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What Trump Must Say In His Oval Office Address: Democrats Want to Replace YOU
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It should have been done sooner, but President Donald Trump is finally taking the fight to the Democrats on the critical issue of immigration. He will be visiting the southern border on Thursday [Trump to travel to Southern border Thursday, as shutdown standoff intensifies, by Brooke Singman, Fox News, January 7, 2018]. And he is expected to address the nation on Tuesday night from the Oval Office [Trump wants to deliver prime time address on government shutdown and will visit the border, by Maggie Haberman and Eileen Sullivan, The New York Times, January 7, 2019]. The President needs to emphasize one fundamental theme in this address— THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS TRYING TO REPLACE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. It simply does not want to stop illegal immigration, let alone reduce legal immigration.

After all, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently declared that a wall is an “immorality between countries,” before adding that it’s not “cost effective” [Trump tells Democrats shutdown could last for months, years as talks fail to yield deal, by David Jackson and Michael Collins, USA Today, January 4, 2019]. Of course these are contradictory arguments—is the Speaker mad because a wall would work, or because it wouldn’t?

Similarly, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer claims Americans don’t a wall to be the “symbol of America,” because, the “symbolism is bad for the country, for our economy, for our security, for our ability to get along in the world” [Chuck Schumer: Americans do not want Trump’s wall to be the symbol of America, by Tim Hains, RealClearPolitics, January 3, 2019]. But Schumer evidently does not feel the same way about Israel’s iconic border wall, which has been remarkably effective in stopping what the Israelis call “illegal infiltrators.”

Indeed, while Senator Schumer does not want one dollar to secure America’s border effectively, he recently accosted Senator Rand Paul in order to pressure him into releasing billions of dollars in foreign aid to Israel [Chuck Schumer Pauses Gym Workout To Press Rand Paul On Israeli Security Aid, by Alyssa Fisher, Forward, December 14, 2018].

Another typical argument has been made by Congressman Eric Swalwell, from the still-technically American state of California. He essentially argues that a wall is immoral because it implies a distinction between citizens and non-citizens, which is somehow inherently un-American. In other words, there is no real American identity and the effectiveness of walls is completely irrelevant.

To his credit, President Trump seems to understand what is really driving the Democrats. And he is making this case explicitly on Twitter.

He’s also nailing the Democrats down by hammering at their prior support for border walls and security barriers [Trump quotes Obama, Clinton in wall pitch, by Kyle Balluck, The Hill, January 6, 2019].

And, as CNBC reluctantly admitted, President Trump’s social media strategy seems to be working, with far more traffic directed to his border control tweets than on other topics [How Trump’s tweet storms to rally support for the government shutdown seem to be working, by John Schoen, January 6, 2018].

Yet this can only go so far. The Democrats are not feeling pressure from their increasingly overwrought base to compromise after a successful congressional campaign. With the 2020 presidential campaign already underway, ambitious Democrat leaders also have a powerful motivation to pick an uncompromising fight with the president.

Thus, President Trump’s speech is not really about convincing the Democrats, but about rallying his own base and pressuring wayward Republicans. Some Senate Republicans, notably the ludicrous cuckservative Cory Gardner, are already eager to call retreat [Colorado’s Cory Gardner breaks ranks with Senate Republicans, calls for end to government shutdown, by Anna Staver, The Denver Post, January 3, 2019]. By creating an existential conflict between nationalist Republicans and explicitly pro-mass immigration Democrats, the president can foster a political dynamic that will make it harder for any GOP members to defect.

He can do this by making three major points in his address, all contributing to the fundamental theme of the Democrats’ desired population replacement.

  • Point one—The Democrats are indifferent to the casualties of illegal immigration

Main Stream Media journalists, President Trump’s real opponent, are always eager to weaponize the misfortunes of photogenic illegal immigrants. Of course, it is the Open Borders policies favored by the journalists that are responsible for this human suffering. President Trump needs to make this point. In addition, he needs to highlight recent cases in which illegal immigrants killed Americans, cases that journalists would much rather ignore. The murder of Cpl. Ronil Singh, dead because of California’s sanctuary state policies, is a national disgrace. The death of Pierce Corcoran, allegedly killed by an illegal immigrant who swerved into traffic, is another [Mother of Pierce Corcoran speaks out after son’s death in car crash, Knox News, January 6, 2019]. MSM Journalists regard such deaths with indifference, but Americans are unlikely to be so complacent about the deaths of their countrymen.

  • Point two—We need a remittance tax

Bafflingly, infuriatingly, incredibly, the president still refuses to mention a remittance tax. This allows Democrats to claim, accurately, that the president is abandoning his promise that Mexico would pay for the wall. But a remittance tax is practical and would force Democrats to explain why is necessary to allow the outflow of billions of dollars to foreign countries while America’s own borders remain unsecured [Congress hides a ‘pot of money:’ fines on illegal aliens, remittance tax, by John Binder, Breitbart, December 19, 2018]. This concept could change the debate instantly.

  • Point three—the Democrats want to import a new electorate

So much of the journalists’ Open Border agenda depends on the repression of speech. (Democrats pols don’t matter, they are merely empty vessels filled by journalists.) Leftist commentators are quite open about their desire to replace Americans with more compliant foreigners [Thank you, Michelle Goldberg, by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, October 30, 2018]

Yet if conservative commentators points this out, they are met with a wave of phony outrage and attempts at deplatforming [Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Echoes ‘You Will Not Replace Us’ Nazi Chant in Vile Segment Attacking Legal Immigration, by Cody Fenwick, Alternet, October 17, 2018].

Nevertheless, an increasingly number of Republicans are willing to point out the truth—that Democrats want to “change the American electorate in order to win elections,” as Congressman Mo Brooks put it [Watch: GOP Rep. Mo Brooks Explains Why Democrats Want Open Borders, by Ryan Saavedra, Daily Wire, December 31, 2018]. Even Bill Kristol has admitted as much.

If President Trump makes this argument explicitly, from the Oval Office itself, it will force discussion of this obvious point. And it’s a discussion that journalists and their puppets in the Democrat party absolutely don’t want to have.

All of this culminates in one fundamental theme—Democrats want to replace you and unmake America.

As the Mueller investigation nears its conclusion and Democrats are already talking impeachment, President Trump’s back is to the wall—literally. He was elected as the defender of the American nation and the bane of the Establishment, though he’s governed more like a typical conservative. Now, when it matters most, he must truly become the Commander-in-Chief and throw down the gauntlet to the media and its Democratic allies on the National Question: Does America have the right to be an independent nation-state, the political expression of a particular people, with sovereignty and control over its own borders?

President Trump is about to battle for his political survival—but there’s no better ground to fight on than the question of our national existence.

Trump should welcome this battle. And so should immigration patriots.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Democratic Party, Donald Trump, Immigration 
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  1. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    What he says tomorrow doesn’t mean squat.

    Remember Helsinki?

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  2. Anon7 says:

    Do you think that it is Donald Trump who is hated by the Left? No, it is you, the Americans who voted for him, that the Democrats wish to replace, along with all of their unreliable neighbors. They are furious with Americans for their failure to shut up and vote for Hillary Clinton.

    The fact that Donald Trump’s policies have resulted in more than 5 million additional Americans discovering the self-worth and independence of having a good job and standing on their own two feet has threatened the Democrat program of encouraging all people to be dependent vassals of a massive welfare state (i.e., socialism).

    The Democrats are perfectly happy with an open borders policy that will admit tens of millions of welfare-dependent foreigners. They will demand an ever-greater proportion of your income, your Social Security and your Medicare, to support their new voters.

    Your children who are not able or inclined to go to college will compete with them for jobs in a race for the bottom.

    Your children who go to college will be forced to compete with an endless stream of legal immigrants brought into the country to lower their wages and limit their careers.

    The Democrats will demand that the 20 million foreigners currently breaking the law by being here be made into Americans, with exactly the same access to everything you and your ancestors have built.

    There are 500 million people in South America alone who would be better off economically if they could somehow get into the USA. The recent incidents of thousands of people rushing the border will turn into hundreds of thousands and ultimately millions.

    The Democrats are determined to import a level of criminality and violence into this country that decent people can’t possibly imagine. In the last ten years, paramilitary drug cartels have brutally murdered 120,000 people and have effected the disappearance of 60,000 more. They now make one-third of their money with human trafficking. This must stop.

  3. the Democrats want to import a new electorate

    What are you even talking about? They’ve already done that.

    Trump should get edgy and explain the meaning of the phrase fait accompli.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  4. Mike G says:

    How true, he’ll be reading from an index card at a later date, explaining his faux pas

  5. It alas is not just USA Democrats.
    Merkel and Verhofstadt, he’s a important European parliament member, have the same objectives.
    As a German author explains ‘ein neuer Mensch muss entstehen’, ‘a new human must be created’, through mass immigration.
    Of course Merkel and people like her do not state this openly, but their actions cannot be misunderstood.
    The recent Marrakech treaty makes it clear, nations and cultures must disappear, some kind of world government is the objective.
    But resistance is beginning, even a leftist Dutch newpaper, Volkskrant, published an article by a GB university lecturer with the question ‘why is it wrong that whites defend themselves ?’.
    What motivates Merkel, we do not know.
    My only explanation is that she sees wbite people, those belonging to the European cultures, as evil.

  6. Dante says:

    Thursday will be very interesting then to see if the President says what so many are thinking, Hopefully he does just that. The national question needs to come out as it were in the open, no bs just the facts and motives. Enjoyed the article.

  7. Mike-SMO says:

    Will anyone tell minority Americans what “Sanctuary” actually mens?

    Compton, California was once a well known Black community. Hispanic immigration into Compton was accompanied by Central American gangs. The high rate of violent crime in Compton surged as the Hispanic gangs targeted Black gang members, their friends, and their families. Violent crime dropped to almost Zero when the Hispanic population became approximately 60%.

    The Democrats don’t care about the criminal and gang element in the illegal alien population; those are the key to the replace the feckless Black population of the Democratic cities with a new, more profitable, Hispanic population.

