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Vassal Aristocracies Increasingly Resist Control by U.S. Aristocracy
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The tumultuous events that dominate international news today cannot be accurately understood outside of their underlying context, which connects them together, into a broader narrative — the actual history of our time. History makes sense, even if news-reports about these events don’t. Propagandistic motivations cause such essential facts to be reported little (if at all) in the news, so that the most important matters for the public to know, get left out of news-accounts about those international events.

The purpose here will be to provide that context, for our time.

First, this essential background will be summarized; then, it will be documented (via the links that will be provided here), up till the present moment — the current news:

America’s aristocracy controls both the U.S. federal government and press, but (as will be documented later here) is facing increasing resistance from its many vassal (subordinate) aristocracies around the world (popularly called “America’s allied nations”); and this growing international resistance presents a new challenge to the U.S. military-industrial complex (MIC), which is controlled by that same aristocracy and enforces their will worldwide. The MIC is responding to the demands of its aristocratic master. This response largely drives international events today (which countries get invaded, which ones get overthrown by coups, etc.), but the ultimate driving force behind today’s international news is the aristocracy that the MIC represents, the billionaires behind the MIC, because theirs is the collective will that drives the MIC. The MIC is their collective arm, and their collective fist. It is not the American public’s global enforcer; it is the American aristocracy’s fist, around the world.

The MIC (via its military contractors such as Lockheed Martin) also constitutes a core part of the U.S. aristocracy’s wealth (the part that’s extracted from the U.S. taxpaying public via the U.S. government), and also (by means of those privately-owned contractors, plus the taxpayer-funded U.S. armed forces) it protects these aristocrats’ wealth in foreign countries. Though paid by the U.S. government, the MIC does the protection-and-enforcement jobs for the nation’s super-rich. Furthermore, the MIC is crucial to them in other ways, serving not only directly as their “policeman to the world,” but also indirectly (by that means) as a global protection-racket that keeps their many subordinate aristocracies in line, under their control — and that threatens those foreign aristocrats with encroachments against their own territory, whenever a vassal aristocracy resists the master-aristocracy’s will. (International law is never enforced against the U.S., not even after it invaded Iraq in 2003.) So, the MIC is the global bully’s fist, and the global bully is the U.S. aristocracy — America’s billionaires, most especially the controlling stockholders in the U.S.-based international corporations. These are the people the U.S. government actually represents. The links document this, and it’s essential to know, if one is to understand current events.

For the first time ever, a global trend is emerging toward declining control of the world by America’s billionaire-class — into the direction of ultimately replacing the U.S. Empire, by increasingly independent trading-blocs: alliances between aristocracies, replacing this hierarchical control of one aristocracy over another. Ours is becoming a multi-polar world, and America’s aristocracy is struggling mightily against this trend, desperate to continue remaining the one global imperial power — or, as U.S. President Barack Obama often referred to the U.S. government, “The United States is and remains the one indispensable nation. That has been true for the century passed and it will be true for the century to come.” To America’s aristocrats, all other nations than the U.S. are “dispensable.” All American allies have to accept it. This is the imperial mindset, both for the master, and for the vassal. The uni-polar world can’t function otherwise. Vassals must pay (extract from their nation’s public, and then transfer) protection-money, to the master, in order to be safe — to retain their existing power, to exploit their given nation’s public.

The recently growing role of economic sanctions (more accurately called “Weaponization of finance”) by the United States and its vassals, has been central to the operation of this hierarchical imperial system, but is now being increasingly challenged from below, by some of the vassals. Alliances are breaking up over America’s mounting use of sanctions, and new alliances are being formed and cemented to replace the imperial system — replace it by a system without any clear center of global power, in the world that we’re moving into. Economic sanctions have been the U.S. empire’s chief weapon to impose its will against any challengers to U.S. global control, and are thus becoming the chief locus of the old order’s fractures.

This global order cannot be maintained by the MIC alone; the more that the MIC fails (such as in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, …), the more that economic sanctions rise to become the essential tool of the imperial masters. We are increasingly in the era of economic sanctions. And, now, we’re entering the backlash-phase of it.

A turning-point in escalating the weaponization of finance was reached in February 2014 when a Ukrainian coup that the Obama Administration had started planning by no later than 2011, culminated successfully in installing a rabidly anti-Russian government on Russia’s border, and precipitated the breakaway from Ukraine of two regions (Crimea and Donbass) that had voted overwhelmingly for the man the U.S. regime had just overthrown. This coup in Ukraine was the most direct aggressive act against Russia since the Cold War had ‘ended’ (it had actually ended on the Russian side, but not on the American side, where it continues) in 1991. During this coup in Kiev, on February 20th of 2014, hundreds of Crimeans, who had been peacefully demonstrating there with placards against this coup (which coup itself was very violentagainst the police, not by them — the exact opposite of the way that “the Maidan demonstrations” had been portrayed in the Western press at the time), were attacked by the U.S.-paid thugs and scrambled back into their buses to return home to Crimea but were stopped en-route in central Ukraine and an uncounted number of them were massacred in the Ukrainian town of Korsun by the same group of thugs who had chased them out of Kiev.

