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What They Are Not Telling You About Elite Education
There is no man that university corrupts not
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We can provide education for everyone, but we cannot offer everyone privilege. A conspiracy of Potemkin progressives and masochistic liberals have sold the general public the idea that we all can up-grade our lives by getting more education.

Education is now seriously competing with work for the main pastime of our existence. Until the mid 20th century, we fully upgraded a few able individuals. In this 21st century, not only do we consider preschool education (6 years) and primary and secondary education (10 years) as an inalienable human right, but we have also put half of young adults through college (2 or 3 years), with about three quarters of them being sent off to university (another 4 to 10 years), prostrating themselves to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate indoctrination.

After that experience, 25-years old adults without a job apply for unpaid internships, prepare for entrance level state examinations or go straight into unemployment. Lifelong learning is just getting started.

Those individuals who dropped out of the academic path are not exactly spared the ideology. They find themselves trapped in vocational schools, apprenticeships, job center training measures, distance learning or evening classes. They, too, are told that they must learn a life long.

Work, on the other hand, has dramatically lost its shine. It sounds almost derogatory. As in “slave labor” or “animal abuse.” For example, we outlawed child work. Images of 19th century factory workers scare us. We also liberated the elderly who easily go kaputt under prolonged work, so we retire them early, ideally between ages 50 to 63.

When American billionaire and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, bragged he “worked 22 hours a day,” he was just patronizing his underlings. And when French president and Rothschild investment banker, Emmanuel Macron, told jobseekers to “cross the street” to get work, he wasn’t exactly respectful either. Let us be honest, work has become an euphemism for “underclass.”

The upper and elite classes don’t “work.” They have people working for them. They have cause, call and career. They own properties and assets, often for centuries, and stocks, patents and businesses; they fly over the general population and they accomplish fame and generate income to the power of sheer mathematical incomprehensibility to the minus-people born to beggar. So it was the owner classes, technically the unemployed, who cultivated higher education. Higher education back then was the privilege of a very few.

Sentiment makers and subversiveists wrongly concluded that education must lead to privilege. Marxists and revolutionaries inspired the non-haves to definitively attend universities. Seizing the means of education, something like that.

Today, higher education is ubiquitous. And mandatory. It is true that hundreds of thousands of mediocre public schools, colleges, institutes and universities were founded. However, those failed to make everyone privileged. They made everyone mediocre or worse.

Let‘s imagine you printed a thousand A4-sized matt coated recycled paper degrees with your “Spirit” logo in Latin verum in the header, and you told a thousand dung eaters that when they pay a fortune and spend four years on your farm, they would earn one. The dung eaters would probably wail and ask for wages. Now comes the hilarious scam. You tell them No wages BUT: with that paper degree with that Latin verum logo in the header, they, too, would become bold enough to print a thousand paper degrees with their own logos and sell them to the next one thousand expert idiots.

That is naturally never to compute. If anything, the thousand degree holders unwittingly subsidized the master‘s lot. They turned him from an verum cheat into a well-known powerful masthead.

Educators are often charlatans. The prey upon young impressionable have-nots who are most vulnerable to philanthropic ponzi schemes. Thomas Edison never attended school, yet boasted “a thousand inventions” to his name. Only as a byline in his biography will you read about how he really did it: massive teams, laboratories, scientists and research centers.

Many directors are exploiters of research. An increase from 100 to 10,000 followers will not make each of those followers a thought leader, and if you think hard about it – none of them. Not even the first tenth.

Examining a typical professor chair at a top university who easily supervises 5 doctoral students a year, times 20 years, that’s 100 wanna-be professors, each with a hypothetical 1 percent chance of later inheriting the venerable chair. Or so they believe. None of them will eventually inherit it, because a) a professor is appointed from among the above, not recruited from down the below and b) a professor must be extremely exceptional, not some also-run.

And so we have the founders and directors being empowered by millions of fodder “zeros” adding to their institute‘ fame: pay-to-win educational schemes, prep-schools, diploma mills, evil policies like No Child Left Behind, fake prizes and even fake universities, like Trump University or The University of Distant Learning. So it is no wonder that the education industry lobbies for compulsory education.

The content of education is mostly irrelevant. The sciences should be open source [they are not], and much of the humanities are make-belief: basically, the rulers celebrate themselves, their dynasties, their creed, their achievements, and maintain their privilege through stories, so now they have even more believers legitimizing their legacy.

Let me give you an example. In order to qualify for university entrance in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, northern Germany, pupils have to study Latin and read German writers Heinrich von Kleist, Georg Büchner, Hermann Hesse and Christa Wolf. How could you possibly make it in life without knowing these important Pflichtlektüre [compulsory reading]? Wait, you live outside Germany and made it in life? You went to a university? That means the authorities in northern Germany simply made up the school plans.

There once was a “secretive” leveled operating system. The higher the educational level attained (high school, college, bachelor, master, doctorate, lecturer, assistant professor, associate professor, full professor, senior fellow), the profounder the truth revealed. So, to the doctor at Harvard University it was revealed that the Yehudi run the world. To the doctor at Peking University it was revealed that 300-years old Taoist sages roam the forests. To the doctors at Tokyo University it was revealed that the Emperor was a primordial fish.