    East Palo Alto took a generation for prosperity through gentrification, Compton only took a few years to get a new relatively productive population.

    With the new population comes investment, re-developement, “prosperity”. At least for certain folks. And the gang “tax” for the survivors isn’t all that bad in comparison.

    “Sanctuary” is just a cover story for a brutal gang war.

  8. Thank you, James Kirkpatrick, for another excellent article.

    Trump is basically correct on all points but there’s even more that we need to examine. This includes national interests which involve race.

    The immigration question implicitly concerns the preservation and continuity of America’s founding European stock. This is not an unimportant matter.

    Why are Jews allowed to pursue the preservation of their ‘distinctive character’ as a people but not the European-Americans who invented America? After all, it’s our baby. And it took centuries. What are we–a bunch of replaceable animals?

    The people of Europe invented science and the modern world, including America. No small feat.
    Our accomplishments are, at least in part, a product of our unique cultural and genetic heritage. This matters.

    Racial differences endure. These differences create tensions and conflicts. So why should the US import more political strife? This game plan makes no sense for America’s existing majority.

    But ‘racism’–preferring people who think like you and who innately resemble you (when white)– has become America’s greatest sin. Needless to say, it wasn’t always this way.

    America’s racism taboo needs to be given greater nuance, clarity, and context. And the accusation of ‘racism’ should certainly not be directed entirely at whites.

    ‘Racism’ (so-called) can be nothing more than an expression of kinship. It needn’t involve conflict or produce hatred. Most non-white immigrants implicitly understand this. That’s why they are pouring across our borders. White America is civilized, tolerant, law-abiding and industrious.

    East Asians (living in America) not only understand and accept this fact, they exploit it. This is why ‘Chinatowns’ across America continue to exist and thrive. In San Francisco, there is a Japantown. These are racially-exclusive communities. But they are politically correct.

    Recently, Koreatown popped up in LA. Why? Koreans want to live among Koreans–not ‘outsiders’. This tendency is not seen as a problem in modern America except when whites do it. Then it’s ‘racism’.

    These glaring double-standards exist in plain sight. Their success comes from the media-savvy, politically-astute, Holocaust hucksters who use their appreciable skills, wealth, and ethnic cohesion to shame white, Christian Americans into allowing their nation to be transformed against their will.

    The Jews want something a little less frightening for America: a minority-majority polyglot culture with no (threatening) white majority who could expel or turn against Jews. The Zions have been succeeding for decades. Now Trump is in their way.

    As for ‘racism’ and walls involving Jews, it is commendable that Mr. Kirkpatrick is finally turning his attention to Israel’s teflon-coated political pass which allows the Jews-only State to chart its untouchable, racially-oriented path of conquest on America’s dime.

    Zionists are nothing if not intense, unified, unrestrained and devious. As a group, many are committed to total self-segregation. Their ‘secular’ cousins on the other hand are very subtle about their tribal affiliations. Jews not only demand the right to exclude, but the right of entry and access wherever they go. That’s chutzpah!

    Meanwhile, back here in the States, we have African-American and Hispanic neighborhoods (and ‘communities’) everywhere these days. These hyphenated-Americans do not apologize for their cohesion and solidarity. It’s their right!

    But where’s ours?

    Ethnic/racial neighborhoods exist because the people who live there like it that way (with the possible exception of black Americans). But most members of all races naturally prefer to live among people with whom they have the most in common, both culturally and genetically. This fact should surprise no one. Yet it does.

    For this disconnect from reality we can blame our public schools, our universities, and our glorious, ‘liberal’ MSM.

    As for reality, one can witness the pattern of voluntary self-segregation acted-out within the cafeteria of any ‘diverse’ American public school. Black children generally sit with black children, white with white children, Asian with Asian children. This is human nature speaking. Hello?

    Racial preferences needn’t produce hostilities or even bad feelings between members of different races. This is reasonable and this is true. The moment we see people of different races we perceive their difference; as they do us. This is no cause for alarm. Rules of respect and fair play must be taught and learned. This is happening increasingly which is a good thing.

    On the other hand, that the US government continues to pre-emptively attacking/threaten/slaughter perceived enemies of one ethno-state (Israel) as a continuous and unstated policy that supersedes any particular Congress or Presidency. This is the deepest commitment within America’s Deep State.

    This political gangsterism does not involve ‘fair play’ or even rules. It is calculated barbarism with a cruel and greedy political objective.

    The case can be made that Zio-America’s border-crossing, serial wars are the greatest injustice underway in the ‘civilized’ world, despite their phony pro-democracy trappings. This is Jewish theater at its worst.

    Oddly, the architects of political correctness haven’t taken much of an interest in these appalling, preventable, trillion-dollar melees.

    As for the immigration question facing English-speaking America, it is also important to remember that homogeneous societies are more trusting and more cohesive than heterogeneous ones. There is also far more political tension and social fracture among diverse communities. We are seeing it now. Watch it grow.

    White (European-derived) Americans must therefore stop apologizing for their natural tendency (which is also universal) to coalesce among their own kind or to advocate for the demographic preservation of their place within the core of the nation they and their ancestors built. After all, just as the Chinese built and intend to keep China for themselves and their descendents (and who can blame them?) it was the peoples of Europe who created the innovative, prosperous and orderly civilization we call America. They and their descendents deserve to keep it too.

    Thus the ‘racism taboo’ (which is a political weapon used against whites) needs to be de-politicized and largely deactivated.

    The fact that ‘racial preferences’ are universal must become a talking point for any group (including European-Americans) who seek to preserve their way of life as well as their distinctiveness as a people. This is normal and natural.

    At stake is the greatness, the future, and the survival of the United States.

    • Agree: densa, Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @JC
  9. Nick Fuentes posted this clever funny item … same tune as John Denver’s ‘Country roads, take me home’

    ‘Borders closed, send ’em home, to the place, where they belong! …’

    At 1:42, touching re the US President –
    ‘I heard a voice in our darkest hour, he calls us
    Donald Trump reminds me of our home in better days …’

  10. Heros says:

    We have all seen Trump kissing the wall, declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and acting horny for Netanyahu. Every action he takes, every tweet he twits, are strictly kosher. Even through all his wall and immigration bluster, he has never mentioned replacement.

    The 2018 congressional elections were clearly stolen by the democrats. What Obama and Clinton have done with the FISA courts is beyond criminal and is treason. Yet Trump has done virtually nothing about it, even with all the revelations about Clinton’s treasonous mail servers and the Awan brothers infiltrating the entire democrat house of representatives.

    When Trump first started running for President, most people assume that he had cleaned up his life after marrying Melania and reaching retirement age. These sex scandals and his sleazy lawyers are proof of what kind of scum bag he remains and always was. All the jews and neocons he has placed in his administration is just further proof of his swampiness.

    Trump will do nothing about white replacement, he is merely an actor put on the stage for the benefit of stupid goyim and the stockholm syndrome jews.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  11. onebornfree says: • Website

    The Immigration Scam

    “….Arguments about immigration will always be with us. But it’s important to understand that the real issue isn’t freedom for immigrants – it’s your freedom.

    Immigrants will continue to stream into this country, legally or illegally, so long as there’s a Welcome Wagon waiting at the border – offering free education, free health care, free welfare and a free lunch. We need to put the Welcome Wagon out of business, so only people looking for freedom will want to come here.

    Until then, no law, no policy, no border patrol will stop the flood of illegals.

    Whose freedom is at stake?:

    Meanwhile, new laws to limit immigration will affect you considerably. You may think those laws will keep America pure, but they will succeed only in taking more of your liberty.

    Think about it. How will the government root out people who are in this country illegally? By checking their papers, of course.

    But how do they know whose papers to check? They don’t. So they’ll have to check everyone’s papers – including yours.

    That means more invasions of your privacy, higher taxes, more corruption in law enforcement. The police will be allowed to stop you at will and ask for your identity card – and to search your property without a warrant, checking your car or home to see if you’re harboring illegals. Your employer will have to take more of the money available for wages and divert it to filling out forms and complying with bureaucratic inspections. The red tape also will add to the prices of the things you buy.

    And all the while, the people you thought you were keeping out will continue to show up to tend your yard and wash dishes at the local restaurants…….”:

    The Immigration Scam

    Regards, onebornfree

  12. Trump is on what Sun Tzu called “desperate ground”, which Sun Tzu defined as:.

    10 Ground on which we can only be saved from destruction by fighting without delay, is desperate ground.

    and Sun Tzu is pretty clear about what to do in that case:

    On desperate ground, fight.
    On desperate ground, I would proclaim to my soldiers the hopelessness of saving their lives.
    For it is the soldier’s disposition to offer an obstinate resistance when surrounded, to fight hard when he cannot help himself, and to obey promptly when he has fallen into danger.

    The Democratic and Republican establishments have put Trump, and Trump’s support base, on desperate grounds. Analysis follows.


    Remember the Alamo, and all that. Sometimes one puts troops on desperate grounds so that they will fight to their capacity. Sometimes that’s the best alternative. Here’s a famous example:
    Santa Anna had previously put down a revolt in Jalapa [2], and using much the same methods as in Golead [3]. It was clear what would happen to everybody in Texas if Santa Anna won.
    The commander of the Alamo put his troops and himself on desperate grounds, a fort that he knew would be surrounded by Santa Anna’s army, apparently to delay Santa Anna. The effort succeeded because Santa Anna had no artillery capable of breaching adobe walls, and because the Texans fought as Sun Tzu said they would. Note that it didn’t have to be this way; had Travis not held, then Santa Anna would have overrun the Texan’s main force before it could be effectively organized and deployed. Travis and his force could have eluded Santa Anna’s army and made it to the United States had they been so inclined. Here’s a WW II generation authors look at an alternate history, more like ours in, say, 2008 [4]. And lest one say that deadly ground means a butcher for a leader and no hope for the troops: the troops in the later battle of San Jacinto were also on deadly ground, but they won, thanks to the Alamo.

