallenged in exploitation, brutality and genocide. Both domestically and as imperialism. What is the body count since World War 2 alone?

  98. AceDeuce says:
    @Deep Thought

    You go now! You talkee boo-schitt!

  99. PolarBear says:

    Of course Whites can be completely gold, which is the Indra ideal. First Jew woman described had black hair and eyes. For sex-slaves Jews likely went lighter. Most all Islamic harem favored light beauty. Some Arab slavers in Africa prized red beauty over the common Black. Beauty most beloved since ancient times was pale White skin with a youthful pink blush. I doubt Athenians and other Europeans got their ideal from Jews.

  100. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:

    Jesus! 835 words to say what?

    >”an ‘ethnic woman’…took off her COVID-19 mask, reached down and picked-up the [doggy] mess with her mask, and dumped the dog squeeze into a neighbor’s wheelie bin…PUT THE FACE MASK BACK ON OVER HER FACE.”

    Did she, though?

    Probably a publicity stunt by former porn-star Mia Khalifa to get her name in the news.

    Any videos of the dog actually dropping a deuce? Did she pick up…air? Tootsie Rolls? Any brown stain on the “used” mask?

  101. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:

    Whites are funny, especially white men.

    They yammer that Jews, blacks, feminists, and others are out to genocide them.

    Then they respond by doing nothing.

    Jews, blacks, feminists, and others see how cucked, cowardly, ball-less, pussified, whiney, and do-nothing Western white males have become…and logically decide to continue genociding them.

    COMPARE: the USA has tried for 20 years to destroy Afghanistan and failed. Why? Because Muslim men have cojones. They act. They take hits, retreat, endure, resist, regroup, and fight back. Christian manginas, on the other hand, self-castrate to remain compliant, docile eunuchs.

  102. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:

    > “white supremacism, and the treatment of Afros that naturally flowed from that, is a major factor in the heavier burden of poverty that falls on the Afro community still to this day.”


    Cry me a river, too. Next you’ll mewl that blacks’ failure-to-thrive is due to Whitey denying black silverbacks a tight pussy, loose shoes, and a warm place to shit.

    How “raysiss” to not hand Tyrone…standing on street corners all day smokin’ blunts while guzzling 40 oz malt-liquor…CEO positions!

    How “white” to deny Shaniqua…waddling her diabetic whaletude to Monique’s Weave-o-torium to culturally appropriate others’s hair…deanships at STEM schools!

    FACT: Every other group moves on. Legal immigrants arrive poor, learn English, obey rules, delay gratification, think long-term, study hard, pool resources, work their butts off…and end up sending their kids to Harvard on merit. Not blacks. Why?

    It’s either due to low IQs or lack of effort. In any case, who cares? If baboons choose to live on the bottom rungs of societies in violent, mooching, enstupidated, blame-mongering, irresponsibility-promoting, drug-addled, father-free shitholes…so be it.

    In the meantime, treat all black-majority enclaves like the Congo. Because they are. Welfare, in effect, has become foreign aid.

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