This massacre didn’t play well on local Crimean television. Immediately, a movement to secede and to again become a part of Russia started, and spread like wildfire in Crimea. (Crimea had been only involuntarily transferred from Russia to Ukraine by the Soviet dictator Khrushchev in 1954; it had been part of Russia for the hundreds of years prior to 1954. It was culturally Russian.) Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, said that if they’d vote for it in a referendum, then Russia would accept them back into the Russian Federation and provide them protection as Russian citizens. On 6 March 2014, U.S. President Obama issued “Executive Order — Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine”, and ignored the internationally recognized-in-law right of self-determination of peoples (though he recognized that right in Catalonia and in Scotland), and he instead simply declared that Ukraine’s “sovereignty” over Crimea was sacrosanct (even though it had been imposed upon Crimeans by the Soviet dictator — America’s enemy — in 1954, during the Soviet era, when America opposed, instead of favored and imposed, dictatorship around the world, except in Iran and Guatemala, where America imposed dictatorships even that early). Obama’s Executive Order was against unnamed “persons who have asserted governmental authority in the Crimean region without the authorization of the Government of Ukraine.” He insisted that the people who had just grabbed control of Ukraine and massacred Crimeans (his own Administration’s paid far-right Ukrainian thugs, who were racist anti-Russians), must be allowed to rule Crimea, regardless of what Crimeans (traditionally a part of Russia) might — and did — want.

America’s vassal aristocracies then imposed their own sanctions against Russia when on 16 March 2014 Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to rejoin the Russian Federation.

Thus started the successive rounds of economic sanctions against Russia, by the U.S. government and its vassal-nations. (As is shown by that link, they knew that this had been a coup and no authentic ‘democratic revolution’ such as the Western press was portraying it to have been, and yet they kept quiet about it — a secret their public would not be allowed to know.)

The latest round of these sanctions was imposed not by Executive Order from a U.S. President, but instead by a new U.S. law, “H.R.3364 — Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act”, which in July 2017 was passed by 98-2 in the Senate and 419-3 in the House, and which not only stated outright lies (endorsed there by virtually everyone in Congress), but which was backed up by lies from the U.S. Intelligence Community that were accepted and endorsed totally uncritically by 98 Senators and 419 Representatives. (One might simply assume that all of those Senators and Representatives were ignorant of the way things work and were not intentionally lying in order to vote for these lies from the Intelligence Community, but these people actually wouldn’t have wrangled their ways into Congress and gotten this far at the game if they hadn’t already known that the U.S. Intelligence Community is designed not only to inform the President but to help him to deceive the public and therefore can’t be trusted by anyone but the President. It’s basic knowledge about the U.S. government, and they know it, though the public don’t.)

The great independent columnist Paul Craig Roberts headlined on August 1st, “Trump’s Choices” and argued that President Donald Trump should veto the bill despite its overwhelming support in Washington, but instead Trump signed it into law on August 2nd and thus joined participation in the overt stage — the Obama stage — of the U.S. government’s continuation of the Cold War that U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush had secretly instituted against Russia on 24 February 1990, and that, under Obama, finally escalated into a hot war against Russia. The first phase of this hot war against Russia is via the “Weaponization of finance” (those sanctions). However, as usual, it’s also backed up by major increases in physical weaponry, and by the cooperation of America’s vassals in order to surround Russia with nuclear weapons near and on Russia’s borders, in preparation for a possible blitz first-strike nuclear attack upon Russia — preparations that the Russian people know about and greatly fear, but which are largely hidden by the Western press, and therefore only very few Westerners are aware that their own governments have become lying aggressors.

Some excellent news-commentaries have been published about this matter, online, by a few ‘alternative news’ sites (and that ‘alt-news’ group includes all of the reliably honest news-sites, but also includes unfortunately many sites that are as dishonest as the mainstream ones are — and that latter type aren’t being referred to here), such as (and only the best sites and articles will be linked-to on this):

All three of those articles discuss how these new sanctions are driving other nations to separate themselves, more and more, away from the economic grip of the U.S. aristocracy, and to form instead their own alliances with one-another, so as to defend themselves, collectively, from U.S. economic (if not also military) aggression.

Major recent news-developments on this, have included (all here from rt dot com):

However, perhaps the best representative example of this phenomenon (the breaking-down of the U.S.-dominant system of alliances), is one of the long-time traditional U.S. allies, the Philippine aristocracy, now turning away from the U.S. aristocracy and rejecting the U.S. aristocracy’s control. On 22 May 2017, RT headlined “‘US, EU meddle in other countries & kill people under guise of human rights concerns’ – Duterte”, and presented Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte explaining why he rejects the U.S. aristocracy’s hypocritical pronouncements and condemnations regarding its vassals among the world’s poorer and struggling nations, such as his.

Of course, none of this information is publishable in the West — in the Western ‘democracies’. It’s ‘fake news’, as far as The Empire is concerned. So, if you’re in The (now declining) Empire, you’re not supposed to be reading this. That’s why the mainstream ‘news’media (to all of which this article is being submitted for publication, without fee, for any of them that want to break their existing corrupt mold) don’t publish this sort of news — ‘fake news’ (that’s of the solidly documented type, such as this). You’ll see such news reported only in the few honest newsmedia.

The rule for the aristocracy’s ‘news’media is: report what happened, only on the basis of the government’s lies as to why it happened — never expose such lies (the official lies). What’s official is ‘true’. That, too, is an essential part of the imperial system.