    Trump’s base is on desperate grounds, much as Churchill’s was in England during WW II. To be effective, the “desperate grounds” method has to be the end of a long series of attempts at winning without desperate grounds, and the opposing force has to be thoroughly discredited, preferably through their own actions (e.g. Santa Anna’s Goliad massacre). If that is not done, the friendly force is apt to surrender (e.g. WW II France: I’ve seen a report that some French forces during the surrender actually thought they would return home within a few months.)
    The Democrats have managed to thoroughly discredit themselves [5]. If you want a further reference, consider some of the comments here, or the 53% issue [6]. The reaction (including that of “principled conservatives” as they entitled themselves, to the paper [7] which showed that white lifespan was declining in the US, and that this was unique worldwide, pretty much established that the Republican Party was also discredited.

    It’s been sort of like the quote from “Bananas”:

    “-You are accused of killing over a thousand people in your term of office… of torturing hundreds of women and children. How do you plead?
    -Guilty… but with an explanation.”

    Sometimes explanation’s don’t cut it. Democratic and Republican parties are discredited. Neither one will side with Trump’s base; they seem to rather dislike it. Moreover, they don’t discriminate between good and bad Whites (the 53% issue), which means they dislike considerably more than Trump’s base. The large cities demonstrate pretty clearly what Democratic rule means to those under it [8].

    Trump has made every effort to avoid this situation. He’s been criticized (see: Ann Coulter) for this, which has further solidified his position as a leader who doesn’t pick fights. He has also strengthened his position within the Federal government by the election of people who support him, and by the resignation of Republicans who do not support him.

    So: _If_ Trump declares a national emergency and builds a barrier against civil personnel and vehicles along the US/Mexican border, then it will become inescapable to Trump’s base will join him on desperate grounds, whether it wants to or not. (Hey, Santa Anna’s army showed up last night, and they’re right outside the gates! I’d been hoping they’d go elsewhere . . . ) Will it break, or not? Will it actively recruit? Trump has done his background work, so break or not will be up to his base, join or not will be up to everybody else in the US.

    I can’t predict the reaction of the Democrats. They might solidify, or might continue to fragment along racial grounds in an internecine effort to seize political power.


    NOTE: web site HTTP are prefixed with “xx” to prevent displaying a long list of web pages.

    1] _Sun Tzu’s The Art of War_, 11. The Nine Situations
    sunTzusaid website, as of 2018/01/08

    2] “Biography of Santa Anna, General and President of Mexico”

    3] xx

    4] xx

    5] “Nancy Pelosi Refuses to Condemn Rashida Tlaib’s Trump Impeachment Comment”
    _The Hill_,

    6] L. V. Anderson.
    “White Women Sold Out the Sisterhood and the World by Voting for Trump”.
    _Slate_, 2018/11/09.

    7] Julia Beliuz.
    “Nobel winner Angus Deaton talks about the surprising study on white mortality he just co-authored”
    _Vox_, 2015/11/07
    A reasonable summary, and contains a link to the original article, which is also worth reading

    8] John Blake.
    “How 911 calls on blacks are a new twist on something old: white flight”.
    CNN, 2018/08/10.


    • Replies: @peterAUS
  13. Here’s what Trump should say during his Oval office speech. I’m sending troops to the entire border to patrol and not allow illegal aliens to enter this nation. Further, I’m seizing Mexico’s assets in this nation to fund building the wall. I will also use those assets to pay for the education of the children of illegal aliens already in our schools (until they and their parents can be deported back down south of the border). I will also use that money to pay for all expenses incurred by Mexican illegal aliens in our prisons. Lastly, I will put a 100% surcharge on all money sent from the US to Mexico by non-US citizens (if you can prove US citizenship you won’t have to pay it).

  14. KenH says:

    The President needs to emphasize one fundamental theme in this address— THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS TRYING TO REPLACE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    And American people is a euphemism for white people of European stock. This isn’t just merely “demographic change” which sounds innocuous to Joe and Jill six pack and something that just happens in merica, but race replacement and genocide via mass third world immigration.

  15. renfro says:

    Attention White People…..if you give your children advantages like good schools you are encouraging racism and that being good parent isnt as important as beinga good citizen and you should spend their education money instead on improving schools for black kids… says Jewish academia

    ”Margaret Hagerman, a sociologist at Mississippi State University, talks about these difficult contradictions in her book, “White Kids: Growing Up With Privilege In a Racially Divided America
    People who identified as more politically liberal were much more willing to acknowledge the existence of racism, and to talk to their children about it. Many of these parents identified as specifically anti-racist, and were determined to teach their kids to work against bigotry and inequality. Parents encouraged their kids to do charitable work, for example, both in their own communities and on (expensive) overseas trips.
    Yet, as Hagerman told me, “all of these families in their own ways were participating in the reproduction of racial inequality.” Children were sent to private school, or when they went to public school benefited from private tutors or enrichment classes. Even community service can reproduce racist ideas. It’s hard to see people as equals when you always have power over them, or when your primary experience with them involves giving them charity.
    The spectacle of well-intentioned people working, half unconsciously, to solidify and perpetuate their own power is not an encouraging one. “I feel like my findings are pretty dismal,” Hagerman admits. “When you have people who have a lot of wealth alongside this racial privilege, they’re ultimately making decision that benefit their own kids, and I don’t know how you really interrupt that.”
    As for white adults, Hagerman says, if they really want a less racist world, they may need to rethink how they approach parenting. “Everyone is trying to do the best for their kid,” she says. “But I actually think that there are times when maybe the best interest of your own kid isn’t actually the best choice. Ultimately, being a good citizen sometimes conflicts with being good parents. And sometimes maybe parents should decide to be good citizens over being good parents.” That could mean voting to raise taxes so to better fund public schools. Maybe in our case it should have meant choosing a public school rather than a private one.
    Of course, as a parent, you want the best possible future for your child. But the best possible future should include a society that isn’t organized around racism. Hagerman’s book is a careful, painful and convincing argument that when white people give their children advantages, they are often disadvantaging others. Racism is so hard to overturn, in part, because white people prop it up when they work to make sure their children succeed.”

  16. renfro says:

    Attention White People……white people who do country music are racist.

    Justin Timberlake and the White Open Spaces

    On Man of the Woods, Timberlake’s flirtation with woodsy iconography is an uncomfortable reminder that certain kinds of authenticity are reserved for white people.

    Noah Berlatsky who writes for the Guardian hates Timberlake cause Timberlake has gone country music and country music is only for white people so its racist.
    What will the white haters think of next?

  17. JC says:
    @mark green

    you sure got the stuff about jews right,,, terrible influence on any country that lets them have a say..the worse being their media control. the whole immigration thing is because of belligerent USA foreign policy,,,that no one in US msm will ever state…Euro got flooded by alot of undesirables because of US terrorism in the ME …all for the zionist regime…in no way shape or form is US terrorism in the ME of any value what so ever to US people..

  18. renfro says:

    Anti Israelism is heating up. BTW, I would not advise the Jewish girls to piss off the black girls….heheheh

    Tamika Mallory Irks North Carolina Jews With MLK Day Speech In Asheville

    Read more: undefined/news/national/417082/asheville-jews-upset-over-tamika-mallory-speaking-at-local-university-for/

    New San Francisco Community Space Sees Protests Because Owner Is A ‘Zionist’

    Read more: undefined/news/national/416699/new-san-francisco-community-space-sees-protests-because-owner-is-a-zionist/

  19. Anon[188] • Disclaimer says:

    Afropium may destroy the Jews.

    • Replies: @ariadna
  20. As I’ve said elsewhere, this world-view is credo of New Left from 60ies/70ies. It has nothing to do with classical Marxism & is a product of suicidal cultural changes in the core West that have become dominant in past 4-5 decades.

    Chief tenets:

    * Western civilization-cancer, imperialism,
    * Women oppressed
    * White men= patriarchy, racism, colonization & genocide
    * free sex & sexual promiscuity desirable
    * nuclear family bad, father role pernicious
    * white working class the enemy, black & brown underclass cool & the future
    * nations enemies, national identity the enemy
    * Islam cool, African cool, Indians cool, …
    * Christianity = genocide, guilt, exploitation
    * rationality & high western culture- the enemy,,,
    * miscegenation good because it leads to extinction of genocidal white race
    * legalization of drugs of paramount importance
    * gays & other sexual minorities something extremely important
    * natural human connections are bad (family, people, tribe, …)
    * human beings- replaceable
    * masculine traits bad
    * obsession with equality of everything
    * obscurantism

  21. renfro says:

    Well the Jews just cant help themselves……here they go again after a black woman.
    And then they claim its the Jews being scapegoated for censoring her and the evangelicals are being shielded from blame. (even though no evans were involved and the Jews involved were named)….rotflmao!!

    I love their stupidity…lol

    Birmingham civil rights group criticized for pulling award for Angela Davis

    The board for the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (BCRI) voted Friday to rescind a human rights award to activist and scholar Angela Davis after receiving complaints, according to a statement from the organization.
    “Upon closer examination of Ms. Davis’ statements and public record, we concluded that she unfortunately does not meet all of the criteria on which the award is based,” the group said. It will not give the Fred L. Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award to another person. Instead it cancelled this year’s ceremony and gala.
    While the BCRI noted the decision to revoke the award followed complaints, it did not disclose what in Davis’s background was cause for disqualification months after she was selected for the prize. “In late December, supporters and other concerned individuals and organizations, both inside and outside of our local community, began to make requests that we reconsider our decision,” the statement said.
    Birmingham’s mayor Randall Woofin called the decision “reactive.” He further said in a statement that the BCRI’s rescinded the prize after “protests from our local Jewish community and some of its allies.” The mayor’s response caught ire on social media, as one activist with IfNotNow dubbed the comment an effort to “scapegoat” the local Jewish community in Birmingham while “shielding the evangelicals from blame.”

