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What Brett Kavanaugh Really Means for “Rape Culture”
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Imagine that two football teams of two rival states facing off at the Super Bowl—the Minnesota Vikings and Wisconsin’s Green Bay Packers. As luck would have it, the Super Bowl is being held in Minneapolis—Minnesota’s b iggest city, and just a short drive from the Wisconsin border. As the game got going, tensions between the rival fan groups start to rise. More and more alcohol is consumed. The two teams are neck-and-neck with ten minutes left on the clock. Suddenly, all hell breaks loose—the way it sometimes happens with large groups of drunk and angry people. Imagine the fans of both teams running riot. Imagine police later estimating that, that night, about 2,000 men across Wisconsin and Minnesota committed around 1,200 sexual assaults—including rapes—in public, on women suspected of being supporters of the other side. The majority of the assaults took place in public places, such as bus terminals, train stations, and parking lots. The men worked in groups, with some creating a human wall around one or two women while individual men then committed vile acts.

Now imagine what Main Stream Media coverage of this would look like. Think of what actions journalists would demand be taken by law enforcement and public safety officials. Ask yourself how many of the trials would be covered live by 24-hour cable TV. How many talking heads would call for football to be abolished, or at least the NFL? How many screeds about “toxic masculinity” or “male privilege” would be published?

In fact, the last Super Bowl was indeed held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. But my imaginary scenario did not happen. The Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots. No riots or rapes came of it.

Instead, the numbers I cited come from the police estimates of 2015/2016 New Year’s Eve in Germany, across the cities of Hamburg, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Bielefeld, and most especially Cologne. That night it is estimated that around 2,000 men committed around 1,200 sexual assaults, including rapes, mostly in and around public transit hubs, just as described above.

These crimes were undeniable. They were committed on a massive scale by thousands of perpetrators in public areas. The victims did go to the police. To my knowledge, no public figure of any remote importance has denied that this happened. Details about it can be found in publications as mainstream as The New York Times and The Washington Post. [Leaked document says 2,000 men allegedly assaulted 1,200 German women on New Year’s Eve, Washington Post, By Rick Noack, July 11, 2016]

Of the roughly 2,000 attackers, how many do you think have been convicted in the nearly three years since all this happened?

Did you guess “two convictions for sexual assault and another four convictions for non-sex-related crimes such as theft”?

You’re right!

How come a mere six out of the 2,000 men who committed such flagrant crimes in public on a holiday get convicted?

Well, the men who did this were overwhelmingly Arab and African immigrants or children of immigrants. Convicting non-whites, especially immigrant non-whites, of crimes is considered unseemly by the ruling class of Germany and of most of the West.

Here in America, the MSM and academe are constantly reminding us of this as well: that non-whites, especially blacks, are picked on and incarcerated unjustly by police. They would like to see non-whites incarcerated and shot by police at identical rates to whites.

But what if non-whites actually do commit more crimes than whites? Well, then the solution is to simply let them commit crimes with impunity. Better to have women raped then to have rates of arrest or imprisonment that show racial disparities.

This was the story behind what Wikipedia calls the “Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal” in the United Kingdom as well. For years in the city of Rotherham, a group of men were grooming, pimping out, and raping teenage girls without consequence. Plenty of townsfolk noticed that something was going on, but nobody did much about it because the men behind it were largely Muslim Pakistanis. Better to let a few (well maybe not a few, more like 1,500) white teenage girls be raped a few times (or many many many times) then have somebody think you are a racist.

As with the New Year’s Eve attacks in Germany, what happened in Rotherham is not subject to debate. Eventually people did come forward and the ring of South Asian men were exposed and brought to trial.

In America, we have not yet had a scandal this big—though there have been small examples of the same phenomena. For example, in 2017 an illegal alien named Luis Baez was driving for Uber under a fake name and raped a customer. He was apprehended, and it was discovered that he had been previously deported and had prior rape charges brought against him. The prosecution recommended his bail be set no lower than \$100,000 and that if he did make bail that he be made to wear a tracking device.

But the liberal female Massachusetts judge, Mary Beth Heffernan, ignored this and set Baez’ bail at \$2,500, with no requirement for a tracking device. He paid bail and promptly disappeared. He is still at large. [ICE seeks Uber rape suspect, by Brian Dowling, Boston Herald, April 27, 2017.]

Better to let a serial rapist go then to deport a poor hapless (illegal) immigrant!

This is what “rape culture” really amounts to: powerful people across the West preferring to have rapists running free to imprisoning and/or deporting non-whites.

They of course do not ever say this explicitly. But when presented with the choice, they choose to have rapists at-large. And their allies in the feminist media do them the courtesy of staying silent about it.

Instead, feminist websites instead focus on condemning“sexist” films such as Fight Club and “sexist” novelists such as Jonathan Franzen. These gendered cultural criticisms are viewed as more important than condemning judges or public officials who could have stopped any of the above listed crimes, but chose not to.

When you have the feminist media, and its allies in the university system, spending more time debating whether or not this or that television show is “sexist” or “empowering” than they do talking about the Rotherham scandal, then you have a rape culture. As a female writer at Breitbart put it at the height of Angela Merkel’ s “migrant crisis”: Western Women Will Be Sacrificed At The Altar Of Mass Migration, by Anne-Marie Waters, October 6, 2015.

Feminist figures such as Jessica Valenti will not talk about this. They just do not care. The time for them to speak up about this problem was at least three years ago. They instead talked about how Donald Trump was a chauvinist and an idiot—or topics even more inane.

I am in no way exaggerating. Take for example the website It is quite popular. At the time of this writing, per web-traffic-measurer Alexa, it ranks as the 21,784th most popular site in America. is far behind at 45,472nd. But the word “Rotherham” has never appeared on (See for yourself here.) As I write, at the top of the site is an ad that reads “Join our free webinar on healing from internalized whiteness.”

On the similar feminist website Bitch Media (28,058th most popular in the US, per Alexa), the only instance of the word “Rotherham” appears in a comment thread at the bottom of this page. It reads in part: “Why do today’s ‘feminist’ ignore mass rape like in Rotherham and this rape but produce article upon article about micro-agressions [sic] and manspreading. Priorities? What is the reason?” There is no reply to the comment. But if I search Bitch Media for “Miley Cyrus,” the obnoxious pop star, there are dozens upon dozens of results.

Jezebel, the queen of feminist websites (788th most popular in the country, per Alexa), ran exactly one full article about the Rotherham scandal: New Details Emerge in Case of Horrifying British Sex Abuse Ring, by Isha Aran, Jezebel, September 2, 2014. However, their tag for Miley Cyrus contains more articles than I can reasonably be expected to count. Some headlines that jump out at me as I peruse this tag include, “A Lot of People Just Got Married, But Not Miley Cyrus,” “All Your Favorite Celebs Are Truly Proving That Buzz Cuts Are SO Beautiful,” and “Miley Cyrus Is NOT SORRY for That 2008 Photo Shoot Everyone Freaked Out Over, OK????

The above-cited story of Luis Baez, the illegal alien rapist, was not covered by any feminist outlet, or any Leftist outlet of any kind.

This silence in regard to these crimes, maintained by exactly the people who claim most fervently to be standing up for the rights and well-being of women, really is “rape culture.” Letting rape go unpunished because of the rapist’s race is “rape culture.” Leaving your border porous so that men from countries where rape is more prevalent and less frequently punished (e.g. the Islamic world and Latin America) is “rape culture.” Campaigning to abolish law enforcement agencies that apprehend and deport rapists is “rape culture.”

The Left, until further notice, cannot be made to care about this. Even I am shocked at how little impact the stories coming out Cologne, Rotherham, and across Europe have made on how American Leftists think about immigration. They simply do not care.

I do care about these things, I cannot imagine not caring, I cannot imagine not having these events shape my worldview. That is why I support massively tighter restrictions on immigration, travel bans, the expansion of ICE, etc.

To ensure that those sorts of measures are not struck down by courts, as happens all too frequently, America needs judges who are sure to recognize their constitutionality. President Trump, with a Supreme Court fully backing him, will be able to do quite a bit to keep Americans safer from the chaotic and violent world that surrounds and seeks to engulf us.

As you may have heard, there is now a vacancy on the Supreme Court. The man slated to fill it, depending upon who you ask, either has some skeletons in his closet, or some nasty smears on his doorstep. It is hard to know for certain what is true.

But what I know for sure is what he will be able to do to protect well over a hundred million American women if he is confirmed.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: EU, Immigration, Rape, Rotherham 
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  1. We are already on the path:

    A New York state Democratic senator, Jesse Hamilton, is introducing legislation that would make it a crime to call the cops on law-abiding Blacks engaging in innocuous activities.

    I wonder, how will we know the activities were innocuous, and who gets to decide? Who counts as black? Will we get a free pass if they’re high yellow? Is it okay to mistakenly call the police on Mexicans who are engaging in innocuous activities? Can we bring lawsuits against Neighborhood Watch groups? If we see something and say something, will the Federal Government excuse us if the suspicious person is black or will we be getting a new catch phrase, “if you see something, say something, but if they’re black don’t worry”?

    It’s really sad if you think about what all this has come to. If you openly acknowledge that some racial subgroups are, e.g., genetically less intelligent and/ or more violent through no fault of their own, then you could do things that would actually help them.

    Instead we pretend that everyone is exactly the same, and so if you are less successful, it’s either your own fault or someone is actively holding you down. The poor are shamed and the innocent are accused of imaginary crimes that are impossible to refute.

    The actual individuals who would benefit from a “racist” approach are sacrificed for the benefit of the top few percent who can leverage the system to their benefit. Same with sex differences. It would be much better for most women if we accepted women as they are instead of trying to turn them into men. Only a certain small minority are able to game the system to their advantage (think of how many women end up sitting on the board of a company vs how many are forced to drop their babies off at an overcrowded daycare to go work some crappy, low paying job).

    Even the white men suffering the punishment for the “crimes” of their privilege are just poor schmucks struggling to make a living like everyone else. How do progressives manage to overlook all the scruffy looking white guys riding on trash trucks, digging up the streets, installing their cable, and living in trailer parks? I notice that here in America all white men are Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, while all Mexicans are refugees and none of them are Carlos Slim.

    Every “solution” generates more problems. Instead of cultivating the virtues of charity and the positive emotions of hope and gratitude, we inflame envy, hatred, resentment, frustration, and promote withdrawal into factions.

    People shut their mouths to avoid the gaze of the hysterical mob, but they don’t stop thinking. Even in the most repressive communist countries, the state police couldn’t completely silence the resistance.

    If white Anglo Saxon Christian men are so horrible as a group, why do so many strive to live among them? Why are “good” schools really white schools? Why are “good” neighborhoods really white neighborhoods?

    Why are the most free, most egalitarian, least violent places in the world so white? Why did white men fight to get rid of black slavery? Why did white men put a stop to burning Indian widows alive on their dead husbands’ funeral pyres? Why are white men fighting against female genital mutilation in foreign cultures?

