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What Would Obama, Left Have Said If Dylann Roof Were Muslim?
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Almost one year ago, Dylann Roof killed nine blacks at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Imagine if a political hack like Hillary Clinton or a Main Stream Media Cultural Marxist like CNN’s Sally Kohn had said this:

This was an act of hate and intolerance against Christians. We need to see this in the context of anti-Christian bigotry and violence around the country. Perhaps all the laws forcing Christian business owners violate their beliefs created the toxic climate where Roof decided to shoot up a Church. To the extent that Roof was a white supremacist who flew the Confederate battle flag, he perverted these causes. The vast majority of white supremacists and Southern heritage activists are law-abiding and decry violence, and we must take care to prevent backlash against them. Furthermore, we need to see this as a problem not of “white racism” but racism generally. Racism is Racism whether it’s shooting up a black church or supporting racial preferences for blacks in college admissions.

To quote the late Sam Francis, “she would have a great career as a pizza delivery girl.”

But this is exactly what Clinton, Kohn and the entire Democrat/ MSM Narrative Enforcement Complex said when gunman killed dozens of people at a gay night club during Gay Pride Weekend.

At first, many Leftists were flagrantly salivating over the possibility of using the tragedy to target gun owners and white Christians. The earliest news reports included utterly irresponsible speculation that the shooter was associated with “white hate movements” and he “hates diverse people.” [NBC ‘Law Enforcement Expert’ Blamed Orlando Terror Shooting on Anti-Gay ‘White Hate Groups’, by Warner Todd Houston, Breitbart, June 12, 2016]

Yet before the Sunday news programs, this narrative was stopped dead in its tracks. The shooter, Omar Marteen, turned out to be an ISIS supporter, the son of an Afghan immigrant who runs a pro-Taliban satellite TV show. Not your typical angry white male.

The gun control angle is even weaker, because Marteen worked for a Homeland Security Contractor and had both firearms and security guard licenses. Furthermore, despite its strict gun laws, France also suffered from a mass shooting for Islamic gunmen— making reactions like this from Think Progress’s Judd Legum [Email him] even more ridiculous than usual:

If the Left had any self-awareness, they would use the Orlando shooting to consider whether their c oalition of the aggrieved groups who have nothing in common besides hatred of mainstream American society is inherently unstable. You cannot honestly complain about “rape culture” and “misogyny” from white fraternity brothers while supporting immigrant groups who have no qualms about raping infidels, honor killings, or female genital mutilation. You cannot honestly complain about Christian pizzaiolos who don’t want to cater a gay wedding, while allowing in immigrants from cultures who want to throw homosexuals off buildings.

Donald Trump masterfully noted this contradiction in his speech after the attack:

Why does Hillary Clinton want to bring people here—in vast numbers—who reject our values? Ask yourself, who is really the friend of women and the LGBT community, Donald Trump with his actions, or Hillary Clinton with her words? Clinton wants to allow Radical Islamic terrorists to pour into our country—they enslave women, and murder gays.

[Transcript: Donald Trump’s national security speech, Politico, June 13, 2016]

Instead of engaging in self-scrutiny, however, many on the Left simply continued with their usual mantras. Thus the Human Rights Campaign, the country’s largest gay rights group, proclaimed “we must come together as a nation to affirm that love conquers hate” without acknowledging that the shooter was Muslim. Far from demanding an end to Muslim immigration, the HRC used the massacre to demand more resources for tracking “hate crimes” [Human Rights Campaign Statement on Tragic Shooting at Orlando Nightclub Serving LGBTQ Community, by Ianthe Metzger, June 12, 2016]

In his initial reaction, President Obama did not mention Islam at all, but rather focused on how the shooting is a “reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people in a school, or in a house of worship, or a movie theater, or in a nightclub.” He repeatedly called the attack an “act of hate” and called the gay night club a place where Americans “raise awareness, to speak their minds, and to advocate for their civil rights.” [Remarks by the President on Mass Shooting in Orlando,, June 12, 2016].

In his second briefing, Obama managed to mention the word “Islam” (twice!), but he prefaced it both times by noting that “organizations like ISIL or organizations like Al Qaeda” have “perverted” the faith—despite the fact that the vast majority of Muslims worldwide oppose homosexuality—often lethally. [Remarks by the President After Briefing on the Attack in Orlando, Florida,, June 13, 2016].

Today, losing his temper, Obama attacked Trump’s criticism of Muslim immigration, claiming Trump was “doing the terrorists’ work for them”. Of course, this is the direct equivalent of claiming that denouncing Roof’s—nugatory—links to white supremacism would build support for the Ku Klux Klan.

Hillary Clinton claimed the Orlando attack was part of a long trend of homophobic violence, “From Stonewall to Laramie, and now Orlando, we’ve seen too many examples of how the struggle to live freely, openly and without fear has been met by violence.”

Like Obama, she spoke out against a “distorted version of Islam.” But spent much more time attacking “Inflammatory anti-Muslim rhetoric and threatening to ban the families and friends of Muslim Americans as well as millions of Muslim business people and tourists from entering our country hurts the vast majority of Muslims who love freedom and hate terror” [Read Hillary Clinton’s Speech About the Orlando Shooting, Time, June 13, 2016]

And Clinton and Obama’s rhetoric was tame compared to many who explicitly blamed the Christian Right for the shooting. National Center for Lesbian Rights executive director Kate Kendell [Email her]responded to the attack by blaming rejection of anti-discrimination laws:

“In the past two years, cowardly and irresponsible politicians have proposed more than 200 anti-LGBT laws—including those passed this year in North Carolina and Mississippi, Make no mistake, these laws and the pandering of so many elected officials to those who promote anti-LGBT bias foster a toxic climate. “

[LGBT activists blame Christians for Orlando attack, by Bradford Richardson,Washington Times, June 13, 2016]

The New York Times similarly suggested that the shooting was caused by resisting transvestites’ use women’s bathrooms:

[Homosexual] leaders, speaking anecdotally, said they sensed an increase in violence against gay people this year—perhaps, some said, because of the divisive presidential campaign, or because of high-profile policy fights like the one over the Obama administration’s recent directive requiring schools to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choice.” It only mentioned the Islamic perpetrator in the context of gay leaders “worry[ing] about Islamophobia.”