  22. nsa says:

    That concrete wall (30′ above ground, 8′ below) topped with razor wire has morphed into a steel wall (10′ school yard chain link) which is now morphing into a virtual wall (power point pen light beam). The Rs owned the House, Senate, and White House for 2 years and failed to provide even one inch of any new wall, while the country is being purposely flooded with ugly diseased low IQ squat people. Get it dummies? You got rolled and are being openly laughed at….and deservedly so. Trumpstein will now come on the JooVision flat screen in your living room and rub your nose in it. In the meantime, the troops will be out of Syria in 30 days. General Kushner is working on the withdrawal plan right now…………

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  23. That’s much too tame….


    How would the Han People in China react to being racially displaced in China by Hindu LEGAL IMMIGRANTS from India?

    How would the Jews in Israel react to being demographically displaced within the borders of Israel by Iranian LEGAL IMMIGRANTS?

  24. @Mr McKenna

    Trump should get edgy and explain the meaning of the phrase fait accompli.

    It’s French. It means “shut up and sit down”.

  25. @JC

    Who? You?

    Take a look at the large cities, and the ethnic mix in engineering graduate studies. Anon7 seems to have described the _current_ situation there.


  26. Illegal unlimited immigration is the Zionist plan to change the political and cultural situation in America and it is working and is not going to end as the Zionists want to turn America into a third world country and meld it into the Zionist NWO!

    Zionism is Satanism and the proof is in their actions, read The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed and The Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman and The Protocols of Zion.

  27. @jilles dykstra

    What motivates Merkel, we do not know.

    German organic philosophy. Roughly based on the German family model, it emphasizes authority, compliance with authority, and the reciprocal obligation of authority to provide for those without it.

    Women sometimes become “cat ladies”. Cats are just about the size infants, warm and soft, and make appreciative noises (purring). Cat ladies have no infants, but generalize infant care and substitute cats for infants. Women without their own children sometimes adopt children just to have children present.

    Merkel, I believe, is a sort of cat lady / adopter who has picked foreign nationals to mother, and to defend against German men. That’s another thing women with babies have to do — defend them against men who don’t much like babies and who aren’t specialized to care for them, but rather to protect and feed the mother.

    Merkel has been strongly affected by Marxist postmodernists (but I repeat myself), and I suspect that she honestly believes that military age agents of the Ummah are effectively identical to the oppressed Jewish people killed during WW II. She’s spent her life being told that Germans are bad and oppressed people are good. She wants to help as much as she can, and this is how she does it.

    It isn’t rational, but rationality is increasingly thought of as a bad thing. Postmodernism, don’t you know.


    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  28. David says:

    I agree with Ron Unz (going out on a limb here) that focusing on the criminal ramifications of illegal immigration is unpersuasive. It’s undeniably emotionally charged, but anything can be made to look bad by playing up isolated and rare effects, including objecting to unchecked immigration.

    To me the arguments of cost and national identity are the most persuasive. Productive Americans are already stretched to the limit trying to placate, feed and house barbarians, and it’s only through Mexicans’ ability to avoid the costs crushing most American families than they can outbreed us without dying of cholera.

    Remittances must also be stopped. Remittances bid up the cost of land and housing in Central America such that only those with access to North American incomes can afford to buy or rent anything.

    Finally, the Honduran government and civil service is basically a racket for getting its members and affiliates American visas and residency. I don’t have data but I’d be surprised if almost all families represented in government aren’t comprised of at last some US citizens. Stop this too as it makes the ruling class largely indifferent to the well being of their populace, which can’t reach them in Miami.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  29. @Mike-SMO

    Thesis: The Democrats are being perfectly reasonable, mean what they say, and there is an ironclad proof of that. Which is below.


    Take a look at the IQ scores. IQ alone can’t qualify, but it _can_ disqualify. IQ of less than 83 means (DoD has found out) that DoD has nothing that the person can do productively.

    Apply that to a Black population with average IQ of about 85, or a Latino population with an IQ of about 90. About 45% of the US Black population falls below 83, about 30% of the Latino population, vs. about 15% of the US historic population (a mix).

    From the standpoint of the Black and, to an extent, the Latino population, with an IQ of below 83, the US is an incomprehensible social system _that has nothing for them to do_. Same thing with the 15% of historic US population.

    Assuming that it takes an IQ of about 110 or up to contribute to office work, fractions of population that can contribute are:
    Black: 5%, Latino: 10%, vs. historic American mix, 25%

    So, in practice, very few Blacks, some Latinos, and about a quarter of historic American mix can actually contribute to management of an enterprise — can actually understand enough of Western Civilization to know what it is.

    This is an intolerable situation for the Blacks, who are (whatever else they are) a proud race of warriors whose ancestors have fought and prevailed in an extremely difficult environment. Low IQ Blacks are no more handicapped than mature lions, which have an even lower IQ.

    The only thing worse than a war is a massacre. That’s what the Blacks think they face, and to an extent really do face. Industrial society cannot be supported by a group with a 45% non-participation rate. Welfare isn’t a solution — think of the Indian reservations.

    Latinos are used to a caste system, but are still unhappy with rule by non-ethnics. Venezuela is essentially a revolution of the surviving base population descended from the pre- AD 1480s population of South America against rule by the post- AD 1500 population. The present state of Venezuela is due to the statistics given above. Ocasio-Cortez is probably correct when she says that Latinos will never get much from industrial society unless it is seized and given to them (unless Socialism is instituted).

    “Social Justice” means, of course, “Social Just Us”: The people advocating want to be the only ones who determine what they get, and to do it by seizing what they want. I haven’t been kidding about “Loot of Empire”.

    CONCLUSION: Stated in the above terms, the claims and motivations of the Democrats largest constituencies are easily understood. In their place, most readers (yes, you) would act the same way.
    What is not understood is how to avoid severe conflict. It seems unlikely that non-Democrats would want to emulate either Zimbabwe or Venezuela, yet that is the only thing that would make the largest constituencies of the Democrats happy.

    Darwin’s daughter once asked him: Why is it all so cruel? I don’t know Darwin’s answer, and I don’t know mine.



    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
    , @ia
  30. Anon7 says:

    Whoops… checks list of rants… I totally forgot about the Jews! No wonder I set JC off.

    Anyway, thanks for your thoughtful comment. I was concerned that I hadn’t gone far enough.

  31. @Counterinsurgency

    She’s spent her life being told that Germans are bad and oppressed people are good

    Suppose so, but, even in Germany there are quite a lot of dissidents.
    Bavendamm and Schulze Rhonoff are not fools.
    Polish historian Musial is not a fool.
    Not well known outside the German language area, but there now the results of several university chemical analyses of gas chambers have been published, each concluding that humans were not killed there.
    Poeople as Sarrazin warn how immigration is going to destroy German export, Seeckt explains why the EU is an illusion.
    Kohl’s advisors warned him that the euro would be a failure, Kohl got the choice: DDR back, but then also accept the euro.
    So the mystery remains for me.
    Macron is also destroying his country, but more and more my conclusion is that he’s a complete idiot.

  32. @Counterinsurgency

    Cannot see anything reasonable in destroying a culture or civiliation, whatever you want, what after having been destroyed, cannot keep you alive any more.
    I just see suicide, by civil war and hunger.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  33. Good title. But I will tel it more openly:
    Democrats are traitor to American native white people.
    The reasons are so numerous that now to list all of them would result in infinite number.

  34. The Democrats are traitors to American people.

    • Replies: @DESERT FOX
  35. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    And most of the Republicons as the Republicons and the Demonrats are two sides of the same counterfeit coin and all are under Zionist control!

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  36. ariadna says:

    In Buck’s defense, unlike Jeffery Dahmer, at least he is not eating them.

    • Replies: @Ozymandias
  37. c matt says:

    They are furious with Americans for their failure to shut up and vote for Hillary Clinton.

    And what makes the Hillarys of the Democratic Party think these new hordes would vote for her kind over an Occasional-Cortex?

  38. @jilles dykstra

    “What motivates Merkel, we do not know.”

    She is an Ossi Weltuntergangswaffe.

  39. @anonymous

    How about John Bolton openly contradicting his boss about the Syrian troop pull out? Unless Trump gave him the OK to say it, Bolton should have been gone yesterday.

  40. @Heros

    You have zero proof that the D’s stole the midterm elections. Maybe a few close ones, but Pelosi’s party would still have regained the majority. They probably won a lot of them because Trump’s ever dwindling base just stayed home.

    • Replies: @Heros
  41. @nsa

    Mr. Trump blew his first two years by making nice with Never-Trumper, libertarian Ayn Rand acolyte, Koch water boy Speaker Paul Ryan. Instead of demanding money for the wall from the outset and forcing Ryan’s hand, he tried to maintain party unity by signing the huge and self-destructive tax cut for the rich (always the first order of business when the GOP is in charge), which no one in the working class cared about anyway. Our resulting, ever expanding budget deficits will just bring us to disaster that much sooner.

    It’s probably a good thing that the D’s won the House. At least that gives Trump a powerful enemy to fight against. Those millions of comatose white couch potatoes might even sit up and take notice that they have become the enemy of the D’s. When it comes to border security Ryan was worse than Pelosi because he had the means to give Trump the money for the Wall, and chose instead to stab him in the back.

    • Agree: utu, Joseph Doaks
  42. @Anon7

    The DEMS approved close to $700+ billions for the WARS in the MEasts. this Fiscal Year as well as the 10yrs before. They gave Obama more than $30billion for Border Security where is the money??? BUT DEMs refused to giveTrump $5billion what??…Borders WORK, Mexico under the New Cnatral American Plan (Plan Colombia 2.0) will receive $100 billions for Private Border WALL on the Mexican Southern Border and related military items. California Voting system is a SHAM, dead voters, illegal aliens voting, people voting 10xs, ..CA making laws to ensure to add only BLUE voters MOTOR/Voter laws pro BLUE. Mandatory DEM registration for new HSchools grads. …Mexican Congress already talking about Calexit defacto anexxation of CA to Mexico…(60miilions Mexicans in USA) the biggest losers BLACKS..if the news census doesn’t count USA Citiznes only BLACK communtues will LOSE$$$ in federal/state resources$$$. A Remittance TAX is fair, just, rational, logical, legal, specially for fiscally strapped Border States overwhelmed over the costs of Illegal Aliens PUBLIC services education, health, housing, policing, etc. Such TAX will financeDHS, ICE, and the WALL and there will millions left for states GRANTS$$. Most billions$$ in remittances go to the richest (1%) of the Mexican Banking elite (drugmoney). Remittances taxes doesn’t require congressional approval only an executive decree.