The front cover of the American aristocracy’s TIME magazine’s Asian edition, dated September 25, 2016, had been headlined “Night Falls on the Philippines: The tragic cost of President Duterte’s war on drugs”. The ‘news’-story, which was featured inside not just the Asian but all editions, was “Inside Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s War On Drugs”, and it portrayed Duterte as a far-right demagogue who was giving his nation’s police free reign to murder anyone they wished to, especially the poor. On 17 July 2017, China’s Xinhua News Agency bannered “Philippines’ Duterte enjoys high approval rating at 82 percent: poll”, and reported: “A survey by Pulse Asia Inc. conducted from June 24 to June 29 showed that 82 percent of the 1,200 people surveyed nationwide approved the way Duterte runs the country. Out of all the respondents, the poll said 13 percent were undecided about Duterte’s performance, while 5 percent disapproved Duterte’s performance. … Duterte, who assumed the presidency in June last year, ends his single, six-year term in 2022.” Obviously, it’s not likely that the TIME cover story had actually been honest.

But, of course, America’s billionaires are even more eager to overthrow Russia’s President, Putin.

Western polling firms can freely poll Russians, and do poll them on lots but not on approval or disapproval of President Putin, because he always scores above 80%, and America’s aristocrats also don’t like finding that confirmed, and certainly don’t want to report it. Polling is routinely done in Russia, by Russian pollsters, on voters’ ratings of approval/disapproval of Putin’s performance. Because America’s aristocrats don’t like the findings, they say that Russians are in such fear of Putin they don’t tell the truth about this, or else that Russia’s newsmedia constantly lie about him to cover up the ugly reality about him. However, the Western academic journal Post-Soviet Affairs (which is a mainstream Western publication) included in their January/February 2017 issue a study, “Is Putin’s Popularity Real?” and the investigators reported the results of their own poll of Russians, which was designed to tap into whether such fear exists and serves as a distorting factor in those Russian polls, but concluded that the findings in Russia’s polls could not be explained by any such factor; and that, yes, Putin’s popularity among Russians is real. The article’s closing words were: “Our results suggest that the main obstacle at present to the emergence of a widespread opposition movement to Putin is not that Russians are afraid to voice their disapproval of Putin, but that Putin is in fact quite popular.”

The U.S. aristocracy’s efforts to get resistant heads-of-state overthrown by ‘democratic revolutions’ (which usually is done by the U.S. government to overthrow democratically elected Presidents — such as Mossadegh, Arbenz, Allende, Zelaya, Yanukovych, and attempted against Assad, and wished against Putin, and against Duterte — not overthrowing dictators such as the U.S. government always claims) have almost consistently failed, and therefore coups and invasions have been used instead, but those techniques demand that certain realities be suppressed by their ‘news’media in order to get the U.S. public to support what the government has done — the U.S. government’s international crime, which is never prosecuted. Lying ‘news’media in order to ‘earn’ the American public’s support, does not produce enthusiastic support, but, at best, over the long term, it produces only tepid support (support that’s usually below the level of that of the governments the U.S. overthrows).

U.S. Presidents never score above 80% except when they order an invasion in response to a violent attack by foreigners, such as happened when George W. Bush attacked Afghanistan and Iraq in the wake of 9/11, but those 80%+ approval ratings fade quickly; and, after the 1960s, U.S. Presidential job-approvals have generally been below 60%. President Trump’s ratings are currently around 40%.

Although Trump is not as conservative — not as far-right — as the U.S. aristocracy wants him to be, he is fascist; just not enough to satisfy them (and their oppostion isn’t because he’s unpopular among the public; it’s more the case that he’s unpopular largely because their ‘news’media concentrate on his bads, and distort his goods to appear bad — e.g., suggesting that he’s not sufficiently aggressive against Russia). His fascism on domestic affairs is honestly reported in the aristocracy’s ‘news’media, which appear to be doing all they can to get him replaced by his Vice President, Mike Pence. What’s not reported by their media is the fascism of the U.S. aristocracy itself, and of their international agenda (global conquest). That’s their secret, of which their public must be (and is) constantly kept ignorant.

America’s aristocracy has almost as much trouble contolling its domestic public as it has controlling its foreign vassals.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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  1. Fascism is defined as a system that combines private monopolies and despotic government power. It is sometimes racist but not necessarily so. By the correct definition, every President since at least Herbert Hoover has been fascist to some degree.

  2. One bit of silver lining in the deep-state propaganda effort to destabilise the Trump regime is the damage to the legitimacy of the yankee imperium it confers, making it easier for vassal states to begin to jump ship. The claims of extraterritorial power used for economic warfare might confer a similar benefit, since the erstwhile allies will want to escape the dominance of the yankee dollar to be able to escape the economic extortion practised by the yankee regime to achieve its control abroad.

  3. Good news – The beast is dying.
    Bad news – We Americans are in its belly.

  4. Wally says:

    “America’s aristocracy” = lying Israel First Zionists.

    Why doesn’t Eric Zuesse just say the truth? What is he afraid of?

    Must read:

    The True Cost of Parasite Israel
    Forced US taxpayers money to Israel goes far beyond the official numbers.