    Why do we ignore the ferocious racism practiced all over the world? When the Hutus were killing the Tutsis in a genocidal slaughter, how did they pick out their victims? Why do we ignore the incredible levels of violence that characterize the normal village life in black African countries? When poor little black girls have to walk 5 miles through the bush to get to school and are fearful of being raped, who is raping them? Similarly, when rural Indian women and girls express their fear of being raped when they go into the bush to relieve themselves, who is raping them? Hint: It’s not white men.

    If you get rid of all the white men, don’t you end up with Detroit or Baltimore or a border town? If you have enclaves of unassimilated Somalis, don’t you have Somalia? I ask this question very seriously. If white men are so terrible, what example non-white built and run polis is offered as a superior alternative?

    • Agree: Jim Christian
    • Replies: @Backwoods Bob
    , @Sic Semper
  2. SMK says: • Website

    Collins describes the culture and zeitgeist that is defined by many on the right, even John Derbyshire, as “anti-male,” the society that, according to MRAs, the misogynist crazies and liars of the soi-disant “men’s movement,” is a “matriarchy,” a “gynarchy” or “gynocracy,” defined by “misandry,” hatred of men of all races, not simply white males who are heterodox and “politically-incorrect.”

    • Replies: @SMK
  3. SMK says: • Website

    If the societies of Western Europe, the UK, the U.S., Canada, Australia, were “anti-male,” defined by “misandry,” hatred of men of all races, not white males who are heterodox and “politically-incorrect,” There would be no Muslims in these nations committing acts of terrorism, murders, knife-attacks, rapes, gang-rapes, public assaults of women and girls in German cities, sexual and non-sexual, including rapes and gang-rapes, pandemic child sexual abuse, including genital mutilation, honor-killings of wives and daughters. There would be no blacks in the UK and Western Europe and thus no black male violence and criminality. And in the U.S., there would be a war on black male violence and criminality, or the explosion of such that began in the 1960s would have been suppressed, violently and ruthlessly and systematically, at it’s inception, thus precluding the blighting and destruction of scores of large cities by black male violence and criminality. And there would be a wall on the Mexican border, built over half a century ago, and no invasion of tens of millions of Mestizos and pure “indios” from Mexico and Central America, including myriads of low-IQ male criminals, gang-members and free-lancers. The U.S. would still be almost 90% white and our cities would be livable and almost crime-free.

  4. D. K. says:


    Imagine that two football teams of two rival states facing off at the Super Bowl—the Minnesota Vikings and Wisconsin’s Green Bay Packers.


    That would take some imagination, since the Super Bowl features the two champions of the National Football League’s American and National Football Conferences, and the Vikings and Packers are both in the latter’s North Division, and therefore never could meet in a Super Bowl, absent one of them being reassigned to the American Football Conference.

    • Replies: @General Koofta
  5. “The men worked in groups, with some creating a human wall around one or two women while individual men then committed vile acts.”

    I watched a street crime in Amsterdam in which a Dutch businessman was swindled out of \$100 by Islamic grifters. When the actual theft took place, 3 burly accomplices materialized out of the crowd and surrounded the victim, walling him off from any help we observers may have been able to offer. This is standard operating procedure for Muslims. They stick together when sticking it to Europeans. We have no effective counter to these tactics.

    Three times on three separate trips to Europe, I’ve been accosted by Muslims, either trying to rob me or barge in on my space at a bar, at a restaurant etc.. They’re just plain bad people. They have no business in Europe or America. They should be rounded up and deported. Antarctica would be a good destination if their own countries don’t want them back.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
    , @Da Wei
  6. Feminism has been such a cancer for the west.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Da Wei
    , @Thomm
  7. @LemmingsFolly

    Feminism is an antisocial disorder that teaches women to lash out against the men who have a conscience.

    You don’t accuse a sexist of being sexist or a racist of being racist – he’s going to agree heartily and explain why. You accuse someone conscientious about not being sexist, racist, etc. He bends over backwards to prove he isn’t sexist or racist, which makes him a pussy. Someone you can manipulate emotionally.

    You can’t complain about races/religions that actually treat women as chattel. That could get you shot, with ISIS proudly putting you on the cover of their little magazine.

  8. ‘Feminist figures such as Jessica Valenti will not talk about this.’

    To be fair, Jessica Valenti is an idiot.

  9. @ThreeCranes

    ‘Three times on three separate trips to Europe, I’ve been accosted by Muslims, either trying to rob me or barge in on my space at a bar, at a restaurant etc.. They’re just plain bad people. ‘

    My wife and I have spent a total of seven months in Europe and a month in Turkey over the past three years.

    Nothing remotely like this has happened. I particularly recommend Turkey. Mighty fine folks.

  10. Anonymous[322] • Disclaimer says:

    As you may have heard, there is now a vacancy on the Supreme Court. The man slated to fill it, depending upon who you ask, either has some skeletons in his closet, or some nasty smears on his doorstep. It is hard to know for certain what is true.

    Not a convincing defense of a man you so much want on the Supreme Court. As a woman I I think Ford lied through her teeth and was badly used by her shyster lawyers and the DNC triumverate of Feinstein-Schumer-Blumenthal. Kavanaugh is innocent.

    I have asked liberals I know to reconcile their support for women’s right and for more Muslim immigration with their known deplorable treatment of women, they have no answer. Silence.

    The same people brought up how anonymity brings out the nastiest impulse in people and should be banned, I brought up Antifa and the nastiness that came with their veiled faces, they became instantly silent.

    The Kavanaugh hearing is a thorough embarrassment for the Dems and the country. After 50 years of relentless indoctrination through their stranglehold on our media, academia and the Deep State, the left is completely, thoroughly brain dead and morally bankrupt. Trump is a once in a lifetime candidate. If we don’t give him the tools he needs to defeat this leftist rot, the country will go down in flames in less than 20 years.

  11. Anonymous[322] • Disclaimer says:
    @Backwoods Bob

    No, liberalism is. Feminism is just one of its toxic byproducts. The insidiousness of liberalism goes far deeper. Neoconism is equally bad. Both started by the same tribe, to take over both parties.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  12. I grew up watching Bonanza, The Flintsones, and many other TV series and movies that the LEFT mocked as repressed sexual puritan (white) America…then the SEX DRUG and Rock/Roll countercultural revolution of the 1960s exploded upon the socioeconomic USA cultural context. Make love not war, then the XXX sex pornography industry promoted sexual liberation movements among men,women, gays, etc…DeepThroat went all the way to SCOTUS and it became an issue of free speech!!! and NOW the left are the ones decrying the rise of SEX crimes, sexual collective pathologies running rampant in US campuses, schools, workplaces etc. I am confused…you harvest what you planted…PD: Dainne Feinstein must be expelled from the USASenate and SCOTUS Ruth Ginsburg had advocated for allowing pedo/child/adults sexual relationships…WTF???

  13. Anonymous[364] • Disclaimer says:

    The Tribe owns the allegiance of “conservatives” too.

    John 4:22 “ We worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews.”

    • Replies: @Anon
  14. Da Wei says:

    In China the Uighurs (Muslims from Xinjiang Province) fit this description pretty much to a T. 7 or so years ago they knifed over 100 people in Yunnan Province in political protest, but it got hushed up. 10 years back I was given the ol’ evil eye by half a dozen young Uighur men on a street at midday, but before I could respond my Chinese companion pulled me along firmly, explaining that their behavior is common knowledge. They surround you, stick you and wander off in different directions, while you lie there bleeding.

    Then, exceptionally, my dear friends include a cultivated Chinese Muslim family, the father a museum curator and scholar, the adolescent daughter recites Kipling. Gentle and kindhearted people.

  15. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    As you may have heard, there is now a vacancy on the Supreme Court. The man slated to fill it, depending upon who you ask, either has some skeletons in his closet, or some nasty smears on his doorstep. It is hard to know for certain what is true.

    This is all part of the ‘Bread and Circuses’ acts that constantly keep cud-chewing Americans distracted, to prevent them from actually thinking and asking questions like:

    1. Why is the US helping KSA kill Yemeni civilians, by assisting the Saudi AF with targeting intelligence and the Saudi Navy block any aid ships from reaching that under-siege nation and providing much needed food, meds and clean drinking water reaching Yemen? Why are we helping KSA starve to death millions of civilians?

    2. Why is the war against Afghanistan entering its 18th year? We’re supposed to have the biggest and baddest military on the planet and we can’t defeat a rag-tag bunch of guerillas? Or is it about deliberately dragging out the war for decades, so the CIA & those TBTF Wall Street Casinos can keep raking in huge profits from poppy fields being protected by US troops?

    There’s other vital questions, but let’s keep the sheeple focused on violent sex overseas and steamy sex at home by dragging out washed-up porn stars and listening to their salacious stories.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
  16. Dorian says:

    Frankly Mr. Collins, You Don’t Get It!

    Mr. Collins, I have a question for you. If the Supreme Court has so much sway in the Justice System, then explain how for much of its nearly 100 years of existence it has been conservative, see here Supreme Court Historical Political Leaning, how has it then allowed the US to become a basket case of intolerance? I counter your argument, by stating squarely that Kavanaugh as a Supreme Justice will ABSOLUTELY do nothing for halting the number of rapes or for anything other crime that is occurring on the streets.

    The Supreme Court, as most people know, is ineffectual to street crime.

    What I would like to posit for what is happening to Anglo/Judeo societies and why they are going basket-case crazy as far as intolerance and for unconvicted crimes, like murder, are concerned, is the hypocritical basis of the justice system in Anglo/Judeo countries, at least compared to many other Western countries. For instance, consider just lately:

    – How is that someone like Elon Musk can commit out right securities fraud by lying about his intentions to take the company private, and not end up in prison? There was once a upon a time this wouldn’t happen.

    – How is that it has now become clear that Ford was lying to the FBI and the Senate Committee about her fear of flying and her genuine experience and expertise in failing polygraph tests (she was actually teaching how to do this), and she is not going to prison?

    – How is that police officers can shoot black Americans, and face no murder charges, especially when those killed, didn’t have a weapon in their hands?

    – How is that the Bankers with illegal use of “leverage” during the 2008 financial crisis are not in prison?

    – How is the United States of American can sign international contracts and agreements and when they break such contracts and agreements they are immune from prosecution, while other countries can be bombed into submission?

    As you can see Mr. Collins, the Supreme Court has no jurisdiction or even interest in these above matters, but each and everyone of those questions I posit, illustrate fundamental reasons why the rest of society thinks that there is not justice and so start taking matters into their own hands, like rape!

    If you can’t put the top 1% in prison for corruption, and you can’t honour international agreements, why should the bottom 99% do anything more than what the top 1% are not required to do. Hypocrisy, Mr. Collins, hypocrisy is the world you should be using.

    Now before the rest of you folks start harping about me attacking the Anglo/Judeo societies, and start pointing out all the crack-pot and lunatic regimes around the world, like South Africa with what they are doing to the white farmers, Venezuela and their lunatic idea of economics, and so on, remember one important fact. It is the Anglo/Judeo countries led by the USA that plays the moral leadership role.