  43. MarkinLA says:

    To me the arguments of cost and national identity are the most persuasive.

    And how do you expect to get through all the assertions that you are Hitler? Everybody already aware of the immigration issue knows all about issues other than crime. The problem is getting morons who get all their information from TV news to become aware. You can’t hide a police officer killed by a gang thug. You can hide the cost of illegals by talking about crops rotting in the field.

    • Replies: @David
  44. ia says:

    I think what you’re really saying is that non-whites will always resent whites.

    Blacks in their own way are rather smart. They are doing better in the USA than anywhere else – by far – by exploiting white men’s weakness. Left to their own devices they do very little because they are unable to self-correct; and degenerate into corruption from top to bottom.

    By the way, you don’t learn how to manage a civilization as if running a company. It doesn’t work that way. In fact, culture is left over after you forgot you what you tried to learn. It’s an instinct, a learned instinct. The elites imitate heroes and gods. The lower orders imitate the upper ones. But, you gotta find out who the heroes and gods are first. Techies only have scientists and engineers. Sorry, not good enough.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  45. Thomm says:

    The high rate of violent crime in Compton surged as the Hispanic gangs targeted Black gang members, their friends, and their families. Violent crime dropped to almost Zero when the Hispanic population became approximately 60%.

    This should be called the ‘Unz effect’.

  46. Maldoror says:

    You conveniently left out a couple crucial and relevant bits of information.

    1.) Compton was once a well-known white community, and a rather affluent one at that. So much so that its nickname “lily-white Compton” as well as its strictly-enforced “sundowner” laws remain firmly entrenched in the memories of many of the older locals here in Southern California.

    2.) Violent crime actually went down in Compton once Hispanic families began moving there in earnest. Because of that, Compton has now seen its property values rise over the past decade. Today Compton, once known for rap and drive-bys, is now considered one of the most competitive housing markets in the entire region.

  47. Heros says:

    The entire planet, especially the west, is still under a magick spell cast by the kabbalists who stole Edison’s patents and founded Hollywood.

    Everywhere you go, even in Tibet (where they drink Budweiser, drive Chevy’s and wear Stetson Hats), the entire planet is still in a stupor from over a century of exponentially increasing oppressive mind control. Everyone thinks that they are worshiping the US, but in reality they are worshiping the illusion of the US created by Hollywood and used to brainwash the US and the entire planet.

    When you write “You have zero proof that the D’s stole the midterm elections” I immediately think of non existent voter ID laws and millions of illegal aliens being paid either directly or indirectly to vote for democrats. But that is just a show, a distraction.

    The US “government” was finally and completely hijacked when the fed was founded in 1913. The EU was completely hijacked when the ECB and the Euro were created in 2001. Just look at the spectacle of Brexit, with the NWO clearly doing all it can to prevent it. Ditto Trumps “exit” from Syria. Consider the farce of Global Warming. Or the syncronized suicide of the entire west through voter replacement.

    Clearly government at all levels, across the entire west, has been corrupted and no longer has any concern for the people they were supposedly representing. This article about replacement itself is about the necessity of stopping the suicide.

    Yet you come out with snively and irrelevant posts about “proof” of democrats behaving like niggers. My god, get a grip. Its all around you.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  48. @ia

    Nope. I’m saying that people insist on a society they can understand and make a living in. The 14% or so of the historical American population that can’t do that is bad enough, but the remainder can keep an industrial society going. A group with IQ 85 or even 90 can’t — their overhead is too large. To few of them understand the society. Given the society, they would break it (e.g. Zimbabwe, Venezuela). However, people will tolerate a situation they don’t like (Zimbabwe, Venezuela) rather than implement a solution (industrialization) they don’t understand.
    In one line, it’s not whites that the Blacks and Latinos dislike — it’s industrial society itself.


    • Replies: @ia
  49. @Heros

    Everyone thinks that they are worshiping the US, but in reality they are worshiping the illusion of the US created by Hollywood and used to brainwash the US and the entire planet.

    Twice wrong, I suppose.
    Does anyone worship the USA ?
    Does anyone believe that Hollywood movies have anything to do with USA reality ?
    The damage done to the USA by attacking and destroying Iraq seems to be grossly underestimated.
    What is also not forgotten is Vietnam.
    What impression you think made the USA presidential debates, or the aftermath, trying to overthrow a democratically elected president ?

    • Replies: @Heros

    Thank you! I did not know that.

  51. eah says:

    Hopefully Stephen Miller wrote the speech — Trump will probably reiterate his determination not to sign a budget that does not fund the wall; so far, he still seems to have the upper hand in this shutdown showdown — also he is surely conscious of how his presidency has been sidetracked by Russiagate etc, and he needs to energize his base if he wants to win in 2020 — for now, worst case is he will hint at trading DACA for a wall — the worst case will get worse as time goes by — remember Trump has always caved before.

    Too many white Americans (redundant, I know) are still too fearful of being called racist — that is changing, but too slowly — this has always been the trump card (small pun intended) played by Democrats at every opportunity: because the vast majority of immigrants are non-white, opposition is racist.

    Several election cycles ago I suggested addressing the following to presidential candidates participating in debates: current demographic projections indicate Whites, descendants of America’s founding stock, will become a minority — do you think the demographic heritage of America as a majority white nation has unique historical value, and is worth preserving? — if no, why not? — if yes, what will you do to preserve America as a majority white nation?

    • Replies: @eah
  52. ia says:

    I’m saying that people insist on a society they can understand and make a living in.

    People aren’t that rational.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  53. @jilles dykstra

    Precisely! It is definitely not a symbiotic relationship. Maybe it is from the beginning a little bit.
    I did submit exactly the same claim in one of my previous comment, Somebody convinced me otherwise, but I did not believe it. I was presenting it with sitting on the brunch of the tree while cutting it off.

  54. eah says:

  55. Trump won the 2016 GOP presidential primary because he said he would build a wall on the border and deport illegal alien invaders. Trump also said he would reduce legal immigration and stop all immigration if it was necessary.

    Trump jumped to the top of the polls in the 2016 GOP presidential primary by making it clear that he would build a wall on the border and Trump pounded the crap out of the GOP ruling class rats and the GOP politician whores by saying they had turned their backs on GOP voters on immigration and the wall and national sovereignty.

    Trump defeated Hillary Clinton for the presidency because voters in the Great Lakes states and Florida wanted to stop illegal immigration cold and one of the ways to do that was a border wall.

    Tweets from 2015:

  56. @ia

    This isn’t a question of rationality. By “understand” I mean a society in which things “make sense”, act as you expect them to, in which your intuitive actions match what other people are doing. For example, the Black person who says “It isn’t my fault that Whites can’t fight” expects people he (or she) attacks to be able to fight, and willing to settle disputes (or even casual dominance contests) by fighting. The Black person literaly does not understand why White society doesn’t do things like that anymore. Similarly, a White person would not understand why all the pointless bloodshed in a Black area. This is pre-rational, non-whites complain about it more or less continuously.

    And you don’t have to be rational to notice that nobody thinks what you do is worth doing enough to pay for it. Notice or resent, either one.


    • Replies: @ia
  57. ia says:

    the Black person who says “It isn’t my fault that Whites can’t fight” expects people he (or she) attacks to be able to fight, and willing to settle disputes (or even casual dominance contests) by fighting.

    White people fight using lawyers.

    Or they just call the police. Why deal with an idiot. That’s what the police are for.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  58. bt says:

    A lot of you folks are going to be very lost once Trump departs the scene. There is no natural successor to this act of his.

    The fact that Trump is such an incompetent must be even more concerning to you all; he’s not going to get much of anything done anyway. The GOP got him to sign that crap tax bill and that’s really the only substantial thing he’s managed to date – good work, double the deficit again! And he’s also spent a lot to time making the Israelis and Saudi’s happy – not the best ideas, I’m sure most of you here would agree.

    Even that stupid wall money: If it does get appropriated it’ll never be anything like Trump says, he’ll be long gone by the time anything gets built. He hasn’t even spent the border money Congress already gave him, and he doesn’t care because too busy golfing and watching Fox News. If anyone notices he’ll just fire someone and then what.

    After Trump? The godly Pence? Good times. The GOP will act like none of the ever happened, you can be sure.

    • Replies: @Wally
  59. Anon[280] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s not just the Democrats. It’s the Globalists of both parties. Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson are the big kahunas of the GOP.

    In Tucker Carlson’s monologue, he mentions Mitt Romney and his role at Bane Financial. Romney’s job was to maximize the profits for the upper echelon by making the bottom fall out for the masses of lower-level workers. Globalism comes with a price. It has its sacrificial lambs. It’s not win-win for everyone. Given the costs of globalism, why do the elites promote it? Don’t they fear losing out? No, they don’t. Why would they harbor such fears when it is THEY THEMSELVES who get to call the shots on how globalism shall transform and remake the world? They are obviously going to rig the project so that THEY get the lion’s share of the globo-meat while everyone else gets bones and scraps ground into worthless sausage. So, when the globo-cow is slaughtered, the prime rib and filet mignon go to the likes of Romney and the bigger sharks whom he serves. They don’t pay the costs of globalism. If anything, they reap the biggest rewards of globalism while everyone from middle class to below not only get less but bear most of the costs.

