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When Failure Is Really Success
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Today’s America is a world of solutions and it is almost un-American to even hint that our most pressing problems are intractable and must be endured as one might suffer terrible weather. Even tribulations that have perplexed societies for millennia will be solved if we just do the research, roll up our sleeves and spend the money. Guaranteed.

Underlying this optimism is an assumption that clear-cut standards exist regarding “success.” So, for example, an anti-poverty program will be judged by how it uplifts people out of poverty. Moreover, the anti-poverty experts cannot possibly imagine recipients of the ameliorative effort disdaining the expert-provided definitions of “success.” Imagine if an anti-poverty policy wonk facing one failed nostrum after another finally concluded that millions of American liked being shiftless? Can any right-thinking do-gooder even picture Hillbillies chasing away the social workers shouting “we like doing nothing and getting high!”

Let me offer a contrarian view regarding calibrating social engineering endeavors: many failures reflect contrary definitions of “success”–one man’s failure is another man’s success.

Education abounds in failures that are really successes and this helps explain why all the billions spent regularly fail to move the achievement needle.

The sorrowful Baltimore’s public schools perfectly illustrate how failure can equal success. Let’s start with the alleged failure. According to recent state data, one-third of High Schools in Baltimore, despite spending on average $16,000 per year per studen t (a total of $1.4 billion), did not have a single student proficient in math while nine out of ten boys in the system could not read at grade level. Moreover, at another of Baltimore’s six high schools, a mere 1% tested proficient at math (all and all, 14 of 3804 scored “proficient” at math). Frederick Douglass High School boasted of an 87% graduation rate, but only a single student out of 185 scored proficient in math. And don’t believe the upbeat news that 70% of the students in the system actually graduate since it is now reported that nearly three quarters of Baltimore’s schools fudged the transcripts to fake the graduation statistics.

Now, how can one possibly deem Baltimore’s schools successful? To understand this apparent contradiction, imagine blacks in Baltimore trying to create high-paying jobs in the city. They might begin with the familiar Chamber of Commerce recipes—enterprise zones, tax abatements, luring foreign firms, and even creating city-subsidized “incubators” to jump-start local entrepreneurial techie ventures. All are iffy, to say the least, particularly since Baltimore has little to offer companies insisting on a well-trained, educated workforce.

There is, however, one guaranteed answer to their prayers: the city’s public school system for the simple reasons that one, schools are state mandated so Baltimore must have them and two, in today’s education obsessed world, there’s a ton of gold in them thar hills. In other words, schools would be the cash cow given that Washington and the state, and perhaps even some private donors, would gladly rush to subsidize them no matter how awful their performance. Best of all, since nearly everything was tax-funded and politically driven, there is no worry about private investors bailing out or closing everything down. And who could possibly reject the idea of investing in the children to build a prosperous Baltimore?

The winning business model is self-evident: make certain that the schools were academically dreadful and in such a way to provide African Americans with well-paying jobs not otherwise available in the private sector. Happily, much of this “success” can be accomplished on auto pilot: don’t enforce discipline, retain the most disruptive students, substitute fluff for serious learning, tolerate open smoking of marijuana and ignore schoolyard violence and vandalism. Meanwhile, classrooms supplies would mysteriously vanish while marginally qualified teachers and administrators would insist that the kids could not possibly learn anything since most equipment was either broken or missing. With this “program” in place, better students (disproportionally white or Asian) would quickly flee and test scores would hit rock bottom. Mission accomplished.

We are not claiming that this disaster was carefully orchestrated but it has proved a great success. There are now thousands of employees in the Baltimore school system plus a small army of outside consultants and contractors who earn in excess of $100,000 per year. A principal can top out at nearly $170,000 annually and even Assistant Principals and administrators can earn north of $125,000 a year, not bad given their “accomplishments.”

Going one step further, these numbers exclude all those whose livelihood depends on these schools turning out undisciplined, semi-literate “graduates” with terrible work habits. These range from a small army of school police to those providing remedial math and English instruction at community colleges. And let’s not forget the thousands of government and think-tank experts toiling away to invent the next “guaranteed” jargon-filled fix for Baltimore’s educational dystopia. Difficult to estimate cost for the nation as a whole, but given the significant number of other horrific school districts, millions of Americans owe their livelihoods to these certified educational disasters.

Indeed, the close-the-race-gap-in-academic-achievement mission alone is one of America’s leading make-work industries. (When Newark NJ received Mark Zuckerberg’s $100 million gift to close this gap, plus another $100 million in matching funds, it could hire $1000 a day consultants and though these consultant expenditures eventually totaled $20 million, their advice made no difference other than a modest jump in the easy-to-fudge graduation rate.)

A realist might even argue that this failure-equals-success model thrives given its superiority over any local career alternative. After all, given the choice of a career in the Baltimore schools versus say a job at Under Armour, a major Baltimore corporation, the benefits of the former for those of middling ability are indisputable. Public school jobs also outshine employment in charter schools where lousy results guarantee unemployment. That black civil rights organizations such as the NAACP or the Black Congressional Caucus bitterly oppose charter schools only confirms this failure-equals-success business model.


Realists might also contend that this deception is harmless given the intractability of the problem—trying to educate low-IQ youngsters disdaining education with dreadful home environments is equivalent to extracting blood from turnips. It is thus foolish to attempt miracle cures and a jobs program is Baltimore’s best option. Consider what might occur if, in fact, most students left school at 15—massive unemployment among blacks who otherwise would have had decent jobs. In other words, as deplorable as the Baltimore situation is, it could be worse.