[Orlando Attack Roils Gay Community, Painfully Accustomed to Violence, by Sheryl Stolberg, June 12, 2016]

Others Narrative Enforcers tried to claim the real culprit was “religious” fundamentalism—without singling out Islam. Thus according to Amanda Marcotte, “[t]he common thread here, again and again, is religious fundamentalism, whether your call it ‘Christian’ or ‘Muslim.’” For good measure, she also noted that because Marteen apparently beat his wife, ‘[h]omophobia, misogyny, toxic masculinity, and religious fundamentalism are all tied together in a noxious knot that feminists call “patriarchy”, and it’s a cancer that crosses cultural and national and even religious lines.”[ Orlando mass shooting: Bigotry is bigotry, no matter what religion you use to justify it, Salon, June 12, 2016]

Sally Kohn [Email her] a gay advocate who writes for Slate and the Daily Beastsimilarly tweeted

When asked whether she could distinguish between Christians opposed to gay marriage and Muslims who murder gays, she responded,

After criticism, she doubled down:

So to sum up, the Left responded by ignoring the terrorist’s animus against Americans, the West—and reportedly Whites (one witness said Marteen asked “Are you guys black?” and added “I don’t have an issue with the blacks.” SeeWitness: Orlando Shooter Asked Club Goers Their Race, “Don’t Have a Problem With the Blacks, by Tim Hains, Real Clear Politics, June 13, 2016].

Instead they ocused on Mateen’s (quite possibly tangential) dislike of gays. If they did acknowledge that Islamic ideology motivated him, they made sure to distinguish the minority of violent Muslims from those who allegedly do not support terrorism—although never acknowledging that the vast majority still oppose homosexuality—while conflating Muslims who kill gays with Christians who do not want to bake cakes for their weddings.

A year ago, the press and politicians could get away with these lies—hence their ease in using Roof’s massacre to suppress the Confederate Flag.

But with the Republican nominee for president calling out their hypocrisy, the Left is finding it much harder to advance impose its agenda.

Hopefully, and given a good election result, instead of more propaganda this tragedy will result real reforms that prevent it from recurring.

Alexander Hart (email him) is a conservative journalist.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Confederate Flag, Orlando Shooting 
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  1. Short answer: They’d say it’s the NRA’s fault.

  2. Maldivi says:

    Bible, Leviticus 20:13,
    “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  3. Jefferson says:

    If Omar Mateen was an Arab Christian terrorist, would Sally Kohn still have tweeted that “The problem isn’t any one religion.”? I doubt it very much. She would be tweeting that America has a serious radical Christian problem. She would also tweet that the FBI needs to wiretap all Christian churches in America and that anybody wearing a cross should be stopped and profiled by law enforcement.

  4. Horrible tragedy.
    However, I will bring something to note. When I was growing in Southern California, I was constantly approached by homosexuals asking me to have sex with them and offering me money. Man, homosexuals are aggressive and had hard time accepting a ‘no’. I started resenting and greatly disliking them for that. So, some people can take so much, and probably this guy had a similar experience with them, who knows. Also, hate and racism should be put aside, people, we are in this USA together, and if you did notice most dead were Hispanic, or Hispanic names. I really dislike when the killer ask them if they were ‘white’. that is a sh*ty way to see this. The real motives might never come to light, and all these ifs and buts, are only smoke in the wind. So, teach your children well, as the song goes, and hopefully one day we all might call ourselves “Americans’ with the head up, and stop the stereotyping our society into fragments and groups, ethnos, and laos, as the greeks say. May God bless His People in the USA and on the whole earth.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  5. Arabs are Caucasian too. It’s an ethnicity of the Caucasian race. I hate stupid untruthful memes.

    Anyway, the answer to your question depends on where Arabs lie in the totem pole of oppression in comparison to blacks. I think the outrage would have been just as big, but obviously not as big as what Roof did. We know the anti-White agenda that’s ongoing in the media. They wouldn’t have reported it as much if it wasn’t a white guy.

    • Replies: @HdC
    , @Corvinus
    , @woodNfish
  6. I would be interested in a contrast and compare study of the Orlando madman and his rampage with that of Christian nutters who bomb aborttion clinics and/or the sending of anthrax spores to Congressmen and public servants.

    • Replies: @canuhearmenow
  7. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says:

    Omar was a rag*ead and a fa**ot.

    Should he be called a Raggot?

    Or a fa*head.

  8. These narratives are all fake anyway. Check out these actors pretending that their momma died 24 hours earlier:

    You think these kids just lost their momma?

  9. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    On 22 May 2016, Gilad Erdan, Israeli Minister of Internal Security, threatened G4S for its decision to quit Israel by stating that G4S “will pay the price,” at 17 minutes 10 seconds.

    “JPost Conference 2016: Gilad Erdan”

    Nasty sounding prick, all made possible by the USA being the colonial slave to Israel.

    G4S has definitely ‘paid the price.’ Along with the rest of America.

    • Replies: @Jeff Albertson
  10. guest says:

    Obama’s comrades basically are pretending it was Dylann Roof. It’s been Blame Whitey (/Republicans/the NRA/Heteroism) round the clock. Only difference is the killer de jour is confusing. He blurs lines and snags tripwires. Roof would make their lives easier. A dream killer would be the Fratboy “rapist,” because he wouldn’t trip the class wire that the left hardly cares about anymore.

  11. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    To state the very obvious:The Democratic Party=”EXTERMINATE ALL FUCKING WHITE MALES!!!!!!”

    Professor Noel Ignatieve spiritual advisor to the Democratic Party told his class a few years ago:”ALL WHITE MALES MUST BE FUCKING EXTERMINATED!!!!!!!”

    They are out murder us in COLD BLOOD!!!!!

  12. Hohoho says:

    Hard to take seriously a commentator (or website) that can’t spell the killer’s name right.

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @boogerbently
  13. Rehmat says:

    What would Obama had said if Daniel Pearl had been a Muslim?

    On May 27, 2010 – Ben Obama signed the Daniel Pearl Act 2009 into law giving the Israel Lobby to control the distribution of USAID to foreign countries, the major receiver of which happens to be the Zionist entity – based on the State Department’s report on human right violations. Interestingly, the US was blasted in the United Nations Human Rights Report 2010.

    Named after the pro-Israel Wall Street Journal journalist Daniel Pearl, an Israeli citizen, who was kidnapped and killed in Pakistan allegedly working for Israeli Mossad.

    On February 24, 2002 – Israeli daily Ha’aretz published Yossi Melman’s report, saying: “Professor Yehuda Pearl, father of murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, has told Ha’aretz that he fears that making public his son’s Israeli citizenship could adversely affect investigative efforts by Pakistani police to apprehend the killers and track down the murdered reporter’s body. In a telephone conversation from his Los Angeles residence, Professor Pearl expressed regret and anger over the revelation by the Israeli media of his family’s “Israeli connection.” The U.S. media, which was aware of the information, complied with the family’s request not to make it public. The American media was asked to comply with this request after information was obtained that confirmed reports that the 38-year-old reporter was dead”.

    In December 2001 – the Wall street Journal posted ‘Islamophobe’ Jew-turned-Christian author Mark Steyn’s article, title “Multiculturalist gets his due” making fun of British journalist, Robert Fisk, being receiving beating at the hands of Afghan crowed, some of whose relatives were murdered in America’s B-52 raids.