    Now, would people like Romney support globalism if WE ORDINARY FOLKS got to rig the program in such a way that people like us reap most of the rewards while people like Romney have to bear most of the cost? Of course not.
    Now, in a hypothetical world of noble-minded people, those with power & privilege would think in terms of the Common Good and arrange things so that the sacrifices are shared by all sectors of society(and rewards are shared likewise too). But the sort of people who rise to the top are generally not the most ethical and morally inspired. Things are even worse because the most powerful people, the Jewish elites, tend to see the goy masses as the potential enemy than fellow brethren.
    But even white elites are also useless in a deracinated world that denigrates nationalism. Nationalism applies pressure on the elites to see fellow countrymen as national brethren. This is even truer if nationalism is combined with race-ism. There was an especially strong bond between white elites and white masses in past America & past Europe because both the elites and the masses were of the same race(and even ethnicity). Still, even as Americanism dropped race-ism, there was still nationalism to maintain the semblance of unity of American elites with American masses. But globalism did away with nationalism as well, and that means that the elites, as globo-homo ‘citizens of the world’, feel no special bond, affinity, or sense of obligation to the American People.
    And history and heritage no longer matter. Who cares if your people have relatively deeper roots in America? Globalism says your kind is no more American than the latest immigrant-invaders who just got off the boat or plane. Indeed, the globo-homo elites even idealize people who haven’t even left their own nations(for America) as More-American-than-American. So, if there are millions of Muslims, Africans, Asians, and Meso-Americans who dream of coming to the US, they are more deserving of the attention(and adoration) from the globo-homo elites than already-existing Americans are. Indeed, having roots in America makes you ‘less American’ according to the globo-homo formula. Especially if you’re white, having historical roots in America means your blood is tainted with ‘racism’ and ‘white supremacism’. So, your roots are not a point of pride but shame and guilt. So, your kind is even less deserving of status as American citizens than the newcomers who come ‘guilt-free’ as blank-slate Americans on whom the globo-homo script can be inscribed(and enshrined). (And yet, the call for the World to come to the US implies a supremacist mindset that the America is better than the rest of the world. Why else would globalists tell non-whites in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Middle East to drop whatever they’re doing and permanently depart from their own homelands, cultures, and peoples to become ‘Americans’ and start all over in the New World? It’s a strange contradiction. On the one hand, the history of America is said to be evil and ugly. And yet, for some reason, all that evil and ugliness created such a great and wonderful nation[that is superior to all] that peoples all over the world should reject their own nations, peoples, and cultures to come to America to become New Americans.) Of course, historical guilt is dumped only on white goyim — never mind that Jewish immigrants also took part in slave trade, benefited from ‘white privilege’, and participated in the ‘genocide’ of the Indians. Blacks and American Indians are allowed to feel moral pride on the basis of their roots in American History. But even that does little to protect them from endless waves of immigration-invasion. Blacks with American roots are not favored over new African immigrants whose ancestors had captured and sold blacks into bondage in the era of the Atlantic Slave Trade. And the Indians have NO SAY in whether further immigration-invasion is a good thing. Even as PC pretends to care about indigenous peoples and cultures, it totally ignores the fact that mass-immigration and ensuing Diversity did much to wipe out the indigenous peoples and cultures.
    At this point in history, most Jewish-Americans have considerable roots in America that goes back at least 100 yrs or more. They too have become Historical-Americans, but the cultist nostalgia about Ellis Island forever tags Jews as ‘Immigrant-Americans’, indeed as if they ‘spiritually’ get off the boat every year as dreamy-eyed newcomers. Jews act as if fresh immigrant-invaders keeping alive the Jewish Dream of Immigration. (It’s similar to how every new generation of Jews get to ‘larp’ as the eternal race of Holocaust Survivors.) Given the fact of established Jewish History in America, one would think that Jews would identify more with Historic America than with America Reinvented. But the truth is, during all their time in America, most Jews never connected with White Christian America. Jews learned the language, ate the foods, appreciated the arts, and traded with goyim, BUT they never bonded with goyim as fellow brethren. When Christians say ‘Judeo-Christian’, it is in the hope that Jews will consider Christians as fellow countrymen. When Jews say ‘Judeo-Christian’, it is to dupe naive white Christians into believing that “Israel is America’s greatest ally” when, if anything, Jews themselves do not and will never regard white Christians as fellow brethren.

    In the end, we must ask WHO gets to decide the terms of the New Policy or New Order? While, theoretically speaking, those who get to decide may be noble-minded, generous, & even self-sacrificing and mindful of the common good than the matter of “What’s in it for me?”, the chances are that those placed in positions to decide who-gets-what will favor themselves, their friends and relatives, and their social circles than anyone else.
    Take any company that must restructure. Who gets to decide? The masses of low-level workers? No, those at the top get to decide. And invariably, the decisions favor the top executives and biggest shareholders than the masses of laborers and the little guys. Before anyone at the top loses his gig(often with super-lavish golden parachutes), thousands of workers(and their benefits and pensions) are sacrificed first. Globalism is like a sinking ship where the captain and upper crew are either the first ones to get on lifeboats or the last ones to go down with the ship. It’s like DOWNFALL, the film about the last days of Hitler’s regime. Hitler and his inner circle were the last to go down. To the very end, they were partying and dancing while millions of Germans had already perished or been raped.
    Nassim Nicholas Taleb talks about the elites not having ‘skin in the game’, but even those with skin in the game get bled or burnt last. By the time they pay the price, the little guys have been wiped out already(and far more brutally).


    Hypothetically, how would the elites react IF populists were to gain control of globalism and rig the terms to serve their own mass interests at the expense of the elites? Suppose the populists decide to replace the current elites with new elites from a global pool. Replace oligarchs like Adelson and Koch Brothers with more civic-minded business leaders. And replace the crooks and goons of the current Deep State with noble-minded managerial class from other nations. Furthermore, the crooks and goons are made to face the music and sent to prison or executed. The result might be a fairer and sounder nation ruled and governed by elites with some sense of decency. Such globalism might actually have mass-populist support. Of course, the current elites will do everything to oppose it. The reason why the current elites support globalism is they totally get to call the shots in how the game is played and who wins. Why would people like Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergei Brin, Koch Brothers, Warren Buffett, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Jeff Bezos, Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg, Paul Ryan, and etc. oppose globalism when THEIR KIND gets to write the rule-book of who gets to hold the most cards and reap the most rewards?

    Suppose there is a pantry with lots of donuts, cookies, and candies in a school with a 100 kids. Suppose 5 kids are put in charge of the pantry, and they get to decide who gets what. They naturally favor themselves and their closest friends while leaving only crumbs and stale bread for the other kids. Would the 5 kid and their closest inner circle complain about the arrangement? They might if they’re ethical, but most people aren’t. And the kind of people who shoot for the top are animated by something more than intelligence and talent. They have insatiable greed, egotism, and status-obsession, like that terrible bitch Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos. Maybe Hillary Clinton had some ideals as a young woman, but by the time she entered politics, the ONLY thing that mattered was power, prestige, and privilege. And maybe Mitt Romney had a bit of ethical streak as a Mormon missionary, but he just turned into an egotistical and narcissistic pig. These vile elites dream of replacing existing Americans with New Americans, but they would think twice about the globalist project if it were about replacing the Existing Elites with New Elites. Alas, the hoi polloi don’t get to choose the terms and overall direction of globalism. The elites do.

    Elites have wings and fly around the world to make deals to fatten themselves ever more. Most people are grounded and lack the mercurial means of the globalists. Over time, those with wings identify more with others with wings than with their own kind. Imagine there are five species of monkeys. Suppose 5% of monkeys of each species begin to sprout wings and fly around. As time passes, will these winged monkeys identify more with winged monkeys of other species or with the wingless grounded monkeys of their own species? Ideally, the winged monkeys of one species should use their special ability to gain advantage for all the monkeys of the tribe. So, the winged monkeys of Tribe A will use their power of flight to serve the grounded monkeys of Tribe A, and winged monkeys of Tribe B will use their power of flight to serve the grounded monkeys of Tribe B. And indeed, winged Jewish monkeys think and feel this way. Though Jewish globo-elites have tremendous wing power, they will not collaborate with winged goy monkeys to harm or destroy grounded Jewish monkeys in Israel or elsewhere. Rich globalist Jews care even for lower-income Orthodox Jews. Liberal Globalist Jews care for Jewish nationalists in Israel, many of whom are not rich by any means.
    Jews understand that there are two meanings of Justice. The legal definition that involves redress for individual wrongs or grievances. So, if Bob committed a wrong against Bill, then Justice demands that Bob offer recompense to Bill. There is this concept of justice in the Old Testament, especially in regard to intra-tribal matters. So, if a Jewish individual wrongs another, there must be compensation or punishment. Eye for an eye. But the Torah deals with a grander concept of justice, the idea that, on some basic level, a people must struggle and strive as one. While society cannot do everything for everyone, all members of the Tribe must be assured a meaningful place in society as fellow brethren(and sistren). This is why Moses tries to save every Jew from Egypt. He doesn’t think in terms of rich Jews or poor Jews, privileged Jews or ordinary Jews, smart Jews or dumb Jews. At the basic level, ALL Jews deserve to be free and make it to the Promised Land as part of the Covenant. This grander concept of Justice doesn’t mean freebies for lazy bums. All members must struggle and strive as individuals. But, they are still part of a racial and/or cultural community, and all members must make sure that everyone, even the lowest member, is assured the basic necessities that make for dignified existence.
    Neo-Fascism and Humanism allow for such concept of justice, whereas globo-libertarianism says it must be about Me and never We. Jewish globalists push libertarian mindset onto goy elites but reject it for their own Tribe. Goy Libertarianism means goy elites should only think of themselves(as successful or lucky individuals) and throw their own racial brethren to the ditch. In contrast, Jewish commitment to Tribal Justice means that even the richest Jew should care about the lowest Jew. If there are suffering Jews in some part of the world, the rich and powerful Jews should try to do something for them.
    Now, it’s understandable why goy elites are drawn to individualism and globo-libertarianism. It means more profits for themselves since they never have to think about and be dragged down by the collective good of their own folks. White Libertarian elites have no qualms about raking in more profits by sacrificing the well-being of fellow whites. They are addicted to more money. Now, since Jewish elites also love More Money, shouldn’t they throw the Jewish masses under the bus as well? Won’t Jewish elites make even more money by thinking only of Me than of the We? This is less a problem with Jewish elites because there are far fewer Jews in the world than goyim. Russian elites, Chinese elites, Iranian elites, and etc. have many more people whose well-being they have to consider than Jewish elites do about Jewish masses. After all, the entire population of Jews around the world is less than 15 million. Also, as many Jews are higher-achieving than goyim, they are less in need of socio-economic support. 50% of Jews in the US make $100,000 or more. Finally, Jewish Power is such that they can make goyim foot the bill for Israel and Jewish interests.
    At any rate, we saw what happens to a goy nation when its elites are goaded into Libertarian Me-than-We mode in the Russia of the 1990s. Jewish globalists persuaded drunken fools like Boris Yeltsin into just turning Russia into one big casino-economy. While tens of millions of Russians fell into destitution, the oligarchs were raking in all the dough. Of course, the Jewish oligarchs still cared for fellow Jews. Even as they plundered the Russian economy, they made sure to favor and take care of their tribal brethren. In contrast, Russian oligarchs were told to just shut their hearts and minds to the suffering Russian masses. Vladimir Putin reversed some of that but nearly not enough as Russia still remains an oligarchic gangster-state.