    It is this same, racist, bigoted, hypocritical group of countries that are front and centre to causing and enduring most of the wars on this planet of ours. It is this same group of countries, that see everyone else as subservient to them, and the rest of the world is supposed to just let this Anglo/Judeo monster run rampant across the entire globe and let them steal, rape, pillage, destroy and massacre people so they can have cheap resources. Where is the Supreme Court there Mr. Collins?

    In fact, the Supreme Court of the USA is just a bunch of psychotic cowards, that just let crimes, even those high-crimes like Clinton mass murders, the illegal Bush war doctrine, and even for goodness sake, the illegal seating of a born Kenyan, aka, Obama, into the Presidency. Yes folks Obama was born a Kenyan, and there is a REAL birth certificate to prove it. Where was the Supreme Court on these matters? No where.

    Some of you have read comments by me defending Kavanaugh, and rightly so. Ford is lying and should be going to prison. But she wont. Why not? Where is the justice system here?

    Mr. Collins, if you think the Supreme Court or its membership, thereof, is the solution to many of the problems that the US is facing, then you’re a damn fool!

    The United States Of America has a serious credibility problem. It is, with each passing week, thanks even more so with Trump, that it is a greater warmongering nation than the previous week. However, even with its fraudulent use of law, and its use of extortion to rewrite international agrees backed up with threats of military campaigns, is starting lose its potency. Countries now have two other super powers, Russia and China, to look for help. But even worse for the US, thanks to a, I admit, self-serving Europe (well I guess that’s better than nothing), alternative financial systems are being created for the rest of the world that doesn’t want to play slave to US policy.

    Mr. Collins, the entire episode of Kavanaugh, is just another charade of politics. In the end, I have no doubt Kavanaugh will be put on the Supreme Court. So he should be. But…so what? Will he do anything that will stop the unstoppable slide of the US towards social anarchy? No. Will Kavanaugh, put all those criminal politicians and corrupt fellow justices in prison? No. What about all those corrupt judges, police officers, and I understand there are even some serious questions about the other sitting Supreme Court Justices, what of them? No.

    Just like for nearly the last one hundred years, the Supreme Court will stand idly by and watch the USA fall towards into anarchy. While the top 1%, like Trump, will continue play golf, tweet every once and awhile, and euphustically be saying, “let them eat cake.”

    Nothing, including the Supreme Court of the USA, is going to stop what is now indubitably coming to the USA and its lackey cohorts (UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Israel)….economic and social annihilation. As you can all see for yourselves, its happening as we speak, and to at least the non-lying historians and the learned rest, know full well that this is how it starts.

    The fall of Empires always collapse from inside out. It appears, Americans are going to do what many a terrorist wrought not. The Roman Empire was felled by barbarians, the irony here is that the USA is being felled by its own barbaric notions of morality. Indeed, that is truly ironical. No Supreme Court can help you with this, Mr. Collins, Kavanaugh or not.

  17. @Colin Wright

    I agree with Colin. We must stop demonizing all Muslim society. His experience in Turkey is matched by mine in Malaysia.

    That said the Media (and political) reaction to Rotherham was scandalous. If this had been gangs of white men preying on Asian or black girls, it would be on the news every night a la Grenfell. And it wasnt just Rotherham. It was Newcastle, Telford etc.

    But it isnt politically correct so the media either suppress it completely or downplay it.

  18. Anon[218] • Disclaimer says:

    Rape is power plus privilege. When the migrants do it it’s just social justice. Ow

  19. EagleEyeX says:
    @Colin Wright

    Turkey is fine to visit ….tourist are treated well. But Turks are two faced and extremely clever. It is a national pastime. Fine to come and spend money but when you need them they will not be around. Been here for 32 years ….they will never let you work here even if married to a Turk, or even bring your possessions. If you try to make a business you will be put down in every conceivable way. As a foreigner you will NEVER be allowed the same opportunities are Turks are offered all over the world when they immigrate. NEVER
    Although not a completely safe as when the military had final control here, the country does not have problems like this madness now in Europe. You can move freely and the people are generally kind to visitors. they like the money. But do not speak openly against the current leadership of be too critical in public or among Turks regarding the political. They are to a man and woman nationalist to the bone and will never admit fault. Another thing and something that is truthful completely……an old lady born in Poland and grew up in Paris and France. Wise and experienced worldly woman whose father was a Polish cavalieri in the military in Poland, Russia and France during and after WWII….she told me in confidence a saying that he told her to remember….”One Turk is worth 5 Jews ” . In 32 years of experience in Turkey, nothing could be more true.
    A few months in the EU and nothing happened….an enjoyable month in Turkey without problems. I certainly believe it, to visit here is a wonderful experience. Turkey may be Islamic at this stage of time but the depth of this land pre-Islamic is beyond imaginable. Just the stamp that the Greeks made here is wonderfully apparent in the ruins of so many Greek and Roman cities, roads , tombs and aqueducts. They call it “our” culture when if fact it has nothing to do with them. All of these mega projects to rebuild and preserve these magnificent windows into the past are financed by the EU and USA. They would not spend a a dine to preserve these treasures……..and these immigrants will destroy in Europe these same masterpieces. yeah yeah yeah …let ’em in.

  20. Post Ford, I could be persuaded to support Sharia law.

  21. @EagleEyeX

    Turkey for Turks, huh? I wish we were like the Turks.

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  22. Avery says:

    { They call it “our” culture when if fact it has nothing to do with them.}

    Quite true.

    Nothing that is called “Turkish” this, “Turkish” that – is Turkish.
    All stolen, misappropriated by the nomad savages originally from East and Central Asia.
    Stolen and misappropriated from the sedentary, creative civilizations that existed in Asia Minor until the marauding nomad hordes of Turks denuded it.

    Everything so-called “Turkish” is of Armenian, Assyrian, Greek, (Asia Minor) Iranian/Persian, Arab, (neighboring peoples), etc, etc origin. What the nomad savages did not burn, loot, destroy…. they Turkified. E.g. the magnificent Hagia Sofia church was desecrated and converted to a mosque by the Muslim invaders. Like 1,000s of other churches either destroyed outright or stolen and converted to mosques.

    That is Turkish/Turk “culture”.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Colin Wright
  23. Tyrion 2 says:
    @Colin Wright

    Might I guess that your wife is not as young as she once was!

    I’ve been to plenty of Muslim countries including Turkey and the young women with me were uniformly harassed. Except for in Malaysia, which is exceptional in many ways.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Colin Wright
  24. n230099 says:

    “The man slated to fill it, depending upon who you ask, either has some skeletons in his closet, or some nasty smears on his doorstep. It is hard to know for certain what is true.”

    Or ‘depending on who you ask’, it’s easy to see that none of it was true. Exactly the same would have happened no matter who was nominated.

  25. @LemmingsFolly

    Ethnic European men, heterosexual Ethnic European men -(the perverted ethnic europeans will not procreate and will die off on their own) have been marked for extermination. The gates of Toledo were once again held open for our mortal enemies and slammed shut on us by the same cabal.

    To destroy a people, it was always customary to kill the men and rape the women. Are we witnessing anything so novel now that it is without historical context? Sure there are new tactics in these aims, imagine the genius in convincing Ethnic European women that it is Ethnic European men who are their enemies and oppressors? That is a new take. However murdering the men and raping the women is as old as mankind. Recently geneticists determined that roughly 5000 years ago all of the men on the Iberian peninsula suddenly disappeared from the genetic record – they were exterminated, while the women were sold off to be raped – the offspring of these women all had fathers that were not of their own tribe.

    Surely future geneticists will find that in the 21st and 22nd centuries the entire gene lines of ethnic European men ceased.

    As Ethnic Europeans are systematically locked out of every facet of their nations, be it academic, career, social orders, employment, economics and even family – our enemies attack us an demonize our very existence.

    The most remarkable comparison to this plight is the extermination of the Palestinian peoples. It becomes clearer each day that the apparatus assembled after 9/11 to stop “terrorists” was never about keeping actual Americans safe, it was to systematically break them once they were forced to become “terrorists” themselves.

    Witness the genocide being perpetrated against the worldwide Ethnic European population ratchet up to the final solution phase in an astonishingly short time, we will be resorting to IEDs and suicide bombing within a decade. Perhaps even sooner.

    It’s okay to resist your own genocide.

  26. Ko says:

    Well done. What I want to know is the ethnic identity of the people in New York going around stabbing other people during the past four weeks. The victims, as far as I recall, are American, and white. As for rape, if the legal system no longer works for Germans, why don’t they resort to mob justice? Well, when they organize and seek ways to protect themselves they are labeled far-right extremists.

    In USA we have far-left extremist – antifa – leftist fascists. Oh yes, and the lying self-entitled elitist Clintonista exceptionals and pyschopaths like Christina Ballsy Ford. And this is an example of how they act when they can’t get their way pushing white men around. Warning – this may be offensive to women and social justice warriors but I feel it depicts them aptly enough for them to get very pissed when there is no Rainbow Raspberry Filtered Ale on tap.

  27. anarchyst says:

    The problem is, women want it both ways.
    Women want the right to say no, even after enticing a man to be sexually active with her, even days, weeks, months, and years after the event.
    Her word is to be considered sacrosanct, and must be taken as truth without question, ruining many (innocent) men’s careers and even lives, as a result.
    Men are not permitted to have a defense against such accusations.
    Don’t get me wrong, I have no use for serial abusers such as Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood, political and celebrity types; they deserve ostracization and severe punishment for their actions, BUT if women want true equality they must take responsibility for their own actions. They cannot have it both ways.
    All one has to do is look at the way Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was treated by the mainstream media, who gave his accuser Anita Hill a pass, even though she followed him from job to job, without any mention of harassment.
    Women want the same pay for equal work–not a problem in most cases, but if a woman cannot do the job, she then asks for special treatment because she is a woman, instead of realizing that she is not cut out for such work and should seek more suitable employment.
    Men die sooner than women as they do the most hazardous work.
    If women want to be treated as equals they have to step up to the plate and TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for their own actions
    Multiculturalism, diversity and especially feminism are flawed concepts that equate to the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Of course it took a female of the species to coax the male into eating of the forbidden fruit.
    Another parallel example is that of the Tower of Babel in which separate cultures and languages developed.
    At the risk of offending the female of the species, there were reasons why women did not achieve suffrage (the right to vote) among other things. One reason was voting was seen as a family decision–not an individual decision as only those with “stake in the game”–property owners and family heads of households were accorded the right to vote…I realize that there are many intelligent women who do not subscribe to externalized altruism, but there are too many who do . . . Women have a altruistic streak, which is necessary in the formation and care of their families. However, this altruism has been externalized, helped along by our enemies, caring for outsiders while neglecting the good within the family structure–externalized altruism. This externalized altruism has become deadly which has been put into the hands of feminists. This externalized altruism made the communistic, so-called civil-rights movement a (hollow) success (Actually, the so-called civil-rights movement is falling apart), along with the country).

  28. American women have been brainwashed into demanding that their every whim is a a Schrodinger’s Cat simultaneously alive and dead but undeterminable – they are the ultimate victims and simultaneously omnipotent, they are empowered sluts simultaneously they are demure virgins wanting men to take them.

    Such diametrically opposed demands contained in one brain leads to a myriad of mental illness with a very sinister leadership exploiting such madness for horrific end goals.