Viewed broadly, dozens of these alleged failures in cities like Detroit, St. Louis, MO, Newark, NJ and Washington DC provide good-paying jobs to African Americans who would otherwise struggle to find comparable private sector positions and, here’s the bottom line regarding this wastefulness: the standard of success should be the whether racial peace accompanies the deceit. Calculated in these harsh cost/benefit terms, Baltimore and the likes are a resounding success. Consider the downside if private firms where hired to perform educational miracles and began their hard-nosed quests with massive firings and draconian cost-cutting measures? What private firm responsible only to is stockholders would double down as test scores continued to decline?

A gulf between a policy’s ostensible mission and the measure of its “true” accomplishment is hardly limited to education. A similar gap exists in failed early childhood intervention programs like Head Start whose official purpose is to close race-related cognitive gaps but, like “failed schools” it has become a government make jobs program. Similar in duplicity are expensive outreach programs directed at the curing mental illness among homeless population, a perfect recipe to cure joblessness among middle class professionals while simultaneously strengthening public unions. Ditto for foreign aid to Africa—hopeless but lucrative, Meanwhile, thanks to the current mania over sexual harassment and inclusion, universities create make-work positions whose unstated purpose is to boost the school’s diversity numbers.

All of these examples raise the question of whether honesty is the best policy when examining government funded programs that inevitably only expand as failures mount. Should Congress enact a Truth in Labeling law to strip away duplicitous language? Now, Head Start might be re-branded as The Federal Child Welfare Employment Act in light of its iffy impact on academic achievement so tax-payers would know what they were buying. President Bush’s No Child Left Behind sould be The Educational Bureaucracy Expansion Act of 2001.

Let me suggest that honesty is often not the best policy, especially for keeping the peace. Using Noble Lies for this purpose is also deeply ingrained in our culture that insists we can fix even the most troublesome problem. Imagine the fallout from an honest discussion of Baltimore’s schools? Or foreign aid to Africa? Yes, most of the money might vanish but such is the price to pay when millions of Americans are best qualified for these government-funded make-work projects.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Blacks, Political Correctness, Public Schools 
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  1. llloyd says: • Website

    I did check to verify the smiling man in the photograph above is not Robert Weissberg. The article does have a certain sardonic African American humour to it. Will that annoy or amuse Robert?

    • Replies: @ia
  2. CK says:

    When benign neglect just won’t do.

  3. Forbes says:

    Education has long been a jobs program for adults, i.e. daycare for adolescents, with student learning an accidental by-product.

  4. Dansidea says:

    Really good article Mr Weissberg- made me consider what the money is really paying for. As stated these programs all start out with good intentions to solve a problem but become a form of “gaming the system.” And if the culture reinforces the merits of “doing as little as possible “ but still garnishing the benefits of a position as a status symbol it’s pretty easy to see how self sustaining it becomes.
    I hadn’t considered the societal benefits of these programs as disguised welfare before, maybe Zuckerberg and the other “Basic Income” people do see it that way hence their positions? Instead of paying for schools and security and books just give the money directly as it will be more efficient?

    Doesn’t really matter anyhow as at some point the money runs out and the whole scam implodes..

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  5. Anonymous [AKA "RightFlight"] says:

    Bingo!! Great article.

  6. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    We had Robocop.

    How about Robo-teach?

  7. NPR did a three-part series on a DC high school for troubled boys. DC now has two policies for the entire school district that ensure high graduation rates. First, when students do no homework at all they will receive a grade of 50%. Second, a student only needs to pass one of four quarters in a school year and they will be promoted to the next year. So if they pass one quarter with a C, they can flunk the other three quarters and pass the course for the year.

    The part about the policies begins at 20:46 of the Nov 1 episode, but all three parts do a great job of explaining what a “make jobs” project public education is.

    • Replies: @JackOH
    , @Ed
  8. From the other side of the Atlantic, my idea is that making money, a lot of money, is the primary yardstick of success in the USA.
    There are exceptions, of course, Richard Feynman refused to belong to a prestigious mutual admiration club, but was always ready to lecture to groups interested in science.
    Here in Europe programmes about rebuilding old cars can be seen regularly.
    I must say that USA mechanics do amazing things, cutting, making new parts, and welding.
    However, in my view most of the time their creations consist of wrecking old cars, and rebuilding something of which I wonder if it is little more than the conversation piece.
    But these particular conversation pieces have price tags that stagger me.

  9. Really, Mr W, what a piece of sophisticated junk your article is. But to give credit when its due: you know your audience & you know what buttons to push.
    So, we’re going to stick the boot into public education (wow, a Herculean task in itself) — ok, lets use a really objective case study — no, not some average school in the mid-west, no, lets go with … Detroit?… or … Baltimore ! BINGO !
    Excellent. A city which for a million & one reasons is a complete disaster, never mind its “education system” .

    Now, let’s have a nasty little thesis which (again ) we know will press the all right buttons: the Baltimore education system succeeds when it fails. Every failure drags in extra funding, its all about make-work for a load of (essentially) parasitical government employees (teachers, administrators etc … actually, “public servant” & “parasite” is a tautology). Its also a perfect example of the wider Evil of general “do-gooder-ism”.