    In the current state in most Advanced Nations, the winged elite monkeys mainly identify with the winged elite monkeys of other nations than with their own grounded monkey kind. Of course, the tribalist cries of the grounded monkeys are heard by the winged monkeys, but the fact is the latter would rather fly around with winged monkeys of other tribes than be bound to the ‘loser’ wingless monkeys of their own kind.
    What is to be done to drown out the national cries of the grounded monkeys? This is where the Sea Monkeys enter the picture. Via endless migrations of grounded-monkeys across the seas all over the world, every monkey realm loses its original tribal integrity and becomes so diverse that the national cry(to winged monkeys above) gets drowned out by an increasingly confusing and contradictory babel of monkey shrieks. To be heard by winged monkeys, the grounded monkeys must cry ever louder and louder, but as their cries turn into a cacophony of clashing sounds, the diversified grounded monkeys end up screaming at one another than making intelligible sounds that reach the elite realm. So, while the diversified grounded monkeys bicker and scream at one another, the upper-realm of flying monkeys are feeling free and having the time of their lives. Of course, there is ONE special tree that is reserved for grounded Jewish monkeys only, and their cries are heard and addressed by all the winged monkeys.

    Now, white globalist-libertarian elites will claim to be about the Greater We than about the Me. They will mask their radical Me-centric libertarianism with Proggy rhetoric about the Global We that transcends national borders. The gospel according to Bryan Caplan. These progo-globo elites will argue against nationalism as ‘petty’ and ‘small’. They are oh-so-generous-and-compassionate that they care for ALL OF HUMANITY around the world. It’s like globalist shill Emmanuel Macron derided ‘nationalism’ while redefining ‘patriotism’ as a form of globo-compassionate-imperialist consciousness. But such radical concept of the Mega-We fails on both the moral and pragmatic level.
    On the moral level, it is often a cynical rationale by the globalist elites to neglect their obligations to their national folks. Their excuse for ignoring the well-being of the nation is that they are TOO BUSY caring about all the world. It’s like a negligent parent who excuses his rotten behavior by insisting that he’s too busy caring for ALL THE CHILDREN of the world when, in fact, he spends most of his time and money on self-indulgence. It’s invocation of abstraction to justify extraction.
    But EVEN IF globalists were genuinely idealistic in their dream of saving all the world, it just can’t be done. Goldilocks rule sets in. History has shown, time and time again, that the nation-state is the most ideal unit for governance and collective action. Sure, nations need to trade with other nations and get along, but politics of shared purpose and governance work best within nation-states. After all, what’s the point of having national leaders who neglect the national folks while busying themselves with the world affairs that either have little national relevance or do harm to the great majority of the national folk? What’s the point of having national elites who tell you to your face that YOUR KIND should be replaced by New People and that your children must be brainwashed to embrace such racial suicide as the greatest good?
    The recent Yellow Vest protests in France prove that globalism only misled the French elites to neglect the needs of their own French Folks while providing endless favors for Jewish globalists, Afro-Islamic invaders, and insane homo-narcissists. The radically grand concept of the Mega-We intrinsic to globalism has value only as greedy cynical ploy or Utopian fantasy. For people like the Koch Brothers and Tim Cook, globalism allows them to seek out the cheapest labor to maximize their profits. It also means accelerating brain-drain from non-white to white nations so that places like San Francisco and New York will have the nerd-drones to toil away in Tech companies. And for bleeding-heart types in Sweden and Norway who, in their childish naivete, really want to SAVE THE WORLD, the concept of Globo-Mega-We fills them with neo-messianic fervor. Of course, moral vanity is a kind of emotional greed, a tendency to hog righteousness as one’s special virtue. In any case, it should be obvious by now that all of Sweden’s endless efforts as a Moral Superpower has come to naught. It failed to improve any corner of Africa, and taking in all those African and Muslim ‘refugees’ has only turned many parts of Sweden into Third World ghettos. Also, isn’t it arrogant and conceited for people of one nation to believe that they are so good, so wise, so caring, and so wonderful that their Love and Compassion can magically save the rest of humanity? If people of a nation really respect the peoples of other nations, why not let them figure things out and fix their own problems?

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  60. Yep, its totally just the Democrats fault here, Republicans and Trump will surely save their fellow white folk from all those “invaders” they invited in.

    You all seem to forget that that black devil 0bama deported more “invaders” than any president in history. I guess you’ve all forgotten about Reagans amnesty, and all those heroic Republicans like Marco Rubio, Lindsay Graham, Ted Felipo Cruz, that have pushed for amnesty for their dreamers.

    As long as we have an economic system(capitalism/globalism) that demands infinite growth and higher profits, nothing will change, wall or not. They’ll just fly em in, pack em shipping containers like sardines, whatever it takes… Maximizing profits is the only goal of Capitalism, no matter what it takes, if that means replacing Peter with Pedro, so be it. You as a European folk are no different from a Mexican in the eyes of the Capitalists that run this country, in fact they would prefer the Mexican, he’s cheaper, works just as hard and doesn’t make unreasonable demands like a living wage or overtime pay like you selfish Europeans.

    Globalism is just the latest stage of capitalism folks.

    Maybe Trump and our Republican saviors should hold on to that $38 billion check to our best friend, the so called state of Israel, to build the wall, since the survival of our race depends on it and all. Nah, they’re to busy working on pleasing Netanyahu and Adelson to save us.

    Senate Republicans’ 1st bill on Israel boycotts divides Democrats, Critics say Sen. Marco Rubio’s measure to combat BDS impinges on freedom of speech

    2 Republican senators call on US to recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan

    Yep, the Republicans certainly have their priorities.

    Bernie Sanders blasts introduction of anti-BDS bill as ‘absurd’

    The Wall is a distraction, Trump set this Sholom Rubashkin guy free not long ago, now why would Trump want to release this guy, who had profited off the labor of hundreds of undocumented immigrants, some of them children, a federal judge sentenced him to 27 years in prison for his crimes against the American worker. Evil 0bama refused to free him, but not our hero Trump!

    President Trump commutes sentence of Sholom Rubashkin, ex-Iowa slaughterhouse executive

    President Donald Trump on Wednesday commuted the prison sentence of former Iowa slaughterhouse executive Sholom Rubashkin, who was sentenced to 27 years for bank fraud and money laundering, the White House said.

    Rubashkin, a 57-year-old father of 10 children, oversaw operations at Agriprocessors, a large kosher meatpacking plant owned by his father in the northern Iowa town of Postville. The plant was raided by agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in May 2008, leading to the arrests of nearly 400 Mexican and Guatemalan immigrants who were living and working in the country without authorization.

    Republican Priorities!

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @peterAUS
  61. Wally says:

    “The fact that Trump is such an incompetent must be even more concerning to you all; he’s not going to get much of anything done anyway.

    You wish.

    Complete List of President Trump’s Accomplishments in the Two Years Since His Historic 2016 Election Win

  62. Icy Blast says:

    Swalwell is another ignorant clown of the type so common in American politics. He reminds me of Bill Clinton in his radical misunderstanding of, or appalling ignorance of, American and European history. Walls are medieval? What does Swallowswell know of medieval history? The answer: Nothing. This ridiculous bloviating catamite should stop slandering the people of the medieval period and read a book. But of course that will never happen.

    • Agree: eah
    • Replies: @eah
  63. anon[681] • Disclaimer says:

    His message did not have the urgent, forceful tone that makes this an emergency. In any case it’s time to stop talking. He needs to declare an emergency and get it done.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  64. @Anon

    What you have to realize that Globalism has only two options. Ether it is victorious all the way, or Death. There is no half way. My bet would be on Death. Maybe there is third option and that is nuclear war, but that I am including in Death.

  65. @ariadna

    “In Buck’s defense, unlike Jeffery Dahmer, at least he is not eating them.”

    I don’t think they were kosher.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  66. David says:

    I can’t see what’s complicated about tens of thousands of dollars a year for food, housing, education, healthcare, social services, etc. Each punk tossed over the fence imposes these costs on us, and there are tens of thousands of kids so tossed each year. I find comparing this penalty-free imposition on us to the consequences to me of not paying my income and property tax — Soon, I’d lose my home and my freedom — gins up a certain level of outrage among those who have ears to hear.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  67. Heros says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Worship was the best word I could come up with, perhaps admire is closer. Or perhaps “wish to mimic”.

    I live in Western Europe and have frequent contact with Brits, Dutch, Belgians, Germans and French.