    That proves how free is the American press to report truth to the public!

  14. Che Guava says:

    What are you trying to say with that quote? That the murderous moron had the right idea or, more likely, attempting to draw a false equivalence.

    For a Christian, this is superceded by the new covenant.

    For most religious Jews, this is superceded by reform movements since the late middle ages, not specifically meaning Reform Judaism.

    I support moves to ban open recruitment campaigns among often confused young people, a very cynical ploy. The Russian law on that point seems quite appropriate.

    Also agree with the Catholic positions, insofar as they apply to professed Catholics at Mass, and to Confession. If they don’t like the doctrine, at least in many places, they can switch to one of the other denominations that has an apostolic succession of bishops but looser rules, if they care about that, or to one of the many other protestant sects that is heretical (to me and others) in its ultra-liberalism.

    Say, what the Methodists and sections of the Baptists have become.

    However, I have and have had gay friends, even if they harass me. are terribly bitchy in my direction, or discriminate against me in the workplace (to which sectors of homosexuals of both sexes are prone given the opportunity), I just drop them as friends and ignore it, although it is very unfair that one has no recourse against those who do the last of those things.

    What they want to do on dancefloors or in bedrooms (or in many cases, with the men, still in public and other toilets), is none of my, the state’s, or some Muslim maniac’s business.

    Mine would have been a perfectly moderate view until very recent years.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  15. HdC says:

    Arabs are Semites. Not to be confused with Iranians, who are also Muslims but definitely not Semites. HdC

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @RaceRealist88
  16. Corvinus says:

    “We know the anti-White agenda that’s ongoing in the media.”

    Please define “anti-white”.

  17. joef says:

    Leftist are desperate to have their make believe coalition of afro americans, hispanics, asians, gays, muslims, and feminist maintained with the ideal that they will all participate hating the white man. That is their version of tolerance and diversity. Instead their false coalition is nothing but a canard. These are separate groups who generally have their own mutually exclusive goals.
    — Latinos from south of the border come here because of desperate circumstances and try to make money to improve their lot. They are not interested in paying taxes for afro american entitlements;
    — asians just go about their business and don’t bother anyone;
    — muslims dislike our MTV orientated culture and are not open to gays;
    — feminist want to live the same lifestyle as a bad boy, but they want a nice guy to bankroll it (& divorce him later).
    — The leftist partial success is racially obsessed afro americans are easily led into hating the white man. But they are really orientated to free entitlements, & not being held accountable for their communities criminal actions. However they really could not care for the rest of the leftist agenda, especially regarding LGBT.

    So there you have it: the leftist desperation of maintaining a coalition that really does not exist in reality. But most libs believe that reality needs to conform to their opinions and not the other way around. Thats why without modern protections they would die off from natural selection. While the rest of us live with the mess that they created.

  18. Che Guava says:
    @in the middle

    Well said in parts.

    I have had several easy-to-walk-away experiences of

    approached by homosexuals asking me to have sex with them

    The only really poisonous one was from someone whom I had thought a good friend. I was very naive at the time, was one of the closet predator type (‘I can turn anyone’).

    After I refused to go along with it, became an implacable enemy, ruined some part of my life, although I did not understand the social plays until much later.

    So, some people can take so much, and probably this guy had a similar experience with them, who knows.

    I know nothing of the degree of ugliness that passes when the men have a taste for what they call ‘rough trade’.

    Really doubt that Omar, with his spectacularly ugly mug, would have been attractive to anyone.

    I would guess that your quote above is the opposite of the real situation, he was partly driven by rejection at the bar, and on dating sites.

    Think it is a little like San Bernadino, where they clearly seem to have been preparing for a bigger target, but the hubby lost his temper at the office Christmas party.

    I am puzzled as to why nobody rushed the arsehole when he was changing clips, he must have had to do it numerous times, and you can’t hold a rifle between your knees while changing clips and fire a pistol effectively at the same time, holding the rifle between one’s knees is the only way I can think of to keep waving the pistol around, even that makes a gap where a bottle (large) broken over Omar’s head may have been possible.

    A friend points out, none of us knows how one would react in such a situation, true.

    I dreamt of smashing a large bottle of spirits into his butt-ugly head while he was changing clips, after asking the barperson to exchange the contents for water, last night.

    • Replies: @guest
  19. In the RT footage at the link below shows some strange behavior where people are acting as if injured for the cameras.

    • Replies: @boogerbently
  20. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    I have zero sympathy left for homos.

    Homos are too gaytuitous.

  21. The Narrative Enforcement Complex. The media is beyond bad. They created this MSM acronym to give themselves a benevolent moniker. It’s short and handy but inaccurately describes them whereas Narrative Enforcement Complex is perfect.

    Jung had it right. He said that evil happens when we ignore our own Shadow. The Left has thought itself Shadow free for some time. The NEC has coddled it and egged it on to greater and greater heights of folly. Thus they are able to be self righteous over bathrooms while ignoring the catastrophe Obama is leaving as his legacy, right up to creating facts on the ground to facilitate WWIII with Russia and economic collapse at least as bad as when he took office.

  22. Boris says:

    Poor, poor mistreated white people. So victim.

  23. Rehmat says:
    @Che Guava

    Pope Francis – do you know how many donominations are in St. Saul’s Christianity?


    On August 20, 2013, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the US-based Jewish civil liberty group, condemned former US Rep. Ron Paul for agreeing to be the keynote speaker at a conference sponsored by Canadian Fatima Center. The Catholic group, has long been designated by Jewish groups as “radical Christian” and “Jew-hater”. Incidently, Mel Gibson’s father Hutton Gibson is contacted with the group.

    The conference is titled ‘Fatima: The Path to Peace’ – calling for the merger of the Church and State in the world government. The conference will be held Niagra Falls’ Scotiabank Convention Centre from September 8-13, 2013. In addition to Ron Paul, the other notable speakers will include Roberto Fiore, former EU member from Italy and John F. McManus, president of John Birch Society. McManus is linked to E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars monthly Catholic magazine. All these three dudes are well-known “antisemites”, according to the SPLC.

    Furthermore, Jewish Lobby is puzzled over the date of Ron Paul’s speech on September 11, 2013. Ron Paul, not only rejects the official 9/11 story, he also claims that the chemical attack near Damascus, was a false flag operation carried out by the US-backed rebels.

    According to the Fatima Center, 27 speakers belonging to clergy, academic and politics, have accepted the invitation to speak at the conference. The theme of the conference is very timely. It slams the man-made Godless secularism which is root of all the miseries and wars. It calls for the removal of the warmongering leaders who have no religious morals or compassion for the fellow human-beings.