It would make much more sense to set up your own education system, complete with chain-degrees, license-hurdling and comical graduation regalia. Worship your own tribe’s history and cross-reference your own super-saiyans and waterwalkers. No more serving the interests of the founding barbers or empowering the oppressors of wahmen.

Even the most exclusive elite institutions have now discovered the power of perception management. Oxbridge once was a demure and catholic place, because the various colleges would carefully guard their sacred texts and exclude the general public. And if a person wanted to know exactly to whom to attribute the saying that “Those who tell the stories, rule society,” if he wasn’t a member of the Order, he had to make camp in town, swear allegiance and wit time to spare. And so he had to be notable and charitable.

Then came the people‘s pedagogues. From romanticists like Jean-Jacques Rousseau to progressives like John Dewey, the teachers‘ teachers stipulated that education was a magic formula or process that transforms a person. If that were the case, it should happen anywhere. What really happens in an elite university is that a person transforms into a person of elitist privilege.

Today we can be absolutely certain: Education itself is a waste of time. If somebody is out of work, he should be in education. Education thus epitomizes abhorrent poverty, renunciation, impotency. This was true for the barrel-philosophers in Ancient Greece as well as for the court eunuchs in Ancient China, and now for the basement-dwelling social justice warriors in Woke America. Third world countries are world champions in education. Do they have access to First world privilege, no.

Unsurprisingly, even between the First world countries there are insurmountable hierarchies. The British Empire with its ultra-elitist schools such as Fettes College and Eton, and with its imperial colleges in London, Oxford and Cambridge, allotted a lot of privileges in the world. Do British universities offer better education than German or French universities do you think? No of course not, but the latter do not offer that much privilege.

Does it mean that the population of Britain is on average super entitled and elitist, as some say: supremacist? Absolutely not, no: British life is horrible for those born to unplanned parenthood. The meta school system is brain-dead, with all the kids forced to like Shakespeare and regurgitate how “the empire of which the sun never set” is the best democracy even though it is a monarchy. Britain harbors royals, aristocrats and oligarchs, and it thrives on its brutal blood system since… forever.

The most talented prole may ace every pub quiz in Aberdeen, be self-taught in four languages and able to debate Christopher Hitchens or C. K. Chesterton in theory, but he won’t have an literature degree from an English university. For that, he would have to attend a string of prestigious schools, starting home rate tuition fees of £12,600. And how will he live? And with what can he bribe his way forward and exchange favors on virtually every step of the social ladder? He can’t fake it forever.

Realistically, the only difference a university makes is the degree it offers. That degree, not your education, is the valuable stuff. It is your ticket to the high road. While normal people enter very narrow lives and become certified car mechanics, hairdressers, bookkeepers, farmers or clerks, the elevated people become certified “Masters of Arts,” “Masters of Sciences” or “Doctors of Philosophy.” The holy halo is deliberate: “University” literally derives from Latin universus – the universe.

The underprivileged “learned” first arrived in masses in Western universities in the 19th and 20th centuries to serve the nation state. They were non-notables, with no special rights, no noble titles or pedigree. Their families had to pay for the education, as nobody else would invest in them. Student debt was born. A new social class emerged, the class of academics. They vied for access to “the Palace”: expert panels, advisory boards, court historians, all the free sandwiches. Academics are broadly despised by the general public as social parasites. Loyal and absolutely dependent on their paymaster, the regime, they become the ruling class‘s hagiographers, courtiers and censors.

Now let us discuss the first two decades of the 21st Century, because something extraordinary occurred. The rise of the “Free Internet” from 2000 to 2015 as means for commoners, non-haves, millions of impoverished students and the exploited classes to freely comment, completely anonymously, on the malodorous situation they are in, has sent FRIGHTENING warning pangs to all regimes.

Even the inventors of this technology in North America, who had calculated that enemy regimes in Russia, China, India, Eastern Europe and South-America would surely collapse under the weight of mass discontent and exposure, could NOT have fully anticipated the dangers such freedom would pose to Western regimes.

Therefore, the “Free Internet” had to be countermand, a process that took the autocrats in Washington, Brussels, London and Berlin exactly 4 years, or one US-presidential term – that of Donald J Trump from 2016 to 2020.

Although all is under control again, and the rebooted “Unfree Internet” is now run by fact checkers – policed, regulated and censored just like national television and radio -, nevertheless the great majority of an entire Western generation had briefly witnessed the immoral, lying, undemocratic and still hopelessly exploitative nature of our civilization.

It will take formidable measures to erase that horrible memory from world history. In fact, future generations will be sent to education camp for the rest of life on Terra.

Global Education Camp will be… more of the same pyramid scheme. Only openly anti-work. Those who started the scheme took up loans and recruited their old boys‘ network, paying off the founder’s loans plus interests and throwing in some vain monuments, statues and architecture. The next few layers were sly investors, too, who planned on enriching themselves by recruiting their cronies, their buddies and prospective business partners.