    From boomer down to millenial, most of the future trends originate in the US. From social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and others, to the entire procession of Apple consumer products which they all WORSHIP. Netflix and Amazon may have supplanted Hollywood to a certain degree, but all the edgy new content comes out of the US. Not to be forgotten are the endless re-runs of US sitcoms like Big Bang translated into local language and played on their local broadcaster. We also have fast food culture, which is also seeped in hollywood symbology. Tesla Motors is another case where greenies across the planet worship a US tech god. Every European I have ever met relishes in telling long stories about their trips to the US.

    And every single European I know despises Trump and opens any conversation about US politics with a slur about Trump in exactly the same way they would slobber over Obama 2 years earlier.

    Cleary European perceptions of the US are completely manipulated and follow “the” narrative. These Europeans are still in a trance under a kabbalistic spell cast out of Hollywood. You may find “Worship” to be inappropriate, but that is the word I would use for NPC Zombies chasing some sacred image transmuted into their brains by 21st century mind control. Like Global Warming. Or Social Justice. Or 6 Gorillion. Or Israel’s right to exist.

    We also must realize that most this mind control originates from England and is deliberately syncronized for world wide consumption.

  68. eah says:

    If Stephen Miller wrote that speech we’re in big trouble.

    Media reaction:

  69. @redmudhooch

    How ironic that a Jew, Bernie Sanders, is leading the fight against Christian Zionist Little Marco’s anti-BDS bill. Are Israel-first GOP Christian neocons worse than liberal Jews? I, for one, think so. No one is more dangerous for the world than war-loving Christian Zionists like Rubio and Cruz. Interesting that they are both Hispanic, although I wonder if most Hispanics think like them regarding the Jewish state.

  70. @anon

    As always, Trump was sorely disappointing at crunch time. He missed his moment to declare a national emergency, and that moment may never come again. Why did he even have his too short (8 lousy minutes) Oval Office address when he had already decided to not do anything bold?

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
    • Replies: @bardamu
  71. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    So what makes you think that this man, birth surname Buckmelter according to Wikipedia, keeps kosher?

  72. @Anon7

    Sorry to say both parties want open borders and a steady supply of immigrants. Republicans and corporate America want a source of cheap labor they will not have to give benefits to.

    The Democrats drool over the thought of an ever increasing voter base, who will always vote “Dem”.

    Both the Neocons and Neoliberals need fresh cannon fodder for their never-ending wars, which are fought for their Zionist Israeli owners, the TRUE RULERS of JooMerka.

  73. Bottom line. Foreign aid to Israel 3.1 billion dollars yearly, OR $30,000 for every man, woman and child in the State of Israel. Total foreign aid to Israel since 1948, 234 billion dollars

    Total cost of border wall estimated to be 21.6 billion dollars

    Tell me once again “who’s yo daddy”.

  74. bardamu says:

    Because that seems to be enough for a large segment of the voters who put him in- you know, the ones who think he’s really a nationalist. At this stage in the game I don’t see how even the most dedicated cheerleader could labor under that delusion.

  75. 36 ulster says:

    Good article by Mr. Kirkpatrick. One minor quibble: The Democrat leadership really wants DEPENDENT voters; I doubt whether they have any illusions or cares about Third Worlders being COMPLIANT in any meaningful way.

  76. MarkinLA says:

    NumbersUSA has been pushing these ideas for years and it seems nobody cares. They even have the ears of some Congresscritters. Of course, like Center for Immigration Studies and FAIR, they are “racist” so we don’t have to pay any attention to anything they say.

  77. Unoito says: • Website

    Ready, set GO!

    A solution is staring us, (US) in the face.

    Bring all American soldiers HOME. Line them up on the border(s). Depending on who is in charge the advantages will be unexpectantly huge and hopefully give rise to a new ($$$$$) beginning.

    America for Americans without willfully harming or financially benefit a soul on either side of the dispute.

    “Human beings” are capable of organizing just as well as any other life form on the planet.

    Take a look at the image you see in the mirror.

    Decide if you are looking at your best friend or your biggest enemy.

    Act accordingly.

    GOD bless America!!!

    When all is said and done a TRUMPET, just MAY come in handy.

  78. @ia

    That’s the way you see it (and so do many others), and it’s a much more productive way than fighting. Of course, it does require a layer of service providers, and it isn’t quick, but at least it saves medical cost. It also makes for a highly insulting society, as people act just under the threshold that will generate a report. Isn’t entirely golden.

    In an honor society, however, people don’t put up with impoliteness. The Borderlanders used to be like that, and some still are. Same for the Southerners, and perhaps for the Texans (el Norte). African-Americans certainly don’t put up with impoliteness.

    If anything is more of a manifestation of “culture”, quite likely enhanced by HBD, I don’t know what that something is.

    So the African-American is immersed in a society that is not understood, _cannot_ be understood for most of the population, and that rubs them the wrong way. The Whites don’t act right.

    Same with the various Asian groups, Han perhaps most of all.

    That the way Whites and Han act is essential for maintenance of a complex society, one that requires restraint and is (in the European Enlightenment’s terms) maintained only be the highest efforts of genius, is of no interest to the African-Americans, and only slightly more to the Latinos.

    First, as a group they don’t believe it (see fraction of population with IQ over 110).

    Second, there is the old problem of Plato’s _Republic_. Plato describes an “ideal” polis in which just about every traumatic event possible is inflicted upon everybody. Mothers can’t keep their children, entertainers (poets) can’t entertain because the State prevents entertainment, no music or pastries either, families are forbidden, etc. Sort of like the Spartans except not so exciting. So: here you have an “ideal polis” in which everybody is continuously traumatized. What the Hell is so ideal about that? If African-Americans as a group require an honor based society that provides employment for the ~45% of the African-American population with an IQ of 83 or less, then it won’t get an industrialized society. The citizens of Zimbabwe (those remaining alive) haven’t asked to be re-annexed by a the UK just yet, and I don’t expect them to. Nor would I expect that foreign farmers brought in to grow food would last very long after their arrival, barring heavy military support (perhaps from China).

    So: Not everybody loves industrial societies. However, everybody loves having their own group having its own land (as a revealed preference). If industrial societies want to keep their land, they’ll have to fight for it. South Africa and Rhodesia fought and lost. So did Detroit, MI.

    As the graffiti says,
    “Industry was here, but now it’s gone
    It left it’s name to carry on.”
    And graffiti is all that’s left among the ruins.


  79. peterAUS says:

    Trump declares a national emergency and builds a barrier against civil personnel and vehicles along the US/Mexican border, then it will become inescapable to Trump’s base will join him on desperate grounds, whether it wants to or not

    Sounds as a plan.

    Now, let’s just wait and see will he do it.

    I have a feeling Deplorables will need a plan “B” there.

    Imagine (yes, I know) MASSIVE demonstrations, as we speak, supporting that idea from the quote.
    Not a proper form, true.

  80. peterAUS says:

    As long as we have an economic system(capitalism/globalism) that demands infinite growth and higher profits, nothing will change, wall or not. They’ll just fly em in, pack em shipping containers like sardines, whatever it takes… Maximizing profits is the only goal of Capitalism, no matter what it takes, if that means replacing Peter with Pedro, so be it. You as a European folk are no different from a Mexican in the eyes of the Capitalists that run this country, in fact they would prefer the Mexican, he’s cheaper, works just as hard and doesn’t make unreasonable demands like a living wage or overtime pay like you selfish Europeans.

    Globalism is just the latest stage of capitalism folks.


    So, it would be good to figure out what could be an alternative. Oh, and B.T.W. how to make it work.

    One day……perhaps.

  81. Christo says:

    An unaddressed issue with a “wall’ . Such a permanent substantial high wall that inhibits humans from crossing will do the same to some animals. And such a wall will be underground a feet(so people don’t dig under it so it will stop bugs, snakes , turtles , etc.

    It seems to me that this wall will demand serious multiple Environmental Impact studies including every kind of population and/or habitat of many “threatened”species. The Corps of Engineers do these for all their/gov projects. I am thinking for such a wall would take months or years. Then those impact studies get taken to court by god knows how many anti-wall groups , and land owners. I hat this phase will take years alone.

    • Replies: @eah
  82. eah says:

    Holy fate worse than death batman!

  83. eah says:

    Such a permanent substantial high wall that inhibits humans from crossing will do the same to some animals.

    It’s a poor substitute for white racial consciousness and white nationalist determination to preserve America’s demographic heritage as a majority white nation.

  84. eah says:

    Since Trump whiffed, Tucker Carlson said it.

  85. eah says:
    @Icy Blast

    More proof of what a total fucking idiot Swalwell is.

  86. Trump fails to understand the true nature of the enemy. Clear logic and sweet reason will get him nowhere.

    Leftism is a secular religious cult. Both it and Mohammedanism are on the ascendancy, while Christianity is the inherently weak horse that is fading fast and may not even survive. For a leftist, in any conflict between morality and logic, or morality and law, or morality and truth, or morality and reality itself, their so-called morality always takes precedence. Leftists are eager to sacrifice you, your family, and your nation on the bloody altar of their holy fantasies.

    Trump will continue to accomplish nothing until he stops defending and stops trying to make deals. There is only one effective tactic against the insane zealots of the left: attack with deadly force until they are completely eradicated.

  87. peterAUS says:

    Trump fails to understand the true nature of the enemy. Clear logic and sweet reason will get him nowhere.

    Leftism is a secular religious cult.

    For a leftist, in any conflict between morality and logic, or morality and law, or morality and truth, or morality and reality itself, their so-called morality always takes precedence. Leftists are eager to sacrifice you, your family, and your nation on the bloody altar of their holy fantasies.

    Trump will continue to accomplish nothing until he stops defending and stops trying to make deals. There is only one effective tactic against the insane zealots of the left: attack with deadly force……

    Pretty much.

  88. Anastasia says:

    I have never seen a politician sosavaged by politicians and the media. EvaenRicard Nixon did not take this kind of beating. But Trump is like a Superman. The bullets reflect off of him. I don’t like his foreign policy until recently. But I cannot help but admire his courage and perserverance. He’s a pretty incredible man

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