    “Government without God – secularism – has failed! How could anyone ever believe it might have succeeded? How can you ignore the Creator and His laws and think that His Creation is yours to refashion according to your own ideas? Secularism has been the most insane experiment in the history of human folly!How many times have talks aimed at peace ended in war? How many times will we trust in the wisdom of leaders who have no wisdom, because they have no fear of God?,” says the statement……

  24. @Hohoho

    I make certain judgments about spelling, too. But occasionally I misspell.
    ME names are spelled differently depending on the network.
    Gadaffi, Khadafi, Quadaffi….

    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @Rehmat
  25. @Happy Riches

    I had more “sympathy” before their acceptance was forced.

  26. woodNfish says:

    Alexander Hart (email him) is a conservative journalist.

    Why is Hart labelled a “conservative journalist” instead of simply a journalist? Isn’t reporting the truth what journalism is supposed to be? This only proves how damaged the third estate has become, and it is all self inflicted.

  27. @HdC

    The Caucasian race is defined as people who have ancestry in Europe, West Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East.

    • Replies: @helena
  28. woodNfish says:

    They wouldn’t have reported it as much if it wasn’t a white guy.

    Oh stop defending the lying LSM. They are the same lying dirtbags who tried to make George Zimmerman white. The left will use any angle they can no matter how ridiculous. This article points out the many attempts to twist this atrocity to their own ends.

  29. Art says:

    My opinion (and it is only an opinion) is that Omar Mateen was a self-hating heterosexual wanting to be a homosexual. Clearly he was mentally fascinated by same sex sexuality. His father and culture forbid this – the conflict overpowered him. He wanted too, but he just could not become a homosexual. Homosexuality was a curse to him. Rather than becoming a homosexual he murdered his curse and himself.

    I think that killing for ISIS was secondary in his thinking – it was an excuse.

    • Replies: @Avery
  30. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Can someone please explain how one guy was able to maintain control over 300+ clubbers, in a rather large, cut-up building, that had EIGHT exterior doors and some windows, how he could do that while talking on his cell phone to 9/11 dispatch and updating his FACEBOOK page, dropping out an empty mag and reloading a fresh one and shooting people and telling blacks they didn’t have to worry about him?

    One guy could do all that? Hell, he could take out Rambo and the Terminator before lunch w/o breaking a sweat.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  31. Avery says:

    {His father and culture forbid this….}

    Well, yes and no.
    Don’t know about his father, but his father is from Afghanistan, and apparently it is quite the popular sport there, despite being against the teachings of Islam.

    [Taliban uses boy sex slaves to dupe & kill Afghan police, survivors reveal]

    {Exploiting the pedophilic boy play ‘bacha bazi’, the Taliban infiltrates the Afghan security forces to attack and kill police commanders. The tactics were revealed by several officials and survivors to AFP.
    The ‘bacha bazi’ tradition dates back a long time, and is most widespread in the province of Uruzgan, central Afghanistan, where ‘bacha bereesh’ – or ‘boys without beards’ – are said to be quite popular with police.}

  32. Dylann Roof is a muslim.

  33. @Wizard of Oz

    Or the constant slaughter of defenseless children by the godless left and the misguided mothers, as in abortion

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  34. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Dylann Roof need not have bothered.

    BLM does a much better job of killing the groids.

  35. Che Guava says:
    @Greg Bacon

    See my earlier post, but you perhaps put it better on points other than weapons! Still worth a brief look at the simpler points in mine.

    Although you might try to track down the exact sequence of his telecomms use, or what it is supposed to have been, people would likely have recorded them.

    It is probably best to check for yourself. Faescesbook posts *if* he made them at the time, which I doubt, will be gone.

    The 911 call was supposedly after he had grabbed hostages, or a continuous call from Mr. Fugly’s (Omar’s) phone in his pocket from the start. Accounts as of now differ.

    I think he would have been easy prey for the Termimator. Then again, an idiot like him would never have been a target

    The SWAT team that terminated Omar appears to have contributed slightly to the overall death toll.

  36. guest says:
    @Che Guava

    I wouldn’t say he’s ugly, let alone spectacularly ugly. We know he attracted women, though they are less discriminating looks-wise.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  37. Che Guava says:

    You have a point, but does not apply in this case. He lived in your U.S.A., his father spells the surname the same way in modified Latin script.

    I liked Mr. Hart”s article, the error on the name is not crucial, but it would have been better without it.

  38. Che Guava says:

    That is an interesting comment.

  39. Rehmat says:

    His name in Arabic spells QADDAFI.

    French Jewish journalist and political activist, Bernard-Henri Levy, was the driving force behind the former French half-Jewish President Nicolas Sarkozy’s war on Libya to remove Qaddafi from power. Last November, speaking at the first national convention in Paris, organized by the French Israel Lobby, the Council of Jewish Organization of France, Levy boasted that he lead the anti-Qaddafi campaign because it was a Jewish thing to do.

    “What I have done all these months, I did as a Jew. And like all the Jews of the world, I was worried. Despite legitimate anxiety is an uprising to be welcomed with favor, we were dealing with one of the worst enemy of Israel,” said Levy.

  40. Gene Su says:

    They banned the Confederate flag after Dylann Roof’s little stunt. I don’t think they’ll to do same for the Koran after what Omar Marteen pulled.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  41. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    The art of subversion, though often directed at the powers-that-be, tends to be elitist than populist for it thrives on irony, ambiguity, and deception. Subversion isn’t a direct strike at the system. It is a covert act, and the masses are as likely to be hoodwinked as the powers-that-be even if the subversive act is ostensibly carried out in the name of the People.

    In a way, subversion is a two-front war by the avant-garde that disdains both the traditional/established elites and the vulgar-dumb-bigoted masses with ingrained prejudices. The radical vanguard finds the elites to be greedily guarding their unfair or undeserved privileges. But, the vanguard also finds the masses to be ignorant, prejudiced, and brainwashed by the elites.

    If populism assumes that what most people want constitutes the essence of social-political justice, radicalism assumes that the people don’t know what they want since they’ve been kept in the dark from the real truth and raised as sheeple under the influence of corrupt elites. As Thomas Frank wondered in WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH KANSAS?, true radical politics cannot be about what-the-people-want because the people’s hearts-and-minds have been molded by the elites against the people’s own true interests and advantages.

    After all, one reason why communists had a difficult time was not only the repressive violence of the capitalist or ‘reactionary’ elites but the knee-jerk hostility of the masses who’d been indoctrinated by overlord class to see socialists and communists as ‘Godless heathens’ and baby-eating monsters.