    Now, we know that Baltimore is a complete shithouse — so we wont sheet home the sins of public education to, say, the disgusting corruption endemic to the context — no, the problem is entirely localised in “public education” … & really, “Public anything”…(oh, & “blacks” & “the shiftless” etc etc)
    Plenty examples of systemic failure: list some relevant examples. No one is going to contradict because they’re 99% TRUE: ie Baltimore.

    Again — allow no context. Don’t reflect on the fact that since at least Bush II, the US has been wedded to the toxic failure which is “standardised testing”. Teachers across the US desperately “teaching to the test” to avoid somekind of mandated federal or State punitive action against the “failed” school (sticks & carrots = its Psych 101). Consequences such as teachers gaming the system & educational failure because standardised testing (beyond being a small strand of the much larger educational assessment strategy) is CRAP (the same Taylorist mind-set gave us such successes as “body counts” in Vietnam.)

    All that wasted money ! Never mention, say, the TRILLIONS which the Dept of Defence has simply mislaid, never mind the 100’s of billions in actual waste. Like comparing a goldfish to a blue whale. But, hey, at least the shiftless & blacks didn’t get it …or WORSE, public servants

    And, it goes without saying that a Private, business model of education would be a success: “Consider the downside if private firms where hired to perform educational miracles and began their hard-nosed quests with massive firings and draconian cost-cutting measures? What private firm responsible only to is stockholders would double down as test scores continued to decline?”
    Mr W does mention charter schools in passing. He does not refer to the plethora of documented problems with such “private firms”. ( ) Better just to refer to “hard-nosed” “massive firings” , “draconian cost cutting” & by implication the whole universe of well established “private, free etc etc is always best cliches.
    Yes, Mr W does know how to press the right buttons — on his own premises he does do a good bit of work on the whole public education, do-gooder government failure thing. Indeed, Mr W appears to be wonderful piece of work himself….

    • Replies: @JSM
    , @lavoisier
    , @Wizard of Oz
  10. There is an analogous “industry” at the university-educational level, essentially a “compliance” piece that employs armies of high-paid, make-work “diversity & inclusion” specialists who hector and bully the administrators. At a major university a typical “VP for Diversity and Inclusion” will make 150K and have an enormous staff. What is “success” for these folks? More diversity employees.


    • Replies: @TheBoom
  11. JackOH says:

    “First, when students do no homework at all they will receive a grade of 50%.”

    That exact policy has been publicly proposed by the head of one academically distressed local school district here. The head of the teacher’s union has publicly opposed the idea. It’s hard for me to tell exactly what’s going on.

    I pretty much agree with you and other commenters here that a big chunk of education is a jobs program or transfer payments scheme wrapped inside a classroom. I’d especially look at secondary education and higher education. There’s no disparagement of any student intended or implied by noting that school just ain’t for everyone. But, education is so dubiously embedded with other stuff, like economic growth, credentialism, the Duke Power (?) decision, that getting political leaders to pay attention is tough.

    • Replies: @Ed
  12. TheBoom says:
    @Stephen Paul Foster

    Are you sure about $150K for diversity VP? I’ve come across salaries of $200K or more in academia and the private sector? The ability to hire under qualified workers in sufficient numbers is a skill set that is in high demand. Just don’t be like the Apple Diversity honcho who just had to quit after noticing that diversity could mean all white people with different mindsets.

  13. (((Robert)))

    Its long past the time where you can trash the blacks and affirmative action for a ‘get out of the concentration camp free card’- youll have to do much better than that. Blacks are a problem only because jews have made them a problem. Remember we used to enslave them 10-1 no problem, then came Jews. so, if you really want to prove jews can be white men then do what needs to be done and turn your sights on jews, you can even point out how exactly they bribe coerce and brainwash their running dog goodwhites as long as you makes sure the jews are included.You can even point out the proto progressivism of the goodwhites as long as you show how the jews subtly changed it to weaponize it.

    But if youre going to just bash the pavement apes well, theres no one who doesnt know all this, not even the most cucked lefty goodwhite doesnt get what the porch monkey is, what they need to understand is how the jew tuned the situation to his own benefit

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  14. jim jones says:

    I agree that education is a jobs program, especially targeted at women. Here in the UK the entire Public Sector seems to exist solely to give women easy jobs with excessive pay.

  15. TG says:


    Just look at our ongoing pointless war in Afghanistan. We’ve sunk, what, a trillion dollars into that quagmire, to no effect, and we keep on.

    Failure = profit!

    During the 2016 presidential campaign, when Donald Trump said that maybe we should pull out of Afghanistan and spend the money on ourselves, the corporate press sputtered that he was “literally Hitler.” Then Trump finally bucked under pressure, shot a few missiles at Syria, no more talk about not spending money on pointless wars, and the liberal hatred of Trump has declined to the usual slow burn harmless ritual level. Because there is SO much money to be made in all that pointless military spending….

    A big part is that, when spending money on failures, whatever they are, there is a tremendous amount of profit to be made. It doesn’t matter how much money is stolen, or how much we pay incompetents, because making a fundamentally failed enterprise inefficient or corrupt doesn’t matter! A successful enterprise, however – public or private – is not so profitable, because theft or corruption will be visible and will break it.

    The only thing that can reign in this natural tendency for failed enterprises to collect more and more of the national income, and to generate more and more vested interest in continuing and expanding said failed enterprises, is to have an elite that cares about the society as a whole and that takes the long view. Which we don’t have.