Layer upon layer of new generations, each greater in number, and each paying more than the previous layers, are needed to sustain the educational pyramid. Harvard University today has an endowment of \$40.9 billion. Yale University sits on \$27 billion, Stanford University on \$25 billion, and so on. Meanwhile, student debts in the “exceptional nation ” have doubled every 10 years and reached a staggering \$1.7 trillion in 2020.

Most investment money is used by the universities to repay earlier investors, to prop up their failing university presses and shadow institutes (where no prof shows up all year), and to pay for the ivory lifestyle that includes conferences in most exotic countries, mistress culture, expensive gifts and homes.

It is safe to say that none of the 19.6 million college students in the US today will get their own monuments, statues and architecture. In fact, most graduates will not even get even on the cost of their birth. And if you happen to take on huge debts for cattle sleepwalking down this well-trodden university path, you are probably not a genius. And boy, do the deans know this.

A single human can produce exactly one great idea during his life-time and has only so much time and momentum during physiological peak mentality to deliver. After he turned 35 years of age (outliers exist, but are rare), he either had his genius idea put to use and banks on it for the rest of his academic career, or he fades into oblivion.

Those ideas, the universities want to harvest and steal from their cheap donor honor classes, docs, postdocs, guest researchers and other chatty tell-it-all. And once they stole a great idea, the directors and deans will match the idea with a more resourceful, eloquent and presentable candidate.

Albert Einstein‘s idea, for example, was undoubtedly brilliant (he was 26 when he published his four key papers); alas, his findings were known, discussed and circulated by other physicists too. He simply took all of his colleagues‘ ideas and because he was Jewish, he got published and hailed by the Jewish-owned press as the genius of the millennium, the face of all science. Have you heard of his peers? Or his supervising professor, Alfred Kleiner? His editors? Or his physicist wife, Mileva Maric? No? That is the system. A selected few take all the credit.

Which brings us to the concept of fabricated history and historic tropes [one stands for all]. It is important to distinguish between Albert Einstein the person and Einstein the master trope, educational synecdoche and superimposed construct: one representative is appointed to stand for his entire field – pars pro toto. Plato, Christ, Einstein, Darwin, Freud… are historic tropes and thus pure fiction. The cavemen worshiped animals, the prehistorics worshiped their ancestors, the ancients worshiped gods, and modern men worship… the tropes. All is claptrap and all is gonna pass.

This is not to discredit the high-achievers, but to advise precaution: We are being manipulated on a scale most laymen will find it difficult to comprehend. That is also the reason why ‘admission standards’ are really just a deterrent for gullible believers. The founders obviously didn’t need to pass idiotic tests. Socrates didn’t publish a single paper. Alfred Nobel never won a Nobel Prize. Bill Gates never trained as an IT-guy. Leaders need no ‘qualifications’. Otto von Bismarck was a duke and a prince and German chancellor without diploma. Ursula von der Leyen never held a rifle in her life, yet she became Chief Commander of the German army.

Universities are reputation farms, with a few feudal lords commanding 10,000 paper pickers. If the dons want to hire a particular overseer, they will actually make an offer and covet him with valuable fellowships or stipends. All those unsolicited East-Asian whizz kids, Indian spelling-bee champs and indistinguishable Mensa-Nazis however, who believe the application playing field is definitely a fair competition, have to queue at the front gate, strip naked and perform the silliest tricks. It’s a metaphor.

In the distant past, education was experimenting with holiness, next with fair and moral character, then with merit, and later even with IQ, the intelligence quotient. Only the brightest students were worthy of their masters’ time, so the original myth. Then, dark marketeers threw in their lot: Degrees should be kept artificially scarce, so even if the trustees already know whom to appoint, nevertheless they should stage a nationwide call for application, even multiple applications. The average teen applies to 9-10 colleges simultaneously. That way, we have more university applications than actual people in the country, but who cares: if universities can reject say 96% phantom applicants, they can brag about reputAAAtioon.

Outwardly, Harvard and Princeton University operate more like Hollywood and the Disney corporation. Favoritism and nepotism at the top, yet everyone at the bottom can buy a copy of their stories. The motion picture BIG Tech industry is arguably more high-tech and commercial, however BIG Education isn’t that far behind. Lately, the custodians of standard discovered racial quotas and diversity: We accept the xx-chromosomal small people, the gender-undecided, forgotten minorities, African evacuees, the disabled and special forest groups, political donors, athletes, bankable celebrities, the daughter of Chairman Xi and yes, we offer student fees waivers for the dirt-poor, but only after they paid upfront and officially enrolled and under the condition that the global media reports it gloriously.

The most exotic specimens and colonial flowers are not meant to be part of the inner circle of Western power, yet they are useful tokens in a worldwide tributary system. Mahatma Gandhi of India was educated in British London, and so were Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Lee Kuan-Yew of Singapore. Sun Yat-sen of Taiwan was British educated too, in colonially subjugated Hong Kong.

The list of heads of state educated in Imperial America is ludicrously long, from Albert II of Monaco to Shinzo Abe of Japan, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, Chung Won-shik of South Korea, Felipe Calderon of Mexico, Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia… to various leaders of Thailand, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Kenya and pretty much the rest of the world.