    Betty Friedan was an open Communist, her seminal work was not about liberating heretofore happy women from their homes, but to incite destruction within the hearths of every Ethnic European home on earth. It has worked famously.

    Every great societal purge, every work of genocide utilizes the most sinister means. Not all of those means features rivers of blood at the outset. The propaganda that must be written in the heart is first written on the walls, in books and in newspapers. It must be endlessly broadcast in the media and academia, it must appear in everything both openly and subliminally. Such a repeated message cannot be argued with or denied.

    Once it no longer need be written in the physical world, it lives in the minds and metastasizes and mutates into uncontrollable malignancies. Here we find ourselves living with a Stage IV social malignancy first inoculated in our societal body more than 50 years ago. Boy, is it a virulent one. Our society is in need of hospice care and euthanization.

  29. There is apparently much worse stuff about Brett Kavanaugh as a youthful Washington DC ‘operator’, his role in political murder to help Hillary & Bill Clinton … nothing to do with all these dodgy ‘student groping girl’ etc accusations

    This is from a notable source, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the UK Telegraph, who in the 1990s was in the USA investigating all the Clinton scandals, and now he writes of ‘My sinister battle with Brett Kavanaugh over the truth’

    Brett Kavanaugh, a young 30-ish aide to special prosecutor Ken Starr, is described as psychopathically intimidating and abusing key murder witness Patrick Knowlton, Kavanaugh assisting in FBI lying and suppression of evidence, helping Starr and the Clintons to mis-represent a murder as a suicide, in the violent death of Hillary Clinton law partner Vince Foster

    Makes out Kavanaugh as quite a scary figure, Deep State and corrupt

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Alden
  30. Agent76 says:

    Dec 12, 2016 Horrifying Yet Heroic Story Of Surviving Child Sex Trafficking

    Captive no more: From a victim of human trafficking to a global hero, healer and advocate for young girls.

  31. Anonymous[191] • Disclaimer says:

    But he’s going to ban hammer immigration, and that’s what we need now. Who cares if he’s far from perfect, we have an invasion to stop.

  32. Alden says:

    That’s exactly what Persians of all religions say about the Turks. Just nomad bandit gangs. Who somehow conquered and ruled a vast enpire

  33. Alden says:
    @Tyrion 2

    You’re right. And you don’t have to go to a Muslim country to be harassed by Muslims. They don’t seem to work due to the generous European welfare system.

    They roam about town in groups of 3 or 4. And it’s not American style pestering It’s hostile and threatening. If husbands with you they get all threatening and hostile towards him.

  34. Alden says:
    @Sic Semper

    Iceland. DNA proved that the founding women were all Irish the men Norwegian. That means the pirates stopped off in Ireland to steal women or went back to steal women after their settlement.

    Irish monks were in Iceland first. When the Vikings arrived the young ones were enslaved and old ones killed.

    Turks 1,200 years ago when they started their expansion they were Asian mongols. Their hordes were men who captured women along the way. As they moved towards Europe the people they conquered were central Asian caucasians. After a few centuries they too were mostly Caucasian with a bit of Mongol

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  35. Anon[694] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s very simple. Jews are hellbent on dragging this country down the tube through open borders and liberal depravity. The Deep State which includes DNC, Neocons, DOJ and almost all government agencies, K street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, media, academia and the judiciary benches are their weapons; Blacks, white women and white beta males are their useful idiots, while BLM and Antifa are their brown coats.

    What we are witnessing is a full scale assault on America funded by a network globalist elites, many of whom stole their money from American taxpayers by lobbying for laws, bailouts and immigration policies that favor them at the expense of everyone else.

    • Replies: @Alden
  36. Alden says:

    If the deep state conspiracy was able to convince the park police city police fbi and medical examiner, especially the medical examiner that Foster was a suicide I don’t see how it was Kavanaugh’s fault.

    Was he a detective or investigator? Was he a medical examiner?

    Since he was a Republican working with Starr in an anti Clinton investigation why would he have helped the Clinton’s cover up Fosters murder ?

    The police fbi and medical examiner determined it was a auicide, not Kavanaugh. Foster was a long time Clinton operative.

  37. O/T
    but in the realm of beltway hanky-panky (whether real or false memory) since these people are back in the news for document releases

    Two FBI HQ employees talking around the water cooler.

    Employee 1: That lawyer, Lisa Page – I don’t get it. What does she do around here, anyway?

    Employee 2: Peter Strzok.

  38. Anon[694] • Disclaimer says:

    You would think a cold war is brewing between men and women judging from everything you’ve read in the media.

    Yet I assure you on our college campuses, even as we speak, they are still partying like it’s 1999. We thought it was bad back in the 80’s and 90’s, well it’s gotten worse. Per the NYT, even on elite campuses like the Ivies, drinking til’ you pass out is the new game for both men and women, so no one has to take responsibility for what happened the night before.

    The young and stupid will always be young and stupid, until they grow up and start paying taxes.

  39. Alden says:

    Speaking of beta males The Sheila Jackson unpaid staffer who doxxed the Senators is a White man. Unpaid working for Sheila Jackson. Think about it.

    • Replies: @Iberiano
  40. We are all witnessing the greatest invention of modern times.
    Democrats just invented the “perpetium mobile investigation”.

  41. Che Guava says:

    Observing the puerile circus from afar, I am surprised that nobody there has put it in plain terms.

    Whatever minor naughty things Kavanaugh may have done at school, not one of his accusers is at all credible.

    Most charitably, they are mentally troubled fantasists, surely the case for Swetnik.

    Ford and the second one (Ramirez?) are clearly programmed political human bombs. In the case of Ford, likely, in part self-programmed, and self-rehearsed to lie (in a ridiculous cloying way, wow, a blonde Betty Boop) under oath, but also with background assistance.

    Ramirez, who knows what techniques were employed in an intensive six days of ‘consultation’ with ‘her’ attorney, you can bet the shoes you are wearing that it was not ‘her’ attorney, but one especially assigned.

    … and even so, both plainly fantasists at root.

    Yet from my outside viewpoint, it seems that the bulk of your media is still pretending that at least Ford, possibly Ramirez, and maybe even Swetnik, deserve serious hearings.

    Well, to you U.S.A. people, take the hint, it is just an expression of what morons your media bosses are, and how much they and most of their commentators despise you.

  42. @Malaysian Truther

    What we have here, and what was observed up-thread were feral men allowed to roam free in the streets of an alien culture with no serious threat of punishment or deterrent. Back “home,” many of these rapists and killers would have faced death, and robbers would faced the loss of a hand or more, under Sharia, but the West seems interested only in allowing cherry-picked implementations of Sharia.

  43. @Malaysian Truther

    ‘…That said the Media (and political) reaction to Rotherham was scandalous…’

    I agree…and it reminds me of a larger point.

    I always thought of myself as an extremist — no middle of the road milk-toastery for me!

    Moreover, thinking about it, I still am. I still adhere to most of the extreme positions of my youth — indeed, in some areas I’ve become considerably worse.

    Yet funnily enough, these days I constantly find myself in the middle, surrounded by screaming fanatics. Yes, the Holocaust happened. No, it’s not a religious sacrament. That gets me fire from both sides. Islam really is mighty fine — a recipe for a pretty dull world actually, but since the global caliphate isn’t about to triumph, I don’t see it as my problem. Whatever Iranians et al decide they want, that would be my attitude. Meantime, good cheap wine can be hard to come by there, but then, the same can be said of Sweden or Japan. Otherwise, I’ve found Muslim countries perfectly agreeable to visit.

    But yes, Rotherham was vile, and that’s really the problem with allowing massive immigration, isn’t it?

    Again, that’ll get me fire from both ends of the spectrum. I’m precisely what I’ve always been — but the rest of the world has become really loony. Can’t anybody moderate their views about anything any more?

  44. @Tyrion 2

    ‘I’ve been to plenty of Muslim countries including Turkey and the young women with me were uniformly harassed. Except for in Malaysia, which is exceptional in many ways.’

    There are a couple of points to be made here. First off, until recently, it was the norm for women to be harassed everywhere. Indeed, as a practical matter, you just don’t see unescorted women above a certain level of attractiveness on the streets of neighborhoods in American cities below a certain socio-economic level. Sorry, but we haven’t reached that level of impeccable absence of any sexual drive even here in the brave new world.

    Women will be harassed in Egypt — but then, they’ll be harassed in India as well. They would have been harrassed in Italy, circa 1960. Back in the hippy days, unescorted young women in Greece found themselves being raped. So I’m not convinced harrassing women is some unique attribute of Muslim culture.

    What I did see in Turkey, and what I thought was rather charming, was what went on on those minibuses whenever an unescorted woman got aboard.

    A lot of public transportation in Turkey involves these independent minibuses that run popular routes as the owner/operator sees fit. People get on and off as they wish, and pay at whatever point in the ride they see fit.

    If the bus is crowded, when a woman gets aboard, this game of musical chairs promptly erupts. All the men start rearranging themselves so it will be possible for the woman to have a seat that is not next to a strange man. No one says anything — it’s just taken for granted that everyone is going to have to move so as to make this possible. A vacant seat next to a woman needs to be created.

    Obviously, a different culture, but it works, and in the above example at least, it’s the precise opposite of sexual harassment.

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
    , @FB
  45. @Avery

    ‘Nothing that is called “Turkish” this, “Turkish” that – is Turkish…’

    Indeed — Least of all the ‘Turks’ themselves. The original Greek and other Christian inhabitants of Anatolia pretty obviously make up the bulk of their genetic heritage.

    But what’s your point?

  46. @EagleEyeX

    ‘Turkey is fine to visit ….tourist are treated well. But Turks are two faced and extremely clever. It is a national pastime. Fine to come and spend money but when you need them they will not be around…’

    Meh. Not my experience. Aside from our experiences elsewhere, when we came into Istanbul from the east via train, we found ourselves on the outskirts of a huge second-world city with our destination somewhere on the other side and across the Bosphorus.

    So I asked some random gentleman where the bus to wherever was. This guy — and we’re talking about a fifteen mile trip — took us on a bus, paid our fares, took us down to the subway, paid our fares again, took us off the subway and over to the ferry terminal, insisted on paying our fares yet again, and put us in the right queue for the ferry we needed. Only at this point did he leave us.

    I’ve been to twenty seven countries. Turkey ranks very high in the helpfulness department. Not as high as Japan or Portugal — but definitely up there.

  47. Che Guava says:

    I was in Malaysia at times, as a child. Since I then knew quite a lot of Malay, I could hear Malay people insulting any other group on the basis of Sharia prohibitions, mainly on the eastern coast and north. At that time, though, no women wore hijabs, even in the north.

    Malaysia is a federation. So, the constitutional role of Islam was decided by the state constitution. Penang, Malacca, a couple of the southern states (from among Negri Sembilan, Selangor, and Johor, don’t remember which), as well as Sabah and Sarawak, did not.

    In the north, however, Pahang, Trengganu, etc., Sharia police were always active.

    Not to say that my times there were unpleasant.