    The Alt Right is well-aware of the fact that majority opinion doesn’t necessarily reflect the natural wisdom of the people or what is good for the people. Consider how easily the majority of Americans were won over to the filth of ‘gay marriage’. But did the American people really embrace ‘gay marriage’ on their own or were they fooled into thinking it’s what they want by the elites who control media, academia, law, and the state? If elites can mold mass opinion, then which mass opinion is really of the people and belongs to them?

    Especially when all real cultures & values are dead and have been replaced by fickle fashions of Pop Culture and insipid soma of Political Correctness, opinions and ‘values’ can be changed overnight by the levers of the Cult of the Cool, celebrity-mania, and hype delirium. So, just like the leftist vanguard of yesteryear had to fight a two-front war, the Alternative Right must fight a two-front subversive war against the Globalist Elites and Progot[progressive-bigot] masses whose ideas & values are nothing but poison seeds planted in their minds by Jews, homos, and cuck-traitors.

  42. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Gene Su

    rainbow flag filter is appearing all over Facebook to show solidarity with — with — with a bunch of gay Hispanic Hollywood wannabes.

  43. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    The media’s war on whites..

    We know the Jews control the media.

    Get a load of Alinsky’s 12 RULES FOR RADICALS.
    I wonder… are these really ideas or the product of the relentless and tireless Jewish personality that is used to endless haggling as middlemen and endless debate as Talmudic scholars?

    But then, all ideas are reflections of a people’s personality and temperament.

    To understand the nature of today’s media, consider some of Alinsky’s rules.

    —–RULE 2: “Never go outside the expertise of your people.” It results in confusion, fear and retreat. Feeling secure adds to the backbone of anyone. —–

    It’s no wonder Jews push PC. If PC is the whole of truth, then the Jews, Homos, and their allies are ALWAYS right. They are always expert since nothing is allowed outside PC taboos. By promoting PC and banning all anti-PC thoughts, the progots(‘progressive’ bigots) are full of moral and intellectual confidence. Even when they haven’t a clue about the truth, they feel so totally right and righteous since anything outside PC can easily be dismissed as ‘racist’, ‘antisemitic’, ‘homophobic’, and etc.

    —–RULE 3: “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy.” Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty. —–

    Since Jews control media and academia, they can dictate what is ‘true’ and ‘untrue’, what is ‘real’ and ‘unreal’. Also, they get to decide the issues and terminology and rules. Since this PC refereeing and judging is not neutral and favors Jews & their allies, they make their opponents sound ignorant, confused, and etc.

    —–RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.” If the rule is that every letter gets a reply, send 30,000 letters. You can kill them with this because no one can possibly obey all of their own rules.—–

    In other words, make white people live up to highest ideals of Christianity and Constitution. Find every flaw or blemish in white history and practice that failed to be perfect in eyes of Christian God and the Constitution.
    This is why Christianity and Constitutionalism actually hurts the White Right. Such lofty principles can never be practiced perfectly. So, the Jews and progots can constantly expose the failings, shortcomings, and hypocrisies of White America.

    —–RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions. —–

    Right, use the likes of Sarah Silverman, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, and others to ridicule everything that is straight, normal, white, decent, and sane.
    Be like Bob Dylan ripping apart Mr. Jones in “Ballad of a Thin Man”.

    —–RULE 7: “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.” Don’t become old news. —–

    Turn politics into a kind of fashion where new sounds and color rally the mob into new deliriums. Fashion politics livens things up.

    —–RULE 8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” Keep trying new things to keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them from the flank with something new.—–

    Like the New York Times comes up with new hysteria or crisis after another. After WWG or World War Gay, it’s WWT or World War Tranny.
    Or colleges come up with Triggering crisis. Micro-aggression crisis. Rape Culture crisis. There’s always a new crisis. Perpetual Crisis mode to keep people hyper and alarmed.

    White Conservatives are wrong to think that if you leave Jews, Homos, and progots alone, they will eventually burn out and become nice. No, such people thrive on constant hysteria, finger-pointing, and nuttery. They just love to hate their enemies.

    —–RULE 9: “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.” Imagination and ego can dream up many more consequences than any activist.—–

    Create and maintain a Climate of Fear. The very people who vilify McCarthy are 1000x more fear-mongering. Jews spread fear of KKK in Oberlin and Nazi rapists at UVA. Jews also spread fear among whites that if the slightest whiff of ‘antisemitism’ or ‘homophobia’ could be detected on them, they will be burned at the stake!!!!!!!

    —–RULE 10: “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog.—–

    Provoke and taunt.

    But I suppose it could also mean that a negative like homosexuality can become the new positive or new normal if it’s made the new normal all over media.

    —–RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.—–

    Go after people and not institutions. Yeah, people can be purged and institutions can be co-opted. It’s like Jews pressured Heritage Foundation to get rid of Jason Richwine. Richwine was gone and Heritage was a running dog of Jews.
    GOP was made to purge all the ‘Arabists’, and it soon became the tool of Neocons.
    Neocons also went after Sobran and Buchanan in National Review.
    Get rid of the people and take over institutions.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  44. @Priss Factor

    Gilad Erdan hit almost every point in his speech at the Jewish Conference in New York City 22 May 2016

    h/t Greg Bacon

    “War on terror” is blue jeans and “war on hate” is yoga pants.

  45. @Greg Bacon

    Nice catch! Pretty creepy “coincidence” if not an outright threat. I wonder what kind of “payback” this worm would say he meant besides that which just happened to take place. In any case, message received…
    Brrr! What a nest of snakes.

  46. KenH says:

    If Dylan Roof were Muslim, then Obama and the left simply would have blamed the gun and ignored any evidence implicating Muslim beliefs. There would have been deafening silence from negro “leaders” like Sharpton, Jackson and now BLM since their whole M.O. is to attack and impugn whites when they transgress against black supremacy and multiculturalism.

    This is not speculation as when an illegal alien murdered four college bound NJ students execution style Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson went into hiding so the black-brown alliance (against whitey) wouldn’t fracture and fray. The media threw the story down the memory hole as fast as they could since it didn’t fit the narrative.

    The establishment right would have excitedly claimed that not only are Muslims inherently violent, but racist to boot and the latter claim justifies more “boots on the ground” and adventurism in the Middle East. And a few more billions for Israel.

  47. @canuhearmenow

    Not a valid comparison at all even accepting your premises. Those who undergo or perform abortions do so nearly always for reasons of rational self interest (including assessment pf the interests of other family members). Nothing to do with religious faith in the unprovable.

    And don’t you see how simpleminded you are being in adopting, as if it was argumentatively persusaive, the expression “children” for what are variously zygotes, blastocysts, embryos and foetuses which have never become part of a human community? Your choice but it isn’t mine and there is no way apart from reliance on authority (such as that of the Pope – not the Bible btw) that you can argue I am wrong.

  48. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    What we need is a petition to rejoin California to Mexico.