    • Agree: Carroll Price
  16. David says:

    This article is a slapdash of opinion, a few stats any black school in the country could match, or any government social program could serve for the example, and a lot of tedious repetition.

    Government missions tend to become jobs programs. And the more they fail, the more resources are sent their way.

    I agree with the point but it could be made in a paragraph.

    “A realist might even argue that this failure-equals-success model thrives given its superiority over any local career alternative.” That’s what Mr Weissberg has just been doing, at length.

    When did anyone say, “guaranteed?” Only the author, so he could mock it.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  17. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    When Success Is Really Failure!!

    The pathetic nightmare of the pagan polytheist spiritually bankrupt West!

  18. JSM says:

    You sound just like a grown-up example of those school yard bullies Mr. Weiss references, dissing the playground monitor.

    “I dindu — I mean, Baltimore schools dindu nuffin. And, anyway, look at what those other kids, like The Department of Defense, did. And, anyway, it’s not my fault, his nose should not have been in the way of my fist, and so it’s YOU, Mr. Weiss, who’s the bad guy, cuz how DARE you say we are lying when we say we’re trying to do right by kids? We are NOT!! I’m gonna run home and cry!”

  19. All that it would take to fix a myriad of such problems is a $5000 gift or one “get out of jail free card” in exchange for a vasectomy. I absolutely guarantee positive social and economic results within one generation. We could call it “Your No Children are Our Future.”

    • Replies: @Cato
    , @gustafus
  20. renfro says:

    ” One of the biggest cross-national tests is the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), which every three years measures reading ability, math and science literacy and other key skills among 15-year-olds in dozens of developed and developing countries. The most recent PISA results, from 2015, placed the U.S. an unimpressive 38th out of 71 countries in math and 24th in science. Among the 35 members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which sponsors the PISA initiative, the U.S. ranked 30th in math and 19th in science”

    US education keeps dropping like a stone in world rankings.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  21. Mefobills says:

    I did check to verify the smiling man in the photograph above

    It’s interesting psychology to use a smiling Mulatto in photograph, sort of the Jewish weapon turned around. Implication is that cross-breeding with whites is not improving Baltimore either. Normally the mulatto is held up as the paragon of virtue, the magick negro (by the Jewish press of course.)

    How far does racial dilution have to go for success by white civilizational standards? Quadroons (1/4 black), Octaroons (1/8 black)?

    There is another complicating factor of micro-evolution. That is, the paying of black women to have children. Dysgenics is operative, creating low IQ people who rely on the state, with simultaneous break down of families.

  22. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    This falls somewhat short of the Swiftian standard of satire. Obviously, all those sugar-fed, brain-dead, lard-arsed kids should be transported to the nearest Swift Foods plant on graduation and turned into sausage meat.

  23. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    US education keeps dropping like a stone in world rankings.

    The Indispensable Nation, a town on a hill, a light unto the nations.

    This is where we are heading folks: universal stupidity, brought to you by the bureaucratic state, courtesy of the ruling elite: to be followed by a great die-off, wouldn’t you expect?

    What, after all, is the point of educating people when robots and AI will do the job for a tiny elite so much more efficiently, and at a fraction of the cost, and without a swarm of people needlessly consuming resources, polluting the air and water, and generally blighting the landscape with their miserable homes, their hideous shopping malls, and their ghastly resorts for rest and recreation.

  24. Much of the animosity towards whites is to cover the the black fails. As long as the fiction of Affirmative Action is in place, as long as no one has the guts to say, “Look. Blacks are inferior b/c nature made it that way,” then the it will not be okay to be white.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  25. wrd9 says:

    The ” incompetent minorities public job scheme” is very likely the reason why Trump has not severely cut the size of the federal govt as he promised. Perhaps, after the 2018 midterm elections, he can afford to do so.

  26. A competent analysis of most components of the economy would come to the same conclusion. 60% of the “work” performed in America is superfluous, and 30% of it lowers our standard of living.

    Either man tries to colonize the solar system, or we need to revert back to simple agrarian lives. There are no other sane options.

    • Replies: @Ace
  27. Itz the same story in every city that has a black population.
    In my city the races are almost equally divided amongst blacks, browns and whites.The public school populations are a little bit different as whites comprise only 8 percent of the racial total.
    A while (15 years) ago to stem the tide of white people leaving, the city decided to build a brand new school and entrance to that school would be based on eight grade scores and an entrance test only.The public school leaders were shocked when it was found out the 75% of the freshman class would be white children.
    They immediately nullified the results and imposed quotas on the white children and would allow only up to 35 percent.
    The blacks are turning the United States into a third world nation.The nations education schools are turning out deluded young white women who think they can change the world.

    • Replies: @Backwoods Bob
    , @Rod1963
  28. That picture is making me physically ill.

  29. polaco says:

    I understand less and less is expected of all students because of the inabilities of blacks and Hispanics. But because these groups really have culturally nothing to do with America, they just happen to be there, racial differentiation should be used when comparing these rankings. Today kids who want to learn can do so on their own like never before, and people should question the necessity of public education. The whole public sector is problematic and everybody here knows this, seventeen year old supermarket cashiers are a much higher class of people, more intelligent, competent, and responsible than any government worker. But I’m not against government, in a free society those who want politicians to run their lives can have them, and all the departments and laws they want, they should just keep it to themselves, bear the total cost, pay the necessary taxes, and leave the rest of us alone. This is just my wishful thinking.