I hear you: they all went into elite education to improve the world‘s world of knowledge. No wait, … they were in for the privilege. Magnus malum sit!

What is most annoying is that we call this house democracy, so as to hoodwink all the people as if the gravel mattered. In reality, ten million educated men cannot achieve what Henry Kissinger, a former simple grammar school pupil, could achieve because he was shod into Harvard Inc. The gains from extreme privilege grow exponentially [in other words: they explode], with fake journals, top awards, most influential-person awards, world tours, honorary degrees, book deals, consultancies, CIA operations and just-so-created tenured or governmental positions. Kissinger commanded the enemy propaganda of civilizations – the American, the German, the Soviets, the Israeli, the Chinese – as THE global expert. Also nice: full spectrum immunity from the law and regulations (he is a war criminal). It is inhumane and monstrous of our system to appoint one man to such powerful positions. Are we bloody Aztecs and Egyptians? Space bugs? We have lost all measures.

If your corruptible nurturers, sheikhs and pharaoh people saved up for your dead-cert membership of the Yale or Harvard class 2025, with a whopping \$80k annual study fees and living costs, or for your Singaporean ‘S3 Asia tri-city, tri-university global double-degree MBA’ you probably don’t mind me saying that the books are also available at Those who line up for such elite universities want the privilege. There, I said how it really is.

What about socialist countries like China or Germany, you ask? Surely, education there is free. They must be the saviors of the oppressed and the disadvantaged, and educate everyone according to their abilities, no?

Education in those nations is indeed completely state-funded, bare some solidarity tax; however it follows that education is the dictate of the state. Workers indirectly co-sponsor the higher education of their leaders who could easily afford it anyway. The difference to capitalism is that in socialism, the highly educated are expected to live modestly, excel in their field and make their nation proud.

The state doesn’t want to be overthrown. It invents a complicated tier system, class-based bureaucracy and endless proof of loyalty (professors are salaried state officials). For the unimportant masses, psychological techniques we know from cults are applied: sleep deprivation (senseless exams, arbitrary deadlines, seminars), anxiety, surveillance, discipline and worship of their leaders, repetition of party slogans (democracy, rule of law, human rights) and literary canon (we the good, the evil others), most importantly, the threat of ‘enemies of state’ everywhere. The politically unfit are purged. The educated believe the state should cover all their expenses, because they obviously are better than the rest.

Needless to say, socialist universities have a backdoor for their prize horses and princelings, too: Party membership and fast-track recommendations such as the Stiftungen in Germany and the Baosong in China.

Communist cadres have cohorts of speech writers, editors, proofreaders and liaison departments which compose doctoral dissertations for them, just like Angela Merkel of East Germany. Top officials sometimes hand in their professional work as dissertation for academic promotion, common for diplomats and regime journalists. After all: their state, their state universities. You can often tell if politicians are academic swindlers when they miraculously graduated with a doctorate cum laude while being full-time salaried public servants, like Annette Schavan (German Minister of Education) or Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg (German Minister of Defense). Needless to say, none of those known fraudsters went into elite education for anything other than privilege.

But if you still think it‘s all about “realizing one‘s full potential,” that‘s OK. Our gatekeepers will invent ever more costly requirements for those hopelessly delusional, modern Ah Qs and Kong Yiqis [the madmen and the erudite idiots]. How about the ‘Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) 191 minimum 185 per component’ or the ‘International Baccalaureate Standard Level (SL) in English as language A or B’? You‘ll need them, and lots of cash deposited in our bank account at Cambridge Trust, for your very expensive F-Visa application.

How about you also sent in three letters of recommendations from very powerful advocates [whose social circles you undoubtedly must frequent a lot] or heads of namely schools, add a surety letter just to be safe, while we here invent a peer review system and vetting process, wherein a minimum of twelve admission officers plus the profs and dons will google access your dad‘s politics, net worth and how well you will fit in with “our values”?

So what about the hundreds of thousands of affirmative action and/or mortgage students? We have to invent time-consuming and funny requirements for them. Often we at Admission Office burst out loud laughing, but what can we do: the desperate perform desperate things: Have your raised your A-Levels from AAA to A*A*A* or considered a Gap Year to gain some life experience in Thailand? Oh, and have you passed that all-important Sixth Form EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) that involves creating a report and delivering a presentation? How about your STEP Mathematics Qualification – was it grade S (Outstanding) or just grade 1 (Very good)? And, have you picked your Exchange Year destination yet? We are requiring our best an finest to spent some time at our partner institutions abroad: The Universitas 21 Network for Research-Intensive Universities? The Erasmus Program for Mobility of University Students, anyone?

Since there isn’t going to be much work around for 10 billion people or more in the future, automation and artificial intelligence and all, higher education is perfect for killing time and reducing populations. The more we educate them, the less they procreate.

That is why the public service media – British BBC, German ARD and ZDF, Japanese NHK, France Télévisions, etc. – have an “educational mandate.” How did you not know that? They collect compulsory fees from us for helping to “educate” us day in and day out. Since we have already mentioned American Hollywood and Disney, they are into remote education too, disguised as entertainment.