    I think we should go for it.

    GOP should like it since Dems will lose all those electoral votes of Ca that will now be part of Mexico.

    And ‘progressives’ should love it since California will no longer be stolen from Mexico by gringos. It will be part of Mexico again.

    Also, Ca is a ‘progressive’ state that bitches about ‘white privilege’ and etc.

    Well, if Ca is part of Mexico, it will be ruled by wonderful Mexicans, not by evil gringos.

    And since Ca is part of Mexico, Mexicans could go there without legal problems of any kind.

    As for yellows and blacks who bitch about White Rule, they will no longer have to worry since they’ll live under benign brown rule.

    So, we need a proposition to rejoin Ca with Mexico.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
    , @KenH
  49. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    We suffer from Contemporary Conformism or Contemformism.

    This idea believes that the prevailing fashions and trends(as approved and enforced by ruling elites) are the ‘most evolved’ ideals and values, AND THERE IS NO ROOM FOR DEBATE. The debate is over and that’s that.
    If you disagree or dissent, you are reprobate, a degenerate, a caveman, a ‘racist’, a ‘homophobe’, a ‘sexist’, and etc.
    It’s like NYT says ‘gay marriage’ is settled for good, we all need to shut up, and accept it. If you keep arguing, you are ‘less evolved’ or a ‘hater’.

    Contemformism is based on an arrogant conceit that the Current Values are the only right ones, and EVERYONE better conform to them. Of course, Current Values are usually those forcibly or deviously foisted on the populace by the small elite that controls the media and academia and government.

    The elites insist they are totally right, indeed so right that it’s not even worth debating the issues. But their dogmatic confidence betrays anxiety, a fear that if indeed there was free debate and lively culture of controversy, their house of cards will come crumbling down.

    It’s like communist elites insisted that they were most advanced intellectually, morally, and socially. They were so right cuz Marxism is an infallible science. How can anyone argue with such ‘objective truth’?
    So, anyone who raised a fuss was to be seen as a thought criminal, a ‘reactionary’, a ‘capitalist roader’, and ‘bourgeois'(worse epithet in commie world).

    But despite all the authority and bluster, communist elites shut down debate out of fear that free discussion would bring their ideological house of cards crashing all around. That is why Soviets invaded Czechoslovakia in 68. Allow free press and free speech under communism… and communism falls apart.
    So, communism had to rely on contemformism.

    PC does its mini-version of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovkia over and over. If it spots some dissident voice, it sends in the ‘tanks’ and shuts down the voices. You get Dubceked.

    Difference between communism and PC is the former became a museum/mausoleum piece because the same slogans and dogma were repeated over and over ad nauseum. So, even though dissent wasn’t allowed, people came to see the phoniness since the same old slogans sounded hollower by the year.

    PC, in contrast, is full of nonsense but goes for ideological fashions and trends. Every year has a new crop of crises, hypes, panics, slogans, and etc. It’s the same recycled crap over and over BUT there’s the illusion of ‘progress’ due to all the hype and feverishness.
    If it were ‘rape culture’ every day of every year, even feminists would get tired of it and come to see how stupid it is. But PC keeps on changing focus from homos to trannies to feminists to blacks to illegals to Muslims to black homos to Jewish trannies to fat feminists to whatever. The sheer cult of ‘newness’ creates a dazzling illusion of constant ‘progress’ toward greater evolution of social justice. It’s all just a justice ponzi scheme, but it goes on and on with its different colored confetti.

    In truth, Contemformism shuts down free thought and real ideas because it is based on the conceit that only the LATEST OFFICIAL LINE is true(because it is presumable ‘most evolved’) and all else(all the earlier variations or narratives of discourse) are untrue.

    So, only the latest dogma of feminism is true.
    Only the latest race theory is true.
    Only the latest homo/tranny theory is true.
    Only the latest social theory on ‘diversity’ is true.

    But then, Conzos have developed much the same mind-set. Only the latest line of Conservatism Inc is true and acceptable, and all else must be purged as ‘racist’, ‘antisemitic’, ‘sexist’, ‘homophobic’.
    There used to be a time when, to be a Conservative meant views ranging from timeless to old to traditional to moderate to contemporary. National Review could allow everyone from arch-reactionary to Neocon. It was a big tent. It had room for both segregationists and integrationists, for both MLK critics and MLK-defenders, for both those calling for cautious containment of communism to aggressive rollback.
    But as time passed, NR began to allow only the Latest Line as demanded by Neocons. All other views were to be ‘purged’.

    With such attitude, there cannot be a plurality of ideas and views since only one view(heralded as the ‘most evolved’) is allowed whereas all others are dismissed as ‘reactionary’ or ‘retrograde’ or ‘unacceptable’. Only the Latest View is to be tolerated on the basis that it is ‘most tolerant’.

    But aren’t some values and ideas eternal and timeless? They aren’t less valuable simply because they are ‘old’, just like an idea isn’t necessarily good cuz it happens to be labeled as ‘new’ or ‘radical’ or ‘most evolved’. After all, Archie Bunker of ALL IN THE FAMILY is sometimes right, and Meathead is sometimes wrong. Meathead espouses all the LATEST ideas, and he is sometimes right whereas Bunker can be pigheaded and ignorant. But sometimes, Bunker’s views are more honest and close to the truth, however ugly it may be. Indeed, judging by how NYers reacted to black crime in the 90s, Bunkerism was the savior of the Big Apple after yrs of failed Meathead policy.

    Indeed, haven’t many ‘latest ideas’ been proven wrong? Communism was a big one.
    But so many theories about race, sex, culture, education, nutrition, and etc proved to be wrong. Consider the wrongheaded war on butter in favor of worthless margarine.
    It used to be article of faith that saturated fat was the main killer.

    So, just because some idea or view happens to be the ‘latest’ or billed as ‘most evolved’ doesn’t mean that it is necessarily better than an older idea that may have been foolishly rejected or falsely discredited or only partly discredited. (Never throw out the baby with the bathwater.) Consider Stephen Gould’s bogus study of Morton’s skulls. It was accepted as TRUTH for so long until someone proved that Morton’s earlier study had actually been correct.

    Now, we can say that there has been genuine progress. I mean who wants to defend slavery in this day and age?
    No one wants to see blacks as slaves again.

    BUT, the Contemformism on race issues disallows and bans too many valuable ideas of past ‘racists’ that are still valid.
    PC would have us believe that all those ‘white segregationists’ were entirely wrong and have been totally discredited and blah blah blah. Now, it is true enough that many segregationists were small-minded and wrong on lots of stuff.

    But they had some genuinely valid concerns about blacks. It is objectively true that blacks are more muscular, more aggressive, and pose a threat to the well-being of the white race, especially to the pride of white males since black males kick white male butt and take white women who lose respect for white males. No wonder so many poor white guys are using drugs and killing themselves. They lost their manhood.