    • Replies: @polaco
    , @pB
  30. lavoisier says: • Website

    Look, there has to be some way to measure knowledge.

    Do you have a better idea to evaluate knowledge than standardized tests?

    If you do, please share that with us.

    • Replies: @Bill
  31. lavoisier says: • Website
    @James Speaks

    Get rid of affirmative action.

    Let individual talent speak for itself.

    Sorry chum, SOME blacks are a hell of a lot smarter than most whites.

    • Replies: @James Speaks
    , @renfro
  32. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Colleen Pater

    Slavery was pure evil and I am a racial realist wedded to an acceptance of natural selection.

    Your defense of this evil does nothing but embolden your enemies to think of you as nothing but white trash in need of their supervision.

    There is no hope to challenge the ruling orthodoxy with indefensible and morally reprehensible ideas.

    • Replies: @Colleen Pater
    , @Bill
  33. @animalogic

    Either we didn’t read the same article or your style (at certain times of day after ingesting some substances maybe) is agitated diffuse response to a range of triggers.

  34. @David

    You miss the point of this very traditional essay in an old established style. He proffers the dispiriting thought that all the waste and humbug associated with much of education and public sector employment should perhaps be tolerated on the ground of its contribution to racial peace.

    • Agree: Triumph104
  35. @europeasant

    The most anti-science position that matters politically is the denial of intelligence genetics.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  36. Rod1963 says:

    Reminds me of Belmont school in Los Angeles. More palace than school that ended housing the kids of illegal aliens. They were given the best of everything including Apple tablets(which ended up stolen or dropped into toilets, etc).

    Just reinforced the old saying that you can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse.

    That said, most teachers and staff are rabid lefties and hate white students.

    This is why no white person with money will let their kid attend a public school anymore.

    Public schools thanks to court fatwas no longer filter out the bad apples, the mentally deficient and the thug in training. Instead they are mainstreamed and socially promoted to insure no one learns anything and the normal kids hate school and learning.

  37. @lavoisier

    I do not find it necessary to disparage a posting/poster by referring to him as ‘chum.’ Yet, you did, and that one word lessens the impact of your reply.

    That some blacks are more intelligent than most whites is factual, but also irrelevant. At issue is the hostility most blacks express towards all whites as a response to their horror at discovering that life in the jungle did not prepare them to compete socially, educationally or culturally with most whites.

    I also suspect that the low-hanging fruit trait impairs their ability to make ethical decisions in the abstract.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  38. renfro says:

    ” Sorry chum, SOME blacks are a hell of a lot smarter than most whites.”

    More accurate to say SOME whites are smarter than most whites.
    More accurate to say SOME backs are smarter than most blacks.
    More accurate to say MOST whites are smarter than most blacks.
    More accurate to say SOME blacks are smarter than some whites

    sorry , that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @lavoisier
  39. For 36 years borrowing to spend was a prolific money tree.

    For each dollar borrowed & paid to a make-work job holder (who promptly sent that dollar cascading through the GDP economy & putting smiles on economists’ faces), a second dollar of wealth appeared out of nowhere and was added to the wealth counted in the bond market.

    No matter how many IOU’s were issued it appeared that we could afford an endless line of make-work job holders (and everything else bought with borrowed money.)

    Yes, it worked for a while.

    No, it won’t work forever.

    When it ends, all those addicted to the game will be destitute. And the cities will burn.

  40. ia says:

    When I click on your website link I get a “can’t find sargonpress server.” Sardonic humor of the African-American strain in spades.

  41. Cato says:

    It’s true that nothing else has worked. It’s also true that the participants in this program would be volunteers preferring $5000 over future progeny. The soundness of the idea might be evidenced in the fact that it has already been tried, by philanthropists, without any government involvement ( ). But try to imagine the unintended consequences, were such a program to scale up. One such consequence could well be screams of genocide, and exhortations for black folk to have lots of babies in order to thwart genocidal whites. The problem could well become worse.

  42. A sham educational system is like free cell phones in that both are much cheaper than re-building burned-downed cities.

  43. renfro says:

    You are going to laugh (or cry) when you see why some were picked….

    10 African Americans named Rhodes scholars, most ever–politics.html

    here’s two of them:

    Thamara V. Jean, of Brooklyn, New York, completed her senior thesis at Hunter College of the City University of New York on the Black Lives Matter movement. Jean is a child of Haitian immigrants, according to Debbie Raskin, a spokeswoman for Hunter College

    Calvin Runnels, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is the second self-identified transgender Rhodes scholar from the U.S., following Pema McLaughlin, who was named a winner last year. A senior at the Georgia Institute of Technology, he has organized rallies in solidarity with the immigrant community and led efforts to increase the number of gender-neutral bathrooms on campus. Runnels will study biochemistry at Oxford

    • Replies: @Ed
    , @Wizard of Oz
    , @Triumph104
  44. Ace says:
    @Low Voltage

    The solar system will never be colonized. There’s no point in trying. Here’s a test: colonize the Sahara Desert as a demo.