In Europe, the press has a pedagogical function. Journalists see themselves as the people‘s educators. They are talking down to the rabble. State publishers, including all university presses, are curators of official lies. Film and Theatre are under state control and produce propaganda.

The European Union member states have started to remove unauthorized educational content from the Internet: copyright infringement. The censors crack down on so-called fake news, conspiracy theories, hate speech, victim blaming, denial, sexist language and ultra-radical ideas such as freedom of expression. Everybody using the new ‘Unfree Internet’ is now tracked. If somebody self-educates with the help of alternative or black-market or foreign teachers, he or she will become unemployable.

It is the continuation of the power grab we have seen since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990, when the United States forced European countries to Americanize their education systems (Anglo-Saxon BAs, MAs, MBAs, MSs, PhDs, unified grading, etc.). What, you didn’t know that by 2010 (the Bologna Process), the Franco-Napoleonic, the Germanic, the Greece-Hellenic, the Slavish and the Romanic education systems were… abolished? The European Union naturally discharged its pent-up frustration on the Global South: Penalizing substandard degrees and qualifications.

The ‘Free Internet’ disrupted that globalization process, but now it is business as usual: Hundreds of thousands of East-European ‘university graduates’ residing in Western Europe were re-educated, or shall we say down-graded, to nurses, caretakers, taxi drivers, workers. That taught them a lesson to walk in here with no-good Oriental degrees.

Everyone below 30 years of age will be regarded as “in education,” with their higher and further education degrees serving as verification badges or social credit for people who aren’t workers and other failures. Just like in a “free” online game, more options in life are made possible by waiting through advertisement measures, plowing through the above mentioned 6+10+3+10 years standard education levels, or by activating better avatars through direct money transfer. For example, why study 36 months for your Master, when you can buy a 12 months quick Master in the UK? It is about £ 25k (\$ 34k) the A4-sized matt coated recycled paper degree. 500,000 foreigners do that every year. Often, no previous degree is required, at the discretion of the chancellor.

The roll out of pay-to-win education for the below par and the sub exist will proceed. To “these people,” lame degrees such as physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, medicine and literature are not even advertised. Instead, in the United States they got over 1,800 different college majors to choose from, according to That‘s right: Pet Training, Wholesaling, Plant Nursery, Women‘s Studies, Receptionist, Roofer and Technician are now “university degrees.”

In the United Kingdom, the final goal of awarding degrees to 99% of the population will surely be archived in this century. The country offers over 30,000 different courses and degrees already. There are now “Masters of Horology [Time],” “Masters of Cities” and “Masters of Communications.” Thwarters recall the cultural hysteria in 1992, when the ‘Further and Higher Education Act’ was passed in parliament, granting former polytechnic schools and vocational centers the right to award “university degrees.” That liberty was nothing compared to the strides we witnessed 25 years later during the ‘Unfree Internet’. We now have ‘professors of democracy’ (in Birmingham), ‘professors of diversity and inclusion’ (in Bradford), and ‘professors of care of magical creatures’ (in the Harry Potter online compendium). One of them is unreal.

Just like there is a World government, a World bank, a World Health organization, there is going to be World Education. (The ‘OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment’ or the ‘UNESCO‘s Global Education First Initiative’ were just baby steps.) Small, independent schools who offer incorrect education will be sanctioned and harassed by globalist hecklers. Renegade teachers and whistle blowers, especially those who upload educational content for free on the Internet, will be shamed, criminalized and taken out.

We already see this by Western powers disqualifying any professor, teacher and student who associates with China‘s Confucius Institutes. In France and Germany, Islamic education is illegal, and only state-accredited, Western-educated imams [preachers] receive license. African degrees are practically worthless.

Homeschooling is already illegal in most of Europe, and although it is still tolerated in parts of the United States, it will soon be outlawed.

Competitor education, for example from Russian, Polish, Hungarian, German, Japanese, Iranian or Chinese points of view that might disseminate ‘anti-democratic’ content or refuse to adopt freedom language as the language of education, will be banned and their degrees rubbished. There shall only be ONE global educational pyramid.

Finally, our children will be forced to undergo lifelong education camp: tiered, tracked and cataloged. The gap between the privileged elite and the rest of humanity will be like nothing ever seen before, of course, as the luxurious elite degrees open doors while the worthless normal degrees close them.

It is entirely possible that education will bankrupt work. This means for all theatrical purposes that universal education will not only cause more unemployment but also that the ass-clones are systematically mocked and reduced to perform humanity‘s ultimate posse, a posse of 35-years old middle management guys with Masters of Time degrees discussing Einstein and Shakespeare.