    Nobody is wanting to see the truth. There are concentration (for Malays, Indians, and aboriginals) camps to forcefully ‘re-educate’ those wanting to leave Islam.

    I have never returned as an adult, but read about developments at times, thought of re-visiting, but reading the Malacca state govt. WWW site, a few years ago, with an Islamist govt. in power there, did not want to go
    However, if you are following Malaysian politics at times, and have lived there, you will have found the return of Mahathir Mohammed to P.M. to be one of the biggest political surprises ever!

    He and Lee Kuan Yew were always antagonistic to each other, and, stubborn as Mahathir always, he is outliving Lee’s reign, am sure that he is getting some pleasure from that.

    Much to disagree with, but I can only laugh in a non-antagonistic way at his return.

  48. @Alden

    ‘…Turks 1,200 years ago when they started their expansion they were Asian mongols. Their hordes were men who captured women along the way…’

    This was probably part of the mechanism but not the entirety of it.

    As I understand it, after the Turks broke Byzantine power in the interior of Anatolia, they evolved a culture in which bands of young men would go out raiding — looting, pillaging, and raping at will. However, they very definitely weren’t to do this to fellow Muslims. This was still an aspect of Ottoman warfare in early modern times. An Ottoman army in Christian territory would be accompanied by hordes of irregulars, raiding across the countryside.

    But back in the day, this would obviously create a very strong incentive for villages in Anatolia to decide they were Muslim. Stick a minaret on the church, get rid of the pigs, and don’t offer visitors a drink — you’re cool.

    This is only a hypothesis, of course — but it does explain how most the Greeks et al of Anatolia magically became today’s ‘Turks.’ In modern parlance, it was a ‘survival strategy.’

    • Replies: @Alden
  49. anonymous[159] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s PC-cult-think, a mental disorder spread through the education and media systems, a form of brainwashing. It’s evident everywhere in the US. Local crime stories routinely omit the race of criminal perps even while giving descriptions of their clothing. This goes on all across the board in the developed countries. Feminism has served as a massive Trojan Horse in unleashing all these evils throughout society. Noting the relative popularity of some of these aforementioned worthless websites can make a person throw up their hands and just give up. What can you do in the face of such a trivial, stupid population addicted to such mind-rot? It’s probable that the readership of those websites are overwhelmingly female which adds to the perception that female-oriented programming and tastes are fairly abysmal. In the face of all this and despite the fact that Clinton had a lopsided advantage she still lost. So there’s still hope; there’s still un-brainwashed people out there. Perhaps a fightback is in the making.

  50. mcohen says:

    What rubbish.

    Brrett kavanaugh is catholic and the catholic church must be held accountable for the sex abuse crimes committed by priests.So far the church has declared bankruptcy in many states in the usa and is attempting to subvert the law through influencing the presidency and law making institutions to not pay compensation in full to sex abuse victims.

    1.An agreement must be drawn up before kavanaugh is elected to the supreme court to compensate victims

    2.A national day of recognition must be declared worldwide for victims of sex abuse by the catholic church.

    3.The church must sell off assests world wide to compensate victims of sex abuse crimes.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Sin City Milla
  51. Anonymous[271] • Disclaimer says:

    What rubbish.

    Brett kavanaugh is catholic and the catholic church must be held accountable for the sex abuse crimes committed by priests.So far the church has declared bankruptcy in many states in the usa and is attempting to subvert the law through influencing the presidency and law making institutions to not pay compensation in full to sex abuse victims.

    1.An agreement must be drawn up before kavanaugh is elected to the supreme court to compensate victims

    2.A national day of recognition must be declared worldwide for victims of sex abuse by the catholic church.

    3.The church must sell off assests world wide to compensate victims of sex abuse crimes.

  52. Thomm says:
    @Backwoods Bob

    Feminism has been such a cancer for the west.

    I’d take it further. It is THE cancer of the West, for it is solely responsible for destroying families, and disincentivizing men.

    A lot of ideologies that think they are not feminism, from GOPe cuckservatism, to White Trashionalism, are all useful idiots for feminism.

  53. @Sic Semper

    We are all Palestinians now.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  54. I cannot speak to the football game assaults —- but based on the record of such scandals the real scandal resides in their reporting and accusations.

    The incidence of rape in Europe used to advance some manner of hyper culture intuned to encourage and foster rape — just does not exist. The popular use of Sweden as example, falls apart under scrutiny. In Sweden the issue of rape is monitored that they count every single instance which is why their numbers reflect the high incidence.

    The reporting methods in Europe are largely based on self reporting. Well, our current nominee is a perfect example of said reporting face to face, it’s not hard to comprehend what can be reflected via anonymous phone interviews. I am going to reject the assail here of systemic and organized culture of rape — no rape culture exists as the term “culture” is traditionally understood.

    The Rotherdam case is a perfect example of the scare and fear mongering that has routinely reared it head in the UK since the Scottish child abuse scare involving members of a church and community. Salem witch trials born anew. And from that nexus, to England, Australia and not long after – the US. Babies sacrificed in attics, basements, tales of rape in satanic rituals, murders, blood drinking, mass rape, midnight masses . . . by the time we get to the truth the damage is done. As it turns out Rotherdam turns out to be a run of the mill prostitution racket that involved wayward kids as willing participants for a few dollars more. It was not legal, it was not right, it is tragic, but it actually involved a very small number as opposed to hundreds or thousands claimed. I think the final number was less than five though more implicated —

    And that is where the child protection racket has been exploited by liberals and conservatives alike. Add to that model the race baiting and political agendas — a veritable feast for those in love with the salacious.

    Note these last comments about the Catholic Church and yet at the end of the day the actual number of such cases — even by accusation does not even reach a threshold of 3% of the Catholic clergy —- and it’s far less than that. Yet some would call for a whole divestment of catholic funds and the denial of a nominee based on an issue in which he is not the least bit involved.

  55. SMK says: • Website

    Feminists are obsessed with a “rape culture” that doesn’t exist – e.g, a chimerical epidemic of “acquaintance/date rapes” committed by middle-class white male college students, frat boy gang-rapes, the Duke Lacrosse players, Bret Kananaugh, etc.- while ignoring, almost to a women, the “rape culture describe by Hubert Collins: the sickening atrocities committed by Muslims in Rotherham, Telford, Oxford, etc.; the public sexual assaults by some 2000 Islamic males, including rapes and gang-rapes, of some 1200 women and girls in Cologne and other German cities; the epidemic of rapes and gang-rapes of Swedish women and girls by Muslim and black males; the myriads of rapes and gang-rapes committed by blacks over the last half century. White left-liberals and feminists are outraged by rapes and gang-rapes by white males that obviously never happened while they deny and ignore and suppress the horrific realities of Muslim, black, and Mestizo-Amerindian “rape culture.” The reason is that feminists, virtually all of them, are leftists and liberals who view nonwhite males, even rapists and criminals, as the sacred victims of white male oppression, “racism,” bigotry,” discrimination.

    • Replies: @LemmingsFolly
  56. Here’s a limerick I posted three years ago on Takimag. It got 31 upvotes.

    In Cologne and in other Kraut cities:
    Wholesale grabbing of asses and titties.
    Frau Merkel is jealous:
    Those dusky young fellas
    Don’t bother with dumpy old biddies.

  57. @mcohen
    Funny how a Jew tries to derail the com.ments. He wants to shake down the Catholic Church for money and destroy it. Never mind the rampant pedophilia amongst rabbis. Jew gonna Jew I guess. What an. A-hole.

    Feminism, the Left: brain dead idiots, unprepared to deal with reality. They are the rape culture. Mind rape. Their minds are cesspools of stupidity that won’t stop until they have destroyed civilization.

    • Replies: @mcohen
  58. @SMK

    You point out a very perplexing truth: Why are progressive Western women so completely oblivious to the utterly terrible treatment of women by certain groups of men of color? It’s simply impossible to believe these women are motivated in any way by an actual concern for other women.

    Here is a theory I have.

    Many progressive Western women tend to fall into certain categories–divorced women, women who can’t find a husband with the superior good looks and money they feel they deserve, and women who find it difficult to compete against highly competent and driven men in the pursuit of their careers. Add in that a good number of these women were poisoned against their fathers by their mothers during the parent’s divorce (since dad had to be the bad guy so mom could be the innocent victim even after breaking up the family).

    All such women are going to be very angry and resentful towards a particular subset of men, namely white men. They will be unaware of the true source of their feelings (e.g., poisonous envy) as a psychological defense mechanism. Hence they substitute “reasonable” explanations for their intense hostility.

    This would explain the strange fixation on white men, who are hardly threatening, and the lack of interest in the serious threat posed by certain men of color.
    It would explain the odd lack of fear displayed by women physically attacking white men (who remember are uniquely dangerous), and the insane levels of emotional intensity that seemingly arise out of nowhere. This would also explain the increasingly open attacks on the wives and children of white men (since they have something these women want and probably won’t be able to get).

    I think it would also be worth noting that the average man hater seems to be middle / upper- middle class, has some higher education/ a career of some kind, no husband, no children, and is not very attractive.

  59. mcohen says:

    I attended a roman catholic boarding school,a marist brothers.I know the nature of the beast well.Some priests were genuine spiritual people but others were scum who took advantage of the church,s power to commit sex crimes.Thousands of children were affected.What if it was your child.
    No.The church must be brought to account.

    This has got nothing to do about jews or the left or whatever.This is about justice for the victims of sex crimes.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  60. That night it is estimated that around 2,000 men committed around 1,200 sexual assaults,including rapes, mostly in and around public transit hubs, just as described above.

    These crimes were undeniable.

    Actually, these alleged crimes in Cologne are quite deniable. In fact, they pretty clearly never happened. Moreover, it is my honest view that any intellectually honest person who set himself the task of proving to himself that they did happen would come up empty handed.

    They were committed on a massive scale by thousands of perpetrators in public areas.

    If the crimes were perpetrated in public areas, then why is there no visual evidence of them? I mean specifically, no photographic or video evidence. We’re talking about New Year’s Eve, 2015, in Germany, a time and place, where EVERYBODY has a fairly good video camera in his or her pocket.

    The only answer I have ever been able to come up with is that it is because the alleged crimes simply never happened.

    Regardless, if I am wrong, then the crimes must have happened somewhere in physical time-space, no? Where did they take place? Here are some various views of the main train station in Cologne. Where did these crimes take place?öln+hauptbahnhof&client=opera&hs=jfa&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjoh_3N-O3dAhUkxYUKHWtSBzMQ_AUIDygC&biw=1123&bih=528

    Here is a map of the area:

    Where did all these sexual assaults take place? Specify the point on the map.

    Where did all these thousands of sexual assaults take place such that nobody caught any photographic evidence of a single incident?

    I have posed this question to various people at this point. Nobody has ever deigned to answer.

    As far as I can tell, the reason nobody engages in the question is that, deep down, they know it’s all just a big lie.

    Really, certain people ought to grow up at long last. They have to understand that, just because a story provides you emotional satisfaction, just because it is ideologically convenient for you… does not mean that it is truthful.

    The whole thing is OBVIOUSLY a hoax.