    So, even as we agree that slavery was wrong and Jim Crow was socially discriminatory, we can also validate certain Segregationist fears cuz end of Segregation meant blacks running wild and beating up weaker whites. And just look at the anti-white hellishness in South Africa. One can make a valid case that Apartheid was unfair and unjust, but one could also make a valid case that simply ending the system was unfair and unjust to whites since they would be vastly outnumbered by a populace that is dumber, more aggressive, more thuggish, and more muscled.

    If Palestinians were liberated from Zionist oppression and then went on to murder and rape so many Jews, would the US media just shrug their shoulders?

    And consider the issue of women and intelligence when Lawrence Summers surmised that it may be that there are more men in science and math cuz there are more high IQ men at tail ends of IQ. Such could be true or not, but it’s an interesting idea. It’s an idea that was held by many men in the past, and it was not discredited though not decisively proven either. So, we can debate and have further research.

    But Contemporary Conformism kicked into gear and the ONLY ACCEPTABLE truth was the current and ‘most evolved’ feminist dogma that said it is IMPOSSIBLE that men could, at tail ends, be smarter than women.

    Contemformism has this idea that the latest ideas and theories — those enforced by the Ruling Elites — must be absolutely superior to ones in the past that have been ‘discredited’ and are no longer even worthy of our consideration.

    Now, in hard sciences, certain ideas have been discredited for good.
    Who believes that the universe is filled with ether anymore?

    But in social sciences, few ideas have been TOTALLY discredited. Some have been partially discredited. Some have been challenged but not disproven.
    For example, while some past racial theories have decisively been discredited, others have been only partially discredited, and, if anything, certain theories seem to have been true or at least truer than the PC nonsense that says ‘race is just a social construct’. If anything, facts have disproven PC’s notions on race.

    But contemformism insists only the current PC Dogma is true, and there is nothing more to say. And if you say it like James Watson or Jason Richwine, then you will be destroyed and blacklisted, and that’s that.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  50. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    There was a song by Paul McCartney.

    Give Ireland back to the Irish.

    We should come up with a slogan: Give California back to the Mexicans.

  51. @Priss Factor

    didn’t read everything

    is Communism and the system you are describing that evolved from or discourses like communism, an attempt to replicate rabbinic rule pre-Emancipation (1789 in France)?

    Jewish History, Jewish Religion:
    The Weight of Three Thousand Years

    By Professor Israel Shahak

    for example, from Ch. 1, A Closed Utopia:

    The principle of Israel as ‘a Jewish state’ was supremely important to Israeli politicians from the inception of the state and was inculcated into the Jewish population by all conceivable ways. When, in the early 1980s, a tiny minority of Israeli Jews emerged which opposed this concept, a Constitutional Law (that is, a law overriding provisions of other laws, which cannot be revoked except by a special procedure) was passed in 1985 by an enormous majority of the Knesset.

    By this law no party whose programme openly opposes the principle of ‘a Jewish state’ or proposes to change it by democratic means, is allowed to participate in the elections to the Knesset.


    the foundations of ‘classical Judaism’, that is, of Judaism as it was established by talmudic sages, are based on Platonic influences and especially on the image of Sparta as it appears in Plato.4 According to Hadas, a crucial feature of the Platonic political system, adopted by Judaism as early as the Maccabean period (142-63 BC), was ‘that every phase of human conduct be subject to religious sanctions which are in fact to be manipulated by the ruler’.

    There can be no better definition of ‘classical Judaism’ and of the ways in which the rabbis manipulated it than this Platonic definition. In particular, Hadas claims that Judaism adopted what ‘Plato himself summarized [as] the objectives of his program’, in the following well-known passage:

    “The principle thing is that no one, man or woman, should ever be without an officer set over him, and that none should get the mental habit of taking any step, whether in earnest or in jest, on his individual responsibility. In peace as in war he must live always with his eyes on his superior officer… In a word, we must train the mind not to even consider acting as an invidual or know how to do it.” (Laws, 942ab)

    If the word ‘rabbi’ is substituted for ‘an officer’ we will have a perfect image of classical Judaism. The latter is still deeply influencing Israeli-Jewish society and determing to a large extent the Israeli policies.

  52. KenH says:
    @Priss Factor

    Great idea. Problem is that most browns are smart enough to know that reunification with may-hee-co means the end of welfare, EBT and other free bennies. That’s why they’re here in the first place.

    And yellows and blacks know that the quality of their lives would decrease although they would never publicly admit that for whitey’s benefit. So they would either oppose the measure or simply move to adjacent states still in the U.S. where they could continue to bitch and moan about racism and discrimination while taking advantage of an infrastructure and system built and maintained by whites.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  53. helena says:

    I think Razib has said that it is an outdated term (Caucasian).

  54. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    “Problem is that most browns are smart enough to know that reunification with may-hee-co means the end of welfare, EBT and other free bennies. That’s why they’re here in the first place… And yellows and blacks know that the quality of their lives would decrease although they would never publicly admit that for whitey’s benefit….”

    True, but here’s the zinger. If we call for GIVE CALIFORNIA BACK TO MEXICO, the Gomezers, yellows, blacks, and white progs would be morally and ideologically helpless to reject the proposal.


    Mexican-Americans act so proud and make big noise about how California was stolen from Mexico. Mexicans have the right to come live in Ca because Ca is really part of Mexico. They talk of reconquista.
    So, if given a chance to take it back, they have to take it back. If Mexicans and Mexican-Americans said, “No, senor, we want California to remain in gringo hands”, they would sound like traitors or would be admitting that gringos are better at managing a territory than Mexicans are. It would hurt Mexican pride. It’d be like China refusing to take back Taiwan when offered a chance to do so.
    Because of all the La Raza rage over the yrs about how California is really part of Mexico, Mexicans cannot say NO to the proposal.

    As for yellows, browns, and other pocs(people of color) upon mankind, they are into anti-white PC and spew anti-white hatred 24/7. Yellows are 80% Democrat and call for open borders and laugh about white demise. They say whites suck. Blacks blame everything on whites and this never lets up. And Jewish Democrats love to bash white privilege. Even Jewish privilege is masked behind ‘white privilege’. And cucky white gentiles progs go along with this.

    In other words, whites suck and white privilege must end.

    So, even if they privately want to stay in a California that is part of US(that still has white majority), they would have no moral or ideological defenses against the proposal of returning Ca back to Mexico(like returning Hong Kong back to the Chiners). Given all that they’ve publicly spewed over the years, they MUST support returning Ca back to Mexico.

    If they reject the idea, it would mean they prefer gringos over Gomezers. It would mean they’d rather be ruled by Washington than by Mexico City. They would rather pay taxes to DC than to MC.