Online education is transcending the yellow and crimson sarcophagi and we are going to see truly vaporous boundless specters stalking the last of us. Learning new knowledge through four-year compulsory uni courses is gross nonsense if my cell phone “knows” more than 1000 experts in the field. So now those educational hustlers are needing to force “all true defenders of democracy” to attend brand universities, in-person or online. And since authorized knowledge will be the same everywhere, the crowds will be looking for the “Who.” Not the What, but the “Who said it” is becoming the gold standard in web education. Or, as the gossip press would put it: Many men have beards, but we prefer to look at Prince Harry’s beard. Applied to education, it probably means that if the unemployable drones had to view a lecture on diplomacy, it‘d better be a lecture from Henry “of Harvard” Kissinger. Consolidation will result in a few super universities dominating online education worldwide.

There are still ways for creative solos to trick the system. Don‘t tell everyone your idea. Change cities or even countries often. Those who want freedom will be nomads, fugitives, exiles. Know who you are and break the rules when you can. Try to break the laws though, and you will find yourself kicked even farther down the ladder… into correctional education. We should always educate hard because we are poor, and aim for the best ‘free’ stuff we can find, yet never underestimate the effing pyramid: In the near future, human life will require verifiable privilege, and privilege is what elite universities are now monopolizing. You will achieve nothing.

The author is a German philosopher, cultural critic and publisher of The East-West Dichotomy.

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  1. onebornfree says: • Website

    Thanks for this:

    “There are still ways for creative solos to trick the system. Don‘t tell everyone your idea. Change cities or even countries often. Those who want freedom will be nomads, fugitives, exiles. Know who you are and break the rules when you can. ”

    Great article!

    “If, as it seems we are, in the process of becoming a totalitarian society in which the state apparatus is all-powerful, the ethics most important for the survival of the true, free, human individual would be: cheat, lie, evade, fake it, be elsewhere, forge documents, build improved electronic gadgets in your garage that’ll outwit the gadgets used by the authorities.” Philip K. Dick.

    “The fact is that the average man’s love of liberty is nine-tenths imaginary, exactly like his love of sense, justice and truth. He is not actually happy when free; he is uncomfortable, a bit alarmed, and intolerably lonely. Liberty is not a thing for the great masses of men. It is the exclusive possession of a small and disreputable minority, like knowledge, courage and honor. It takes a special sort of man to understand and enjoy liberty — and he is usually an outlaw in democratic societies.” H.L. Mencken

    And, by the way, _all_ government -funded “education”, from kindergarten to university, is a scam, merely a system designed to indoctrinate and enslave the gullible and to keep them compliant and easy to control. And so it goes…

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  2. @onebornfree

    I went to the “best schools” and it was not until many years later that I found out about the “smartest guy in the room” who was never a professor in any university.

    His name: Terence McKenna.

    His simple statement: “Culture is _not_ your friend”.

    Once you figure out the large institutions and the “experts” are your enemy, life starts to make sense and individual happiness is totally doable.

    • Agree: Bert
  3. Bravo! A real tour-de-force!

    However, I see clear signs of widening cracks in the system. The whole rotten edifice may still come tumbling down – alternatively, be transformed from the inside, or both simultaneously. We shall see.

    • Agree: Miro23
  4. Glad I became a phone guy and electrician and didn’t subject myself to all this depravity. All this in the article we all knew in kindergarten. I installed their phones and computers at work in every political lobby, federal agency, military component, think tank and law office in DC from 84-2010. Then I’d do stuff on the side at their homes. These are folks I got to know fairly well, better than most. They are mostly folks just getting through the day, but the purpose of their jobs, the end result, was/is, evil or crooked or corrupt. They mean to keep the 1/10th of 1 percent the SAME 1/10th no matter what. And yes, even 40 years ago, Jewish nepotism was in full song everywhere, but I’d bet moreso today. But I gotta hand it to them, they were generous at Christmas to the little people that are close to them.

  5. anon[356] • Disclaimer says:

    That’s the most incoherent thing I’ve read in years.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  6. In fact, it’s not so bad being a plumber or an electrician or some other kind of skilled tradesman. I suspect the author has spent too many years in the academic paper mills.

  7. We’ve long passed the point where the truth or falsity of what is said is outweighed by the status of the one who says it. That became inevitable when internet tore away the pretenses of “left-liberalism” incipient “globo-homo.” They cannot bear the withering scrutiny, they have become almost obsessive gas-lighters. Their narcissistic complacency twisted into the raging psychopathy of the past 20 years.

    Education is actually a wonderful thing, for the contemplative nature. For those nourished in it. Which our society wholly opposes. One cannot escape the impression that education is actually hated by those who control education. It is much too good for the goyim to learn all these things!

  8. TG says:

    I hear you.

    But another angle: this is essentially a consequence of massive third-world immigration and industrial outsourcing.

    By cheapening the value of honest work, we have forced people to find some way to scramble up and get out of the rat race.

    I can remember when meat packers and janitors etc. were unionized and made pretty good money. There was no reason for people not naturally inclined to academia to bankrupt themselves getting bogus degrees to buff their CV. Corporations did not require that someone have a degree in “informatics management in the health systems as related to chemotherapeutics for seniors,” they would just train people up themselves. Because the supply of labor was limited and they had to.