    Israel’s Dirty Little Secret
    How it drives US policies exploiting a spineless Congress and White House

    How to Bring Down the Elephant in the Room

    Israeli occupied territories

  5. ” America’s aristocracy has almost as much trouble contolling its domestic public as it has controlling its foreign vassals. ”

    These foreign vassals had a cozy existence as long as the USA made it clear it wanted to control the world.
    Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs Ben Bot made this quite clear whan the Netherlands did not have a USA ambassador for three months or so, Ben Bot complained to the USA that there should be a USA ambassador.
    He was not used to take decisions all by himself.
    Right now Europe’s queen Merkel has the same problem, unlike Obama Trump does not hold her hand.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  6. Fidelios,

    Yes, of course. I don’t know about before Herbert Hoover, but certainly during the 50s, business — monopolistic or oligopolistic (like the old Detroit auto industry) — and government (including the MIC) were closely integrated. Such was, indeed, as aspect of progressivism. It was considered by most to be a good thing, or at least to be the natural and normal state of affairs. Certainly, the system back then included what amounted to price-fixing as a normal business practice.

    On the other hand, the “despotic” thing is less clear. Some assert that since FDR was effectively a dictator during World War II, that therefore the Democratic Party represented despotism ever since FDR (or maybe ever since Wilson). Having lived through that period of time, I have to say that I am not so sure about that: if it was despotism, it was a heavily democratic and beneficent despotism. However, it is evident that there was a fascist skein running through the entirety of USA’s political history throughout the 20th Century.

  7. @Fidelios Automata

    Fascism originates from Mussolini’s Italy.
    It was anti socialist and anti communist, it of course was pro Italian, Italy’s great deeds in antiquity, the Roman empire, were celebrated.
    One can see this as racist, but as Italy consisted of mostly Italians, it was not racist in the present meaning of the word at all.
    Italy was very hesitant in persecuting jews, for example.
    Hitler depised Mussolini, Mussolini was an ally that weakened Germany.
    Hitler and Mussolini agreed in their hatred of communism.
    Calling Hitler a fascist just creates confusion.
    All discussions of what nowadays fascism is, our could mean, end like rivers in the desert.

  8. Come on…

    ‘Aristocracy’ and ‘fascist’ are all weasel words. (I’m the only true fascist btw, and it’s National Humanism, National Left, or Left-Right.)

    US is an ethnogarchy, and that really matters. The Power rules, but the nature of the Power is shaped by the biases of the ruling ethnic group.

    It is essentially ruled by Jewish Supremacists.

    Now, if not for Jews, another group might have supreme power, and it might be problematic in its own way. BUT, the agenda would be different.

    Suppose Chinese-Americans controlled much of media, finance, academia, deep state, and etc.
    They might be just as corrupt or more so than Jews, BUT their agenda would be different. They would not be hateful to Iran, Russia, Syria, or to Palestinians. And they won’t care about Israel.

    They would have their own biases and agendas, but they would still be different from Jewish obsessions.

    Or suppose the top elites of the US were Poles. Now, US policy may be very anti-Russian BUT for reasons different from those of Jews.

    So, we won’t learn much by just throwing words like ‘fascist’ or ‘aristocrat’ around.

    We have to be more specific. Hitler was ‘fascist’ and so was Rohm. But Hitler had Rohm wiped out.

    Surely, a Zionist ‘fascist’ had different goals than an Iranian ‘fascist’.

    One might say the Old South African regime was ‘fascist’.
    Well, today’s piggish ANC is also ‘fascist’, if by ‘fascist’ we mean power-hungry tyrants.
    But black ‘fascists’ want something different from what white ‘fascists’ wanted.

    It’s like all football players are in football. But to understand what is going on, we have to know WHICH team they play for.

    Jewish Elites don’t just play for power. They play for Jewish power.

    • Replies: @Druid
  9. GooDL — Google + ADL — purges Alternative Right.

    This is why Alt Right needs to support BDS.

  10. Don’t worry about Prez Trump … as the signing of the sanctions bill and the firing of Bannon show, he is getting his thinking “right.”

    Even if the Dems take both houses of Congress in 2018, they won’t impeach Trump because they would lose their chief justification for fund-raising and they would have no “easy to beat opponent” in 2020 or 2024.

  11. zzzz says:

    “Crimea had been only involuntarily transferred from Russia to Ukraine by the Soviet dictator Khrushchev in 1954; it had been part of Russia for the hundreds of years prior to 1954. ”

    Sure, sure from 1783 to 1954, there were many hundreds years!


  12. Good summary of where we’re at, but please don’t call the ruling goons aristocrats. The word, “aristocrat,” is derived from the Ancient Greek ἄριστος (áristos, “best”), and the ruling thugs in this country have never been the best at anything except lies, murder and theft.

    I realize that calling them violent bloodthirsty sociopathic parasites is a mouthful, and that “plutarch” doesn’t have quite the appropriate sting, but perhaps it’s more accurate.

    Or maybe we should get into the habit of calling them the “ruling mafiosi.” I’m open to suggestions.


    • Agree: edNels
  13. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    and that threatens those foreign aristocrats with encroachments against their own territory, whenever a vassal aristocracy resists the master-aristocracy’s will.

    They also — through the joint action of Rating Agencies, the Anglosaxon media, the vassal vassal states’ media, make national debt’s yield spreads skyrocket.

    It’s been the way to make entire governments tumble in Europe, as well as force ministers for economics to resign.
    After obeisance has been restored — and an “ex Goldman Sachs man” put on the presidential/ministerial chair, usually — investors magically find back their trust in the nation’s economic stability, and yield spreads return to their usual level.

  14. @jilles dykstra

    These foreign vassals had a cozy existence…

    No doubt about it.