  61. @mcohen

    If it is personal experience that makes the case

    I am not a practicing Catholic, but capucini clergy ever layed a hand on me and during my time among them — I know of not a single male who had such an experience. Maybe so, but I never once heard about it or saw it.

    Based on the actual numbers the case for some wide spread catholic conspiracy to cover-up or harbor such offenders is vastly overblown.

    It is part of a larger game plan to undermine people of faith and their influence, so instances of abuse that do occur are blown up to international conspiracies based on hyperbolic fear mongering.

    • Replies: @mcohen
  62. KenH says:

    Even I am shocked at how little impact the stories coming out Cologne, Rotherham, and across Europe have made on how American Leftists think about immigration. They simply do not care.

    That’s because sexual assaults of white women by brown men, Muslims or otherwise, doesn’t fit the narrative. (((They))) only care when when white men misbehave and then cast aspersions on all white men. But when non-whites screw up (((they))) blame only the individual(s) and even then cast them as victims.

  63. Agent76 says:

    Oct 4, 2018 3 Constitutional Reasons Why Should Not Be On Supreme Court

    *note: FEE is the Foundation for Economic Education The circus that has surrounded the Bret Kavanaugh nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court has been drowned out by 36 year old, uncorroborated accusations of sexual harassment.

  64. @D. K.

    Why are you on this site sportslover? Isn’t there a game of something on somewhere to watch on your huge flat screen?

    • Replies: @D. K.
  65. @Colin Wright

    Unless you happened to be Greek or Armenian living there 100 years ago. They were the progenitors of the fatwah to kill all Christian infidels and they did stealing Armenian lands and almost eliminating that Christian race. Mighty fine folks indeed…….

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  66. SafeNow says:
    @Sic Semper

    White males will not quite be excluded from “every” aspect. Progressives, now and perhaps always, are still quite happy to see white males in the airline cockpit when the progressives board the plane and look to the left. But of course they won’t admit that, just as they never admit they would rather live in Norway than Haiti.

  67. Anon[348] • Disclaimer says:

    ”… I have never known a leftist who was not an aggressive, manipulative, power-hungry hypocrite. Those who will do or say anything, who will lie, cheat and steal, to get what they want, at the expense of anyone who stands in the way of their objectives. For leftists, the end justifies the means, and they will stop at nothing.”

    “Kavanaugh is the Target of a witch hunt and smear campaign, politically motivated, from Day One when he was nominated by President Trump.”

    “Such is the diabolical plot of leftists to destroy this nation, to expunge our borders, to shred the Constitution, to abdicate our sovereignty, to label the Bible (or anything else they don’t like) as “hate speech”. And just to make sure we can’t defend ourselves against the lawless mobs, they march in the streets, screeching for gun control, falsely claiming they want to “protect the children”.

    “Anyone (especially Christians) who dares to stand up against this vile onslaught from the leftists, this utterly pathological mindset, is labeled as “hater”, “racist”, “Islamaphobe”, “white supremacist”, adherents to “white male privilege”.”

    Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA:

    JUSTICE for Judge Brett Kavanaugh

  68. mcohen says:


    Stop making excuses.Listen to me my friend.This is not some bullshit internet trolling nonsense.The pope himself has been apologizing to the victims.Priests are going to jail.
    I would not be surprised if Brett Kavanaugh himself was a sex abuse victim,it would go a long way to explain his behavior.
    The church must pay compensation to the victims of sex abuse crimes and only allow priests that are married to have contact with congregations.

  69. mcohen says:

    The way i see it is that the catholic church is aiming to change america into a conservative country.That is not a bad thing in my own opinion.A catholic judge like kavanaugh will go a long way to advancing this agenda.Donald trump and his wife went before the pope and i am sure that this was discussed.

    On the other hand the scales of justice beckon and the church must answer for its crimes before it can be allowed to advance its agenda.I hate hypocrites.Commit the crime and you must pay the price.I know this from personal experience.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  70. @mcohen


    first let’s avoid the usual route of making up what I stated. That in my long association with the Catholic clergy, I never experienced such behavior , witnessed nor heard any of my peers make any serious such claims. In otherwords, boys making wisecracks would make them about each other and clergy —

    second, there are victims of abuse among catholics – no doubt. And those are tragic. There are cases in which some clergy covered for others. But as to manner of wholesale Catholic conspiracy – the evidence is slight — as evidenced by the churches own detailed records from investigations. What those records record is that allegations were treated seriously, investigated with vigor and as would any organization and among organizations of faith — the matter of discretion protecting the accuser and the accused were respected. It is here that charges of conspiracy are generally leveled. But upon closer look, its more akin to the hyper privacy and self corrective modalities that give those impressions.

    third, could the church handle all of these cases more effectively – no doubt, absolutely – clear.

    fourth I am not going to speak to the salacious suggestions about Justice Kavenaugh – that field gets richer everyday. Sigh. Shame. Makes examining the merits of his constitutional judiciousness tougher, all the more. That you even introduce it suggests a rather salacious intent, in my view. As for his behavior, it seems to reflect that of his peers male and female in HS and college based on all the data. Kids who drank in what I call an open secret and engage in what the kids of his community engaged – seems to have been the norm. Whether there was any actual rape attempt based on the reports of those in the immediate vicinity appears doubtful. The accuser’s own support system as she called them in support – contradict her recollections. Her best friend says she never met Justice Kavenaugh and did not know him. But for me, it’s HS and these HS students seemed to be more experimental than most – even for public school students.

    The same view must be held about college. The drinking and partying that went on appeared to be in line with the standard for those involved and not anything all that inciting.

    A couple of notes: I have not ever been drunk. I don’t drink now. I am celibate, and don’t take carousing lightly. There is nothing commendable in my view about the goings on — but they are goings on part and parcel to the community. in otherwords — the rate of speed was conducive to the traffic. Whatever issues I might have with Justice Kavenaugh has nothing to do with the tomfoolery in HS or college. I tend to be careful about people’s faith issues beyond noting whether they are in line with scripture or not. So speculating about his associations with priests — is off limits, out of bounds, inappropriate . . . etc.

    fifth, I am moved by cases of abuse. However, caution is not the same thing as making excuses.

    • Replies: @mcohen
  71. @General Koofta

    ‘Unless you happened to be Greek or Armenian living there 100 years ago. They were the progenitors of the fatwah to kill all Christian infidels and they did stealing Armenian lands and almost eliminating that Christian race. Mighty fine folks indeed…….’

    You can have a win on the Armenians — but did it ever occur to you that the Greeks might have given at least as good as they got?

    It’s not like Christians were running around being saints while fierce bad Muslims were being mean to them. As a rule, it was a two-way street. There’s a reason why most substantial towns in Algeria were some distance inland.

    • Replies: @Alden
  72. @mcohen

    ‘The way i see it is that the catholic church is aiming to change america into a conservative country…’

    ‘mcohen’ is concerned about the excessive influence of Catholics — on the Supreme Court, no less.

    Further comment is unnecessary.

  73. Iberiano says:

    Wasn’t sure if he was “white”, but either way, goes back to that old rule, that betas like him never learned...if you look around the room and you can’t figure out who the patsy is…it’s you.

  74. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    How come sex crimes seem to be only an issue when it concerns the catholic church?

    Boy’s boarding schools in England were legend. My own brother was accosted by a teacher. Not a catholic priest.

    There is a double standard.

    Ignore thousands of sexually exploited abused girls. Only if it involves the catholic church is it worthy of publicity.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @mcohen
  75. @mcohen

    I will go one step further. Having used her psychological records not as defense, but as offense, they should be open to inquiry. If her recollections were recalled via hypnotic regression that evidence should be available. Is she has in fact delivered said records to the news-outlets to support her accusations in a public forum, any and all rights to privacy protection are null and void.

    The church should act in accordance with some manner of justice based on the case(s). Which she has done in some cases and will continue to do.

  76. Alden says:
    @Colin Wright

    You’re right by the time they got to Armenia and Anatolia. But 700? 800? When they started west they were Mongolians and not Muslims. They worshipped iron because swords and other weapons were made of it. They also had a Gray Wolf I think it’s called a totem animal that led to Europe and the Middle East

    I’ve no idea when they converted to Islam. They were Muslim by about 900. The Turks despised Muslim Arabs who weren’t allowed to be in government administration. Local Christian and Jews were.

    Most of their armies and government workers were Russian other Slav Balkan Italian and other European slaves captured along the Atlantic coast.

    The Muslim chechens and tartars raided Russia for slaves to sell to the Turks They preferred children smaller could fit more into the ships across the Black Sea easier to handle. The slave trade went way north on the Volga and other rivers.

    The girls went to the harems and brothels. Many of the big harems were like textile and rug factories.

    The boys were tested for talents and extensively trained. As slaves of the Sultan they ran the empire. It was a merit system hint hint. Maybe that’s why it lasted 900 years.

    Captain John Smith of James town Othello fictional and Vincent de Paul were all slaves of the Turks. Othello was 14 when captured Smith and de Paul adults. De Paul later founded the chain if St Vincent’s hospitals of which there are many in the USA.

    The Sultans were ethnically European. They never married. All the haram women were European slaves. So after a few generations they were 15/16 European and 1/16 Turk. The most famous of these women were Murren and Amee de buc de rivery.

    Murren was from S Russia lived in the harem since age 8. Fun huh? A Tartar slave raid adults killed livestock and everything looted tied up, put in a big leather sack tied to a horse, then the trip in a slave ship across the Black Sea, then another leather sack and the slave market. She was lucky was purchased for the Sultans harem, not some sleazy brothel. Her son became sultan.

    Aimee was captured as a teenager on her way back to Martinique from boarding school in France. She was sold in the slave markets of Morocco and then to the Sultans harem. Her son became Sultan. Murren was a redhead, Aimee a pale blonde.

    The boys went to boarding school barracks where they were raped all the time. The black men slaves were all eunuchs. Unlike the Arabs who were against killing new born babies the black women slaves babies were killed at birth so as to provide Turkish men with sex but not contaminate the ethnicity.

    The black women didn’t get abortions generally as in the days before antiobiotics and sterile procedure there was great risk of death and they were valuable live stock. So they had a natural birth and the babies were killed. Then they got to be wet nurses for Turkish babies.

    Another Russian slave girl was Florence Lady Baker. She was picked up by Armenian slave dealers after a battle between Russia and Turkey when she was about 3. They raised her and had a big auction when she was 14. By incredible good luck one of those Victorian English adventurers came to see the show. He bought her they got married at some point and adventured around the Middle East.

    The 90% European 10% Turk daughters of the Sultan married into the Turkish aristocracy. Except for the heir the sons of the Sultans were killed. Sometimes as children by the mothers of the other sons. Sometimes by their brothers as they grew up.

    The German Turks were somewhat assimilating until the combination of the Arab Muslim invasion and Erdogan’s outreach to German Turks stirred them up.

    What a mess.

    In a file somewhere I’ve got 2 songs. One was sung at the last Christian mass in Haigia Sophia the night before the Turkish cannon breached the walls in 1452? It was a Christian Hungarian cannon maker who made and sold the cannons to the Turks.