    So, you see, the proposition puts them in a bind.

    And it’d be funny as hell to listen to their tortured logic as to… uh… ah… well… why California should remain with US and not rejoin with Mexico.

    It’d be hilarious.

  55. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    What I find is so sickening is the White Conservative outpouring of sympathy for homos and trannies who got mowed down in Orlando.

    I say BRAVO, you go Muslim Omar.

    The Right’s attitude toward Homos is so much like that toward Jews.

    Even though Jews are at the forefront of using blacks and immigrant/Muslim rage & hatred against whites, white rightists are the first ones to shower sympathy on Jews when blacks and Muslims turn on Jews instead of whites.

    Imagine this picture. A Jew gets a pitbull to maul you and your family, and this dog attacks you and your wife and kids… but it suddenly turns around and bites the Jew.
    Shouldn’t you be rejoicing that the Jew has gotten a taste of his own medicine?
    Or would you rush to help the Jew and offer him medicine and protection from the pitbull that he is using against you.

    Jews pushed open borders. Jews promoted PC. Jews spread anti-white hatred. Jews produce stuff like new ROOTS, 12 Yrs A Slave, DJango Unchained, and new Birth of Nation movie calling for anti-white slaughter.
    Jews demand that EU take in more refugees. Even Netanyahu of Israel says EU and US should take in more Muslims. Jews mess up Middle East and North Africa, and then they say white nations must take in Muslims.

    But whenever Muslims act badly in EU or US toward Jews or homos, white rightist shits are the first ones to snuggle up to Jews and Homos and bleat, “ohhhhh, we love you Jews/homos and wanna do everything to protect you from Muslims.”

    If a CUCKSERVATIVE is a so-called Conservative who serves non-whites, a Cock-Servative or Cock-Suckative is a Conservative or Rightist who goes out of his way to express sympathy for homos, the very people who desecrated marriage, who spread homo/tranny propaganda in American schools, who spread decadent/degenerate homo filth all over in ‘gay pride’ parades, who associate rainbow with fecal penetration and genital-mutilation, and call for firing/blacklisting of anyone who won’t kneel at the altar of buggery and degeneracy.

    It is Axiomatic of Western Politics that Jews, Homos, and Negroes are holy & deserve special worship UNCONDITIONALLY. Even in EU, there is some talk of ‘Muslims are bad’, but NOTHING about Jews or blacks or homos. But it’s Jews who changed immigration policy. It is blacks who are worse thugs and criminals than Muslims. It is Homos who worked with Jews to castrate white males and turn Western Culture into ugly kitschy celebration of decadence.

    The True Right must destroy this pseudo-holy-trinity of Jews, homos, and negroes.
    But judging by Rightest, even Alt Rightist, rhetoric following the Orlando shooting, it’s like the Right is hoping for some way to get in touch with the homo community and win their blessing as being homo-friendly. So, even though the Homo community has been working to destroy White America, the Right is hoping to win benediction from homos.
    Homos worked to get Obama elected. Homos pushed PC into every corner of society. Homos served Jews who messed up the Muslim world and displaced all those wandering Muslim men. Homos got so many careers destroyed for not bending over to the “pride” agenda. NY has a law that slaps you with $250,000 fine is you call Bruce Jenner a ‘he’. Homos and trannies even call for men with wigs to use girl’s washroom.

    But when a Muslim attacked homos, the Right acts as if homos are the ultimate red, white, & blue AND that stopping mass immigration is mainly to protect holy homos from Muslims.

    No, the Orlando massacre was fantastic in this sense: Homos got a taste of their own medicine. Homos supported Jews and Obama’s open borders policies to use Muslims against white conservatives, but it blew up in their face. We should be laughing and celebrating, not pandering and groveling to homos whose Gayria is worse than Sharia.

    The truth is Jews, blacks, and Homos do far more damage to white Americans than Muslims do. Muslims don’t control media and academia. They didn’t spread anti-white culture. Jews did. Muslims don’t control Wall Street and Hollywood and fund homo agenda to tune of billions. Muslims don’t control rap industry or porn industry or sports industry. Muslims don’t make TV commercials that denigrate white men. No, Jews and homos do. And Jews and homos have been bringing Muslims to the West in order to use the hammer of Diversity against whites. But when Muslims strike out at Jews and homos, white Rightists can be counted on to express sympathy for the poor poor Jews and homos.

    Imagine if someone takes a knife and starts to stab your family. But suppose he cuts himself in the frenzy. Would you then show him sympathy and offer first aid to help him and heal him? Orlando is a case of homo agenda’s anti-white policy blowing up in homo’s face. We should be laughing and celebrating.

    It is Jews who are hellbent on taking away your guns and making your daughters act like whores and have babies with black men. Muslims aren’t promoting Miley-Cyrus-ism. Jews and Homos are doing that.

    And we should seek a smart alliance with Muslims. No, I’m not calling for Muslim immigration. We should object to it totally and absolutely.

    But white Americans/Europeans and Muslims/Arabs have one thing in common: Their national domains are being smashed by the Jewish-Homo or Jomo Globalist policy.
    This policy has turned Middle East and North Africa into chaos and hellhole.
    And the resultant ‘refugee’ crisis is remaking Europe and even some American communities that are forced to take in all these ‘refugees’.

    Before whites complain about refugees, they need to focus on WHO created them in the first place and who are bringing them to the West. No, it’s not Obama or Hillary or Merkel. They are mere puppets. It is the Jewish Globo-Supremacists and their allies, the homo-imperialists.

    So, just as white nations should be protected from Jomo globo agenda, Muslim/Arab nations should be protected too. No more INVADE and no more INVITE.

    Jomo Policy calls for INVADE into Muslim lands and INVITE into white lands.

    Jomos are making whites hate/fight Muslims when both groups should understand each other and fight the Jomo Globalist scum who are messing up both the Muslim world and White world.

    So, no more of this Gavin McGinnes Cock-servative or Cock-suckative BS.

    Cock-suckatives are more embarrassing that Cuckservatives. Look at McInnes kissing Milo, the fruit ‘conservative’ who takes black homo cocks up his fruitkin arse.

    • Agree: RaceRealist88
  56. For the record, I’ve seen on camera TWO witnesses–one black, one white–state they heard the shooter make the statement “I have no issue with blacks” or whatever. I don’t think there’s much doubt he said it. And yet there were black victims. And the statements by the witnesses contradict the security guard who worked with him–last name Gilroy, I believe–who said he hated black people. Who knows. It’s all very weird.

  57. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The president calls himself a feminist and these dipshits still want to pretend we live in a patriarchy.

    It will never be enough.

  58. What would the Right have said if Robert Lewis Dear Jr. was a Muslim?

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