    That’s how thugs rule; there are plenty of quivering sell outs to do the rulers’ bidding. Look at the sickening standing ovations given to Netanyahoo by supposed “US” congresscreeps.

  15. Jake says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Abraham Lincoln’s economic policy was to combine private monopolies with the Federal Government under a President like him: one who ordered the arrests of newspaper editors/publishers who opposed his policies and more ‘despotic’ goodies.

  16. Joe Hide says:

    While the article favorably informs, and was written so as to engage the reader, it lacks reasonable solutions to its problems presented. One solution which I never read or hear about, is mandated MRI’s, advanced technology, and evidence supported psychological testing of sitting and potential political candidates. The goal would be to publicly reveal traits of psychopathy, narcissism, insanity, etc. Of course, the most vocal opposition would come from those who intend to hide these traits. The greatest evidence for the likelyhood of this process working, is the immense effort those who would be revealed have historically put into hiding what they are.

  17. Eric Zuesse is a rather shadowy figure who describes himself as an “investigative historian” but does not appear ever to have held an academic position. I’ve read a lot of his articles on another website and he systematically supports Vladimir Putin. The arguments he puts forward are thus, unsurprisingly, the standard pro-Putin arguments that have been put forward many times by many authors over the last few years. Re-hashing them yet again, particularly in this rather polemical style, suggests increasing nervousness on the part of Putin’s American supporters. A side effect of Charlottesville perhaps?

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
    , @AhPhui
  18. Brabantian says: • Website

    This Eric Zuesse who has recently been insinuating himself as an ‘alt media star’, is a known Israeli propaganda agent who mixes some truth with big lies, Wikipedia-style, in Trojan Horse service for Zuesse’s intel agency masters … Zuesse tries to sound trendy-critical of the USA, but like other fakers he kicks the ball to Mossad at the key moments

    Zuesse earned his Israeli-agent privileges long ago with a book attacking holocaust deniers, & Zuesse regularly pipes up supporting other intel agent shills in the media, always touting himself as ‘fact-based’ while disparaging others, Zuesse trying to paper over real truth with his too-many links

    A big con game Zuesse performs along with others, is trying to sell the fairy tale that 9-11 was done by the evil ‘Saudis’, & that Israel had zero zilch nada to do with 11 Sep 2001 & the neo-con war aftermath … Zuesse avoiding evidence such as rabbi’s son & US Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff, releasing the arrested ‘dancing Israels’ of 9-11, & quickly putting them on an aeroplane back to Israel

    And Zuesse breezily dismisses, the New York Times photo article on the ‘art student project’ inside the World Trade Center a couple of months before they were exploded, where the ‘students’ were photographed with a set of boxes there in the NYC tower innards … the boxes had a commercial stamp on them … they were boxes with components of bomb detonators

    • Agree: Druid
    • Replies: @jacques sheete
    , @AhPhui
  19. @jilles dykstra

    All discussions of what nowadays fascism is, our could mean, end like rivers in the desert.

    Poetic, jilles dykstra, but as an Italian given to bluntness, I’d state it somewhat differently:

    Most people who sling the epithet “fascist” do not know what the hell they are talking about.

    I suggest they read Giovanni Gentile’s Origins and Doctrine of Fascism,%20Origins%20and%20Doctrine%20of%20Fascism.pdf
    It’s going to require a bit of effort — a lot of effort, in fact to fully understand Gentile and what he/Mussolini hoped to achieve through Fascism- The effort will likely tax the most ambitious of our stenographer/journalist class: you’ll have to take on board an understanding of Italy’s fragmented history, and especially of Italy’s relationship to Catholicism: it’s easy for me, I lived it, but Brian Lamb was absolutely flummoxed when Maurizio Viroli tried to explain to him that Italians incorporate within themselves holy-joe pious Catholic practices with utter disdain for Church strictures —

    As an Italian, I would, of course, play some beautiful music in the background. Tchaikovsky gathered charming Italian folk music and composed the dynamic Capriccio Italien:

    PS Our Jewish/zionist friends might find it intriguing that Jabotinsky centered his “spiritual being” in Rome, and greatly admired Mussolini and sought to incorporate his ideas in Revisionist Zionism.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  20. @jacques sheete

    “ruling mafiosi.”

    No way.

    How about Jewish terrorists?

    Very few Italians in the ruling “aristocracy.”

    Lots of Jews.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  21. Jake says:

    Eric Zuesse is a nasty, hardcore leftist in the senses that matter most. Often, he reveals his Leftism to be based on his hatred of Christianity and his utter contempt for white Christians.

    But there is that dead clock being correct twice per day matter. In this article, Zuesse gets a good deal right.

    First, he delineates the American Elites well. The USA forged by Abe Lincoln is not a real democracy, not a real republic. It is the worst kind of oligarchy: one based on love of money almost exclusively (because if a man does not love money well enough to be bribed, then he cannot be trusted by plutocrats) while proclaiming itself focused on helping all the little guys of the world overcome the power of the rich oppressors.

    It is the Devil’s game nearly perfected by the grand alliance of WASPs and Jews, with their Saudi hangers-on.

    Second, it is fair to label America’s Deep State fascist, Elite Fascist. And we should never forget that while Jews are no more than 3% of the American population, they now are at least 30% (my guess would be closer to 59%) of the most powerful Deep Staters. That means that per capita Jews easily are the fascist-inclined people in America.