    The other is mid 19th century. Greek women killed them selves and their children rather than be taken into slavery by the Turks. They got all dressed up had a party for the kids tied themselves together sang the song and danced off a cliff.

    The Algerians didn’t stop slave raiding Europe till 1830 when the French invaded and it became a French colony

    We’ve all heard about the eeevvviill Borgia Pope. He spent most of his reign fighting Turkish invasions in southern and eastern Italy.

    Despite continuing efforts, the Turks never did conquer Persia. I think they were the only nation with a common border that wasn’t conquered by Turkey.

    The major reason people converted to Islam is that Muslims didn’t pay tax. That was a big incentive. It appears Christians held out for a few generations and then gave up. It was also the reasons Christians and Jews became very successful. They had to be smarter slicker and more corrupt than the Muslims. Also they got the reputation of being not honest businessmen but more honest than the Muslims. Some say the Alawites have kept a lot of Christianity but very secretly.

    That’s all I know.

  77. mcohen says:

    Elitecomminc says

    1.That in my long association with the Catholic clergy, I never experienced such behavior.

    2.there are victims of abuse among catholics – no doubt

    3.It is here that charges of conspiracy are generally leveled

    Dear elitecomminc

    This conversation is over.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  78. Alden says:

    This what bothers me about the catholic thing. Those priests are homosexuals. They weren’t going after children They went after teens and each other.

    I remember when NAMBLA was very powerful. The feminazis cut that off when they got on their anti rape and child molestation crusade.

    It’s so hypocritical and shows how bigoted liberals are. Gay men are God’s in the grievance group stakes. But a catholic priest does it and he’s a monster. As I always say, the brain of a liberal is an empty sink just waiting for propaganda to be poured in.

    • Replies: @APilgrim
  79. mcohen says:

    Yes but only the catholic church practices opening the other cheek while turning the other cheek.

    Very cheeky

  80. Alden says:
    @Colin Wright

    There’s also a reason why except for well. fortified Toulon and Marseille the French coast of the Mediterranean was practically uninhabited till France conquered Algeria in 1830z

  81. @mcohen

    Orthodox Jewish schools are also notorious for child sex abuse. But when was the last time this made the headlines? Kto koro? Translation: Which group is winning by sticking it to which losing group? Answer: Jews are winning; Christians are losing.

  82. D. K. says:
    @General Koofta

    Unlike you, my knowledge base is quite broad, and my IQ is quite high, which allows me to multitask.

  83. @Colin Wright

    “My wife and I have spent a total of seven months in Europe and a month in Turkey over the past three years.”

    Where in Turkey? The nice, relatively secularized western part? The tourist beaches? I daresay you’ll have a different experience if you go into the more remote areas.

    Two girls from my boxing gym went on a trip there, took a cab from the airport, and were driven to a remote area where they were gang raped. Same thing happened to some left wing idiot who was going on a tour to prove that Middle Eastern men were not dangerous, but they killed her to boot.

    A sample size of three doesn’t prove much, but since you offered up a sample size of two I think I win.

    PS: Best way to bond with Turks is to complain about Jewish infiltration.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  84. Tyrion 2 says:
    @Colin Wright

    This snippet might be like throwing Uranium on the fire but here goes:

    Not that long ago I was in Israel and the West Bank with my wife. In Israel we learned the Hebrew word for “beautiful” because it was used so often by strangers to describe her. They were constantly nice, open, warm and effusive with genuine compliments. Never did they creepily stare or grope or make seedy remarks.

    Yet as soon as we crossed into the West Bank, men of all ages started to just stare at her. Others found excuses to touch her that turned into clumsy groping. Admittedly as soon as I told them to stop they at least looked embarrassed and found a reason to leave. But, let’s be honest, this is a very low standard of behaviour (groping someone’s wife in the street) – better than say Morocco* but not exactly great, and certainly worse than Christian parts of Africa I’ve been to and an order of magnitude worse than East Asia or Europe.

    I wouldn’t be able to pick most Israelis out from most Palestinians in a line-up, so I assume it is a cultural thing.

    *In Morocco the staring and groping tends to be most focused on young fair-haired (or ginger!) boys; and obviously by men.

    If the bus is crowded, when a woman gets aboard, this game of musical chairs promptly erupts. All the men start rearranging themselves so it will be possible for the woman to have a seat that is not next to a strange man. No one says anything — it’s just taken for granted that everyone is going to have to move so as to make this possible. A vacant seat next to a woman needs to be created.
    Obviously, a different culture, but it works, and in the above example at least, it’s the precise opposite of sexual harassment.

    Sounds like an admirable attempt by men as an easily shamed group to save women from what they know will be an inevitable bus ride of groping and sh*t behaviour…

  85. APilgrim says:

    Liberal brains are empty TOILETs, eager for propaganda BUTT Loads to be crapped in.

    There, fixed it for you.

  86. @mcohen

    It was over when you engaged your hyperboles.

    1. Your reference one is a perfect example of what I discuss regarding how the Catholic Church handles these issues. In today’s environment the privacy issues are not as sacrosanct as they once were. The relationship between churches and their members was generally considered one to be handled with care — which is why the rule of patient client privilege applies to religious communities and their members, staff and clergy. Those understandings have shifted. The expectations of what a church organization can hold sacred and protected have changed. This tension is being exploited by secular entities on the grounds of investigating a potential crime. The trust on this matter has eroded. And while there may be some not much in the way of sinister arc here. The resistance to simply open one’s books on peoples lives — staff or members – is neither unique or sinister. And for people who actually know what churches do — that tension and reluctance makes perfect sense. I would think given the formal confessional aspect of Catholicism – said reluctance is more acute. Seeing said struggle being played out is not a sign of wholesale cover-up. No organization would be so inclined to readily open it’s personnell files, But for those on crusades — well, anything that doesn’t smack of a roll over is a sign of a cover up to sinister intent.
    Given the actual numbers of abuse, not the exaggerated nonsense oft reported by the press and everyone who has a beef with Catholicism.

    It’s very clear you are unaware about the content of what people tell clergy – the messes that millions of people’s lives are in — that pass from that person to clergy in private.

    2. Ohh goodness, a poll about the Pope. Let’s see the Pope’s favorability ratings have been in decline since he first opened his mouth regarding same sex behavior, immigration, etc. Since he inherited previous rounds of hyperbolic hysterical over the top scandals — it makes sense that another such story might be cause for lower ratings — the false assumption that changing the vast systems of the Church to redress what would normally by a situation of limited scope and the actual numbers — even the accused numbers to the members active is not scandalous – such that the entire church is bankrupt. A popularity poll is evidence of popularity. It is not evidence of actual mass incidence. Again, there are cases of abuse. The church needs to do a much more effective job at managing those cases and redressing them. There are cases in which a few have failed to respond to the matter appropriately. I would that may need to face jail time as has been done, but in light of the anti-christain sentiment — anti-Catholic assault – the Church may have to give more to secular scrutiny than she might appreciate.

    Your response here doesn’t in any way impact negatively my initial view. The current news about the Catholic Church has been going on for quite some time. When it arrived I simply took a look at the numbers. And then examined some of the so called scandals — in otherwords read several of the issues in detail according to the investigated body and found their methods, their data, and content sorely lacking to make the grand cases they were on about. That upon a look, there were some serious cases — but a sign that the church is “chocker block” full of roving preists waiting to assault any alterboy — no. Much to my surprise the levels of preists in inappropriate exchanges with women was a surprise. Priests take their vows seriously —

    Read through the mess of the Boston Newspaper and the subsequent grand jury report that led them to their story — the supposedly seminal case. That level of careless assumption, unverifiable statistical analysis should have landed the entire staff on the carpet — tragic. But then I have been reading abuse tales since the late 1980’s — the tragedies that wreck communities based on hysteria only compound the tragedies of the actual number who suffer any abuse. In some cases – there was abuse, just a lot of counselors assumptions —again, caution is not the same thing as dismissing or explaining away.

    All abuse is scandalous —

    Based on the history and the record, I am not inclined to get on the sex abuse scandal bandwagon anymore than I am massive sexual assault

    • Replies: @mcohen
  87. @jbwilson24

    ‘…Where in Turkey? The nice, relatively secularized western part? The tourist beaches? I daresay you’ll have a different experience if you go into the more remote areas…’

    Admittedly we weren’t trying to have a true wilderness experience, but lessee…

    We went Bodrum — Ephesus — that place with all the white rock whose-name-escapes-me-Konya–Goreme–Ankara–Istanbul. Yes — we were tourists and we went to tourist attractions. Go figure.

    However, I’ll point out that Konya considers itself ‘the most conservative city in Turkey and proud of it’ — so I’d say we encountered ‘the real Turkey’ — more or less. Sort of like if you decided to spend a week in the inner city of Detroit. You’d encounter ‘the real America’ — even if you hadn’t gone to Oklahoma.

    I’ll take Konya. Clean, safe, attractive, and interesting. Unlike as in — say — Denmark, women are free to dress exactly as they please. Our hotel room was probably something ridiculously cheap. It was apparently perfectly acceptable, as I can’t remember it. The food was good, even if wine was hard to come by.

    Frankly, I’ve been there, and Turkey is a mighty fine country. As far as I am concerned, Turkey haters are commenting on themselves, not on Turkey.

  88. mcohen says:


    Read it.My response here is simply to show some support for victims of sex crimes by catholic clergy.

  89. mcohen says:

    The link to the report has now been broken

    “502 bad gateway”

    Here is a new one in pdf.

    Get brett
    brett jungle is the man to get

  90. @mcohen

    The Catholic Church has been providing half way houses, shelters, orphanages, counseling for victims of all manner of abuse before it was popular.

    Nothing in my comments suggests that anyone who is a victim of said abuse should not have support.

    The report you are pressing me to access is not available.

    • Replies: @mcohen
  91. @mcohen

    I am unclear what it is you think i will gain that I am not already familiar with.
    I am not unmoved by the individual stories — but they don’t shed a new light 0n what is already known and my previous comments — stand.

    It is easy to be shocked by the stories and in responding to that shock respond to overstated cases as — those and interestingly enough — reference the Boston tales — previously mentioned.

    I am concerned that we have noted men who are no longer alive — leaving the some tales one sided.

    But in either case — you seem to be pressing me as if i contend that abuse never took place == that would be incorrect as previously noted. Thus far, nothing in my comments are contradicted by the report you had me reference.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
    , @mcohen
  92. mcohen says:

    Here you go

    It says “download pdf”.


    By the way would you be interested in doing essay writing for my uni course.

  93. @EliteCommInc.

    Note: In response to the spate of child abuse claims throughout regions of the US the FBI conducted a lengthy and intense search for said pedophile organizations and could not locate a single one. They have continued to pursue such investigations , as the result of the sex trafficking allegations — again, while they found sex trafficking — no national or international such organization has been noted.