    It has been said that as societies collapse because of an “overproduction of elites.” I would say, that as societies collapse, the value of regular work is so debated that everyone is forced to try and become an ‘elite’ at the same time… which of course, is no solution…

  9. Miro23 says:

    After that experience, 25-years old adults without a job apply for unpaid internships, prepare for entrance level state examinations or go straight into unemployment. Lifelong learning is just getting started.

    If your corruptible nurturers, sheikhs and pharaoh people saved up for your dead-cert membership of the Yale or Harvard class 2025, with a whopping \$80k annual study fees and living costs, or for your Singaporean ‘S3 Asia tri-city, tri-university global double-degree MBA’ you probably don’t mind me saying that the books are also available at

    There’s that troubling age/learning aspect.

    IMO effective skills learning can take place at a much younger age than generally assumed. For example I wanted to give an 8 year old a good start/do some confidence building – so I subscribed to an online maths course* that went from 1+1 to calculus over a period of 4 years. We did it together for about 40 minutes each day (short video + set of exercise questions). Result that he went from middling to top of his year winning the school prize in the subject (good school). It wasn’t particularly high pressure, and I have the strong feeling that with the right online teachers it could be duplicated in any subject.

    * Excellent Australian Maths Online. We started with Khan Academy but Sal Khan (great guy that he is), tended to jump intermediate steps – causing too many road blocks.

    Online education is transcending the yellow and crimson sarcophagi and we are going to see truly vaporous boundless specters stalking the last of us. Learning new knowledge through four-year compulsory uni courses is gross nonsense if my cell phone “knows” more than 1000 experts in the field.

    True enough that almost everything is online – but the art is in the teaching/presentation so that a student can solidly understand the interconnections and learn (practice) their use.

    A problem that’s difficult to deal with is the sociological/psychological one of not having a university degree (despite it being next to useless in many subjects) and I can’t see a way round that one.

  10. Schuetze says:

    Here is a 5,200 word article by Thorsten Pattburg describing the twisted outcome of 2 centuries of Jewish Supremacists running the western world, and the only mention of the jew is this:

    “He [Einstein] simply took all of his colleagues‘ ideas and because he was Jewish, he got published and hailed by the Jewish-owned press as the genius of the millennium, the face of all science.”

    I guess Germans, more than any other members of the “white race”, can claim that they carried far more than their share of the burden by fighting the Hebrews from 1933-1945. But still is is quite frustrating to have him keep getting so close to the real, and essential, kernel of truth, then back off with out daring to name the jew.

    Pattburg, as a German scholar, must know of and have read Marr’s “Der Sieg des Judenthums über das Germanenthum” and know first hand about the jews bragging about their take over of Germany already in 1879. Control over learning was almost as important as control of the media to them then and now. The Protocols of Zion have been exposed for over a century, there is no reason to even start whining about the corruption of upper education with out mentioning what is written in those plans.

    Of course in all these educational institutions Freemasonry has also run rampant for centuries. The masons, and other secret societies like Scull and Bones, were always picking best of each class, saving some of them to form the faculty for these elite institutions. The Greek Fraternity system was and still is a screening and training system for selection of goy, and jew, made men who will become the lifetime actors that run the planet on behalf of powers they will never know or understand. Again, Pattburg does not deliver by exposing the malevolence of these secret societies, nor the series of catastrophic wars and depressions they have wrought on the planet.

    So this article, while interesting and true, simply fails to deliver.

    • Thanks: HeebHunter
  11. A rambling and over-long, sometimes incoherent diatribe. There are numerous points where the author obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Like here:

    Does it mean that the population of Britain is on average super entitled and elitist, as some say: supremacist? Absolutely not, no: British life is horrible for those born to unplanned parenthood. The meta school system is brain-dead, with all the kids forced to like Shakespeare and regurgitate how “the empire of which the sun never set” is the best democracy even though it is a monarchy. Britain harbors royals, aristocrats and oligarchs, and it thrives on its brutal blood system since… forever.

    1 Life for children of single mothers subsisting on welfare is often horrible. But this is true all over Western Europe and North America, not just Britain. In the vast majority of cases the births are not unplanned. Often the mothers plan to have these children to get more welfare benefits or state housing. The fundamental cause is the tax-benefit system, not only in Britain but elsewhere in the West.

    2 Children are not forced to like Shakespeare. In fact, Shakespeare is barely taught. In my 6 years of secondary school, in the 1980s, we studied one Shakespeare play – Hamlet – and that was a private school ! A friend in a state school studied 2 Shakespeare plays! Things have changed little since.

    3 Nor were Children taught to regurgitate stuff like Britain being the best democracy . Certainly not when I was a pupil, and certainly not now the multi-culturalists are in the ascendancy.

    4 What does “its brutal blood system” actually mean. It’s a complete non-sequitur.

    Pattberg is a philologist not a philosopher. I would expect a philosopher to write a a much more concise, carefully argued essay than this Teutonic winbag provides

  12. @traducteur

    The author is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

  13. @traducteur

    I can speak from experience on this. My sister and I both got vocational/STEM degrees from university. In her case, she is an accountant. However, her 2 children did not go to university. My nephew has a well-paid job for an advanced manufacturing company. My niece trained as a Pharmacy Technician. Once qualified, she studied to become a Pharmacist by distance learning, which she has now achieved.