    The most guilty often bray the loudest at others in hope of getting them blamed and escaping punishment. And this most guilty group – Deep State Elites evolved from the original WASP-Jewish alliance against Catholics – is dead-set on making the majority of whites in the world serfs.

    Third, the US ‘weaponization of finance’ seems to have been used against the Vatican to force Benedict XVI to resign so that Liberal Jesuit (sorry for the redundancy) Jorge Bergolgio could be made Pope. The Jesuits are far and away the most Leftist and gay part of the Catholic Church, and the American Deep State wanted a gay-loving, strongly pro-Jewish, strongly pro-Moslem ‘immigrant’ as Pope.

    Fourth, that America’s Leftists of every stripe, America’s Neocons, and America’s ‘compassionate conservatives’ all hate Putin is all you should need to know that Putin is far, far better for Russia’s working class, Russia’s non-Elites, than our Elites are for us.

    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  22. @Michael Kenny

    …but does not appear ever to have held an academic position.

    So what?

  23. @Brabantian

    Good comments.

    They apply to a few others around here as well, particularly this…

    … who mixes some truth with big lies…

  24. @SolontoCroesus

    PS Gentile is 3 syllables, gen TIL eh, not GEN tile.

  25. Charlottesville, Occupy Wall St And The Neoliberal Police State.
    Charlottesville was a Neoliberal ambush designed to crush the Alt Right once and for all. This story must be told.

  26. @SolontoCroesus

    Very few Italians in the ruling “aristocracy.”

    Another common misconception is to associate the mafia with Italians mostly. The Italian mafiosi are pikers compared to the American ones of Eastern European descent. The real bosses are not the Italians.

    Bugsy Siegel, Louis “Lepke” Buchalter, Longy Zwillman, Moe Dalitz, Meyer Lansky and many many others.

    Even the Jewish Virtual Library admits to some of it.

    New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, LA, Miami, and many others all dominated by non-Italian mobsters, not to mention the US government.

  27. Art says:

    America’s aristocracy has almost as much trouble contolling its domestic public as it has controlling its foreign vassals.

    Sorry – but this article is bogus. Every fact in it may be true – but it is a lie.

    There is not one Jew word, AIPAC word, ADL word, or Israel word in it.

    You cannot discuss “America’s aristocracy” and America’s foreign policy and its domestic policies without mentioning Jews and their tribal interests. It is factually impossible.

    When we can talk about Jews, then we can begin to heal ourselves.

    Peace — Art

  28. @jilles dykstra

    People like to call Hitler a fascist because he eliminated all the trade unions.

    However, what we are not told is that he also created the Board of Manufacturing (I believe this is what it was called), which placed business and labor on a completely equal footing in that one could not take advantage of the other. Here is where all business decisions were made with both sides in partnership with each other.

    The result was that Hitler and the National Socialists successfully subordinated the business community to the government in which the government was always in control…

  29. Eric Zuesse says: • Website

    To ‘Art’: Are you saying that all billionaires are Jews? Are you saying the the Kochs are Jews? Are you saying that Robert Mercer is a Jew? Are you saying that Eric Schmidt is a Jew? Are you saying that Bill Gates is a Jew? Are you saying that David Rockefeller was a Jew? Are you saying that all operatives of such people such as Zbig Brzezinski, are Jews? Are you saying that all members of the Bilderberg group are Jews? Are you an anti-Semite? Are you a sucker of the billionaires, who finance both Parties? Are you sick in the head?

    • Troll: SolontoCroesus
  30. Avery says:
    @Eric Zuesse

    { Are you an anti-Semite?}

    I don’t know who [Art] is and who is a so-called anti-Semite and who isn’t, but the charge of Antisemitism has been used (….and abused) so often and so recklessly that it has lost its potency. Sort of like overuse of antibiotics.

    Furthermore, one of the most well known and active proponents of labeling and libeling people with the charge of antisemitism – ADL – is an active participant in the denial of the Genocide of millions of Christians.

    Glass houses and rocks and all that.

  31. Miro23 says:

    the U.S. military-industrial complex (MIC), which is controlled by that same aristocracy and enforces their will worldwide.

    The most successful appropriation of funds in recent MIC history was derived from 9/11 and the following Middle East wars. There was plenty of Jewish involvement in the 9/11 piece of theatre and the instant MSM Al Qaeda story, and Netanyahu described the destruction of Iraq as “very good for us” and wants more of the same from the US in Syria and Iran.

    There are other Special Interest groups in the US but the Israel/Zionist one is way ahead in looting the United States. It dictates to Congress, or maybe it’s just my imagination that they needed a mention in the article.

    Is the MIC “America First” or “Israel First”?

  32. @Eric Zuesse

    I was responding to comment #28, from ‘Art’.

  33. @Eric Zuesse

    To ‘Art’: Are you saying that all billionaires are Jews?

    I went back and read comment #28. I don’t see that he used the word, “billionaire” even once. Therefore your reply is an example of a straw man fallacy.

    What’s your point? (His appears quite valid.)

    • Replies: @Eric Zuesse
  34. @Steve Naidamast

    …[Hitler] placed business and labor on a completely equal footing in that one could not take advantage of the other…

    The result was that Hitler and the National Socialists successfully subordinated the business community to the government in which the government was always in control…

    There are a lot of things we’re never told bout the man, but your facts help explain why he “had” to be smeared, demonized, and destroyed. You’d think people would be able to see through the scam by now; after all it’s only been almost a century!