    I read these reports thinking something new will occur but it doesn’t. In one diocese report they list more than 100 resists as abusers — but there is nothing by way of evidence against even close to that number —

    The reason is because they are using leave and retirement schedules to make their conclusions based on the very fact that some abusers were in fact transferred and retired — bad form, bad analysis and very sloppy research. The report reads as these reports do — there are several actual cases and from those a scenario is created that proceeds to grow all on its own implicating a host of others without support. no let’s play a simple numerical game here. in one diocese there were about 621,000 active Catholics — suppose I grant tat 100 priests were abusers and let’s say that each of those abused 100 boys each. That’s some 10,000 members of the church. That’s some 1.6% of the diocese. And you simply don’t even have anything close to those numbers. And one has to further calculate that the cases span years which further decreases the impact overall—

    One pf the reasons that the church is loathe to make this an open show id because it never fails – once these issues come to light they take on a life all their own and the numbers balloon and they balloon in every direction, abused and abusers. One of the most problematic aspects of this issue is that investigators and even people like myself who walk carefully through this muck — get accused of being abusers and aiding abusers. there are talented people in the field of psychiatry who won’t go near thee cases for just that reason. Case in point, there’s no hint that Justice Kavenaugh was abused by priests, but you charged head along into the assail.

    The standard of proof — believe the accusation because no one – especially children make up these stories —

    And it simply is not true. So sure, there are priests who have abused their position. Sure the Church is having to adjust to the new realities of what will be expected of them regarding such issues. Have they made serious errors of management and judgement — no doubt.

    But I remain where I came in —

    I will continue to read the report —


  94. mcohen says:


    “Boston tales”

    Listen mate let me set you straight.

    If the clergy were openly sex abusing children and getting away with it then they must have been protected by the law.
    That is a rotten infection of civil society that destroys and must be stopped.
    Therefore an example needs to be made of those people who committed crimes and those that turned a blind eye.
    Worse it betrays a trust of common people in institutions of church and state.
    Many of the catholic institutions declared themselves bankrupt to avoid paying compensation therefore the good work the church does is of no value.This nonsense has been going on for to long therefore i call upon the Lord of the universe to punish the catholic church for its abuse over many years.

    Lord of darkness
    Lord of light
    Show your hand
    Show your might
    Destroy the vatican with an eartquake.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  95. @mcohen

    There are tales of abuse. Those tales are corroberrated —

    No one denies that took place. How open is another matter. The issue here is the extent and I think its clear — said massive abuse is hyperbole.

    Again, you are playing the game your advocacy group usually attends. Anyone who doesn’t jump on board with your view is blind, ignorant, doesn’t care, are themselves abusers . . . so you make arguments in repetition about what is being said — which in fact are not.

    It is an old spider web about which I am not so easily intimidated.

    There is abuse
    It is tragic
    It should addressed
    The Catholic Church has made mistakes

    Now you can stop making claims that suggest I am in some kind of denial that abuse occurs.

    There’s no shortage of a need for God’s justice.

  96. Jew prayer mcohen is obvious in praying to God and Satan.
    You really are a POS. Go rape a goat Satanist.

    Let us prayer for all the victims of the satanic pedophile rabbi’s who hide being the Jew owners of media and keep their depravity from the public. May they burn In hell with mcohen.

    Nice try hymen.

  97. anarchyst says:

    It is wrong to describe rape victims as “survivors”.
    The word “survivor” to describe rape victims does them a disservice. They are not “survivors” but are “victims” of a despicable criminal act.
    A “survivor” is someone who comes out alive after a plane crash, automobile accident, or other traumatic “accident” where death is a possibility.
    Rape is not an “accident” but is a deliberate criminal act.
    It is the “mainstream media” that has defined the word “survivor” to include rape victims, just as they did with the Catholic priest homosexual pedophilia scandal—calling it “child sex abuse” rather than by its true name. The “mainstream media” did not want to offend the homosexual pedophilia lobby.
    It is interesting to note that victims of clergy homosexual pedophilia are not described by the mainstream media as “survivors”, but as victims.

  98. mcohen says:

    Finally justice will be served.let it begin on the 6 the october the 2018.the earthquake is coming to the vatican.may the thieves and sodomites be exposed and expelled.

    Thank you for posting

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  99. @mcohen

    Imagine that an article that actually addressed the matter at hand without veering in to all kinds of unsubstantiated, over-hyped hysterics about child abuse, the clergy, and the end of the world.


    • Replies: @mcohen
  100. mcohen says:

    The art of illusion:101

    “In order to change the facts on the ground you have to control the flow of infomation in both directions.”


    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  101. @mcohen

    Laughing . . .

    Ohhh good grief.

  102. mcohen says:


    Yes indeed “unsubstantiated”

    If read this man’s personal details on the link posted pay attention to his listed “personal details” especially his motto.Put a smile on my dial.

    Yes indeed “interesting”

    As soon as Kavanaugh was elected these pronouncement are declared

    As i said before this is what is called….. The art of illusion:101

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  103. @mcohen

    The problem with your assail here is that it not supported by the data — it’s not even supported by reason. The story is dealing with a singular matter. There may be others, but nothing of the magnitude to some vast cover-up of mass abuse — neither of which exists.

    no sale.

    There’s no contention by justice kavenaugh that he was abused by anyone – not even his parents.

    with the sex abuser crusaders it’s always an illusion. There are not ten cases there a hundred, if there are a hundred cases there must be ten thousand — as with democrats and liberals — you sling around unsubstantiated nonsense because it has value to the uniformed, the easily excited. Anything and everything no matter how ridiculous and or unsupported — mud slinging.

    And if you are paying attention, it was the Catholics in the US leadership who made the press. This moves the needle not an inch to your original contentions —

    further, its quite apparent that the catholic Church has been investigating and dealing with this issue extensively as the reports indicate.

    too too funny Your point is . . . the catholic Church is going to investigate one of senior members — uhhhhhh ok. Laughing.

  104. mcohen says:

    Yes but why did they make the press as you call it on the same day as the vote for Kavanaugh.I believe he was an altar boy.probably a coincidence.Lets face facts though.The catholic church is facing huge problems and the courts will be ruling on the abuse.Now would it not help the church to have someone like brett on the supreme court.I wonder about this mccarrick too.He was brought out of purgatory by pope francis 2 years ago.He has extensive connections in Washington Dc.

    Look i have no interest in american shenanigans but in other parts of the world catholic leadership has not always taken responsibility for its abuse.Maybe things will change with Kavanaugh,who knows,he seems like a nice guy,and i am sure there are others in the church who want to force change and get rid off the “ears that were deaf” generation of leadership of which mccarrick and pope francis were part of.However compensation for the victims must be paid.All that needs to be decided now is how much and have how far back the courts will go.50 years or 20 years.That is up to the law.

  105. Let’s take a look at all of the events that occurred on that day that might be connected to the voting on the Justice Kavenaugh nomination in a bid of support perhaps why

    1. the Wailyn Jenny’s attended the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival San Francisco October 6th 2018

    2. in the city of New York the No Barriers Conference was held, most likely to gather like minded supporters of Justice Kavaenaugh – is unknown how many Catholics attended

    3. Mad Hatter Day

    4. Jackie Mayer Rehab Day

    It was also National Noodle Day, but nothing on that day has more twists and turns based on thin lines of mystical and conspiratorial happenstance and coincidence as your comments about Justice Kavenaugh and the Pope. Now it is true as I recall that both men have a rather weak position regarding faith, Christ and same sex behavior, but there is no evidence or even rumor that the two have conspired to bring Papal dictates to the Supreme Court. Whether Catholic or not Justice Kavaenaugh seems to have a history that supports a very hard line regarding polity in complete opposition to the Pope.

    Well, given your views, no it would not be helpful to the church. You suggest that Justice Kavenaugh is a victim of abuse and as such makes his likelihood of guilt for abuse all the more likely. You further claim that the Church is attempt to cover up abuse given the line of reasoning, it is counter intuitive to believe that the Pope would spotlight the abuse you claim he is attempting to cover up by highlighting an abuser and worse an abuser who’s political outlook save on same sex behavior apparently contradict one to the other

    — your own advance beats itself up.

    Uhhh no. And categorically absolutely beyond reason — no.

    Laughing. Justice Kavenaugh is not appointed justice in the international court — it’s the court of the US. His rulings — will be to the Constitution of the US and in relation to laws of the US. His impact on anything regarding Catholicism will be limited to the same. Whether the world takes notice is of no consequence. It is highly dubious that his position will have any impact on Vatican investigations of clergy — unless it involves matters of the constitution. Nothing suggests that Justice Kavanaugh was abused, has any unique links to the Vatican not the Vatican to him. Why the Vatican chose to make their announcement when they has as much relevance to the vote in the US as Physicians Assistants Day also held on the same day as the vote.

    I think my position here remains where I came in. The catholic church will resolve its affairs accordingly. It’s very clear based on the record that they have extended compensation and on a case by case basis will redress the wrongs as few as they may be accordingly.

    I can tell you what is clearly on display — an extortion gambit “an extortion racket.”

  106. mcohen says:

    “Resolves its affairs”

    Well i hope so because george pell in Australia is turning out to be a slippery character

  107. More damage has been done to the US by Catholic support for loose border and immigration enforcement than by the rare instances of child abuse by clergy.

  108. I can say this with some certainty, the constant incessant hysterics and hyperbole the tainting of everyone who disagrees, the slandering and muddying every name, the hyper suspicion . . .about the issue in the end damages the the effectiveness of of moving forward effectively —

    no matter how much animosity one may have against the Catholic faith.

  109. FB says:
    @Colin Wright

    Nice observation, Colin…along with your other posts in this thread…a refreshing change for this site…

    But don’t worry about impressing the Unz whackos here with actual facts and observations…they already know everything…especially little schmuck Tyrion 2…who seems to travel the world nonstop…but had to beg his parents to even take a chaperoned trip to Israel…LOL…

    • Agree: Colin Wright
  110. FB says:

    As far as I recall Jonathan Revusky debunked that alleged mass rape hoax in Cologne…I trust mr Revusky far more than this shrill sounding idiot…

  111. @Tyrion 2

    ‘…Sounds like an admirable attempt by men as an easily shamed group to save women from what they know will be an inevitable bus ride of groping and sh*t behaviour…’

    It sounds to me like in your book, the Turks are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.

  112. @Tyrion 2

    ‘…Yet as soon as we crossed into the West Bank, men of all ages started to just stare at her. Others found excuses to touch her that turned into clumsy groping…’

    Whatever works, right? If they’re nasty sexual harassers it’s alright to take their land from them.

    Good thing you were one of the master race or who knows what would have happened, huh?

    See Fast Times in Palestine to grasp just how improbable your pretended experiences are. Incidentally, to borrow a page from the Zionist playbook, just what sort of a monster exposes his wife to this sort of abuse?

    …God I hate Zionists. The lies never end.

  113. Anonymous [AKA "pro male"] says:

    “Of the roughly 2,000 attackers, how many do you think have been convicted in the nearly three years since all this happened?

    Did you guess “two convictions for sexual assault and another four convictions for non-sex-related crimes such as theft”?

    You’re right!

    How come a mere six out of the 2,000 men who committed such flagrant crimes in public on a holiday get convicted?”

    This is called feminist logic.

    Assuming that 2000 of these men are attackers is feminist leftist logic, There is something called due process and evidence.

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