    • Replies: @Cato
    , @Low Voltage
  45. Cato says:

    I’m with you. When I look about, at the blue skies, the scudding clouds, the birds, the green leaves–all this makes life wonderful, and worth living. A sterile compartment on Mars? With only the barren plain stretching to the horizon? It’s a rare human who would choose to live off Earth.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  46. @Cato

    Here’s how humans will be established on extra-terrestrial planets – eventually, after who can tell how many false starts. Millions of capsules of DNA, not all human, will be sent on voyages of hundreds of years, under the control of artificial intelligence which will eventually choose the best exoplanet prospect and proceed to germinate its Noah’s Ark of DNA and eventually educate the new humans in their ancestors’ history and culture. Eventually, in a thousand years or so, any surviving distant cousins on earth may receive messages of greeting and goodwill. Perhaps our terrestrial descendants who live for 200 years or more will be pleased to engage in correspondence with their cousins despite having to wait 40 years for a reply.

    When I proffered this to some young people recently one of their parents said it was bound to be a commonplace of science fiction. But I don’t read that. Is it?

    • Replies: @Hu Mi Yu
    , @Bill
  47. @renfro

    Why “more accurate”. Surely a smart reasonably well educated person would say that the truth value of each statement is identical, or, more likely, that they are all equally accurate.

  48. Ed says:

    The problem is that even though we maintain this Faustian bargain, the unemployment rate among black males in the cities the author mentions are above 50%.

    I say we start tracking, using tests & GPA to filter students out in the 8th grade.

  49. Nothing would please me more than to see Bill Gates blow his entire personal fortune of $80B attempting to improve black IQ. Or maybe he’ll wise up and realize the easier way to go about it would be to bribe the Ivy League into becoming 100% black. If it’s true as Gates and all his fellow libtards assert that all blacks are just diamonds in the rough, victims of circumstance who otherwise could’ve been the next Isaac Newtons or Beethovens, go ahead and give them the best opportunities out there.

    Let them all get the best education money can buy at the Ivy League and all our top private colleges, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, MIT, Stanford, Chicago, Duke, Berkeley, let them have at it, 100% black enrollment. Allow these top institutions to polish them all into diamonds as they supposedly did all their former graduates for the past 3-4 millennia. Turn all our top 25 schools 100% black until average black income equals that of whites, however long that takes. While we’re at it, make sure all our top firms in Wall Street, Silicon Valley, media and academia also employ these top black graduates exclusively. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, BofA…all 100% black.

    Let’s see where we are in 25 years.

    It’s time for us to find out once and for all what makes these elite institutions, elite. Let’s find out if people are really all perfectly interchangeable and we are all just a product of our circumstance, as these libtards like to tell us. I think this is a social experiment well worth having.

    • Replies: @Backwoods Bob
  50. Ed says:

    Listened to this series as well as the debrief among the reporters. What a depressing series and the part about the lowered standards was shocking only regards to that it was openly stated district policy.

    Another interesting feature was the the higher income parents pulling their kids from the school after a quarter or so. There’s just too much cultural dysfunction among inner city blacks to make much of a dent in their progress.

    • Replies: @Triumph104
  51. Ed says:

    I forget where I watched or read it but this is an open secret among big city black preachers. Since many of their parishioners are teachers they are very sensative to any proposed reduction in teacher jobs, school closures etc.

    In many cities closing under utilized schools in black areas become politically fraught not because the actual residents or parents care. They become fraught because of church and union agitation.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  52. Ed says:

    What a perfect metaphor for the current state and trajectory of the Anglosphere. Rhodes must be rolling in his grave.

  53. Trump was such a moron bailing out the 3 UCLA basketball thugs detained in China for shoplifting. This is what LaVar Ball, one of the player’s dad had to say:

    “Who?” Ball said when Markazi raised the topic. “What was he over there for? Don’t tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out,” he added.

    Trump is so desperate to be loved by blacks and the libtards it’s getting pathetic. He should’ve just let these scumbags go to jail in China, where they belong. The Chinese have video evidence showing them shoplifting from multiple stores not just the Louis Vutton.

    Ball also insisted that the crime his son was accused of was no big deal.

    “As long as my boy’s back here, I’m fine,” Ball said, continuing:

    I’m happy with how things were handled. A lot of people like to say a lot of things that they thought happened over there. Like I told him, “They try to make a big deal out of nothing sometimes.” I’m from L.A. I’ve seen a lot worse things happen than a guy taking some glasses. My son has built up enough character that one bad decision doesn’t define him. Now if you can go back and say when he was 12 years old he was shoplifting and stealing cars and going wild, then that’s a different thing.

    “Everybody gets stuck on the negativity of some things, and they get stuck on them too long,” he concluded. “That’s not me. I handle what’s going on, and then we go from there.”

    That in a nutshell, sums up why black culture is so fucked up. Every transgression is seen as justified because they’re black. And who made them that way? Thank the libtards who run our media and academia, and were behind the civil rights movement. America will not see it’s glory days again until we are rid of the black thug and libtard cancer.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Backwoods Bob
  54. @renfro

    “why some were picked”??? I didn’t see that though the 10 out of 32 does seem very very very odd!

    I think the “leadership” element of the criteria must have come to form a very big part indeed of the decisionmaking process and, if so, it will be interesting to see who gets led and where to.

    Your link didn’t work for me. Here’s what migjt be a better one.

  55. @Ace

    I agree: First, the Sahara, then on to Antarctica. It doesn’t matter if we ever get there. The point is that human ambition would have a purpose. If we aren’t committed to technological progress, then we might as well listen to rap music and get high.

  56. JackOH says:

    “In many cities closing under utilized schools in black areas become politically fraught not because the actual residents or parents care. They become fraught because of church and union agitation.”