  35. @jacques sheete

    This is replying to comment #34: ‘Art’ in comment #28 used instead the phrase “America’s aristocracy,” which in my article is an alternative phrase for “America’s billionaires.” ‘Art’ is alleging that all of “America’s aristocrats” are Jews, none are Christians, none are Muslims, none are Hindus, none are atheists, none are agnostics. And that allegation is simply false. Religion has nothing to do with America’s aristocracy — the people who pay and control the U.S. politicians who control the U.S. federal government on their behalf.

  36. @Steve Naidamast

    Not only did Hitler restore full employment to Germany but he also pioneered the principle of national negotiation between business, labor and government which is still one of the pillars of German consensus building. He also pioneered the ‘ Strength Through Joy’ project whereby labor had access to all kinds of sports and entertainment facilities without pay.
    Hitler’s rejection of trade unions was that they were used by communist agents as a tool of subversion against the state.
    An excellent book for those interested in many other aspects of the National Sotialist phenomenon is “Hitler’s Revolution” by Richard Tedor. A highly recommended factual bit of history as opposed to the constant demonization of Hitler by modern academia and the MSM.
    My guess is that most of the downtrodden people of the exploited Western workers would view the history of German workers of the Third Reich as a utopia to emulate.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  37. @Eric Zuesse

    ‘Art’ is alleging that all of “America’s aristocrats” are Jews, none are Christians, none are Muslims…

    I wish Art would weigh in here, because, in reviewing his comments, I don’t see that your interpretation of his purported allegation is valid.

    His gripe seems to be that while you correctly implicated “billionaires” in your generally accurate article, you failed to mention what he considers the 800 pound gorilla in the room, that’s all. I think he’d like to know why you didn’t get more specific than “billionaires” or “aristocrats.”

    BTW, “aristocrat,” as used in this context is wide of the mark. You would be much more correct if you called them plutocrats. Calling them aristocrats gives them a certain level of (very) undeserved legitimization. They are mostly self serving, vicious, obsessive thugs no matter their ethnicity or religion, or lack thereof.

    Just to be clear, I myself don’t give a flip what religion or ethnic group is at fault. As others have noted, it’s undoubtedly more productive to name names than to bash any such groups.

  38. @Eric Zuesse

    I’m just amazed about your reply! you do agree though that “Zionistocracy” is now in majority and in charge of operating the US.

  39. Druid says:
    @Priss Factor

    The difference is that Jews have attempted and succeeded in power politics in every country they’ve been, and always acted like the “chosen”. To their ultimate detriment

  40. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Lovely! May all the vassalos break free. And Germany will invade Poland to celebrate.

  41. @Jake

    Excellent comment that complements the missing part of the article.
    It would be interesting to elaborate on the reason of the resignation of Benedictus XVI. I tried to delve into the depth of this mystery with many officials of the Catholic Church without any convincing answers.
    Your classification of the United States as a fascist state, which by Mussolini’s definition is the merger of state and corporate power is pretty much the state of affairs in America except for one important difference which is that the Fascism of Italy and the National Socialism of Germany where at the service of the people whereas American Fascism is at the service of the plutocrats.

  42. @Eric Zuesse

    Religion has nothing to do with America’s aristocracy

    For very many Jews, Jewish has nothing to do with religion.

    Betty from Virginia Beach, VA by way of Newtown, CT: “No, I’m not even a religious Jew, but I mean in my heart, that’s what I am.”

    As well, agree w/ jacques sheete that aristocrat is a poor word-choice.
    The billionaire class is able to throw its weight around because they are billionaires, not because they have class.

    Others have argued that the Koch Brothers ought to be considered just as noxious as the rest of the billionaire class, and Bernie Sanders never tired of bashing the Koch Brothers, while never letting the name Sheldon Adelson, or Haim Saban, pass his lips.
    From my pov, at least the Koch brothers are working toward broadly American interests and not using American institutions, money and personnel to achieve benefits for a foreign entity.

    btw, interesting talk by Jim Lacey on Economists who won the war, that included a sketch of the creation and functioning of the Bank of England in 1694, and also of how the financial schemes used to finance US (and multiple other states) in WWII were an extraordinary innovation, and changed the way the world does business/wages war: the bottom line is the Bank of England, and the US system (Federal Reserve) mean that those states will never run out of money to wage war (in the past, wars lasted as long as the money lasted).

    That’s one more lever of control over their government that the American people no longer possess.

  43. @Joe Levantine

    My guess is that most of the downtrodden people of the exploited Western workers would view the history of German workers of the Third Reich as a utopia to emulate.

    My guess coincides with yours.

    Many things Hitler did were sure to bring the money grubbing classes down on his head. One of his biggest accomplishments was setting up a barter system to keep his country supplied with the things it needed and he did it during a worldwide depression. He did not depend on the international banking system, so of course he had to be destroyed, and no wonder New York “Jewish” (banker puppet?) mouthpieces declared war on him in 1933.

    You can see the same concept in play today ( a good example is the story of the Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, who, like Hitler tried to accommodate the West but they would have none of it but instead wanted his head and his country’s wealth).

    In effect the only sovereigns are the big money crowd, which is one of the points this article seems to be making.

    I know that you know all this, I just wanted to amplify your claim a bit for the benefit of those who still don’t know.

  44. Art says:
    @Eric Zuesse

    Are you an anti-Semite?