    Unlike most of their schoolmates, who went to college, my nephew and niece have their own homes, and have no debt other than their mortgages. Many of their schoolmates are heavily indebted and still living with their parents, even if they have a full-time job. Many are unemployed, despite their degree.

    This is lost on Pattberg, who has , as you say, spent too long in the academic paper mills.

    This is a growing trend. Parents with degrees are advising their children to get a trade or apprenticeship, rather than a degree. A degree is only beneficial for the small number who need it to enter a profession or become a teacher or academic.

    • Thanks: Mark G.
  14. BuelahMan says:

    The author barely alludes to the real crime taking place in places like Harvard (even though, being a brainwashed German, I doubt it is his intention):

    Outwardly, Harvard and Princeton University operate more like Hollywood and the Disney corporation.

    It is because the same nepotistic tribe runs both.

    The ‘elite’ want to carve whites out of those Ivy League places as to delete them from prominent positions of power in the US. Because it is obvious that those places are where our politicians and others of influence come from.

    Personally, I recommend to most whites who ask, get a good craft and tell the jew to fuck off.

    • Agree: Verymuchalive
  15. What a superb and superbly provocative article. All comments also worth reading. Many thanks.

    • Agree: goldgettin
  16. Pattberg went to all those top schools and lost it, if you asked me. He became bitter and cynical. I watched a 30 seconds video of his in which he basically glorifies Dershowitz and warns the middle class about sending their kids to the Ivy League universities because those schools are satanic and immoral and cultivate antisocial behavior, like bragging, lying and cheating. Harvards unofficial motto: ‘Fake it till you make it’ Good article about the future of mass education.

  17. Ob yes, I checked the authors statement about Chairman Xi Jinping’s daughter. She went to Harvard under a hidden identity. I guess that means the CIA has got something on Daddy Mr. Xi.

  18. Imagine believing that teaching Shakespeare is a bad thing.

  19. The STEM subjects are nothing like as corrupted as the humanities, and are vital if we want the doctors, technologists etc to sustain a developed society.

    • Agree: Mark G.
  20. Isn’t that the truth.

  21. @Schuetze

    You’re a hard man Schuetze.

    I like that.

  22. @Schuetze

    The Doomsday Clock is over 23:00 now, and the so called intellectiuals who are supposed to lead the masses are still refusing to name the kikes. Very tragic.

    I hope all of you have gold, Chinese investment bonds and guns stashed away.

  23. Wow. Brilliant.

    A few years back, I stumbled across the website of some college in, if I recall correctly, South Dakota. On its home page was the announcement they were offering that semester a New Major in Chief Executive Officer. I pictured the clueless 18-year-old at the kitchen table, “heeeyyyy, yyeeaahhh, that’s what I should be…C…E…O….and his hapless parents determining to “look into it” as they reach for the checkbook. I fully expected we’d see in a few years’ time colleges offering majors in “Rich” or “Wealthy.” Somewhere, that’s probably already happening, and you’ve been able to get a degree in “Business” since forever.

    After reading the article above, I started wondering about a degree in “Elite”. Will we ever see an offering for a Masters of Privilege? Even as a scam? No. On the other hand, that may be the only field left where there is the possibility of real revolutionary thinking.

    I’ve spent time on and I get the sense the participants are mostly academics in those respective fields. I can tell you that history professors have no interest in historical insight–history qua history, nor economics professors in economic insight, economics qua economics. Their interests lie completely in teasing out reinforcing material from their respective specialties for political purposes. Brilliance is a function of the opacity and impenetrability of the jargon in which they clothe their insights, and they earn professional respect for the skill with which they deploy it. Anyone crude enough to press on the jargon is discovered to be too common to be allowed to interrupt the aristocracy at royal banquet; they are banished and the royal guards delete their accounts.

    It would be nice if the banished had a place of their own. could be it, except Ron does not provide a way for users to contact one another privately or directly, which is a necessity and the one thing that causes me concern about this website–especially as I have twice reached out to Ron about this and received no response.

    • Replies: @Leon Haller
  24. @Craig Nelsen

    If you thought this drivel was “brilliant”, you are extremely gullible and undereducated yourself. Yes, the modern academic world is mostly garbage and a waste of society’s (and most individuals’) time and money. It is also, across the West, a threat to civilizational survival. The author could have made that case clearly and plainly, with an excursion into the classical understanding of education, and that ideal’s many forms of modern corruption and degradation.

    Instead, what was presented constitutes a case study of how NOT to write an article. Endless unsupported allegations; an unearned air of “knowingness” pervading the entire piece; extreme verbosity; and the lack of even the most minimal attempt at stating a coherent argument, of the form premises –> evidence + reasoning —> conclusions.

    Whatever this writer says about the Ivies, I (a graduate of one of them) counter with this: a paper submitted which even remotely resembled this style of presentation would have received a very poor grade (at least when I was an undergrad, late 70s-early 80s). I only read the whole thing because I have a personal hatred for American higher ed, and thought I might learn something. Big waste of my time.

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