    We had a very gutsy Black superintendent here who’d been under heavy fire from the majority Black school board publicly say that the major problem in his schools was “low-quality minority parents.” I think those were his exact words, or very much close to them, as reported in the local paper. Bless him.

    FWIW-I once got into a friendly debate with a high school principal. Q: Why are America’s test scores so abysmal? A: Well, it’s because America teaches and tests a broad and diverse population. Q: Wouldn’t it make sense to economically adjust ends and means by primary and secondary school tracking, and greater selectivity in college admissions? A: Are you against democracy? To paraphrase Kurt Cobain: smells like an entrenched, self-justifying bureaucracy. (BTW-the principal was White in a mostly White school district with middling performance.)

  57. Truth says:
    @Another Realist

    Well, you have to look at it totally critically right now, Big Chief; you’re thinking about Lavar Ball right now, and have been for weeks. He ain’t “thinkin” about you.

  58. Hu Mi Yu says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    When I proffered this to some young people recently one of their parents said it was bound to be a commonplace of science fiction. But I don’t read that. Is it?

    There have been a few stories that had this right, but I can’t recall the names. Recent scifi finds this theme too technical. Instead they like to assume some sort of faster-than-light travel (Star Trek warp drive). Especially favored is black holes as wrinkles in space-time that allow you to instantly jump distance and/or time. The practical obstacle that tidal forces would be so strong as to tear molecules apart and kill every living thing are overlooked by the writers and denied by the fans.

    Carl Sagan did some interesting early work on this that reads like science fiction. He accurately calculated the relativistic effects, but he lost it when he began counting on some kind of magnetic funnel ramjet that would derive energy by fusing the hydrogen in free space. Also overlooked were the solid bits of comet and asteroid that would have to be dodged.

    Sagan is also the source for the pseudoscientific claim that global warming may turn the Earth into a Venus-like planet. I read his short paper on this in the 1970s, and I was unsure why it bothered me so much. Then I realized his thesis was that Earth and Venus were created in their present state: hence denying evolution. Climate panic has a lot in common with early Christian millennialism. I had hoped western civilization had learned something since the days of the Crusades, but apparently not.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  59. @Ed

    Even though the official district policy doesn’t require that kids do any work, every DC high school now has to offer at least eight advanced placement courses. Not surprisingly, there are schools like Ballou High and Anacostia High with a 0% (zero) AP exam pass rate.

    The black parents that put their sons in Ron Brown High were either deluded, thinking that every child is educable or they wanted to scare their son straight.

    • Replies: @Ed
  60. @renfro

    It takes a few days for a list of all the black Rhodes scholars to come out. Usually black media outlets list the names complete with photos. Like recent years, the black children of immigrants are overrepresented – at least three of the 10 blacks are this year. One has parents from Haiti, another’s parents are from Kenya, and the third was born in Germany to parents from Cameroon. I’m sure some of the other seven “blacks” are mixed race.

    Three of the service academies have a scholar this year (Army, Navy, Air Force). This is probably payback for all the years that they didn’t and an acknowledgement that the academies are now SJW friendly. The black woman from West Point leads the Corps of Cadets. She may be mixed race.

    All those selected from the US are accomplished in their fields of interest and deserving of their placement. Interests that the Rhodes foundation wants to promote.

    Only one Hispanic was named a scholar and he ain’t from the barrio. He is a Harvard math major, member of the tennis team, and Shakespeare aficionado. He attended a private high school in Houston and is related to 10 Harvard graduates. His father captained the Harvard freshman tennis team and his mother played tennis at Yale.

  61. @Another Realist


    Reminds me of the argument over minimum wage.

    Quit messing around and peg the minimum wage at $150 an hour if you claim it doesn’t cause unemployment.

  62. MattinTX says:

    “provide good-paying jobs to African Americans who would otherwise struggle to find comparable private sector positions”

    Good-paying jobs to African-American *women*. A quick look at the Baltimore schools directory will verify that the majority of higher up administrative personnel (including principals) are black women. This is the reverse of most government agencies, where the majority of the clerical staff are African-American women.

    It seems that all levels of government have figured out how to make work for African-American women. They have been less successful with black men.

  63. lavoisier says: • Website

    Assuming the average white IQ is 100, 50 percent will be below this number, 50 percent above.

    One in seven blacks will have an IQ higher than this based on an estimated black IQ of 85 in the United States.

    The precise definition of most is a bit elusive, but I think the term majority to be roughly equivalent to the definition of most.

    Given this, roughly one in seven blacks in the United States will have an IQ that is higher than the majority of white individuals (Based on average IQ of 85 and one standard deviation of 15)..

    While clearly not a lot to write home about (The Talented Tenth), it does argue that one cannot lump the entire black race as being inferior to the white race on IQ.

    Let individual talent stand on individual talent. That is the only hope for the races to co-exist in some form of meaningful and honest cultural exchange.

    • Replies: @renfro
  64. lavoisier says: • Website
    @James Speaks

    No offense intended.

    You make a good point. IQ differences do not necessarily reflect on the hostility quotient differences that may exist between the races as you suggest.

  65. @Another Realist

    The best thing you can teach young people is responsibility and accountability.

  66. gustafus says:

    Why do conservatives complain about Planned Parenthood… it rids us of these vermin.

    Pay them to stop having kids….. pay them to stay in their neighborhoods.