    The question is, what are YOU – not what am I?

    I am a good American, who questions why you must hide your Jew identity?

    Why do you avoid and refuse to use the “Jew word” and “Israel word” when discussing US foreign and domestic policy?

    Why the dishonesty – do you fear the disclosure of your tribal identity – is that why you “pull the wool over our eyes?”

    We all know that you using the “anti-Semite” term, is hate speech on your part.

    It is YOU who are being deceitful and hateful.

    Jew – heal thy self!

    Peace — Art

  45. This is in reply to ‘Art’ denying (in his reader-comment #45) that he’s an anti-Semite and in reply to his saying there that I am a Jew and ‘deceitful and hateful’ for my having asked him, in my own reader-comment #30 “Are you an anti-Semite?” in order for me to understand his reader-comment #28, which had condemned this article because “There is not one Jew word, AIPAC word, ADL word, or Israel word in it,” and because it isn’t “mentioning Jews and their tribal interests.”

    I am none of the things that he says I am, but if his reader-comments here aren’t typical of anti-Semites, then nothing is, and then there is no sense at all that I can make of his comments, because Jews and Judaism are no more relevant to this article than are Catholics and Catholicism, or than Hindus and Hinduism, or than Germans, or than Blacks or any other group or “tribal interests” (which supposed ‘interests’ are very strong among some individuals in all ethnicities, all of which individuals are racists of their own sort, REGARDLESS of what religion or nationality or other group they might happen to be).

    • Replies: @Art
  46. Art says:
    @Eric Zuesse

    I am none of the things that he says I am

    Are you a Jew – yes or no?

    You leave me with the impression that you are a Jew.

    You are an intelligent person – yet you refuse to acknowledge, and do not have the courage to speak of the connection between Jews and America’s foreign policy. What are we to think? Looking at other comments – I am not alone in think you are a Jew.

    The Jews use the term “anti-Semite” to hide their identity – they do not want the thought “that people hate Jews” to even enter the human mind. There are 300,000,000 Semites – most of them I have no problem with. So, calling me an “anti-Semite” is a gross injustice.

    Myself, as a philosophical Christian, hate the “sin” not the “sinner.” I hate the practice of tribalism – German tribalism, Japanese tribalism, Jew tribalism, and most importantly American tribalism.

    The truth is that Jews have a death grip on the US government – end of story.

    Peace — Art

  47. geokat62 says:

    You won’t believe who did a hit piece on the author of this article. It is Unz’s very own Rehmat, remember him or them?

    Here’s something he/they posted on Rehmat’s World back in April of this year:

    9/11: Eric Zuesse exonerates Israel

    Frankly, I have never read Eric Zuesse’s “investigative journalism” until I spotted his 9/11 conspiracy theory. So I ran a little search on Google to find his background which told me that he is another Zionist dis-informer like Alex Jones. Mr. Zuesse has been called Jew Sweetie, Jew Shill, etc.

    Eric Zuesse is author of 2001 book, Why The Holocaust Happened: Its Religious Cause and Scholarly Cover-up. Zuesse, like Abraham Foxman, blames the Christian Bible’s (NT) teachings for the hate and murder of Jews during WWII.

  48. Sowhat says:

    Eric Zuesse, thank you. I enjoyed the article, very much. Immediately before reading your article, I coincidentally just watched President Duarte’s interview by RT on youtube. interview duterte&sm=1

    The U.S. is in decline. Surely Duarte is not the only foreign leader that is fed up with being used by the MIIC and it’s funding “goverment.” Here is already seeking new alliances and receiving aide without “Those strings” attached.

    Bullies can usually push the lightweights around. They can even pick on someone their own size and get away with it. But, in the process of time, they end up getting used as a mop by someone who has been bullied before and has resolved never again to endure that humiliation. Those who haven’t bothered to watch or listen to Duarte SHOULD.

    I must confess that my opinion of the Destruction of both humanity and property, and foreign soverenties, and (indirectly) ancient artifacts and historical sites by the United States is extremely low. Like some others, I would not regret it’s failure as an Empire. The power that the Empire has vested in some has literally made them mad. “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad..”

    The U.S. is governed by a psychopathic Oligarchy.

    Nation States are fed up with the bully that can’t keep his word and constantly takes lunch money with impunity. Someone will effect him up. He’s the kind of bully that ends up indigent and with no friends…well, in the movies, anyway.

  49. @Fidelios Automata

    Mos def. Comes from the Progressive tradition which believes you can solve problems once and for all by changing the rules, with the barrel of a gun.

    There is enough religious taint to keep people quiet until they really are hurt.

  50. @jacques sheete

    the ruling thugs in this country have never been the best at anything except lies, murder and theft.

    OMG! You my friend described them just right!

    Berean Literal Bible

    You are of your father the devil, and you desire to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has not stood in the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he might speak falsehood, he speaks from the own; for he is a liar, and the father of it.
    John 8:44

    How appropriate!

  51. AhPhui says:
    @Michael Kenny

    “Eric Zuesse .. does not appear ever to have held an academic position”
    So what? Neither did David Irving, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, Bill Gates or many other great intellects.

  52. AhPhui says:

    Good point. Eric Zuesse’s criticisms of David Irving are so obviously selective and weak, that one wonders what self respecting spook agency would have allowed them to published.
    The backlash of well argued rebuttals that followed his report on Irving, badly undermined his key arguments.

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