    Pay them to stay out of jail.

    It’s cheaper than what we’re doing…..

    a nigger is a nigger is a nigger….. My grandfather said this in Old Chicago ….. and grandma would titter… “Now Fred …. he’s so bad”

  67. Ed says:

    The education industrial complex is simply a sop for all of the poorly reasoned research produced by academia. Some PhD produces a paper that says black students don’t do well because they lack access to AP courses and presto it becomes a right at inner city schools.

    It’s as if basic common sense has left the building.

  68. @lavoisier

    You need a little reading comprehension work, I didnt defend slavery, I pointed out the jews little red herring about how i need fear the black man was absurd, blacks are not taking over any more than amerindians are successfully conquering us by invasion, this is an inside job orchestrated by jews who think they are safer as a model minority among a throng of brownshirt less ideal minorities.

    But just for fun I’ll defend slavery now. But first let me say your superstitious “till every drop of blood drawn with the lash….” magical thinking while silly its never the less true that the elites of yesteryear certainly left america a bag of shit to clean up, and we would certainly be better off without any africans ever setting foot on our soil.

    And now to the real race realism the one they didn’t teach you at breitbart. First off, no men ever were created let alone equal,equality doesnt exist in nature, in fact natures very source code is based on competition among the unequal. Slavery has always and every where in every race and place a human (as well as other animals) evolutionary survival strategy.Well at least until white men decided to try and eradicate it a couple hundred years ago. There’s no such thing as good and evil. Only survive and reproduce genes by any means possible or perish.Your stiff upper lip fair play ideas about is actually going to be the cause of the most unimaginable human suffering ever on the planet. Your silly superstitious squeamishness is whats led to the situation we have, youre not a race realist youre a cuck. You simply cant face natures coldness, and hope to be able to bargain for just a little exception if only for slavery. you fucking moron thats exactly how this started. slavery may not have been a good strategy by 1600 for euro man but bargaining with nature about squeamish exceptions was the pandora’s box of utter faggotry. Once you start rummaging through that box with your little faggot christian jew slave morals theirs no where to logically stop until you are in the shackles. Thems the rules cuck its you or him dont like the rules take it up with GNON.

    As for “challenging the ruling orthodoxy”n LMAOROTFIT, you really are a silly sentimental faggot, you think the ruling (((orthodox))) can be convinced by your slave morality arguments? You moron they are using your superstition to further their own interests both the jews and their running dog wasp traitors partners.You are their only competition white boy, and newsflash its all about competition, so your cuck tears are the fuel of their gulfstreams. you want to “convince them” Put a bullet through their skulls. ask solitznetchin. Youre the only one they think of as white trash guys like me scare them, they know we are woke and we understand the game.Oh sure they will point at the ‘racist’ chicken and kill it to scare the cuck monkeys. But seriously how many neonazi skinheads do you really think are out their, they would fit in madison square garden.No managing you cucks weeping is their concern. your eternal hope for political solution and absolute refusal to go to war is the problem. (((They))) will simply put on more passion plays for you, introduce you to more shills that will really really drain the swamp this time.And laugh all the way to the bank for international settlements leaving you with title to the debts incurred to import more of your precious prison guards.You think they are browning and tranny-ing the military and police for diversity? You fucking moron, democracy is not going to save you its the process whereby you are taught to shut up and eat your gruel.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  69. renfro says:

    ” Assuming the average white IQ is 100, 50 percent will be below this number, 50 percent above.
    One in seven blacks will have an IQ higher than this based on an estimated black IQ of 85 in the United States.”>>>>>

    I am not really into the IQ measuring but I am into accurate statements and by your own numbers you reveal your own inaccuracy.

    You said….Some Blacks are Smarter than Most Whites.

    If (by your sources) Half of whites IQs are below 85 Half doesn’t equal Most does it?

    I dont care if you want to promote or defend blacks or whoever else but when you don’t know the difference between half and most people will naturally notice that.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  70. lavoisier says: • Website

    Most can be defined as a simple majority. If 51 people out of 100 voted for candidate A it would be reasonable to say that candidate A received most of the votes.

    Approximately one in seven African-Americans will be smarter than a majority of whites–most whites.

    Now that is not a huge number, but it is a real number, and suggests that there is considerable overlap between the racial groups. Certainly not identical, but enough overlap to at least hope for some level of racial interaction.

    And you certainly cannot argue against my statement that some blacks are smarter than most whites unless you believe that there are no blacks with an IQ greater than 100.

  71. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Colleen Pater

    You need to learn something about impulse control and anger management.

    And perhaps a refresher course on grammar.

    • Replies: @Colleen Pater
  72. Bill says:

    Yeah, since managerialism is the only possible system, the question can only be which tests we should give and what we should call them.

  73. Bill says:

    There is no hope to challenge the ruling orthodoxy with indefensible and morally reprehensible ideas.

    Beyond parody

  74. @Hu Mi Yu

    Thanks. It’s a pity I don’t have the energy or enthusiasm to make use of the idea. Perhaps I should find a ghost writer 🙂

  75. @lavoisier

    and you need some critical thinking instruction

  76. pB says:

    “should question the necessity of public education”

    the age of a family with a single bread winner are over,

    both parents work full time, = we got to send the kids of somewhere.

  77. Anonymous [AKA "Error"] says:

    despite spending on average $16,000 per year per studen t

    There’s a typo and dead link here, could you please fix this?

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